Health – physical, mental, emotional, financial – is a state of consciousness that exists in a Moment Point in our perceptual reality. “Behind” this “spiritual” assessment is our Soul Self, the co-creator with All That Is of our Personal Reality Field.

All of the subatomic elements of awarized energy that comprise our Third-Dimensional world for us personally, collaborate to create this awareness of health.

Now speaking of physical health: this is the reason that our world and everything in it seems to support our physical symptoms, you see. Our field of Personal Reality creation, because it is a reflection, a direct reflection of our inner world, does continuously reflect our personal symptoms that we are experiencing/creating for purposes of Learning and Value Fulfillment. The improvements desired in our physical health, therefore, must obviously come from a change in this inner perception. We have been referring to these inner perceptive processes as the Inner Senses. We will go much deeper into this method in The Healing Regimen.


Dear Blog Reader, now in this moment of Good Humor resides your opportunity for an improved future. Perhaps a brief recap is in order here, to serve as a basis for the proclamation. You create BOTH your past and your future from your current moment. This is one of the basic tenets of my Teaching, and so it would serve you well to use this fact of life as a “given” – an essential building block upon which rests my theoretical construct of Reality Creation. So when I suggest to you that you may expand your consciousness intentionally, perhaps what I really mean is that you are capable, simply by virtue of your existence on our physical Earth at this time, of truly exploring and embodying the richness of our momentary existence.

Yes, our life is a series of moments. In this series of moments, obviously, you are reading from my blog. Now the act of reading requires some focus “in the moment.” You muster all of your attention and direct it toward the task of reading and absorbing the blog material. In a similar way, the student of my Teaching would do well to harness the same efforts of concentration entailed in the reading of this blog, toward the appreciation and assessment of the current Moment Point – the spacious moment that connects all of our Simultaneous Lives.

Any moment will do here. This one… Or this one… Or this one… The study and appreciation of the spacious moment does indeed take some preparation. You are, in a sense, preparing yourself for the PROBABILITY of experiencing the moment of awakening – the moment of healing, the moment of perceiving the Abundant Universe, the moment of receiving Divine Wisdom. I am aware that in other Teachings, the student is taught that the awakening of the consciousness to its own spiritual heritage is a lifetime “undertaking,” if you will excuse my pun. Here however, we are offering the student the opportunity to awaken without first expiring.


Now for example… let us say that you are currently experiencing fear in its most basic form, perhaps dreading something that is to occur in your future, or perhaps fearing what has already occurred, perhaps fearing that the dreaded subject or object will continue to exist in our reality. As I have stated in previous blogs, if you are experiencing fear, you are under the influence of Negative EntitiesEnergy Bodies that thrive on the emotions of fear and anxiety. So perhaps a simple antidote to these energies would be for you to trivialize and make fun of these influences. By creating a state of simple Good Humor in your consciousness in this way, you are creating a comedy out of a fearful drama.

In the transformation, you are also creating Courage our of fear. Without getting into details, we could say that the natural abilities of human consciousness create this transformation of fear into Courage. You are, from the inception into human body on Earth, created out of Love. Your consciousness may easily return to this positive state, then, with merely the least amount of effort on your part.

This is easy to do. Making fun of the fear-producing ideas or images may be an enjoyable and creative act unto itself. You are using your imagination to turn down the fearful intensity of the ideas and images, and perhaps replacing them with humorous images and ideas.

Do you see how you are much better prepared to create positive realities when you are in this self-created state of Good Humor? Certainly it is important to continue creating this positive state as you attempt to create a positive reality. It is the extension of the current moment of Good Humor into the future that creates the positive future.

So let us assume that you have gained some mastery over the creation of Good Humor within your own apparatus. You may notice that, over time, as you get good at creating Good Humor, the quality of your daily existence improves. This is the creation of positive realities in itself, as even modest improvements in an otherwise fearful and anxious Reality Construction may have profound effects on your daily life. You create your world from the beliefs you hold about what is possible. As you embody the state of Good Humor consistently, it becomes possible for you to believe in the continuation of this positive state.


Fear may be thought of as the founding energy in the emotional states of anxiety, anger and hatred. Now fear and Good Humor do not mix well. If one is enjoying your state of consciousness known as Good Humor, one is most probably enjoying THE ABSENCE OF FEAR. I stress the importance of Good Humor here for the simple reason that, because it is often so simple to generate this mental state, it becomes a very useful too in the creation of Courage out of fear. Let me illustrate with an example, if I may.

Some of my students, upon reading my earlier blogs, have expressed the criticism that my experiment and exercises are quite challenging. To these students I say, simplify this endeavor. Bring this back to the basics of manifestation. Prepare your mental environment for the creation of positive realities by FIRST embodying or generating within your consciousness, the state of simple enjoyment or Good Humor.


You are literally born out of the Love And Good Humor of All That Is. Here I am asking you to move beyond any religious conditioning that has convinced you that you perhaps were born out of suffering to live a life of pain. For in truth, the facts in this matter are just the opposite.

Let me state the obvious here, however, to avoid any misunderstanding. Yes, your reality is born in your imagination out of Love and Good Humor, yet you will of necessity also experience the opposites of these attributes – fear, anxiety, anger, hatred. Now the important thing here, is how long a hold on to the fear, anxiety, anger and hatred. How much importance do you attach to these emotional states as you experience them? How much do you invest your ego/intellect in the recreation of these states, once you have allowed them to enter your mental environment.


So love Light is born in a simple Good Humor. I trust that this will not be a difficult stretch of the imagination for you to comprehend and accept this information. It is true that in our world, Good Humor may be thought of as a simple and mundane aspect of existence. It may be thought of as too trivial to be considered in as serious an endeavor as the creation of realities. Yet I am suggestion here that ties, in particular, the positive realities that are the focus of this blog.


Hypothesis: In trance we may identify the communication streams within our mental environment.

Now we shall investigate the many information streams that “flow” and “time” are used to hopefully facilitate our connecting to the data streams and to identifying and understanding the content. We are familiar with a flowing river. The river flows regardless of our noticing it, observing it, studying it. In a similar fashion, the many information streams that flow through our mental environment, do so regardless of our attention to them, our noticing them. However, though we may be unaware of these streams of divine information, and of course others that are most certainly not divine, we are indeed quite affected by the ideas and images carried within these many streams of communication. Here I believe It would be a good idea for the student to become more aware of the content of these information streams.

Relax and enter your Trance State, as usual. Now to begin, let us list the many providers of information that exist within the mind or psyche of the “typical” human engaged in co-creating an existence on our world.

First and foremost would be the divine source – All That Is. This data stream is quite easily recognized by the seeker of wisdom. The ecstasy felt during the encounter with the Divine, is the energy signature that marks this source.

Next on the list would be the “voices” of Soul Family members past, present and future.

Of course the negative gods and goddesses exist there also, as well as the Energy Bodies of divine beings of various types crested through the collective efforts of humanity over the ages.
Your own understanding of God with a capital G exists here as an energy form.

If you have pursued contact with the Elemental Beings, they exist within our mentality also, to the degree that we have co-created them through study, worship, observation, and so on.

Our Simultaneous Lives are there in their totality, providing information and both support and negative influence, according to what you are on our Earth to learn at this time.

Let us not forget our own ego/intellect that oversees this phenomenon and indeed censors and directs the activities therein.

Now there are certainly more examples of Light Bodies and other Energy forms that exist within our consciousness. Note these as you discover their activity in our experimentation. When we feel as though we have have received enough information from this experiment, return to full sensory awareness.

Findings – Document your findings in identifying the stream of information within your mental environment.


Hypothesis: By focusing on the precept you may catalyze the holographic insert from the entity.

You may with some preparation, feel the ecstasy and empowerment that some with the experiencing of the Holographic Inserts I stream into my Third Subject’s consciousness. For the purpose of elucidation and bringing Light and information to the discussion. I also present these “teachings aids” to you for the same purposes.

There are a few ways you may explain this to oneself that this phenomenon is real – so that you may indeed experience it clearly, without resorting to denial, fear, anxiety. The simplest explanation is that you are my student and as such you and I have a special , spiritual relationship. The connection here is a physical one also, relating to certain portals or chakras as we might call them, located on and around the physical body.

Any one of my precepts may be used as a Holographic Insert. We have mentioned before that the phrase “you create your own reality” is a particularly potent precept and stands as the foundational statement, if you will, of my entire Teaching. I would suggest an experiment to determine the precepts that have the greatest “effects” for you, when you activate them as Holographic Inserts by focusing on them in your mediations.

Relax and enter a light Trance State. First, I would have you read the percepts and attempt to identify those that “speak” to you with the most energy and frequency. The phenomenon known as resonance comes into play here. Your physical construct, your human body, is actually a vibrating system of Consciousness Units, as you know. Ideas and images of all types, either entertained from within your mental environment of considered from written texts and other media, also “hold” their individual vibratory signatures.

Let me again emphasize that it is the Divine Essence cultivated within the student that is the catalyst here. Through working on your self, through reading spiritual literature and engaging in these arcane practices, the researcher cultivates a certain perspective that allows for the experiencing of the Holographic Insert by the Inner senses. Also, on “the other side,” in a sense, the creator of the manuscript – in this case The entity – empowers the text with the essential energies of the Divine – All That Is – so that on the subtle levels where these types of spiritual growth and extra sensory and emotional perception are experienced, the stages is set quite well for the Holographic Inserts to display.

Now focus on your selected precepts one at a time. Have an intention to link up with the etheric component of each precept. There is an openness required in this endeavor. You might think of oneself as an antenna in search of a signal here. Be quiet. Be still. Listen with your Inner Senses for the response from the Entity.

Findings – Document your findings in catalyzing the precepts into Holographic Inserts.


To illustrate my last point: imagine if you will, your current existence in this day, within this moment that you are reading these words. Can you visualize how the blog, with its Conscious Units “holding” its shape through the Coordinate Points we have discussed, exists also as, let us say, a section of a tree in front of you in a life you may be living as a forest dweller many years before our so-called Christian Era? Likewise in this example, these exact same Conscious Units, as they flash on and off, creating different realities within different timeframes, do indeed compose different Reality Constructs of varied types within these different areas. This is why I describe the future and past timeframes as simply dimensions.

All timeframes or Reincarnational Existences exist “right before your eyes.” You may conceptualize this, if it helps you, as a layered effect, with the different existences and their constructs simultaneously created “one on top of the other.” I hope this description of the very easily accessible dimensions assists you in attempting contact with the other lives. The lives are out there in front of us. They are perceived through the fine-tuning of the Inner Senses. This process is quite doable for the student of this material. Now for some experimentation.

Multidimensional Conscious Unit

To illustrate my last point: imagine if you will, our current existence in this day, within the moment that you are reading these words. Can you visualize how the blog, with its conscious units “holding” its shape though the Coordinate Points we have discussed, exists also as, let us say, a section of a tree in front of us in a life we may be living as a forest dweller many years before our so-called Christian Era?

Likewise in this example, these exact same Conscious Units, as they flash on and off, creating different realities within different timeframes, do indeed compose different Reality Constructs of varied types within these different ears. This is why I describe the future and past timeframes as simply dimensions.

All timeframes of Reincarnational Existences exist “right before your eyes.” We may conceptualize this, if it helps us, as a layered effect, with the different existences and their constructs simultaneously create “one on top of the other.” I hope this description of the very easily accessible dimensions assists in attempting contact with these other lives. The lives out there in front of us. They are perceived through the fine-tuning of the Inner Senses. This process is quite doable for the student of this material.


The engineers were not limited to design and creation of buildings and other structures. They were instrumental in the creation of vehicles that were used by researchers to “travel” interdimensionally. I am now transmitting a Holographic Insert into Marlo’s mental field in an attempt to graphically illustrate one of the inter-dimensional vehicles.

Now these vehicles did not “travel” in the common meaning of that term. The crystal structure assisted the researcher in an attunement of their consciousness through vibratory resonance. The mental Intention of the researcher, directed through the “focal” aspects of the crystal structure, allowed for the “beginning in” of the simultaneous Lives lived in different points in space and time travel in our system. The future, in our terms, is really just our progressed reality in linear time. Our future is another dimension, a dimension that exists, as I have stated, within the exact same Conscious Units that compose the blog reader, as well as all of the current Reality Constructs that compose our world.


There was another serving class, another group of humans within the Atlantean society, that was dedicated to assisting the people within their social group in terms of leadership and the creation of social and political structures as well as physical structures. This group was composed of humans who were extremely talented in the mathematical sciences and had a natural affinity for numbers, figures and their manipulation. They were natural engineers and experts at what you might call the “hard sciences.” These humans “instinctively” knew the lost efficient methods for creating a structure, such as a house or other building, and possessed a facility for designing and building dams and other large structures.

These ancient engineers were also visionaries, just as the visionary leaders were prophets as well as gifted politicians. They could foretell the future stresses – from natural disasters etc. – that a particular structure of their design would incur after being built, and so could design and build the structure with this prophetic material in mind.


You may read about the “vestiges” of the class of prophet leaders in your stories of the Divine King. In successive civilizations after the “fall” of Atlantis, for example, this idea was kept alive, if only symbolically, in the concept of the King or Emperor having a direct connection to the Divine.

We may also read in our histories how ultimately this type of leadership failed miserably, for the leaders tool the power without taking the responsibility of divine leadership. They were more interested in ruling than leading. In our current leadership on our Earth, we may see this ultimate act of hubris in the leaders who have anointed themselves as the modern Divine King, yet choose to deny the citizenry their rights, and as I said, rule rather than lead.


As descendants of the divine rulers of the Mystery civilizations, the visionary leaders are engaged in the same sort of activities as their predecessors. They are art of a lineage of incarnation in our Third Dimension. Now genetically, there may or may not be a connection, however the Soul Family connections are there to investigate.

For example: those of us who have identified an Atlantean heritage, through our experimentation or other research efforts, may be interested to know that the leadership within the Atlantean culture itself was initially drawn from what you might call the “spiritual” class. This group fulfilled several different functions in the society. They were scientists of non physical reality, what we are calling the Scientists of Consciousness.

These humans were raised from birth as the “Magical Child” we spoke of in the last blog series. They had memories of all of their Reincarnational Existences. This information, which included “future” experiences, we quite valuable. The leaders were visionaries in the true sense of that term, in that they were aware of the probable events to occur in the future of their societies.


We suggested in our last blog series that there are true visionaries among us who are making themselves known. These are the advocates for our Mother Earth, the speakers, the teachers, the magicians, shamans, witches and healers of our timeframe, who are exerting considerable pressure on the current ruling regime – I am speaking in global terms here now – to “soften” and indeed spiritualize their expressions in physical reality, including their political systems. They are now coming forward to lead us in all the domains of human interaction.

Our leaders who have taken advantage of the people are now finding themselves “uncovered” and suddenly vulnerable. In their place there is becoming apparent this new class of “natural born leaders.” We have stated that these visionaries will not necessarily be elected. They lead in a very appropriate manner, for that is their natural gift, as humans in this very important era in our world.

Perhaps now we have witnessed this phenomenon, essentially a calling forth to those of goodwill for our Mother earth, to tend to THE TRUE BUSINESS AT HAND. The denial is lifting, you see, as many of us begin to see the damage done by our leaders with our tacit approval.

Or perhaps we have experienced this phenomenon in a more personal way, as we may have felt oneself called to serve our fellow humans in a more direct way than we have done in the past. Leaders come in many forms. Leading by example, to coin a phrase, is a wholly adequate and necessary service one may provide to initiate the rebuilding of our damaged societies.

You see, there are no authorities among these visionary Leaders. They do not hold power by virtue of authority, such as a power “over” others. They are powerful because they keep their own power. They do not give up their authority to others. In the broad sense, ALL of us are becoming enlightened, empowered with the natural creative energies that are our birthright. We are all becoming leaders in this way.


In other models, these primal blueprints are referred to as “archetypes.” Our eminent psychiatrist and researcher Jung popularized this term, as elemental to his theory of consciousness. Naturally this theory of Jung’s bears a resemblance to the ideas within current Blog work. Jung was informed by the Entity.

He was first informed through contact and communication with his Energy Personality, and later used this Energy Construct as a bridge to the greater Gestalt of consciousness to which he was associated – The Entity, broadly speaking. Essentially, this was the path used by all three of the recognized authors in our timeframe. It is also the recommended path for those of us who wish to receive energy from the greater energy Construct of which we are a part, be that The Entity or any others.


I do not wish to repeat myself too greatly in this new blog material, but allow me to once again state the ultimate premise of our Third-Dimensional existence. Our world is composed of Light. Each and every Reality Construct is the “visible” manifestation of Gestalts of Consciousness of various types.

The leaf on the tree before you is the “outward” creation of the “inner” thought-form or Energy Gestalt of LEAF. The Beings of Light, therefore, exist at all levels of physical Reality Creation. And again, each and every Gestalt of Consciousness, including the Beings of Light, may be contacted through the Rituals of Contact and Communication we are presenting in these new blog works. In this way, the researcher may communicate with the leaf in question through an attunement of the vibratory frequency of the researcher’s mental environment to the frequency of the subject i.e. LEAF.


When you state, for example, that something “resonates” with you, this is a statement of literal fact. Let us say that you are speaking of some particularly evocative material you are reading in a book. You find yourself becoming quite affected by the ideas in the text. You become emotionally invested in the material. It seems as though the author is “reading your mind,” as to what you are thinking and feeling.

This vibratory resonance occurs when the thoughts you are entertaining within your consciousness are vibrating at a similar rate as the ideas you are reading about in the book. In this instance, the Consciousness Units that compose the thoughts held in the mental environment are vibrating at the same frequency as the ideas, images and other material elicited by the written words.

Now in this activity of resonance, you might say that the energetic potential of the one, assists in creating the holographic replicant within the other. This is a rather simplified way of expressing the manifestation phenomenon, in that the one “brings the other up” to a station of equally evolving manifestation – streaming, energizing and facilitating the assemblage of the Consciousness Units within the other.

Now the reverse is also true here. It is a mutual sharing of energies in this resonance. There is a form of homeostasis or balance that is achieved once the level of Value Fulfillment is reached that is the “goal,” in a sense, of the Reality Creation project. These discussions may become quite etheric. However, in its simplest form we may say that our reality is co-created from the Consciousness Units that are charged with the life force of All That Is.

The resonance phenomenon exists as a cohesive force in the assemblage of Consciousness Units into Reality Constructs throughout our Third-Dimensional Reality. When we speak in the new material of the researcher “fine tuning” the Inner Senses, we are saying that the researcher may achieve a similarity of vibratory frequency is created – through our various techniques, for example – resonance is achieved. The Consciousness Units within your mental sphere resonate with their holographic counterparts – the “generic atoms” we have spoken of earlier. What is imagined on the “inner” is made manifest on the “outer” in this way.

This cohesive force is the electromagnetic energy we have mentioned that is at the basis of all created realities. The bioelectric energy that is at the basis if all created realities. The bioelectric energy that “Lights and powers” the human body construct or any living or inanimate object, does so in a resonating, flashing on-and-off fashion.

Here again we are referencing my past discussions on the nature of the atoms or Consciousness Units as they create multidimensional realities, in a sense, flashing or vibrating at specific rates to create the realities that vibrate at the particular frequency.

You may also remember our discussion from our previous blogs in which we presented the possibility for the researcher to experiment with modulating the frequency of their physical body construct to create healing.


For your information, Dear Blog Reader, the ideas and philosophies of the great leaders of your perceived past are available to you within the milieu of your personal consciousness. Now obviously, this is the psychic mechanism for the inspiration and motivation of vast numbers of devotees to follow the great religious leaders, for example. It is a psychic network, a Telepathic Network that one participates in to make these connections. The catalyst for such a voyage of discovery or quest for understanding and knowledge, could be as simple as he reading of a book authored by one of these respected leaders.

As I related to you in in previous Blogs, the printed words within our spiritual and philosophical texts have power on the subtle levels. In a sense, these words serve to “open Doors” within the psyche of the reader to allow for the reception of Divine Knowledge. This stream of energy has its source or transmission point within the after-death consciousness or Soul Self of the deceased writer.

So the selection of inspirational texts is very important in this project. You may find that certain authors “call out” to you in some way. You are drawn to particular authors, just as you may have been drawn to my Blogs, it is a very natural thing to act upon these inspirational impulses. These mental constructs, the motivating impulses, serves as markers along the way, as you make your voyage of self discovery, the discovery of your Soul Self.

Now the questions may arise, “What is my relationship to these authors? Why do I feel compelled to seek out their books and read them? The answers are that you are connected to a virtually limitless “family” of incarnated and currently “deceased,” in our terms, human Souls. These are your Simultaneous Lives, that I described in my previous blogs. These are your etheric Guides also, your Energy Personality and other assistants, and these are the authors of inspirational texts.


The preferred method of communication between the complex Gestalts of Consciousness you know as spirits, Guides, Angels and such, and the student in physical reality – the visionary – has always been the Holographic Insert. This is our name for a brief multisensory experience that is transmitted from the nonphysical being to the student. It is quite brief, usually, merely a fraction of a second in duration. It has Loving energy attached to it so that you will remember it. These are the visions that are experienced by students through the ages and documented in scared texts of various kinds.

The visionary experience is really a conversation between the nonphysical beings and the student. It is not necessarily a one-way conversation. The Nature Spirit, for example, does not transmit communication streams into the consciousness of an unprepared student. The student most probably has first been prepared through study and through continued communications and Lessons creates by the Spirit for the further education of the student. The student asks for the communication and the Spirit complies when appropriate.

Now, Holographic Inserts “pour off the page” for you, when you take the care to accept these multisensory messages within your mental awareness. These words and these phrases have power when they are considered carefully with the expectation of the manifested reality to be indeed made manifest.

It is an openness, really, a state of courageous expectation that you must cultivate. It is the same with spiritual literature of all types. The words do have power. The phrases, when they are considered after the required preparation of the human mentality, may initiate the unfolding the unfolding of the Higher Consciousness. We may also relate this to all types of inspirational literature. It calls to us for specific reasons, to catalyze within you – the individual human – the resources required for the exploration of our inner world.


Now we become what we think about. Our identity is created from the ideas and images that we entertain within our mental environment, including messages sent to us from our Simultaneous Lives. Our identity is quite fluid. We are continuously assessing our mental, physical and emotional spheres of activity and assembling our identity from data gathered in this investigation.

We have many colleagues in this endeavor – the reassessment of the Personal and Consensus Realities. Our modern world in this timeframe is witnessing the transformation of the human mentality on a grand scale. Our fellow inhabitants of our planet are questioning their roles and duties as human beings and many are acknowledging the TRUTH of this matter of identity.

For example: many who have been skeptics are engaged in a reversal of thinking. They are “seeking the light” quite literally in all of their experiences, particularly where they have sought to keep the truth from their fellow humans. These transformations will be shocking to some, for they occur so abruptly that the breath is taken away. Yet as this event in the lives of men and women becomes more commonplace, the basic correctness and obvious necessity of this wholesale change in human perception and attitude will be recognized. The Visionary of old is reborn in the present, during this shift – the Fourth-Dimensional Shift we are describing.


Let me answer my own questions. Beings of Light are responding. We ARE a Being of Light. We each are a Soul with a body. We are a multitude of personalities existing in many different areas on our Earth, on other planets and in probable systems. We are experiencing our amnesia in the Third Dimension, perhaps scoffing at this admittedly “far out” narrative, yet it remains quite true that WE are what we are talking about when we describe the Beings of Light. EVERYTHING in physical reality if “lighted” by Beings of Light, Gestalts of Consciousness, Light Bodies, Energy Bodies.

They are the energy and incipient matter templates for all forms in physical reality and all other dimensions. So that any discussions as to whether Beings of Light exist are really quite humorous, as these Gestalts of Consciousness comprise ALL of human experience.

Perhaps what we are truly saying here, is that we are an Etheric Being. The witty, the humorous and the creative responses are from the Nonphysical Personality aspects that form our Soul Self. This is our identity then. We are grounded in the nonphysical world.


Where does this visionary energy perspective originate? Let me explain with reference to the “typical” blog reader. You have Dear Blog Reader, I am sure, what you refer to as your personal resources of wit, humor, creativity. This is that aspect of your psyche that you rely on to “Come Through” with the appropriate responses in your dealings with you world. Another way to describe this might be that these spontaneous responses that you give when required, these are the material of the free-flow of your conscious state.

You seem to be accessing your personal reservoir of experience from which you create “answers” to the challenge of your environment, whether these challenges are human beings or circumstances that challenge you to feed back with appropriate germane information, behaviors, and so on. Now my questions to you would be, “Who is responding with this information? Who is the witty, the humorous, the creative one?”

The Visionary STATE

The visionary within our modern culture is a much maligned figure. This may be because we have come so far from our tribal communities, as “progress” takes us away from core experiences of community and shared spirituality. In the U.S.A. in particular, and most of our developed nations, we take great care to marginalize our visionaries, particularly when they begin to speak of radical transformations to come in our world.

Here however, in our growing community, we honor the visionary and we accept the visionary state of consciousness as natural, normal and quite essential to the evolution of the human Soul and the human species.

The visionary has visions, quite simply, and these visions are experienced through the use if the intuitive faculties. The visions of these seers of society are filled with Light. The visionary is enlightened, you see, and senses the foundation of reality as the Light Energy that it is. In my view, I see all of humanity as potential visionaries.


Dear Blog Reader, you now have at our disposal the great perceptive powers of the Inner Senses. In my last series of blogs I described to you in detail how to access these powers and how to use them to your advantage in physical reality. Here I would like to elaborate on this data with some suggestions on how to sense the Subconscious Manifestation Energy Stream.

This material may also be used in conjunction with Carl Jung material. The Subconscious Manifestation Energy Stream, as I said, support and nourishes our created reality – our Personal Reality Field. In the dream state, and when we are in our Home Dimension between lives, we are well aware of this stream of energy and we sense it as easily as we sense the various constructs within our self-created reality. Now, the Inner Sense of sight, Auric Vision, may be utilized to sense this stream. The following experiment will assist us in the awakening of this valuable Inner Sense.

EXPERIMENT – Sensing Reality Creation

Hypothesis: The Subconscious Energy Manifestation Stream may be observed as it creates the reality construct.
The Reality Construct is our topic for the moment. The Reality Construct is all of created reality, and also describes the many elements of the created reality. Here I wish to digress somewhat and ask you the blog reader to imagine for yourself what it is I am attempting to describe to you.

