Let me begin, in the transition from one form of energy to another, for each life lesson that is completed, a symbol is chosen by us. This symbol is a reminder of the life experienced and generally it relates to the lesson or contract theme as it was completed. For instance, if we came into our life to perfect the experience of humility, and that experience was perfected, then the symbol would be chosen. The symbol is chosen by the individual, for you and is personal to one’s soul development.

The Council members for example have quite an elaborate array of symbols all together on one piece, which they wear around their necks. Since these beings have had many experiences, they are quite intricate. The same applies to you. Your symbol is your reminder. Now, when meditating often you will see these symbols, you may wonder what they are. If you look further, you will see that they have to do with the lessons learned in previous, past or future lives, since all lives are simultaneous. Now let me make this clear, that the present life as you see it is your current focus, however in meditation you are fully capable of focusing on lives that you deem to be past or future. Often when reviewing one’s life before entering into another, the soul will bring forth to the meeting with The Council the symbols of the previous life or lives, as a reminder of lessons learned.

All communication being telepathic, the Council will know what the symbols mean and will be better able to advise on a new life experience based on those symbols. The Council is always available to help in these matters in choosing the next group of lessons that are for you to learn. One life is not automatically predetermined to be the life following the previous. In other words, you may choose whatever lessons you are slated to learn in any order in which you want to learn them. Some lessons being very difficult. Other lessons may come in the form of an easy existence, thus explaining why some entities feel they are overwhelmed and have too much on their plate while others seem to skate through life without hardly a bruise.

It is all a matter if when you choose to participate in these lessons and their level of difficulty for your spiritual evolution. If you have had many seemingly trying lifetimes, you may then decide the next incarnation will be more peaceful to you. Now, keep in mind, not all incarnate on a variety of other existences. Solar systems and planets, however most of us will come back to Earth for this phase of our spiritual growth as most of our chosen experiences are part of Earth’s solar system and we are part of that Creator’s plan. The lessons that you have choose to learn and the stage of your soul evolution will determine the place in which you will manifest your energy.

The Earth’s third dimension encompasses your physical type of body which is usually chosen for the experience needed to evolve at the level. That is not to say that those on other planets do not have a physical body for they do. They are just different than ours because of some of the atmosphere conditions. Regardless, the symbols are many and there are multitudes of them.

When referring to the Council for guidance as to what group of lessons you wish to learn in your next incarnation (if you choose to do so) you will refer to your symbols. The more incarnations one takes on and the more lessons completed the more complex your symbols become. It begins to take on a complex personality of its own so to speak because it contains all your life lessons. It is worn as a medallion would be worn.

It is up to the individual as to how the soul makes the correlation between the lesson that was learned and the symbol that it chooses to associate that lesson with. For instance, you may have a tree or symbol of a tree if that reminds you of something that you learned in the previous existence. This is left up to you because it will make the most sense to you.

However we are very familiar with each other’s symbols as we see them because telepathically we are able to understand the evolution of each soul based on his/her symbols. When communing with other souls in our home dimension, as we recognize each other and identify with each other, we also know what each other has learned in our evolution based on our symbols. We visually can see these as if they were draped around our neck as in a large circular medallion.


The world’s media – through television, movies and the printed word – all have some dark content to serve up to us on a daily basis. Most of the individuals presenting this information to us have no clue that they are being systematically controlled by negative energies. They merely think that they are providing a service of filling a need for the insatiable appetite of our society’s obsession with violence. The soul-you is not   this kind of stimuli when not in incarnation, where everything in our home dimension is in harmony. This kind of stimuli is shocking to the soul and in a way we are curious as to the affects of what watching violence does to our physical body as it increases our adrenaline output, a purely physical sensation that itself is a high for us. As adrenaline increases, the natural reaction afterwards is a calming effect. Our society seeks this stimuli in an effort to “experience,” for our natural impulses to experience our life have been put to a halt, so we must seek other forms of stimuli to experience. All too often this comes in the form of negative, violent media productions.

If we will stop and take notice, a heartfelt movie or an experience where we have done something kind for a stranger will produce the same effects, but we ignore it, considering it not fashionable. We have succumbed to the will of the negative influences and our ego. It is not healthy for the mind, body and spirit of mankind/womankind to indulge itself in this kind of programming. We set ourselves up to fall into the belief systems of the negative influences. Take for instance our news stations. They rarely give us any good news and if they do, it is some human-interest story as filler for their regular programming. The brunt of the programming of our minds is in the negative arena, supporting our fears and outright encouraging them. Our media have very effectively turned our societies into fear-based societies. It seems as though no news is good news unless it’s bad news. We can change this. We do not have to accept a steady diet of negativity and fear. It is most detrimental to our psyche and our being as a whole to indulge in this kind of stimulation. It robs us if the true fulfillment of our soul’s purpose and interaction with the rest of humanity. It sets us up to distrust and fear the beings that we have incarnated with to experience our planet.

Our media could be used as effective tools with the right intentions to fight our war on terrorism without having to kill anyone. Given the right kind of information, humanity could elevate its consciousness quite willingly. I am often perplexed as to why this valuable invention of ours (television) has not been used to its greatest potential for the good of humanity instead of promoting negativity and fear. It is one of our greatest sources of power, yet it is used unwisely to convey messages that do not further the evolution of the soul in any way.

Let us talk governments and man’s/woman’s god. Man’s/woman’s consciousness has always identified itself with the physical body first. Somewhere along the line, in developing the awareness of his being, the perception of time, birth and death became somewhat distorted. In the beginning of his/her evolution, he/she was less aware of a time/space constraint. His/her natural relationship with the earth and his/her original awareness of his/her creator were all he/she needed. Eventually though, that awareness was replaced with his/her newfound beliefs. He/she had created for oneself a god of man/woman that would be the prime director of his/she life. He/she had been fully aware that his/her consciousness and that of animals were working in harmony towards their own individual evolution. For both understood that their actions, whether prey or aggressor, were fulfilling the needs of each other’s species and guaranteeing their survival. Again, I am using “he” and “she” here only as a reference to encompass all humans within the framework of these blog writings, since the soul has no gender.

Mankind/womankind has always felt within his/her greater being he/she was to have some controls put upon him/her for whatever reasons. He/she was unable to accept the idea that his/her being would and could fully experience itself under its own power. His/her limitations set him/her apart from other creatures. Instinctively in the beginning of his/her soul’s evolution he/she was more aware of oneself. As time passed though, in his/her eyes he/she became frightened of himself/herself and his/her curious impulses. He/she felt the need to control his/her nature. Mainly through superstitious beliefs and then creation of his/her versions of god, he/she became further and further ensconced in the beliefs that there was some part of his/her nature that he/she could not control. He/she felt it was best to hand over the power to other authorities that would then oversess his/her life and ensure that he/she was keeping oneself in line with his/her ideals.

The religious organizations man/woman envisioned to feed his/her need for spiritual growth were unwilling to deal with society’s legal problems. It became easy for him/her to shift the blame onto a law and thus not have to deal with the issues personally. For it is the law and the law must be followed and so on it went, never realizing that he/she was systematically cutting himself/herself off from experiencing the nature of his/her being which is basically good. With all of his/her pent-up anger and frustration, he/she was starting to experience another side of oneself that he/she did not understand and became fearful. Of course even before his/her creation of a government, he/she had always aligned oneself with a God-force. The concepts of a God have always paralleled the ideals established within the governmental structures.

Mankind’s/womankind’s ego needed to feel that it was still in control of itself, so it imagined for itself a god of man/woman, a god that took on the characteristics of man/woman and would be a god of power. This concept was most important to mankind’s/womankind’s developing ego and ideals. Many nations have formed their own idealized version of god, and oftentimes the majority of their wars were fought in the name of God. With the emergence of this human-like god who was given the power to punish man/woman for his/her perceived good and evil, came various forms of religion, many using fear as a tool to gain control of mankind’s/womankind’s soul.

Governments also seized upon the moment and in an effort to control mankind/womankind began using similar tactics that man has willingly accepted enmasses. In the Western world and some other nations a democracy was formed that aligned itself with society’s religious beliefs. This was a cooperative effort in order to maintain an accepted equilibrium in society. For some time this system has worked for mankind/womankind, however with the awakening of his/her consciousness he/she is no longer able to accept the fables and fairy tales of his/her nature. With religion and its more intuitional knowledge and government with its more intellectual knowledge, mankind/womankind was now embarking on a journey of conflicting wills.

As our conscious knowledge became more and more available to us, our ego has had to grapple with the old system of beliefs. The realities that we have been ignoring, we can no longer pretend do not exist. As our governing institutions, scientists, medical establishments and reiglions all mount their efforts to suppress this knowledge, mankind will rise up and expose them one by one. Governing bodies in today’s civilizations are of a massive nature. For every infraction that humans have been able to perpetrate, a law has been put into place to stop it. There are always those acting out of their own frustrations that will look for ways to circumvent the system in order to try to regain their power. It has been a fruitless effort at best. However all that is about to change.

Evolving as a species

Life on our planet was intended to offer to mankind/womankind an abundance of diversity. It was not intended that individuals would try to stamp out by any means available what they did not understand or did not fit into their own perceived set of ideals. This applies not only to the destruction of other humans but all species that exist on the planet Earth. The different cultures were set in place as a stimulus for creativity for mankind/womankind. It was intended from the beginning that Earth would be the planet that would have beings with free will and that there would be much diversity within its cultures. Humanity has used their free will and often destroyed it at the same time.

Because of our own perceived inadequacies we have sought out someone else to blame for our failures. Civilizations are rife with individuals playing the blame game. We alone are responsible for our actions. We have consciously made the decisions. Whether they are positive or negative, our thoughts stimulated us into action and what we have acted out upon we must claim as our own. Mankind/womankind has conveniently sidestepped accountability for his/her actions using whatever forum available to pass the buck. We should certainly be able to recognize this observing the actions of our politicians, as they are masters of this game. Every being if they truly examine their life’s motivations will find themselves guilty of blaming others for their life’s mishaps. We would benefit greatly of we would rise up and admit our failures and move on without endlessly punishing others for our distorted ideas of our reality.

Each being is here, as I have said before, to spiritually evolve. It is my sincerest desire as you read this material that all of us will put down our grievances against each other and consciously start to respect the life that was given to us and to others. We are very fortunate to have been able to incarnate on our beautiful planet Earth. There are millions and millions of beings waiting to come to Earth that have not been able to because our planet is relatively small compared to some of the others. It can only sustain so much life at one time. Humans should be using this opportunity to enjoy and share the lavish benefits of the planet and interact and experience their soul’s existence with all the others who have chosen to come here. It is not one of the more evolved planets of the multitude of Universes, however it has a vast amount of learning experience for those who choose to incarnate on it.

Behaviors of greed, violence, hate and war will only suffice to eliminate our being from ever experiencing our planet when it evolves its consciousness. Planets are being prepared to receive those that do not wish to move into the peaceful harmonics. I am told that Pluto is certainly one of those more inhospitable planets with a magnitude of fear that we have never known. Given our limited perception of what I am saying, many of us deny what we are hearing, but the fact still remains. We will find out when we experience the transition of our energy upon death of our physical body, that the thoughts we create now will affect our next reality.

No one is justified in the destruction of anyone else’s culture or nation. WE are seeing examples right now, with the fanatical ideas of rogue governments and terrorists, that if not out in check, humanity will experience the destruction of many nations. We are to experience and learn from each other, not stamp each other out like mosquitoes. When humanity follows leaders that have taken individuals on a path of self-destruction, then they are only furthering their own annihilation. There are no rewards in that for the soul, none whatsoever. Those individuals will be made to experience what they have done to others in their next incarnation, only their experience will be much harder and it may not be on Earth. We have free will. We may move forward in our evolution or we may not, the choice is always ours.

At this time on our planet there is a great war going on between beings: those that have positive intentions for peace and goodwill for mankind/womankind and those that are in pursuit of negative power for domination of mankind/womankind. The scales are weighing in evenly and that is a dangerous situation for our planet. There are many probable realities in play at this time and it is up to the individuals an masse to ensure that the survival of our planet is taken seriously. Our belief systems should be examined carefully and necessary changes made within those systems if we as a species are to survive.

Most of us still have many incarnations that we would like to experience and learn from whether it be on Earth or elsewhere. The point here is that elsewhere may not be a very nice option. Much of humanity over the last 30 years has started to raise their vibrational hum and move into alignment with the plan of our world and many of us are ready to receive divine knowledge. Knowledge can only be given to us as we evolve, due to the Laws of Non-interference. As we evolve our consciousness the knowledge is released. It is why I do not give specific solutions to problems, because we are here to learn from our experiences and the answers are not to be just handed to us. It is up to us to work out our beliefs on our own and come to terms with our soul’s purpose and evolution in our own way. Many mistakes have been made. Also much has been learned.

At this time though, our planet is in danger of experiencing some very serious events unless all of us consciously examine what we have been doing. Our thoughts and actions will greatly affect the survival of our nations and our world. Never before has there been so much conflict in so many areas of our world. Never before has humanity been so close to destroying itself with its weapons of mass destruction. The negative influences that wish to keep us from evolving will use whatever means necessary to accomplish their goals. The forces of light have been diligently pouring their energies onto our planet in an effort to seal off the negative forces in their own dimension. With those energies many situations will appear to be out of control, but rest assured that the walls of dark must crumble down before they can be rebuilt with light.

Within the many Universes, Earth is a most beautiful planet. It is teaming with all sorts of life that was specifically created to enhance its eco-system and the experiences of its inhabitants. It is a most desirable place to incarnate and experience life. It is also the only planet to incarnate and experience life. It is also the only planet where there are no boundaries as to what humans can experience. Free will is pervasive on our planet as it was intended to be. Our stories of Adam and Eve were to help mankind/womankind understand that free will was the thrust of his/her existence. Within the framework of those biblical manuscripts the ideas for humanity’s behavior were set into place, knowing that with free will here would need to be some boundaries within societies. Nowadays the boundaries are so restrictive that we have almost lost the ability to experience the very essence of our soul, and in feelings of frustration many wars have been fought.

Humanity knows through natural impulses how to experience itself, but because we have been taught to ignore those impulses, we have suppressed the natural creature-hood of our being. If we would allow those impulses their freedom, a whole world of experience would open up to us. We would joyously be able to experience everything that The Creator had intended for us. We have been fighting with others and ourselves because we have not been experiencing those impulses. We have thrown them into one of the dark recesses of our mind for fear that they are bad and only fools act impulsively experiencing their existence. Animals do not suppress their impulses. They do whatever comes naturally to them. They do not question their motives for they instinctively know what they need to do to survive. Babies and small children are always using their natural impulses to develop their experiences in life. It is only they are taught not to trust those impulses that they stop experiencing them.

If we would allow ourselves the freedom to experience our soul’s journey, much could be learned and there would be no need for wars. If we would learn to just dominate ourselves and not others, our evolution would be swiftly forthcoming. I use the word dominate here, because it seems to be a method of ours to conquer and control everything around us. Everything around us is perfectly capable of controlling itself and does not need to have the interference of another to suspend its experience on our planet. Children are a perfect example of experiencing life to its fullest, that is until the peers and parents inject their beliefs into them. If left alone to experience for themselves the wonders of our planet we would see that they are quite capable of learning for themselves and experiencing life. Certainty I am not telling  not to supervise our children and look out for them, but when our influence is so restrictive that our children cannot experience what come natural to them, then we are shutting down their creative impulses.

Humans have systematically suppressed the natural impulses of the species at a young age, thus spawning another generation of beings who are trapped into the belief systems of the generations before them. The same old indoctrination, drummed into their minds from generation to generation, eliminating any growth or wisdom obtained along the way. We have been systematically injecting our offspring with fear, our own fears, in an attempt to control.

If we are to evolve as a species, we cannot have societies in fear of their existence and afraid to experience their lives. We will end up with the negative forces claiming our planet as their home. These forces feed off of fear and negativity. They have an intrinsic way of filtering into our everyday way of life and our antiquated belief systems. They have had a hold on mankind/womankind for too long and as the fanatic, they will use whatever means available to them to subdue our consciousness and enslaves us to their negative way of thinking. The members of the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet and Beings of Light are releasing vast amounts of energy into our world at present to prevent this from happening. But it is all predicted on how we respond with our free will as to in what direction our planet will move.

These messages that I am giving are to enable us to know SELF, to be in touch with the essence of our being: you-the-soul. Because we are presently focused on this life in this time, the changes that we make in this point of power will affect all of our simultaneous lives. We are focusing a greater portion of our energies on this timeframe now, however there are portions of our soul’s energies living out those simultaneous lives as well. We are experiencing all of our lessons at once, we are just not aware of it.

When we experience the transition of our energy from this life to our home dimension, we will be given at some point another opportunity to focus a greater portion of our energy on another one or more of the many lives we have set up for experiencing our spiritual evolution. We will enter that life or lives as we have entered this one, in that point in time as we know it. We will focus a greater portion of our energy on those lives. Now, the messages that we send to those life existences from our current point of power will be received and will affect the life experiences of those lives. This is important because our planet’s survival depends on our thoughts. Moving our thoughts and beliefs into a peaceful, loving direction and carrying out those thoughts in our actions in essentially what is going to save mankind/womankind from its own self-destruction. We are in our point of power now. Now is the time to utilize it to benefit all of our existences, past, present and future. It does not do us any good to pass the buck shall we say and hope that someone else can figure things out for us. At the end of this blog I will give you an exercise to help us in this point of power.

Since we are in the throes of a planetary evolution, what we focus on now – the ideas and beliefs that we have now – are what is going to assist us. Many of us are very familiar with the concepts about how our energies affect the planet and for those of us who are aware of this, we should be able to see that the effects of this are happening all around us. It does no good to dwell in the negative for this is not the time.

As we observe the planet Earth from our dimension, the swirl of energy around her has been quite disturbing. We have experienced many mass events both in nature and with the behavior of our citizens. Earth cannot sustain this kind of energy for much longer. If its citizens do not start to raise their vibrational hums, the planet itself will revolt against mankind/womankind with more and more natural disasters. Since our energies create the weather and all of the planetary problems, it would behoove us to start to take a serious look at what we have been doing. If the citizens of the planet surround themselves with an abundance of negativity, that negativity will and does create disturbing weather patterns around the planet. Everything in our eco-system is affected by our mind/thought energy whether we realize it or not. We can eliminate all of the disturbing weather patterns if we change our thoughts and move into a loving peaceful alignment with each other and the planet. If we could see it from another dimension we would be saddened to see the destruction of what was once a beautiful paradise where all creatures lived in harmony with each other. It is not too late to change.

As I have mentioned before in other blogs, focusing on your own point of power will allow you to know you: your soul. Take five minutes out of your day to focus on your emotional, spiritual and psychic abilities and nothing else. This is of great benefit and will enable you to bring your physical being in alignment with you-the-soul. Focus on you, your soul and nothing else. Bring to your thoughts a desire for an awareness of your being. Listen to the hum of you, feel the vibrational hum of your being. Again, do this and then forget about it. It’s that simple. Notice how you feel after the five minutes are up. For the human vehicle it can be almost intoxicating to suddenly become aware of the soul of self and the peacefulness that surrounds it when the ego is not involved. As you do this daily, you will start to increase your own vibrational hum and move your being into alignment with the planetary evolution.

THE SOUL’S EVOLUTION – “We are all one”

All souls when not incarnated work harmoniously towards the evolution of all. There is no such thing as racial prejudice. When making the transition to our home dimension, in between lives where a body is not needed, many souls take on a persona that they are comfortable with whether it is male or female, dark or light, it makes no difference. Many will pick from an assortment of looks and mesh them together as a reminder of certain lives that they have incarnated into as a fond memory of those lives. Others will take on no special looks at all and simply radiate their love light. On this plane between lives we all recognize each other no matter what the current look is. We are able to change these looks at will and often do so. Our essences are well recognized by all that we know and always acknowledged by others that we do not know in a peaceful and harmonious manner. Our thoughts are read telepathically there. We are just coming into an awareness of this ability while incarnated in this phase of our evolution.

What I am getting at here is that this is the way we should learn to view others that are not of the same race or beliefs as oneself. We are all sprung from the same energy source and we are all connected as brothers and sisters in the Universe. It is our decision and ours alone to choose to incarnate into the type of body and belief system we choose, to further our soul’s growth and experience every kind of possible existence, whether it be male or female or a variety of skin colors available to us. We have all been members of the same races that we now hold prejudice against. Since we are living all our lives simultaneously, the thoughts that we have in this life will affect the others. Taking this to heart, it would appear to be that if mankind/womankind would get his/her act together the future would indeed look quite bright.

There is a plan and a purpose with regards to the evolution of races. Now I am using the word race here because it is our term and I will stay within the framework of those ideas. What we consider to be races are not races at all, but variations on the same theme, themes that we have created. It was a combination of many factors much in the same way the planet was formed. The physical body types were created by The Creator to survive within the different climatic zones of the planet. That is it. Darker pigments were given to man/woman when he/she was exposed to higher levels of sun. Lighter pigments were used where the sun shone less frequently. The darker pigments were there to protect the skin. It shouldn’t come as any surprise to anyone and if we look at our hemispheres we will see the logic. We don’t see a bunch of pasty white people living in South America. That was the intention.

Now, some beings were brought here from other solar systems as well. They were transplanted for the greater diversity of mankind/womankind. We did not evolve from the apes or gorillas and even ancient man/woman were also transplanted here from other star systems. The physical bodies that we currently identify with in this solar system have all come from other star systems before being seeded onto Earth. Most of us now come from the Atlantean civilization and are intimately tied to beings of Sirius. Therefore it will be impossible for our scientists to trace the evolution of mankind/womankind until they open their eyes to the other dimensions of our experience.

We have been able to experience our lives, at least most of us, in one race or another, simultaneously learning as we go, one need fulfilling the other, and so on. Our preoccupation with good and evil has led us to believe that white is right and dark is bad. However this is such a distorted view of the real reason behind the different physical characteristics of mankind/womankind, that to us viewing these ideas it appears as insanity. As we observe our logic, it is most sad to see how we have distorted the beauty of this creation with our own ideas and fears. Again, taking something of great beauty and turning it into something ugly in our minds. We then are afraid of face the reality that we have manifested with our thoughts. We have let ourselves get carried away with our fear of other beings and our fear of good vs. evil. It is time for us to change the thinking that white is good and dark is bad. The same can be said for the dark races. It is time for us to change our thinking that white is evil and dark is good because we are all in this together, growing and evolving as one. It only hinders our soul’s evolution when we place these kinds of barriers on it.

Because of these distorted ideas, we have essentially locked ourselves into little boxes and thrown away the keys. Living in our separate societies, barricading behind our iron gates, fearful that someone of the wrong color night come in and see who we really are, or take some precious part of us away from us. We need only face our fears to end this perceived reality, for it truly does not even exist. Our perceived reality is only a manifestation of our mind. Our true reality is a manifestation of God’s mind. All else is an illusion. We have been quite astute at creating for ourselves roadblocks to our own evolution. As we begin to expand our awareness we will be able to learn to trust oneself and our own intuition and stop playing into the forces of negativity that wish to keep us locked in our box. It is time to unite as brothers/sisters and start living in harmony with each other. Without each other, we would not be, because we are all connected to each other from the same divine energy source.

It is time for us to start realizing the importance of our relationships with each other. Many of us do not like to think that the events of 9/11 were a wake-up call but I urge us to examine our feeling after the event. Did we not for a short while, (short because we see us waning away again) feel a sense of bonding with our fellow man/woman? Did we not feel the love and compassion for others that we have so long ignored? Look into the eyes of a stranger. We may just see ourselves. After the events of 9/11, we were seeing mankind/womankind take the necessary steps to move forward in the spiritual evolution of his/her soul. We were caring about each other. We were taking notice of our fellow man/woman and offering bits of our own wisdom and encouragement. Continue to do so. Just because it seems to be in the past, do not forget the revelations that we have experienced from this event. This event is part of our evolution and if we use the experience to grow and change our world, then those who perished will not have given up their lives in vain. We do not have to play into the hands of insatiable appetite for power and control of our world. Realign our energies to create a new and wonderful reality for our world, a world of peace and goodwill towards others. This is not hard to do. It just takes a sincere desire to do so. Below is another exercise designed to help us break down the barriers of fear towards our fellow man/woman.

Go out today and speak to a stranger. Do something kind and look into their eyes. You may recognize them, you may not, but remember you are connected. You are both part of the same essence of God’s divine energy. Try to speak to someone whom you would normally not even give a thought to. This will be the hard part, to see if you can break through the barriers of prejudice and fear. If you would try to do this on a daily basis, you will see how much joy it brings to your soul and you will then get a tiny glimpse as to what the true nature of your being is all about. You all may wear different packaging but that is only by choice. Just remember, you create your own fears. This exercise, if practiced daily, will enable you to remove those barriers.

Let us talk about the cultures of our planet, for this seems to be another area of disillusionment for us. When humans created the various cultures on our planet we were delighted in the creations of our consciousness, the creation of various self-identities. Experiencing this creative ability gave us much freedom to express ourselves in ways that set us apart from everyone else. Many subscribed to those ideas and thus cultures were born. One sprung from the other and so on, each with its own certain characteristics that were uniquely its own. There was much diversity as different people decided to try variations on other’s beliefs as well as inventing their own. It became a territorial expression eventually as humanity migrated to different areas of the planet. They took with them their cultural ideas and added a few of their own, thus setting up entire civilizations that were then subscribing to different belief systems and cultural practices. It is an ever-evolving thing and we see it today in our societies. Many civilizations are now living in and sharing the the territories and belief systems are changing and expanding. Bits and pieces of each culture will remain, some will be tossed and others saved as humanity moves further in its evolution. It was all designed to be part of our learning experience on our planet, to give us diversity, a variety of experiences from which to choose.

Unfortunately, we also see the conflicts arising all over our planet as these cultures try to meld into each other. There are strong territorial and cultural beliefs that various nations wish to hang onto. Societies are strained to the brink of war in some cases as they are seemingly being forced to accept the belief systems and cultures of others within their territorial domain. The United States, being the melting pot of all nations, has seen its share of racial and cultural wars. It is to soon to tell as to whether this experiment will fail or succeed. It will be determined by the choices we make and whether our enlightenment is swift or slow. It is all part of The Creator’s plan. The North American continent was to be an experiment to see if humanity would be able to live together as one. When entering into this experiment, oftentimes one is searching outside oneself for happiness. Happiness does not lie within the borders of another country, it lies within the borders of our mind. When entering into a nation that is comprised of multicultural belief systems, one will be faced with the challenge of learning from the experience of living together as one nation. Now in the melting pot these cultures are experiencing great difficulties as they perceive themselves to be under attack by others. But as man/woman moves further in his/her evolution, he/she will come to realize with the awakening of his/her soul that he/she is not under attack by anything other than his/her own set of perceived beliefs. The only difference is our perceived reality of the experience.

In this section let us touch upon hate and anger, as anger is the precursor to hate. With the emergence of the events of 9/11, there are many of us who are in the hate and anger mode against the perpetrators of the event and rightfully so given out current set of beliefs. The mass evil that was planned and executed was indeed a horrible event. As we express our anger, understand where it came from and let it go. By turning it into hate we are then forced to deal with the pent-up energies related to hate. The hate will eventually turn on us and leave us with either an illness or some other form of retaliation within physical and mental framework.

Our being’s natural aggression and feelings towards this event should be expressed, but in a way that does not cause harm to others or put us in violation of Universal Law. Anger is a natural expression of our being and should not be shoved away into the recesses of our minds where it can come back and attack us later. Look behind our anger and we will see a cry for help, either from oneself or others. Now while it is OK to hate the actions of others, it is only OK if we understand the feelings and motivations behind that hate and release them after we have analyzed them. I am not suggesting we suppress our emotions, for that in itself is not healthy. But what I am suggesting is, take a look at our anger, analyze it, feel it, express it within our creature-hood and then remove it. Know that the feeling is there, but do not dwell on it, for anger then turns into hate.

Many of us have much to learn about this subject since we seem to dwell on the idea that hatred of individuals is perfectly OK because we have allowed ourselves to feel this way through the manifestation of our perceived fears. We are running from our own fears and illusions. What are illusions? Illusions are the barriers of our knowledge. They create our fears. They are beliefs that are meaningless. They have no truth. Realize our truth, be one with oneself and we will have no fear. Break free of our illusions, change our reality and our mind will not be able to produce fear. We have the power to remove the illusions and stand in the path of love. Out of the ashes of fear will rise up love, our hidden truth. For when we remove the illusions, truth is always found. When we attack others, we only increase both our fears and the other person’s fears. If we help others, we release other our fears and the other person’s fears. As we face our fears our anger will subside and our hate will not be manifest.

Now we may say, “How am I going to do this, because I have such intense rage over the events of 9/11?” Having intense rage over the events of 9/11 is not going to do anything but further fuel the fires of the negative energies. It is not going to solve the global problem of terrorism. The energy of our hatred would be better off turned into understanding, to create a peaceful loving solution to help the people of the many nations of the world regain their sovereignty and independence and unite us back together as one.

Look at the larger pictures as to why this happened and we will see that there were many global situations that led up to this event. I will be discussing them later in these blogs. No one can hurt us personally unless we empower them to do so. Allow oneself to express our own feelings but then move on. If we harbor anger and hate we will in turn set our body up for disease of disaster. If we wish to remain healthy emotionally, physically and mentally, do not allow oneself to rationalize to oneself that these thoughts and feelings are legitimate. Although they have a legitimate place within our being, they are not legitimate with respect to manifesting another set of beliefs with anger and hate. We will only experience the domino effect.

Consciously be aware of what we have thought about our perpetrators, but at the same time understand that this is not a personal issue slated to go against our very nature. It is an event that took place, an event that involved many. Some of us were directly involved and are experiencing a loss with the transition of the energy of our loved ones to their home dimension. However, to harbor the hate and the anger only stifles the growth and the evolution of our soul. If indeed we want to walk through life angry at the world and the perpetrators of this event and others, we will only find oneself culminating these thoughts and events into a mass of frustration. It will only serve to confuse and alienate our being from itself. It is imperative for us to acknowledge what has transpired. If we cannot understand why it happened, do not dwell on the knowledge that we have not yet received and understanding of the events. Carry if forth as a memory to learn from and leave it as a memory.

Many good things will transpire from this event. Even though it does not seem to us that any good can come out of this, we will see humans waking up to the needs of each other. It will happen. I am not suggesting to the perpetrators that they have free rein to perpetrate their evil acts upon mankind/womankind. I am not suggesting that at all, for we have dealt and will deal with them separately. They are not free to run amok through society and create havoc on innocent beings who truly are trying to go to the light whether the are aware of it or not. The perpetrators will be put in check. They may try again and again. However we will not let them succeed with destroying our planet. It will not happen. They will be removed. Following is another exercise designed to assist us in evaluating the source of our anger and thus eliminating it.