Consciousness creates form, instantaneously, in the moment. We must use these descriptions of Reality Creation for us to make sense of this phenomenon, occurring as it does within a linear time conceptualization. The truth of the matter might be better expressed by describing the spontaneously responsive quality of manifestation in our system. So that here we could speak of consciousness creating form that creates consciousness, and so on, all within the spacious eternal moment. Everything is conscious. everything is creative. Everything creates consciousness. All That Is, another term for everything, IS the infinitely creative consciousness that gives birth to our own infinitely creative consciousnesses. This Idea Construct is an excellent one to entertain when we are attempting to KEEP IN THE MOMENT. I trust I have inspired quite enough to be receptive to these subtle energies.

So I would suggest you relax. If you are sitting in a chair, make yourself comfortable. If you are lying down, prop up your body so that you will not fall asleep as you read this. Now imagine if you will, what I have defined as the Moment Point. Use your current existence, the moment you are now experiencing, as somewhat more extended in duration than you have experienced moments in the past.

In a previous blog, we provided an experiment for the blog reader to practice slowing down time within their Personal Reality Field. This is the same feeling we are creating here and now. You use your intention to imbue your Moment Points with duration. Please make creative use of your Inner Senses to accomplish this, perhaps intuitively visualizing your present sensory images and sounds as slowing down, slowing down with your Intention.

What we are getting at here is a slowing down of time to the extent that we may glimpse the creation of physical objects from ideas. This would be Reality Construction viewed at the edge of creation. Now these are grand terms, and you might say I am making it all sound so easy, but at its heart, it IS the easiest thing it all sound so easy, but at its heart, it IS the easiest thing in the world. You are experts at creating “something from nothing,” and you can easily slow down this creative process to the microsecond level. Here you may see and feel what is involved in your creation of your Personal Reality Field. This includes your body and the senses you use to sense this manifestation activity.

How much must you slow down the act of reality creation to witness this? You will know you are meeting with success when you have a sensation of pulsing visually and as a felt sensation. This is the pulse of manifestation. This is the flow of the Subconscious Manifestation Energy Stream through the Coordinate Points and “into” the Reality Constructs.

A taste of perspective. I am experiencing the pulsation. It feels like the heartbeat, only accelerated many times. Visually there is a dreamy quality. Briefly I experienced a twinge of fear, as if I was receiving forbidden knowledge. Possible religious programming?

The flow of information “through” the Coordinate Point is so rich in imagery and other content that the researcher must intentionally slow down the flow of Conscious Units through this gateway if they are to observe and study the construct.

Now can you imagine these theorized Coordinate Points as permeating “physical” space and matter, yet not taking up any space whatsoever? Let us refer to the Conscious Points as etheric in nature in this experiment. They are the nonphysical “precursors” of the “future” created Reality Constructs. They exist inter-dimensionally and holographic ally. They are each everywhere literally all of the time, past, present and future. They exist as the determinant “values” in the manifestation phenomenon. And again, consciousness in the form of Consciousness Units expresses intentionally, as in the unconscious co-creation of the human or elemental expressions of all the other varied forms of “substance” in your dimension. when you have received adequate information from your experiment, gradually disengage from the Trance State. Return to fully sensory awareness.

FINDINGS – Document your observations of the Reality Creation phenomenon.


I would very much like to complete this description with an example of a typical act of manifestation, one you may be familiar with as an eater of breakfast.

You the Blog Reader have possibly experienced the phenomenon of “making” your own breakfast. Let me just say that this is the perfect word for this process of creation. For you not only “make ” your breakfast, in the sense that you prepare the various elements of the meal, “the way you like it,” and put them on the plate, but you literally create – through a type of “telepathic rapport” with the atomic structures of the various elements – the foods contained in a meal.

I do like the term telepathic rapport. It describe quite nicely this sense of collaboration with all of the energies within your Personal Reality Field. You are ONE with all of the Conscious Units within your Personal Reality Field and you give direction to these elements to create your realities. This rapport may also be described as “attunement” – an ongoing correlation between your human Intuition and the countless atoms that comprise any particular event in your life. Let us now complete this section of our blog series with some experimentation that will hopefully illustrate for you the principles we have just discussed.


As I described in previous blogs, each atom in our perceptive field exists within its own electromagnetic energy environment or Auric Field. Each an every Reality Construct also rests within its own Auric Field. With our Inner Sense of Auric Vision, we may easily perceive this “Visual” aspect of our self-created physical objects.

The advantage to using this Inner Sense as opposed to say the physical outer sense of sight may not be obvious at first. Let me explain. The electromagnetic corona reveals information about not merely the Reality Construct or physical object itself, but about the individual atoms or Conscious Units of which it is composed. Each atom has its own evolutionary history, you see, and each atom retains and “exhibits” not only “past” historic data but also “future” information to the observer.

We have discussed elsewhere in these blogs that each atom or Conscious Unit in the Universe is connected to every other atom or Conscious Unit in the created Universe. Additionally, each Conscious Unit or atom retains its own history. For example: any particular atom might have a history of, let us say, existing as a molecule of water that was incorporated into a plant, that was then, as an addition to the cellular tissue of the plant, eaten by an animal. The animal incorporated the plant material into its flesh. Now the water molecule is transformed, in this example, into plant cell and then into animal flash. Yet the molecule or atom or Conscious Unit of water we are describing RETAINS what we might call the “memories” of its existence as part of a water molecule, a plant cell and the flesh of an animal.

Now if you, again as an example, where to eat the flesh of this theoretical beast we are describing, and you incorporated the atom that is journeying from construct to construct, even then this atom would retain memories of its existence in the preceding constructs. Each Conscious Unit, each atom, each cell that composes our physical body here in this example, has a cellular history that it, in a sense, “remembers,” and one that is reflected within the Auric Field or corona of our human example. in this case, you the Blog Reader.

This plodding explanation, I think, is necessary for our understanding of this Inner Sense we are calling Auric Vision. Do you see how the atoms of the body literally sing their histories in unison with one another? These “songs” are the electromagnetic vibrations that may be sensed as the Auric Field.

Now these Inner Senses blend into each other somewhat and so we may speak of the Inner Sense of sight as having an auditory component also. The inner eye senses the Auric field as, in a manner of speaking, the inner ear senses the vibrations or songs of the collected cells of the energy construct – the human body, your body.

The atoms “sing” their histories as well as their present and future realities. The electromagnetic expressions of individual atoms or Conscious Units, as well as the collective expressions of our self-created Reality Constructs, display for the keen observer the mysteries of creation. We are all psychics, you see. All of us have the potential to become wonder workers, with the simple acknowledgement that we, by virtue of our simple humanity, have the potential for discovering the Inner Senses. With this discovery come the feel possibility for Spiritual growth.

This Subconscious Manifestation Energy Stream the energetic construct – or holographic model, if you prefer – for the creation and maintenance of our Personal Reality Field, and by association the Consensus Reality Field. For the Consensus Reality is the sum of the Personal Reality Fields of a given area.


Now the strands of incipient matter we have just discussed compose the latticework that is the grid of Coordinate Points upon and within and about our self-created reality. There is a holographic nature of these strands of incipient matter. They compose the physical reality Constructs of our Third-Dimensional world INCLUDING our own physical body and the physical constructs that we might call space, air etc.

So you now imagine, as I attempt to bring this description to fullness, how this Reality Construction phenomenon might exist as a profound image? Can you imagine the creation of Third-dimensional Reality in its totality as being powered or energized into activity? What is lacking here in our description, you see, is the motivating energizing power that Sustains the phenomenon. Let us refer to this concept as the Subconscious Manifestation Energy Stream. This energy flow supports your reality by continuously lending the creative energy of All That Is to the manifestation of each and every construct in our Personal Reality Field.

The SEMES is subconscious. It is riven by our Soul’s Intent. We are experiencing on Earth our reincarnational dramas and comedies Intent is other- directed. It is directed in essence by All That Is. Now we decided before we were born, what body we were to inhabit and what Lessons we were to learn in this current Life. So we truly do co-create with All That Is our Earthly existence. But again I must remind that we have free will “to do as you please,” even while in the midst of our Lessons, which might be a truly sober and serious nature.

Threads,Strands and Gestalts of consciousness

In previous blogs, I described the Consciousness Units as being composed of threads. I now further state that these theoretical threads of awarized energy exist in various “arrays” of potentiality, what we are calling Gestalts of Consciousness – the pre-manifestation templates of creation. Infinitesimally small threads of energy under the direction of elemental consciousness, coalesce into strands of incipient matter that are combined in various ways to create our Reality Constructs.

Now a matrix implies a grid or network of interconnecting pathways or energy streams. Can you imagine in your mind’s eyes this network of Love Light? The pathways are the strands of etheric material composed of Consciousness Units. Within this matrix exist the Coordinate Points. The strands also coalesce into more complex structures – The Gestalts of Consciousness – which hold the potential for the creation of anything conceived by consciousness. All of this etheric material is literally “Love in action” the all-encompassing power of Love that is the essence and creative energy All That Is.

Are you beginning to see now? This Love Light energy that power the strands of etheric material, is the creative element for healing of all types. Focused Love Light is utilized by our tribal healers, for example, in very precise ways to assist their “patients” in balancing and “making whole” their unbalanced bodies. So it is literally true that Love is the healing agent in all restorations of the human body and spirit.


The Love Light is the matrix of divine influences onto which we fashion our Reality Constructs. Here let us speak of the importance of context. It is ALL context, Dear Blog Reader. Within this milieu we are describing as the Love Light Matrix, the Telepath Network, the Central Field of Experiencing and the Subconscious Manifestation Energy Stream, we create out of Consciousness Units those Reality Constructs that compose what we experience as “Bedrock reality” – a cliché we have found helpful in these discussions.

Of course we use metaphors in this work to assist the blog reader in an understanding of the principles and ideas we are describing. Again, the creation of our Personal Reality Field that we accomplish on a moment-to-moment basis with the divine energy of All That Is, is so complex an undertaking that our physical brain could not conceive of the many operations that are undergone within ONE SINGLE SECOND of our existence.

Mind Blower.” This refers to, I gather, a concept or image that is so stunning that a single human mind cannot comprehend it in its totality. This is an description of what the mind encounters when these matters of Reality Creation are considered.

To express the divine – the ineffable – we must always resort to metaphors and theoretical constructs, for the reality of the subject matter is so incredibly complex and rich, that the Third-Dimensional consciousness cannot hold it for very long before it falls away into chaos. The great traditions of our world teach the student how to maintain an equilibrium in these matters. The hope is that the student will master the skills of witnessing the Divine without succumbing to the negative states of fear, anger, confusion. So metaphors are used.

Now perhaps some mixing of metaphors is necessary here to provide a choice for you The Blog Reader. We are hoping that you will find some image or idea that works for you here in the understanding of this material. We are preparing you for the regimens that follow these introductory chapters.


Building upon this premise, can you see how a natural trajectory for a “typical” Consciousness Unit or Atom might well be toward the creation of Love? Love is information or light. What I shall be referring to as Love Light in this blog, then, simply information of a particular type. It is the creative force of manifestation.

If you have been following our discussion of the nature of reality, you will remember that I have described All That Is as the source for All realities. You may then see that it follows that Love in our model of Reality Creation, is the energy or “impetus” for the expression of All That Is within our Third Dimension.

This is not new information I am providing . Our World Religions place great importance on the role of Love within society. The virtues of Love are spoken of by many healers and leaders within our communities. Yet here I hope to define what I am calling “Love with a capital L;” The Love that I am describing to you in the literal “fuel” for the manifestation of EVERYTHING in our world. This Love or Love Light has a particular frequency or rate of vibration that facilitates the assemblage of Consciousness Units into Reality Constructs. The Love Light is the power of All That Is. Period.

It is the force that activates the Consciousness Units to express ideas and images into physical reality through the Coordinate Points. Do you see, then, that it it important to learn how to utilize this Love Light in a conscious deliberate fashion?

Where is the Love currently? “My world is certainly lacking in the Love that creates realities!” We shall have more to say on the diversion of Love in the creation of negative realities later in this Blog series. For now, please remember that our Earth is a dramatic stage for the enactment of what are often perceived as “Negative” or “painful” reincarnational dramas.

These dramas may indeed “appear” to be devoid of Love in any measure. However, you have “set yourself up” to experience your Lessons in the way you are experiencing them. Indeed, your ultimate Lesson in the Third Dimension may be of creation to create the positive out of the negative. Coincidently, that is the precise subject of this blog.


Now the elements we know as atoms are Loving and benign entities. In terms of what we might call a “generic” atom, within the activity of creation in the New Science theory, the sole goal of the atom is to combine creativity with other atoms in experiencing Value Fulfillment.

Now certainly we might question whether an atom could have an agenda or could think or in any way assess its existence in the fulfillment of value. Let me remind you that everything is alive. Everything is sentient, self-reflective to a degree. Even an atom may be thought of as having a strategy for development. The atoms and the Consciousness Units of which they are composed, have strategies for the fulfillment of particular values.


The activity of the Consciousness Unit via the Coordinate Point is spontaneous, that is, the creative energies “erupt” into the Reality Constructs within our field of perception in a milieu of Loving ease and divine facilitation. This spontaneity I am describing is based in the Divine, yet naturally the outcomes of these activities are witnessed in the physical – our physical world. We straddle both the etheric and the physical domains.

This New Science we are describing is not separate from the sacred. It is an analysis of the sacred. The sacred here is the subject of study. The sacred is the spinning of Consciousness Units into Reality Constructs by All That Is through us the reader and writers of this blog. Here I use the term “spinning” in a multitude of ways. Our essence is spun off Of All That IS in the manner of a top as it spins, casting off a flash of reflected light, perhaps, the flash of light representing a fragment of the Soul Shelf that is cast into the living body of the human baby. I am also referencing the spinning of our theoretical baby. I am also referencing the spinning of our theoretical electrons in our atoms.


Some areas of our world hold “more” of the Coordinate Points than others. These parts of our planet are much desired as places or worship and mediation. The potentialities for manifestation into physical reality are greater in these areas of high energy or accelerated vibration. Yet within our own personal environment, we may find with just a bit of exploration, just where the processes of creation work for us.

For example: have you ever found that the simple act of changing your study location within your home had the effect of greatly streamlining the creative process for you? Perhaps intuitively you understood that the dispersal of Coordinate Points in the new area was more conducive to study and learning than the previous one.

The Coordinate Points may also be conceived of as gateways into adjacent dimensions representing different timeframes and so different Reincarnational Existences I hope I am not complicating this discussion too much with these heady topics and definitions. In late blogs we shall go further into our explanations with examples and experimentation.

For now let us just say that the precept – for example “you create your own reality” – may be thought of as the general, overriding influence in the New Science theory while as I said, the percept may represent the “cutting edge” – a useful comparison – of consciousness as it creates and perceives the world.


These Consciousness Units are, of course, the ubiquitous elements of awarized energy – the “building blocks” of Reality Creation. And as for the Coordinate Points, here we shall simply the Idea Construct for dissemination to a broader audience.

The Coordinate Points permeate our Third-Dimensional reality and direct the “activity” of the Consciousness Units, according to the energy templates of Gestalts of consciousness. We could say that the potential for physical expression of the Consciousness Unit is “adjusted” by the Coordinate Point at the direction of subconscious and conscious thought.

Now need I mention that this is a collective effort? The creation of our world is an exercise in mutual cooperation between our “human” consciousness and the “creative intelligence” or consciousness of everything else in our world. This description pertains to greater as well as the lesser here. We cooperate with every atom within our Personal Reality Field as well as every atom within the greater reality field that we might call our Consensus Reality.


To reiterate, our world is largely created by subconscious thought, as we know. During the dream state we create incipient Reality Constructs that we materialize into physical Reality Constructs on awakening. Now it may already seem obvious to us that we create our physical body without much conscious thought. Our unconscious, in tandem with All That Is, creates our physical body “naturally,” without the need for constant energy or direction from the conscious mind or ego.

However, as we explore the expression of the Soul through the ego, and we begin to correct our negative thoughts and their expression into physical Reality Constructs, we will begin to gain conscious control of these unconscious processes. This is the path of healing the physical body, for example. We learn how to fine-tune the expression of Consciousness Units through the Coordinate Points for the creation of an improved or symptom-free body.


Facts of our existence. These are the precepts – that when fully understood, will allow us to witness and remember the activities of our Simultaneous Lives, for example, as well as the literal moment-to-moment creation of our Personal Reality from the thoughts and images within our mental environment.

You create your own reality.
You are connected to everything in your world.
You can change the Consensus Reality from your Personal Reality Field.
Emotion is the creative energy of All That Is in action.
Human consciousness is founded in Love.
Diversions from Love through Negative Emotions create Negative Realities.
All imbalances may be corrected through Love and Courage.
You are the sum of your Simultaneous Lives within your current Moment Point.
Your Inner senses may be used to examine and change anything past, present or future.
You are in telepathic rapport with everything in your world.
Reality Constructs are composed of Consciousness Units of awarized energy.
Coordinate Points permeate matter and space and modulate the activity of the Consciousness Units.
Your Intention, emotions and Beliefs provide the energy and direction for Reality Creation.
Everything exists initially as Gestalts of Consciousness, the nonphysical “templates” of creation.

Now the percept here – a slightly different spelling than precept. I trust you shall notice – is another very important concept we shall discuss. A percept may be defined as, “that element of consciousness that creates the Reality Construct and Instantaneously perceives or witnesses the construct.”


The modern scientific tradition is giving way to a body of work that was created by the forebears of our world. These proto scientists lived within the Mystery Civilizations. We refer to these as Mystery civilizations for the obvious reason that we have forgotten the valuable insights into human behavior and the nature of reality that we learned within these societies.

I have described  how mankind has ceded the powers of Reality Creation to those in authority in exchange for “subtle gifts” – the protection of the group, the opportunity to earn a living, the confirmation of a place in the hereafter etc.; etc.; etc. This giving-up of power went hand-in-hand with a mass forgetting of the old traditions of healing, group spirituality and wonder-workings of various kinds.

The Divine Day

HYPOTHESIS: You may create contact with the divine over the course of an entire waking day.

This experiment is one of creating the Trance State long term. For our purposes, the Trance is a sacred state of awareness. When you conduct your Ritual of sanctuary and enter your Trance, you are walking the Path of the seeker of wisdom. When you can embody this state of awareness over the course of minutes and hours, you will be well on your way toward awakening to the Unity of Consciousness Dimension that we have described in my blogs.

Now choose a day when you will not be bothered by outside forces. You will want to be left alone for this experiment, if at all possible. We are assuming here that you have already experienced some form of contact and communication with one or more of your Guides. However, if you have yet to manifest this relationship, simply “act as If” you are already in touch with your Energy Personality. Conduct this experiment as though guided by your spirit Guide, for this may well act to initiate that relationship.

In my last series of blogs I presented an exercise in bringing the energy of Reality Creation up from the emotional center into the mental center. This mental center is located directly between your Eyes. It is here that you may sense the divine information stream as it seeks to penetrate the barrier of the ego/intellect. Just as we encourage the blog users of The Healing regimen to create the healing moment long term – into minutes, hours and days – we encourage you the blog reader to create this initial contemplative state for as long as you can. It would be best if you could begin the Divine Day on Awakening from sleep.

If you have yet to develop your Ritual of Sanctuary, simply imagine a golden Light surrounding you. Nothing harmful can penetrate this field of Light. It has a healing protective influence.

Now create the Trance State as best you can. The Trance is simply a natural state of awareness marked by deep relaxation and a focus on the inner world. I would ask you to sense what energies may be present in the solar plexus area of your body. If you sense a churning activity, as though emotions were ebbing and flowing, please bring this felt sense UP to the mental center directly between the eyes. As you do this exercise, you may notice that the churning sensation ceases. The felt sense becomes one of calm and assurance. There is also an emotional toe of ecstasy just below the surface. This is indication that you are using your intent to bring it up, up into the divine portal.

FINDINGS – Document throughout your waking day your experiences with keeping your awareness in the mental center.


Now there are at least two distinct ways to go with regards to belief change, if you do indeed wish to change your beliefs and thus your reality: you may change your perceptions of your Personal Reality Field, or you can go for direct change of the underlying beliefs themselves. First, though the ancient technologies of Healing Talk via the Trance State, and through other Rituals of Contact and Communication with nonphysical beings, such as the Energy Personality and other Energy Bodies, the perceptions of the Personal Reality may be altered, thus altering the Reality creation. We may also describe this as a “fine tuning” of the Inner Senses, so that they may more clearly perceive and create.

The second method entails identifying the beliefs you wish to change through a self-questioning process and creating more productive belief statements representing improved “healthier” beliefs that you wish to “make your own.” The statements are then continuously written down or typed into a computer, the theory being that the new beliefs are internalized the more that you document them.

These two methods represent two different ways of relating to physical reality: the imaginable and the literal. Naturally there are others. If you feel more comfortable visualizing your beliefs, I suggest you use the imaginable method in your experiments. If you feel more comfortable writing them down, use the literal approach. And of course, beyond my humble offerings, use your own methods that suit you.

Again, for those of you who may feel uncomfortable with terms such as Trance State and Ritual of Contact and Communication, please make up your own names for these states of consciousness. I am merely using common terms that the majority of my blog readers may understand. The Trance State is used by many of us on the subtle levels as we attempt to make ourselves understood.

These two methods represent two different ways of relating to physical reality: the imaginable and the literal. Naturally there are others. If you feel more comfortable visualizing your beliefs, I suggest you use the imaginable method in your experiments. If you feel more comfortable writing them down, use the literal approach. And of course, beyond my humble offerings, use your own methods that suit you.

As for the use of the term Ritual to describe the process of contacting and communicating with the denizens of non physical reality, please note that the term Ritual is the precise one used in our World Religions to describe their individual and carried methods for contacting the various spirits, gods and goddesses, God, and what have you. So we are merely presenting terms already in common usage by those of us in the West and elsewhere.


Your choice in these matters IS a matter of your free will in the moment. Might I suggest that in these moments of opportunity for You the Soul, that you listen to the suggestions of your Guides rather than to the self-centered voice of the ego/intellect? This is merely a suggestion, my friend. The free will choice is yours and I am acting here in a purely advisory capacity. I simply urge you to take your own advice in these situations, when in fact you are embodying the Soul Self. It will be quite easy to determine if you are experiencing this unique perspective. The Soul Self is informed through communications with All That Is. This perspective may guide you to the best resolution of any given creative challenge you may face.

The differences between the subconscious creation of negative realities and the conscious co-creation of positive life-affirming realities by the awakening human consciousness through use if the Divine Will are quite pronounced. You will know it when you are faced with a decision to go one way or the other. I will leave it at that for now. Obviously, you are each required to learn your individual Lessons. I would not wish to give you ALL the answers, and by so doing, rob you of the “joy” of learning your Lessons on your own.


Now this “quickening” is indeed upon us in Third-Dimensional Reality. Those of us engaged in negative ruminations, and their attendant manifestation into negative Reality Constructs, will find that we are confronted, in an almost simultaneous fashion, with the products of our mental digressions. Just as the practitioners of Loving Understanding and Courage will find their positive manifestations strengthening, so too will the practitioners of doubt, anger, hatred and such, find themselves consumed with the energies released during these errant creative activities.

Is there any wonder why such an intensification of this creative process produces the appropriate results? We create our own reality according to our beliefs. If we are focusing on the fear and cynical distrust of our neighbors, for example, is it any wonder that our neighbors continue to cause us discomfort? And is it any wonder that as we awaken as a species this discomfort grows? Indeed.

I suggest the discomfort may grow until it becomes UNBEARABLE. Then we will of necessity be faced with a choice in our reincarnational dramas. Will we learn our Lesson or will we not? Will we continue to hold-on to the anger, fear and cynicism, or will we let-go and feel the ecstasy just below the surface of our human consciousness? This ecstasy is the creative Loving energy of All That Is.


The Inner Senses, the nonphysical counterparts to our outer physical senses, are the creators of our Personal Reality Field. Perception creates reality in our Third Dimension. And the reality we create is dependent wholly upon what we believe is possible. If we are experiencing a reality of peace and Loving Understanding with our fellow inhabitants of Earth, we have a system of beliefs that permits, allows and effectively determines a Personal Reality Field of peace and Loving Understanding. We have in this example, believed into existence our peaceful Loving world.

Now it is also true that everything we find in our Personal Reality Field we have believed into reality. Might I say that, for the most part, if we feel uncomfortable, fearful, anxious with the state of our Personal reality, it may be due to our creating unconsciously? Creating unconsciously leaves us open to the Negative Entities. Watch your thoughts. Watch where your fearful thoughts originate. Are they being amplified and corroborated within the negative spheres of influence?

The negative realms are sensed as separate from the self. The Negative Entities that reside within these spheres of activity normally will not seek us out and attempt to fix on our being. Yet if we are experiencing negative, anxious, angry, or violent emotional states, we leave ourselves open to encountering these influences. For this reason, it is important to observe our emotional states throughout our waking reality. If we are experiencing fear, assess our sensing and Reality Creation and see if we are being driven by negative outside sources.

Yet please rest assured that if you find yourself “contaminated” by these energies, you may easily correct your situation. You may do so with your Intention in the moment. What I would suggest you do is first perform the experiment we have called Clearing The Emotional Body. This activity raises the Negative Emotions from the emotional center to the mental center where they may be transformed into their opposites.

Briefly, you simply relax in a meditative posture and imagine or visualize the “churning” energies of The Emotional Body rising up to the mental center directly between your physical eyes. Emotional resolution is achieved. The contact with the Divine is established.


Now this Emotional Body is perceived as Light to the Inner Senses. It is also conceived in Light. All is Light. Everything in our created reality is composed of Light in the form of our theoretical constructs the Consciousness Units. Here we are simplifying and spiritualizing my messages to humanity. For this reason we shall also refer to the Energy Construct of the human physical body as being composed of spiritual information.

In this context, you Blog Reader, are a divine message from All That Is, articulating your particular philosophy, behaviors and mentality within physical reality as an “envoy” of the sacred. Again, if you are tempted to dismiss this as mere “religious ranting,” I urge you to take a deep breath and go within for just a moment. Sense your ultimate divinity. It is obvious to us who are now instructing you, and to you it may become obvious in your experimentation, as you discover Findings that support my statement.


I realize that these are words that may carry their own emotional undertones for my blog reader. I would ask you then, if this is the case, to look beyond the ego-identified definitions and references of theses terms. Although it is not my desire to challenge you excessively in this endeavor challenge you I must. As an educator to humanity for “countless” years. I have found it advantageous to present material for the student’s assessment that stands what you might call “diametrically opposed” to the ideas, images and beliefs that the student may be holding in their mental environment at any one time.

I do hope that if you feel rising anger and righteous indignation making itself known within – as I have just described to you – The Emotional Body, that you perhaps take a deep breath and go deeper with this work, this project yours and mine.

You see, the Soul’s perspective is necessarily through the ego/intellect. I would suggest, in times of anger and when feeling affronted by this material, you simply step to the side a bit, metaphorically speaking, and allow your Soul Self to perceive your world. This is an easy first step in the “awakening” process. Please have faith, or perhaps Courage is a better word here, that this project will pay off for you in many different ways, rewarding you with information of a decidedly beneficial nature.


This emotional Body may be perceived as the intersection of “energies” of Reality Creation within our physical construct. We may experience it as existing within the heart region. It is within this construct that the Reality Creation agendas of All That Is of our Reincarnational Existences may read. We may, for example, observe within this Emotional Body the emotional and symbolic underpinnings of a chronic illness that currently plagues us. Or we may witness a dramatization of an event from our past that keeps us from enjoying prosperity in our present. Thus we may sense these strategies in our own particular fashion, using the Inner Senses that we are developing through experimentation in this project.

The greater sphere of activity within which rests this Emotional Body we refer to as The Light Body, as do many of the current teachers and practitioners in our world. This construct is “built” from the intersecting energies of existence – or dimensions if you prefer – of our many Simultaneous Lives. This Inner Senses representation of The Emotional Body, as well as the Inner Sense of sight itself, we are calling the Auric Vision.


For example: if my friend Rob was to select at random one of the planes surrounding the Central Field of Experiencing in our diagram, and using his imagination and his Inner Senses “tuned-in” to another life, he might very well find himself experiencing his aboriginal existence, or possibly his existence as a female in New Orleans Louisiana in the U.S.A. or as a Roman soldier from many hundreds of years ago, in our terms. These are just a few of Rob’s Reincarnational Existences.

You Dear Blog Reader also have a vast store of existences just waiting to be explored. This illustration may serve as a meditation piece for you in this way. In each of our blog series, we have presented these simple focusing tools to assist you in perceiving your greater reality – the reality of your Soul Self. Please utilize this tool in your experimentation as you attempt to access your other lives.


Let me add to this cursory explanation with a description of a new metaphor we are presenting: Central Field of Experiencing. Now we exist within an intersection of dimensional planes.

The intersection of several planes. They share a common area, that we shall call our Central Field of Experiencing. Let us say that each of these planes of existence represents one of our Simultaneous Lives. Let us further state that the common area here our Central Field, is our current self experiencing life in this time-frame.

Now all of these planes are connected at the Central Field and so not only does our current self have at its disposal the perceptual ability to experience events within our current life, but also, because we are indeed connected to the other lives – hard-wired, in a sense – we have the POTENTIAL to experience events, feel emotions and have thoughts from within these other simultaneously-lived lives.

The planes surrounding the Central Field represent our various Reincarnational Selves as well as the many PROBABLE existences that we co-create with our consciousness and All That Is. This Central Field, then, is our current Third-Dimensional existence. Look around us at our surroundings. This is what we are referring to in this current discussion.

Now as we look around us what do we see? Do we see a futuristic landscape with mythological creatures grazing on the lawn? Do we see a vignette of interaction between two family members from a life in a Mystery Civilization, such as Atlantis? Do we witness the life we are living now, complete in every detail except for one? Perhaps there is a stranger, someone we do not recognize, apparently living their life with us in our home. Does this unique detail “prove” to us that we are viewing a scene that does not exist in our current physical reality?

I would guess that you are perceiving your surroundings as quite similar to those we left behind you as you proceeded to read this blog. My point here is that the possibility exists for you, in this time of accelerated consciousness, during this Dimensional-Shift we have described, to briefly inhabit the bodies of your Reincarnational Selves. You accomplish this by refocusing your perceptive apparatus – the Inner Senses – on a tangential plane of existence. You will be picking up on the sensory experiencing of these humans who are indeed you, Dear Blog Reader, as you are engaged in living your lives within the many time-frames on Earth and in other systems.


Let us present an example here for illustration. Imagine if you will, a human undergoing an extremely stressful life event. Perhaps this person has incurred a job loss and is quite worried about the financial implications of this negative event. The emotional state of this human is chaotic – stress-filled – as a cascade of Negative Emotions floods their mental environment. Consequently, the Personal Reality Field of this person is also chaotic. And because it is created from Negative Emotions, there numerous triggers within their Personal Reality radius that “cause,” in a reflexive fashion, the continuing recreation of Negative Emotions with in their psyche.

Now immediately prior to the jobs loss, let us say that the mental environment of this human was quite balanced and even “happy.” Their monetary needs were met. Their needs for a social outlet were net with the job as well. So the firing of this person has a devastating effect upon their mental stability, as we may well imagine.

Now let us further propose that a great mistake was made here with this firing of out theoretical worker. The employer made a mistake through a mix-up of some sort, and upon discovering this, they immediately rectified the error, by perhaps calling the hapless human and giving them their job back.

Well, again as we imagine, the Personal Reality Field of this human example was instantly transformed with the call from the employer reinstating them in their position. Happiness was again experienced. Relief from monetary worry was experienced, as well as gratitude, perhaps, that they would continue to enjoy the social amenities of their employment with humans with whom they had developed strong, Loving relationships.

I hope you see my point here in this example. We are all, as humans existing within the Third Dimension, engaged in a witnessing of our mental environments projected outward into physical reality on a moment-to-moment basis. The ideas and images within our psyches are the blueprints for the creation of the varied Reality Constructs that compose our Personal Reality Field. The mutable emotions are the energies that power this reality Creation Phenomenon.


This blog we will present the basics. The phenomenon we are calling Reality Creation will be discussed in a very simplified form. Though we will certainly add to my theory in so far as further describing the role of the Scientist of Consciousness in the exploration of the non physical reality, the following blogs detailing the rise of the New Science will present a much more detailed analysis.

Now for information, Dear Blog Reader, our world is composed entirely of thought. A musician composes musical works of art with notes as the creative material. In the creation of realities, the human in the Third Dimension uses thought in artistic ways.

To carry the comparison further… just as the “mad” artist might refuse to admit their creation of the art before them – paintings, let us say – the majority of human beings refuse to admit that they have had a hand in the literal creation of their physical world. Certainly many of us would say that this is crazy thinking, or “magical thinking” as our psychiatrists refer to it. We have become so estranged from our works that we fail to see ourselves in the “mirror” of our physical reality.


One reason for this estrangement is that this creation of our world is done largely on the unconscious level. It is truly a projection, in this sense, for we are individually projecting our subconscious thoughts, images and other mental constructs out onto the “Screen” of our Personal Reality Field.

Our thoughts give birth to realities. Fearful thoughts gave birth to fearful realities. Thoughts of Courage and Loving Understanding give birth to Courageous and Loving realities. You may witness this for yourselves within your own manifestations. Watch and see how each element in your perceptual field REFLECTS your inner state of emotion and imagination.


With denial we have another very successful strategy for avoiding our Lessons. Here we are literally creating a reality for oneself unconsciously, and then disavowing any hand in the creation of the reality. “I am innocent,” you are in effect saying. Yet obviously it is your world that you are co-creating here. Your Personal Reality Field certainly bears the marks of your personality. Still, when we are up against something that we do not wish to face-perhaps because it is embarrassing to us, something quite true, yet something that challenges our standards – we disaffirm it, we disempower it, we DENY it.

We deny the thing with vehemence relative to the importance we place upon it. In other words, we deny what we most know to be the utter truth, in the honest appraisal of the subject at hand. Here again, those of us who observe our behavior, and know our motives and indeed our probable developmental paths as human beings, must laugh at such nonsense. The amount of energy wasted in such denials of self – for that is what these instances truly represent – is vast beyond all comprehension. And so we must laugh to ourselves, as we observe in the midst of our “issues.”

For example: when we experience a twinge of Negative Emotion, perhaps triggered by something in our environment that reminds us of an event, a negative event for our past, we immediately redirect the ego/intellect to something other than the negative memory, the negative event.

Now you may use this skill of distracting the ego/intellect to our advantage within Reality Creation programs described in this Blog. The key to use of this technique is to FIRST listen to what the information stream is attempting to convey to us. Listen and understand. “Face the Music,” to coin a phrase.

In this sense, we have the opportunity for awakening to our denial in each and every one of our self-created moments. This current Moment Point, as you are reading this blog, may become a moment of awakening if we but merely CONSIDER, that what we most ardently deny – particularly with regards to our so-called “issues” – may be better embraced as the truth of the matter.

This is a simple test that we may utilize in assessing any perceived fact of life in our current existence. What do we most fear? What do we hate most strongly. Herein lie our weaknesses in our Reality Creation agendas. Inconsistencies, prejudices, cultural delusions, artifacts of consciousness that cause us to grimace or wince inwardly may be indicators of this denial of the Soul Self.


One of the most popular forms of avoidance for us is intellectualization. Through this strategy we assess the Divine information within our mental sphere as something completely explainable. Scientific reasoning – logical deduction – is used to place the information in a neat and tidy and already known and understood category. Here a stream of spiritually – informed communication is interrupted and redirected to other parts of the psyche where it will not cause any disruptions.

To continue this metaphor, the stream of Divine Information attempts to erode or melt away the self-limiting beliefs within the psyche – beliefs that may no longer serve the purposes of the evolving Soul. But the ego is in charge here, and the strategy of intellectualization works quite well for the majority of us. It allows us to ignore, as mere mental anomalies, these messages from our Higher Self. A brief example: when you experience a viewing of a non physical being – a “Spirit” in our terms – we ascribe the sensory information we are receiving to “Tricks” of the eyes, being perhaps mentally exhausted, hallucinations due to any number of “Rational” causes. I am certain that the blog reader may contribute their own examples.

Of course in the workplace this strategy allows us to keep focused on the task at hand. In our private lives the misdirection of the ego/intellect allows us to continue on our path of development, however nonproductive and even self-destructive this path might be. Indeed, it seems that the more nonproductive the life lived, the more firmly the ego intellectualizes – “explain away” – the information received from the Divine Sources.


I have suggested that your main task in physical reality is to participate willingly in this exercise, as though you were in school, for we are indeed in an educational relationship with our Third-Dimensional Reality. You the reader are both teacher and student. Your greater personal consciousness, what we have been calling the Soul in these blog works, acts as a teacher to our Earthly ego. On the subtle levels, You-the-Soul know full well what are your Lessons for your current incarnation.

The ego, what we are calling the student aspect in this description, “pretends” to be unaware of these Life Lessons and their dramatization in physical reality. This is “the play” of our physical world – our creation of learning experiences in ensemble with other humans, for our mutual edification, and for the greater experiencing of All That Is.

I have covered this quite thoroughly in the new blog series, and so I shall not digress. However, please take from this brief reminder this fact of existence: just as many other teachers both physical and metaphysical have stated, “Each“second of our Earthly experience is an opportunity for spiritual growth. The way to move forward in our Soul evolution, is to perfect the transformation of Negative Emotions into their diving counterparts.

Now this quest for self-realization may be short if we are prepared to face our Lessons directly, without the denial and avoidance for which humans are so famous. To those of us in higher dimensions, it can appear as quite strange how many continue to suffer the effects of anger, fear, and the like, all the while knowing full well how we may extricate ourselves from our dilemma.

Here I am referring to the continuous messages from Beings of Light that exist within our mental environment, yet which we ignore through various mental and physical maneuvers. Perhaps I should take a moment here, before we get into the substance of this series, to describe for you these incredible gymnastics of consciousness.


This is an series of blogs on the subject of Reality Creation. It is assumed that you have developed the skills of self-observation described in the new material, or perhaps you have read other Teachings on the subject of receiving and translating divine information. As an advanced work, we shall take it for granted that you are learning your Lessons.

As you well know, the Lessons for you in physical reality are the emotional states of anger, fear, shame, racial prejudice and others, that you must transform with you intent into Loving Understanding and Courage. In this way, our system is quite similar to others that you may have known in your life as a seeker of knowledge. This makes sense, does it not? The seeker of wisdom tries as many systems as necessary until they have realized the Soul’s Intent.


Babyhood is indeed an extremely creative stage of life in the development of the human. Since one is fresh from the home dimension, there may be lingering memories of that experience. The baby may hold full memories of the previous incarnation as well, and may be experiencing a “reliving” of past experiences while seemingly engrossed in the typical baby behaviors one notices. Now, the job of the parent, unfortunately, is usually to train the infant in the ways of the world – – physical reality. And so the parents begin to task of socializing the infant.

As this process continues, the baby spends so much time engaged in the training – being trained to fit into the culture – that memories of the past incarnation and the time in between lives, are quickly forgotten. It is rare that a child grows to adulthood with these precious memories intact. So the divinity of babyhood is experienced by all of us, but only for a few short months. After that, the connection is broken. The child is watched carefully to assure that they are developing “normally.”

And when imaginary playmates arrive, modern parents too often are fearful that the child might grow into adulthood with these characters at their side. They are mostly banished by parents, as an embarrassment. The child is then taught to let go of these primal relationships, and most do. Again, in our aboriginal cultures and some alternative communities, the baby is encouraged to be “the divine one” long into childhood. This sets the state for the development of the divine child, the magical child: being the human that lives in both the subtle and physical worlds with grace and power.


HYPOTHESIS: You may meet with other entity counter-parts within nonlinear time.

Counterparts within the spacious present moment of your shared Simultaneous Lives. I realize that this would seem to fly in the face of everything that has been taught to you in schools. Yet remember what I have been suggesting to you about authorities and institutions. In your awakening, which is currently well underway, you will be given the opportunity many times to reformat and reconstitute your core beliefs about yourself and your world. You may do this reformation with your imagination. In this example, the last experiment of this current blog series, I am asking you to take a very courageous step forward into the unknown reality.

I am asking you to demonstrate to yourself, Dear Blog Reader, that you can achieve contact and communications with others such as yourself – other Entity Counterparts – by simply affirming your intention to do so, here in your current Moment Point – your Point of Power. You may rely on all of the findings pulled from the previous experiments It may help to have an underlying attitude of playfulness here. You are having fun with your imagination, just as you may have done countless times when you were a child.

Now relax yourself using your most effective methods. When you are experiencing a relaxed state of consciousness, with the metaphor of the radio dial in mind, tune the dial to that state of consciousness of Simultaneous Time in which you may sense your physical counterparts. Have the intention that you will make contact, just as you have and the intention to accomplish other research goals in the previous experiments.

Of course, you may ask for assistance from your Energy Personality. Now you may be presented with data for interpretation by your Inner Senses. It may come to you in various sensory forms. You may see images that are quite familiar, as if you have seen these faces many times, perhaps in dreams, other locales on your Earth.

If you feel that you may take notes into a recorder or onto the pages of your journal without disrupting what you are experiencing, do so. Again, you may have the overall sense that you are making it all up. Of course, you are indeed doing so, but no less and no more than you are making up your Personal Reality Field. When you feel as though you have learned enough from the experiment, gradually come to full sensory awareness in physical reality.

FINDINGS – Document your findings. Now the “after effects” of this final experiment may include “coincidental” meetings with your Entity Counterparts as you go about your daily activities. You will know them when you see them. I am quite confident that you will achieve great success in these sojourns into the non-physical.


In collaboration with your energy personality you may take back your power.

To take back power is very healthy thing to do for a human quite used to “hiding” within the security of groups. This is not a power “over” but a power “with,” you see – a power shared with all other incarnated humans beings. You will be reminded that you are first an individual Soul within a physical body. YOU-Soul are at the center of your physical and non-physical worlds. This cosmic center of our world is all-powerful. Though it appears that you are perhaps simply a tiny voice within a very large chorus, on a Soul level you know that you have only “pretended” to have this small voice. You had no intention of giving up your power permanently.

Let me digress on this point for a moment… in the reincarnational drama of our life, there is much pretending. The ego loves to pretend that life is a certain way and that interesting and dramatic events are occurring. If it were not for the ego’s excellent dramatic skills in diverting your attention from the TRUE reality beneath the façade, we would not believe with all our heart in the camouflage reality in which we live. So it is healthy and necessary, to a degree, to believe in the fantasies and pretendings that make up our moment-to-moment existence. However, if we are to awaken, we may have to dispense with the comforting stories of our physical reality. Now that is not to say that we must surrender ALL of the physical trappings of our Personal Reality. That is not advisable and indeed that is  not possible for most of us.

To take back our power requires some personalized, empowered imagery. Perhaps we can remember when we experienced our power being ceded to authorities. Perhaps we can remember feeling diminished. Perhaps we remember feeling that it was necessary to be a part of the group. If so, it should be easy to create our ritual. Simply consider the opposites of these feelings and these images.

So just as I asked you to consider your personal feeling relative to a subtle emotion of peace and security, I now ask you to consider those ideas, images and emotions relative to the idea of “taking back power.” And again, it is a good idea to write down what comes to your mind. Draw pictures of the images you see in your mind. Consolidate these mental constructs into one image or emotion that virtually resonates with personal empowerment. If you feel it would help, you might create a symbolic piece of jewelry to wear or create a statement to repeat to yourself that infers the empowering ideas and images for You-the-Soul.

Now as an example: let us suppose you are experiencing a sense of disempowerment with regards to your family. This may be long-standing condition for you, as it is with many of your contemporaries. Though you are now an adult, your parents or other family members may treat you as though you are still a child. You ceded your power to these family members when you were a child and possibly reinforced this dynamic throughout your life to “Keep peace” within the group, to be a part of the family collective, in effect saying, “I am not powerful enough, I am not worthy enough to participate in the family and have my words valued.

Let these others, the authorities, run the show, and I shall reside in the background.” Then as you grew to adulthood, you used this template of creation to create your roles in other groups: in school, in social groups, at work, and so on. The single template has served to create for you a lifetime of subservience to authority. You have become this “small voice” within every group thereafter.

You are now creating a different template for the creation of personal realities. It may be “the opposite” of the template you have been using since childhood. Now create your relaxed state. It should only take a few moments. You may connect it to snapping your fingers or gesturing with your facial expressions in some way, so that you need only to snap your fingers or gesture and instantly you are relaxed and ready for the experiment. When you are relaxed, consider your chant, imagery, piece of art, manifesto or other focusing object. Remember, it must have the capacity to elicit confidence and a sense of personal power.

As you experiment with this in mind, the ritual will grow stronger and more potent. When it has become habitual, you may bring it with you and perform it mentally in the field whenever you experience disempowerment or abuse in physical reality. You are then recreating reality through a new filter and you will perceive and create empowered physical realities thereafter.

FINDINGS – Document your findings. Does the hypothesis need to be changed to reflect findings over time?


As I promised you in an earlier blog, I will speak of matters related to control and submission. We have already discussed our tendency as humans to cede control – our very powerful energies of creation – to other humans, to those in power. This is a natural thing for us to do my friend, so you need not feel embarrassed. “The authorities,” meaning parents, teachers, employers, religious leaders, politicians, scientists and even movie actors, have encouraged us to give up our power, what we may also refer to as “personal power.” There is your dynamic – the authority pledges to provide us with protection, usually from “the other,” or to provide us with subtle gifts, in exchange for our allegiance. In this contract, we give up our rights as an empowered human. We pretend that we are without power and need the security of the family group, or the scholastic group, or the employment group etc. etc. etc.

It is always the same scenario: the authority usurps the power of the common one over time, usually at first with these promises of safety, of sanctuary. Do you see why we create The Ritual Sanctuary at the beginning of this series of blogs. This we do to remind that it is within YOU that you will find your security, your sanctuary. Within you is where it has always been. We have the power to create this state of sanctuary with our powerful thoughts and emotions.

And now it is necessary to create another ritual. This one will be a ritual of taking power – taking back you power that has been ceded, perhaps too hastily, to authorities.


Now I know that I have been critical of the organized religions on our world in my current of the organized religions on our world in my current blog writings with with you. However, I saw this as necessary for the blog reader, in order to clear the air, so that truth of matter might be openly considered. I am not The Entity in these blogs, I’m not, some kind of doomsayer attempting to way the minds of humans to some nefarious path. My critique of our institutions and our behaviors as a collective of humans, is done for not only our own good, but for mine as a Higher Dimensional being in service to Earth at this time.

I point out the fallacies in our thinking and the negative attributes of our churches and other institutions, in what I hope is a loving fashion. We who no longer have physical bodies, the Light Bodies, are in service to us and we have only love to give. It is this love I am certain, that is felt by blog readers of the material who truly get the messages I am attempting to convey. I wish to educate and inspire , much as a loving coach or school teacher would. These are the personality aspects I am transmitting my energies through at this time.


The quest for connection with the Earthly personality and the exploration of the Unity of Consciousness Dimension. Now, we may receive catalyze within individuals, the written word, the printed word as in books,blogs and internet. Our energy centers or “chakras” as we call them, can be opened by reading my material. This is probably the simplest way for us to commence with the work at hand. However, for those of you who feel you may be called for a more direct experience, you may attend the discussions and affirm your connection to The Entity in this way.

In these direct interfaces with, much more divine information can be transmitted and absorbed in a very brief time, compared to the reading of books or blogs, solitary meditations and so on.
Now, again, “the window of opportunity” for humans to engage the Soul Self and grow spiritually, is becoming smaller with each passing month. The culmination of countless years of evolution will soon be at hand.

This activity is not something that can be postponed until we “Have the time” to address the issue. We are virtually OUT OF TIME at this time. Our suspicions that time seems to be speeding up are quite pointedly true. We are, as a race, speeding toward the great transformation, and indeed, the short time that remains ahead of us will be perceived as a VERY short time, particularly if we have procrastinated and avoided our responsibilities regarding our Soul Issues: the deeply personal lessons we have come to our Earth existence to learn.

I urge you to participate in your spiritual practices, in your churches and religions if they serve You-the-Soul, in your readings of the great Masters and in our seeking direct contact with disseminators of my messages and the messages of other Light Bodies. Now, the negative energy forms, the Negative Entities, will be attempting to discourage us from walking our spiritual path.

This will be ongoing until the mass consciousness reaches a level of loving kindness and compassion that will tip the scales for a mass manifestation of the virtues of humanity in the physical reality of the Third Dimension. Indeed, that is what we are attempting to create, the Beings of Light, with the help of our human associates.


Yes, spirituality, as you may becoming to an understanding of this phenomenon, is simply the experiencing of Earthly existence by our embodies Soul. There need be No religious connotations. Thought forms that reflect memories, recent and ancient, of genocide perpetrated by religious movements, do not necessarily have a place in this discussion of what we are calling “spirituality.” So you see, there is a practical approach to our studies of Third-Dimension reality. We are undergoing a restoration, if you will, to our original, self-comprehending, godlike awareness.

We are all Avatars. We know this is on a certain level and as we awaken, our knowing shall “firm up” and become a great deal more supportive for us as we transform our beliefs and ideas about what is possible.

Spirituality is a remembrance of what it has been for us in ages past. This is true. Yet is also points the way for us into the future when we shall be called upon to remake our Social and Political and SPIRITUAL institutions. Therefore, I caution you and yours in using your cynicism and is trust to keep your spiritual transformation at bay. Rather, I suggest you embrace it. Go with the flow.

May I remind you that for every moment of your perceived reality, your waking reality, is complementary moment in one or more of your Simultaneous Lives? So each moment of spiritual unfolding bears the mark of all simultaneously-experienced moments in your multiple reincarnational lives. Now there are, of course, differences in the various aspects of your simultaneously-lived lives, for they are all being lived, for the most part , in different eras, by different sexes and nationalities etc, for the greater learning of All That Is.

But please understand, quite literally, when you may be experiencing a moment of ecstatic understanding here in our Current Moment Point in this timeframe, one or perhaps many more of our Simultaneous Lives may be experiencing a timeless moment also, but as I said, most definitely within a different physical body, of a different emotional makeup and station in Soul Evolution than you, Dear Blog Reader. I want you to ponder the enormity of this fact of life, for a moment.

Now when you meet a friend on the street, unexpectedly, perhaps a friend you have not seen for some time, you may be ecstatic, overjoyed, as you embrace and speak of your relationship, how good it is to see that person again after so long etc. Now in that moment of reunion, that spacious moment of reunion, you are also , in another body, in another era, most probably on our Earth, experiencing a complementary type of reunion activity.

Further, if you could take a motion picture or snapshot of the various reunion activities of you various lives during that moment, you would find that there are also Numerous correlations between these experiences. You may find on observing these movies or pictures that the settings – streets, field, within structures – are quite similar, in that the placement of objects, trees rocks, houses or what have you – are similar throughout. Is it not obvious that your experiences we are describing here, the reunion experiences, are all quite similar, because you are the multi-dimensional creator of these events?

As the creator of worlds here, most naturally, your creations would bear the mark of the maker – the creator who is indeed you, in tandem with All That IS. So now as you observe your moment-to moment experiences, remember that this is only the “surface” of a deeper experience of manifestation that is our multi-dimensional being.


A new world is coming and yet we are already there. As you read this blog, divine information is being streamed into your Energy Body. This information is our heritage. It is the truth regarding our circumstances as a living Entity on our Earth. This truth is simple. It can be stated in just a few words: we are ageless; we never die. The Soul Self that is at our core is eternal and has witnessed countless seasons on our Earth and on other planets and in other galaxies and dimensions.

And you, my friend, you and I are one. We are all one and it has always been that way. When I speak of our connections to each other I am speaking of literal energy networks that tie each conscious cell to every other conscious cell in all of created reality.

It is through this network that All That Is, the ultimate energy source, seeks to know itself through our experiences, Now, we have a physical body and so the truth of this fact may be somewhat difficult to experience, however, do not wait until your death to receive this information. Take advantage of these teachings I offer you in this life.

This is the ultimate simple test for us in physical reality: will you take up the challenge to learn your lessons now, or will you postpone your awakening until the time of your physical death or in other lifetimes? The choice is always ours. But do not wait until it is too late. We may be required to incarnate on our negative Earth another time, to be again given a chance to learn our Lessons.


We have to experience events sequentially to understand them. It would be confusing for us, would it not, to see a cake being cooked in one of our ovens, rise and complete its cooking in seconds, rather than minutes? So we manifest according to rules “built into our reality. Fortunately we all “obey” the same rules – telepathy is operative on all levels – otherwise we would all be confused at the unpredictability of our world.