I suggest to you that you examine one of those thoughts that produce your anger. Work the thought backwards and find out what actually transpired within your consciousness to allow the anger to manifest itself. Oftentimes you will find that you were expecting others to live up to your idealized goals. It is important to understand that others are experiencing their lives just as you are living yours. You are not all on the same level in your soul’s evolution. Therefore a situation that you may find offensive may appear to another to be the right thing. It is important to acknowledge those experiences without letting them turn into hate, anger and rage. There are many questions you could ask yourselves as to why you have stood firmly in your beliefs, but the object of this lesson is to find out if those thoughts are in alignment with the divine energies of The Creator. Ask yourself if you-the-soul will be able to evolve yourself towards the light with these beliefs. If not, then they should be abandoned and a more positive approach adopted. In breaking down old beliefs and barriers you will be able to receive new energies from the Hierarchy and move forward.


The creation of positive realities is our responsibility. It is a personal issue. Because we are the creator in physical reality, it is a matter of how aware we become of our responsibilities. Now the great majority of us, it is true, will remain in a sleep state, in manner of speaking, right up until the time of the Dimensional Shift. On the surface it will appear as though we are unaware of the changes that our civilization is going though. Yet for most of us, there will be great changes already underway on the subtle levels. We are being prepared for the transformation in the dream-state. We are not aware of this, however, as we go about our waking reality. We prefer to “pretend” that life as usual continues to unfold, without any great upheavals to anticipate.

For this group of people the shift will take place overnight, quite literally. They will awaken one day and suddenly appreciate the vast changes they have undergone, as individuals and as parts of the collective. These are of the type of humans that wishes to “not think about” the future that much, for the future will “take care of itself.” This group comprises many millions of us on our Earth.

To pretend that business as usual is being experienced at this time in our history is a form of denial, a denial of the Soul Self. On the level of the Soul’s experiencing, we know full well that great changes are underway for us. Constantly we are reminded of this by Beings of Light as they transmit their messages into our mental sphere. It is a simple matter to ascribe these messages, as we stated in the first chapters of this Blog series, to bad memories or other forms of “negative thinking.” Then we may go on our way, blissfully unaware of an ego/intellect level, of what our Soul most surely knows. Let us present an example to make this clear for the blog reader.

Suppose you are a typical human of the type I am describing. That is, you are one who discounts, perhaps as spiritual hogwash, the statements of your associates that describe the hearing of the voices of dead ancestors. Or else you deny accounts of those who describe the means to avoid a calamity they faced on the highway, as in an accident of some such thing, as coming from a nonphysical source. The intuitive voice is discounted here, you see. These humans may even ascribe the great luck of winners of various prizes or monies from the inside information given to them by their Angels or etheric advisers to mere coincidence. They deny the voice of the sacred in the lives of others, and so they must be consistent as they deny the voice of the sacred within their own lives.


The Consensus Reality Field is our term for the broader field of Reality Creation of which we are a part by virtue of our individually created world. Our Personal Reality Field serves us well within our niche in our environment. It is ” tailor made” according to our specifics, both conscious and unconscious. Now the broader field of Reality Creation may be thought of as comprising, for example, our neighborhood, our city, our state, our country, our hemisphere and finally our world – the planet Earth.

I will not bore you with more descriptions of how we create the Personal Reality Field. Suffice it to say that we and the others who live in our neighborhood, achieve a consensus while sleeping on what will be created, in so far as our neighborhood goes, upon awakening. Obviously this holds true for the manifestation of our city’s Consensus Reality, our state’s and so on.


It has been broadly suggested by some of you, in a very sensational manner, that God is dead. The phrase is quite actually a powerful suggestion. In a way, it represents the triumph of materialism and of science over the human consciousness. However, in truth quite literally, if you are alive, God is not dead. You are the creator of your world.

With All That Is you individually create your Personal Reality Field and collectively do you co-create your Consensus World Reality. So perhaps God with a capital G might also be described as the ensemble of humans, animals and elements on Earth at any one time. However, since the whole is to be found within the part in this holographic model of reality, even if you were the last person alive on Earth, God would STILL not be dead.

Our philosophical discussion begs the question, “If I am the creator of my world and All That Is is within each Conscious Unit or atom in physical reality, does this mean that I am also God or All That Is?” Here again, the issue is not merely one of semantics. Let me explain. Religious conditioning serves to disempower the religion practitioner. We are speaking in broad generalities here.


For the next project, The God Blog – the manuscript on All That Is. We hope to present for you an interesting and educational blog on the creative source for all of our realities. However, I believe we would do well to provide you with some of the ideas and theories we will cover in that blog, now in this current writing, so that you may better absorb and utilize these current messages from a Entity.

Obviously, because we are incessantly on the topic of Reality Creation here, the question of “who is the reality creator?” must arise just as incessantly. I do believe that it is more than a mere matter of semantics. Who is the creator of your Personal Reality? I have advised you over these many years that is is indeed YOU the blog reader of this blog who creates your Personal Reality. Now where does God and where do the concepts of the Divine fit within this cosmology of a reality-creating human? Let us discuss this for just a moment.

To begin, you Dear Blog Reader, are the epitome of All That Is. You are composed of divine energy constructs – the Conscious Units. In each and every one of the Consciousness Units you may find the holographic replica of EVERYTHING in all of our created realities. This EVERYTHING we are also referring to as All That Is. Now this metaphor of a holographic reality may serve us well here in this discussion. The simplified definition of a hologram for our purposes might be, “that which is everywhere all of the time.” This describes the fundamental nature of the Conscious Units as well as the multidimensional atoms theorized by some of our scientists. The researcher may make practical use of this theoretical construct by experimenting with experiencing the everywhere-all-the-time perspective. This perceptual vantage point is actually each and every Moment Point in space and time, so it does include past, present and future, in our terms.

This All That Is we have named to move beyond religious connotations of any kind. It is a safe generic title, is it not? Yet at the same, being All That Is, this construct would naturally hold within itself what we might call the Divine or the sacred or spiritual worlds. The visionary experience treats the researcher, or perhaps the accidental mystic, to the sensory extravaganza that is multidimensional existence. How does one then define this experience in retrospect? Invariably the human bows to authority in these matters, and again as we discussed in these blogs, hands over their powers of Reality Creation to another higher, perhaps “more worthy” entity. Thus the gods and goddesses are born.

We do not intend to trivialize this god-making faculty of the human being. These self-created constructs are definitely “given a life of their own” through the ongoing support of “thought energy” through the prayers and other spiritual observances of countless Souls over the millennia. The personality aspects of the human are constellated “out” onto the physical world from “within.” Each of the separate Earthly cultures, then, creates their individual divinities according to the needs of their particular group. So that the Nordic peoples, for example, developed an entirely different pantheon than did the Indonesian Islanders. Different Divine beings evolve from the different cultural needs of the people who live in the collective. Now let us relate this to the individual researcher living in our current timeframe.


We have spoken before of the gratifying changes in consciousness that come with Soul evolution. What we are really talking about here is a systematic approach to belief change. The example we used pertained to a change in belief regarding radial prejudice. In our example, the person had undergone a subtle transformation in consciousness by working on themselves” to the degree that they no longer feared or hated a particular race or group of people, but they were indeed experiencing growing affection for these people, for the race as a whole.

I described this feeling as a form of ambivalence, in that the person still harbored negative feelings for the group of people, but the positive feelings for the group were beginning to overtake the negative. This person was on the cusp of positive belief change. They were comfortable with the uncertainty they were experiencing, for as I said, they were working on themselves, trying to learn their Lessons, and they were, at least for the moment, able to resist recognizing the negative inner dialogue concerning the group of people. They were able to “turn down the volume,” you see, on their self-centered positive inner dialogue. So this is what belief change entails.


Let us discuss an issue that is quite obvious. Perhaps that is why we have neglected it thus far in these new blog writings. The issue may be framed with a question: “Why assume my blog readers of our new blog material are looking for spiritual understanding? If the path to Loving Understanding and Soul Evolution is so perilous and fraught with physical and psychological pain, why would anyone in their right mind want to pursue it?”

To begin, the Blog Readers, as I have observed them over the many years, are seekers. They are drawn to this work, I assume, because it “speaks to them.” Others of a different personality style and temperament, perhaps, would be drawn to other Teachings. Now it is true that the older blog material was quite barren of discussions of spiritual matters. This was an editorial decision. I have continually offered my spiritually-informed content to humanity. However, since it is the human co-creator of the blog who creates in physical reality, it is the human co-creator who determines what they consider to be appropriate content for the blog.

These new blogs are the spiritual – you might say the divine – counterparts to the old blog material. If you are a student, to the spiritually – based material contained in these new blogs. Now I have attempted to include weighty intellectual discussions in my new blog work, to satisfy those of you who are focused on the physical dimension in which we live. The spiritual is merely the other side of this physical dimension. To become a well-rounded, educated human, you would do well to study both aspects of reality

The path to Soul Realization may be thoughts of as arduous by some. This is true. Certainly it is not for the meek and mild. It is easy to lose confidence and perhaps quit the journey before it has truly begun. As you examine some of your lifetimes within less than ideal circumstances . If you tune-in, for example, to a lifetime in which you are dying slowly from starvation or an illness of some kind, this witnessing may be so distasteful and shocking that you are thrown out of your meditative state. I would suggest that you remember in these cases, under these circumstances of harsh conditions, that you are supported on a wave of ecstasy that is the Soul Self. This ecstasy may help to motivate you to continue your studies.

Now suppose that you are experiencing negative realities within your current life. Should you attempt these explorations of your other Simultaneous Lives? Generally, I would suggest that you first gain some mastery over the exercises and conduct the various experiments I have outlines in my last two blog series.


We often use the phrase in these new blog messages, “I am not telling you something you do not already know.” This is a statement of fact. We are merely reminding you the blog reader of that knowledge you have acquired in your many voyages into physical form. This information on the nature of reality and the use of energy, you first brought with you from your existence in non physical reality, before your “physical” birth into the human body. Now this knowledge also is a part of your FUTURE heritage, if you may understand this conundrum of mine.

Perhaps a better way to describe the relearning phenomenon in which your are engaged is this… bleedthroughs – the perceptual breakthroughs of your current self into other Simultaneous Lives – occur throughout your waking and dreaming periods. These are learning “field trips” in which your current conscious perception tunes-in on one or more of your past, other current or future lives. That is a function of the multitasking Soul Self as you awaken to your multidimensional experiencing. This is the acquiring of the Divine Knowledge we constantly refer to in these Blog writings.

On a basic level, you already know this material. That is why it seems so familiar to you. That is why it seems so true. You have perfected this system in your numerous future incarnations, again in your familiar terms, assuming the linear time illusion that is favored in our dimension. And so you see, I use the phrase “this you already know” as a device to hopefully trigger memories here. The little bleedthroughs that you experience I hope will keep you motivated enough to continue the voyage with us. These are tools the nonphysical beings use as we attempt to educate humanity. The phrase is a deep and empowered one, a profound suggestion. However, just accept it playfully and see where it leads you. This phrase may help you to wake-up to your greater reality.


QUESTION: If there were not the emotional complexes of hatred and anger in the consciousness of the Atlanteans, does this mean that the claims of some researchers that “Black Magicians” from Atlantis were instrumental in the down fall of the civilization and these beings currently exert an influence upon our world cultures are not true?

These effects of negativity are the results of the activities of the Negative Entities. These Entities exist out of time, they reside off of the space time continuum. In this way these influences are felt within any peoples, from whatever past, present, of future timeframe you are describing, when the human individuals recreate within their mental environments the negative states. Our media have named these Entities the Black Magicians of Atlantis, apparently, however, these Entities have also gone by the name Annunaki, as in our previous descriptions, and by, as I said , the multitude of names relating to the negative gods and goddesses, spirits, ghosts and what have you. It is all the same energy, however. The imagination of the individual marks this perceived energy with the particular attributes and characteristics of familial, tribal, country, world personalizations of these energy gestalts.

The Black Magicians of Atlantis, then, were inspired, enlivened, empowered by the same energy that drives the personifications of the devil gods, the goddesses of destruction, and so on, within our religions. It is all the same energy. It is all a part of All That Is – the great consciousness Entity exhibiting itself within physical reality through the activities of human and other beings.

Now with regards to the comments on anger, hatred, and the like.

I refer to our discussion of the best case scenario, the ideal of the individual, the society as a whole, the world culture, that exists within the pre-manifestation domains as a potential for those involved. You Dorian and your colleagues in physical reality exist within your collectives, of whatever type and stripe. You and your friend create your ongoing relationship according to Gestalts of Consciousness within your consciousness representing all of the “good” AND the “bad” that life has to offer.

Here, the good may be described as Loving appreciation for your friend, shall we say, and the bad may be described as thoughts and feelings of anger, denial, fear, and so on. These Gestalts of Consciousness assist the human in the creation of realities on all levels within all collectives. Your relationship, Dear Blog Reader, if it is of a wholesome Loving nature, reflects your reliance on these “good” aspects of consciousness.

Now if your relationship was one of hatred, constant negativity in thought and emotion and behavior, you might be said to be focusing on the negative Gestalts of Consciousness in your reality creations with regards to relationships. In the BIG relationships of society, country, global collectives, then, you also have your collective reliance on different Gestalt of Consciousnesses– negative, positive or somewhere in between, and of course these influences fluctuate throughout time.


Now there are times for us, as a researcher and a learner of Lessons, when you may seem to be engaged in ardently co-creating your reality in a very responsible fashion. We are “doing everything right,” let us say, and diligently attending to the transformation of Negative Emotions into their divine opposites. We are doing so very well in this endeavor that you perhaps feels as though you should be rewarded in some way, feeling that the Powers That Be could “have mercy” on you, so that you might relax and enjoy yourself for a period of time. Yet let us say that you still continue to experience a challenging existence with a series of quite negative events serving to “drive home” this harsh reality.

“Am I being singled out for punishment,” you might ask yourself. Now we must at times such as these, revert back to first principles. You create your own reality. If you are feeling victimized, you are ultimately the tormentor. If you are in the midst of painful, negative personal dramas, you are ultimately the director, the producer and also the cast of these dramas. You are composed of many personality aspects within your Personal Reality ego/intellect. But your greater personality of Higher Consciousness also participates through a lending of energy to the “dramatic flow” of the events in your life. In this way, you are the whole – the cosmos – an you are also the individual living component of the whole. I believe I must elaborate further on this phenomenon for your ULTIMATE understanding.

The reason that you sense a familiarity in the scenes of your everyday life, as is all of the characters in these daily dramas of yours are your “relations,” is that everyone you meet and interact with moment-to-moment is indeed your relation. The relevant aspects of your Higher Self are reflected through these other personalities relative to the learning of your individual, Soul Family and Entity Lessons. Naturally there would be a familiarity in this dance of synchronicity you know as physical reality. You act in concert, then, at any one time and all of the time, with your cohorts, keeping your appointments with “perfect strangers,” to enact your behaviors in the quest for Value Fulfillment. We shall have more to say on this phenomenon in our forthcoming Blogs on the Soul Family.


This is your life, you see. This dramatic and sometimes comedic performance in Earthly flesh is your life, for which you have PURPOSEFULLY incarnated. You are experiencing both the positive and the negative life has to offer. Yes it is true that you inevitably age and die, perhaps being subject to much pain and suffering; yet there is also joy in these sequential moments of your life. With the proper attitude you may even experience your suffering moments in what can be described as “joyful appreciation.” This may be difficult to comprehend for some of us. Let us have an example of how this paradox of feeling and behavior might be experienced by any one of us as we go about our meaningful lives.

As we awaken to the Unity of Consciousness Dimension, we will gradually become more aware of our Simultaneous Lives. Within these lives we are living the brand spectrum of existence. Thus, as we retain memories of a life lived within a society as a tortured being who daily subjected to painful living experiences, we may compare this life with our current existence in the modern world. Do you see how we might experience a sense of joyful appreciation for our current life? Relative to other lives we are living in the midst of great pain and suffering, our current existence may be regarded as joyful and complete.


We always have a choice, Dear Blog reader. The great question for you as a physical being is this: when you awaken to your true reality, will you choose to create your life of Lessons consciously, or will you try to escape? Many of you well know what I am saying in these paragraphs, for you are well on your way to awakening fully. Yet some of you may look on these new blogs of mine with the all too critical eye of the ego. Fear, cynicism, competition rule the roost of the ego. I would ask you to pull back from this type of scrutiny and attempt to use the perspective of the “awakened one.” The heart is open as anger is transmuted into Loving Understanding. Fear is turned to Courage and faith.

The awakened or enlightened human may choose to be creative with the creation of events within their own reality. You may postpone the event of your physical death, for example, and undergo The Transition at a later date, perhaps learning more and gaining the Divine Knowledge from these additional months or years of living experience.


This is how our Third-Dimensional system was “set up.” It is an arena for the experiencing of Negative Emotions. However, eventually we must face this aspect of our personality. We each are called upon to address the negative thoughts within our mental sphere and the negative events in our existence and the Negative Emotions that “appear” to be caused by the negative events. Briefly, it is a matter of addressing the negative in our momentary experiencing and “owning” it. The awakening human recognizes their responsibility in the creation of negative realities.

Wisdom Lessons, then, refer to this two-step activity. First the researcher, through experimentation and analysis in the laboratory that is the Personal Reality, arrives at Findings specific to their Life Lessons. These Findings may have been “hidden from view” for many years. They represent the hard truth of the developing personality over time. None of us are perfect. The human in physical incarnation may strive for protection, but that state of being is reserved for other dimensional-experiences.

So the truth is made known through experimentation. What we have been denying is revealed to us in all of its harsh and intense glory. Now what does the awakening human do with this information? In our system the method is clear: with the developing skills of creating Loving Understanding and Courage out of anger, denial and fear, the researcher transforms the difficult material into its divine opposite.

Now this Loving Understanding entails acceptance of the negative Findings on all levels of creature hood. We are responsible, as I have said in earlier blogs. We are the creator of our world and the events within our world. Accepting our responsibility for our creations is the necessary first step here. The second step entails understanding and gaining of wisdom of Divine Insight. This is accomplished by allowing the Soul Self to perceive our world. The ego/intellect is gently placed to the side and the Higher Consciousness is brought through the portal of creation – the Ajna center directly between the eyes. This may be accomplished by mediatizing or visualizing the Divine as coming through our physical body construct. We will naturally create our own imagery, thought and emotion for this exercise. Throughout the new material I have given many techniques to accomplish this.


In this Blog we shall hopefully provide you with the opportunity to address the most pressing and important Lessons for you in your current existence. Now truly ALL of your Lessons are “wisdom” Lessons, in that we experience Soul Evolution when you are engaged in learning these Lessons.

So that the gaining of prosperity within a life of perceived lack and poverty, may be considered the gaining of wisdom, as well as the facing of perceived extremely difficult, traumatic material from your past may be considered the gaining of wisdom. However, in this material we will attempt to provide you with the motivation you require to do what you must do in facing your most difficult Lessons – the Lessons of Negativity, pain and suffering.

For I trust you would agree that the positive Lessons – of Love, of experiencing prosperity, of developing friendships – need much less motivation for the average human to engage in and “do the homework” required, than do the Lessons of Negativity. The Lessons of Love will take care of themselves over time. Whereas with the Lessons of Negativity, the primary reason we have not yet learned these Lessons is that we are indeed avoiding them.


The Lessons of negativity can be faced now. We have the tools to deal with these Lessons. Now this is the way that it works for us with all types of behaviors: whatever elicits the perception of satisfaction or happiness is pursued relentlessly. Whatever seems to create the Negative Emotions is most usually avoided. There, of course, exceptions to this rule in every life. We have noted previously in this material the tendency for the “depressed” person to create Reality Constructs that perpetuate the state of depression, as though there were a certain muted satisfaction in depression.

Generally, however, the negative states are avoided by lost of us. For example: this is particularly true in the developed nations as we call ourselves. We are certainly “developed” in so far as access to material wealth is concerned. However, it is the rest of the world’s peoples who have the edge in matters of spiritual understanding, spiritual wealth. In the developed countries we are easily diverted from spiritual considerations by the many objects of mass consumption made available to us through our shopping centers, for example, through our mass media, and so on.

You Dear Blog Reader, are easily diverted in the moment by these requests from our creators of ” shiny things.” We are easily distracted for we are “waiting for an excuse” to avoid our Lessons. As we have suggested in these Blogs, like children, many of us would rather not consider our Lessons in physical or psychological pain, we buy something to “make ourselves feel better.”

As we know, it is the adrenaline and other substances released in our body that creates this “feeling better” state of consciousness. Over time we become dependent on this satisfied emotional state and you may find oneself purchasing more than we need or can afford to keep “happy.” The Lessons of Negativity are thus avoided.


Harsh Conditions

Those that are experiencing these harsh conditions – that they have chosen these lives. Also, we are reminding that they may be on the end of their incarnational trajectories, and may be headed for the higher realms. This may be a good motivation for some to begin using our techniques to transform the negativity they are experiencing into Courage and Loving Understanding. This Soul work is necessary before one may progress to the higher-dimensional realms.


HYPOTHESIS: You may use the advice of your guides in games of chance.

With regards to availing yourself of the assistance of your Guides in matters of prosperity, monetary increase and the like, I must present to you this fact of existence: although you may certainly ask your guides for “divine guidance” as to what are the winning lottery numbers, or what are the winning machines at the casino, and so on, you still remain within the matrix of probabilities in your Reality Creation activities. This matrix includes the casino itself, if I may use this example, and everything in the casino.

Now let us use an example in a particular form of gambling here, to further this disclaimer. In this example, the subject is accessing their Guides while they are engaged in placing bets on the numbers of a roulette wheel game in a normal casino somewhere, in one of our gambling capitals in the U.S.A., in Europe or elsewhere. Let us say that the Guides are doing their best in assisting the student’s experiment in Prosperity-Creation and they are presenting possible winning numbers into the mental environment of the student telepathically.

As you know, there are innumerable probable permutations of events possible within each successive moment of the existence of this theoretical student. Additionally, the outcome of any roll of the dice or spin of the ball in these matters is not known and identified in “bedrock reality,” as we say, until the very last microsecond of the activity of the dice, the ball or the card in any particular instance. The outcome of any gambling event, then, is a cooperative effort human, every machine, every cubic foot of space, every piece of furniture within that casino.

Also, it is important to remember that each of us in physical reality, in whatever Reality Creation activities are involved, are doing so for the learning of particular Lessons. Our Guides are not allowed to present information to us that would interfere with the learning of these Lessons. Let me say that if you are to attempt these experiments in Prosperity Creation, that you first examine your issues with regards to prosperity – the monetary Lessons that you are to learn while in your current body in your current timeframe.

Now if you are to conduct your Prosperity Creation experiments in the field, you will have previously committed the particulars of this experiment to memory. You will also have done your belief work and your “homework” regarding Lessons for this lifetime concerning abundance. Because you will be out in the world conducting your research, it will be necessary to have perfected conducting the Ritual Sanctuary and the creation of the Trance State while in public.

This experiment is concerned with prophecy. You shall be predicting the momentary actives of the elements in a game of chance. Let us assume you are in a public setting somewhere, engaged in this game.


Enter your relaxed state and enter your Trance State. Now conduct your experiment of calling in your Guides. All of these preparatory activities can be an internal process for you, without any outward signs. As in our experiments, it may be wise to assume the playful attitude of a child in these endeavors. And overly-serious attitude may short-circuit the intuitive processes.

Now call upon your Inner senses, if entirely appropriate, to reveal that information you may require to “win.” To accomplish this, you might project your Auric Vision out onto the gaming table and allow your Inner Senses to create a visual representation of the winning numbers, cards, and so on. If you are oriented to sound, perhaps you could ask your Guides to whisper to you the information required. Whatever sensory input you are comfortable with, arrange for your Prosperity Guides and perhaps your Energy Personality to feed to you this information at the appropriate times.

The researcher may expect varying levels of good fortune – positive Reality Creation – to be made manifest in this experiment. You are challenging the “laws” of chance. Any wins beyond these laws, therefore, are an indication that you are on the right track. When you are successful, remember the state of consciousness you embodied immediately prior to the win and reproduce that state as best you can toward future wins. This game of chance is indeed a game. Have fun with it, just as I have suggested you have fun also in the creation of your life in the other domains.

FINDINGS – Remember for future reference the feeling tones and states of consciousness that signal a winning game.


HYPOTHESIS: You can receive advice from your future and probable selves.

Let us assume that you currently experiencing lack in some area of your life. Now the idea of lack is tied to a veritable field of multidimensional negative experiencing. Not only are you experiencing lack in your current Reincarnational Existence, then you are connected to these other lives so that each of the personalities experiencing these lives will sense their negative states of consciousness within yours

Fortunately, within your Simultaneous Lives, including your probable existences, there are also those who are experiencing the opposite of lack – abundance. You shall attempt to contact these lives in your meditations in order to gather information on how you may also create abundance within your own current life. It is a form of sharing within a family, in a manner of speaking, a family of consciousness. And just as you might in your current existence ask for and receive advice from an uncle or cousin on how to invest your money wisely, you may inquire on the subtle levels what your other lives are doing to create abundance.

If you have been with us in these Blogs of ours, trying out some of the exercises and at least attempting some of the experiments, by now you will have gained some glimpses into the unknown reality – the world inhabited by your Multidimensional Counterparts throughout space and time. For you this experiment may reveal information that will quicken your journey, as you look to expand your vistas of perception. If you are just joining us in these esoteric pursuits, this experiment may strike you as rather preposterous, entirely too farfetched to even consider attempting. I urge you to make the effort in spite of your doubt, in spite of your inexperience. You may be pleasantly surprised.


Relax your body and enter a fairly deep Trance State. The object in this experiment is to seek contact with your Simultaneous Lives and probable existences that are experiencing abundance. With this goal as the focus of your intent – your Divine Will – simply reflect on these words as you go deeper and deeper in your meditation. Now you are guided by your Intent here. The consciousness will naturally make those changes necessary to allow contact with the Souls experiencing abundance. It may be best not to force the issue. Trying too hard – attempting to direct the flow of energy – may be counterproductive. Let the mind wander, in other words. Remember, there is an assumption in these investigations that you are being watched over by nonphysical beings. You will be guided to your destination of you will only “go with the flow” of consciousness.

You know what an abundant feeling “feels like.” As you perceive with your Inner Senses the mental environments of your lives as they express these positive emotions, go toward these emotional expressions. Feelings of Courage and Loving Understanding may arise here. Confidence and self-assurance my be readily discernible. If you are sensing these emotional tones, you may be assured that you are on the right track. If you wish to go further with this exploration, ask for names and dates of these other lives. Go as far as you wish in your investigations seeking “proof” that you are making these connections. Return to full sensory awareness when you sense that you are done.

The information you requested in Trance may come to you in the form of impulses, as you go about your waking reality, just as we have suggested in our previous blog series. might I suggest that the emotional tones that “carry” these impulses into your awareness are of the abundant, prosperous variety? That is how you will be able to identify their origin. A always, use your free will to either ignore or act on these impulses.

FINDINGS – Document impulses you have received from your other lives as a result of these enquiries.


HYPOTHESIS: Positive suggestions help to create prosperous realities.

As you may now be well advanced in your achieving of the Trance State, through participating in the exercises in this blog, we will simply present this experiment as one of self-conditioning or self-hypnosis through reading positive affirmative statements or listening to recorded positive suggestions while in Trance. As we have discussed earlier in this blog series, your beliefs and their emotional underpinnings may be more readily accessible than you might think. After all, your beliefs are busy nonstop creating (on a subconscious level) your perceived reality. With the approach that this is not hard to do, it is possible to expect the Idea Constructs supporting your beliefs to be there in your mental environment, observable indeed, without attending years of therapy.


The preliminary work entails an exploration of the consciousness, seeking out those thoughts, images and emotional content that support the beliefs. Enter alight Trance and with pen and paper or through talking into a recorder, you might spontaneously have a discussion with yourself on what are the problematic beliefs. Document what first comes to your mind and go from there. There is an underlying assumption here that your Inner Self is primed to reveal this information to you. Your Soul Self is well aware of this voyage of yours and is undoubtedly waiting to assist you. Simply take down what this aspect of your consciousness is trying to tell you. Document without censoring. You may analyze later.

Come Back To Full Sensory Awareness.

After this initial stage of information gathering is complete, consider the opposites of the problematic beliefs or a positive adaptation of the beliefs and write them down or record these suggestions for playback. Enter your Trance State again and either read the suggestions to yourself or listen to the playback on your recorder.

For example: In your belief work you may have discovered that you have a circular inner comment that is consistently voicing the opinion of someone from your past: “You are stupid. You will never succeed.” Using our technique for revising this unfortunate comment without any true conviction behind it, you see – we might create the following; “You have a strong natural intelligence. A successful life awaits you.” You could then inscribe several different permutations of this message on a paper to read while in a light Trance. Or you could read the various suggestions into your recorder for playback while in a deeper Trance. The object here, which may seem obvious to you now, is to instill the positive suggestions into the mental awareness over time, until the historical comment is supplanted by the improved positive suggestions.

FINDINGS – Document in some form your belief work and your attempts to supplant problematic beliefs with positive suggestions.


Your beliefs have created the precise level of lack that you are experiencing. Your existence is a direct result of your Reality Creation activities according to beliefs that you hold. Any example of poverty or lack within your Personal Reality, therefore, can be traced back to a specific Idea Construct that you perceive as being quite true. In The Healing Regimen we presented an experiment in belief adaptation. In this new regimen we will present a similar experiment with a different focus.


Assume your Trance State through your referred method. Now you are relaxed. Now you are focused on searching for “causes” within your mental environment for the lack you are experiencing. These causes are your beliefs, however you may wish to visualize this concept. What does a belief represent to you, in so far as symbols, feelings, sensations of various types are concerned? Again, it is often the case that the first thing that comes to mind may hold the most information. Your Inner Self is attempting to tell you something, you see, to reveal something of value to you. The information may be quite complex in construction, as in a profound revelation – an epiphany – or quite simple, as in a fleeting emotion of some kind.

For example: suppose that your first thought within the Trance State was the statement, “This is not going to work,” and what if this statement operates as a powerful loop – a rumination – within your consciousness. If this were the case, do you see how difficult it might be for you to approach these studies and experimentation and be successful to any degree? Now this is an extremely common first discovery for the explorer of nonphysical reality. This simple Idea Construct is quite powerful in its simplicity, when it is looped, you see, when it is repeated incessantly within the mental environment. It has the power to adversely affect the Reality Creation activities on all levels, not merely the financial.

Now what if you were to revise the phrase somewhat: “That may work.” Now there is hope. Now there is the opportunity for change. Here in this experiment, using your Intent, what we are referring to as Divine Will, you alter the negative rumination – the substance of negative belief – to make room for hope and opportunity. “This may work. This Spiritual Prosperity Program may work.” This is a positive rumination that may assist you in the creation of positive realities. As you witness your improving reality, your beliefs about what is possible are changed. You are opening up. You are accepting the possiblity of positive change in you world.


HYPOTHESIS: The emotional body displays the causes and remedies of lack.