Now, our work represents some tinkering with these built-in rules and regulations, these core beliefs. In my blogs of long ago, I spoke of the difficulty in changing these core assumptions. Now is a different era, my friend, and our fellow Earthly associates are being prepared to change the core beliefs that we hold. This preparation is taking place during our dream state. Most of us do not realize this is happening. We simply awaken with more clarity and a feeling that anything is possible for us: this despite the wars and the famine and other negative phenomena so evident around us.


HYPOTHESIS: The dearly departed await our contact…

Now, this is an experiment in contacting our friends or family members in their Home Dimension. Obviously, if you are still too upset to attempt this contact, please do not consider trying this experiment. For some of you it may be best experienced after you have gained some emotional distance from the event of The transition.

Find a comfortable chair to sit in or perhaps a comfortable chair to sit in or perhaps a comfortable sofa or bed. The idea is to relax the body enough so that you can receive these impulses from the other side, yet not so relaxed that you fall asleep. In between worlds is where you want to be for this experiment and so I ask you to make those preparations you need to in order to enter that state.

Now the crux of this experiment is to distinguish, from the chorus of telepathic messages you are receiving in our relaxed state, those messages that are being transmitted by your loved ones. Beings of Light, friends and loved ones and other Entities from your past, present and future, are all constantly vying for your attention in this mental environment.

Since you are attempting to focus your Inner Senses, you might simply visualize the appearance of the loved-one. Mentally picture your family member of friend as though they were in the physical body. Fill the perception with color and enliven it with your thoughts. This will have the effect of you “tuning-in” to their communication band, allowing you to “home-in” on them, in a manner of speaking. Now it is important to proceed with this experiment as a loving Scientist of Consciousness. Love and kindness are your watchwords in these endeavors. Ego perceptions have no place here.

As you create the image of the person in your mental environment, imagine their voice becoming gradually stronger and stronger until it becomes the most prominent voice in your inner chorus. Use your intention and simply turn up the volume or use the metaphor of the radio dial to do so. This is very easy to do and I am certain you will find success with this in a short period of time.

After establishing contact – you will know you have contact if you feel the intense loving vibrations that emanate from the Home Dimension – simply have your conversation, just as you did when your loved-one was in physical reality. After the conversation, naturally say good-by and perhaps make an appointment to speak again in the future.

Then use your metaphor of the radio dial or whichever technique you used to make contact, to release contact with your loved-one. Gradually come back to your waking consciousness. In time, if you give yourself the suggestions and if you have the ongoing intention to do so for loving purposes, you will be able to make these contacts with the departed while you are at work, walking in the park, etc. etc. etc. As you use Inner Senses, they strengthen over time.

FINDINGS – Immediately document your personalized Findings.


These transformation in human consciousness and thus the Third-Dimensional physical reality we are discussing, have been noted in our media. “Strange” weather patterns and earth Changes are now commonplace around the world and the media report these unusual events. Often these stories are couched in terms of our Mother Nature displaying her power: power to upset the plans of humans to go to their sporting events, to the beaches for relaxation. To their weddings and other outdoors events. In an almost whimsical fashion these news stories often personify these weather changes as due to our Mother Nature’s unpredictability, but in a lighthearted way.

Yet the most potent and destructive events are described as something to be feared. In these instances, Mother Nature has become so unpredictable, no one knows when she will reveal her “anger” and strike us with a bolt of lightning, or rise a flood to carry us away in our automobile or cause an earthquake to bring down our great cities.

Now, if you have read my blogs, you have been acquainted with the truth about the weather and about all physical manifestations. All physical reality in our dimension is the result of attendant thoughts and beliefs our humankind hold in the mass consciousness.

Let me go further….we have a saying in the West that “everyone talks about the weather but no one does anything about it.” In fact, this is not true. Each person on our planet has “a say” in how the weather will be expressed in their area at any given moment. This individual contribution is done, for the most part, under our awareness.

The Consciousness Units, through the individual expression of emotion, combine with other Consciousness Unit expressions of emotional content from the population of any given area. These stream of incipient Reality Constructs combine and are expressed in the manifestation of particular weather patterns and Earth Changes according to how the influences play out within the collective consciousness of that region of the world.

Now I must mention that when I say “mass consciousness of a particular region,” I include the collective “thoughts, idea and mentality” of everything in that region, including the rocks, the soil, the trees and the created products for mass consumption. All has consciousness and all contribute to physical manifestation of weather and Earth Changes. Now, obviously a bug might have less of an effect upon the weather than an angry, fearful human, but the bug does indeed contribute in measurable ways to the collective manifestation.

So do we see how many if us simply project our fears upon this great entity, our Mother Earth, forsaking our own responsibility in the creation of our physical reality? It was not always thus, however. In fact, in civilizations from our past, the weather was created quite consciously to support adequate conditions for the growth of particular crops, for outside celebrations and for other purposes. This takes place even today in some of our aboriginal cultures on our planet. Our modern scientists, also, are in a race to develop technologies to change the weather for profit, for the profit of corporation to which they are beholden. This matter will be discussed in future blogs. For now, let us explore, as Scientists of Consciousness, the Home Dimension of friends and family.


The idea of a dimensional shift is not new to humankind. Many of our world’s religions foretell similar events in their prophecies. Different words and concepts are used to explain the coming shift, but in fact, we may all be describing the same thing, with a different emphasis on particular points. Indeed, the breakthrough into higher dimensions is at the base of virtually all of our Earth’s spiritual systems. Certainly you the Blog Reader can confirm this statement for ourselves. Simply replace the words “Fourth Dimension” with “Heaven” or any other terms from any culture on our world denoting the Etheric Plane.

And again, these portals to the higher dimensions open to humankind very infrequently. The coming shift, for instance, will occur at the end of a many-thousands-of-years cycle. It has been foretold in the scriptures of indigenous peoples, such as the Mayan and Hopi. The symbolism depicted in these prophecies, I might add, is a great deal more accurate than some of the Christian stories. Yet, as I said, we may be all describing the same event, merely with a particular cultural emphasis on dates, related gods and goddesses, and so on.

Now the world over, as we create this manuscript, all of humankind is being readied for this event. Other Light Bodies conversant in the cultures assigned to them, are bringing their collectives of humans into a witnessing of the precursor events that will herald the Fourth-Dimensional Shift. You know by now what I am speaking about, if you are paying attention at all to my words. The Earth Changes – floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, glacier melting are the heralds to the shift. The turmoil of human thought is creating these changes. In a way, we as a race are setting ourselves up for a very positive or very negative experience here with the shift. There is always the probability that we will allow conditions to deteriorate to such a degree that there will be no turning back and we will destroy ourselves with our own negative thoughts.

However, humans are quite fond of saving themselves from the brink of disaster, as is also documented in many of our spiritual scripts. Whatever the outcome, know that the Guides are watching and will intercede if and when they can. Again Laws of Non-Interference prohibit certain types of intervention. These messages I am conveying are a subtle type of intervention. Dramatic “rescue efforts” are obviously not allowed. We must learn our lessons as a race and as individuals.
When we learn how to access our Energy Personality and other Guides, we will experience firsthand what I am describing. When we are experiencing the free flow of divine information into our consciousness, we will eventually dispense with the need for continually challenging the divine source as to veracity and specifics.

We will no longer require proof, for we will be LIVING our proof. We will no longer require prophecy, for we will be LIVING the prophecy. These dramatic transformations are already underway for the Blog Reader, and to some degree for every other human on our planet. The spiritual revolution of human and Earthly consciousness has begun. The Soul Self is making itself known. As this manifestation develops, visionaries from all spheres of activity on our world will step into leadership roles. Now we might ask, “Not necessarily.” They will, for the most part, “Will they be elected into these roles?” I would answer, “Not necessarily.” They will, for the most part, “assume” these roles. In the West, as I have mentioned before , our political processes will soon be rendered obsolete, as the citizens of Earth take back the power to govern themselves.

Responding to Negative Realities-EXPERIMENT

Hypothesis: You can superimpose positive realities over negative realities.


Please think of a time from your past when you felt that you were living life to its fullest and you were amazed at yourself for your accomplishments. Now the primary objective here is to recreate the feelings of self worth and confidence you felt during this experience or time in your life. The second-phase in this experiment is to amplify these positive feelings. Imagine for yourself a dial or a switch that enables you to strengthen these positive feelings just by turning the dial or flipping the switch.

Now dial or flip the switch and experience the strengthening of positive feelings of accomplishment and self-worth. You will experience differing levels of emotion depending on your life experiences  and personally aspects. However, all of you will in all probability experience an increase in positive feelings. Try adjusting the dial and working with the features of your switch to further increase positive feeling and emotions.

Do this experiment for a few minutes per day with the objective that you will be able to gradually increase your control over your emotional states. Once you have gained some experience in controlling you emotional states, you may experiment in superimposing your positive reality directly over the negative reality you are experiencing. When you are successful, you will notice a dramatic shift to the positive within your Personal Reality Field.

Now these experiments are vital for you as way to learn emotional control. In the Fourth Dimension, emotional control will enable you to keep your focus in the mental aspects of consciousness. You will not be dragged back into the emotional reactivity of the Third Dimension.
FINDINGS – Document your findings.


HYPOTHESIS: Current interests may Illustrate other lives in the Vanguard.

If you are an avid blog reader of my material, new or old, you are in all likelihood simply reaffirming in this current existence, predilections of interests and behavior from other Simultaneous Lives. The members of The Entity are not, for the most part, stay-at-home bodies, who allow the world to go by them unchanged, unnoticed. No, my fellow travelers are eager to question the core values and beliefs of their cultures. Yet this questioning is not entirely intellectual, it is backed-up with advocacy and action in the physical domain. This action has behind it the spiritual impetus for transformation for the good of all. We are a very humanitarian group and you make your marks on your culture in very noticeable ways.

You will be protected. As we exercise our power to create loving realities, we will be protected by Beings of Light. We have the collective power of goodness on our side, you see, and so as we go about our activist duties in response to the inner promptings of divine information, we may notice that the way before us is cleared of barriers to our destination. As in my earlier example of the “Crystal People,” we may have incarnated many times in many eras, but with a single emphasis or role: that of advocate for humanity. And so we may notice that we respond to threats upon others as threats upon ourselves. We take the threats upon our fellow Earthly inhabitants and upon the Earth inhabitants and upon the Earth in very personal ways. On this note, let us explore possible lives lived just as we may now be living this current life of ours, as an advocate for humanity and for Mother Earth.

Now you may have lived as Empowered Ones within “normal” occupations that no one would suspect. This may be true for you currently, Dear Blog Reader. Many of you use your nondescript careers – housewife, teacher, mason – to protect your true identities – magician, shaman, witch, healer. The true calling is protected. There is a tradition in these matters to work “Undercover,” and avoid the scrutiny that comes with self-disclosure. Naturally, it is always your choice to reveal or to not reveal your true motives and the real work that you are accomplishing. But as I have just stated: you will be protected. As a bringer of light and healing, you will be protected from harm.

The previous experiments in this blog in contacting Simultaneous Lives lived in other timeframes may well have given you glimpses into lives lived as Empowered Ones. There is a certain unifying aspect among all of our reincarnational existences, and it may well be that we have come into physical reality on these various occasions to help and to heal. With your Energy Personality as your guide, imagine other lives in other eras in which you may have served in the Vanguard of progressive human consciousness.

FINDINGS – Document your Findings in your preferred way.


This next section concerns a critical issue with regards to the actions of our leaders in the U.S. and some of the other developed nations. The actions of these countries, particularly in the Middle East, where they seek to control the oil, are challenging the basic structure of acceptable behavior on our planet. Now there are those in other dimensions who take notice of such things and are quite concerned with the zeal with which these deluded humans continue to plunder our beloved Earth.

Certainly many of my Blog Readers may wonder what they can do personally about this critical matter, that of the brutality and warlike nature of our leaders, and I presented some exercises in my blogs to answer these questions. However, some time has lapsed since that material was created and conditions have greatly worsened as of the time of this writing. I feel that I, as a protector of our planet, must look for more effective methods to counter the negative leaders.

Now I know some of you may scoff and say, ‘What can you do, as a entity, to effect change on this Earth?” The truth is that Beings of Light such as myself have exercised our power, in what we would call our “history,” in concerted efforts to effect quite dramatic changes in our Earth reality. These changes were brought about by our efforts in tandem with the mental and physical efforts of human beings. Each of us, as I have stated earlier, has an Energy Personality or Spirit Guide if you wish, that has watched over us from our birth into our current lifetime. Whether we acknowledge this as true or not does not in any way deny the truth of my statement.

Now consider what could be accomplished for the good of humankind, if many thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of human beings were to act in unison toward a common goal, such as for instance, the creation of peace on our world, peace in the Middle East and all of the other areas of conflict on our world. How would we accomplish this, as peacemakers, you and I and our loving Guides?

As with all in creation, we do it with our thoughts. First we acknowledge that we have an Energy Personality. We affirm this, have the intention of communicating with it, and then experience the unfolding of that relationship in the manifestation. I covered this earlier in the Blogs, but I would like now to suggest an experiment on a grand scale. First Let me repeat one of the basic elements of my teaching: we are not separate from anything in the Universe, and we are connected to everything in it by virtue of our thoughts. If we believe this, or we can make the attempt to believe this, it follows that Peace on Earth is well within our grasp.

What if the soldier refused to fight? What if the soldier had a dream one evening that so affected him/her that he/she refused to fight? What if our negative media propagators had a change of heart and decided to state the truth instead of lies and propaganda? What if hundreds of thousands of people awakened one morning no longer support the negative leaders? I think you may be getting the point here. When we go into our meditations and we direct our energies, instead of sending out the positive images and emotions to just one or two, send out the energies to the Guides and to their physical counterparts throughout all of humanity. Our thoughts have power. Indeed our thoughts are the most powerful elements in our physical reality, for THEY CREATE OUR PHYSICAL REALITY. If we desire peace on our Earth, then use our powerful thoughts to create it.

Link up with other peace lovers on the subtle levels and imagine our peaceful world into being.


In our world, terrorism is the subject of choice for modern humans. We are enthralled with the subject for we are daily inundated with terrorist data from the various negative media to the degree that many of us in the modern world eat, drink and sleep terror.

We “like” it that way, for we have become entranced by our negative leaders and the negative media into believing that these terrorist issues should occupy our every waking hour. Our leaders like it that way, for that is the way they want us to respond. The negative leaders are in business of control, and so in a way they use their proclamations to control us through fear. The fear produces body chemicals that create stress and anxiety as well as addiction to these fear-producing statements. We just can’t take our eyes off it. We just can’t ignore the headlines. And so the negative media like it that way, for they are profiting tremendously by spreading the negative messages of the negative leaders.

Now, I must remind of a lifesaving point here: we create our own reality. At risk of repeating myself, let us visit that concept again. On an individual and collective basis, humans create their individual Reality Fields and the mass-create consensus reality that we perceive in a linear fashion. Let us use an example to see how the negative leaders and their media “help” us form our individual and also our mass consciousness realities. It’s quite simple really… You are an average American who awakens to the sound of the radio news program that describes the latest atrocity perpetrated by the latest enemy of our country. Can you see how this sets the tone for the remainder of your day? Before becoming fully awake, in that “in between state” in which we are so impressionable, out mind is already picking up negative information that we will, no doubt, carry with us throughout the day. And as our mind finds in our mental and physical environments what feels is “corroboration” of this negative information – proof – it will note this proof and add it to the mix of negative data, beliefs, images and so on.

Again, in this way, the negative leaders and the negative media have won the contest for control of the minds of individual listeners and viewers and also have they gained control of the masses of listeners and viewers. Now, since telepathy among humans is imperative continually, we reinforce this negativity on the subtle levels by communicating, with other humans in the collective, on the negative leaders and their media. On these subtle levels ideas are accepted as fact, though there may have been NO CRITICAL THINKING Involved in accessing this data. Do you see how our leaders, our media and our unaware selves conspire to terrorize us? We are terrorizing ourselves. It is true that our leaders are at most fault for our predicament. But we as human individuals are also responsible for our dilemma. We have not taken individual responsibility for our own thoughts and actions. We have given our power to institutions, to leaders, to employers. No wonder then do we find ourselves afraid and powerless.

Obviously, the most direct and simple way to take our power back from the institutions of global negative media would be to not participate in them. As i have suggested at different stages in my blogs, we can always TURN OFF THE RADIO, TURN OFF THE TV, TURN OFF THE VIOLENT MOVIES. Avoid the negative media when we are out in our physical environment. Vote with our pocketbook by not purchasing negative, violent, controlling media and other life-denying products of our mass-consumption society. We will soon begin to like it – our freedom – and our negative institutions and leaders will begin to not like it. The repression may grow then, because “the powers that be” will know that we are taking responsibility for our own thoughts and beliefs. However, persevere and our numbers will surely grow. The Forces of Light are in our favor. The probabilities for a mass transformation of consciousness into the positive arena are growing. Our contribution is necessary for the greater good of our species and our Mother Earth.


Perhaps some of the Blog Readers, considering the constant perceived negativity surrounding us, wonder how one person could possibly make a difference in the global picture. You may be asking yourselves, “Why should I go through the effort of changing my beliefs and my Personal Reality for the better, if it will be only a “drop in the bucket” in the “greater scheme of things?” My answer to you would be that your efforts in changing your beliefs and behaviors and thus your Personality Reality Field, also have the added effects of broadcasting by example, the benefits of loving kindness and confidence to those around you in your physical reality.

The effects are also felt telepathically. As you change your personal world for the better, you are each moment broadcasting on the subtle levels your successes in overcoming negativity to the collective network of Souls on our planet through this web of subtle energies. I have noted elsewhere in these blogs that we as a species are literally “One.” We are all co-creating with All That IS our individual lives, yet we are all sharing the same timeframe as One People.

This Telepathic Network is our communication system that we use to achieve consensus while sleeping, on what will be manifested as our world reality upon awakening. So you see, You can truly make a difference. Thoughts have power. Thoughts of good intent and loving kindness have extreme transformative power. Our positive thoughts seek out other positive images and thoughts being transmitted in this collective mental conversation. These thoughts merge to create incipient Reality Constructs. When these potentialities reach a stage of imminent creation, it could be YOUR SINGLE LOVING THOUGHT that could tip the scales towards the positive manifestation.

This mental conversation does indeed continue while we are awake and going about our activities. In other words, we are still dreaming and in contact with the collective while awake, but it goes on “on the background.” It is just as important to create the thoughts of loving kindness and confidence while awake, because that is when we have the most conscious control over our mentality. It is this exercise of consciously changing our thoughts and behaviors that creates a spillover into our dream world, our sleeping times, affecting the world thought consensus in a positive way.

Now you may still be harboring the belief that “Evil,” particularly in our times, may be stronger than “Good.” Indeed, with the variety of wars, famines and other negative events going on around us, this would seem to be the case. However, this belief is still only a habitual idea that we hold. You may have been in the habit of thinking to oneself, “Evil triumphs over good: in politics, in business, in my personal dealings with people,” that you have blinded yourself to other options, other ways of perceiving our world.

Look beyond these perceptual blinders and you may see that the opposites is true: Good triumphs over evil: in politics, in business, in your personal dealings with people. The opposite is true my friends. Reflect on this for a moment and see if you agree.

Troubled friend

Be ruthlessly loving in this matter. Prove yourself an adequate match for this person in this endeavor by reflecting back love and faith and confidence when they test you out of fear and mistrust. The trick is to identify the incoming negative Consciousness Units and transform them with your energy into loving thoughts and emotions BEFORE they enter your energy field and cause disruptions.

These energies are very powerful. They are indeed like parasites that attach themselves to your Energy Body where they then can attach themselves to others, but only if the host is fearful, mistrusting and negative, cynical etc. Negativity is the feeding ground for these energies. Where there is only love and acceptance and compassion, these influences cannot take hold.

Integrity is an excellent concept and we can discuss it a bit here. In this situation, you are integrating your Soul aspects of loving kindness and acceptance, with you core personality or egoic aspects of self-defense, anger etc. So integrate, integrate, integrate. Love dissolves the egoic response motivated by territoriality and competition. Coming together – integration – is what is needed here on all levels. Common ground, conciliation, cooperation for a higher ideal, these are all relevant issues to be considered at this time.

Now, know that many of our contemporaries are also involved in these Soul issues. Our planet is going through a transformation that will be felt down through every atom in our perceptive field. All is in flux. everyone’s issues are being presented to them for transformation and healing. Now you can ignore these “requests” from Soul, but you do so at your peril.

These lessons will help you gain the wisdom and skills necessary to make the transition into the Unity of Consciousness Dimension and stay there. The more deeply this divine information is taken into your being, the more likely you will retain it, remember it and
use it in your spiritual pursuits.

The Negative Entities are created by negative thoughts and emotions, but it is unproductive to ask which came first, the Negative Entities of the ideas and emotions that created them, for all exists at once. The hope lies in more people opting for courage and love rather than fear and anger.

Contacting The Inter-Galactic Brotherhood of Light

HYPOTHESIS: The IGBOL are the “closest” and most accessible of the light bodies.
Now , you can be informed of which being or group of beings you are allied with by virtue of your evolution as a Soul. This can be discovered by asking your Energy Personality, using your free will to ask the names and locations of other beings associated with You-the-Soul.

The IGBOL is the “closest” to you in terms of affinity of purpose. They are on a path of Loving Understanding as are you the blog reader. This is why we have suggested that you contact this group as a preliminary to further explorations. Let me say that you need not fear approaching this group in your experiments.

As I state often in my blogs, the great majority of us are in all probability, members of the Same Entity and so have a direct connections to these Energy Bodies we are describing. The Entity is vast, again as I have noted previously, and at this time we are having a “reunion” of sorts on these subtle levels. You may assume you are rekindling old relationships in these communications, for indeed you are. The fear and mistrust will fade as you receive memories of these associations, in the form of divine impulses. You will know it when you feel is. This is ongoing assistance the Beings of Light in service to mankind/womankind during this time of awakening.

Establish your relaxed state of consciousness. Now with the assurance and confidence that comes with mastering these various levels of consciousness through the experiments done in the preceding blogs, have the intention and profound expectation that you will encounter these Loving Beings.

The contact come with the attendant feelings of compassion and love. There may be an “alien” component that may cause discomfort. You may go beyond surface appearances by utilizing your skills at turning Fear and Anger into Loving Understanding and confidence. The IGBOL are you, Dear Blog Reader, in your multidimensional future. Knowing this, you may experience this contact as a homecoming. When you sense that the meeting is over, gradually come back to your Third-Dimensional awareness.

EXPERIMENT – Becoming aware of Astral Travel during sleep.
HYPOTHESIS: You can use your intention to become aware of astral travel during sleep.

The Ritual Sanctuary is important here in this investigation. Perform it just as you are falling asleep, with suggestions to yourself that you will become aware of your inner environment – your sleeping world – as you are about to engage in Astral Travel as we call it. It may be necessary to conduct this experiment for several days to get results.

The suggestion that you will become aware within the dream state is important. You may also suggest that you will awaken after a particular sojourn into the Astral Realms, so that you may document your experiences in your dream journal or other medium. It would then be advantageous to return to sleep with the suggestion that you will awaken briefly to document your further Astral Travels, and so on.

This will give you an ongoing record of your adventures during sleep. And again, the core experience you gain through experimentation in the dream state, the greater mastery gained in perceiving and documenting this state of awareness.

FINDINGS – Document your findings, perhaps with a journal or recorder.


The notion that you are going too far with this exploration of consciousness, that we are going into “forbidden” territory where few have gone before us, may cause us to become fearful, wishing we had not begun the journey. This is a natural reaction, and I wholly expect many of you, especially those with religious conditioning, to at first react with fear and anxiety when you “see something in the dark.”


You are not guilty. You are not to blame. Your, Dear Blog Reader, have done nothing wrong. Because you are in the habit of giving away your power to others, you leave yourself in a vulnerable position. You relinquish your power and then the usurper of your power – parent, employer, priest, politician – can use guilt and other unsavory emotional states to control you.

Yet you have done nothing wrong. You only think you have, second-to-second, because of this manipulation by those in perceived authority. They want you to feel guilty and powerless. It makes their job much easier when you are afraid, anxious, experiencing feelings of low self-worth etc. How much easier it is to take money from someone, for example, when they are feeling unworthy. Indeed, after you have ceded your power to people and institutions, no wonder you feel unworthy.

Yet again, you are not guilty of a thing. You are not to blame. Now, that is not to say that you are absolved of all responsibility in the matters of power between yourself and those in our world. That is not what I am suggesting at all. For that matter, the main reason I write this blog is to help you get your power back. We cannot have a revolution in human consciousness with so many humans without the full human power that they were incarnated with when entering into life on our world.

Currently in our timeframe there is much talk of “taking back power” – personal empowerment. It is almost a cliché in our world. Yet truly taking back your power from persons and institutions is a heroic act. There is much perceived risk in doing so, for most Western humans fear reprisals when they go beyond the status quo. There may be feelings of guilt that come with “not doing what you are told.”

You also may have feelings of loneliness. Breaking away from the pack may leave you feeling as though you have made a mistake in surrendering the safety of the group. Yet also know that as more of you go on your Soul journeys, relinquishing the negatives in your lives, pursuing positive, loving experiences and creating a radically different world for yourselves, you will also meet up with others who are on a similar path. Those with positive loving thoughts will be drawn to others who have positive loving thoughts. As you meet with others on a similar path, you will form groups, naturally as humans do, and soon you will have remade your social institutions into something truly sacred and life-affirming for all.

Inter-galatic Brotherhood of Light-2

They are what you would call “of Alien Extraction.” Their heads are quite larger than ours. Eyes are much larger than ours also. They have no protruding nose formations, merely slits, as in our reptilian species. The bodies are small and thin. The limbs are long, and fingers thin. And hairless. The skin is gray in appearance. They have been called grays by some of our UFO researchers.

Their home is in a future dimension of Earth. Humankind, in the progressed future.

These are not accidental meetings. Their overtures to our people are part of a plan to introduce humankind to their civilization. They are welcoming us to the greater reality of which we are a part but do not recognize currently.

They are beings of love. They live on love, in a very literal sense. The powerful emotion of love fuels all of reality. They have received negative imprinting by some of the more dangerous of our Negative Entities. Obviously, the negative beings would prefer that their kind stay out the picture as the Nefarious Entities attempt to grasp control of our Earth in its entirety. They will not let that happen. That is why they are making themselves known to some of us. They mean no harm. They are providing help to us as their people resist the takeover of our Dark Forces.

Simply, consciousness creates, and as it does, both positive and what we would term “negative” creations result. Consciousness including the opposite of love. Yet because love is at the base of all realities, the tendency is to revert back to love in any given cycle. Our people in our current era are at the end of a cycle. It appears to many of us that we will be consumed by negativity, particularly in our U.S. However, know that Beings of Light, including our association and millions of other Light Bodies, are stemming the tide of evil. They are helping us. Yet we must do our part.

We can love our way out of this dilemma. By reinforcing love within our being and in our relationships with others, we create an irresistible counterforce to the negativity in our world. The more we and our people promote love in this way, the sooner we shall subvert the agenda of the Negative Entities. Their wish for us is to realize that they are with us in support of our loving evolution as a race.

They are not the enemy. They have been slandered by the Negative Entities. Look for our appearance on the world stage as we all – meaning humanity as well as the Light Bodies – unite to overturn the evil ones.

The Inter-Galactic Brotherhood of Light

A group of Energy Bodies that resides within dimensions beyond our physical reality. These beings have been in contact with humanity on Earth for many, many years. They were known to our indigenous cultures for example, and they were also known to visionaries throughout the centuries in our recorded histories. They have been know by different names.

Each culture that has known them, naturally, has named them through the perceptual lenses of their individual societies. This group is and has always been a very loving, gentile species of beings. Because of this loving attribute, many cultures have honored them as gods or what we might term Angels, Deities and so on.

This same group I am describing is available to us for achieving contact and ongoing communication. They exist inter-dimensionally and so may provide a link to us from the distant past, in our terms, to the present and beyond. This may be said of all the Energy Bodies we may come to contact.

However, the group I am describing, because they represent the evolution of peace and loving understanding within non-physical reality, may be particularly valuable advisers to us in our current reality, seeing as how we as a race are on the edge of the Fourth-Dimensional Shift, with our capacity for loving understanding to be the deciding factor. This group of loving beings is called the Intergalactic Brotherhood of Light.

Relationships between Guides

Now, our Spirit Guides are a more personal matter. It would be as though an energy personality essence were “created” to the specifics of our individual personality being the Entity from which the specific characteristics are drawn. Now beyond the Energy Personality, of course, exist continuing manifestations of energy gestalts, more complex in form and substance, until one reaches All That Is, the fundamental energy source from which all realities in all dimensions are created.

Let me go a bit further there… using our wonderful little metaphor of the radio dial. Suppose that you think of All That Is as the totality of all radio waves. Then on your dial you would have listed those “channeled sources” as you have so described , in separate parts of the dial, so that each time you turn that dial, you connect to a different part of the energy “wavelengths” of All That Is.

Now let us say at the far left of the dial is the name David, and when you metaphorically turn the dial to that spot, you receive through your antennae, which we might describe as the Chakra receptors of the human body, the David transmission. And if you turn the dial to the right to the spot marked X you would “pick up” the transmission of that specific Energy Body and so on.

I think that our metaphor is a good one. Blog Readers can use this visualization to tune-in to their own guides and it becomes a ritual they can use to make these connections in their own lives. Ritualizing these activities – practicing making these connections – is what is going to help us in our Spiritual Evolution. It is the first step.


These beings are better described as Inter-Dimensional Beings. And being Inter-Dimensional, they are far from being in outer space and beyond. They are indeed, as close to us, Dear Blog Reader, as our most intimate physical and mental environments.

They are for these reasons, quite easy to tune-in to, and many of us do just that. Let me say once again that everything in our reality has consciousness. Knowing that, how would a microbe, that has its own consciousness, intelligence and power, appear to a human, if the human tuned-in to one accidently? One might indeed believe they had contacted a being from out space.

Sleep and Astral Travel

Our sleep times are highly important for our health physically, psychologically and spiritually, and so we will now comment on this state of consciousness. Now the adventures of you and your Soul Family are ongoing. Within your waking reality you experience your waking Soul family manifestation. However when dreaming you may be experiencing other manifestations of your Soul Family, within your current incarnation and possibly within past and future timeframes.

If you watch your dreams closely, you may notice the appearance of “familiar yet unknown faces” on this inner stage of awareness. These hard-to-place characters may indeed be members of your Soul Family as they engaged with us in activities on the subtle levels. Let me leave it at that and encourage us to do your own research in this matter.

On a biological level, as you may know, the body rests and repairs itself during sleep. Without going into too much detail, this restoration begins with the onset of sleep and continues until waking. During sleep, the consciousness, for the most part, travels from the physical body to visit locations far and wide in our Third-Dimension as well as other dimensions. Your Soul, therefore, is engaged in many different activities while your physical vehicle rests and recuperates.

These sojourns from the physical body have been named Astral Travel by some of us, and this is an adequate description. We do indeed visit the Astral Levels during sleep, but there is much more to it than simply “visiting” these non-physical locales. You-The-Soul are refreshed, revitalized and energized via these inter-dimensional travels.

These are the roads we have traveled for countless years while in incarnation and in the time in between lives. We know these pathways in the grid work of the higher dimensions, as well as we know the route to take to the market in the physical world of the Third-Dimension.

Many of us are engaged in projects and collaborations on these subtle levels. Without the physical body, times takes on a fluid aspect. Travel is instantaneous. We progress by simply intending to go to a particular location. For example: we may be providing comfort to a human or group of humans who are in tragic circumstances. We may be providing support to these people in their dream state, even as we may be supported by other in ours.

As I describe in other parts of my blog, during sleep the consciousness also participates in the creation of what will be local, regional and worldwide waking environments. We create the framework for our reality during sleep. When we awaken, us and our fellow humans “fill in the details” by choosing from the limitless field of probable realities open to us, those that will become our Personal Reality Fields

The Soul Family

We do have different beings assisting  with our Soul. Some have been Guides and friends in other incarnations on Earth. Some of these Energy Bodies have been watching over us and others in our Soul Family since the beginning of time as we understand it.

Broadly speaking, each of us has a constellation of these Energy Bodies, and we are each potentially able to achieve contact with some or all of them, depending on our level of Soul Evolution or spiritual growth. These entities are awaiting our call.

Mankind/womankind are at the stage of development that it is necessary to make these connections with the Higher Self. This must take place on a grand scale before the Fourth-Dimensional shift can occur.

Now, let me go further with this explanation by discussing the concept of Soul Family. Each of us lives within what we might call our “core” family. This would be the family or families that raised us. These are the people who we call our family members.

Now among this group of humans that we may or may not be related to genetically, are members of our Soul Family these would be the Souls that have incarnated with us into our current timeframe to learn their lessons with us. These members of our Soul Family may well have participated in NUMEROUS permutations of family groupings with us throughout the millennia.

Some of these family groupings may be or have been in other solar systems, on other planets and so on. For the most part, however, our Soul Family has developed in the Earthly realms. Again, members of Soul Families reincarnate together in different roles, of different sexes, of different temperaments and so on, to experience different lessons for the Entity – the overall collective of Souls in which Soul Family resides – and of course, for the greater experiencing of All That Is.

I must mention, that our Soul Family may include others that we may not acknowledge as “family” members. These participants might include, for example: the cashier at the local market that you may be very attracted to or perhaps find abhorrent, as well as others within your community that you hold strong emotions for.

However, the Soul Family may be thought of as that small group of active participants in our reincarnational activities in our current timeframe. This primary group is the one in which we learn our lessons while other members of the group also learn their lessons.

Now if we are clever and if we learn to use our Inner Senses, we may find the connections between our current Soul Family, and the lessons learned and to be learned, as well as perhaps the most “Immediate” or “Recent” past lives. For those of us interested in such things, I suggest we conduct your experiments with this information in mind. The connections will then “come to mind” as we put together your findings

Transforming Fear and Anger

Hypothesis: You can use your intention to transform Fear and Anger into Courage and Loving Understanding.

Think of a fear or anger-creating an idea or image that you have been entertaining lately. Surely most of you can come up with an example. Now that you have it in your mental environment, enliven it with your thoughts and make it seem real. Do this for a few seconds… Now mentally say, “Stop!” and have the intention that you will now turn down the energy on the thought or image, by using your dial or other metaphorical tools, and remind yourself that you are supported on a wave of ecstasy that is indeed your Soul Self.

You may consult your Energy Personality or other Guides for help in this matter. When the positive emotions of love and compassion are felt, experience them and relish them for a few seconds. Then end the experiment with your intention to go about your activities, this time experiencing the residual feelings of Ecstasy that you will no doubt be enjoying for some time after the experiment.

FINDINGS – Make your notes or remember this use of the Inner Senses for the next potentially Fear or Anger-producing experience. Document your findings.

Consecutive Positive Assessments-2

EXPERIMENT – Consecutive Positive Assessments

HYPOTHESIS: Positive assessing all that you experience creates the positive future.

In addition to enacting your Ritual of Sanctuary before you go out into your world, I suggest you practice positively assessing everything that comes your way in your existence. Practice until it becomes a matter of fact – a positive habit that you practice ongoing throughout each and every day. Perhaps an experiment is in order here. Again, this build upon exercises in previous blogs.

Let us say that you are about to begin your day. You have awakened from sleep, you have opened your eyes and you are perhaps walking to the bathroom.

This may be habitual for you now. It should only take a few seconds to perform your ritual. Then here is where you immediately intervene between the Moment Points of you waking life. In between the moments of remembering and forgetting… you intervene. “It’s easy to find the good in each sequential perception.” This is your idea for the day.

Remembering to conduct your Ritual of Sanctuary; remembering that you create your reality out of your perceived beliefs, ideas and images about your world; remembering to positively assess each sequential perception. Then do you see how the positive perceptions create the positive future, moment-to-moment? You are rolling out your positive moments before you to create the positive path of your future.

(Thought afterwards – this experiment is a especially useful for when you can’t avoid the negative media. The blog reader hopefully will choose not to watch negative TV, violent movies etc.)

FINDINGS – Remember to write down your findings from worthwhile experiment.

Consecutive Positive Assessments

In our world currently, we as a race are experiencing the disintegration of the fundamental structures that hold our societies together. It is easy for us to see this phenomenon in our Western World, for our media proclaim the disasters and upheavals within our institutions on a daily basis.

I refer to these media as the “negative media,” for obvious reasons. In a very real sense, our media shape and negatively spin the events of our world to depict the basest interpretation, appealing to the lowest aspects of humankind. Because there are very few alternative voices in our media network, the media as a whole tend to reinforce and perpetuate negative experiences in the minds of humanity.

Those of us who wish to go into the Unity of Consciousness Dimension “with our eyes wide open,” would do well to divorce oneself from all forms of negative media.

I have explained in previous blogs how the violent images and stories serve to trigger biochemical responses in our bodies, so that we are conditioned to continue watching, reading or listening. It becomes an addiction in time, so that we become “hooked” on negativity. We become hooked on the adrenaline that is released with our bodies.

Remembering what I have described concerning the activities of the Negative Entities as they seek out fear and anxiety, perhaps the blog reader can see how a daily diet of this – such as violent movies, newscasts and the like – could increasingly attract the Negative Forces, until there is not room with our mental environment for love, compassion or the human virtues.

“But how,” you might say, “can I protect myself from these media if they surround me in the physical environment? They are everywhere and I must confront them every second of my life just to go out and do my job, go to school, go to church etc. etc. etc.” I appreciate your dilemma and I have an answer for you.


By expressing negative thoughts about war or anything, we are colluding with the Negative Forces. Make the effort to deal with these issues in Love. Love is the strongest of all energies in the Universe. Focus on the Love that we can feel for everyone, including the “war people.” The only way to convince the haters is to model Unconditional Love in all our actions.

Be a peacemaker by converting your negativity into Love and by turning hatred into its opposite. This skill is what will convert people to peaceful side, and this skill is what will allow us to stay in the Fourth Dimension. So practice, practice, practice.

Our Reality Feedback

You see, our Personal Reality Field is literally feedback of our ongoing mental activities. We can always look at our created reality to see how we are doing. This of course assumes that you are aware of your Lessons and are not denying the spiritual, or need I say, “metaphysical” underpinnings of your so-called “physical ” life.

If you feel you haven’t enough information as to what your Lessons are, the next time you are in communication with our Energy Personality, simply ask for guidance as to what your Lessons might be in this incarnation and wait for the reply. You will get a direct reply telepathically if it is appropriate information for you to have at the time, or you may be presented with a “graphic example” by way of a reincarnational drama or comedy in your physical world.

These events present your Lessons in stark relief against the background of your mundane, robotic existence. You will recognize these as “teaching moments” or ” moments of awakening” by their surprising appropriateness and synchronous attributes. Again, as I have stated previously, you will know it when you see it for YOU HAVE CREATED IT, for purposes of Your own learning and Soul Evolution.

For example: You may have noticed a teaching moment in your own life that was not tragic in the least but amusing and profound. Perhaps you have had the experience of being the center of the cosmic joke, when everything around you was turned against you in humorous and symbolic ways. Certainly all of us have had these experiences, yet they are too easy to dismiss as coincidence.

These are your reincarnational comedies – teachings moments of the absurd and ironic. Now within these teaching moments, you also have the opportunity for creating loving understanding out of negative emotions – embarrassment and shame, anger and fear – just as you have the opportunity for transformation within the reincarnational dramas of our life.

Simply note that these episodes of dramatic and comedic teaching moments represent opportunities for IMMEDIATE TRANSFORMATION, IMMEDIATE SOUL GROWTH. I advise you Blog Reader to take advantage of these experiences, therefore, when they arise.

If We Want Peace

With an appreciation for Loving Understanding and the power of this state of consciousness to transform fear and anger, comes the possibility for peace. Dear Blog Reader, if we want peace, we can have peace. Make it with our thoughts. If we want the wars to cease, we can create that with our thoughts.

It all begins with our Loving Intention in the moment. Our thoughts of peace and Loving Understanding coalesce on the subtle levels, to create their counterparts in physical reality. What is the counterpart to peace, love and understanding? A physical world where WAR IS NOT TOLERATED BY THE PEOPLE.

War cannot be sustained on a diet of peace and Loving Understanding. War perishes in such circumstances. And as war and violence fade into memory, new, positive life-affirming Reality Constructs are thrust into our world with the energy of the loving thoughts, the peaceful thoughts, the thoughts of understanding and acceptance for our fellow human beings

Belief Change

When we look at our Personal Reality and see a change, one that reflects a change in our beliefs, and perhaps it feels uncomfortable to acknowledge it because it feels so foreign to us, let that serve as validation that you are on the right path. For example: where once there was fear of a particular group or race and there is now acceptance and growing affection, let that serve as validation that our Soul is evolving in beneficial ways.

No, we cannot err on the side of too much love. We cannot have too much affection for our fellow humans. My advice is to practice loving one another WITH ALL OF OUR MIGHT. The emotional content, highly-charged, is what helps the new reality break through the old, and establish itself as the new manifestation.

The New World.” I continually encourage to be ruthlessly loving and confident, and I suggest that also to the Blog Reader of these words. Continually, moment-to-moment, create our world through a perception of love and confidence. We can be a model for those who need this guidance, in how to think, feel and act.

For those of us who can accept such responsibilities our growing skills with the use of the Non-Physical Senses and our growing knowledge of how to use the powers of love and confidence, can thrust one to the forefront of the movement of humans beings who are seeking their own enlightenment and the Soul progression also of the species.

Collective Manifestation

So in a word, Love is the answer. If we were to live our life as a poet, a romantic poet let us say, one that was immersed in love, and indeed unable to sense or formulate a single thought that was not love, imagine how LOVING our existence would be.

But instead many of us focus on murders, such as we have in our negative media; personal vendettas, such as we are engaged-in at the workplace; and general cynical gossiping, such as makes up the Movement-to-Moment Points of our ongoing lives.

This is not to paint all of us with the same brush, but we must take responsibility for whatever part we play in the creation of negative Reality Constructs in our world. If we contribute If we contribute a negative gesture, we are partly responsible for the collective negative manifestation. It makes senses, does it not, given what I have described about the nature of our reality.

If we become angry at a person of a different color while driving our cars and shout at them and gesture at them in an absence way, we are responsible for our part in the collective negative manifestation of racial prejudice in our current timeframe. Does this not make sense? If we scream in anger at our child, we are responsible for the collective manifestation of child abuse in our time frame. It is quite logical in its consistency.

We may believe that if we commit these violations in private, that they do not count, because no one is observing our behavior. But telepathy, as I said before, is operative at all levels. We ALL know what is “on your minds.” We feel that we have to pretend that we DON”T know, however, to maintain our private lives.

Yet all of this will be out in the open soon, and I would urge us to clean up our thoughts and behaviors so that we will not be caught in the habitual negative thinking and behavior that currently hold us back.

Loving Understanding

Let us now discuss Loving Understanding some of the great virtues of humankind. Now there is love and there is love. It would seem that each of us might have our own definition: “love of another is acceptance of another regardless of how the other appears, speaks of behaves.” This aspect of love comes from understanding what the human purpose is on our great Earth.

Generally, the purpose is to co-create with All That Is a life of learning. We are on the planet to learn from our experiences in our particular niche in our personal environment. When we can appreciate this overriding fact of life, we can come to a loving understanding of ANYONE we meet upon our Earth.

We are All on the same voyage: that of the path to Soul Realization. Each person we meet in our experiences is a teacher for us, therefore, and from these interactions we learn our lessons and our knowledge grows. Now, All That Is also grows in knowledge and experience with us, as we co-create and then experience our lessons.

All That Is is the energy source for all of creation. Indeed, we’re on our Earth to experience for All That Is, our life lessons that include EVERY MOMENT in our existence. Each second of our waking and dreaming hours provides learning opportunities for You-the-Soul.

This is true for not only our current life in this timeframe, but for all our many lives in this and other timeframe, past, present and future. This is not to minimize the importance of any given life. It is simply a fact of life, Dear Blog Reader. And when we understand this in its most profound sense, we can begin to have this sense of Loving Understanding I am describing, for myself as well as for others.

Negative Thinking

An excellent question in these matters be, “if negative thoughts and images lead to the creation of negative events, and these events are painful, why do people continue in the creation of negative thoughts?” I have covered this before and I now will elaborate on this paradox. Why would a human continue to think and imagine the negative and create negative Reality Constructs and thus feel the negative emotions that come with the negative manifestation?

In a way, the reason for this unusual behavior is that many of the negative reality creators are so accustomed to creating from their negative, repetitive thoughts and beliefs that they essentially know of no other way to think and feel. The creation of their negative personal realities has become “a force of nature,” to coin one of our phrases. The force is quite powerful and has become personalized over time so that the human is entranced with these thoughts and behaviors, thinking these is absolutely no other possible way to think and behave.

Sometimes under these circumstances of entranced negativity, the only way out is through a reincarnational drama or lesson. The Higher Self of the individual creates a life-or-death struggle to divert the attention always from the increasingly negative and self-defeating manifestations.

The human, then, is often quite relieved to enter into a different creative opportunity, even though it might entail a serious illness, accident, mental crisis and so on. The diversion has the effect of waking up the individual from the trance of negativity. They then see the world with a new-found clarity. They have a sudden appreciation and sense of gratitude for life where before they were living a robotic existence.

These creative opportunities may result in the death of the physical form. Still, the Soul experiences that result as a success, for the human has encountered and met the challenge in their own way. This is the Lesson they were to learn, and whatever was learned is now part of the knowledge of the individual Soul, The Entity and All That IS.

Of course, there is the probability we may avoid the life-or-death drama by approaching our lessons “head on,” and not avoiding them – learning what we have come to Earth to learn. The free will choice is always ours.


Another example: let us say that there is a single Soul Self that is experiencing this multitude of Reincarnational Existences for the purpose of dramatization of particular Lessons in physical reality. Now the lessons here obviously also have similarities.

Consider a human, perhaps a neighbor, family member, or friend of ours. suppose that this person, let us call them a Soul Family member, is experiencing a Lesson in forgiveness, that is, as is so often the case in these matters, not at all obvious or apparent to this subject, but quite painfully obvious to those around this person – the members of this person’s Soul Family. The Lesson is obvious to everyone but the subject here.

Yet on a deeper level of perception, through the eyes of the Soul Self, the subject here is also quite aware of a Lesson. Yet do we agree that it would be not much of a Lesson if the subject were to be painfully aware of the Lesson? What would be the point? And so the Amnesia is brought in to the mental environment of our subject through the creative powers of consciousness.

This is the way that all of us have set up our lives: to live without the deeper knowledge of our other existences. The Amnesia again. We have a perfect view of the status quo reality, but a very dim view of our true reality, the inner reality that creates the outer world. This narrowing of perception keeps us distracted by the minutiae of our moment-to-moment existence. It keeps us within the drama so that we are not compelled to look beyond what is directly in front of us.


For the sake of argument, though the situation is exceedingly complex, let us suppose the our subject could go either way here. They may choose to ignore the advice of trusted friends and family and continue on the path of excess, or they may indeed heed the advice of Soul family members and pay attention to the signs within their mental environment that seek to direct them onto a different and more productive path.

Our subject has free will to choose one course of development over the other. All members of the Soul Family also have free will to choose their level of participation in the learning experience. At any second in linear time, then, each member of the ensemble CHOOSES, on either a conscious or unconscious level, to participate or not participate in the drama and to what degree.

Again, the Soul Self of each participant ALWAYS comprehends the subjective value in each choice. The Soul Self informs each participant in this example, through impulses received within the mental environment, on the unlimited probabilities for Reality Creation within any particular moment.


The energy Personality of Spirit Guide may assist me in my exploration into the Soul family. As we may already know, the road to awakening literally begins when we acknowledge that we have non-physical Guides that are watching over us and that may guide us.

It is an age-old story. Ritual contact with the non-physical beings is at the base of all our religious systems. Every spiritual tradition on our great Earth has the devotee first initiate contact with a spiritual being of some sort – god, goddess, God, animal spirits of various kinds, and so on.

Each culture has its variations on this procedure. This system I offer you as a metaphysical teacher of countless years. And so, yes, the first step here is to ask for assistance until you get it. We are thus not entirely on our own in this quest for spiritual understanding.


We may be already well aware of our Current Soul Family Gestalt in so far as they are also members of our genetic family, our adoptive family, our friends and our social networks. However, to fully explore the connections between us, and for example, the tens or hundreds of people we interact with on any given day, we are advised to consider researching our Personal Reality Filed as a Scientist of Consciousness.

As a scientist we would delve into the thoughts, feelings, images evoked in the momentary assessment of the human we are evaluating or the experience we are exploring. We investigate with our Inner Senses within our own consciousness by simply Intending to do so.

How do you Intend? Briefly, we intensely desire to get to the bottom of this intuition we have about a possible Soul Family member, for example. Then we wait to see what arises. We may immediately receive more information on the subject via our Inner senses. Or later in the day it may occur to us, as in a dream or state of reverie, what the connections are. Then, as you are receiving information, we document it in some form – other than the memory, which can be quite volatile – for later study.

From these information streams we gather our data and glean our Findings. A Findings is simply something of value, in this case, something pertaining to reincarnational Existences of the Soul Family that you didn’t know before the investigation.

This culling of knowledge from the Unknown Reality is how the Ancient Wisdom reveals itself within our system. These skills we are learning will help us become aware of our greater creaturehood on all levels.


Our current relationships are alway representative of our affiliations on other lives. We may follow these correlations to the nth degree. Thus, the delivery person at the door may well represent a human interacting with you in another of your lives, a Past Life, let us say. The telemarketer you have just spoken with on the phone may represent a human from another era with whom you are interacting.

Indeed, the entire workforce at your place of employment may well represent a collective of humans with whom you have associated in other livers. For the Soul Family, broadly defined, incarnates together to work in groups, and learn their Lessons together.

Soul Family(Computer Analogy)

Perhaps the computer analogy will help in this presentation. We have used this before… Imagine that this process of Soul Family member negotiation, acceptance, and denial occurs as though within the processors of the world’s fastest computer. Our subconscious mind, which is related to the Collective Consciousness of all humanity, is like this great computer, in that, without expending great amounts of energy, it instantaneously assesses each individual we meet in our existence and notes Soul Family connections throughout time.

We are unaware of this activity as we observe the person in front of you. We may be thinking to ourselves, “I am drawn to this person,” or, “I would like to feel this person out, to see if there is something to be discovered here.”

Now obviously, this great computer of consciousness may not reveal to us ALL of data it is processing about human individuals we meet. Our mental environment would become quite disoriented and flooded with information if this were the case.

And so we place amnesia upon the majority of this information and allow in only what is necessary to allow us to make our decisions and learn our Lessons.


We have free will within the Third Dimension to make our choices from an infinite array of probable choices. However, we are on Earth to learn Lessons within our collectives-humanity, Soul Family, genetic family, and so on.

Thus, our choices will reflect the information we receive telepathically from other humans. We are constantly keeping appointments and having reunions with Soul Family members that we have associated with, loved, and hated throughout time. We use our free will to accept, reject, or perhaps re-negotiate Soul Family agreements established in other lifetimes.


We come together in all of our lives to learn our Lessons together, as a group, we see. This is how it works… in the dreamstate we agree to enact behaviors of educational value for our own benefit and for the benefit of other Soul Family members. When we awaken after sleep, we generally fulfill these agreements in a largely subconscious fashion. Our lives may thus be described as dramatizations of life Lessons in the Third Dimension. The Lessons are learned within Soul Family relationships as the higher Consciousness of each of those involved, “speak to,” and energizes the participants.

Yet we may well ask, “But how can this be so, David? How could I have been kept from this information all of my life?” First let me say that this is something that we already know, for we are in telepathic contact with everything in our Personal Reality. Telepathy works constantly in our world on a subliminal level. On this subtle level of understanding, just below our conscious awareness, we know everything.

However, to get along in your world, you must keep yourself in an amnesia that allows you to forget your multidimensional reality and focus on the mundane world in which you live. This occurs even as you are continually receiving profound amounts of information on your life condition and on the lives of your co-inhabitants subconsciously. Your focus on “current events,” rather than your greater godlike reality, allows your consciousness to guide you through your existence without distractions

Now Reality

To begin with my Blog friends…. you create your own reality. This has been my primary refrain to humanity in my messages over several decades, and I fervently hope that my blog readers remember. In this moment and in every moment of our life, we form the world that we know, even as everything else within our reality cooperates with us in this creation process.