In this experiment you will use your Inner Sense of sight, your Auric Vision, to perceive the emotional elements within your consciousness that prevent you from experiencing The Abundant Universe. This vision of your emotional issues relative to prosperity may take the form of a dramatic vignette displayed for you as you close your eyes to relax.

Within this dramatic presentation you may witness, for example, a replay of an event from your perceived past, in which you experienced disempowerment in some form. Perhaps you were robbed by a bully when you were a child. Perhaps as adult had suggested to you that you would never be successful in your life, that you were “not good with money” or “irresponsible.”

The communication stream from your inner world may take the form of a narrative, perhaps a rumination of a series of words or sentences. The focus here is on “causes” of present lack in your reality, and so you may remember words and phrases that portray you as, in some way, incompetent or unable to ever succeed. You may have a sudden feeling of distaste, or fear, or other Negative Emotion that acts as a catalyst, allowing you to go deeper in your exploration to the roots of your current less-than-satisfactory life condition.

As in our previous investigations in this Research Project, the vision may have elements other than sight, i.e. smell, taste, hearing. And again, please be prepared to face some difficult material – ideas and images you may have kept undercover for many years.


Relax your physical body in the way that most pleases you. Close your eyes and breathe deeply for a few moments. Remember that the vision of the emotional issues may be perceived as existing within the torso of your body, within the heart region. The focus here is on causes, most probably from your past, of present financial insecurity. These are emotional injuries sustained during difficult Lessons learned usually in childhood in your current and your other lives. In your current life, these Negative Emotions have sustained themselves over time, preventing you from experiencing The Abundant Universe that is your birthright.

You may re-experience a specific event that occurred in your perceived past that represented a break from your innocent childhood experiencing and marked a new trajectory of development for you as a maturing “socialized” human. Perhaps you may view that point where you gave up some of your Reality Creation energies to authority figures: parent, teacher, relative. The feeling tone of your experiences will help you to determine where to go with this experiment. Ask for direction from your Guides. Use your Inner Senses as a compass. Your intuition will guide you if you are clear and persistent.

FINDINGS – Immediately document in some way your experiences with reading The Emotional Body.


Hypothesis: You may manage soul family relationships in the Trance State.

We have stated before in these new Blogs series, that each and every human being that you meet – including the delivery person and the teller at the local bank – is in your life at the moment to teach you something. Many of the more intense relationships you create with these humans are Soul Family connections. Of this broad group of humans who are within your field of experiencing to interact with you in the learning of Lessons regarding the acquisition of money and the perception of the Abundant Universe.

This statement may bring to mind events from your own life in which you were quite intrigued with the good fortune that came your way, at hands of one of these mysterious extended family members. Or perhaps you were “taken for a ride” by one of your acquaintances, and relieved of some of your hard-earned money. Either way, you were learning Lessons from Soul Family members. These interactions often have an element of Fate attached to them, as though they were “meant to be,” to coin a phrase from our New Agers. However, as you know, you and your colleagues are making it happen. You are just currently unaware of the intricacies of this cooperative effort.

The perspective of experiencing Lessons from within a broad collective called the Soul Family can be learned. I suggest you conduct the following experiment with the idea that you are already embodying this perspective.


The first step here would be to identify those Soul Family members who may act as partners in the realization of abundance you require. Using your Inner Senses you may home-in on these personalities in your times of meditation. Some you may have already identified within your field of experiencing as potential allies. This is a form of communicating with the Energy Personality of another. You will be identifying specific characteristics of personality and Soul that will assist you in creating good fortune within the lives of all of you, everyone benefits, you see.

Now this group may be small in number or it may be quite Large. Either way, you will be working with these humans on the subtle levels. You might think of yourself as the business manager of this assembly, and you are working with their High Selves for mutually beneficial purposes. This is you Intent. You are grounded in your sense of Divine Will to communicate your interests to these humans via their Spirit Guides – their Energy Personalities. If EP of the Soul Family member resists, do not press further. You are not to force yourself on others in any way. This is a sacred form of communication. If you meet with resistance, move on to another potential partner. In the mundane world, there may be no signs that you are interacting with these people in any special fashion. “Business as usual,” as we say. However, do note the attainment of group goals that could have never been realized had these secret connections not been made.

FINDINGS – Document the establishment of connections with Soul Family members and the realization of Soul Family goal in matters of abundance.


Hypothesis: We may tune-in the abundant universe

Perception creates reality in the Third Dimension. When you visualize and embody The Abundant Universe, you are CREATING and SUSTAINING this Gestalt of Consciousness. You are withdrawing from this template of creation, the highly personalized elements in the form of Conscious Units that you require to create the reality of abundance within your Personal Reality Field. You can’t help yourself, you see. Your thoughts are composed of Conscious Units. All Consciousness seeks manifestation of itself. By simply thinking of something you lend your efforts towards creating it.

Now we each have our idealized view of the perfect world. You know quite well what objects, what types of people, and what behaviors would exist in this world. For your own reasons, however, you choose not to put your energies towards manifesting The Abundant Universe. As I have said to you, your “reasons” for doing something or not doing something in your life – the denials. The intellectualization – serve to aid you in encountering and experiencing your Lessons.

For example: consider a human that finds themselves within a precious financial situation. All is lost financially for whatever reasons in physical reality. Additionally, this human makes matters worse by continually blaming themselves for the financial loss. It is a personal issue. They feel as though they have failed personally as well as financially.

Now this negative assessment of the Personal Reality, as you may remember, serves to perpetuate it. The person is trying all of the domains of existence into one know. They are in effect saying, “I have failed financially because I am a failure personally. I am a bad person, an undeserving person.” The entire existence is colored with this negative assessment.

How does this person perceive and create The Abundant Universe under these drastic conditions? Remember, this is an unconscious process. If you wish to this Gestalt of Consciousness that is your personalized Abundant Universe, then you must go to the unconscious and explore. It would be wise to use the emotionally neutral state of Trance. In the Trance State the subject may gain a broader view of the life and the conditions of existence. The Agenda of negative Reality Creation is easily interrupted by the Trance. The opportunity for introducing changes into the reality creation strategies is made available.


Attain your Trance State. If you are in your quiet meditation area, relax your body, breathe deeply, rest upon the floor or do whatever behaviors assist you in creating the Trance. If you are out in the world, you may, as we have suggested in the last blog, tie the attainment of the Trance State to a gesture such as snapping the fingers, rubbing a good-luck piece or whatever suits you.

In this experiment we will assist the researcher in withdrawing from the negative reality of lack and “waking up” in The Abundant Universe. This has a distinctly magical quality to it.

As you are resting comfortably, out in the world or in your meditation area in your home, within your Trance State, embody the perception of entering the Gestalt of Consciousness we are calling The Abundant Universe in this Blog. A playful approach here may be best. As child would, imagine yourself in your inner world, coming into a kingdom, perhaps, in which all of the desired Reality Constructs that populate your personalized Abundant Universe are displayed. You are venturing out and away from your normal world to visit this inner world where the outer world is created.

As we have suggested in our other experiments in using the Trance State, the information stream may be sensed in various ways. The Gestalt of Consciousness may present itself to you “full blown” as in an intense, multisensory visionary experience. Or you may get your “glimpse” of this idealized state as though you were receiving a Holographic Insert or other inspirational missive from the nonphysical world. You may hear sounds and voices that represent abundance and good fortune for you personally. You may also simply experience a “good feeling,” a pervasive sensation of grace, a feeling that all is well with you in your world.

As you receive you data, note the information for documenting later, then proceed to go deeper into you relaxed state and uncover more Findings. Typically, because the emotions experienced in perceiving The Abundant Universe are so positive, you will be motivated to continue your explorations. When you feel as though you have enough information from the session, return to full sensory awareness of Third Dimensional Reality, bringing with you The Abundant Universe that you have perceived/created into existence on the subtle levels. If you are out and about, on a park bench let us say, snap your fingers, rub your good-luck piece. If you are indoors in your meditation area, give yourself the suggestion that you will return to your normal awareness with the full memories of The Abundant Universe intact.

FINDINGS – Document your findings.


Of course you may use all of the Metaphorical Tools we have described in our series of new Blogs. An Important addition you might consider is the creation of The Well of Good Fortune, or some other metaphor tailored to your own sensitive. Here the object is to call your symbols of wealth, good fortune, havingness, and combine them into one powerful image, phrase, song, object or what have you.

Give the Metaphorical Tool a fitting name. Empower it with your thoughts and your limitless energies. In my example, you might empower with your energies a visualized well, perhaps somewhere in a beautiful forest. Within this well is the abundance and good fortune you desire. Going to The Well of Good Fortune, then, might be a simple matter of imagining yourself entering a forest, observing The Well, and visualizing the desired Reality Constructs coming up and out of the well, perhaps as you turn the crank. The Metaphorical Tools are easy to create. They are most effective when you can feed them your divine energy. Personalize these tools and make them your own.

The Radio Dial Metaphor may also be ably used in Spiritual Prosperity. Just as you perhaps used this tool to tune-in the healing elements and tune-out the disease-producing Gestalts of Consciousnesses in The Healing Regimen, here you may use your Radio Dial to tune-in on the impulses from your Simultaneous Lives, for example, that seek to direct your vision toward The Abundant Universe. You would then, at the same time, tune-out the impulses and influences from Negative Entities, other existences that are experiencing lack and those Negative Emotions that hamper your attainment of Spiritual Prosperity.

Now for some experimentation in Spiritual Prosperity.


The technique of suspending disbelief will assist you in creating further moments of prosperity after you are successful in creating a “glimpse” of The Abundant Universe. For example: suppose you have completed your investigative work, you have gone within to examine your personal conceptualization of The Abundant Universe. Your idea of abundance, for the time being, might involve, perhaps, receiving an unexpected windfall, a sum of money, several hundred dollars let us say, in the mail. Now you have done your work here. You have attached Love to all of your though-forms. You have magically anticipated this gift and now you are witnessing the manifestation.

At the moment of realization, when you connect the windfall to your Spiritual Prosperity behaviors and thoughts depending on your “issues” – self-image. Experiencing of Negative Emotions – you may find it difficult or quite easy TO ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY for this creative work. If you have doubts and ascribe the gift to coincidence, you diminish your power in the moment. However, if you confidently express your gratitude, Loving Understanding and Courage in that moment, you are adding to your powers of manifestation. You are suspending disbelief – the negative assessment of the act of manifestation – for just the moment. Then you would successively suspend disbelief in your growing powers, moment-to-moment in the “future.”

Suspending disbelief is a form of silencing the internal censor – that aspect of your consciousness that wishes to keep you entranced in the certain of status quo realities. Over time, this voice will be replaced by the encouraging message from Beings of Light – your Guides who seek to assist you in expanding your awareness.


Let me digress on this point… it is ALL LOVE, Dear Blog Reader. Even the millionaire banker, then, is created from Love. Yet us just say for the sake of argument, that the banker is war profiteer. Through supporting armament manufacturers or the military, this banker prospers from death, hatred, war. “What good,” you might ask, “does my Loving construct do in this context? “Vote with your pocketbook,” by selecting the most appropriate, Loving and peaceful institutions with which to do business, and then doing business with these institutions .

In this way, you are supporting, on both the physical and the metaphysical levels, the fulfillment of positive values. This takes research, of course. This activity may be thought of as the assessment of the Personal Reality Field with regards to the financial or business aspects of your life. Where will you put the Loving and Courageous energies of your being? From what institutions will you withhold your creative energies? Again, this is all about allying with select Gestalts of Consciousness, Entities, Beings of Light. This is conscious co-creation.


As I suggested our practice of giving to worthy causes only when we may claim a deduction from our taxes, is not Giving in truest sense. This is not the magical act of that we are teaching in this new material. To be honest, it is a sad form of money exchange, this corporate giving that is celebrated in our world. Many of us who give in this fashion expect something in return. Whether it is a tax deduction, God’s grace or simply the good karma that is so valued by the modern human, something is expected in return for the giving. Might I state it bluntly here? We taint this process with our bargaining. In Giving there are only the communication streams of Beings of Light. There is only the transformation of Light into something else. There is no bargaining.

I believe it might help us to think of our Giving of our money, our time, our Loving Understanding to others is simply the transformation of our Light Energy into what is needed by the recipient of the Giving. From this perspective, you may envision the immediate transformation of our gift of Light into what is desired, what is required by the receiver. In this context, the recipient uses their Reality Creation energies to collaborate with us on the subtle levels in the co-creation of the necessary constructs.

Take for example here my previous description of the children in our poor undeveloped countries. I am not suggesting that we refuse the tax deduction we “deserve” for contributing to their cause – though that would indeed demonstrate our commitment to true Giving – but please try attaching your powerful Light energies to the gift when we do make our donations for the purchase of food, medical care, and so on. And remember, Dear Blog Reader, there is no pity here in this true reality of the Soul. We are equals on the subtle levels, equals who are merely learning different Lessons. Do not give because you feel sorry for the other; give because you acknowledge the opportunity to endorse the Courage of another.

It may help you to think of oneself as a Light Body in this exercise. I am a Being of Light. You are a Being of Light. On the etheric levels, within the Telepathic Network, we both have equal powers. We communicate with one another instantaneously. We observe the instantaneous manifestation of our thought-forms. We are in the Third Dimension and we have a perception of a lag-time in manifestation. However, this is merely a perception. Your reality is my reality at its base. Our holographic messages are received INSTANTLY by the recipient. On the etheric plane, the recipient IMMEDIATELY benefits from our Loving and Courageous act of imbuing our transmissions with these creative energies.

Now if you are coming from a perception of lack, it is quite true that on the physical reality level, it appears that we are giving up our resources, our money, our personal property. However, as I said, the Soul Self of each of us engaged in the interaction know quite definitely that this is not the case. As the Soul Self of the cashier at the market, for example, receive the energy from our transmission as we hand them our payment for our food products, our higher Self receives an influx of beneficial energy from them. Now on the physical plane, all that we may notice is a slight knowing smile on the face of the cashier. This is our cue, however, that our thought-form is manifesting.


Here then is the secret. You will receive what you transmit, for you will be a transmitter of Love. The student attaches Love and positive emotion energy to all thought-forms that are transmitted within their mental environment. In mundane matters of daily living, then, while you pay your bills, you are attaching Love to them with your thoughts. While you work at your job, you are sending out thought-forms of Love to your colleagues and to customers. While you interact with your family and friends, you are sending thought-forms of Love into their mental environments of Love to all concerned with no expectation of receiving anything in return. This is a form of giving it all away, is it not?

As you are also, as a researcher, a student of your own self-development, interpreting each of your experienced moments in positive Loving ways – as best you can, of course, perhaps you have not yet achieved perfection in this technique – you will be contributing to the experiencing of positive realities with this divine perspective.

The mental construct, the thought-energy hologram we are calling Giving It All Away, is based in Love and Courage. With every transmission – for example, donating to your causes – you attach the holographic Idea Construct. This attachment powers the thought-form on the subtle levels. As my Holographic Inserts to us in the Third Dimension serve to enlighten and inform us, in same way, your transmission of these thought-forms attached to your mundane behaviors may serve to enlighten, empower and PROSPER the recipients. It is all energy, once again. It is all Light energy in the form of the Consciousness Units.


Troubled by the assertion that to be truly successful and to truly perceive and create The Abundant Universe, the student must, in the final analysis, “give it all away.” To be sure, at first glance, this statement seems to imply that you will lose everything that you have worked for in the Spiritual Prosperity Program. Certainly, if you give your wealth or material possessions to others, you no longer have possession of them. You are without them. How does one put food on the table or pay bills if what is received is continually given away to others – individuals and collectives. These are earnest and excellent questions to ask. In answering them, please allow me to pass on to you, Dear Blog Reader, another fact of life for you in physical existence.

Now others before me have stated this bluntly, so this is certainly not something that you do not already know.


In terms of energy – Light energy, which is, as we have stated earlier, the “Stuff” of all created realities – you get what you give. There is a popular aphorism that applies here, “What goes around come around,” The statement implies, I believe, that there is a type of karmic balancing dynamic that occurs within the lives of humans. My Blog readers know my feelings on karma and the Eastern theory of Reality Creation. I believe it is quite correct to a degree. ” Let me explain… you live your lives all at once, within the spacious moment, the eternal moment that exists NOW. Your lives are certainly not sequential, for there is no such thing as linear time in the experiencing of the Soul, your true reality.

Now as you are within this Moment Point possibly sensing your connection to your lives past, present and future, you are receiving energy to these lives. Additionally, at this moment, let us say that you are also receiving energy from and transmitting energy to COUNTLESS humans within our Consensus Reality. You are also NOW quite naturally transmitting energy to and receiving energy from the many elemental forms within your Personal Reality.

What does Light energy have to do with The Abundant Universe and giving it all away? Let us go back to my earlier discussions of conscious Units. Greatly simplified, this Light energy is the medium for the Reality Creation project. Let us say that Light holds within it the potencies and potentialities of all of our essential metaphors in our theory of Reality Creation. Now you may remember that the Conscious Units are electromagnetic. As they assemble into Gestalts of Consciousness, they do so according to energies of attraction and repulsion: like with like, yet opposites assemble within the whole as counterparts to their opposites, and so on. This is the organizing principle of life. I have already described to you how All That Is – essentially Love in action – creates realities that are not Love, that are the opposites indeed of Love. In this way Reality Creation evolves, differentiates along every conceivable avenue of development. It is just this way with Light, my friend; the Love Light of All That Is.


We have suggested that we are an expert at distracting the ego/intellect from an examination of our life Lessons. Now we shall examine how we may distract our consciousness from the recreation of lack to the Divine – to a creation and perception of The Abundant Universe.

For our example here, let us say that you are currently addressing an issue of responding to financial events with fear. You may receive in your daily mail a notice that you are behind in paying a bill of some kind. As you read the stern warning, perhaps you are reminded of instances in the past when you failed to meet your financial obligations and were punished in some way. Because these negative memories are so rich in emotional intensity, you may be swept away for a few moments as you literally travel to the moment in time to experience the negative fear-producing emotions. This is a simple example of Astral travel. You have been triggered by the receipt of the bill to go back in time for a re-experiencing of what we might term “financial worry.”

Now let us devise a response to receiving the bill that will assist in the creation of positive realities rather than the continuation of negatives. The trick here is to awaken in the moment so that you may have conscious control IN the current moment. This you would possibly open the bill, read the stern warning, and before your subconscious can take you back in time for a reliving of the negative states of financial worry, you exert awareness of your current Moment Point. When you are established in the moment, at the second of recognition of the negative, fear-producing material, you imagine a positive outcome. This is best done by remembering positive outcomes of the past. Using your Intention, you distract your ego/intellect from responding unconsciously to the fear-producing material.

The negative historical data can be quite persuasive, so you must persevere in this moment. You might remind your self that you are existing in tandem with the Divine – with All That Is – and that there is an incoming message to be received. Then you would imagine with full sensory awareness your receiving sums of money, for instance, enabling you to meet your financial obligations.

This imaginative construct exists in your current moment, therefore, and in your future also as it is manifest enabling you to pay your bill, yet it is based on a positive financial event that occurred in your past. It may be advantageous for you to “mine” your perceived past for these positive financial experiences, no matter how small or insignificant they may at first appear. The emotional tone is what is important here. The idea of the Divine, prosperity and The Abundant Universe are the most important features.

The feeling of contentment and abundance you felt when your caregiver gave you a quarter to buy some candy when you were a child becomes an important reference point for you in these experiments. You are recreating these positive feelings of hope, faith etc. IN THE CURRENT MOMENT. You will then “push” the positive moments into the future as you embody the positive state of consciousness – abundance – moment-to-moment. This is easily done. And I specifically suggest you turn to your childhood experiences for the positive states of consciousness, for it was as a child that you most probably first experienced using your powerful imagination to create those things you desired.


I may help you to think of this activity as a form of back engineering your Reality Constructs in the immediate aftermath of their creation. Let me stand upon my soapbox for just a moment… we exist in linear time in the Third Dimension. This is the appearance of a reality that unfolds one moment after another. We create our own reality, and as such we have undoubtedly created Both prosperous moment and moments of lack.

In Consecutive Positive Assessment for this Spiritual Prosperity, then, you would, upon experiencing a moment of prosperous reality creation – receiving good financial news in a phone conversation, for example – contemplate the thought reality activities YOU YOURSELF used previously to create the prosperous moment. This information may come to you as an emotional tone, a feeling. You may receive an image from childhood, perhaps, a positive picture that epitomizes for you prosperity, abundance.

Again, we create our reality from ideas, images, emotions entertained within our consciousness at any one time. Within this matrix of possibilities lie the precise energies and methods for creating this prosperous moment we are describing. All of us have the potential to recreate the conditions for the experiencing of the prosperous moment, and then “remember” how we did so for future reference.

However, there may be roadblocks here that you find that “assist” us in avoiding the prosperous , moment. These are the ideas and images and ruminations of our personal consciousness that have effectively kept us from the level of Prosperity Creation we desire of believe we deserve. To use our terms here: Consciousness Units energized by these potent thoughts of lack, create Reality Constructs in the form of events, physical objects, behaviors we witness and embody that perpetuate the level of lack we are experiencing.

What do you then do in the moment, Dear Blog Reader? I suggest you persevere, and in the following moments in the best way you can, attempt to assess your sequential moments of experiencing in positive ways, DESPITE the lapse into negative thinking. True, you may have a period of time using this technique, when you feel that it is not doing much good for you. The abundant Universe seems quite far away. Then you continue on your own program of picking up where you left off, continually taking up the challenge to again begin the creation of the prosperous moment. You will get quite good at it over time if you take the time to practice this technique.


Now let me explain to you this CPA from a slightly different perspective than the one I used in the Healing regimen. Here I am asking you to address the Lesson demonstrated within each successive moment in linear time. What does that moment offer you in the way of learning? How may you experience Loving Understanding and courage as the result of your assessment of that moment in time? This may sound difficult to accomplish, but it is merely a matter of practice until it becomes habit. You could say that what you are accomplishing here is the creation of the virtues of humankind within the moment as a result of your research INTO the moment.


Truly ALL of our exercises, techniques and experiments are designed to allow you to wake up in the moment. However, this technique of Consecutive Positive Assessment we are presenting as your primary toll for this awakening. It is something that is easily learned and fun to do. The skills you acquire when practicing CPA will serve you well in your awakening on all levels of understanding.

You consecutively create each and every one of your moments in Third-Dimensional Reality. Though the creative/perspective powers of your Inner Senses, you create and then perceive the moments of your existence. With our Consecutive Positive Assessment technique, then, you will be interpreting each of your experienced moments in a positive fashion. Something good will emerge from all of your activities. You will see the positive wherever you look.


Your money issues – your prosperity issues – are in essence emotional issues. Are you satisfied with your “station” in life, what you have achieved financially, materially? Your emotional responses, ongoing, to your life events, strictly determine to what degree and in what form The Abundant Universe manifests in you Personal Reality field. Remember, recreation of your status quo reality is unconscious. In the case of money matters, your emotional subconscious responses to the events in your life are the determine factors in your continuing level of havingness. For this reason, waking up IN THE MOMENT is the prescription for achieving Spiritual Prosperity.


The Foundational Statement is quite important here The Blueprint for the Spiritual Prosperity Program would require a statement of purpose. This statement may include words and phrasing that present the plan for your prosperous attainment in symbolic and emotional terms. For example: let us imagine the day-to-day life of a human, a woman or a man who is just getting by financially. This person is employed at a job that certainly does not fulfill them emotionally or artistically. The job must be kept, however, to allow the bills to be paid and paid on time.

What would a prosperous life, a life of scared abundance, look like and feel like to this human? Let us approach this analysis from a perspective of Lessons, as we often do in this new blog material. Suppose that this human is learning specific Lessons regarding the ceding of power their powers of Reality Creation in the hands of heir empoyer. May we suggest that matters of self-worth enter here also? With the ceding of powers to others, the self-worth is automatically diminished.

In fact, in this example, let us assume that each workday in the life of this individual is a reminder to them that they are powerless and that they face a future of continuing powerlessness. My first questions to you would be, “Where is the Soul’s Intent here?” Where is the spirit of this human?” Now obviously, the spirit is not too brightly lit here. Perhaps they are too occupied with grieving over the lost life, that they do not hear the voices of spirit that call to them within their mental environment. If this person were to articulate their dilemma in a few succinct and symbolic words, they might say:

I desire to dream a dream of satisfying occupation that brings me financial rewards beyond mere survival. Abundance!

Do you see how this human yearns for a vision of a better life, a better world for themselves? They desire a dream, perhaps because they are not experiencing pleasant, creative dreaming in their private or business lives. They do indeed require a vision, a vision from spirit, perhaps, that may inspire them and give them a sense of direction and purpose. Of course, your Foundational Statement will be concerned with your own issues and Lessons regarding prosperity. Think about these issues a few moments.

Write down your Foundational Statement here:


You are preparing to create a positive reality of abundance. It would be a good idea to create a personalized program for the attainment of this goal. As you practice the suggested Techniques and as you conduct the Experiments that follow, you will quite naturally develop your own plan. Some of these Suggestions I offer you may work better for you than others. By all mean, implement the workable Suggestions. Leave the Techniques that may be too difficult for you at this time to another day. At the end of this Blog Series you will find the necessary work pages for you to develop your personal Blueprint.


The Spiritual Prosperity Program is a cooperative effort between the practitioner and the Guides in a diagnosis of The Emotional Body. A Blueprint is then made for the creation of a positive reality called Prosperity. Rituals of Prosperity are then performed with the application of the various techniques and experiments. The continued application of the Ritual of Prosperity until the manifestation becomes habitual, creates a positive reality that will sustain itself over time.


I have just suggested that the human experiencing an absence of havingness has quite probably experienced emotional distress within the domains of personal power and authority. These injuries occur within the Simultaneous Lives and are re-experienced by the human via impulses sent to them from these lives. The human that acts upon these suggestions will create more unfortunate experiences in their ongoing life. Over time, the state of consciousness we are referring to as lack “solidifies” as the recreation of states of lack becomes habitual. It seems there is no hope here. The subject may feel they were born to be poor, to be without. Like depression, the entire field of the Personal reality is colored by these negative conditions. And in a reciprocal fashion, the outer environment reflects the inner state of emotional injury.

We create our own reality, you see. We have effectively created a belief in the inevitability of poverty. You have created poverty through the template of this belief. Because the emotional tone of lack is pervasive in the Personal Reality Field, you habitually will choose only those thoughts, images, behaviors that will recreate the status quo. Thus lack endures.

I have painted a bleak picture , Dear Blog reader. Now I shall present some Techniques and Experiments that will assist you in your Spiritual Prosperity Program, at whatever level of lack you find yourself.

Perception of lack

The key emotional support that the human brings to prevent the clear perception of The Abundant Universe is LACK. The perception of lack, emotionally experienced over time, creates and sustains the state of consciousness called poverty. In those who create lives of “just getting by,” this emotional tone is somewhat pronounced. In those who create lives of abject poverty, it is pervasive. The emotional Idea Construct of lack is the electromagnetic core to which the varying Reality Constructs that compose the Personal Reality of the human experiencing poverty are attracted. Briefly, if you see lack wherever you look, you are conceiving and perpetuating lack wherever you go.

Now before we continue with this explanation, please allow me to explain again the process of the Soul Self as it creates a life of Lessons. Thus far, my description of the self-created reality of poverty may seem to be quite heartless, a matter of ” blaming the victim.” After all, how does one explain the many innocent children living in famine-afflicted countries? How can I possibly suggest that these children CHOSE their current existences? Dear Blog Reader, remember that the Soul Self sends a fragment of itself into the body of the bay and then creates Lessons without guilt or other Negative emotions. Also, on deep levels of understanding, the baby also knows and accepts the conditions of the coming life. Yes, it is dramatic, the hundreds of thousands of humans who die under these miserable conditions. Yet that is the point here. The Soul is dramatizing for the Entity and All That Is, as well as the subject, these difficult Lessons.

Again, without generalizing too much here, I can tell you that many of these short lives are experienced by Souls who have reached the end of their incarnations of Earth. They are ready for the peaceful and Loving realities of other systems. They are quite enthused about “going out of the loop,” in a sense, with a great flourish – the short, dramatic existence of a child in a poor country, let us say, who seems to be truly a victim. In the greater perspective of the Soul Self, it is just opposite. These children are creating their lives through great bravery and Loving Acceptance. They are not victims.


Dear Blog Reader, I believe that a spiritual practice of prosperity is necessary to assist those in need of reconciling their religious or spiritual beliefs with their desires for material wealth. Within this spiritual practice of abundance it it perfectly “OK” to entertain thoughts of acquiring material possessions, engaging in desired behaviors with other humans, and so on. However, these thoughts or visualizations will be created within a different mental environment that you may be used to. For is it not true that there may be a lingering doubt that you may be engaging in desperation and foolishness, or worse yet, “the work of the devil” – the sin of avarice – may have held you back in your efforts at manifesting abundance. It is true, that in matters of conscious co-creation, the focus must be steady and unswerving with an element of hopeful expectation powering the exercise.

So faith enters the discussion, Here I would ask you to drop any negative connotations that you may have attached to the word faith. When we suggest you embody the state of faith, we would hope that no symbols or emotions, will be recalled that will keep you away from what you are attempting to create. Some examples of these counterproductive ideas are: fear of punishment by religious figures, thoughts that faith is a religious concept of empowered spirituality here. As in other experiments and exercises in this new material, we are asking you to change your beliefs and ideas about what is possible. In this case, the object that is Loving, accepting, Courageous.

Perhaps a short example may help you. Consider the bird, the rock, the tree, the mountain. Do they worry what the future will brings? I suggest they do not. All of these quite conscious elements LIVE within the moment, experiencing the existence as providing all that is required. The human, on the other hand, complicates matters in the matter of existence and brings fear, worry and doubt into the equation.

Let us say then that our faith, our trust, our hope in this theory of Reality Creation, is in essence the simple Loving expectation, in the moment, of consciousness. We may even go so far as to say that the human embodying this faith we are describing, is utilizing within the moment, the creative potencies of All That Is. Now the human would do well to emulate the bird, the rock, the tree in this embodying of faith. Look around you and see how the various living and “inert” compositions are sustained within the moment. The future and the past do not sustained within the moment. The future and the past do not exist. There is only the current moment of existence for consciousness.


Now all of us are on Earth to learn a literal lifetime of Lessons, The Lessons of value, abundance, money are often related to matters of authority, SELF– worth and personal power. We might say that the person experiencing a lifetime of lack has most probably experienced emotional injuries in these domains, certainly in the current existence, and also in other Simultaneous Lives. In this way, all perceived negative conditions are truly systemic, representing a focus by the Soul Self on the injurious Gestalt of Consciousness lending their creative energy and direction to the creation of the negative conditions in all of the participating Reincarnational Existences. It is indeed a group effort here, as it is in all matters of the individual human experiencing their Lessons – positive or negative – in any particular lifetime.

An example of this multidimensional group effort is in order. Imagine a Soul Self, an Entity composed of, shall we say, several thousand Simultaneous Lives, as well as innumerable probable existences. Each of these Selves, additionally, is unaware of the others. They are each individually living as suppose that of these many lives, a small percentage is experiencing what we call “Wealth” or a perception of The Abundant Universe. To simply, let us say that the remaining lives are experiencing less than favorable conditions. Now the lives experiencing lack “support” one another on the subtle levels via the Telepathic Network. Through impulses received telepathically from their fellow impoverished selves, the poor ones are given instruction and advice, in a sense, on how to create an impoverished existence. Now this is how it works under all circumstances for us in our world. As I said, you and all of your lives are learning Lessons. You support one another in learning your Lessons via these impulses sent and received on the subtle levels.

In these matters of the Soul Self and the learning of Lessons there is no judgment. There is no experiencing of the emotional complex of guilt on these levels of interaction. The Soul Self has a mandate, we might say, that is emotion-free, to assist in the creation of the reincarnational dramas and comedies for the Simultaneous Lives. It is the individual lives themselves that bring the emotional element into the mix for learning purposes.

Example of value fulfillment

Now my concept of Value Fulfillment enters here, as you might well expect. Money has value, I am sure you will agree. Yet please allow me to describe for you the “spiritual” basis of this value. An example for illustration: Dave receives a check from one of his blog readers in exchange for an item. When Dave takes the check in his hands from the envelope, he experiences an emotional response. These emotions may run the gamut from positive to negative depending on the context, the conditions of existence, you see. Remember, it is a process of creating realities from emotional states of consciousness, this Third-Dimensional existence. The emotions of Dave, and indeed of all of us, vary and degree throughout our waking hours. This is quite obvious to us I am sure.

Now let us say that our subject is perceiving through the perspective of The Abundant Universe, he is also strengthening this perspective through his appreciation and gratitude in the moment. Remember that in the Moment Point we are “priming the pump” with positive images and ideas that will set the stage for further demonstrations of The Abundant Universe in our perceived future. The creation of this positive reality of The Abundant Universe is becoming habitual.

On the other hand, just for the sake of argument, suppose for a moment that our subject is not necessarily perceiving from a grateful, magical, abundant perspective. Suppose that, moments before opening the envelope containing the check, he had an encounter with someone that “caused” him to become anxious, fearful, angry. These Negative emotions, further let us say, combine within his psyche to create a potent quite toxic brew of ingratitude and disdain that will color his Reality Creation efforts, as least for the short term – for the next few minutes of hours. You may possibly guess what might be the result of our subject’s opening the envelope containing the check. Certainly we might not expect gratitude or an appreciation of the magical nature of the Universe. Most probably we may expect a less than healthy response from him, for he has set himself up to create negative realities by succumbing to the energies of negativity.

Thirdly, may we take it for granted that our subject IS learning Lessons of gratitude, acceptance and the other virtues of humankind? If we may, let us also assume that he is actively involved in learning these Lessons consciously and has identified the negative GOC resident in his psyche, one we might call Ingratitude. Knowing that he has the power to “change his mind” with his Intent, he uses his Divine Will to create Loving Understanding and Courage out of anxiety, fearfulness and anger. thus, upon opening the envelope and observing the check, he is well-prepared to experience gratitude, perceive The Abundant Universe and perhaps marvel at the magical nature of Reality Creation.

In the first case, our subject is appreciating the value of the magical aspect of money creation. In the second case, he is concerned with experiencing the value of Negative Emotions and those realities created through these emotions. In the third case he is experiencing the value of empowerment that comes with awakening in the moment to his Reality Creation agenda, and then using his powers of creation to change that agenda. In all cases, he is learning SPIRITUAL Lessons that will add to the experiencing of his Entity and All That Is.

The Abundant Universe

The Abundant Universe exists, as does any other potent GOC, as a holographic entity within our collective consciousness. Both past and future memorized of this state are released in ecstatic dreaming. Our myths of paradise and our stories of the Garden of Eden and other highly idealized Utopian constructs, are fragments of this GOC that serve to remind us of how pleasant physical reality can be. We feel a great sense of longing when engaged in these visionary activities, as though a priceless element of existence has been lost forever. This, however, is OVER-dramatizing the issue. The Abundant Universe is there before us, where it always is, where it has always been, in our terms. The perceptual blinders we are calling the Negative Emotions serve to block our view of this paradise.

We have used terms such as calcification, hardening of the vision, etc. to explain the process of the human creating the self-imposed “blindness” within the personal consciousness. Knowing this. I am certain that you may grasp the simplicity of succeeding in this enterprise Spiritual Prosperity. It is a matter of waking-up to our true reality. It is a matter of facing our Lessons with Courage and Loving Understanding. It is a matter or remembering paradise and then recreating it in the moment.

Gestalt of Consciousness and Prosperity

Prosperity, The Abundant Universe, havingness are all simply “states of mind.” They are also Gestalts of Consciousness as we have defined the term in this blog. As Consciousness Units are manipulated by consciousness over the millennia in the creation of realities, templates of creation are “agreed upon” to serve as the blueprint for the creation of Reality Constructs of all types. Those states of consciousness that we may call “poverty” and “just getting by,” serve as the blueprints for self – The Soul Self – to create an ongoing less-than-prosperous life.

This may appear to you as overly simplified. Dear Blog Reader, it truly is quite simple. This is the basic dynamic of Reality Creation in the Third Dimension. I have also referred to this act of creation as a matter of “alliance” with Entities of various kinds. It is all the same here. reality creation occurs at the point where our Intention, our focus, our consciousness, our spirit meets the Third Dimension. Period.

Do you notice how matters of worthiness and guilt do NOT enter into this discussion of the basics of manifestation? The human being in the throes of feeling unworthy, of feeling guilty, of feeling cursed interjects these Negative Emotions into the blueprints of the Reality Creation project. This could be our current existence, for example. AS the human degrades, in a sense, this basic template of creation, the GOC we are calling The Abundant Universe is transformed over time into one that creates a life of “just getting by” or even one of “abject poverty.”

The Abundant Universe is our baseline reality. We are born within The Abundant Universe. Over time we have a tendency to make this GOC “our own” by personalizing it with our Negative Emotions. We do this for purposes of dramatizing our Lessons in physical reality. We are aided by members of our Soul Family in this endeavor. Our main task in creating Spiritual Prosperity is to work with our Soul Family to perceive and create The Abundant Universe.


We have titled this section of the series of blogs Spiritual Prosperity to again challenge your beliefs about what is and is not spiritual. Everything is literally made of spirit. everything in your world is spiritual, therefore. Spirit is Light. Spirit is energy. We are on the Earth currently to learn how to use energy to create our world in an improved fashion. From this premise we shall move forward.

Our Spiritual Prosperity Program will allow you to transform your beliefs and ideas about abundance. If you are experiencing a lack of necessities, you will be empowered to alter your perspective in a necessary fashion to reveal The Abundant Universe. Now this Abundant Universe is always there for you to experience. It is a probable manifestation from the field of limitless probabilities before you.

Your focus upon the positive elements within your field of perception is the path to creating and experiencing The Abundant Universe. You may remember this as the Consecutive Positive Assessments technique from the last Blog. In the Spiritual Prosperity Program we shall avail ourselves of the techniques and experiments used in The Healing Regimen


The Blueprint consists of the studious application of the Ritual of Healing, the Techniques and your personal Findings to the issue at hand.

CPA – Consecutive Positive Assessment
DTEI- Distracting the Ego/Intellect
SD – Suspending Disbelief
MT – Metaphorical Tools
CIYG – Calling in Your Guides
RTEB – Reading The Emotional Body
BR- Belief Revision
HT- Healing Talk
CYFHS- Consulting Your Future Healed Self
CTP- Creating the Panacea


At the end of the day, assess on a scale of 1 to 7 your use of the Rituals and Techniques suggested in The Healing Regimen.

1 – Very little use 2 – Some Use 3 – Moderate Use 4 – Regular Use
5 – Consistent Use 6 – Concerted Use 7 – Very focused Use.



You are required to learn your own Lessons in physical reality. The nonphysical beings are not permitted to interfere. Now this is why I must be rather vague in my presentation to you of these Ritual and Techniques. You are to work out the particulars on your own, and by so doing, gain the expertise and Value Fulfillment entailed in this project. Some of you will be satisfied to obtain modest results in this endeavor, while others will accept nothing less than “perfection.” These are your beliefs that determine “success” in this or any of our other projects. It is all a matter of your free will choice.


Hypothesis: You may empower anything with healing attributes.

You know that, beyond growing a new limb, there is nothing in your Personal Reality Field that cannot be changed provided you create the “conditions” for change that are required. Period. These conditions or requirements for manifestation are two fold: First – you require an intensity of desire and emotion that supersedes the level of emotion that creates and sustains the current reality. Second – your personal beliefs must expand to include the POSSIBILITY for the creation of the changes you wish to experience. The level of emotion that sustain or maintains your manifested reality within your Personal Reality Field may be thought of, for purposes of this explanation, as nominal or “just enough” to sustain your reality as you know it. This nominal output of emotional manifestation energy is an ongoing product of what you would term your “unconscious” or “subconscious.” You are not aware of it, in other words, as this creative energy stream does its work just beyond your field of awareness.

Now let us apply this theoretical concept to healing. As you know, Natural Healing is our term for the use of natural products – oils, water, empowered objects of various types – in the healing and balancing of the human body, that the application of these treatments to the various illnesses of the human body, need not be in a one-to-one correspondence. In other words, it is not necessary to use a specific malady. You need not seek out the specific curative. We have suggested that you have the power, within your creative consciousness, to imbue anything with the curative energy for the healing and balancing of the body. With this in mind, let us create an experiment in exploring the effects of the panacea.

Now a panacea is literally a cure-all. In our time it is often referred to in mythological terms, for our medical model cannot hold the concept of a cure-all within it.


Relax your body. Now the cure-all may be a physical product of some sort, as in an oil, water or perhaps a physical object such as a stone or artifact. It may also be visualized. As you enter your Intention to energize the panacea with curative powers. This panacea will be empowered with all of the healing energies resident within the Gestalt of Consciousness we are calling Spontaneous Healing. You are simply accepting the transmission of the energy flow from this Energy Body into your physical body. You will then, using your intention Again, direct the healing energy into the panacea for storage. This healing energy will not lose its potency while in the panacea. You may use your panacea in ways you see fit, to treat the malady.

You may sense this data bank of healing influences called Spontaneous Healing in any way you wish. Perhaps you will tune-in with your metaphorical Tools, guided by the Loving energies emitted by this Energy Body. Perhaps you will “travel” to this Gestalt of Consciousness in a metaphorical vehicle of some sort, or simply within the Astral Form, as you call it. The nonphysical body is always available for conveying your consciousness to any location in non physical and physical reality. Simply imagine it to be and it will be so.

FINDINGS – Document your successes and challenges in creating and using the panacea.


Hypothesis: You can receive advice from your future healed self.


This experiment would be a form of “back engineering.” For example: as you visit this future healed self, using your visualized transport, you might ask yourself, “What am I doing differently now that has perhaps helped me achieve this healed stat?” Make a list of what comes to mind. You are indeed in that moment of contact, receiving information from a probable future self that is experiencing a healed state. This information gathering may take the form of an informal interview. Have a list of questions prepared prior to the experiment. If you are sufficiently comfortable in Trance that you will not be distracted by reading your questions, have the questions available to refer to during the interview.

Now…. this is your most effective advisor, your future healed self. This information from your future self may take the form of nonsense. You may, for example, be advised to perform an absurd gesture, motion or such thing. This does not make sense to your third-Dimensional ego, for it may seem embarrassing, silly etc. If you feel that you are in contact with your Guides, that you are guided by them and you are in contact with your future healed self, my advice is to take the advice of this Energy Body. Perform the silly gesture. Do the embarrassing behavior. Obviously, we would not wish to harm anyone, including the practitioner, in taking this advice.

You may, using your Inner Senses, perceive this future healed self and you might ask questions of this self and receive the telepathic responses that you may integrate into your Healing Regimen. These responses may come in symbolic form. Again, using your intuitive faculties, interpret these messages and act on them or not. Of course you have free will here, as do you in all facets of your existence, and you may act accordingly.

FINDINGS – Write down the answers you are receiving or in another way document this information from your future self.


The suggestions you give yourself continuously, your “inner dialogue,” or whatever you wish to call this conversation, are indeed very influential in your co-creation of the Personal Reality Field. Everything is suggestion, you see. All is the work of Gestalt of Consciousness.

Let me digress… we have spoken at length in this manuscript on the great value in “listening” to suggestions of your Loving Guides. These suggestions often take the form of positive thoughts, feelings and images sensed within your mental environment. It feels, at these times of contact, that you may be experiencing a divine intervention of sorts, for the experiences of the preceding moments may have been anything other than positive and Loving. Your preceding experiences may have been very negative and challenging. Perhaps what you have done then is you have put a call to your Guides to assist you in your Reality Creation, and they have done so. In this way, you have asked for assistance from your Guides and they have responded “right when you needed it most.”

Another way to experience this state of contact with the Divine in an ongoing manner, is to “plant” the positive suggestions within your consciousness purposely, so that over time you are training yourself to experience your world in a positive way, with continuous contact with the Divine. You then recreate your reality in a positive fashion. The creation of positive realities becomes habitual, replacing the habitual creation of negative or mundane realities. This purposeful guiding of the human mentally through speech is the basis of all our healing systems on our Earth. From the aboriginal shaman to our modern medicine practitioner, all have used Healing Talk for support in the healing process.


This experiment is similar to the preceding one, with a subtle difference. Now relax your body using your preferred techniques. The products of your belief Revisioning are the affirmative statements you may use to counter the negative ruminations that support the creation of your mundane existence. Ideally you would have committed the affirmative statements or suggestions to memory. If not, have your suggestions written out on a piece of paper to read when you are at your preferred state of relaxation. The next step is to read your affirmative statements to yourself while you are in Trance, or perhaps record the statements for playback while you are in relaxed state. Over time, if you are diligent, the positive healing statements will supplant the negative ruminations that support the malady.

FINDINGS – Document your findings rigorously in creating Healing Talk that counters your negative ruminations.


HYPOTHESIS: Beliefs that support disease may adapt to support healing.

Every thought you entertain within your mental sphere seeks to create itself within the physical or other dimensions, according to the templates of your beliefs about what is possible. Your thoughts of creating a healed physical body, therefore, create your potentially healed body within Dimensional-Realms that exist in probability, just as your thoughts of disease and symptoms create your malady. As you continue to focus in your Ritual fashion upon the creation of manifestation templates with “energy” in the form of Consciousness Units. This ongoing energetic support serves to move the potential reality from the probable Dimensional-Realms into the physical Third Dimensions. As you witness your co-creation of healing, your beliefs will adapt to these astounding new perceptions. The probability of healing becomes possible and finally inevitable. Your beliefs may change from skeptical to ardently supportive in this process.

Knowing this, what do you suppose the healer “sees” when they first look upon the healing or balancing that is taking place within their own system? Now this can be rather tricky to describe and to comprehend. In this case, the healer would INTEND to observe a healing transformation within the biological system. As you know, all of physical reality is a product of consciousness. In the case of the healing of the body, mind or spirit it is precisely the same. Here, your attitude is very important. Your conscious Intent is the most important element in this proceeding. So that when you observe your emerging reality, let us say upon first awakening from sleep, your conscious Intent is that you are very naturally and easily co-creating your emerging reality according to the Blueprint of healing you have decided upon in this project.

As you matter the co-creation of your Personal Reality Field, and you bring conscious awareness to the task a hand, the essentially magical act of healing becomes internalized. Beyond a particular point, you need not even think about it, for it has become automatic. Your beliefs will adapt and you will become more certain of your skills in the creation of the healing moment. You are redefining the templates of creation by making the creation of the healing moment habitual.

Now… identify and list beliefs you feel may be contributing to the creation and perpetuation of the malady. This material may take the form of a narrative or simply a list of short declarative statements. When you feel you have something to work with in this experiment, consider the divine opposites of these statements or a positive counter to the narrative. Write them down next to each other.


You are in your protected state. Using your Inner Senses, relax with your written material and occasionally read out loud or to your self the statements and their divine counterparts. Here your intent many be in support emotionally of the Malady-producing statement of beliefs. So you are making a declaration here that you are changing your beliefs. You are withdrawing the emotional charge, form the one, and you are empowering with your emotional energy the other – the health-creating and sustaining statements or beliefs. The positive suggestion of healthful support will become internalized allowing you to release the malady-creating beliefs. As this occurs you may find that your symptoms change to reflect the changing beliefs.

Disease and symptoms serve very specific purposes, you see. They are the direct reflection of interior processes. They are the physical expression of nonphysical concepts and images.

FINDINGS – Note your beliefs and their adaptations over time.


Hypothesis: The emotional body displays the causes and cures of all maladies.

Now let us attempt to “read” The Emotional Body. You will be attempting to assess, with your Auric Vision, the energy signatures of the various imbalances and cures inherent in the Auric Display.


First, please attempt to embody a deep state of relaxation. You may accomplish this by focusing on your breathing for just a few moments. You may also stretch your body in your particular fashion that leads to relaxation and a focus on the inner world. Use whatever methods you have perfected in your experimentation.

Now what we are attempting here, as in all experimental research in this new Teaching of mine, is nothing less than the entering into Trance State. This state of consciousness is simply the mental environment of your Soul Self. Here you bridge the inner to the outer worlds with your awareness. You fine-tune the perceptive tools – your Inner Senses – with you Intention to achieve the precise focus of awareness that YOU require to accomplish your goals.

The perceived representation of The Emotional Body may encompass the majority of the physical body, but is centered, as I said, within the heart region The “reading” of The Emotional Body has a visual component, yet it may be a felt sensation, as in a sense of tingling or other energy signatures within your own body. You may also experience it as a “heard” vibrational message in manner of song. These sensing’s may come to you as images and full visions, possibly composed of personas or animals in various roles, acting out various scenes for your education and enjoyment. The dramatizations may be sensed on the inward eye, though the eyes may indeed be open. The visionary state permits these contradictions – feeling the pulse of visualized scenes of hearing the songs of manifested illnesses and their sources.

The Auric Vision is the Inner Sense representation to your mental awareness of the health issue in its totality. This potent Idea Construct or Gestalt of Consciousness exists as a holographic reference that contains everything you as the Healer require to diagnose and bring balance to your own body or the body of your subject. Each of you will sense and interpret this information in your individual ways.

This Auric Vision may come to you quite quickly, just as you enter your state of awareness, or it may take several minutes for you to focus on your Inner Senses and achieve a diagnosis and perceive possible cures. You may need to “sleep on it” and receive the bulk of the information in the dream state, for assessment, diagnosis and curative measures to be achieved on awakening. These are matters of the healing process. Do what serves best your needs or the needs of your subject.


Use your hands to fan around the body, “feeling” for any anomalies of energy vibration. You may do this literally, with your physical hands and make passes around your own body or the body of your subject, or you may do this in the visualized form, using your imagination.

Project your consciousness into your body or the body or your subject, to search from within it as a miniature explorer.

Listen to the narrative of subject and derive from these words, the messages from the Energy Bodies that will serve to direct you to the cause of the difficulties. This narrative may serve to bring to your mind a visual or other sensory dramatization that holds the diagnosis information in symbolic or literal form.

When you are working on your own healing, simply attempt to tune-in to your inner ruminations. These messages are the supports of the Gestalts of Consciousness we are calling disease process. Now also within this inner dialogue are messages from Beings of Light. These suggestions may have come from your future probable existences of from other Guides who are attempting to assist you in your Healing Journey. Simply put, here in this experiment you are tuning-in the healing states and tuning-out the Gestalts of Consciousness that support the disease.

Now illness is a Lesson that your Soul Self has “arranged” for you to experience in physical form, yet it is possible to heal yourself if you can learn the Lesson in other ways. For example: suppose on reading your Light Body you discover that the “reason” for your diabetes, is an imbalance in The Emotional Body. You are having difficulty accepting and processing “the sweetness that life has to offer.” This manifests as physical illness in a very literal way. You may heal yourself by learning how to accept and transmit the sweetness of life. You needn’t suffer unto death from the illness. So it is essential that the underlying “cause” of the malady be addressed or the difficulty may come back in another form, as in a physical, mental or spiritual malady of some sort. These are matters of belief revision. This subject will be explored next.

FINDINGS – Document your Findings from this ongoing experiment.


HYPOTHESIS: The non-physical beings may assist you in the healing regimen.

You may have already contacted your Guides, such as the Energy Personality and others to assist you. If you you have yet to create these relationships, I suggest that you continue with The Healing Regimen “as if” you were in contact and communication with your Guides. Let me elaborate for just a moment.

Consider your powerful imagination. Now the imagination is the great creative force in our system that assists us in our creation of Reality Constructs. The emotional energy that “fuels” this Reality construction, as I have stated, is based in Love, a very potent emotion. Now here in this instance, in our protected state of Sanctuary that we are experiencing, can you imagine with your great creative intelligence, a relationship with what you might call a Spirit Guide?

Can you sense the powerful current of Love and compassion that supports and sustains this relationship? Stay with this for a few moments. Images may come to mind for you, suggesting characters from your childhood, possibly representing “imaginary playmates.” Loving characters from your mythologies may appear in the mind’s eye. I suggest you go with the flow here, knowing that there is Loving intent, and envision your Guide into being.

Ask for the name of the Guide and it will come to you. The name may have a nonsensical quality to it or it may be rather mundane. Accept the name if you intuitively feel it is right. This is a preliminary exercise here. You are not seeking perfection, simply progress in this endeavor. Whatever comes to you in so far as name and appearance and emotional content is quite sufficient. Honor this process and accept what you are creating with All That Is in this moment.

This is simply a way for you to conduct the necessary behaviors and Idea Constructs into reality formations in the Third Dimension. You usually do not value something as real, unless a beginning, middle and end to it in your Physical reality. This is why our Guides, even though they are seeking our contact, do not suddenly appear to us “out of the blue.” Our guides do not wish to scare us, in other words. This is the beginning of the manifestation of our Guides into our Personality Reality Field, and in a sense, we will “believe them into existence.”

FINDINGS – Take a few moments to document your experiences in contacting your guides.


The second part of this experiment deals with the calling in of your various Guides and Helpers, for those of you who have already established these relationships.


You are in your state of Sanctuary. From this perspective it may be easy for you to envision your Guides as they appear on your mental screen perhaps, and what skills each may employ in assisting you in The Healing Regimen. Your Energy Personality, for example, may be asked to assist you in remembering that you are embarked upon a path of positive moment-to-moment assessments of your experiences. You might ask, that, should you lapse into the robotic trance or negative ruminations common to many of us in our system, we would be reminded, possible by some specific sensory cue from your Energy Personality, to awaken and proceed with the Rituals of Healing.

You may have specific Helpers that you rely upon in matters of healing and balance. I suggest you call them into assist you in day-to-day program of positive assessment and Reality Creation. The Guides may provide you with the ongoing Loving emotional energy required to sustain The Healing Regimen.

In essence, here you are attempting to create a divine state of consciousness long term. You are asking for the assistance of your divine Guides, and as they help you through each successive moment in The Healing Regimen, you will feel the beneficial energies and effects upon our physical body.

FINDINGS – As the project moves forward, document your experiences in assessing and utilizing your Guides.


It is within our power as co-creator with All That Is to use our Divine Will to create more appropriate realities for oneself. We may do this with the Metaphorical Tools of various types. In our blogs on Soul evolution we described one such tool: the Radio Dial Metaphor. Let us again describe the activity of this magical dial. This is simply a visualized dial, possibly modeled on a dial we have seen on one of our radios or other electronic devices. By turning the physical radio dial, different radio frequencies are accessed and different radio stations are contacted. By turning the visualized dial on our visualized radio, the researcher “tune-in” to the Energy Bodies that compose non physical reality.

This is a Metaphorical Tool used in a ritual way. Time after time, as these connections and communications with Beings of Light are established, it becomes a habitual act. I might add, that it also becomes easier to make these connection, the more we use our Metaphorical Tools.

With the dial, for example, we may discover our Guides, learn their names, and consult with other Gestalts of Consciousness that may assist us. Through the use of this tool, using our Inner Senses in an Intentional way, we may safely observe and study the disease-producing Idea Constructs. With the Metaphorical Tools we create a “protective barrier” between our consciousness and the Idea Constructs that support the malady.

Of course we may use any Metaphorical Tools that we have already established for our use in our past experiments. Or we may develop our own set of tools to assist us in our project. So that we might create for our use a transportation device of our choosing, one that may take us to various locations in the past, present and future and in both the physical and nonphysical worlds. It is up to us to use our imagination to create tools that can serve our particular needs. Now let us begin the experimentation that will furnish us with data to create the Blueprint for The Healing Regimen.


Another technique the researcher may use is the suspension of disbelief. This is the divine perspective that is necessary for us to CONTINUE to create moments of healing within our Personal Reality Field. When we first meet with success at creating a cessation of symptoms, for example, through our Healing Talk or other strategies, our rational mind will surely be amazed. If we are at that moment perceiving through the ego/intellect, we may “not believe our eyes, ” and ascribe the transformation to something other than our Divine Will. This may serve to short circuit the healing process. Doubt is interjected into the mix and so faith or courage becomes compromised. Rather I suggest that at the moment of cessation of symptoms, be joyous and amazed, knowing that we have succeeded in that moment with co-creating our reality with All That Is toward the healing of our body. There is a sense of humility we can muster here, and yet still marvel at our powers of manifestation. It is a balance we may achieve between humility and charisma, between supreme confidence and wishful thinking.

Dear Blog Reader, you are already expert at the suspension of disbelief. When you enjoy a book or a movie or other dramatic presentation, you are immersing yourself in the media and you are letting go of the skeptical aspect of your personality for the time being. As you create the story in you imagination that is suggested by the words in the book or the scenes in the movie or on the stage, you are submitting your inner self to the influences of the story. This you have done countless times, no doubt, when you were a child listening to fairy tales, for example. As well, you are continuing this tradition as an adult when you experience stories of any type. So this use of the imagination is a very natural one for you. It is the basis for all of your creative endeavors as human beings, including the very basic practice of Reality Creation.


Our ego/intellect is an expert in the creation of status quo realities. It always begins its work on awakening after our sleeping times, whenever that might be. As we open our eyes, there is a tendency for the ego/intellect to take charge IMMEDIATELY. It is our job to remember that our regimen will begin or continue at that particular time, and circumvent the strategies of the ego/intellect to control our Reality Creation agendas.

We do this by distracting the ego/intellect. This is a divine distraction. We divert our attention from the mundane to the Divine. This is simply a personal reminder from our Soul Self that we are supported on a wave of ecstasy just below the surface of consciousness. We have described this feeling state in our last few series of blogs. We are supported; we are endorsed; we are Loved. We do not need to recreate the status quo reality of suffering, illness and other negative states. We may also use our Energy Personality and other Guides to help remind us of our Scared Quest in these moments.

However, if we are like most people, our ego/intellect will not enjoy these attempts to divert the manifestation energies toward the Divine. The ego/intellect may flood our consciousness with Negative Emotions, traumatic memories, reminders of financial peril etc. We may experience a sudden fear that we are taking these explorations too far, perhaps wandering into “the danger zone.”

Religious conditioning may serve to bring doubt to mind. We may feel that perhaps we should go to church soon or speak to a priest. Or course we may do these things. We have free will. But might I suggest that we are now acting as our own intermediary? We are bridging the physical and subtle realms with our awareness. Just as the magician, the shaman, the witch does, we are acting as our own intermediary between the physical and the Divine.

My advice, when you are experiencing these responses from the ego/intellect, is to intervene with your Intention, and possibly with the assistance of your Guides, and divert your attention back to the Divine. It is really just a matter of choice in the moment. We are choosing from the perspective of the Soul Self, a path of improved reality Creation.


Let us proceed with the Techniques and Rituals that compose The Healing Regimen.

The Healing Regimen is a continuous ritual enactment with the elements of our Consecutive Positive Assessments exercise embedded within it. In this exercise you attempt t interpret your moment-to-moment experiences in positive ways. Everything exists within the current moment. Everything that you need to support your Quest for Healing is available to you in your Point of Power, your current Moment Point, right now in this instance. So it is in the moment when you conduct your Ritual of Healing and when you see the results of these Techniques. In the moment is when you get to feel for the creation of successive moments of healing.

With this technique we are attempting to interpret each successive Moment Point as a divine opportunity for positive change. In my blogs we discussed in depth this technique of Consecutive Positive Assessments. Here let me simply state that it is up to you to create this perspective according to what works for you as an individual human, one with particular ways of behaving, one with a certain set of beliefs.

Now briefly, you will always have a choice, Dear Blog reader, regarding what you will experience in the moments of your waking life. You are the center of your world and the events that occur within your world. So you always have a choice and even a responsibility to make the proper decisions in your moment-to-moment existence to further your life.

You must be adequate, in other words, so that you may “live to live another day,” in a manner of speaking. Of course, beyond merely living there exists a state of being in which one excels, or develops or grow spiritually, intellectually, and so on. Here in this project, we maintain that to achieve relief from physical illness and the removal of symptoms, one may employ our Consciousness Personal Assessment exercise and “take charge” of the life. By assessing each moment as a joyous and educational experience, the researcher is reprogramming the psyche in a beneficial way. Positive belief change occurs over the long-term application of this technique. Positive realities are created in an intentional way.

Perhaps another example would help. Suppose that our theoretical subject, the human experiencing a disintegration of the musculature of their body, has obtained The Healing Regimen and is trying this Technique. There may be several days of false starts and disruptions of the program. Then one day there is begun a series of moments, perhaps lasting several minutes or even hours, when the subject is truly interpreting their moment-to-moment experiences in positive ways.

In this series of moments, let us say that the subject has perhaps burned the breakfast on the stove. Rather than sink into a depression or scream in anger at the stove, the subject continues to sing a favorite song. In the mental environment of this subject, you might say that the Negative Emotions do not find a place to establish themselves. The singing of the favorite song, perhaps a joyful song, prevents that manipulation of thought energy by the negative Emotions. The Consecutive Positive Assessments continue even as the song is being sung.

But let us suppose that the subject is then distracted, perhaps by the TV news program as it proclaims the latest tragedy to occur in a far away country. For a moment, the subject may feel a responsibility to the people involved in the tragedy to provide them with a compassionate moment of observation here, Unfortunately, as soon as our subject focuses on the television image, to express their compassion and understanding, the story is ended, and a commercial is run that encourages the viewer to buy products. At this point, the positive mental environment is disrupted. Thoughts relative to things to buy and products of various kinds prevail. The song ceases to be sung.

So the question arises in matters of techniques such as this: How can I possibly bring conscious awareness to each successive moment in my waking day?” The answer to that, of course, is that it may be difficult to achieve perfection in the assessment exercise. In your physical reality there are numerous diversions, as in our example. There are also natural lapses in consciousness that take you to other dimensions, as we have discussed in previous blogs. So practically here, I must say, that to the degree that you can accomplish this exercise, you will to that same degree experience positive changes in your Personal Reality Field – you will experience healing within your body, mind and spirit.