Our world is made from Consciousness Units: awarized elements of energy that seek out the fulfillment of infinite values in the manifestation of Reality Constructs of infinite variety. This etheric substance – the stream of manifestation – literally travels outward from our body to create the world that we experience. It is fantastic. It is unbelievable. It IS the way we create our reality. Dear Blog Reader. For in this endeavor of Reality Creation, everything that can happen does happen, all in the spacious moment of creation – the eternal moment of NOW.

Included in this construction project of the Soul is the creation of our own physical body within a context of multi-dimensional existence. We do indeed live countless lives; some are lived in our future. We have referred to these as the Simultaneous Lives and also the Reincarnational Existences. These lives are our lives throughout time.


The concept of spontaneity can further our discussion of creating the Personal Reality Field. To be spontaneous, according to one of our Earthly definitions, is to act without forethought, willy-nilly, according to the present moment’s frivolous inclinations. Now I may be casting this term in a negative light somewhat, yet is it not true that spontaneous is thought to be somewhat reckless and unthinking, is it not? The spontaneous are thought to be irresponsible, in many ways, and lacking in maturity and good judgment.

I am a big fan of spontaneity, and the accompanying practice of recognizing and “following” life-affirming impulses. But for now, let us investigate how the practice of spontaneity may have earned such a bad reputation in our culture.

To begin, the founders of our American nation were of a strong puritanical bent. They were hard working, intensely religious humans, who were taught that “idle hands are the devil’s playground.” So the natural spontaneous behavior of humans enjoying the moment, even of children in many cases, during those seminal years of occupation in our country was discouraged.

Now this is speaking of the U.S. only here. Other nations had obviously different beginnings, yet some were similar. So we, as a people, were not generated from hedonistic loins, in other words. Our culture has proceeded from day one until the present on a decidedly anti-pleasures trajectory, admittedly with a few pleasure-seeking counter-culture movements in between.

So given this history it is no surprise that, for the most part, Americans are not a spontaneous lot. This type of behavior is not rewarded in a society that values business interests and profit-taking over positive human development. Currently, as a culture, the U.S. has entered an era of warlike anti-pleasure such as our modern Earth has never seen. Surprisingly, many of our citizens appear to accept this state of belligerence and negativity, if one is to believe the many polls that are taken and the results proclaimed to the world.

For now, let me simply suggest an alternative to the anti-pleasure movement in our country. This would be the search for pleasure within our Personal Reality and the creation of pleasure through the acknowledgment of and acting on pleasurable, life-affirming impulses. These are behaviors that may lead us to experience the feeling of being supported like a beloved child on a wave of ecstasy that is indeed the embodiment of All That Is.

Now let us clear up some of the misconceptions some may have of spontaneity with a description of “true spontaneity.” we need look no further for a graphic example of true spontaneity than the experience of accessing one’s Inner Senses and learning one’s lessons. The first requirement for this communication is a lowering of the ego defenses: that quality of mind that protects and defends one’s beliefs and one’s world view against “attack” from differing and differing world views.

The ego must release its strangle hold on the physical perceptions before divine information – spontaneous impulses – can be adequately perceived with the Inner senses, and then acted upon if appropriate. So true spontaneity is ultimately profoundly responsible and ethical at its base. True spontaneity is not necessarily the actions of the “free spirit,” however, in our terms.

This aspect relates to the terms “Young Soul” and “Old Soul” that we discussed in previous blogs. Let us go further here. The idea of a free spirit, in our culture and other of the world’s cultures, who acts on every whim that comes to mind, is not the spontaneous spirit I am describing. True spontaneity requires discernment as to which impulses within consciousness to act on to further the learning of lessons for oneself and for the higher good of everyone else. This is critical.

The awakening human learns their lessons consciously and with courage, relishing the life experience whatever the “conditions,” positive, negative or in between, in our terms. Then, as I said, contributing to the consensus manifestation in positive, life-affirming ways, always.

Now further… we are awakening, some of us, within lives that some would call “miserable.” Some of us will use our formidable powers in collaboration with All That IS to heighten our vibrational rate in this lifetime and bring an end to our miseries. Yet some of us will live out our lives in these subjectively named “miserable conditions,” knowing that we are fulfilling our contract with oneself, and learning our lessons for our Soul Self and for All That Is.

Both of the examples I have just described are becoming fully awakened and finding pleasure there, yet only they know this on a Soul Level. Again, to outside observers it would appear that some are trapped in their misery. If one were to look closer though, perhaps one would see the spark of Soul wisdom in the eyes of those I am speaking about. We are all involved in a complex dramatic presentation for the benefit of oneself and All That IS.

Natural Healing

HYPOTHESIS: You can heal yourself and others via the Etheric grid-works.

The Etheric grid-work the sustain the realities of our Universe. These energetic lattice-work of creation and support are currently unknown to the majority of humans on Earth. Yet again, the natives or aboriginals have used these networks since the beginning of your time to interplay with the natural world around them. So certainly this experiment is simply a means to reintroduce you to practice that you may have have engaged in countless times, in other eras, in other bodies.

Utilize your calming practices to access a deep state of relaxation. With your Energy Personality as your guide, ask for guidance as to causes and solutions in these matters of personal health and the health of others. Suggestions may come to you as images, sounds or other sensations. Keeping with the metaphor of a grid-work, you might receive an image of a lattice superimposed over your own body or the body of the subject you are assisting.

The area of interest may glow or otherwise make itself known to you. Using whatever means that comes naturally to you, facilitate the transformation of the area of interest into one integration and support with the rest of the body. This is a personal choice of methods and means that may come into your awareness through your Inner Senses.

Later in this series I will speak of the possibility of the blog reader increasing their vibrational rate and so intentionally moving themselves out of a “disease” state and into a state of health. This is done in collaboration with your Energy Personality. You may experience your current state of illness within the dream reality and so learn your lesson there instead of in Third-Dimensional reality within your current Timeframe.

If you are currently at a stage of Soul Evolution that would enable you to experiment with these probabilities, Please do so in a systematic way, with guidance from your Energy Personality and with attention to the requirements of experimentation as a Scientist of Consciousness.

FINDINGS – Document your findings, perhaps with drawings and ideas for future experiments.


It is a matter of the power differential with respect to our relationship with our world. Depression is largely a matter of powerlessness accepted as a reality – a field of reality – by the individual. As a field, it colors the entire existence and all DOES INDEED seem hopeless.

I advise to unlock our conditioning and take back our power from people and institutions, so too I advise the so-called “depressed” person to rise up and make the gesture of transcendence into the Realm of Power. All it takes in one charged Moment Point of personal responsibility for our evolution, to push the balance out of stasis into change: positive change for the individual.

Then we simply place further Moment Points of personal responsibility for our growth and positive assessments and behaviors, “one in front of the other,” to create the positive future.

Now, should the negative energies make a come back, it does require the individual to reaffirm a commitment to a positive future, in that moment, and once again push the manifestation chain of creative moments out of stasis and into the positive. The negative Reality is rejected and the Positive Field of reality is accepted once again.

As an addendum, remember too, that in these moments we are affecting all of our Simultaneous Lives. So certainly we are doing our selves much good via these positive assessments.

And perhaps I should mention the obvious – that just as the Accepted Negative Field of Reality experienced by the “depressed” person has momentum and continuity in a morbid, yet familiar sense, so to does the Accepted Field of Positive Emotions and Behaviors hold its own momentum, continuity, and familiarity in a positive, even joyful sense.

Healthy Wealthy Wise

HYPOTHESIS: Through intention improvements can be made in your health, havingness and learning.

We have covered the means to these improvements in the pervious blogs. Generally, it is a good idea to have a richly visualized image of what you would like to create with regards to health, wealth and wisdom.

As in the previous suggestions in these matters, the image should virtually resonate with the desired thoughts and emotions that you would experience on having created and perceived the manifested Reality Constructs. It may help to create a piece of art that helps to focus the creative energies.

With your art piece or your written manifesto or other focusing objects at hand, enter into a relaxed state of consciousness. Here you are asking for the natural energies of the world to assist you in creating your improvements. In a sense, you are using these energies of transformation to imbue the focusing objects with generative power on the small level to create the desired outcomes on the larger level. You are providing the emotional charge through your visualization to drive into creation the Reality Constructs you have in mind.

You will know when the changes have been made, as you may feel an inner Sense awareness that you have succeeded.
FINDINGS – document your findings.

Dream Interpretation

HYPOTHESIS: The energy personality can read and interpret your dream symbols

As in previous Dialogue, write down what you remember of a dream upon awakening from sleep.

When you are next in contact with your Energy Personality through meditation or other rituals of contact, ask for an interpretation of the dream with regards to your particular symbols. Within a context of learning your lessons and understanding your own dreams, your energy Personality can help with interpretation. Typically, your Energy Personality will not resort to revelations that may interfere with the learning of lessons.

FINDINGS – Document your findings in whatever form you best-suited to this endeavor

Slowing Down Time

HYPOTHESIS: You may effectively slow down time for study or for other practical purposes.

Using your Inner Senses as exploratory tools, you may conduct your experiments free from what you might refer to as “the constraints of time.” You know that the past and future are created now, in this Moment Point. You may use you conscious intent to imbue your Moment Points with an “elasticity” that can afford you greater leeway in your studies.

For example: you may through your intention create a “slowing down” of time within your Personal Reality Field. Now you have undoubtedly already experienced this slowing down of time while engaged in an activity that you know well, an activity in which you are completely absorbed. Time slows down in such circumstances.

So let us suppose you wished to cover a broad range of activities in a meditation session, for example, and you have only a few minutes to do so. Before your meditation, simply give your Energy Personality your intention to expand time for the moment, or slow it down, to enable you to complete your activities. This is especially effective for those who are on self-healing regimens. You can intend to deliver several hours of self-healing suggestions to your self in the space of just a few minutes. Your Higher Self or Energy Personality will then carry it out. You have used your free will to choose this activity.

Induce a relaxed state in your physical body by whatever means suits you. When you are relaxed, consider the Inner Senses counterparts to your physical senses of sight, touch, smell, hearing and taste. As you do, you may notice that these Inner senses make themselves known to you in a somewhat “dreamy” fashion.

What I am saying is that these senses have a quality of duration and intensity unlike the physical senses of the outer world. Your perception of inner Healing, for example, may be perceived as though each sound resonated within your consciousness. This might be somewhat similar to the sounds you hear as you are falling asleep. The sounds seem to be extended, as though time were slowing down.

For purposes of this experiment, this is exactly the perceptive state I am asking you to create. Simply utilize your imagination to “turn on” the inner Senses with an eye towards the slowing down of time within and without. The seeing on the inward eye is slowing down. The sounds are slowing down. Perhaps even your sense of how your skin feels in contact with the air around you and the surface or your chair or pillow begins to deepen and lengthen.

Now when you have slowed down time within your Personal Reality Field in this fashion, present to your awareness your healing suggestions, you questions of what have you, with the intention that resolution will be found, thanks to the slowing down of time you have created. This alteration of your perceptive field may also give you insights into the uses and powers of your Inner Senses.

FINDINGS – Document your findings after each

Lessons and Wisdom

Now wisdom comes from lessons learned in all of the domains of human interaction. I have mentioned the physical, the mental and the spiritual domains, to establish lines of discussion for us as we attempt to make ourselves understood. Naturally, these realms of understanding must surely overlap in some instances in the lives of individuals. We will likely discover where these domains merge as we conduct our experiments in the field.

To be healthy, in terms of these domains of learning, would imply that certain standards of creative manifestation would be consistently met within the overall context of the particular body we are using in the current incarnation.

The powers of creative thought with which we create the body and the world around the body have great leeway in creating health and disease according to lessons to be learned. For example: we may be currently incarnated in a body of physical health, relative to others who have no defects. Here we enter into the area of Value fulfillment that I have described in previous blogs.

It is not easy to assess any particular individual’s incarnational learning experiences using flimsy surface indicators. For example: a human with a major facial or other disfigurement might elicit a responding emotion of pity from another. Yet the Soul Self of this human may wear the disfigurement as “a badge of honor.” For Souls may CHOOSE these types of lives to learn their lessons quickly, due to the high-emotionality involved in living a life with honor and acceptance within a disabled physical form is explored in earnest. Soul Wisdom is earned through such a life lived.

Now the opposite, of course, is also true. Lessons regarding living a “charmed life” are in store for all who inhabit the Third-Dimension. All That IS seeks to know through the experience of Souls, both the exalted and the mundane. No experience is better or worse than another. Again I refer to my previous discussions on Value Fulfillment for more light on this matter.


This current life on Prosperity, abundance, havingness.

Now we shall turn to matters of prosperity. Let us proceed from the beginning. The first step is an assessment, a self-assessment if you will. You first must assess what level of abundance you wish to achieve. You then assess the current level of havingness and examine the difference between the two. This difference between what you have and what you wish to have, can serve as the emotional impetus or motivation to create or manifest the desired result. There is no manifestation without emotional content. The greater the emotional intensity or desire, the more quickly and surely the manifestation occurs.

We create our reality. We are magicians in this respect and it would be good to be more intentional in this magical view of things: creating consciously, with a positive perspective for the good of not only ourselves, but for all others, all of humankind. This deference to the sum of all humanity holds the key to effective conscious manifestation for you, Dear blog Reader. In effect, we are demonstrating your commitment to the good of all with these intentions. The Divine Logos that is All That IS holds us to this commitment to all, as a condition of progressing on our development path, our path of Soul Evolution. Now if this indeed sounds fantastic and perhaps unworthy of consideration, let that egoist response serve as the measure of our distance from Soul. Now we know how far you have to go in this enterprise.

Our personal manifestation of our current level of prosperity or abundance is an important indicator of what our beliefs are with regards to havingness. This is the feedback I have been describing to you in this blog: the reflection of your mental environment that IS your Personal Reality Field. Often you may notice that there is a direct relationship between giving and prosperity; for in the natural perspective – the magical view of things – there IS a give-and-take at the foundation of your manifestation activities. We can see this in the breath of life in the “pulse” of our natural reality. Just as breath is cyclical, with the inhalation and then the exhalation followed by a pause, the pulse of life or manifestation is cyclical with a pre-manifestation period followed by a pause and the manifestation. The completion of one cycle may take less than a microsecond in our perceived time. This is still long enough to give the “appearance” of physicality or “bedrock reality,” as some call it.

As we begin to get a feel for this pulsation of ideas into constructs, powered by the Consciousness Units with electromagnetic properties, we will also begin to gain conscious control of our creativity in the moment. This manifestation cycle is the framework upon which our camouflage reality is built. This pulse can be experienced under specific circumstances.

You may, as I describe in an experiment, using your inherent powers of creativity, slow down the progression of time within your Personal Reality Field. You do this with your intention, using your Inner Senses. Time is felt as elastic with the use of these Inner Senses, and slowing time down to the microsecond level may reveal this breath of life we have been discussing. You may also observe how your thoughts create and support the various aspects of your Personal Reality Field.

Now to simplify for the blog reader, let us discuss a distillation of some of the natural elements of manifestation related to goodness and giving. There is much good to be had in the giving of money, personal items, your time or money creates a state of consciousness that is not conducive to prosperity. This may already be quite apparent. You may be miserly and have the “appearance” of prosperity, yet you may not enjoy it for you have not shared it with others. And by creating your “mental estate” on a foundation of stinginess and greed, are you really expecting to create lasting abundance? Better to create a foundation of sharing and love for yourself and others, intentionally.

You look The positive creates upon the positive for the good of all here. The Reality Constructs tale hold and are tempered in a telepathic mental environment of trust and love. Others with similar loving strategies of manifestation will be drawn to you in support of this beneficial world-view. This is the beginning of the loving, self-sustaining communities that will reshape our world.

Natural Healing

To continue on this line of thought – that of exploring the possibility of healing all wounds, physical, spiritual and mental – let me elaborate on a concept we may refer to as Natural Healing. By this type of healing, I mean allowing the body to heal itself with the aid of “soft” technologies. These soft technologies do not include surgery or drugs but do include some age-old therapies and some natural products of the Earth: hypnosis or “healing talk,” and the application of various plants, minerals, waters, oils etc.

This system I am describing is of ancient origins. It is the basis of All of our modern medicine. The simplest way to describe this is to say that the human body is a natural organism – it is a creation from the natural elements of our Earth by our divinely-inspired consciousness. And from the beginning of our time on Earth, healing talk has been used by our healers to effect healing changes within human beings. So does it not make sense that we may repair or renew the organism in a natural way, with natural methods and products?

But where to begin? Do we have to seek out systems of correspondence, looking for the leaf or oil that will bring relief of a corresponding ailments? Not necessarily. When we approach this activity from a magical perspective, any natural remedy will do. We make make our own association between the remedy and the condition, in effect personalizing this divine activity. We do it with thoughts, again, and we imbue the activity of healing with emotion – strong emotion – which is the electromagnetic healing force in this endeavor.

Now this naturally requires a profound trust in your own abilities to choose and to empower the remedy with curative powers. But this is entirely within the potential of all human beings to accomplish. It may be conceived of as a form of self-hypnosis while perhaps reminding oneself that we are a Soul with a Body rather than a Body with a Soul. Within the etheric domain of the Soul, all is possible, including the healing of all ailments.

Creating Health

Creating health… I will be extremely brief, though some may doubt that I can BE brief. Our health is the most evident aspect of our Personal Reality creation, for we create the rest of what we have been referring to as our Personal Reality Field. Now we ARE experiencing our physical body created through the template we choose before our birth. This template provided us with a body that holds “build in lessons for us to experience.

The lessons of the physical body are myriad and continue until our physical death. Yet on a basic level, relative to all other humans, if we are experiencing a happy, healthy mental environment, we may be in all probability co-creating with All That IS, a happy, healthy body. If we are entertaining negative thoughts of disease and low self-worth, we may be in all likelihood creating a body that will experience that level of disease. This happens unconsciously for the most part, this creation of healthy or non-healthy bodily conditions.

Sometimes though we can catch oneself responding to our own apparatus. For example: if we respond to a statement such as, “I’m catching a cold,” by saying to this person, “Yes, I’m catching a cold too,” you are creating the bodily conditions to receive the cold. This is material we have covered elsewhere and so I shall not digress.

Now there are those of us who are experiencing our current lives with challenges, such as a lack of arms, legs, various organs and so on. There are also some physical diseases that may seem to be ‘Beyond healing.” Within our Third-Dimensional world, it is indeed thought to be impossible to grow a new limb or new organ, or to recover from a “terminal” illness. However, we are headed for a realization that All of the maladies and illnesses of humankind may be corrected through proper use of the imagination and the scared powers of manifestation with All That Is.

In the Forth Dimensional our thoughts will be instantly manifested into Reality Constructs without the lag-time in between that we currently experience in Third Dimensional reality. Should we have self-created “incurable” illnesses and physical challenges, we may learn lessons through resolving these Soul issues with our powerful thoughts of healing. These are simply some of the more profound experiences that await us in the post-transition Fourth-Dimensional reality

Healthy Weathy Wise

It is a blessing one wishes for one’s self and others: healthy, wealthy, wise. These three elements of life are the focus of many in our world. Perhaps we can use this blessing as an example of how we can, with consistent intention and application, co-create with All That Is, our greatest potential for health, prosperity, and wisdom.

Now, we are all individual humans on our great Earth, each with our separate, idiosyncratic propensities for growth – evolution – on all levels of manifestation in the physical and other dimensional realms. Therefore, it should seem obvious that one human’s health, wealth and wisdom might certainly not be another’s. Having said that, let us examine the powerful, evocative ideas and beliefs suggested in the three words.

Health is a topic we could easily spend an entire blog series on discussing. There is physical health, there is mental health and there is spiritual health. There are lessons to be learned in all three realms for all of us as we make our journeys into physical reality. What might appear confusing to our eyes as we judge another, may be simply the other’s decision to learn their lessons in their unique fashion. And find the truth regarding The Transition from the physical into the etheric.

Conscious Co-Creation with Conscious Units

Key word here is conscious. Me and my fellow humans co-create our lives “unconsciously” for the most part. This is the result of the amnesia I spoke of in earlier blogs, so that we forget the love and are more inclined to learn our lessons. Now the amnesia is being lifted, and we are becoming aware of the true nature of our reality. So it is a matter of habit.

Make our use of Conscious Units conscious on a moment-to-moment point basis. This is easily done, is it not? Whenever we find our selves varying from thought-path, nudge oneself back. We have done this a few times this morning already. Negativity will try to draw you toward its own path. That is what it does in our reality. Our task at hand is to redirect negativity’s energy into creating love and confidence in the moment.

The Conscious Units that comprise the environment are fluid in the moment. They can go either way, positive or negative, depending on our subconscious or conscious intent. Keep the scales on the positive side consciously and watch your positive manifestations of house and land – prosperity – be creative in these moments.

Natural Magic

Men and women as magician. The magical way is simply an appreciation for conscious manifestation in the natural world. We are a part of the natural world. AS I have said many times before, we are co-creators with All That Is of all that we observe in our reality.

Now, this is a magical process in that we create seemingly something out of nothing. Referring back to my concept of Consciousness Units, we use the “material” of CUs with our free will and intent to create our shared consensus reality.

Telepathy is operative on all levels and so we have a cohesive illusion; a manifestation of our world and our Universe that all of us can agree upon. It does look quite real, does it not? Yet if you believe what I have been telling over these many years, this “enduring” physical reality of ours is really just “a bunch of hot air.” It falls apart under the kind of scrutiny I am asking you to muster as a Scientist Consciousness.


The truth about the human Soul is that there is no karma, there are only experiences. One experiences one’s lessons in materialized form that one comes to Earth to experience. These experiences run the gamut of what we consider as “positive” or “negative” and we keep returning to these experiences in human form until we have masters our lessons.

Karma entails, in general Western, popular definition, some sort of “dues paying” left over from supposed “past lives” that one endures in the current life. But since all lives are simultaneous, these sorts of definitions lose meaning. If we attribute a brick falling on your foot in this life to your karma from a past life, you are greatly over-simplying an essentially scared, or should I say soulful or spiritual experience.

The Eastern religions are closer to the truth of the evolution of the Soul than the Christian religions. However, no religion has yet explained it in terms useful enough for humans to comprehend in its totality, and by so doing receive the divine information that would unlock the heart. No, we have been blocked in our spiritual evolution by our egos. It is now time to relax your ego and let our Souls shine through

Magician, a Shaman or a Witch

Astral Travel, time travel, projections of consciousness – these are various terms describing essentially a single activity: the use of human consciousness in a focused way. If you look at the various descriptions of the activities of let us say, a magician, a shaman or a witch, you would find distinctions made between the various activities. Yet if you were to compare these activities across the board, you would see that all three are attempting to accomplish similar goals, for similar reasons, in similar ways. Ultimately, all are making use of the human consciousness to create changes – changes in personal and shared Reality Fields.

Dear Blog Reader, when you conduct your experiments, you will find you have the most control in your own Personal Reality Field. You will be investigating within your radius of manifestation. Yet over time, as you become proficient in the use of intention in the creation of Reality Constructs, it becomes easy to expand your potential field of manifestation to include related or contiguous fields.

Now, because all is one and everything is related, you can have effects on anything in your consensus reality. All you need is the focus and power in the moment. This is the vehicle for healing others at a distance, for example. It takes sometime and experience to get acquainted with these networks of creation, or “grid works” as I have described them in earlier blogs. However, any one of us can master the workings of these fields and grids. Turn to the experiments in my blogs.

First Scientists

The Scientist of Consciousness is the magician of old. The magician, the shaman, the witch: these forbearers of humanity’s spiritual traditions were our world’s first scientists. It was only later, when the outer senses replaced the Inner Sense as a means of investigation and exploration – the accumulation of “facts” for their own sake, the acquiring of knowledge without meaning – that the scientist’s role became de-spiritualized, secularized and developed

The work at hand is to spiritualize and make scared the experiences of humans on Earth at this time, though collaborations with Beings of Light. Now I do not mean to offend when I exclude organized religions from this discussion. If we are getting what we need from our religion, by all means continue. That is my advice to you.

However, if you feel that your evolution as a Soul is stagnant and you are not getting what you need from your religion to see you through the coming transformation, then I would advise to try the methods in my blog. Keep affiliation and use these ideas as an adjunct to our practice.

There is much good in the mainstream religions and there are opportunities in all of them to achieve the enlightened state necessary to make the transition into the Fourth Dimension. Unfortunately, these opportunities are often hidden under the great weight of dogma and misconception that clouds meaning and disempowers the individual.

This is why I counsel my blog reader, to accept nothing into your heart that goes against your very nature as a child born in love out of the creative power of All That Is. Make up your own mind. Think for your own self. Accept no ideas, including the ideas in this blog, if your intuitive voice tells you they are not right for You-the-Soul.

The Magical Perspective

The Topic for discussion is the magical perspective. If readers of my previous blogs had indeed taken the tides to heart and created for themselves the Loving Reality Constructs based on the virtues of humankind. My previous Blogs about The magical Approach, presented some very powerful means for altering the blog reader’s Personal Reality in beneficial ways.

Potential will remain just that if it is not acted upon. A probability of altered realities for the better will remain a probability if not acted upon. Again this should be obvious to all of us, but it is the acting upon the impulse, it is the acting upon the potentiality, it is the taking of advice lovingly given by Beings of Light that begins the process of actualizing these impulses, these potentialities and this advice. And so I must convey to you blog reader the importance of actually conducting the experiments and absorbing the material, working it into our lives on a daily basis.

The magical perspective is simply a special way of looking at our world. This perspective empowers the blog reader with the forces of manifestation that we have denied for so many generations on our world. Now there were ages in what we would call our world. Now there were ages in what we would call our “past” that the magical perspective was appreciated by the majority of the people.

Our “myths” – though I do not like the word myths, for it denotes that these events did not transpire, for indeed they did transpire for the most part – depict those eras in human evolution when humankind took the responsibility of personal manifestation quite seriously. Currently, in what we term “the aboriginal systems,” the magical perspective is appreciated and practiced. However, it is usually only utilized by a select caste of revered leaders who are endowed by the members of the collective with the magical powers.

The Energy Personality as Self Observer

HYPOTHESIS: Your energy Personality can monitor your conscious state and give you valuable feedback.

You are gods studying your manifestations. I make this statement once again, reminding you of your status as creators of worlds. AS humans, we are endowed with the virtually unlimited powers of creation to manifest our desires into physical constructs. This happens naturally, all by itself. It may be somewhat difficult to study this manifestation phenomenon, for you yourself are part of your creation.