Fortunately, simple improvements are what we are marking progress in this endeavor. You will continuously change course, over the moments of your existence, making your simple improvements, until gradually you are experiencing the voyage as a positive habit of thought, feeling and manifestation.


The creation of a structure begins with the drawing-up of a blueprint, illustrating the placement of the materials that will compose the structure. Our Reality construction of Healing begins with the creation of a Blueprint listing the Techniques, Rituals and Suggestions that we will use to create our Positive Reality. The Blueprint for the Reality Construction of healed bodily states is a “living” document, in that it will change from day to day as you gain information about yourself from your experimentation.

Initially it is necessary to create a potent statement of affirmation that you will build to create the Blueprint for The Healing Regimen. The statement should be only a few well-selected words that do indeed epitomize for you the project at hand. It should be a deeply personal and symbolic statement, to the fact that you are identifying as best you can current life issue in emotional terms. It’s extraordinary the lengths we go to for a ‘labor of love’. We happily make sacrifices, suffer hardships and turn away from temptations. We do everything within our power to prove ourselves to be worthy. We put ourselves through hell and high water because we feel such depths of emotion. Yet, we rarely go to such efforts for our own benefit. Is that because we don’t love ourselves enough? Ask yourself what you’d do to help someone who deserved the best. Everything in our created reality is founded in emotion, the emotion of Love. Our health issues are created as we are diverted from Love. With this in mind, we may create our affirmative statement in positive terms, expressing our simple desires with regards to the healing of body, mind and spirit.

An example may be in order here. Suppose a theoretical subject is experiencing the painful symptoms of a degenerative disease of the musculature of their body. Further, let us say that this subject has experienced a traumatic loss in their recent past. Perhaps a loved -one, such as the father or mother or other family member, has made their Transition in an abrupt manner, through a fast-acting illness that took them within a few weeks, or perhaps through an accident of some sort. Now these traumatic losses are always a surprise to the ego/intellect of those who are left behind. However, as we know, Souls choose the time of their departures as well as the circumstances, so the Souls of the departed know that they are merely keeping their appointments in this way.

Yet even though our theoretical subject also knows on a Soul level that their loved-one has simply transferred their energy to the Home Dimension, they are experiencing a Lesson here. The ego/intellect is shocked, outraged, set into a tailspin, so to speak. The grief and other emotions that are triggered by the sudden death serve to take this subject into their Underworld, where they will experience instructional vignettes that illustrate the true nature of the event in a context of the Soul Family. If the subject may literally bring to a halt their Soul’s progression. This cessation of spiritual growth and fulfillment may result in the outward manifestation of this stasis – the atrophy of the musculature of the body.

As you may have noticed, the symptoms and illnesses that humans create within their bodies are often quite literal responses to the perceived traumatic episodes in their lives. But please understand, what one person may perceive as traumatic, another may perceive as business-as-usual. These are deeply personal issues, the creation of imbalances, and should always be addressed as such, taking into account the context of personality, life-style, experiences and all of the other myriad elements that compose the existence of the human.

Now with this in mind, that your health issues are emotionally-based and that some perceived as you know them, write out a few sentences describing the people basis for your malady and what it might look like it if you were relieved of this malady. Remember, you may always return to this statement to add or subtract material.

For example, if our theoretical subject were to write out a Foundational Statement, might read as the following:


Do you see how this statement frames the healing Regimen in term of a journey? Each of you will use your own metaphors and symbols in creating the Foundational Statement.

Write it now.



The Healing Regimen is a cooperative effort between the practitioner and the Guides in a diagnosis of The Emotional Body. A Blueprint is then make for the creation of a positive reality called Healing. Rituals of Healing are then performed with the application of the various techniques and experiments. The continual application of the ritual of Healing until the Healing Regimen becomes habitual, creates a positive reality that will sustain itself over time.

Thus, a healing regimen implies regimentation, does it not? Here we are approaching the subject in a very systematic fashion. This is how you get results with these techniques, you see, by creating the Personal Reality Field in purposeful ways. You will not be “sleepwalking” through your life as you may have done in the past. The goal is to achieve conscious awareness in the moment. Then in these moments of awareness, I suggest in the moment. Then in these moments of awareness, I suggest you enact your ritual of Healing and purposeful Reality Creation. It is the sequential empowerment of the moments in our existence, that leads in time to the creation of an improved Personal Reality.

This project is really an extended Ritual. If you remember, our definition for Ritual in the context of my new Teaching, is “the consistent requesting of contact and communication with non-physical beings – Beings of Light.” It is all about spirit thought and contact with this stream of communication. Everything in our reality has consciousness and everything may be contacted for communication.

Of course, you may if you wish, continue to heed the communication stream of the ego/intellect, as you have done for perhaps many years in your life. However, if you do, you will in all likelihood merely achieve a recreation of the status quo reality. If you are ill, for example, you may simply recreate a physical body that is ill. I suggest that you do something different here. Experiment with your reality.


As we co-create our Personal Reality Field, we might say that All That Is “supplies” the energy for our creations in the form of Consciousness Units infused with Love. This infusion occurs within a context of the Love Light Matrix. We have discussed this metaphor in earlier blogs. Let me present a synopsis here for you. ALL realities created by consciousness are based in Love. Yet in Third-Dimensional Reality there exists the opposite OF Love that serves as a counterpoint and is quite necessary within our linear time illusion. The counterpoint to Love, what we might call Negative Emotion, serves to create alternatives in physical reality to the positive, and so Reality Construction evolves in multitudinous ways.

Our Personal Reality Field is a result of our Intention, conscious or unconscious responsibility for our creations as a cooperative venture with All That Is, we could say that we are using our Intention in a divine fashion.

To take this further… there is a history on our Earth of the positive use of the human will in tandem with the Divine. As I mentioned in my last blog series, the great altruistic Leaders of our human history knew of a concept we are calling Divine Will. They were experts in the use of Divine Will and took their place alongside of the Divine, acknowledging the collaboration entailed in creating a Personal Reality of worth. In this project, I suggest that we to conceive of our physical incarnation in this timeframe as a cooperative venture with the forces of Nature, the Divine and our Mother Earth.

As further aid to understanding here in this discussion, and as a way for you to possibly visualize the activity of the Divine Will, I offer the following: consider our theoretical construct of the Subconscious Manifestation Energy Stream, and visualize it as a stream of energy, much as a river is a stream of water. Using this metaphor, can you see, perhaps with your Intuitive Sensing, that just as the elemental energies of our great Earth, “push” water through the soil and dirt and rock until the water makes its way to the other side, further along to its “destination,” the human will, Divine Will as we are discussing, as a veritable “force of nature,” may push desired thoughts and images per a particular outcome or Reality Construct, across the threshold of potentiality and into the physical? Divine Will is Love guided by our intention in the moment. It represents the creative energies of All That Is as they are channeled through the consciousness of an inspired human.

Let me remind you that these metaphors are not the ultimate representations of the processes we are describing here, nor will they ever be. They may be seen as bookmarks within my greater theory. They will allow you to continue the study of the new blog material in a focused way. You may always return to a concept for further meditation, inspiration and study.


We might say that our New Age Healers refer to as the human Aura, is essentially our “timeless” Light Body. The Aura, is a reflection of our greater Soul Self THROUGH The Consciousness Units that compose our current physical body. Now within this we may detect, by using what we are calling our Auric Vision, the exhibits of electromagnetic emanations of Gestalts of Consciousness of all types. Within this Auric vision we could, as a Scientist of Consciousness, diagnose past, present and future life issues. All of our many Simultaneous Lives exhibit their activities in an essential form within this aura.

Each consciousness Unit “remembers” each and every one of its voyages into form. These Consciousness Units tell their stories, and if we listen carefully, we may discover the proper path to take to heal and balance the human subject – oneself, a friend or family member or possible even a leader who has gone astray and requires an “adjustment” on the Etheric Plane.

Here, with an understanding of the animate Universe we are describing in these blogs, it becomes quite possible for the Scientist of Consciousness to assume the role of Healer, and in a manner of speaking, “address” the Gestalts of Consciousness that support the malady. Thus the healer if “speaking” to the disease and acting on the responses to effect the healing.

Now when we use our Auric Vision, the information comes to us in unique ways, in a fashion distinct from our normal Third-Dimensional perceptions. Our auric vision may present us with a literal dramatization of the issues and problems inherent in the malady we are observing. This Inner Senses may project onto our inner field of perception, perhaps as we close our eyes, complete scenes peopled with characters of various descriptions. These dramatizations of the malady and the cure may run the gamut from literal representations to those that are so deeply personal and symbolic that only YOU would know the meaning entailed.

For example: we might view a scene in which a human heart is literally “broken.” And let us further state that the destroyer of the heart is a person easily recognized as our relative or friend or lover. Do you see the literal representation here? It is trying to tell us something. Most of us would probably interpret this scene in similar ways.

Or another example suppose that you viewed a scene that contained a surreal display of images accompanied by a changing stream of emotion. In this case, you are called upon to consult your personal symbols, utilizing images, ideas and emotions that one YOU would understand, to interpret the material. Your interpretation and your diagnosis style will be a direct reflection of your personality aspects. You will diagnosis and treat in your preferred fashion, using what works best for you.


What is the value, (in so much as these words may be valued by us,) of the messages of Beings of Light?

Some would say, of course, that these messages are priceless. The words are, after all, the messages of spirits – those who no longer exist as physical beings. If this is so, then should we worship these messages and these beings? Historically, humans have projected their own innate divinity onto these representations – gods and goddess, spirit being etc. Yet at the same time, the human devalues their own contribution. The human projects the god within onto an outside entity, and then slavishly worships it, forgetting the origins of the god from within the human psyche.

We are discussing these matters in an attempt to remind the blog reader of our innate divinity. We are god. We are a goddess. This is a fact of life. As we begin to accept this condition, perhaps we will also remember that we have the power to heal ourselves and others.

Now as with all healing activities from our perceived past – within shamanic cultures for example – we will have help in The Healing  Regimen. We will have assistance for our Guides. Our Guides are emissaries from All That Is – the source of all realities, the Loving center of the created Universes.

So it is quite naturally that we turn to our Guides to assist in The Healing Regimen. Our Guides know what Love is and can remind us of this over the course of the of the project. Our Guides, such as the energy Personality and others, may facilitate the healings that take place within the physical body. They help us to maintain the required intensity of emotion over the long term.

I suggest that the blog reader think if this Guide as a personal assistant, one that would be “on call” to assist in matters of importance, such as the learning of Lessons. The Energy Personality may serve as a divine assistant for us in this project. For now, let us discuss the Light Body and the means to explore it with the Inner Sense of Sight.


The Emotional Body is the energy center of our human body within which the signatures of the various Energy Forms may be perceived. As we have stated in previous blogs, within the electromagnetic corona it is central plane, the focus of the intersecting energies that comprise the Light Body. This nonphysical construct may be visualized as an oval form of pulsating light energy suspended within the heart region of the physical body. Of course, we may sense it in our individual ways. This form is perceived with the Inner Sense of sight we have named Auric Vision.

In my theory, emotion is the great creative force within our system that serves to push the incipient Reality Constructs into physicality. We have described this in a very basic way in our last series of blogs. Let me summarize this material. It is ALL about emotion in our world. We exist within Third-Dimensional reality. We create our world according to the various thoughts and images within our mental environment AND the templates for creation that exist as Gestalts of  Consciousness. We cooperate with EVERYTHING IN OUR EXISTENCE in this play of consciousness we are experiencing that we call “my life.”

Now everything in created reality exists as a particular frequency or vibration of emotion, what we have referred to as “bio-electric energy.” Everything is alive. Everything is composed of this Light Energy. We might think of these individual vibrations as the “emotional charge” that both creates and sustains the Reality Construct – whatever that might be – time and space in our system.

This idiosyncratic vibrational signature My entity, when we wish to communicate with one another. The entity has a specific frequency or emotional Energy Form that he displays, as do us all. These frequencies are perceived through the Inner Sense, so that we may “see” the frequency, “hear” the frequency and so on. These senses tend to blend together somewhat, as we have stated earlier.

Since all Energy Bodies have their own individual emotional charge or frequency, where there are issues of symptoms and illness, there are the attendant Energy Forms representing these constructs that are observable within The Emotional Body. Also within this Emotional Body there are observable Energy Constructs that will lead us to “solutions” – the healing and balance we are seeking. We might call these Gestalts of Consciousness the non-physical “Data Banks” that hold the collected wisdom and experience of healing from the practices of magicians, shaman, witches and healers.

Another way to describe this repository of healing might be to briefly speak on the subject of “spontaneous healing,’ as we call it. Now our literature is filled with stories of humans who have “garnered their inner resources” to effect miraculous changes in their debilitating physical conditions. Of course, to the human raised within a society that stresses the medical model, these transformations from deathly ill to completely healed are indeed perceived as miraculous. Yet, if we view disease process and the medical model as Gestalts of Consciousness, may we also conceive of Spontaneous Healing as simply another readily accessible Gestalt of consciousness? The Gestalt of Consciousness we might call Spontaneous Healing is the ” transmitter” that we “tune-in” to with our Metaphorical Tools to receive the signal – that we will use to create the necessary changes within the body for the transformation.


Our emerging reality is composed of Light, as we have said. We might say that the Coordinate Points within the juncture of time and space of any particular Moment Point of our physical existence, serve to “hold the shape” of the emerging reality, the outgrowth, if you will, of the Subconscious Manifestation Energy Stream. This context for Realty Creations is indeed the Love Light Matrix. The atoms or Consciousness Units are each, again as we have suggested, energized, animated, empowered by Love with a capital L.

Our world is an ongoing manifestation created from the Loving energized of All That Is. All That Is IS LOVE, and so it follows that Reality Constructs of all types are founded in Love. Now within our Consensus Realities of Earth at this time, there is a pronounced diversion AWAY from Love. We may see this in all of our social, political and even our religious institutions.

It is obvious, is it not? Our world is in crisis. It is increasingly difficult to find Love in our reality. It is true that there is a Turnabout that is occurring, as we see how the absence of Love is so damaging to humanity? See it and remember it.

Now with regards to human health and healing, it is the same: wherever Love is absent, you will surely find decay, illness, disease, imbalance. I am not telling you something you do not already know. Dear Blog Reader, you are conceived in Love, but we are diverted by either emotions as we live our life. The consistent experiencing of the Negative Emotions result in the creation of symptoms and disease. Now in a sense, The Healing Regimen is a matter of peeling away the residue of Negative Emotion that hardens like a shell around The Emotional Body. Underneath this shell we will find the core of humanity – Love, just as we have been describing.

These emotions of Love and Compassion serve a very important purpose here in this project. They are the forces the practitioner uses to affect healing and balance. So that here, in a very elementary way, Negative Emotions serve to create symptoms and disease, whereas Loving Understanding and Compassion serve to create healing and balance. Again emotion is an Electromagnetic Entity that serves as the impetus or natural energy source for the creation of Reality Constructs.

In this suggestion we may also see a strategy for approaching the Healing Quest we are to begin. Human emotion, is the concentrated force that the co-creator employs to “push” into manifestation the desired reality of healing. So that success here is determined by the intensity of desire you can consistently muster within the Rituals of Healing we will cover momentarily.


In The Healing Regimen, just as in other matters of intentional Reality Creation, the idea is to become cognizant of our unconscious agendas of manifestation IN THE MOMENT. In this moment of awakening, we may use our will to begin the creation of improved Reality Constructs with regards to our physical being, i.e. the transformation of symptoms and “disease states” to a lack symptoms and the perception of “healed” body states.

Now our approach requires a definite change of perspective for the average blog reader. Please allow me to present some background to this discussion for those of us who may be new to this material. In my last series of blogs I encouraged you to take on the roll of Scientist of Consciousness. And as a specialist in the use of the Inner Senses, I asked you to go about your investigations in this ongoing “altered state.” I reminded you that the Scientist of Consciousness was the magician, the shaman, the witch of antiquity. You were simply affirming your connection to these original scientists from your perceived past. As you embodied the suggested role of Scientist of Consciousness, you “put on” the perceptual lenses of the witch or the shaman or the healer.

In this new blog project of ours, as we intentionally create this altered state within our mental environment, we will enable our Inner Senses to “pick up” the vibrational messages of Consciousness Units that exist within the specific Gestalts of Consciousness, some representing, shall we say, “disease process,” and others representing “healing process.”

Both disease and healed states, as well as all states in between, exist in the moment. Our goal as researchers is to determine with our Inner Senses, the influences from the various Gestalts of Consciousness and how they assist in the creation of our particular malady of the malady of our subject. Then we shall use our metaphorical Tools to diminish or eliminate these influences – guided by the Gestalts of Consciousness representing healing process – so the the body many return to balance.

Let us briefly discuss the related views of some of the indigenous peoples of our Earth. We often make these comparisons in our discussions to illustrate that unknown reality is already quite well known to some of us. For example: in the spiritual traditions among the First People of our human race, an intimate relationship exists between the human and the environment. It is common to speak to Nature directly in these collectives and receive responses from trees, stones, animals etc. These humans are well aware of the consciousness and integrity of plants, animals and the various elements around them. They accept that a rock has a spirit, that fire has a spirit that may be addressed and that will respond.

Just as the indigenous peoples communicate with the spirits of the natural world, it is possible for us on The Healing Regimen to seek counsel from these Energy forms, what we are calling Gestalts of Consciousness. We do this through the use of our Inner Senses, observing The Emotional Body.


As with all of our creations in physical reality, we could say that we are entranced by our own projections, including the bodily states known as “symptoms and illnesses.” Now I have spoken in other blogs of the dangers in our medical community of constantly referring to the “inevitability” of certain illnesses forming in the human body. Statistics are bandied about SUGGESTING that such-and-such a percentage of men or women will INEVEITABLY “fall victim” to certain diseases. Do you see where I am taking this discussion? The disease process is supported on the SUGGESTIONS of Gestalts of Consciousness. And so we might say that the great majority of our medical doctors are “under the spell” of these Energy Bodies. They are entranced with this Gestalt of Consciousness, the central information center called the medical model. They have been for many years indoctrinate with the data and procedures that support this system.

We play your part in this drama also. Dear Blog reader. It is our role to “pretend” that what the doctors say is true. We obediently create the applicable symptoms within our body. We are supporting our health and practitioner in this way. “Doctor’s orders” DEMAND that you create a particular set of symptoms to correspond to a particular disease state. This collaboration takes place on the subtle levels, of course. The telepathic communication streams are quite active between Gestalts of Consciousness of various types, the doctor and the patient. Everyone must do their part here in order to sustain the “appearance” of illness and the “appearance” of healing or perhaps failure to heal, initiated by the medical profession.

It is all supported on suggestion. These suggestions are essentially Idea Constructs that are the building blocks of disease and the treatment of disease. Thus we have, for example, a Gestalt of Consciousness know as Alzheimer’s Disease. The patient is experiencing this illness as a vehicle for the learning of particular Lessons. In the case of Alzheimer’s, Lessons of infantilism and being cared for without protest, are often the reasons for the creation of the disease state, though it is not wise to generalize in these matters.

Ultimately however, illnesses of all kinds are created as life Lessons. The disease state is a teacher to us in physical reality. Our Soul Self our Guides and all members of our Soul Family are engaged with us in the drama of physical illness. We are learning our Lessons as a collective, much as we would study and learn within a classroom in one of our universities.

Now to elaborate on this comparison here… just as we would learn in a classroom the subject matter in a course on, shall we say, Life Science, everything needed to pass that course, in The Healing Regimen we may discover that truths in the Lessons of physical existence. AS we become knowledgeable on the causes of our malady, we may find the means to learn our Lesson in other ways, perhaps in ways that do not entail physical symptoms and disease. This is always our free will choice. We may decide to continue the Lesson of physical illness or we ay decide to discover the “causes” and address them.


Prophecies are based on the most probable outcomes if you were to follow on your current trajectory. Thus, if we are currently in a positive frame of mind, the probabilities for a positive future are greatly diminished.

Create your positive future NOW with your positive life-affirming beliefs and ideas.


Let us review the basics for purposes of creating The Healing Regimen. As we well know, you are a Soul within a physical body and with All That Is we co-create our existence in Third-Dimensional reality. In this endeavor we cooperate with each and every Consciousness Unit in our perceptive field. The “blueprints” for our creative works are the beliefs, thoughts and images that predominate in our mental environment. These blueprints exist as arrays of Coordinate Points within the pre-manifestation domains. These arrays merge to create Gestalts of Consciousness – complex affiliations of mental constructs – that are, in essence, the nonphysical representations of EVERYTHING.

Thus, ideas and images relative to a concept identified as “the common cold,” for example, assemble into Gestalts of Consciousness, representing the accumulated “wisdom,” you might say, from all human experience of the common cold. All of the “requirements” for achieving the common cold are represent. The symptoms are there within these incipient Reality Constructs. In a sense, we could say that the operating system for the cold virus is “resident” within the mental constructs. The symptoms exist in potentiality. They await the invocation of the disease state into the mental environment of the human.

Now, the “disease process,” as we call it, exists first as a mental vulnerability. This is not the accepted view, I certainly realize. However, bear with me for just a moment, the mental precedes the physical in all matters of disease process. But if course, there must be the physical “cause” of the illness. The mental and thus the emotional vulnerability creates a physical vulnerability through suggestion. “I am near those who have colds, I will get a cold,” “I am old and vulnerable to disease, I will get a cold.”

The continual presentation to the inner mental environment that we are vulnerable – either through our own internal ruminations or through the transmissions from other Energy Bodies – Creates the physical vulnerability, such as a weakened immune system, so that exposure to particular strain of virus would them “lead” to the creation of the disease state in the body and the “inevitable” progression of the illness through to its conclusion.

Perhaps I should elaborate on my statement that the suggestions “create” physical vulnerabilities within the body. These suggestions or thoughts or potent images, form whatever source, are the same as any other thoughts or images generated by consciousness, in that they seek manifestation within the physical and other dimensions.

In the case of disease process, we find that the creation of imbalance occurs on a cellular level. So that if we might envision a cell within the body as it exists within the organ or blood or perhaps muscle tissue as being subject to the messages and the many systems that feed “information” to the cells to govern theory activity, such as the immune, digestive and other systems – do you see how the mental suggestions might serve to short-circuit some of these information streams?

A simple example here for illustration, would be the difficulties that may come from a sensitive person observing distasteful images while they eat. They may incur a bad case of indigestion from these mental suggestion that ALL illness and their symptoms, are caused by these Gestalts of Consciousness, in this case by an Energy Body we might call indigestion.


We do have many awakenings in our day-to-day existence, and these can be opportunities for accessing the spiritual awakening we seek. For example: each time you awaken from sleep, we have an opportunity to awaken also in a spiritual sense. As I have described in theses Blogs, our nighttime activities entail a great deal of what we might term “spiritual” or “Soul-directed” activities. Yet on our awakening after sleep, the rigors of physical.


The lessons we are learning currently may be categorized according to the three broad topics we will cover in the next three series of blogs. This is a continuation of our discussion on the blessing “healthy, wealthy and wise” from our last blog series.

Now health would obviously entail Lessons Learned regarding the physical body, mind and spirit. We are asserting here the symptoms and illnesses humans generate within their bodies are for educational purposes. Each illness is a physical expression of inherently nonphysical Idea Constructs.

The same may be said of prosperity. The lessons of the Acquisition of wealth and the utilization of that form of energy is spiritual at its base. Money and wealth are simply very potent ideas pertaining to security and value in the physical domain. So here again, the physical is simply the observable component of the invisible, nonphysical spiritual construct.

The wisdom of the Soul, the third element in this blessing, may be accomplished in the learning of these symbolic Lessons in physical reality by allowing these Life Lessons to transform the psyche. Loving Understanding and Courage are some of the results of this transformative phenomenon.


Health – physical, mental, emotional, financial – is a state of consciousness that exists in a Moment Point in our perceptual reality. “Behind” this “spiritual” assessment is our Soul Self, the co-creator with All That Is of our Personal Reality Field.

All of the subatomic elements of awarized energy that comprise our Third-Dimensional world for us personally, collaborate to create this awareness of health.

Now speaking of physical health: this is the reason that our world and everything in it seems to support our physical symptoms, you see. Our field of Personal Reality creation, because it is a reflection, a direct reflection of our inner world, does continuously reflect our personal symptoms that we are experiencing/creating for purposes of Learning and Value Fulfillment. The improvements desired in our physical health, therefore, must obviously come from a change in this inner perception. We have been referring to these inner perceptive processes as the Inner Senses. We will go much deeper into this method in The Healing Regimen.


Dear Blog Reader, now in this moment of Good Humor resides your opportunity for an improved future. Perhaps a brief recap is in order here, to serve as a basis for the proclamation. You create BOTH your past and your future from your current moment. This is one of the basic tenets of my Teaching, and so it would serve you well to use this fact of life as a “given” – an essential building block upon which rests my theoretical construct of Reality Creation. So when I suggest to you that you may expand your consciousness intentionally, perhaps what I really mean is that you are capable, simply by virtue of your existence on our physical Earth at this time, of truly exploring and embodying the richness of our momentary existence.

Yes, our life is a series of moments. In this series of moments, obviously, you are reading from my blog. Now the act of reading requires some focus “in the moment.” You muster all of your attention and direct it toward the task of reading and absorbing the blog material. In a similar way, the student of my Teaching would do well to harness the same efforts of concentration entailed in the reading of this blog, toward the appreciation and assessment of the current Moment Point – the spacious moment that connects all of our Simultaneous Lives.

Any moment will do here. This one… Or this one… Or this one… The study and appreciation of the spacious moment does indeed take some preparation. You are, in a sense, preparing yourself for the PROBABILITY of experiencing the moment of awakening – the moment of healing, the moment of perceiving the Abundant Universe, the moment of receiving Divine Wisdom. I am aware that in other Teachings, the student is taught that the awakening of the consciousness to its own spiritual heritage is a lifetime “undertaking,” if you will excuse my pun. Here however, we are offering the student the opportunity to awaken without first expiring.


Now for example… let us say that you are currently experiencing fear in its most basic form, perhaps dreading something that is to occur in your future, or perhaps fearing what has already occurred, perhaps fearing that the dreaded subject or object will continue to exist in our reality. As I have stated in previous blogs, if you are experiencing fear, you are under the influence of Negative EntitiesEnergy Bodies that thrive on the emotions of fear and anxiety. So perhaps a simple antidote to these energies would be for you to trivialize and make fun of these influences. By creating a state of simple Good Humor in your consciousness in this way, you are creating a comedy out of a fearful drama.

In the transformation, you are also creating Courage our of fear. Without getting into details, we could say that the natural abilities of human consciousness create this transformation of fear into Courage. You are, from the inception into human body on Earth, created out of Love. Your consciousness may easily return to this positive state, then, with merely the least amount of effort on your part.

This is easy to do. Making fun of the fear-producing ideas or images may be an enjoyable and creative act unto itself. You are using your imagination to turn down the fearful intensity of the ideas and images, and perhaps replacing them with humorous images and ideas.

Do you see how you are much better prepared to create positive realities when you are in this self-created state of Good Humor? Certainly it is important to continue creating this positive state as you attempt to create a positive reality. It is the extension of the current moment of Good Humor into the future that creates the positive future.

So let us assume that you have gained some mastery over the creation of Good Humor within your own apparatus. You may notice that, over time, as you get good at creating Good Humor, the quality of your daily existence improves. This is the creation of positive realities in itself, as even modest improvements in an otherwise fearful and anxious Reality Construction may have profound effects on your daily life. You create your world from the beliefs you hold about what is possible. As you embody the state of Good Humor consistently, it becomes possible for you to believe in the continuation of this positive state.


Fear may be thought of as the founding energy in the emotional states of anxiety, anger and hatred. Now fear and Good Humor do not mix well. If one is enjoying your state of consciousness known as Good Humor, one is most probably enjoying THE ABSENCE OF FEAR. I stress the importance of Good Humor here for the simple reason that, because it is often so simple to generate this mental state, it becomes a very useful too in the creation of Courage out of fear. Let me illustrate with an example, if I may.

Some of my students, upon reading my earlier blogs, have expressed the criticism that my experiment and exercises are quite challenging. To these students I say, simplify this endeavor. Bring this back to the basics of manifestation. Prepare your mental environment for the creation of positive realities by FIRST embodying or generating within your consciousness, the state of simple enjoyment or Good Humor.


You are literally born out of the Love And Good Humor of All That Is. Here I am asking you to move beyond any religious conditioning that has convinced you that you perhaps were born out of suffering to live a life of pain. For in truth, the facts in this matter are just the opposite.

Let me state the obvious here, however, to avoid any misunderstanding. Yes, your reality is born in your imagination out of Love and Good Humor, yet you will of necessity also experience the opposites of these attributes – fear, anxiety, anger, hatred. Now the important thing here, is how long a hold on to the fear, anxiety, anger and hatred. How much importance do you attach to these emotional states as you experience them? How much do you invest your ego/intellect in the recreation of these states, once you have allowed them to enter your mental environment.


So love Light is born in a simple Good Humor. I trust that this will not be a difficult stretch of the imagination for you to comprehend and accept this information. It is true that in our world, Good Humor may be thought of as a simple and mundane aspect of existence. It may be thought of as too trivial to be considered in as serious an endeavor as the creation of realities. Yet I am suggestion here that ties, in particular, the positive realities that are the focus of this blog.


Hypothesis: In trance we may identify the communication streams within our mental environment.

Now we shall investigate the many information streams that “flow” and “time” are used to hopefully facilitate our connecting to the data streams and to identifying and understanding the content. We are familiar with a flowing river. The river flows regardless of our noticing it, observing it, studying it. In a similar fashion, the many information streams that flow through our mental environment, do so regardless of our attention to them, our noticing them. However, though we may be unaware of these streams of divine information, and of course others that are most certainly not divine, we are indeed quite affected by the ideas and images carried within these many streams of communication. Here I believe It would be a good idea for the student to become more aware of the content of these information streams.

Relax and enter your Trance State, as usual. Now to begin, let us list the many providers of information that exist within the mind or psyche of the “typical” human engaged in co-creating an existence on our world.

First and foremost would be the divine source – All That Is. This data stream is quite easily recognized by the seeker of wisdom. The ecstasy felt during the encounter with the Divine, is the energy signature that marks this source.

Next on the list would be the “voices” of Soul Family members past, present and future.

Of course the negative gods and goddesses exist there also, as well as the Energy Bodies of divine beings of various types crested through the collective efforts of humanity over the ages.
Your own understanding of God with a capital G exists here as an energy form.

If you have pursued contact with the Elemental Beings, they exist within our mentality also, to the degree that we have co-created them through study, worship, observation, and so on.

Our Simultaneous Lives are there in their totality, providing information and both support and negative influence, according to what you are on our Earth to learn at this time.

Let us not forget our own ego/intellect that oversees this phenomenon and indeed censors and directs the activities therein.

Now there are certainly more examples of Light Bodies and other Energy forms that exist within our consciousness. Note these as you discover their activity in our experimentation. When we feel as though we have have received enough information from this experiment, return to full sensory awareness.