Therefore, in this experiment, you may attempt to inhabit an alternate perspective in order to study this creation activity you do in tandem with All That Is. It is somewhat like taking snapshots of moments in linear time – the perceptual illusion – for consideration at a “later” date. Let us label this aspect of the Energy Personality the “Self Observer.” This aspect of consciousness has the power to “recall” elapsed Moment Points for purposes of inquiry into the nature of events in physical reality. This observing self has the attributes that you endow it with by virtue of your god-like powers of creativity.

The purpose of this experiment is have your Energy Personality witness and “document” for you, notable excursions into the unknown reality while you are awake. Your energy Personality will recall instances of Astral Travel, communications with Simultaneous Lives, and other phenomena for review at a later date. This is your Self Observer aspect that you may use to remind you of what you have experienced throughout any given day.

Now create your relaxed mental and physical environment. Then simply assign the task of self-observation to your energy Personality, much as you would assign a task to a personal assistant. For example: you might say, “Please document as memories today, my voyages into other dimensions, for review this evening.”

Then mark out time in the evening for review. At that time, ask your Energy Personality to release those memories into you consciousness sequentially for your review. Now obviously you may have your review at other parts of the day or immediately after the notable event. This protocol is simply one of convenience for those of you who have busy daytime working lives.

As you continue with your regimen of self-observation, you may notice that inter-dimensional travel is the rule rather than the exception. You are subject to frequent “mental vacations” of this type throughout your waking and especially your sleeping times. In fact, the great majority of your day-to-day life is spent within these alternate dimensions.

FINDINGS – Documents your findings with successfully eliciting information from your Energy Personality on events which have transpired.

Great Esoteric Work

In our esoteric literature there is much talk of the Perfected Human and the best means to achieve that state of development. Here in this current blog work, we are exploring similar territory with regards to the transformation of the “baser” human aspects – anger, fear, hatred – into their divine counterparts – love, understanding and courage. In many ways, my teaching has been a continuation of these esoteric studies and philosophies initiated by humans in our perceived past.

I must add, that these humans were in close touch with their Energy Personalities and other Guides, as they created these great works of “inspired” literature. It seems obvious to me given what I have described for you , but the whole of inspired literature is infused with the divine information imparted to human authors by Light Bodies.

Inspired ideas are , for the most part, just that – inspiration or spirit ideation or communication. Quite literally, our Guides, acknowledged as such or not, are responsible for most of the “spirited,” life-affirming ideas we have ever entertained or acted upon. Now this may seem to refute my other statements that the impulses conveyed by our Simultaneous Lives are what make up the great percentage of what we would call “the activity of the conscious mind. ” This remains true.

Beings of Light within this milieu of a collective consciousness, seed us mentally with inspired and beneficial ideas, images and feelings. There is no contradiction when we consider the vastness of human consciousness: the webwork of Simultaneous Lives contributing thought forms, our own individual Personal Reality consciousness and the lattice of Light Body communication that supports and nourishes it all upon a foundation of limitless creative energy that is All That Is.

Now such profound prouncements may have the potential of leaving us feeling somewhat diminished. I would remind you then, that YOU are creating this Personal Reality Field of yours, in tandem with All that Is. You are the magician. You are the creative ally with the Divine who creates your part of the world, and as a member of the collective of humans, the world consensus reality.

And this brings up another salient point… many of us have NOT been listening to the voices of the Divine. Many of us have turned a deaf ear to the suggestions of Beings of Light. That is why we find ourselves in such a dire circumstances. So there is a balance. The perfected human is one who balances the input of divine information with their own Reality Creation agendas, within the greater dramas of learning one’s

Know Your Guides

We can access the constellation of Guides we have watching over us. It is possible for any one human, with determination and insight, to cultivate communications with many Beings of Light. The only limitations to these explorations are the ones we put on them.

Documenting our explorations in the finest detail seems to be imperative for these voyages within: asking for the names of the various entities, feeling them out for what services they offer, keeping everything organized in the physical arena, and so on. Now let us proceed with some experimentation.

Signs of Inner-gration

The signs of inner-gration are common to all who undertake these explorations in human consciousness. For that reason, I will now spend more blog time documenting these effects. Now you can go deeper. Just close your eyes and intend to deepen this connection.

There is a marked heaviness one feels throughout the body, but especially the head and chest, when one is in contact with the energy Personality. A “pressing in” on the body from without. It is as if the air pressure of the atmosphere is increased somewhat and one is invited to slow down one’s physical and mental activities and focus within.

Of course, different personalities may experience different sensations. These are simply the broader physical effects experienced by most people. The emotional element is striking, I think, in that one feels one’s self supported on a pleasant wave of good feelings. This is the ecstasy that comes with contact.

Now, knowing what to expect, you can set yourself up for the experience itself. By this I mean, you can cultivate this sense of riding a wave of ecstatic emotion just below the surface of consciousness; and this sense of being comfortably pressed in by the environment that surrounds you; and a sense that you are supported like a beloved child.

One embodies these emotions and sensing as a means to prepare the mental and physical environments for contact with the Higher Self, the Energy Personality. Having achieved these conditions, it would be a simple matter to ask for the name of your Guide, perhaps asking for the one “closet” to you to come forward and make contact, for one has many Guides. One must be selective at first.

So you have prepared the emotional and physical space for contacting and communicating with your Energy Personality. Next you can increase the odds of making contact by “Invoking” an attitude or a sense of “hopeful, faithful expectation.” Here you are anticipating in a positive, loving way, the contact – the encounter.

Now as I said, over time you will make contact and succeed in connecting with your Energy Personality whenever you wish. Some will succeed sooner and some later in these experiments. It is important to keep a positive expectation during these attempts and to keep negativity at bay.

Picking Up The Thread

“Picking up the thread” describe the activity of connecting in a relaxed way to my communication stream. It is a subtle endeavor to trust. It is as subtle as picking up a thread from a tapestry of a greater work, to coin a phrase for the blog reader. The activity of asking for the name of the Energy Personality and having received the name, continuing to seek a mental dialogue with the Energy Personality, is a delicate endeavor.

The usual approach is one of hopeful, trusting questioning, done on a regular basis, that leads to two-way telepathic conversations. The questioner asks for the name and receives the name. The questioner asks questions and the answers begin to flow the source, The Higher Self of the questioner. It is a simple task that we must do diligently and with the roper positive attitude to get results over time.

These matters of personal contest and communication develop in individual ways, according to peculiarities of personality, the mental environment and the energy within the subject’s Reality Field.

“That space between worlds”. But just take it as an interesting game. “Don’t stress,” to coin a phrase. In fact, trying too hard can subvert the process. Diligence with ease is the way to go.

Encouragement and Caution

As I have said earlier, human consciousness visits other times periods and participates in activities in other dimensions, even as we may be participating in our daily unremarkable activities. We are experts at vacating our human bodies and venturing forth into the unknown realities.

Our New Age metaphysical literature is quite filled with stories of angels, demons, extra-terrestrials and the like. So too do our motion picture business prosper through the creation of science fiction and fantasy movies. Yet does it surprise us that these stories are “literally” true?

Remember, Dear Blog Reader, that it is our human consciousness that creates our reality in tandem with All That Is. And so the creativity of our artists, as well as our own, feeds and supports alternate dimensions. When we are experiencing these tales, either through reading or watching movies or plays, we are submerged in the alternate dimensions for that time. So this is the simplest example of inter-dimensional travel – experiencing entertainment media.

With regards to the subject of contacting other Entities in the Fourth Dimension, I must caution to certainly create the Ritual of Sanctuary and have this ritual memorized. As an explorer of these realms, we undoubtedly will encounter negative energy forms that may come into our consciousness and attempt to fix on our light.

By this I mean these Negative Entities can transmit a propensity for negative, repetitive thoughts or images entering our consciousness that can be difficult to undo. We recognize these circular ideas of information loops as disturbing pangs of dread, and other negative emotions. They seem to come from nowhere. Actually these negative energies are attracted to specific memories and ideas we are holding in our mental environment that are of a negative nature: Ideas and feelings of low self-worth, replays of past mistakes and all of the other negative inner experiences humans punish themselves with every day.

Now this is how the Negative Forces gain control over the minds of many in our world. They gain a stronghold in a sense, within the mental environment of those with weakened protection systems. It is as though the immune system of the Etheric Body is weakened through the activity of the negative thoughts, images and such, creating the conditions within the mental environment for viral contamination. The negative, circular thoughts – the thought viruses – are then free to multiple.

The comparison is very useful here. With our suggestions and experiments we are using love and acceptance and confidence to dispel the viral attack. To carry it further, antibodies are created with the introduction of positive thoughts and emotions into the suppresser immune system of the Mental or Etheric Body.

The negative viral front is neutralized and overcome by love, acceptance and confidence. To be sure, a healthy mental, motional and spiritual body is one that is nourished on love, acceptance and confidence, to the degree that these positive states of consciousness are the typical experiences of the embodied Soul.

Contacting the Energy Personality II

HYPOTHESIS: Our spirit guide is awaiting contact.

I hope you blog reader will become proficient as you go along, practicing in sequence as much as you can.

I would like you the blog reader, just for a few moments, to relax and to close your eyes. This is easy to do. Quiet your mind. Think of a relaxing scene. Now Imagine that you have contact with that part of you that is all-knowing – for indeed you do. Ask for its name and you will receive it. It may take a few moments to achieve contact. It may take a few more minutes for the name of your Guide to come to you. Be patient.

The important thing is to have the expectation that we will achieve contact. And working from the loving aspect of consciousness always, this will keep you moving in the right direction. When you receive the name of your Energy Personality, you may sense that you are rekindling a past relationship, possibly dating back to you childhood or even beyond that into what you may term “past lives.”

This remembrance, along with the loving aspect, is a firm indication that we are indeed engaging your Spirit Guide. The excitement that comes with contact may throw you out of trance. Simply try it again after performing the Ritual of Sanctuary. This experiment can be done on a daily basis to strengthen the connection to your Energy Personality.

FINDINGS – Immediately document your findings.

Contacting the Energy Personality

PROOF: Proof is around us. Receiving information from a person who is unconscious. These types of communications will be commonplace in just a few years in our reality. This will be so, partly, because we will be educating the public on how to develop these communications. Again, the closer you look at your perceived reality – the Personal Reality Field that you co-create with All That Is according to your beliefs – the more validation you receive for what I have been saying to mankind/womankind for decades in these blog writings.

Each moment of perceived reality serves as a graphic example of the manifestation of thought into Physicality, Which is related to the Soul, will be the etheric teacher to those of us who are to experience the transition into the Unity of Consciousness Dimension with our “eyes wide open.” We will have read my blogs or received messages from other Energy Personalities and we will have acted on the advice given us.

Many of us, without recognizing the fact, have already been given instruction on the use of our Inner Senses, what to expect in the Fourth Dimension, how to move beyond fear and anger and into love and confidence and other subjects of great importance. In dream state we are being “brought up to speed” by those of us who teach on the subtle levels. And so now we are reading this blog and perhaps having a singular sense of familiarity, Deja vu, as though we have done this before, with accompanying feelings of pleasure, “elementary ecstasy”.

Our world is larger and more complex than we know – our world meaning our created reality. We have physical teachers and we have “metaphysical” teachers, all of us, and now it is time to introduce us to the metaphysical Guides who have been with us since birth into our dimension.

When we ask for our Energy Personality to come forth into our awareness, we may feel that sense of familiarity. For even though we have been pretending that ghosts do not exist even since our childhood ended – adults do not have imaginary friends, after all – on a deeper level we will recognize these connections. Now we may not be willing to admit these relationships to the world because of fear of being exposed.

However, and to illustrate my point, currently a cycle in human consciousness is coming to an end and a new cycle is beginning. We are gradually becoming aware of our connections to our Guides, our Simultaneous Lives, and other energy forms within our Gestalt of Awareness.

We need only to look at the headlines in our daily newspapers to notice how many changes are upon us in our Third-Dimensional reality. With the ending of an era comes dramatic change amid much clinging, by some, to outmoded belief systems. Yet know this: the more we cling to the past, the more likely we will be regulated to the past when the transition is complete. The new world for humanity is being created in the dream state by all of us as we participate in the manifestation of our collective consciousness.

In our dream state, we freely collaborate with our Energy Personality and other Guides in the creation of incipient Reality Constructs that are manifested on awakening. This is how we create our reality with All That Is. Naturally, this phenomenon is much more complicated than I have Described, but that does not mean that we cannot grasp it experientially.


In conclusion to this blog series, we shall have success in creating positive realities to the degree that we hold positive thoughts within our mental environment. This habit of positive thinking is our foundation for the creation of an improved Personal Reality. Now as you know, you are ONE with all of humanity through the interconnectedness of the Consciousness Units. And so, as you do your part here, and others of like mind and behavior do theirs, the whole of humanity is influenced in a very positive fashion.

Keep a good thought Dear Blog Reader. Nourish Loving Understanding and Courage within your consciousness. Challenge the toxic status quo reality with your powerful thoughts of forgiveness and compassion.

Our world is on the verge of a breakthrough into multidimensional perception. We may assist others by leading through example in all that we say and do. Regardless of our perceived “faults,” regardless of any history we may have of creating negative realities for ourselves and others, we may in this current moment set the stage for future continuous positive reality reactions, for our own sake, and certainly for the sake of all beings that share the planet with us.

Cultivating Synchronicity

HYPOTHESIS: You may anticipate, create and sustain coincidental events within your personal reality field.

In this experiment you will attempt to intentionally create coincidental events within your Personal Reality Field. This experiment is most easily conducted when you are experiencing the coincidental events in your current Moment Point. As you gain experience in observing your consciousness and the synchronous events you participate in, it will become easier to anticipate coincidental events. You will be able to sense them coming to you from the future.

Now you are creating these future events from your current moment, you see. As you are experiencing the wonder, awe and amusement that comes with this type of experience, you will be pleasantly motivated to continue with your research. Remember that you may use your powers of intent to extend these feelings and these events for some time.

Pick out anything in your field of perception. For example: say to yourself that the bird in the tree in front of you will now be a part of a coincidental event with something else in your Personal Reality Field. Quite soon after this inner declaration, watch your environment closely for the coincidental experience.

You are using your imagination to create a synchronous event, you see, that will then be fabricated out of Conscious Units for your viewing within your Personal Reality. You may then “expect” a third synchronous event to materialize, and so on. This is very much like child’s play, and is quite a fun way to spend a few minutes of your day.

FINDINGS- Document your findings

Recognizing Special Impulses

HYPOTHESIS: Some thoughts are special impulses from our simultaneous lives.

This experiment is one that we can do on an ongoing basis as we go about our life, doing those things that we normally do, engaged in the mundane experiences of our existence. Some of us may have noticed that much of this life is lived in a rote fashion, by habit, almost as if in a dream. Then something occurs in our consciousness to pull us out of the habitual pattern.

A sudden thought might occur to you the blog reader, that you can easily change your course somewhat and experience a new avenue of exploration in your life. Now this impulse might be quite simple, as simple as changing the type of breakfast cereal you eat. Or this fleeting idea might urge you to consider breaking off a relationship that has been negative for some time.

Often these ideas can present new opportunities to your awareness, so that in retrospect, perhaps after several months or years, you realize that your acting on the impulse had the effect of completely transforming your life. You are amazed at how the alternate path taken had set up a series of alternate events that led to a uniquely different, and often more positive and life-affirming outcome, than had you continued on your habitual path of experience.

It is these special impulses we will be exploring in this experiment. These may indeed be impulse for your Simultaneous Lives, offering you suggestions for creating more productive Reality Constructs in your life.

Now use your relaxation techniques to create a relaxed state with your body. There are two approaches to recognizing special impulses: First, you may work your way back in time from the present regarding a special impulse that you noticed and acted upon which spun you off into a new, positive direction. You can then see the context of influences you were in that created this catalyst for action.

Then recreate this context in your present moment – emotional content, physical circumstances – through use of the imagination. Consider these special impulses within your consciousness NOW that may be these messages from other parts of yourself. Write them down. Act on them if appropriate using your free will.

Second, if you cannot think of a special impulse you have acted upon, simply relax into your meditation and ask for the special impulses to present themselves to your awareness. Then write them down and either act on them or not. This practice leads to experiences of synchronicity, wonder, amusement and awe.

FINDINGS- Document your findings rigorously.

Discovering the Inner Senses

HYPOTHESIS: The intuitive senses may be strengthened through use.

And so what are these Inner Senses? Briefly, they are both the creators and the perceiving apparatus of our world. In our Third-Dimensional existence, we create out of Consciousness Units our physical realities, and then instantaneously perceive our creations as a form of feedback of this endeavor, the creations of the worlds.

In past blogs I have often informed of our god status. It is difficult for us humans to take seriously this talk of godlike abilities, for many of us have been indoctrinated by our various religions to be meek, to be mild, to obey. And as I have stated in my previous blogs, after transferring our power to our religions, we then transferred our power to our governing institutions and to our scientists.

What I suppose here in this blog is that we are not meek, mild and obedient unless we truly wish to be so. We are whoever we THINK we are and we have the power in this moment to completely change who we are. That is because YOU are at the center of your world as the ultimate creative force. With the energy of All That Is, we as co-creator do indeed manifest from our beliefs and ideas of what is possible, our perceived reality.

Now, without further lecturing, we will give a short description of the experiment. It builds upon a short described in my earlier blogs in which I asked the blog reader to get a sense of the wonder of their own Personal Reality. Here we will take it further. We will be taking the senses back into the inner world.

As I suggested , the physical senses grew out of the Inner Senses, of necessity, to perceive the exterior, physical Universe. The Inner Senses from which these outer, physical senses were derived, are awaiting our discovery and use within our mental environment.

We have several physical senses: sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. Our Senses are complementary to these out senses, yet they go beyond the physical senses in capabilities.

For example: let us get a feel for the Inner Sense that may be a complement to the outer sense of sight. You may relax a bit for this experiment, yet you needn’t close your eyes. We will be relying on your sense of physical sight to conduct this experiment.

With the eyes open, yet with the relaxation and contentment that comes with the state of Sanctuary you are embodying, can you see the deeper, perhaps symbolic meanings entailed in Personal Reality Field? Remember here: everything in your field of perception is a reflection of an interior reality.

As you consider this statement, you may find that your visual field begins to swirl a bit, as the etheric blends with the exterior. Go with this flow of blending transformation for a few moments until you have observed noteworthy findings. Gradually come back to your physical perceived world. Naturally you may experiment further with the complements to the other senses to gain more information.

FINDINGS- Document your findings


Opening up to one’s greater reality simply by affirming it. That is how one does it: with our thoughts, just like everything else in our reality. Have the intention that we are opening up to these Simultaneous Lives of which we are speaking, and soon enough, proof of their reality will be presented to us.

Now, without belaboring the example, it was IMPULSE that I decided to transcribe my blog material into a more readable format. My intuitive voice spoke to me and promised that much of value and interest could be recovered if I were to do so. So where did this voice come from?

In my case it was from my ancestor personally, though this is by no means the rule in these phenomena. My ancestor reached across the time-frames into my future, to communicate with me and motivate me. Now this may sound fantastic to some of you. Indeed it will remain unbelievable and so un-witnessed by you in your own realities. The following experiments may help you prove to yourselves that you are ALREADY active participants in the non-physical reality.


The experience of Astral Travel, as some have called it, is quite common among us. It is a refreshing experience, after having say, engaged in a difficult day at our job, to simply cast off from the physical, even while engaged in other activities with our fellow humans, and travel the subtle levels.

Gentle Persistence

I would like to emphasize that in these matters of Soul exploration, you can be quite successful with a gentle, yet persistent effort. Your initial experiments in accessing your Inner Senses are an exercise in subtlety. Approach these activities with any eye on gradual results over time. The clouds, in most instances, do not part and reveal the Etheric Visions to us, after only a few attempts in your experience in the field.

I realize that this subtle route to discovery may be difficult for those of us who have expectation of immediate results. Some of us may be of mind that, like everything else in our Western world of mass-consumption, if it is not forthcoming immediately, on our schedule, because we have so much “to do,” that it might not be worth attempting.

To these blog readers I say, take the time necessary to accomplish your goals in this Soul Work. One of our sayings extols the virtues of waiting with patience for the truly beneficial aspects of our life to materialize.

And honestly, the days of instantaneous manifestation are still in our perceived future. These experiments will give us an advantage for the time when we will be experienced enough to use our Inner Senses appropriately for the instantaneous manifestation of Reality Constructs.

Now once again I would remind that all of these experiments are designed to lead to the uncovering and practical use of our Inner Senses. And these Inner Senses are what we may broadly term “Intuition.”

In past blog writings I have lectured on how the intuition can be divided into separate senses and I did indeed name them. I sense that it may have been a mistake to do so, for it is now I waiting for my blog readers to make practical use of the Inner Senses and allow each blog reader to do whatever delineation they may, as they discover the attributes of these senses for themselves – again, learning by doing, and perhaps creating their own names for their experiences.

Moment Point

We can share our ancestor’s Point of Power experiences as one is working with the written material, organizing it on a computer and so on. this is a literal fact. Astounding as it may be to some blog readers, this type of things goes on continuously in our own private lives.

We “leave the body,” to coin a phrase, and travel inter-dimensionally to participate in these activities. Often we can do so while carrying on a conversation with one of our fellow humans and appear quite normal. Our eyes may glaze over a bit; an indication that we are traveling and experiencing other time-frames.

Now, our scientists may characterize this as pathological, dissociation, fantasy, escape; completely missing the importance of what is occurring.

I don’t want to go off on one of my critiques here, but let me say this: until our scientists can learn to turn their empirical noses inwardly, they will not be able to sniff out one iota of truth regarding human consciousness, or the human condition or the human Soul.

Your Simultaneous Lives

Simultaneous Lives are engage in this continuous exchange of impulses and energy I am describing. As you can see, you are at the heart of this reciprocal activity. You occupy the center in your Gestalt of Consciousness: the energy network that comprises the receiving and sending of impulse energies between your current self and all of your other selves past, present and future.

This very basic activity of consciousness rests within a framework that is totally dependent on the loving and creative energies of All That Is. And the culmination of all of these energies within your individual consciousness at any one moment, can be described as “the activity of the conscious mind.”

Should you wish to consider these ideas while using the illustration as a meditation focus piece, you may perceive for yourself more intimate meanings than any of my explanations can provide.

Special Impluses

In my previous blog, I provided an illustration for you on how to send out energy – positive, loving energy – to Simultaneous Lives. In the experiment you will be “completing a circuit” by discerning with your awareness, when entering your consciousness. This is not hard to do. As I have just mentioned, in each vying for your attention. These impulses, however, the special impulses I am now discussing, are easily recognizable for what they are, by virtue of their obvious loving utility.

When one of these impulses is recognized, you have an immediate sense of rightness, as though you wonder why it took so long for the idea to come around. These ideas are also based in a truly loving aspect of consciousness that is undeniable. In essence, this loving energy is the energy of All That Is transmitted through your various Simultaneous Lives, and then captured by you as your consciousness participates in the Gestalt of Awareness that Is you and your many lives past, present and future.

These impulses may be accompanied by synchronous events and a sense of wonder and divine bemusement. Everything comes together in your life drama for the benefit of your learning experience. These synchronicities and thus the life lessons may be brought into your awareness intentionally.

So you blog reader, when engaged in this dialogue with your Simultaneous Lives, are receiving the benefits of learning experience from the personalities who are LIVING these many lives. In fact, just as I communicate to educate and inform humanity on the very, very serious issue of the survival of the species – and for the matter the planet Earth – these communiques from your Simultaneous Lives in the form of impulses serve to educate and inform the blog reader, of a personal level with regards to appropriate action you can take to improve your life.

I would like to restate my point regarding these types of messages and all messages from you Higher Self: these messages are benign  and loving in their intent and that is how you can tell they are from your Higher Self. And as always, free will is operative; you can choose to act on or ignore these impulses.


Generally, it is quite easy for those of us in this land and  some of the other industrialized nations, to think of ourselves as individuals. The pioneer influence is felt by many of us in our cultures and so we fancy ourselves as independent explorers of our personal domains.

And so it follows that we feel as though our mental life is our own, and then even though privacy in the personal and business fields of endeavor is rapidly being lost, at least our thoughts are our own, if what we define as “thoughts” are “the greater elements of human mentality.”

Yet our thoughts are not truly our own, in this pioneer sense. In the great Gestalt of Consciousness I have been describing to us, the thoughts of our Simultaneous Lives past, present and future are being received by us, as well as the thoughts and suggestions of Beings of Light, the negative transmissions of Nefarious Entities and the telepathic thoughts of our fellow humans.

Our thoughts are alive. Each of our thoughts, including the thought-forms transmitted into our consciousness by Energy Bodies and our fellow humans, has a propensity for creating itself in physical reality. And because our human thoughts have distinct properties – such as a “desire” to associate with other similar thoughts, and an energetic ability to transcend space and time – our thoughts can be considered to be the most powerful Energy Constructs in our system of reality.

However, unfortunately for most of us, we begin our lives on Earth by surrendering our powers of thought-creation and manifestation to individuals and institutions. And so we are taught to create with our powerful thoughts, the Reality Constructs of the institutions – family, church, business, country – in which we participate.

Many of us abandon our loving, altruistic visions in childhood, therefore, and it may be that you the blog reader are only now remembering the idealism of our early manifestation activities. These activities may have included collaborations with imaginary playmates.

Now I shall discuss this further, this topic of childhood Spirit Guides, in future Blogs. For now simply note that there are a host of potential relationships with “Imaginable” beings available to us within the sphere of our personal consciousness.


Impulses are indeed inspirational and creative as we recognize them and use them in the creation of our world. But as we have discussed, many in our world regard these impulses as “voices of the devil,” or at the least, untidy remnants of pathology to be surprised and ignored. To be sure, within this vast chorus of telepathic transmissions, the Negative Entities also vie for attention.

But it is a simple matter to protect oneself with our own positive affirmative thoughts when exploring these areas of consciousness. Surrounding oneself with “white light” is a very effective pre-caution to take before our explorations or meditations. In this way, we focus our attention on the positive and look, we find the positive creative impulses coming into view. This is all simple metaphysics. We get what we focus one. We create our reality

Accepted and Rejected Fields of Reality

A critical and necessary aspect of Reality Creation is what we will call the concept of Accepted and Rejected Fields of Reality. Simply put, our beliefs determine what we accept or reject as part of our Personal Reality Field. Another way to express this idea is that each of us, as the thematic structures of our belief system. Moment-to- moment, we accept from innumerable probabilities, those that complement our ongoing Personal Reality Field. We act upon these probabilities and so bring them from the potential and probable into the realm of the possible and actual. Our Personal Reality develops staying power and permanence in this way.