Findings – Document your findings in identifying the stream of information within your mental environment.


Hypothesis: By focusing on the precept you may catalyze the holographic insert from the entity.

You may with some preparation, feel the ecstasy and empowerment that some with the experiencing of the Holographic Inserts I stream into my Third Subject’s consciousness. For the purpose of elucidation and bringing Light and information to the discussion. I also present these “teachings aids” to you for the same purposes.

There are a few ways you may explain this to oneself that this phenomenon is real – so that you may indeed experience it clearly, without resorting to denial, fear, anxiety. The simplest explanation is that you are my student and as such you and I have a special , spiritual relationship. The connection here is a physical one also, relating to certain portals or chakras as we might call them, located on and around the physical body.

Any one of my precepts may be used as a Holographic Insert. We have mentioned before that the phrase “you create your own reality” is a particularly potent precept and stands as the foundational statement, if you will, of my entire Teaching. I would suggest an experiment to determine the precepts that have the greatest “effects” for you, when you activate them as Holographic Inserts by focusing on them in your mediations.

Relax and enter a light Trance State. First, I would have you read the percepts and attempt to identify those that “speak” to you with the most energy and frequency. The phenomenon known as resonance comes into play here. Your physical construct, your human body, is actually a vibrating system of Consciousness Units, as you know. Ideas and images of all types, either entertained from within your mental environment of considered from written texts and other media, also “hold” their individual vibratory signatures.

Let me again emphasize that it is the Divine Essence cultivated within the student that is the catalyst here. Through working on your self, through reading spiritual literature and engaging in these arcane practices, the researcher cultivates a certain perspective that allows for the experiencing of the Holographic Insert by the Inner senses. Also, on “the other side,” in a sense, the creator of the manuscript – in this case The entity – empowers the text with the essential energies of the Divine – All That Is – so that on the subtle levels where these types of spiritual growth and extra sensory and emotional perception are experienced, the stages is set quite well for the Holographic Inserts to display.

Now focus on your selected precepts one at a time. Have an intention to link up with the etheric component of each precept. There is an openness required in this endeavor. You might think of oneself as an antenna in search of a signal here. Be quiet. Be still. Listen with your Inner Senses for the response from the Entity.

Findings – Document your findings in catalyzing the precepts into Holographic Inserts.


To illustrate my last point: imagine if you will, your current existence in this day, within this moment that you are reading these words. Can you visualize how the blog, with its Conscious Units “holding” its shape through the Coordinate Points we have discussed, exists also as, let us say, a section of a tree in front of you in a life you may be living as a forest dweller many years before our so-called Christian Era? Likewise in this example, these exact same Conscious Units, as they flash on and off, creating different realities within different timeframes, do indeed compose different Reality Constructs of varied types within these different areas. This is why I describe the future and past timeframes as simply dimensions.

All timeframes or Reincarnational Existences exist “right before your eyes.” You may conceptualize this, if it helps you, as a layered effect, with the different existences and their constructs simultaneously created “one on top of the other.” I hope this description of the very easily accessible dimensions assists you in attempting contact with the other lives. The lives are out there in front of us. They are perceived through the fine-tuning of the Inner Senses. This process is quite doable for the student of this material. Now for some experimentation.

Multidimensional Conscious Unit

To illustrate my last point: imagine if you will, our current existence in this day, within the moment that you are reading these words. Can you visualize how the blog, with its conscious units “holding” its shape though the Coordinate Points we have discussed, exists also as, let us say, a section of a tree in front of us in a life we may be living as a forest dweller many years before our so-called Christian Era?

Likewise in this example, these exact same Conscious Units, as they flash on and off, creating different realities within different timeframes, do indeed compose different Reality Constructs of varied types within these different ears. This is why I describe the future and past timeframes as simply dimensions.

All timeframes of Reincarnational Existences exist “right before your eyes.” We may conceptualize this, if it helps us, as a layered effect, with the different existences and their constructs simultaneously create “one on top of the other.” I hope this description of the very easily accessible dimensions assists in attempting contact with these other lives. The lives out there in front of us. They are perceived through the fine-tuning of the Inner Senses. This process is quite doable for the student of this material.


The engineers were not limited to design and creation of buildings and other structures. They were instrumental in the creation of vehicles that were used by researchers to “travel” interdimensionally. I am now transmitting a Holographic Insert into Marlo’s mental field in an attempt to graphically illustrate one of the inter-dimensional vehicles.

Now these vehicles did not “travel” in the common meaning of that term. The crystal structure assisted the researcher in an attunement of their consciousness through vibratory resonance. The mental Intention of the researcher, directed through the “focal” aspects of the crystal structure, allowed for the “beginning in” of the simultaneous Lives lived in different points in space and time travel in our system. The future, in our terms, is really just our progressed reality in linear time. Our future is another dimension, a dimension that exists, as I have stated, within the exact same Conscious Units that compose the blog reader, as well as all of the current Reality Constructs that compose our world.


There was another serving class, another group of humans within the Atlantean society, that was dedicated to assisting the people within their social group in terms of leadership and the creation of social and political structures as well as physical structures. This group was composed of humans who were extremely talented in the mathematical sciences and had a natural affinity for numbers, figures and their manipulation. They were natural engineers and experts at what you might call the “hard sciences.” These humans “instinctively” knew the lost efficient methods for creating a structure, such as a house or other building, and possessed a facility for designing and building dams and other large structures.

These ancient engineers were also visionaries, just as the visionary leaders were prophets as well as gifted politicians. They could foretell the future stresses – from natural disasters etc. – that a particular structure of their design would incur after being built, and so could design and build the structure with this prophetic material in mind.


You may read about the “vestiges” of the class of prophet leaders in your stories of the Divine King. In successive civilizations after the “fall” of Atlantis, for example, this idea was kept alive, if only symbolically, in the concept of the King or Emperor having a direct connection to the Divine.

We may also read in our histories how ultimately this type of leadership failed miserably, for the leaders tool the power without taking the responsibility of divine leadership. They were more interested in ruling than leading. In our current leadership on our Earth, we may see this ultimate act of hubris in the leaders who have anointed themselves as the modern Divine King, yet choose to deny the citizenry their rights, and as I said, rule rather than lead.


As descendants of the divine rulers of the Mystery civilizations, the visionary leaders are engaged in the same sort of activities as their predecessors. They are art of a lineage of incarnation in our Third Dimension. Now genetically, there may or may not be a connection, however the Soul Family connections are there to investigate.

For example: those of us who have identified an Atlantean heritage, through our experimentation or other research efforts, may be interested to know that the leadership within the Atlantean culture itself was initially drawn from what you might call the “spiritual” class. This group fulfilled several different functions in the society. They were scientists of non physical reality, what we are calling the Scientists of Consciousness.

These humans were raised from birth as the “Magical Child” we spoke of in the last blog series. They had memories of all of their Reincarnational Existences. This information, which included “future” experiences, we quite valuable. The leaders were visionaries in the true sense of that term, in that they were aware of the probable events to occur in the future of their societies.


We suggested in our last blog series that there are true visionaries among us who are making themselves known. These are the advocates for our Mother Earth, the speakers, the teachers, the magicians, shamans, witches and healers of our timeframe, who are exerting considerable pressure on the current ruling regime – I am speaking in global terms here now – to “soften” and indeed spiritualize their expressions in physical reality, including their political systems. They are now coming forward to lead us in all the domains of human interaction.

Our leaders who have taken advantage of the people are now finding themselves “uncovered” and suddenly vulnerable. In their place there is becoming apparent this new class of “natural born leaders.” We have stated that these visionaries will not necessarily be elected. They lead in a very appropriate manner, for that is their natural gift, as humans in this very important era in our world.

Perhaps now we have witnessed this phenomenon, essentially a calling forth to those of goodwill for our Mother earth, to tend to THE TRUE BUSINESS AT HAND. The denial is lifting, you see, as many of us begin to see the damage done by our leaders with our tacit approval.

Or perhaps we have experienced this phenomenon in a more personal way, as we may have felt oneself called to serve our fellow humans in a more direct way than we have done in the past. Leaders come in many forms. Leading by example, to coin a phrase, is a wholly adequate and necessary service one may provide to initiate the rebuilding of our damaged societies.

You see, there are no authorities among these visionary Leaders. They do not hold power by virtue of authority, such as a power “over” others. They are powerful because they keep their own power. They do not give up their authority to others. In the broad sense, ALL of us are becoming enlightened, empowered with the natural creative energies that are our birthright. We are all becoming leaders in this way.


In other models, these primal blueprints are referred to as “archetypes.” Our eminent psychiatrist and researcher Jung popularized this term, as elemental to his theory of consciousness. Naturally this theory of Jung’s bears a resemblance to the ideas within current Blog work. Jung was informed by the Entity.

He was first informed through contact and communication with his Energy Personality, and later used this Energy Construct as a bridge to the greater Gestalt of consciousness to which he was associated – The Entity, broadly speaking. Essentially, this was the path used by all three of the recognized authors in our timeframe. It is also the recommended path for those of us who wish to receive energy from the greater energy Construct of which we are a part, be that The Entity or any others.


I do not wish to repeat myself too greatly in this new blog material, but allow me to once again state the ultimate premise of our Third-Dimensional existence. Our world is composed of Light. Each and every Reality Construct is the “visible” manifestation of Gestalts of Consciousness of various types.

The leaf on the tree before you is the “outward” creation of the “inner” thought-form or Energy Gestalt of LEAF. The Beings of Light, therefore, exist at all levels of physical Reality Creation. And again, each and every Gestalt of Consciousness, including the Beings of Light, may be contacted through the Rituals of Contact and Communication we are presenting in these new blog works. In this way, the researcher may communicate with the leaf in question through an attunement of the vibratory frequency of the researcher’s mental environment to the frequency of the subject i.e. LEAF.


When you state, for example, that something “resonates” with you, this is a statement of literal fact. Let us say that you are speaking of some particularly evocative material you are reading in a book. You find yourself becoming quite affected by the ideas in the text. You become emotionally invested in the material. It seems as though the author is “reading your mind,” as to what you are thinking and feeling.

This vibratory resonance occurs when the thoughts you are entertaining within your consciousness are vibrating at a similar rate as the ideas you are reading about in the book. In this instance, the Consciousness Units that compose the thoughts held in the mental environment are vibrating at the same frequency as the ideas, images and other material elicited by the written words.

Now in this activity of resonance, you might say that the energetic potential of the one, assists in creating the holographic replicant within the other. This is a rather simplified way of expressing the manifestation phenomenon, in that the one “brings the other up” to a station of equally evolving manifestation – streaming, energizing and facilitating the assemblage of the Consciousness Units within the other.

Now the reverse is also true here. It is a mutual sharing of energies in this resonance. There is a form of homeostasis or balance that is achieved once the level of Value Fulfillment is reached that is the “goal,” in a sense, of the Reality Creation project. These discussions may become quite etheric. However, in its simplest form we may say that our reality is co-created from the Consciousness Units that are charged with the life force of All That Is.

The resonance phenomenon exists as a cohesive force in the assemblage of Consciousness Units into Reality Constructs throughout our Third-Dimensional Reality. When we speak in the new material of the researcher “fine tuning” the Inner Senses, we are saying that the researcher may achieve a similarity of vibratory frequency is created – through our various techniques, for example – resonance is achieved. The Consciousness Units within your mental sphere resonate with their holographic counterparts – the “generic atoms” we have spoken of earlier. What is imagined on the “inner” is made manifest on the “outer” in this way.

This cohesive force is the electromagnetic energy we have mentioned that is at the basis of all created realities. The bioelectric energy that is at the basis if all created realities. The bioelectric energy that “Lights and powers” the human body construct or any living or inanimate object, does so in a resonating, flashing on-and-off fashion.

Here again we are referencing my past discussions on the nature of the atoms or Consciousness Units as they create multidimensional realities, in a sense, flashing or vibrating at specific rates to create the realities that vibrate at the particular frequency.

You may also remember our discussion from our previous blogs in which we presented the possibility for the researcher to experiment with modulating the frequency of their physical body construct to create healing.


For your information, Dear Blog Reader, the ideas and philosophies of the great leaders of your perceived past are available to you within the milieu of your personal consciousness. Now obviously, this is the psychic mechanism for the inspiration and motivation of vast numbers of devotees to follow the great religious leaders, for example. It is a psychic network, a Telepathic Network that one participates in to make these connections. The catalyst for such a voyage of discovery or quest for understanding and knowledge, could be as simple as he reading of a book authored by one of these respected leaders.

As I related to you in in previous Blogs, the printed words within our spiritual and philosophical texts have power on the subtle levels. In a sense, these words serve to “open Doors” within the psyche of the reader to allow for the reception of Divine Knowledge. This stream of energy has its source or transmission point within the after-death consciousness or Soul Self of the deceased writer.

So the selection of inspirational texts is very important in this project. You may find that certain authors “call out” to you in some way. You are drawn to particular authors, just as you may have been drawn to my Blogs, it is a very natural thing to act upon these inspirational impulses. These mental constructs, the motivating impulses, serves as markers along the way, as you make your voyage of self discovery, the discovery of your Soul Self.

Now the questions may arise, “What is my relationship to these authors? Why do I feel compelled to seek out their books and read them? The answers are that you are connected to a virtually limitless “family” of incarnated and currently “deceased,” in our terms, human Souls. These are your Simultaneous Lives, that I described in my previous blogs. These are your etheric Guides also, your Energy Personality and other assistants, and these are the authors of inspirational texts.


The preferred method of communication between the complex Gestalts of Consciousness you know as spirits, Guides, Angels and such, and the student in physical reality – the visionary – has always been the Holographic Insert. This is our name for a brief multisensory experience that is transmitted from the nonphysical being to the student. It is quite brief, usually, merely a fraction of a second in duration. It has Loving energy attached to it so that you will remember it. These are the visions that are experienced by students through the ages and documented in scared texts of various kinds.

The visionary experience is really a conversation between the nonphysical beings and the student. It is not necessarily a one-way conversation. The Nature Spirit, for example, does not transmit communication streams into the consciousness of an unprepared student. The student most probably has first been prepared through study and through continued communications and Lessons creates by the Spirit for the further education of the student. The student asks for the communication and the Spirit complies when appropriate.

Now, Holographic Inserts “pour off the page” for you, when you take the care to accept these multisensory messages within your mental awareness. These words and these phrases have power when they are considered carefully with the expectation of the manifested reality to be indeed made manifest.

It is an openness, really, a state of courageous expectation that you must cultivate. It is the same with spiritual literature of all types. The words do have power. The phrases, when they are considered after the required preparation of the human mentality, may initiate the unfolding the unfolding of the Higher Consciousness. We may also relate this to all types of inspirational literature. It calls to us for specific reasons, to catalyze within you – the individual human – the resources required for the exploration of our inner world.


Now we become what we think about. Our identity is created from the ideas and images that we entertain within our mental environment, including messages sent to us from our Simultaneous Lives. Our identity is quite fluid. We are continuously assessing our mental, physical and emotional spheres of activity and assembling our identity from data gathered in this investigation.

We have many colleagues in this endeavor – the reassessment of the Personal and Consensus Realities. Our modern world in this timeframe is witnessing the transformation of the human mentality on a grand scale. Our fellow inhabitants of our planet are questioning their roles and duties as human beings and many are acknowledging the TRUTH of this matter of identity.

For example: many who have been skeptics are engaged in a reversal of thinking. They are “seeking the light” quite literally in all of their experiences, particularly where they have sought to keep the truth from their fellow humans. These transformations will be shocking to some, for they occur so abruptly that the breath is taken away. Yet as this event in the lives of men and women becomes more commonplace, the basic correctness and obvious necessity of this wholesale change in human perception and attitude will be recognized. The Visionary of old is reborn in the present, during this shift – the Fourth-Dimensional Shift we are describing.


Let me answer my own questions. Beings of Light are responding. We ARE a Being of Light. We each are a Soul with a body. We are a multitude of personalities existing in many different areas on our Earth, on other planets and in probable systems. We are experiencing our amnesia in the Third Dimension, perhaps scoffing at this admittedly “far out” narrative, yet it remains quite true that WE are what we are talking about when we describe the Beings of Light. EVERYTHING in physical reality if “lighted” by Beings of Light, Gestalts of Consciousness, Light Bodies, Energy Bodies.

They are the energy and incipient matter templates for all forms in physical reality and all other dimensions. So that any discussions as to whether Beings of Light exist are really quite humorous, as these Gestalts of Consciousness comprise ALL of human experience.

Perhaps what we are truly saying here, is that we are an Etheric Being. The witty, the humorous and the creative responses are from the Nonphysical Personality aspects that form our Soul Self. This is our identity then. We are grounded in the nonphysical world.


Where does this visionary energy perspective originate? Let me explain with reference to the “typical” blog reader. You have Dear Blog Reader, I am sure, what you refer to as your personal resources of wit, humor, creativity. This is that aspect of your psyche that you rely on to “Come Through” with the appropriate responses in your dealings with you world. Another way to describe this might be that these spontaneous responses that you give when required, these are the material of the free-flow of your conscious state.

You seem to be accessing your personal reservoir of experience from which you create “answers” to the challenge of your environment, whether these challenges are human beings or circumstances that challenge you to feed back with appropriate germane information, behaviors, and so on. Now my questions to you would be, “Who is responding with this information? Who is the witty, the humorous, the creative one?”

The Visionary STATE

The visionary within our modern culture is a much maligned figure. This may be because we have come so far from our tribal communities, as “progress” takes us away from core experiences of community and shared spirituality. In the U.S.A. in particular, and most of our developed nations, we take great care to marginalize our visionaries, particularly when they begin to speak of radical transformations to come in our world.

Here however, in our growing community, we honor the visionary and we accept the visionary state of consciousness as natural, normal and quite essential to the evolution of the human Soul and the human species.

The visionary has visions, quite simply, and these visions are experienced through the use if the intuitive faculties. The visions of these seers of society are filled with Light. The visionary is enlightened, you see, and senses the foundation of reality as the Light Energy that it is. In my view, I see all of humanity as potential visionaries.


Dear Blog Reader, you now have at our disposal the great perceptive powers of the Inner Senses. In my last series of blogs I described to you in detail how to access these powers and how to use them to your advantage in physical reality. Here I would like to elaborate on this data with some suggestions on how to sense the Subconscious Manifestation Energy Stream.

This material may also be used in conjunction with Carl Jung material. The Subconscious Manifestation Energy Stream, as I said, support and nourishes our created reality – our Personal Reality Field. In the dream state, and when we are in our Home Dimension between lives, we are well aware of this stream of energy and we sense it as easily as we sense the various constructs within our self-created reality. Now, the Inner Sense of sight, Auric Vision, may be utilized to sense this stream. The following experiment will assist us in the awakening of this valuable Inner Sense.

EXPERIMENT – Sensing Reality Creation

Hypothesis: The Subconscious Energy Manifestation Stream may be observed as it creates the reality construct.
The Reality Construct is our topic for the moment. The Reality Construct is all of created reality, and also describes the many elements of the created reality. Here I wish to digress somewhat and ask you the blog reader to imagine for yourself what it is I am attempting to describe to you.

Consciousness creates form, instantaneously, in the moment. We must use these descriptions of Reality Creation for us to make sense of this phenomenon, occurring as it does within a linear time conceptualization. The truth of the matter might be better expressed by describing the spontaneously responsive quality of manifestation in our system. So that here we could speak of consciousness creating form that creates consciousness, and so on, all within the spacious eternal moment. Everything is conscious. everything is creative. Everything creates consciousness. All That Is, another term for everything, IS the infinitely creative consciousness that gives birth to our own infinitely creative consciousnesses. This Idea Construct is an excellent one to entertain when we are attempting to KEEP IN THE MOMENT. I trust I have inspired quite enough to be receptive to these subtle energies.

So I would suggest you relax. If you are sitting in a chair, make yourself comfortable. If you are lying down, prop up your body so that you will not fall asleep as you read this. Now imagine if you will, what I have defined as the Moment Point. Use your current existence, the moment you are now experiencing, as somewhat more extended in duration than you have experienced moments in the past.

In a previous blog, we provided an experiment for the blog reader to practice slowing down time within their Personal Reality Field. This is the same feeling we are creating here and now. You use your intention to imbue your Moment Points with duration. Please make creative use of your Inner Senses to accomplish this, perhaps intuitively visualizing your present sensory images and sounds as slowing down, slowing down with your Intention.

What we are getting at here is a slowing down of time to the extent that we may glimpse the creation of physical objects from ideas. This would be Reality Construction viewed at the edge of creation. Now these are grand terms, and you might say I am making it all sound so easy, but at its heart, it IS the easiest thing it all sound so easy, but at its heart, it IS the easiest thing in the world. You are experts at creating “something from nothing,” and you can easily slow down this creative process to the microsecond level. Here you may see and feel what is involved in your creation of your Personal Reality Field. This includes your body and the senses you use to sense this manifestation activity.

How much must you slow down the act of reality creation to witness this? You will know you are meeting with success when you have a sensation of pulsing visually and as a felt sensation. This is the pulse of manifestation. This is the flow of the Subconscious Manifestation Energy Stream through the Coordinate Points and “into” the Reality Constructs.

A taste of perspective. I am experiencing the pulsation. It feels like the heartbeat, only accelerated many times. Visually there is a dreamy quality. Briefly I experienced a twinge of fear, as if I was receiving forbidden knowledge. Possible religious programming?

The flow of information “through” the Coordinate Point is so rich in imagery and other content that the researcher must intentionally slow down the flow of Conscious Units through this gateway if they are to observe and study the construct.

Now can you imagine these theorized Coordinate Points as permeating “physical” space and matter, yet not taking up any space whatsoever? Let us refer to the Conscious Points as etheric in nature in this experiment. They are the nonphysical “precursors” of the “future” created Reality Constructs. They exist inter-dimensionally and holographic ally. They are each everywhere literally all of the time, past, present and future. They exist as the determinant “values” in the manifestation phenomenon. And again, consciousness in the form of Consciousness Units expresses intentionally, as in the unconscious co-creation of the human or elemental expressions of all the other varied forms of “substance” in your dimension. when you have received adequate information from your experiment, gradually disengage from the Trance State. Return to fully sensory awareness.

FINDINGS – Document your observations of the Reality Creation phenomenon.


I would very much like to complete this description with an example of a typical act of manifestation, one you may be familiar with as an eater of breakfast.

You the Blog Reader have possibly experienced the phenomenon of “making” your own breakfast. Let me just say that this is the perfect word for this process of creation. For you not only “make ” your breakfast, in the sense that you prepare the various elements of the meal, “the way you like it,” and put them on the plate, but you literally create – through a type of “telepathic rapport” with the atomic structures of the various elements – the foods contained in a meal.

I do like the term telepathic rapport. It describe quite nicely this sense of collaboration with all of the energies within your Personal Reality Field. You are ONE with all of the Conscious Units within your Personal Reality Field and you give direction to these elements to create your realities. This rapport may also be described as “attunement” – an ongoing correlation between your human Intuition and the countless atoms that comprise any particular event in your life. Let us now complete this section of our blog series with some experimentation that will hopefully illustrate for you the principles we have just discussed.


As I described in previous blogs, each atom in our perceptive field exists within its own electromagnetic energy environment or Auric Field. Each an every Reality Construct also rests within its own Auric Field. With our Inner Sense of Auric Vision, we may easily perceive this “Visual” aspect of our self-created physical objects.

The advantage to using this Inner Sense as opposed to say the physical outer sense of sight may not be obvious at first. Let me explain. The electromagnetic corona reveals information about not merely the Reality Construct or physical object itself, but about the individual atoms or Conscious Units of which it is composed. Each atom has its own evolutionary history, you see, and each atom retains and “exhibits” not only “past” historic data but also “future” information to the observer.

We have discussed elsewhere in these blogs that each atom or Conscious Unit in the Universe is connected to every other atom or Conscious Unit in the created Universe. Additionally, each Conscious Unit or atom retains its own history. For example: any particular atom might have a history of, let us say, existing as a molecule of water that was incorporated into a plant, that was then, as an addition to the cellular tissue of the plant, eaten by an animal. The animal incorporated the plant material into its flesh. Now the water molecule is transformed, in this example, into plant cell and then into animal flash. Yet the molecule or atom or Conscious Unit of water we are describing RETAINS what we might call the “memories” of its existence as part of a water molecule, a plant cell and the flesh of an animal.

Now if you, again as an example, where to eat the flesh of this theoretical beast we are describing, and you incorporated the atom that is journeying from construct to construct, even then this atom would retain memories of its existence in the preceding constructs. Each Conscious Unit, each atom, each cell that composes our physical body here in this example, has a cellular history that it, in a sense, “remembers,” and one that is reflected within the Auric Field or corona of our human example. in this case, you the Blog Reader.

This plodding explanation, I think, is necessary for our understanding of this Inner Sense we are calling Auric Vision. Do you see how the atoms of the body literally sing their histories in unison with one another? These “songs” are the electromagnetic vibrations that may be sensed as the Auric Field.

Now these Inner Senses blend into each other somewhat and so we may speak of the Inner Sense of sight as having an auditory component also. The inner eye senses the Auric field as, in a manner of speaking, the inner ear senses the vibrations or songs of the collected cells of the energy construct – the human body, your body.

The atoms “sing” their histories as well as their present and future realities. The electromagnetic expressions of individual atoms or Conscious Units, as well as the collective expressions of our self-created Reality Constructs, display for the keen observer the mysteries of creation. We are all psychics, you see. All of us have the potential to become wonder workers, with the simple acknowledgement that we, by virtue of our simple humanity, have the potential for discovering the Inner Senses. With this discovery come the feel possibility for Spiritual growth.

This Subconscious Manifestation Energy Stream the energetic construct – or holographic model, if you prefer – for the creation and maintenance of our Personal Reality Field, and by association the Consensus Reality Field. For the Consensus Reality is the sum of the Personal Reality Fields of a given area.


Now the strands of incipient matter we have just discussed compose the latticework that is the grid of Coordinate Points upon and within and about our self-created reality. There is a holographic nature of these strands of incipient matter. They compose the physical reality Constructs of our Third-Dimensional world INCLUDING our own physical body and the physical constructs that we might call space, air etc.

So you now imagine, as I attempt to bring this description to fullness, how this Reality Construction phenomenon might exist as a profound image? Can you imagine the creation of Third-dimensional Reality in its totality as being powered or energized into activity? What is lacking here in our description, you see, is the motivating energizing power that Sustains the phenomenon. Let us refer to this concept as the Subconscious Manifestation Energy Stream. This energy flow supports your reality by continuously lending the creative energy of All That Is to the manifestation of each and every construct in our Personal Reality Field.

The SEMES is subconscious. It is riven by our Soul’s Intent. We are experiencing on Earth our reincarnational dramas and comedies Intent is other- directed. It is directed in essence by All That Is. Now we decided before we were born, what body we were to inhabit and what Lessons we were to learn in this current Life. So we truly do co-create with All That Is our Earthly existence. But again I must remind that we have free will “to do as you please,” even while in the midst of our Lessons, which might be a truly sober and serious nature.

Threads,Strands and Gestalts of consciousness

In previous blogs, I described the Consciousness Units as being composed of threads. I now further state that these theoretical threads of awarized energy exist in various “arrays” of potentiality, what we are calling Gestalts of Consciousness – the pre-manifestation templates of creation. Infinitesimally small threads of energy under the direction of elemental consciousness, coalesce into strands of incipient matter that are combined in various ways to create our Reality Constructs.

Now a matrix implies a grid or network of interconnecting pathways or energy streams. Can you imagine in your mind’s eyes this network of Love Light? The pathways are the strands of etheric material composed of Consciousness Units. Within this matrix exist the Coordinate Points. The strands also coalesce into more complex structures – The Gestalts of Consciousness – which hold the potential for the creation of anything conceived by consciousness. All of this etheric material is literally “Love in action” the all-encompassing power of Love that is the essence and creative energy All That Is.

Are you beginning to see now? This Love Light energy that power the strands of etheric material, is the creative element for healing of all types. Focused Love Light is utilized by our tribal healers, for example, in very precise ways to assist their “patients” in balancing and “making whole” their unbalanced bodies. So it is literally true that Love is the healing agent in all restorations of the human body and spirit.


The Love Light is the matrix of divine influences onto which we fashion our Reality Constructs. Here let us speak of the importance of context. It is ALL context, Dear Blog Reader. Within this milieu we are describing as the Love Light Matrix, the Telepath Network, the Central Field of Experiencing and the Subconscious Manifestation Energy Stream, we create out of Consciousness Units those Reality Constructs that compose what we experience as “Bedrock reality” – a cliché we have found helpful in these discussions.

Of course we use metaphors in this work to assist the blog reader in an understanding of the principles and ideas we are describing. Again, the creation of our Personal Reality Field that we accomplish on a moment-to-moment basis with the divine energy of All That Is, is so complex an undertaking that our physical brain could not conceive of the many operations that are undergone within ONE SINGLE SECOND of our existence.

Mind Blower.” This refers to, I gather, a concept or image that is so stunning that a single human mind cannot comprehend it in its totality. This is an description of what the mind encounters when these matters of Reality Creation are considered.

To express the divine – the ineffable – we must always resort to metaphors and theoretical constructs, for the reality of the subject matter is so incredibly complex and rich, that the Third-Dimensional consciousness cannot hold it for very long before it falls away into chaos. The great traditions of our world teach the student how to maintain an equilibrium in these matters. The hope is that the student will master the skills of witnessing the Divine without succumbing to the negative states of fear, anger, confusion. So metaphors are used.

Now perhaps some mixing of metaphors is necessary here to provide a choice for you The Blog Reader. We are hoping that you will find some image or idea that works for you here in the understanding of this material. We are preparing you for the regimens that follow these introductory chapters.


Building upon this premise, can you see how a natural trajectory for a “typical” Consciousness Unit or Atom might well be toward the creation of Love? Love is information or light. What I shall be referring to as Love Light in this blog, then, simply information of a particular type. It is the creative force of manifestation.

If you have been following our discussion of the nature of reality, you will remember that I have described All That Is as the source for All realities. You may then see that it follows that Love in our model of Reality Creation, is the energy or “impetus” for the expression of All That Is within our Third Dimension.

This is not new information I am providing . Our World Religions place great importance on the role of Love within society. The virtues of Love are spoken of by many healers and leaders within our communities. Yet here I hope to define what I am calling “Love with a capital L;” The Love that I am describing to you in the literal “fuel” for the manifestation of EVERYTHING in our world. This Love or Love Light has a particular frequency or rate of vibration that facilitates the assemblage of Consciousness Units into Reality Constructs. The Love Light is the power of All That Is. Period.

It is the force that activates the Consciousness Units to express ideas and images into physical reality through the Coordinate Points. Do you see, then, that it it important to learn how to utilize this Love Light in a conscious deliberate fashion?

Where is the Love currently? “My world is certainly lacking in the Love that creates realities!” We shall have more to say on the diversion of Love in the creation of negative realities later in this Blog series. For now, please remember that our Earth is a dramatic stage for the enactment of what are often perceived as “Negative” or “painful” reincarnational dramas.

These dramas may indeed “appear” to be devoid of Love in any measure. However, you have “set yourself up” to experience your Lessons in the way you are experiencing them. Indeed, your ultimate Lesson in the Third Dimension may be of creation to create the positive out of the negative. Coincidently, that is the precise subject of this blog.


Now the elements we know as atoms are Loving and benign entities. In terms of what we might call a “generic” atom, within the activity of creation in the New Science theory, the sole goal of the atom is to combine creativity with other atoms in experiencing Value Fulfillment.

Now certainly we might question whether an atom could have an agenda or could think or in any way assess its existence in the fulfillment of value. Let me remind you that everything is alive. Everything is sentient, self-reflective to a degree. Even an atom may be thought of as having a strategy for development. The atoms and the Consciousness Units of which they are composed, have strategies for the fulfillment of particular values.


The activity of the Consciousness Unit via the Coordinate Point is spontaneous, that is, the creative energies “erupt” into the Reality Constructs within our field of perception in a milieu of Loving ease and divine facilitation. This spontaneity I am describing is based in the Divine, yet naturally the outcomes of these activities are witnessed in the physical – our physical world. We straddle both the etheric and the physical domains.

This New Science we are describing is not separate from the sacred. It is an analysis of the sacred. The sacred here is the subject of study. The sacred is the spinning of Consciousness Units into Reality Constructs by All That Is through us the reader and writers of this blog. Here I use the term “spinning” in a multitude of ways. Our essence is spun off Of All That IS in the manner of a top as it spins, casting off a flash of reflected light, perhaps, the flash of light representing a fragment of the Soul Shelf that is cast into the living body of the human baby. I am also referencing the spinning of our theoretical baby. I am also referencing the spinning of our theoretical electrons in our atoms.


Some areas of our world hold “more” of the Coordinate Points than others. These parts of our planet are much desired as places or worship and mediation. The potentialities for manifestation into physical reality are greater in these areas of high energy or accelerated vibration. Yet within our own personal environment, we may find with just a bit of exploration, just where the processes of creation work for us.

For example: have you ever found that the simple act of changing your study location within your home had the effect of greatly streamlining the creative process for you? Perhaps intuitively you understood that the dispersal of Coordinate Points in the new area was more conducive to study and learning than the previous one.

The Coordinate Points may also be conceived of as gateways into adjacent dimensions representing different timeframes and so different Reincarnational Existences I hope I am not complicating this discussion too much with these heady topics and definitions. In late blogs we shall go further into our explanations with examples and experimentation.

For now let us just say that the precept – for example “you create your own reality” – may be thought of as the general, overriding influence in the New Science theory while as I said, the percept may represent the “cutting edge” – a useful comparison – of consciousness as it creates and perceives the world.


These Consciousness Units are, of course, the ubiquitous elements of awarized energy – the “building blocks” of Reality Creation. And as for the Coordinate Points, here we shall simply the Idea Construct for dissemination to a broader audience.

The Coordinate Points permeate our Third-Dimensional reality and direct the “activity” of the Consciousness Units, according to the energy templates of Gestalts of consciousness. We could say that the potential for physical expression of the Consciousness Unit is “adjusted” by the Coordinate Point at the direction of subconscious and conscious thought.

Now need I mention that this is a collective effort? The creation of our world is an exercise in mutual cooperation between our “human” consciousness and the “creative intelligence” or consciousness of everything else in our world. This description pertains to greater as well as the lesser here. We cooperate with every atom within our Personal Reality Field as well as every atom within the greater reality field that we might call our Consensus Reality.


To reiterate, our world is largely created by subconscious thought, as we know. During the dream state we create incipient Reality Constructs that we materialize into physical Reality Constructs on awakening. Now it may already seem obvious to us that we create our physical body without much conscious thought. Our unconscious, in tandem with All That Is, creates our physical body “naturally,” without the need for constant energy or direction from the conscious mind or ego.

However, as we explore the expression of the Soul through the ego, and we begin to correct our negative thoughts and their expression into physical Reality Constructs, we will begin to gain conscious control of these unconscious processes. This is the path of healing the physical body, for example. We learn how to fine-tune the expression of Consciousness Units through the Coordinate Points for the creation of an improved or symptom-free body.


Facts of our existence. These are the precepts – that when fully understood, will allow us to witness and remember the activities of our Simultaneous Lives, for example, as well as the literal moment-to-moment creation of our Personal Reality from the thoughts and images within our mental environment.

You create your own reality.
You are connected to everything in your world.
You can change the Consensus Reality from your Personal Reality Field.
Emotion is the creative energy of All That Is in action.
Human consciousness is founded in Love.
Diversions from Love through Negative Emotions create Negative Realities.
All imbalances may be corrected through Love and Courage.
You are the sum of your Simultaneous Lives within your current Moment Point.
Your Inner senses may be used to examine and change anything past, present or future.
You are in telepathic rapport with everything in your world.
Reality Constructs are composed of Consciousness Units of awarized energy.
Coordinate Points permeate matter and space and modulate the activity of the Consciousness Units.
Your Intention, emotions and Beliefs provide the energy and direction for Reality Creation.
Everything exists initially as Gestalts of Consciousness, the nonphysical “templates” of creation.

Now the percept here – a slightly different spelling than precept. I trust you shall notice – is another very important concept we shall discuss. A percept may be defined as, “that element of consciousness that creates the Reality Construct and Instantaneously perceives or witnesses the construct.”


The modern scientific tradition is giving way to a body of work that was created by the forebears of our world. These proto scientists lived within the Mystery Civilizations. We refer to these as Mystery civilizations for the obvious reason that we have forgotten the valuable insights into human behavior and the nature of reality that we learned within these societies.

I have described  how mankind has ceded the powers of Reality Creation to those in authority in exchange for “subtle gifts” – the protection of the group, the opportunity to earn a living, the confirmation of a place in the hereafter etc.; etc.; etc. This giving-up of power went hand-in-hand with a mass forgetting of the old traditions of healing, group spirituality and wonder-workings of various kinds.

The Divine Day

HYPOTHESIS: You may create contact with the divine over the course of an entire waking day.

This experiment is one of creating the Trance State long term. For our purposes, the Trance is a sacred state of awareness. When you conduct your Ritual of sanctuary and enter your Trance, you are walking the Path of the seeker of wisdom. When you can embody this state of awareness over the course of minutes and hours, you will be well on your way toward awakening to the Unity of Consciousness Dimension that we have described in my blogs.

Now choose a day when you will not be bothered by outside forces. You will want to be left alone for this experiment, if at all possible. We are assuming here that you have already experienced some form of contact and communication with one or more of your Guides. However, if you have yet to manifest this relationship, simply “act as If” you are already in touch with your Energy Personality. Conduct this experiment as though guided by your spirit Guide, for this may well act to initiate that relationship.

In my last series of blogs I presented an exercise in bringing the energy of Reality Creation up from the emotional center into the mental center. This mental center is located directly between your Eyes. It is here that you may sense the divine information stream as it seeks to penetrate the barrier of the ego/intellect. Just as we encourage the blog users of The Healing regimen to create the healing moment long term – into minutes, hours and days – we encourage you the blog reader to create this initial contemplative state for as long as you can. It would be best if you could begin the Divine Day on Awakening from sleep.

If you have yet to develop your Ritual of Sanctuary, simply imagine a golden Light surrounding you. Nothing harmful can penetrate this field of Light. It has a healing protective influence.

Now create the Trance State as best you can. The Trance is simply a natural state of awareness marked by deep relaxation and a focus on the inner world. I would ask you to sense what energies may be present in the solar plexus area of your body. If you sense a churning activity, as though emotions were ebbing and flowing, please bring this felt sense UP to the mental center directly between the eyes. As you do this exercise, you may notice that the churning sensation ceases. The felt sense becomes one of calm and assurance. There is also an emotional toe of ecstasy just below the surface. This is indication that you are using your intent to bring it up, up into the divine portal.

FINDINGS – Document throughout your waking day your experiences with keeping your awareness in the mental center.


Now there are at least two distinct ways to go with regards to belief change, if you do indeed wish to change your beliefs and thus your reality: you may change your perceptions of your Personal Reality Field, or you can go for direct change of the underlying beliefs themselves. First, though the ancient technologies of Healing Talk via the Trance State, and through other Rituals of Contact and Communication with nonphysical beings, such as the Energy Personality and other Energy Bodies, the perceptions of the Personal Reality may be altered, thus altering the Reality creation. We may also describe this as a “fine tuning” of the Inner Senses, so that they may more clearly perceive and create.

The second method entails identifying the beliefs you wish to change through a self-questioning process and creating more productive belief statements representing improved “healthier” beliefs that you wish to “make your own.” The statements are then continuously written down or typed into a computer, the theory being that the new beliefs are internalized the more that you document them.

These two methods represent two different ways of relating to physical reality: the imaginable and the literal. Naturally there are others. If you feel more comfortable visualizing your beliefs, I suggest you use the imaginable method in your experiments. If you feel more comfortable writing them down, use the literal approach. And of course, beyond my humble offerings, use your own methods that suit you.

Again, for those of you who may feel uncomfortable with terms such as Trance State and Ritual of Contact and Communication, please make up your own names for these states of consciousness. I am merely using common terms that the majority of my blog readers may understand. The Trance State is used by many of us on the subtle levels as we attempt to make ourselves understood.

These two methods represent two different ways of relating to physical reality: the imaginable and the literal. Naturally there are others. If you feel more comfortable visualizing your beliefs, I suggest you use the imaginable method in your experiments. If you feel more comfortable writing them down, use the literal approach. And of course, beyond my humble offerings, use your own methods that suit you.

As for the use of the term Ritual to describe the process of contacting and communicating with the denizens of non physical reality, please note that the term Ritual is the precise one used in our World Religions to describe their individual and carried methods for contacting the various spirits, gods and goddesses, God, and what have you. So we are merely presenting terms already in common usage by those of us in the West and elsewhere.


Your choice in these matters IS a matter of your free will in the moment. Might I suggest that in these moments of opportunity for You the Soul, that you listen to the suggestions of your Guides rather than to the self-centered voice of the ego/intellect? This is merely a suggestion, my friend. The free will choice is yours and I am acting here in a purely advisory capacity. I simply urge you to take your own advice in these situations, when in fact you are embodying the Soul Self. It will be quite easy to determine if you are experiencing this unique perspective. The Soul Self is informed through communications with All That Is. This perspective may guide you to the best resolution of any given creative challenge you may face.

The differences between the subconscious creation of negative realities and the conscious co-creation of positive life-affirming realities by the awakening human consciousness through use if the Divine Will are quite pronounced. You will know it when you are faced with a decision to go one way or the other. I will leave it at that for now. Obviously, you are each required to learn your individual Lessons. I would not wish to give you ALL the answers, and by so doing, rob you of the “joy” of learning your Lessons on your own.


Now this “quickening” is indeed upon us in Third-Dimensional Reality. Those of us engaged in negative ruminations, and their attendant manifestation into negative Reality Constructs, will find that we are confronted, in an almost simultaneous fashion, with the products of our mental digressions. Just as the practitioners of Loving Understanding and Courage will find their positive manifestations strengthening, so too will the practitioners of doubt, anger, hatred and such, find themselves consumed with the energies released during these errant creative activities.

Is there any wonder why such an intensification of this creative process produces the appropriate results? We create our own reality according to our beliefs. If we are focusing on the fear and cynical distrust of our neighbors, for example, is it any wonder that our neighbors continue to cause us discomfort? And is it any wonder that as we awaken as a species this discomfort grows? Indeed.

I suggest the discomfort may grow until it becomes UNBEARABLE. Then we will of necessity be faced with a choice in our reincarnational dramas. Will we learn our Lesson or will we not? Will we continue to hold-on to the anger, fear and cynicism, or will we let-go and feel the ecstasy just below the surface of our human consciousness? This ecstasy is the creative Loving energy of All That Is.


The Inner Senses, the nonphysical counterparts to our outer physical senses, are the creators of our Personal Reality Field. Perception creates reality in our Third Dimension. And the reality we create is dependent wholly upon what we believe is possible. If we are experiencing a reality of peace and Loving Understanding with our fellow inhabitants of Earth, we have a system of beliefs that permits, allows and effectively determines a Personal Reality Field of peace and Loving Understanding. We have in this example, believed into existence our peaceful Loving world.

Now it is also true that everything we find in our Personal Reality Field we have believed into reality. Might I say that, for the most part, if we feel uncomfortable, fearful, anxious with the state of our Personal reality, it may be due to our creating unconsciously? Creating unconsciously leaves us open to the Negative Entities. Watch your thoughts. Watch where your fearful thoughts originate. Are they being amplified and corroborated within the negative spheres of influence?

The negative realms are sensed as separate from the self. The Negative Entities that reside within these spheres of activity normally will not seek us out and attempt to fix on our being. Yet if we are experiencing negative, anxious, angry, or violent emotional states, we leave ourselves open to encountering these influences. For this reason, it is important to observe our emotional states throughout our waking reality. If we are experiencing fear, assess our sensing and Reality Creation and see if we are being driven by negative outside sources.

Yet please rest assured that if you find yourself “contaminated” by these energies, you may easily correct your situation. You may do so with your Intention in the moment. What I would suggest you do is first perform the experiment we have called Clearing The Emotional Body. This activity raises the Negative Emotions from the emotional center to the mental center where they may be transformed into their opposites.

Briefly, you simply relax in a meditative posture and imagine or visualize the “churning” energies of The Emotional Body rising up to the mental center directly between your physical eyes. Emotional resolution is achieved. The contact with the Divine is established.


Now this Emotional Body is perceived as Light to the Inner Senses. It is also conceived in Light. All is Light. Everything in our created reality is composed of Light in the form of our theoretical constructs the Consciousness Units. Here we are simplifying and spiritualizing my messages to humanity. For this reason we shall also refer to the Energy Construct of the human physical body as being composed of spiritual information.

In this context, you Blog Reader, are a divine message from All That Is, articulating your particular philosophy, behaviors and mentality within physical reality as an “envoy” of the sacred. Again, if you are tempted to dismiss this as mere “religious ranting,” I urge you to take a deep breath and go within for just a moment. Sense your ultimate divinity. It is obvious to us who are now instructing you, and to you it may become obvious in your experimentation, as you discover Findings that support my statement.


I realize that these are words that may carry their own emotional undertones for my blog reader. I would ask you then, if this is the case, to look beyond the ego-identified definitions and references of theses terms. Although it is not my desire to challenge you excessively in this endeavor challenge you I must. As an educator to humanity for “countless” years. I have found it advantageous to present material for the student’s assessment that stands what you might call “diametrically opposed” to the ideas, images and beliefs that the student may be holding in their mental environment at any one time.

I do hope that if you feel rising anger and righteous indignation making itself known within – as I have just described to you – The Emotional Body, that you perhaps take a deep breath and go deeper with this work, this project yours and mine.

You see, the Soul’s perspective is necessarily through the ego/intellect. I would suggest, in times of anger and when feeling affronted by this material, you simply step to the side a bit, metaphorically speaking, and allow your Soul Self to perceive your world. This is an easy first step in the “awakening” process. Please have faith, or perhaps Courage is a better word here, that this project will pay off for you in many different ways, rewarding you with information of a decidedly beneficial nature.


This emotional Body may be perceived as the intersection of “energies” of Reality Creation within our physical construct. We may experience it as existing within the heart region. It is within this construct that the Reality Creation agendas of All That Is of our Reincarnational Existences may read. We may, for example, observe within this Emotional Body the emotional and symbolic underpinnings of a chronic illness that currently plagues us. Or we may witness a dramatization of an event from our past that keeps us from enjoying prosperity in our present. Thus we may sense these strategies in our own particular fashion, using the Inner Senses that we are developing through experimentation in this project.

The greater sphere of activity within which rests this Emotional Body we refer to as The Light Body, as do many of the current teachers and practitioners in our world. This construct is “built” from the intersecting energies of existence – or dimensions if you prefer – of our many Simultaneous Lives. This Inner Senses representation of The Emotional Body, as well as the Inner Sense of sight itself, we are calling the Auric Vision.


For example: if my friend Rob was to select at random one of the planes surrounding the Central Field of Experiencing in our diagram, and using his imagination and his Inner Senses “tuned-in” to another life, he might very well find himself experiencing his aboriginal existence, or possibly his existence as a female in New Orleans Louisiana in the U.S.A. or as a Roman soldier from many hundreds of years ago, in our terms. These are just a few of Rob’s Reincarnational Existences.

You Dear Blog Reader also have a vast store of existences just waiting to be explored. This illustration may serve as a meditation piece for you in this way. In each of our blog series, we have presented these simple focusing tools to assist you in perceiving your greater reality – the reality of your Soul Self. Please utilize this tool in your experimentation as you attempt to access your other lives.


Let me add to this cursory explanation with a description of a new metaphor we are presenting: Central Field of Experiencing. Now we exist within an intersection of dimensional planes.

The intersection of several planes. They share a common area, that we shall call our Central Field of Experiencing. Let us say that each of these planes of existence represents one of our Simultaneous Lives. Let us further state that the common area here our Central Field, is our current self experiencing life in this time-frame.

Now all of these planes are connected at the Central Field and so not only does our current self have at its disposal the perceptual ability to experience events within our current life, but also, because we are indeed connected to the other lives – hard-wired, in a sense – we have the POTENTIAL to experience events, feel emotions and have thoughts from within these other simultaneously-lived lives.

The planes surrounding the Central Field represent our various Reincarnational Selves as well as the many PROBABLE existences that we co-create with our consciousness and All That Is. This Central Field, then, is our current Third-Dimensional existence. Look around us at our surroundings. This is what we are referring to in this current discussion.

Now as we look around us what do we see? Do we see a futuristic landscape with mythological creatures grazing on the lawn? Do we see a vignette of interaction between two family members from a life in a Mystery Civilization, such as Atlantis? Do we witness the life we are living now, complete in every detail except for one? Perhaps there is a stranger, someone we do not recognize, apparently living their life with us in our home. Does this unique detail “prove” to us that we are viewing a scene that does not exist in our current physical reality?

I would guess that you are perceiving your surroundings as quite similar to those we left behind you as you proceeded to read this blog. My point here is that the possibility exists for you, in this time of accelerated consciousness, during this Dimensional-Shift we have described, to briefly inhabit the bodies of your Reincarnational Selves. You accomplish this by refocusing your perceptive apparatus – the Inner Senses – on a tangential plane of existence. You will be picking up on the sensory experiencing of these humans who are indeed you, Dear Blog Reader, as you are engaged in living your lives within the many time-frames on Earth and in other systems.


Let us present an example here for illustration. Imagine if you will, a human undergoing an extremely stressful life event. Perhaps this person has incurred a job loss and is quite worried about the financial implications of this negative event. The emotional state of this human is chaotic – stress-filled – as a cascade of Negative Emotions floods their mental environment. Consequently, the Personal Reality Field of this person is also chaotic. And because it is created from Negative Emotions, there numerous triggers within their Personal Reality radius that “cause,” in a reflexive fashion, the continuing recreation of Negative Emotions with in their psyche.

Now immediately prior to the jobs loss, let us say that the mental environment of this human was quite balanced and even “happy.” Their monetary needs were met. Their needs for a social outlet were net with the job as well. So the firing of this person has a devastating effect upon their mental stability, as we may well imagine.

Now let us further propose that a great mistake was made here with this firing of out theoretical worker. The employer made a mistake through a mix-up of some sort, and upon discovering this, they immediately rectified the error, by perhaps calling the hapless human and giving them their job back.

Well, again as we imagine, the Personal Reality Field of this human example was instantly transformed with the call from the employer reinstating them in their position. Happiness was again experienced. Relief from monetary worry was experienced, as well as gratitude, perhaps, that they would continue to enjoy the social amenities of their employment with humans with whom they had developed strong, Loving relationships.

I hope you see my point here in this example. We are all, as humans existing within the Third Dimension, engaged in a witnessing of our mental environments projected outward into physical reality on a moment-to-moment basis. The ideas and images within our psyches are the blueprints for the creation of the varied Reality Constructs that compose our Personal Reality Field. The mutable emotions are the energies that power this reality Creation Phenomenon.


This blog we will present the basics. The phenomenon we are calling Reality Creation will be discussed in a very simplified form. Though we will certainly add to my theory in so far as further describing the role of the Scientist of Consciousness in the exploration of the non physical reality, the following blogs detailing the rise of the New Science will present a much more detailed analysis.

Now for information, Dear Blog Reader, our world is composed entirely of thought. A musician composes musical works of art with notes as the creative material. In the creation of realities, the human in the Third Dimension uses thought in artistic ways.

To carry the comparison further… just as the “mad” artist might refuse to admit their creation of the art before them – paintings, let us say – the majority of human beings refuse to admit that they have had a hand in the literal creation of their physical world. Certainly many of us would say that this is crazy thinking, or “magical thinking” as our psychiatrists refer to it. We have become so estranged from our works that we fail to see ourselves in the “mirror” of our physical reality.


One reason for this estrangement is that this creation of our world is done largely on the unconscious level. It is truly a projection, in this sense, for we are individually projecting our subconscious thoughts, images and other mental constructs out onto the “Screen” of our Personal Reality Field.

Our thoughts give birth to realities. Fearful thoughts gave birth to fearful realities. Thoughts of Courage and Loving Understanding give birth to Courageous and Loving realities. You may witness this for yourselves within your own manifestations. Watch and see how each element in your perceptual field REFLECTS your inner state of emotion and imagination.


With denial we have another very successful strategy for avoiding our Lessons. Here we are literally creating a reality for oneself unconsciously, and then disavowing any hand in the creation of the reality. “I am innocent,” you are in effect saying. Yet obviously it is your world that you are co-creating here. Your Personal Reality Field certainly bears the marks of your personality. Still, when we are up against something that we do not wish to face-perhaps because it is embarrassing to us, something quite true, yet something that challenges our standards – we disaffirm it, we disempower it, we DENY it.

We deny the thing with vehemence relative to the importance we place upon it. In other words, we deny what we most know to be the utter truth, in the honest appraisal of the subject at hand. Here again, those of us who observe our behavior, and know our motives and indeed our probable developmental paths as human beings, must laugh at such nonsense. The amount of energy wasted in such denials of self – for that is what these instances truly represent – is vast beyond all comprehension. And so we must laugh to ourselves, as we observe in the midst of our “issues.”

For example: when we experience a twinge of Negative Emotion, perhaps triggered by something in our environment that reminds us of an event, a negative event for our past, we immediately redirect the ego/intellect to something other than the negative memory, the negative event.

Now you may use this skill of distracting the ego/intellect to our advantage within Reality Creation programs described in this Blog. The key to use of this technique is to FIRST listen to what the information stream is attempting to convey to us. Listen and understand. “Face the Music,” to coin a phrase.

In this sense, we have the opportunity for awakening to our denial in each and every one of our self-created moments. This current Moment Point, as you are reading this blog, may become a moment of awakening if we but merely CONSIDER, that what we most ardently deny – particularly with regards to our so-called “issues” – may be better embraced as the truth of the matter.

This is a simple test that we may utilize in assessing any perceived fact of life in our current existence. What do we most fear? What do we hate most strongly. Herein lie our weaknesses in our Reality Creation agendas. Inconsistencies, prejudices, cultural delusions, artifacts of consciousness that cause us to grimace or wince inwardly may be indicators of this denial of the Soul Self.


One of the most popular forms of avoidance for us is intellectualization. Through this strategy we assess the Divine information within our mental sphere as something completely explainable. Scientific reasoning – logical deduction – is used to place the information in a neat and tidy and already known and understood category. Here a stream of spiritually – informed communication is interrupted and redirected to other parts of the psyche where it will not cause any disruptions.

To continue this metaphor, the stream of Divine Information attempts to erode or melt away the self-limiting beliefs within the psyche – beliefs that may no longer serve the purposes of the evolving Soul. But the ego is in charge here, and the strategy of intellectualization works quite well for the majority of us. It allows us to ignore, as mere mental anomalies, these messages from our Higher Self. A brief example: when you experience a viewing of a non physical being – a “Spirit” in our terms – we ascribe the sensory information we are receiving to “Tricks” of the eyes, being perhaps mentally exhausted, hallucinations due to any number of “Rational” causes. I am certain that the blog reader may contribute their own examples.

Of course in the workplace this strategy allows us to keep focused on the task at hand. In our private lives the misdirection of the ego/intellect allows us to continue on our path of development, however nonproductive and even self-destructive this path might be. Indeed, it seems that the more nonproductive the life lived, the more firmly the ego intellectualizes – “explain away” – the information received from the Divine Sources.


I have suggested that your main task in physical reality is to participate willingly in this exercise, as though you were in school, for we are indeed in an educational relationship with our Third-Dimensional Reality. You the reader are both teacher and student. Your greater personal consciousness, what we have been calling the Soul in these blog works, acts as a teacher to our Earthly ego. On the subtle levels, You-the-Soul know full well what are your Lessons for your current incarnation.

The ego, what we are calling the student aspect in this description, “pretends” to be unaware of these Life Lessons and their dramatization in physical reality. This is “the play” of our physical world – our creation of learning experiences in ensemble with other humans, for our mutual edification, and for the greater experiencing of All That Is.

I have covered this quite thoroughly in the new blog series, and so I shall not digress. However, please take from this brief reminder this fact of existence: just as many other teachers both physical and metaphysical have stated, “Each“second of our Earthly experience is an opportunity for spiritual growth. The way to move forward in our Soul evolution, is to perfect the transformation of Negative Emotions into their diving counterparts.

Now this quest for self-realization may be short if we are prepared to face our Lessons directly, without the denial and avoidance for which humans are so famous. To those of us in higher dimensions, it can appear as quite strange how many continue to suffer the effects of anger, fear, and the like, all the while knowing full well how we may extricate ourselves from our dilemma.

Here I am referring to the continuous messages from Beings of Light that exist within our mental environment, yet which we ignore through various mental and physical maneuvers. Perhaps I should take a moment here, before we get into the substance of this series, to describe for you these incredible gymnastics of consciousness.


This is an series of blogs on the subject of Reality Creation. It is assumed that you have developed the skills of self-observation described in the new material, or perhaps you have read other Teachings on the subject of receiving and translating divine information. As an advanced work, we shall take it for granted that you are learning your Lessons.

As you well know, the Lessons for you in physical reality are the emotional states of anger, fear, shame, racial prejudice and others, that you must transform with you intent into Loving Understanding and Courage. In this way, our system is quite similar to others that you may have known in your life as a seeker of knowledge. This makes sense, does it not? The seeker of wisdom tries as many systems as necessary until they have realized the Soul’s Intent.


Babyhood is indeed an extremely creative stage of life in the development of the human. Since one is fresh from the home dimension, there may be lingering memories of that experience. The baby may hold full memories of the previous incarnation as well, and may be experiencing a “reliving” of past experiences while seemingly engrossed in the typical baby behaviors one notices. Now, the job of the parent, unfortunately, is usually to train the infant in the ways of the world – – physical reality. And so the parents begin to task of socializing the infant.

As this process continues, the baby spends so much time engaged in the training – being trained to fit into the culture – that memories of the past incarnation and the time in between lives, are quickly forgotten. It is rare that a child grows to adulthood with these precious memories intact. So the divinity of babyhood is experienced by all of us, but only for a few short months. After that, the connection is broken. The child is watched carefully to assure that they are developing “normally.”

And when imaginary playmates arrive, modern parents too often are fearful that the child might grow into adulthood with these characters at their side. They are mostly banished by parents, as an embarrassment. The child is then taught to let go of these primal relationships, and most do. Again, in our aboriginal cultures and some alternative communities, the baby is encouraged to be “the divine one” long into childhood. This sets the state for the development of the divine child, the magical child: being the human that lives in both the subtle and physical worlds with grace and power.


HYPOTHESIS: You may meet with other entity counter-parts within nonlinear time.

Counterparts within the spacious present moment of your shared Simultaneous Lives. I realize that this would seem to fly in the face of everything that has been taught to you in schools. Yet remember what I have been suggesting to you about authorities and institutions. In your awakening, which is currently well underway, you will be given the opportunity many times to reformat and reconstitute your core beliefs about yourself and your world. You may do this reformation with your imagination. In this example, the last experiment of this current blog series, I am asking you to take a very courageous step forward into the unknown reality.

I am asking you to demonstrate to yourself, Dear Blog Reader, that you can achieve contact and communications with others such as yourself – other Entity Counterparts – by simply affirming your intention to do so, here in your current Moment Point – your Point of Power. You may rely on all of the findings pulled from the previous experiments It may help to have an underlying attitude of playfulness here. You are having fun with your imagination, just as you may have done countless times when you were a child.

Now relax yourself using your most effective methods. When you are experiencing a relaxed state of consciousness, with the metaphor of the radio dial in mind, tune the dial to that state of consciousness of Simultaneous Time in which you may sense your physical counterparts. Have the intention that you will make contact, just as you have and the intention to accomplish other research goals in the previous experiments.

Of course, you may ask for assistance from your Energy Personality. Now you may be presented with data for interpretation by your Inner Senses. It may come to you in various sensory forms. You may see images that are quite familiar, as if you have seen these faces many times, perhaps in dreams, other locales on your Earth.

If you feel that you may take notes into a recorder or onto the pages of your journal without disrupting what you are experiencing, do so. Again, you may have the overall sense that you are making it all up. Of course, you are indeed doing so, but no less and no more than you are making up your Personal Reality Field. When you feel as though you have learned enough from the experiment, gradually come to full sensory awareness in physical reality.

FINDINGS – Document your findings. Now the “after effects” of this final experiment may include “coincidental” meetings with your Entity Counterparts as you go about your daily activities. You will know them when you see them. I am quite confident that you will achieve great success in these sojourns into the non-physical.


In collaboration with your energy personality you may take back your power.

To take back power is very healthy thing to do for a human quite used to “hiding” within the security of groups. This is not a power “over” but a power “with,” you see – a power shared with all other incarnated humans beings. You will be reminded that you are first an individual Soul within a physical body. YOU-Soul are at the center of your physical and non-physical worlds. This cosmic center of our world is all-powerful. Though it appears that you are perhaps simply a tiny voice within a very large chorus, on a Soul level you know that you have only “pretended” to have this small voice. You had no intention of giving up your power permanently.

Let me digress on this point for a moment… in the reincarnational drama of our life, there is much pretending. The ego loves to pretend that life is a certain way and that interesting and dramatic events are occurring. If it were not for the ego’s excellent dramatic skills in diverting your attention from the TRUE reality beneath the façade, we would not believe with all our heart in the camouflage reality in which we live. So it is healthy and necessary, to a degree, to believe in the fantasies and pretendings that make up our moment-to-moment existence. However, if we are to awaken, we may have to dispense with the comforting stories of our physical reality. Now that is not to say that we must surrender ALL of the physical trappings of our Personal Reality. That is not advisable and indeed that is  not possible for most of us.

To take back our power requires some personalized, empowered imagery. Perhaps we can remember when we experienced our power being ceded to authorities. Perhaps we can remember feeling diminished. Perhaps we remember feeling that it was necessary to be a part of the group. If so, it should be easy to create our ritual. Simply consider the opposites of these feelings and these images.

So just as I asked you to consider your personal feeling relative to a subtle emotion of peace and security, I now ask you to consider those ideas, images and emotions relative to the idea of “taking back power.” And again, it is a good idea to write down what comes to your mind. Draw pictures of the images you see in your mind. Consolidate these mental constructs into one image or emotion that virtually resonates with personal empowerment. If you feel it would help, you might create a symbolic piece of jewelry to wear or create a statement to repeat to yourself that infers the empowering ideas and images for You-the-Soul.

Now as an example: let us suppose you are experiencing a sense of disempowerment with regards to your family. This may be long-standing condition for you, as it is with many of your contemporaries. Though you are now an adult, your parents or other family members may treat you as though you are still a child. You ceded your power to these family members when you were a child and possibly reinforced this dynamic throughout your life to “Keep peace” within the group, to be a part of the family collective, in effect saying, “I am not powerful enough, I am not worthy enough to participate in the family and have my words valued.

Let these others, the authorities, run the show, and I shall reside in the background.” Then as you grew to adulthood, you used this template of creation to create your roles in other groups: in school, in social groups, at work, and so on. The single template has served to create for you a lifetime of subservience to authority. You have become this “small voice” within every group thereafter.

You are now creating a different template for the creation of personal realities. It may be “the opposite” of the template you have been using since childhood. Now create your relaxed state. It should only take a few moments. You may connect it to snapping your fingers or gesturing with your facial expressions in some way, so that you need only to snap your fingers or gesture and instantly you are relaxed and ready for the experiment. When you are relaxed, consider your chant, imagery, piece of art, manifesto or other focusing object. Remember, it must have the capacity to elicit confidence and a sense of personal power.

As you experiment with this in mind, the ritual will grow stronger and more potent. When it has become habitual, you may bring it with you and perform it mentally in the field whenever you experience disempowerment or abuse in physical reality. You are then recreating reality through a new filter and you will perceive and create empowered physical realities thereafter.

FINDINGS – Document your findings. Does the hypothesis need to be changed to reflect findings over time?


As I promised you in an earlier blog, I will speak of matters related to control and submission. We have already discussed our tendency as humans to cede control – our very powerful energies of creation – to other humans, to those in power. This is a natural thing for us to do my friend, so you need not feel embarrassed. “The authorities,” meaning parents, teachers, employers, religious leaders, politicians, scientists and even movie actors, have encouraged us to give up our power, what we may also refer to as “personal power.” There is your dynamic – the authority pledges to provide us with protection, usually from “the other,” or to provide us with subtle gifts, in exchange for our allegiance. In this contract, we give up our rights as an empowered human. We pretend that we are without power and need the security of the family group, or the scholastic group, or the employment group etc. etc. etc.

It is always the same scenario: the authority usurps the power of the common one over time, usually at first with these promises of safety, of sanctuary. Do you see why we create The Ritual Sanctuary at the beginning of this series of blogs. This we do to remind that it is within YOU that you will find your security, your sanctuary. Within you is where it has always been. We have the power to create this state of sanctuary with our powerful thoughts and emotions.

And now it is necessary to create another ritual. This one will be a ritual of taking power – taking back you power that has been ceded, perhaps too hastily, to authorities.


Now I know that I have been critical of the organized religions on our world in my current of the organized religions on our world in my current blog writings with with you. However, I saw this as necessary for the blog reader, in order to clear the air, so that truth of matter might be openly considered. I am not The Entity in these blogs, I’m not, some kind of doomsayer attempting to way the minds of humans to some nefarious path. My critique of our institutions and our behaviors as a collective of humans, is done for not only our own good, but for mine as a Higher Dimensional being in service to Earth at this time.

I point out the fallacies in our thinking and the negative attributes of our churches and other institutions, in what I hope is a loving fashion. We who no longer have physical bodies, the Light Bodies, are in service to us and we have only love to give. It is this love I am certain, that is felt by blog readers of the material who truly get the messages I am attempting to convey. I wish to educate and inspire , much as a loving coach or school teacher would. These are the personality aspects I am transmitting my energies through at this time.


The quest for connection with the Earthly personality and the exploration of the Unity of Consciousness Dimension. Now, we may receive catalyze within individuals, the written word, the printed word as in books,blogs and internet. Our energy centers or “chakras” as we call them, can be opened by reading my material. This is probably the simplest way for us to commence with the work at hand. However, for those of you who feel you may be called for a more direct experience, you may attend the discussions and affirm your connection to The Entity in this way.

In these direct interfaces with, much more divine information can be transmitted and absorbed in a very brief time, compared to the reading of books or blogs, solitary meditations and so on.
Now, again, “the window of opportunity” for humans to engage the Soul Self and grow spiritually, is becoming smaller with each passing month. The culmination of countless years of evolution will soon be at hand.

This activity is not something that can be postponed until we “Have the time” to address the issue. We are virtually OUT OF TIME at this time. Our suspicions that time seems to be speeding up are quite pointedly true. We are, as a race, speeding toward the great transformation, and indeed, the short time that remains ahead of us will be perceived as a VERY short time, particularly if we have procrastinated and avoided our responsibilities regarding our Soul Issues: the deeply personal lessons we have come to our Earth existence to learn.

I urge you to participate in your spiritual practices, in your churches and religions if they serve You-the-Soul, in your readings of the great Masters and in our seeking direct contact with disseminators of my messages and the messages of other Light Bodies. Now, the negative energy forms, the Negative Entities, will be attempting to discourage us from walking our spiritual path.

This will be ongoing until the mass consciousness reaches a level of loving kindness and compassion that will tip the scales for a mass manifestation of the virtues of humanity in the physical reality of the Third Dimension. Indeed, that is what we are attempting to create, the Beings of Light, with the help of our human associates.


Yes, spirituality, as you may becoming to an understanding of this phenomenon, is simply the experiencing of Earthly existence by our embodies Soul. There need be No religious connotations. Thought forms that reflect memories, recent and ancient, of genocide perpetrated by religious movements, do not necessarily have a place in this discussion of what we are calling “spirituality.” So you see, there is a practical approach to our studies of Third-Dimension reality. We are undergoing a restoration, if you will, to our original, self-comprehending, godlike awareness.

We are all Avatars. We know this is on a certain level and as we awaken, our knowing shall “firm up” and become a great deal more supportive for us as we transform our beliefs and ideas about what is possible.

Spirituality is a remembrance of what it has been for us in ages past. This is true. Yet is also points the way for us into the future when we shall be called upon to remake our Social and Political and SPIRITUAL institutions. Therefore, I caution you and yours in using your cynicism and is trust to keep your spiritual transformation at bay. Rather, I suggest you embrace it. Go with the flow.

May I remind you that for every moment of your perceived reality, your waking reality, is complementary moment in one or more of your Simultaneous Lives? So each moment of spiritual unfolding bears the mark of all simultaneously-experienced moments in your multiple reincarnational lives. Now there are, of course, differences in the various aspects of your simultaneously-lived lives, for they are all being lived, for the most part , in different eras, by different sexes and nationalities etc, for the greater learning of All That Is.

But please understand, quite literally, when you may be experiencing a moment of ecstatic understanding here in our Current Moment Point in this timeframe, one or perhaps many more of our Simultaneous Lives may be experiencing a timeless moment also, but as I said, most definitely within a different physical body, of a different emotional makeup and station in Soul Evolution than you, Dear Blog Reader. I want you to ponder the enormity of this fact of life, for a moment.

Now when you meet a friend on the street, unexpectedly, perhaps a friend you have not seen for some time, you may be ecstatic, overjoyed, as you embrace and speak of your relationship, how good it is to see that person again after so long etc. Now in that moment of reunion, that spacious moment of reunion, you are also , in another body, in another era, most probably on our Earth, experiencing a complementary type of reunion activity.

Further, if you could take a motion picture or snapshot of the various reunion activities of you various lives during that moment, you would find that there are also Numerous correlations between these experiences. You may find on observing these movies or pictures that the settings – streets, field, within structures – are quite similar, in that the placement of objects, trees rocks, houses or what have you – are similar throughout. Is it not obvious that your experiences we are describing here, the reunion experiences, are all quite similar, because you are the multi-dimensional creator of these events?

As the creator of worlds here, most naturally, your creations would bear the mark of the maker – the creator who is indeed you, in tandem with All That IS. So now as you observe your moment-to moment experiences, remember that this is only the “surface” of a deeper experience of manifestation that is our multi-dimensional being.


A new world is coming and yet we are already there. As you read this blog, divine information is being streamed into your Energy Body. This information is our heritage. It is the truth regarding our circumstances as a living Entity on our Earth. This truth is simple. It can be stated in just a few words: we are ageless; we never die. The Soul Self that is at our core is eternal and has witnessed countless seasons on our Earth and on other planets and in other galaxies and dimensions.

And you, my friend, you and I are one. We are all one and it has always been that way. When I speak of our connections to each other I am speaking of literal energy networks that tie each conscious cell to every other conscious cell in all of created reality.

It is through this network that All That Is, the ultimate energy source, seeks to know itself through our experiences, Now, we have a physical body and so the truth of this fact may be somewhat difficult to experience, however, do not wait until your death to receive this information. Take advantage of these teachings I offer you in this life.

This is the ultimate simple test for us in physical reality: will you take up the challenge to learn your lessons now, or will you postpone your awakening until the time of your physical death or in other lifetimes? The choice is always ours. But do not wait until it is too late. We may be required to incarnate on our negative Earth another time, to be again given a chance to learn our Lessons.


We have to experience events sequentially to understand them. It would be confusing for us, would it not, to see a cake being cooked in one of our ovens, rise and complete its cooking in seconds, rather than minutes? So we manifest according to rules “built into our reality. Fortunately we all “obey” the same rules – telepathy is operative on all levels – otherwise we would all be confused at the unpredictability of our world.

Now, our work represents some tinkering with these built-in rules and regulations, these core beliefs. In my blogs of long ago, I spoke of the difficulty in changing these core assumptions. Now is a different era, my friend, and our fellow Earthly associates are being prepared to change the core beliefs that we hold. This preparation is taking place during our dream state. Most of us do not realize this is happening. We simply awaken with more clarity and a feeling that anything is possible for us: this despite the wars and the famine and other negative phenomena so evident around us.


HYPOTHESIS: The dearly departed await our contact…

Now, this is an experiment in contacting our friends or family members in their Home Dimension. Obviously, if you are still too upset to attempt this contact, please do not consider trying this experiment. For some of you it may be best experienced after you have gained some emotional distance from the event of The transition.

Find a comfortable chair to sit in or perhaps a comfortable chair to sit in or perhaps a comfortable sofa or bed. The idea is to relax the body enough so that you can receive these impulses from the other side, yet not so relaxed that you fall asleep. In between worlds is where you want to be for this experiment and so I ask you to make those preparations you need to in order to enter that state.

Now the crux of this experiment is to distinguish, from the chorus of telepathic messages you are receiving in our relaxed state, those messages that are being transmitted by your loved ones. Beings of Light, friends and loved ones and other Entities from your past, present and future, are all constantly vying for your attention in this mental environment.

Since you are attempting to focus your Inner Senses, you might simply visualize the appearance of the loved-one. Mentally picture your family member of friend as though they were in the physical body. Fill the perception with color and enliven it with your thoughts. This will have the effect of you “tuning-in” to their communication band, allowing you to “home-in” on them, in a manner of speaking. Now it is important to proceed with this experiment as a loving Scientist of Consciousness. Love and kindness are your watchwords in these endeavors. Ego perceptions have no place here.

As you create the image of the person in your mental environment, imagine their voice becoming gradually stronger and stronger until it becomes the most prominent voice in your inner chorus. Use your intention and simply turn up the volume or use the metaphor of the radio dial to do so. This is very easy to do and I am certain you will find success with this in a short period of time.

After establishing contact – you will know you have contact if you feel the intense loving vibrations that emanate from the Home Dimension – simply have your conversation, just as you did when your loved-one was in physical reality. After the conversation, naturally say good-by and perhaps make an appointment to speak again in the future.

Then use your metaphor of the radio dial or whichever technique you used to make contact, to release contact with your loved-one. Gradually come back to your waking consciousness. In time, if you give yourself the suggestions and if you have the ongoing intention to do so for loving purposes, you will be able to make these contacts with the departed while you are at work, walking in the park, etc. etc. etc. As you use Inner Senses, they strengthen over time.

FINDINGS – Immediately document your personalized Findings.


These transformation in human consciousness and thus the Third-Dimensional physical reality we are discussing, have been noted in our media. “Strange” weather patterns and earth Changes are now commonplace around the world and the media report these unusual events. Often these stories are couched in terms of our Mother Nature displaying her power: power to upset the plans of humans to go to their sporting events, to the beaches for relaxation. To their weddings and other outdoors events. In an almost whimsical fashion these news stories often personify these weather changes as due to our Mother Nature’s unpredictability, but in a lighthearted way.

Yet the most potent and destructive events are described as something to be feared. In these instances, Mother Nature has become so unpredictable, no one knows when she will reveal her “anger” and strike us with a bolt of lightning, or rise a flood to carry us away in our automobile or cause an earthquake to bring down our great cities.

Now, if you have read my blogs, you have been acquainted with the truth about the weather and about all physical manifestations. All physical reality in our dimension is the result of attendant thoughts and beliefs our humankind hold in the mass consciousness.

Let me go further….we have a saying in the West that “everyone talks about the weather but no one does anything about it.” In fact, this is not true. Each person on our planet has “a say” in how the weather will be expressed in their area at any given moment. This individual contribution is done, for the most part, under our awareness.

The Consciousness Units, through the individual expression of emotion, combine with other Consciousness Unit expressions of emotional content from the population of any given area. These stream of incipient Reality Constructs combine and are expressed in the manifestation of particular weather patterns and Earth Changes according to how the influences play out within the collective consciousness of that region of the world.

Now I must mention that when I say “mass consciousness of a particular region,” I include the collective “thoughts, idea and mentality” of everything in that region, including the rocks, the soil, the trees and the created products for mass consumption. All has consciousness and all contribute to physical manifestation of weather and Earth Changes. Now, obviously a bug might have less of an effect upon the weather than an angry, fearful human, but the bug does indeed contribute in measurable ways to the collective manifestation.

So do we see how many if us simply project our fears upon this great entity, our Mother Earth, forsaking our own responsibility in the creation of our physical reality? It was not always thus, however. In fact, in civilizations from our past, the weather was created quite consciously to support adequate conditions for the growth of particular crops, for outside celebrations and for other purposes. This takes place even today in some of our aboriginal cultures on our planet. Our modern scientists, also, are in a race to develop technologies to change the weather for profit, for the profit of corporation to which they are beholden. This matter will be discussed in future blogs. For now, let us explore, as Scientists of Consciousness, the Home Dimension of friends and family.


The idea of a dimensional shift is not new to humankind. Many of our world’s religions foretell similar events in their prophecies. Different words and concepts are used to explain the coming shift, but in fact, we may all be describing the same thing, with a different emphasis on particular points. Indeed, the breakthrough into higher dimensions is at the base of virtually all of our Earth’s spiritual systems. Certainly you the Blog Reader can confirm this statement for ourselves. Simply replace the words “Fourth Dimension” with “Heaven” or any other terms from any culture on our world denoting the Etheric Plane.

And again, these portals to the higher dimensions open to humankind very infrequently. The coming shift, for instance, will occur at the end of a many-thousands-of-years cycle. It has been foretold in the scriptures of indigenous peoples, such as the Mayan and Hopi. The symbolism depicted in these prophecies, I might add, is a great deal more accurate than some of the Christian stories. Yet, as I said, we may be all describing the same event, merely with a particular cultural emphasis on dates, related gods and goddesses, and so on.

Now the world over, as we create this manuscript, all of humankind is being readied for this event. Other Light Bodies conversant in the cultures assigned to them, are bringing their collectives of humans into a witnessing of the precursor events that will herald the Fourth-Dimensional Shift. You know by now what I am speaking about, if you are paying attention at all to my words. The Earth Changes – floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, glacier melting are the heralds to the shift. The turmoil of human thought is creating these changes. In a way, we as a race are setting ourselves up for a very positive or very negative experience here with the shift. There is always the probability that we will allow conditions to deteriorate to such a degree that there will be no turning back and we will destroy ourselves with our own negative thoughts.

However, humans are quite fond of saving themselves from the brink of disaster, as is also documented in many of our spiritual scripts. Whatever the outcome, know that the Guides are watching and will intercede if and when they can. Again Laws of Non-Interference prohibit certain types of intervention. These messages I am conveying are a subtle type of intervention. Dramatic “rescue efforts” are obviously not allowed. We must learn our lessons as a race and as individuals.
When we learn how to access our Energy Personality and other Guides, we will experience firsthand what I am describing. When we are experiencing the free flow of divine information into our consciousness, we will eventually dispense with the need for continually challenging the divine source as to veracity and specifics.

We will no longer require proof, for we will be LIVING our proof. We will no longer require prophecy, for we will be LIVING the prophecy. These dramatic transformations are already underway for the Blog Reader, and to some degree for every other human on our planet. The spiritual revolution of human and Earthly consciousness has begun. The Soul Self is making itself known. As this manifestation develops, visionaries from all spheres of activity on our world will step into leadership roles. Now we might ask, “Not necessarily.” They will, for the most part, “Will they be elected into these roles?” I would answer, “Not necessarily.” They will, for the most part, “assume” these roles. In the West, as I have mentioned before , our political processes will soon be rendered obsolete, as the citizens of Earth take back the power to govern themselves.

Responding to Negative Realities-EXPERIMENT

Hypothesis: You can superimpose positive realities over negative realities.


Please think of a time from your past when you felt that you were living life to its fullest and you were amazed at yourself for your accomplishments. Now the primary objective here is to recreate the feelings of self worth and confidence you felt during this experience or time in your life. The second-phase in this experiment is to amplify these positive feelings. Imagine for yourself a dial or a switch that enables you to strengthen these positive feelings just by turning the dial or flipping the switch.

Now dial or flip the switch and experience the strengthening of positive feelings of accomplishment and self-worth. You will experience differing levels of emotion depending on your life experiences  and personally aspects. However, all of you will in all probability experience an increase in positive feelings. Try adjusting the dial and working with the features of your switch to further increase positive feeling and emotions.

Do this experiment for a few minutes per day with the objective that you will be able to gradually increase your control over your emotional states. Once you have gained some experience in controlling you emotional states, you may experiment in superimposing your positive reality directly over the negative reality you are experiencing. When you are successful, you will notice a dramatic shift to the positive within your Personal Reality Field.

Now these experiments are vital for you as way to learn emotional control. In the Fourth Dimension, emotional control will enable you to keep your focus in the mental aspects of consciousness. You will not be dragged back into the emotional reactivity of the Third Dimension.
FINDINGS – Document your findings.


HYPOTHESIS: Current interests may Illustrate other lives in the Vanguard.

If you are an avid blog reader of my material, new or old, you are in all likelihood simply reaffirming in this current existence, predilections of interests and behavior from other Simultaneous Lives. The members of The Entity are not, for the most part, stay-at-home bodies, who allow the world to go by them unchanged, unnoticed. No, my fellow travelers are eager to question the core values and beliefs of their cultures. Yet this questioning is not entirely intellectual, it is backed-up with advocacy and action in the physical domain. This action has behind it the spiritual impetus for transformation for the good of all. We are a very humanitarian group and you make your marks on your culture in very noticeable ways.

You will be protected. As we exercise our power to create loving realities, we will be protected by Beings of Light. We have the collective power of goodness on our side, you see, and so as we go about our activist duties in response to the inner promptings of divine information, we may notice that the way before us is cleared of barriers to our destination. As in my earlier example of the “Crystal People,” we may have incarnated many times in many eras, but with a single emphasis or role: that of advocate for humanity. And so we may notice that we respond to threats upon others as threats upon ourselves. We take the threats upon our fellow Earthly inhabitants and upon the Earth inhabitants and upon the Earth in very personal ways. On this note, let us explore possible lives lived just as we may now be living this current life of ours, as an advocate for humanity and for Mother Earth.

Now you may have lived as Empowered Ones within “normal” occupations that no one would suspect. This may be true for you currently, Dear Blog Reader. Many of you use your nondescript careers – housewife, teacher, mason – to protect your true identities – magician, shaman, witch, healer. The true calling is protected. There is a tradition in these matters to work “Undercover,” and avoid the scrutiny that comes with self-disclosure. Naturally, it is always your choice to reveal or to not reveal your true motives and the real work that you are accomplishing. But as I have just stated: you will be protected. As a bringer of light and healing, you will be protected from harm.

The previous experiments in this blog in contacting Simultaneous Lives lived in other timeframes may well have given you glimpses into lives lived as Empowered Ones. There is a certain unifying aspect among all of our reincarnational existences, and it may well be that we have come into physical reality on these various occasions to help and to heal. With your Energy Personality as your guide, imagine other lives in other eras in which you may have served in the Vanguard of progressive human consciousness.

FINDINGS – Document your Findings in your preferred way.


This next section concerns a critical issue with regards to the actions of our leaders in the U.S. and some of the other developed nations. The actions of these countries, particularly in the Middle East, where they seek to control the oil, are challenging the basic structure of acceptable behavior on our planet. Now there are those in other dimensions who take notice of such things and are quite concerned with the zeal with which these deluded humans continue to plunder our beloved Earth.

Certainly many of my Blog Readers may wonder what they can do personally about this critical matter, that of the brutality and warlike nature of our leaders, and I presented some exercises in my blogs to answer these questions. However, some time has lapsed since that material was created and conditions have greatly worsened as of the time of this writing. I feel that I, as a protector of our planet, must look for more effective methods to counter the negative leaders.

Now I know some of you may scoff and say, ‘What can you do, as a entity, to effect change on this Earth?” The truth is that Beings of Light such as myself have exercised our power, in what we would call our “history,” in concerted efforts to effect quite dramatic changes in our Earth reality. These changes were brought about by our efforts in tandem with the mental and physical efforts of human beings. Each of us, as I have stated earlier, has an Energy Personality or Spirit Guide if you wish, that has watched over us from our birth into our current lifetime. Whether we acknowledge this as true or not does not in any way deny the truth of my statement.

Now consider what could be accomplished for the good of humankind, if many thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of human beings were to act in unison toward a common goal, such as for instance, the creation of peace on our world, peace in the Middle East and all of the other areas of conflict on our world. How would we accomplish this, as peacemakers, you and I and our loving Guides?

As with all in creation, we do it with our thoughts. First we acknowledge that we have an Energy Personality. We affirm this, have the intention of communicating with it, and then experience the unfolding of that relationship in the manifestation. I covered this earlier in the Blogs, but I would like now to suggest an experiment on a grand scale. First Let me repeat one of the basic elements of my teaching: we are not separate from anything in the Universe, and we are connected to everything in it by virtue of our thoughts. If we believe this, or we can make the attempt to believe this, it follows that Peace on Earth is well within our grasp.

What if the soldier refused to fight? What if the soldier had a dream one evening that so affected him/her that he/she refused to fight? What if our negative media propagators had a change of heart and decided to state the truth instead of lies and propaganda? What if hundreds of thousands of people awakened one morning no longer support the negative leaders? I think you may be getting the point here. When we go into our meditations and we direct our energies, instead of sending out the positive images and emotions to just one or two, send out the energies to the Guides and to their physical counterparts throughout all of humanity. Our thoughts have power. Indeed our thoughts are the most powerful elements in our physical reality, for THEY CREATE OUR PHYSICAL REALITY. If we desire peace on our Earth, then use our powerful thoughts to create it.

Link up with other peace lovers on the subtle levels and imagine our peaceful world into being.


In our world, terrorism is the subject of choice for modern humans. We are enthralled with the subject for we are daily inundated with terrorist data from the various negative media to the degree that many of us in the modern world eat, drink and sleep terror.

We “like” it that way, for we have become entranced by our negative leaders and the negative media into believing that these terrorist issues should occupy our every waking hour. Our leaders like it that way, for that is the way they want us to respond. The negative leaders are in business of control, and so in a way they use their proclamations to control us through fear. The fear produces body chemicals that create stress and anxiety as well as addiction to these fear-producing statements. We just can’t take our eyes off it. We just can’t ignore the headlines. And so the negative media like it that way, for they are profiting tremendously by spreading the negative messages of the negative leaders.

Now, I must remind of a lifesaving point here: we create our own reality. At risk of repeating myself, let us visit that concept again. On an individual and collective basis, humans create their individual Reality Fields and the mass-create consensus reality that we perceive in a linear fashion. Let us use an example to see how the negative leaders and their media “help” us form our individual and also our mass consciousness realities. It’s quite simple really… You are an average American who awakens to the sound of the radio news program that describes the latest atrocity perpetrated by the latest enemy of our country. Can you see how this sets the tone for the remainder of your day? Before becoming fully awake, in that “in between state” in which we are so impressionable, out mind is already picking up negative information that we will, no doubt, carry with us throughout the day. And as our mind finds in our mental and physical environments what feels is “corroboration” of this negative information – proof – it will note this proof and add it to the mix of negative data, beliefs, images and so on.

Again, in this way, the negative leaders and the negative media have won the contest for control of the minds of individual listeners and viewers and also have they gained control of the masses of listeners and viewers. Now, since telepathy among humans is imperative continually, we reinforce this negativity on the subtle levels by communicating, with other humans in the collective, on the negative leaders and their media. On these subtle levels ideas are accepted as fact, though there may have been NO CRITICAL THINKING Involved in accessing this data. Do you see how our leaders, our media and our unaware selves conspire to terrorize us? We are terrorizing ourselves. It is true that our leaders are at most fault for our predicament. But we as human individuals are also responsible for our dilemma. We have not taken individual responsibility for our own thoughts and actions. We have given our power to institutions, to leaders, to employers. No wonder then do we find ourselves afraid and powerless.

Obviously, the most direct and simple way to take our power back from the institutions of global negative media would be to not participate in them. As i have suggested at different stages in my blogs, we can always TURN OFF THE RADIO, TURN OFF THE TV, TURN OFF THE VIOLENT MOVIES. Avoid the negative media when we are out in our physical environment. Vote with our pocketbook by not purchasing negative, violent, controlling media and other life-denying products of our mass-consumption society. We will soon begin to like it – our freedom – and our negative institutions and leaders will begin to not like it. The repression may grow then, because “the powers that be” will know that we are taking responsibility for our own thoughts and beliefs. However, persevere and our numbers will surely grow. The Forces of Light are in our favor. The probabilities for a mass transformation of consciousness into the positive arena are growing. Our contribution is necessary for the greater good of our species and our Mother Earth.


Perhaps some of the Blog Readers, considering the constant perceived negativity surrounding us, wonder how one person could possibly make a difference in the global picture. You may be asking yourselves, “Why should I go through the effort of changing my beliefs and my Personal Reality for the better, if it will be only a “drop in the bucket” in the “greater scheme of things?” My answer to you would be that your efforts in changing your beliefs and behaviors and thus your Personality Reality Field, also have the added effects of broadcasting by example, the benefits of loving kindness and confidence to those around you in your physical reality.

The effects are also felt telepathically. As you change your personal world for the better, you are each moment broadcasting on the subtle levels your successes in overcoming negativity to the collective network of Souls on our planet through this web of subtle energies. I have noted elsewhere in these blogs that we as a species are literally “One.” We are all co-creating with All That IS our individual lives, yet we are all sharing the same timeframe as One People.

This Telepathic Network is our communication system that we use to achieve consensus while sleeping, on what will be manifested as our world reality upon awakening. So you see, You can truly make a difference. Thoughts have power. Thoughts of good intent and loving kindness have extreme transformative power. Our positive thoughts seek out other positive images and thoughts being transmitted in this collective mental conversation. These thoughts merge to create incipient Reality Constructs. When these potentialities reach a stage of imminent creation, it could be YOUR SINGLE LOVING THOUGHT that could tip the scales towards the positive manifestation.

This mental conversation does indeed continue while we are awake and going about our activities. In other words, we are still dreaming and in contact with the collective while awake, but it goes on “on the background.” It is just as important to create the thoughts of loving kindness and confidence while awake, because that is when we have the most conscious control over our mentality. It is this exercise of consciously changing our thoughts and behaviors that creates a spillover into our dream world, our sleeping times, affecting the world thought consensus in a positive way.

Now you may still be harboring the belief that “Evil,” particularly in our times, may be stronger than “Good.” Indeed, with the variety of wars, famines and other negative events going on around us, this would seem to be the case. However, this belief is still only a habitual idea that we hold. You may have been in the habit of thinking to oneself, “Evil triumphs over good: in politics, in business, in my personal dealings with people,” that you have blinded yourself to other options, other ways of perceiving our world.

Look beyond these perceptual blinders and you may see that the opposites is true: Good triumphs over evil: in politics, in business, in your personal dealings with people. The opposite is true my friends. Reflect on this for a moment and see if you agree.

Troubled friend

Be ruthlessly loving in this matter. Prove yourself an adequate match for this person in this endeavor by reflecting back love and faith and confidence when they test you out of fear and mistrust. The trick is to identify the incoming negative Consciousness Units and transform them with your energy into loving thoughts and emotions BEFORE they enter your energy field and cause disruptions.

These energies are very powerful. They are indeed like parasites that attach themselves to your Energy Body where they then can attach themselves to others, but only if the host is fearful, mistrusting and negative, cynical etc. Negativity is the feeding ground for these energies. Where there is only love and acceptance and compassion, these influences cannot take hold.

Integrity is an excellent concept and we can discuss it a bit here. In this situation, you are integrating your Soul aspects of loving kindness and acceptance, with you core personality or egoic aspects of self-defense, anger etc. So integrate, integrate, integrate. Love dissolves the egoic response motivated by territoriality and competition. Coming together – integration – is what is needed here on all levels. Common ground, conciliation, cooperation for a higher ideal, these are all relevant issues to be considered at this time.

Now, know that many of our contemporaries are also involved in these Soul issues. Our planet is going through a transformation that will be felt down through every atom in our perceptive field. All is in flux. everyone’s issues are being presented to them for transformation and healing. Now you can ignore these “requests” from Soul, but you do so at your peril.

These lessons will help you gain the wisdom and skills necessary to make the transition into the Unity of Consciousness Dimension and stay there. The more deeply this divine information is taken into your being, the more likely you will retain it, remember it and
use it in your spiritual pursuits.

The Negative Entities are created by negative thoughts and emotions, but it is unproductive to ask which came first, the Negative Entities of the ideas and emotions that created them, for all exists at once. The hope lies in more people opting for courage and love rather than fear and anger.

Contacting The Inter-Galactic Brotherhood of Light

HYPOTHESIS: The IGBOL are the “closest” and most accessible of the light bodies.
Now , you can be informed of which being or group of beings you are allied with by virtue of your evolution as a Soul. This can be discovered by asking your Energy Personality, using your free will to ask the names and locations of other beings associated with You-t