This concept of Accepted and Rejected Fields can be used to explain how our belief system changes as we learn our lessons in Third-Dimensional reality. For example: let us examine a person who may be new to matters spiritual. They are a male or female who has lived a very material life. Their main activities are shopping and watching television. They have not reproduced or built a network of family or friends.

This may describe many millions of the inhabitants of our Western world. We could say that their Accepted Field of Reality, the Personal Reality they have known and can come to expect in the future, is one of robotic existence. The inner life is not examined here to any degree. This is simply the way it is for them.

But let us suppose that the Higher Self of one of these people creates an opportunity for going within, to perhaps briefly meet the Soul Self. Divine information is streamed into the consciousness of this person. Let us say this has the effect of motivating them to take a walk in the forest rather spending the day watching television. As this person walks in the forest, they participate in the exchange of energies with the vibrant, life-affirming aspects of the forest environment. This may have the effect of revitalizing and spiritualizing this person, to the degree that they would want to make this activity a regular part of their existence.

Do you see how the chosen activity of walking in the forest, merely one of an infinite number of probable activities, acts to bring new life to this person? Perhaps this is part of their lessons they have come to Earth to learn. Perhaps they are to seek out empowering activities in nature that will expand their consciousness and serve to spin them off onto a different, more life-affirming trajectory than their current life path.

Now, this is of course greatly simple, this example, for the accepting or rejecting of individual probable actions, ideas and images is infinitely more complex. To bring in the computer analogy here for a moment: the process would be similar to the function of the world’s most powerful computer. This theoretical computer would be able to make an infinite amount of choices from among an infinite array of probabilities each second. In our previous example, each choice would serve to complement and endorse and continually verify the belief system. And the activity of walking in the forest, done over time, is moving from a Rejected Field of Reality to an Accepted Field of reality. It is being incorporated into the Personal Reality Field.

Our Inner World

Everyone has an “inner life,” whether they acknowledge it or not. All of us are involved in the great dramas and subliminal activities of the underworld of human consciousness. Memories of these experiences are carried out with us from sleep and we my marvel at the peculiar symbols of this material. Yet this non-physical universe is ALWAYS ON, despite our knowing or unknowing of its reality.

In our waking hours, as we go about our work-a-day world behaviors, this unknown reality of the spirit continues to unfold beyond our physical senses. Indeed, it is this etheric counterpart to our physical reality that lives life to our “normal” waking hours perceptions. The two work together, in other words – the waking and the sleeping times realities – to present to us for our edification, the life lessons we have incarnated to learn.

Now, to get a sense for this complementary non-physical reality, all we must do is present a line of inquiry to oneself, while in a relaxed and open state of mind. This non-physical reality is “waiting in the wings,” to enter into our particular life-drama that we are experiencing.

As I have hinted at in these new blogs, most of us who are reading this material are doing so for a purpose; that is, to catalyze the use of our Inner Senses. In this way, we will be receiving a preview of what is to be humanity’s next perceptual breakthrough – an exploration of the Unity of Consciousness Dimension.

So our inner world will be making itself known to the outer, in a way never before experienced by humankind. And we have the opportunity of learning about this new land beforehand, so that if we feel called upon to do so, we may assist in the awakening of others. Now let us speak of the creation of the new realities that will bridge inner to outer worlds.


I refer the blog reader to our blog series on Soul Evolution for a discussion on the value of the individual human consciousness in the collective conversation that we are calling the Telepathic Network. One person can truly make a difference here in this Consensus Reality.

It could well be our single Loving thought – expressed in the telepathic conversation – that could tip the scales to the positive manifestation. Imagine how powerful our Loving thoughts could be when joined by hundreds, thousands, millions of other Loving thoughts directed intentionally by LOVERS of our Mother Earth.

There is certainly power in numbers in these matters. And that is what it shall take… huge numbers of Lovers of the Earth using their powerful thoughts of creation on the subtle levels to creative positive realities.

So individual is important. The individual expression of Loving energy directed toward the creation of a positive reality – world peace for example – is what will save us from ourselves. All of our thoughts of Love are acknowledged, you see. Each Loving thought matters. They have a cumulative effect also, so that a momentum is built over time, such that the creation of the positive reality might well become inevitable.

Incidentally, in recent years we have used our Loving thoughts in concerted ways to make profound changes in our waking realities. Great disasters were averted. Calamities that would have claimed many hundreds of thousands of lives were “de-energized” and so were not manifested.

It is true that our world has seen recent Earth Changes that entailed great loss of life. What I am suggesting is that there was the potential for many more disasters to occur entailing many more casualties. As a consensus of reality creators, then, you and our fellow occupants of the planet agreed to manifest and then did manifest an altered reality. We saved ourselves, you see.

This phenomenon happens quite often, though we do not realize it for we are not yet awakened fully. We do not yet acknowledge our full creative powers. However, we soon shall

Connecting with the Mystery Civilizations

HYPOTHESIS: Current interests may illustrate lives in the mystery civilizations.

Using the methods from a previous experiment, consider which of the Mystery Civilizations you may have resided in. There have been others not mentioned in this blog that you will put on your list. Just get a sense of where your interests have been over the years of your current life. Are you an engineer type or a scientist? Are you a nurturer and yet also a leader?

With the knowledge of what type of personality you are currently, consider which of the Mystery Civilizations you may have lived within, that could serve to complement your personality and interests. In past blogs I have established for you several families of consciousness.

With this in mind – that you may be a participant in a family of consciousness and that you share traits with others in this family – yet without creating unnecessary dogma around it, as I may have done in the past – I would invite you to consider the mystery civilizations that most suit your temperament and personality and put them on your list.

As before, create your relaxed state and go through your list. Visualize the possibilities of life within these civilizations. For you it may be as though you are watching a motion picture, or perhaps a particular feeling tone will serve to direct you. The Sumari language is very distinctive, perhaps you will hear some dialogue from a possible existence in GA.

“You will know it when you see it or hear it.” Watch and listen. Continue this line or inquiry for as long as you wish, without of course, trying to find something that is not there. When you sense that the experiment is over for the time being, gradually come to full-waking consciousness.

FINDINGS – Document your findings.

The Inner Senses

First the word “inner” may be somewhat confusing, as there is no inner or outer in the true reality of our world, but we use the term to distinguish the Inner Senses from what we call our outer, physical senses. Perhaps “Non-Physical Senses” would be a better term.

The answer is, we are already, to a vastly greater degree than most, using our Non-Physical Senses – intuition if you prefer. When we ask a question and we “go and get”, we are using these senses. We are navigating our inner world when we do these activities and in the world we will find different environments, signs and symbols, than we will find in our exterior world.

Each person is different in how they use these Non-Physical senses and the results they get through these perceptive means are also unique to the individual. Now this is good, this creative use of perception, in that All That Is may experience the greatest articulation of emotion, memory, behavior and the like.

Perhaps I am taking the long way around this answer, but this is simply a prelude to a deeper investigation that we will embark upon as we create the new blog material.

Daily Forecasting & Projections of Consciousness

You can prove to yourself that you create your physical reality in the dream state.

Try this experiment upon awakening from sleep in the morning. I specifically say morning, because in the early morning hours one has one foot in the etheric and one foot in the physical. This is the perfect time to witness the manifestation phenomenon.

Before sleeping give yourself a suggestion to linger in the state in between sleeping and waking the following morning or when ever you will awaken. Then as you are just coming out of sleep and your suggestion is taking hold, and you are lingering and enjoying it, make a few predictions for yourself on what is going to transpire in your “future” day. Suggest to yourself that you will remember these predictions on fully awakening.

When you awaken, write down your forecast for your day. Naturally, the next step would be to go on with your day and notice positive correlations between the items on your forecast and the events in your day. Now, do this for a period of time, as a scientist would, and keep a dairy of your experiences.

Note here that the correlations denote more than precognitions. They may confirm for you, the waking Soul, that you are experiencing the reality you have just created in the dream state.

With your experiments in forecasting on a daily basis, you will be intimately exposed to the concept of probabilities like never before. The sharpening of the intuition, indeed, is done through an appreciation for the qualities and behavior of probabilities on a personal level in your own life. Probable paths chosen or ignored are the building blocks, so to speak, of your existence.

This is a critical point, I think, and so perhaps an example is needed for clarity. Suppose you are at a crossroads of sorts. You are faced with a decision that you must make that will have a great influence on the direction your life will take afterwards. For instance: suppose your job is being moved to another state or another country. Your decision to stay or leave for the distant job site will establish a completely different trajectory of life experiences for you and your family.

Now, with appreciation of probabilities and some knowledge of the concept of Moment Points and the other ideas we have been discussing in my previous blogs, you can make far better decisions in these matters.

After conducting your Ritual of Sanctuary, you could use a projection of consciousness down the two or three possible trajectories of probability. In a relaxed state, you could visualize the outcome, further down the road, of each probable decision.

First, imagine what would occur after a decision to accept the position offered in another state or country. What would the moment-to-moment, day-to-day aftereffects of that decision manifest for you? Fill in the details with emotion and color as best you can.

Now mentally return to your current timeframe and imagine the aftereffects to stay in your current location, and perhaps find a job with another firm, or perhaps even starting your own business right where you are now. When you sense that your experiment is complete, gently return to fully-awakened consciousness

Connecting with Your “Historical” Past

Current interests may illustrate lives in preceding eras.

I believe that we have set the stage adequately with our discussion of the origins of humanity as to where we have been in terms of our preceding many thousands of years. This brings so to our present. From this vantage point we can see how each of the readers of this blog has participated in these events: being spun off from All That Is and being born as babies and raised in some or all of the Mystery Civilizations of Earth. Now this leaves us still looking backwards from our present into the ages after these civilizations and leading up to our current incarnations within our modern timeframe.

A very simple way to conduct research into this intermediary phase is to consider, individually Dear Blog reader, what eras in our Earth’s historical past we identify with or feel deeply attached to, as if we had spent sometimes or even a lifetime in these historical timeframes. This is a potent method of consciousness expansion.

Before we enact our Ritual of Sanctuary, make a list of historical eras we enjoy reading about it books or depicted in motion pictures. Do we feel a sense of nostalgia here? Do you feel a sense of longing, as though we are away from our home? If we do, these eras may merit exploration in this experiment. we may wish to scan history books for ideas, using our intuition to guide us. When we have our list of eras at hand….

Now access you state of relaxation using whatever technique you have found useful. To repeat the phrase, “I am light,” may be helpful. When we are sensing our world in a light and relaxed manner, consider our list of eras one-by-one, and visualize the possibility of your having lived a life within these timeframes. Now often it will appear quite obvious that you are going in the right direction here. You may have a sense of loving acceptance with a re-living of experiences from these possible past existences. Make a mental note to remember this information. When you have finished your list, gently return to your waking consciousness.

FINDINGS- Document your experiences.


Bleed-throughs can be glimpses of probable roads not taken and so not actualized. For the most part, as I said, in these bleed-through experiences we are connecting with aspects of our Simultaneous Lives.

In the Unity of Consciousness Dimension we will be aware of all of our existences past, present and future and we will be able to remember them and hold those memories. Now, currently our consciousness – and by this I mean the consciousness of Western mankind/womankind – is just beginning to learn how to navigate these regions.

Part of this learning experience is discovering how to “hold” these perceptive bleed-throughs in our consciousness without resorting to fear, denial, etc. These experiences will be momentary, therefore, until the Inner Senses are adequately developed, and skills at creating love and confidence out of fear and anger are mastered.

We are not given more than we can deal with in any particular instance here. It is an individual learning curve with each of us as we learn to acknowledge our Energy Personalities and begin to expand our perceptions with the help of these Guides.

Atlantean Healing

I might add that the people of Atlantis had a unique healing system that utilized color and sound. Prismatic colors and natural as well as “synthesized” sounds and colors, were used by members of the healing caste to effect cures of various diseases.

Environmental or ambient sounds may be “captured” by one’s consciousness and brought into the problem area to heal the body through “resonance.”

The healers of Atlantis were actually facilitators of the healing process within individuals. These techniques were similar to our modern hypnosis methods. The subject was led through prescribed visualization journeys to access “the healer within.” The power of healing was thought to lie within the Great Power: The Divine or Sacred Energy of Life.

Members of the healing caste were in touch with what we are referring to in these writings as the Energy Personality. They were experts in facilitating contact and communication with the Energy Personalities of these they were assisting. The work was very similar to what we are attempting in this current project Blog.

Atlantis the Technological Power

Atlantis is a society that lingers on the edges of our mass consciousness, almost as a dream. Our people’s attraction to the story of Atlantis has to do with the similarities between our cultures. Now without interfering in our evolution, I might say that the similarities revolve around issues of Power with a capital P, the ethical uses of mental technologies and the spirituality question: that is, how does a society protect the open manifestation of spiritual ideas? I trust we may intuit further “talking points” from my humble description.

The greatest technological achievement of the Atlantis civilization – the one that helped create great benefits for the people and advanced the growth of society – was the use of human bio-electric energy in series. The telepathic networks between individuals were used to transmit and magnify human cellular energy. This bio-electric power was then stored in crystals and some special structures made for this purpose. These “batteries” could then power the devices the people used in their daily existences.

Much as modern humans are dependent on electricity from power plants, the Atlanteans required a connection to the storage units that held the energy. This connection was a mental one. The psychic networks that we in our current timeframe are just now beginning to explore and validate, were used in Atlantis in very sophisticated ways. Ordinary human beings could connect to this network mentally and immediately receive the energy transmission, which they would then direct the energy to their devices. I am sorry that I cannot be more forth-coming with this information.

Children Of Atlantis

The stories of Atlantis and other mystery civilizations. As a child, we enjoyed movies with Atlantis as the subject matter. We have read books on the topic throughout our life. We are drawn to this “myth” as are many of our fellow humans in our timeframe. There are reasons for this attraction. WE are “children of Atlantis,” in a very literal sense: “children, ” in that we have a tendency, as a species, to not want to learn our lessons. I am speaking of he spiritual lessons that we came to our planet to learn. And we are from Atlantis, that is true, a civilization that reached the highest station in technological achievement, only to destroy itself trough misuse of these capabilities. This is of necessity a greatly over-simplified explanation, for Atlantis is as much in our future as our past.

Now, as an aside, previously I have suggested that humanity is indeed headed down the wrong path with regards to the development and use of nuclear technologies. And this is the arena in which mankind/womankind, particularly in the industrialized nations of Earth, will either go the way of the Atlanteans and cut short their evolution in childhood, or begin to make the right decisions as a loving collective and mature into responsible stewards as co-creators with All That Is. I do not wish to be like some scary monster storyteller with this information, but hear me now: the situation on earth is very, very critical. It becomes more dangerous with each passing day as we create this blog. The nuclear question, however we must only look at some of our Earth’s spiritual traditions, to get an indication of what will inevitably befall us if we continue on our course. The prophecies of these scriptures speak of great fires and catastrophes, and indeed these will occur if humankind does not change its ways. In these same traditions there are writings on how to avoid the cataclysms brought on by greed, ignorance, fear and anger.

Please understand that humans at all points of our Earth are being brought up closer to the light in these current years. The people are being educated in their own tongues and with images from their own spiritual and religious teachings

Children of Atlantis

We are “children of Atlantis,” in a very literal sense: “children,” in that we have a tendency, as a species, to not want to learn our lessons. I am speaking of the spiritual lessons that we came to our planet to learn. And we are from Atlantis, that is true, a civilization that reached the highest station in technological achievement, only to destroy itself through misuse of these capabilities. This is of necessity a greatly over-simplified explanation, for Atlantis is as much in our future as our past, as I have said.

Now, as an aside, humanity is indeed headed down the wrong path with regards to the development and use of nuclear technologies. And this is the arena in which mankind, particularly in the industrialized nations of Earth, will either go the way of the Atlanteans and cut short their evolution in childhood, or begin to make the right decisions as a loving collective and mature into responsible stewards as co-creators with All That Is.

I do not wish to be like some scary monster storyteller with this information, but hear me now: the situation on Earth is very, very critical. It becomes more dangerous with each passing day as we create this blog. The nuclear question, however we must only look at some of our Earth’s spiritual traditions, to get an indication of what will inevitably befall us if we continue on our course.

The prophecies of these scriptures speak of great fires and catastrophes, and indeed these will occur if humankind does not change its ways. In these same traditions there are writings on how to avoid the cataclysms brought on by greed, ignorance, fear and anger. In a way, my teaching is similar to these ancient – in our terms – Blogs.

Please understand that humans at all points of our Earth are being brought up closer to the light in these current years. The people are being educated in their own tongues and with images from their own spiritual and religious teachings.

People Power

The multisensory image of numbers of people lying down on the ground, head to foot, in series, in a grid and somehow this generate power.

It reveals the fundamental power of the culture: they harnessed thought and used the collective power of human mentality – telepathy – to create our world consciously. This is where we are headed in the future if we utilize ideas.

GA The Matriarchy

Let us discuss first the least known of these civilizations: GA, a civilization from our Third-Dimensional existence, eight-thousand years before our Christian era. This society spread over much of our European world and was governed by women with men in primarily administrative and physically creative roles.

Many of us have passed through this civilization experiencing roles as males or females within this society that honored the female aspects of consciousness. The men created physical objects, built homes and other constructs. Now the men were not demeaned here. It was a different concept. Men and women were fulfilled in their roles. There was no “Battle of the sexes,” as we have currently. Cooperation was the watchword, the goal of all relationships.

GA, as we shall refer to this matriarchal civilization, was a society based on loving appreciation for one’s fellow participants in the culture. In many ways, just as our American society is an experiment in multi-culturally – the melting pot – GA was an experiment in a society based on love.

As the Sumari influence was strong in this culture. The Language was primarily Sumari, a language based on love and unconditional acceptance of others, both within the family and outside the family. The loving essence of each person was noted, respected and cultivated in relationships.

Yet as time goes by, in our current timeframe, “discoveries” will be made by archaeologists and other scientists using their Inner Senses to guide them. These discoveries will lead to a complete reinterpretation of the historical record pertaining to civilizations from our perceived past.

Now it may seem obvious that some of our current legends regarding matriarchal societies came from the GA civilization we are describing. This is quite true. These colorful tales of tribes and full societies of empowered creative women enter our collective consciousness via bleed-throughs, just as described earlier in these blogs.

Because our future and past are created NOW, in our current Moment Point, individually and collectively, the full cellular memories of that civilization will be imprinted and “come to mind” when the probabilities for a matriarchal society can be entertained seriously in this present timeframe of ours. Do you see how it works, Dear Blog reader? You re the creator. Our creations are limited only by our imaginable and perceptual boundaries.

Encouragement And Caution

As I have said in earlier bogs, our human consciousness visits other time periods and participates in activities in other dimensions, even as we may be participating in our daily unremarkable activities. We are experts at vacating our human bodies and venturing forth into the unknown realities.

Our New Age metaphysical literature is quite filled with stories of angels, demons, extra-terrestrials and the like. So too do our motion picture business prosper through the creation of science fiction and fantasy movies. Yet does it surprise that these stories are “literally’ true?

Remember, Dear Blog reader, that it is our human consciousness that creates our reality in tandem with All That Is. And so the creativity of our artists, as well as our own, feeds and supports alternate dimensions. When we are experiencing these tales, either through reading books or watching movies or plays, we are submerged in the alternate dimensions for that time. So this is the simplest example of inter-dimensional travel.

With regards to the subject of contacting other entities in the fourth Dimension, I must caution to certainly create our Ritual of Sanctuary and have this ritual memorized. As an explorer of these realms, we undoubtedly will encounter negative energy forms that may come into our consciousness and attempt to fix on our light. By this I mean negative Entities can transmit a propensity for negative, repetitive thoughts or images entering our consciousness that can be difficult to undo.

We recognize these circular ideas or information loops as disturbing pangs of dread, and other negative emotions. They seem to come from nowhere. Actually these negative energies are attracted to specific memories and ideas we are holding in our mental environment that are of a negative nature: ideas and feeling of low self-worth, replays of past mistakes and all of the other negative inner experiences humans punish themselves with every day.

Now this is how the Negative Forces gain control over the minds of many in our world. They gain a stronghold in a sense, within the mental environment of those with weakened protection systems. It is as though the immune system of the Etheric Body is weakened through the activity of the negative thoughts, images and such, creating the conditions within the mental environment for viral contamination.

The negative, circular thoughts – the thought viruses – are then free to multiply. The comparison is very useful here. With our suggestions and experiments we are using love and acceptance and confidence to dispel the viral attack. To carry it further, antibodies are created with the introduction of positive thoughts and emotions into the suppressed immune system of the Metal or Etheric Body.

The negative viral front is neutralized and overcome by love, acceptance and confidence. To be sure, a healthy mental, emotional and spiritual body is one that is nourished on love, acceptance and confidence, to the degree that these positive states of consciousness are the typical experiences of the embodied Soul.


My advice is to not worry about who you are contacting, as long as you are receiving the loving aspect. The open-heart aspect of the communication denotes that you have made contact with the Energy Personality. You will know this feeling, in that it is love embodied. Love as an idea or an ideal is a mental construct.

The ecstasy I am describing is felt throughout the body. There is a sense of being pressed in by love so that you have a feeling of slight discomfort mixed in with the pleasurable emotion of love. You will know it when you feel it. It can be experienced as a wave of pleasant emotion, as I describe it, yet each of us will experience it in a different way. This is your Soul shining through. This is the experience of dropping the ego and allowing your Soul Self to perceive your world.

Now, we are on a path of development. All of us are at various stages of Soul Evolution. The difference becomes whether you acknowledge to yourself that you are ready to work with your Energy Personality and move FORWARD in development. By doing so, you catalyze the great powers within and without.

We focus our intent and with the assistance of All That Is, we take a divergent path; a path that will take us from sleep into awakening in a Soul sense. New positive probable futures arise from this intentional choice we make to co-create with All That Is a spiritually-informed existence.


Some people seem to thrive and prosper within very challenging “negative” conditions.

We are reminding my blog readers – those that are experiencing these harsh conditons – that they have chosen these lives. Also, we are reminding them that they may be on the end of their incarnational trajectories, and may be headed for the higher realms. Thsi may be a good motivation for some tobegin using our techniques to transform the negativity they are experiecning into Courage and Loving Understanding. This Soul work is necessary before one may progress to the higher-dimensional realms.

The Energy Personality

The Energy Personality, which is related to the soul, will be the etheric teacher to Those of us who are to experience the transition into the Unity of Consciousness Dimension with our “eyes wide open.” Many, without recognizing the fact, have already been given instruction on the use of our Inner Senses, what to expect in the Fourth Dimension, how to move beyond fear and anger and into love and confidence and other subjects of great importance.

In the dream state we are being “brought up to speed” by those of us who teach on the subtle levels. And so now we are reading this blog and perhaps having a singular sense of familiarity, Deja vu, as though we have done this before, with accompanying feelings of pleasure, “elementary ecstasy”. Our world is larger and more complex than we know – our world meaning our created reality.

We have physical teachers and we have “metaphysical” teachers, all of us, and now it is time to introduce the metaphysical Guides who have been with us since our birth into our dimension.

When we ask for our Energy Personality to come forth into our awareness, we may feel that sense of familiarity. For even though we have been pretending that ghosts do not exist ever since our childhood ended – adults do not have imaginary friends, after all – on a deeper level we will recognize these connections. Now we may not be willing to admit there relationships to the world because of fear of being exposed.

However, and to illustrate my point, currently a cycle in human consciousness is coming to an end and a new cycle is beginning. We are gradually becoming aware of our connections to our Guides, our Simultaneous Lives, and other energy forms within our Gestalt of Awareness.

We need only look at the headlines in our daily newspapers to notice how many changes are upon us in our Third-Dimensional reality. With the ending of an era comes dramatic change amid much clinging, by some, to outmoded belief systems. Yet know this: the more we cling to the past, the more likely we will be relegated to the past when the transition is complete.

The new world for humanity is being created in the dream state by all of us as we participate in the manifestation of our collective consciousness.

In our dream state, we freely collaborate with our Energy Personality and other Guides in the creation of incipient Reality Constructs that are manifested on awakening. This is how we create our reality with All That Is. Naturally, this phenomenon is much more complicated than described, but that does not mean that we cannot grasp it experientially. Please see experiments in previous blogs.

Inter-Dimensional Travel

To go “back in time” even further in our description of our origins, we are presented with the creative source for all that we describe – All That Is. It is this divine source which spins off – literally and figuratively – parts of itself, that become these incipient humans we are describing – these evolving Souls – we and our fellow inhabitants of Third Dimensional reality on our Earth.

So we are spun, almost as on a great loom, from the fertile essence of All That Is, and we are spun-off from All That Is into our forthcoming life. In a sense, our beginnings are in waiting, biding time for years, perhaps even centuries within these star systems, until the opportunity for birth arises.

In terms of linear timelines, most of you who are reading this blog, have resided in a few systems within the galaxies: Arcturus, Sirius and another complex our scientists have not yet discovered and named, and so does not yet exist, in our terms. Inter-dimensional travel is, as I said, instantaneous.

One is at one moment existing in a dimensional plane in a star system far from Earth, and in the next moment one enters the physical body of a Soul – a baby being born on Earth. This is how it works, my friend. This is how it has always been done.

Now to repeat myself here, for I believe it bears repeating, our Soul Self chooses the life it wishes to be born into – the particular human baby born into its unique circumstances of our Earth. We are born to live a life of lessons, for our own education and Value Fulfillment and for the greater experience of All That Is.

Among The Stars

Our beginnings are among the stars. Do we not each of us look to the stars with longing as we observe our great Milky Way Galaxy? There are our origins. There in the stars are the origins of our races on our Earth. From our ancient tales of star gods seeding the Earth with human beings, to our “science fiction” tales of extra-terrestrial visitations, all of these so-called myths and so-called fictions hold elements of the truth about our TRUE beginnings.

Now the ancient tales are often literal interpretations of what our human ancestors perceived. Literal. And our science fiction interpretations originate from our collective unconscious – that store of memory that contains all of Earthly experience past, present and future. Our authors and artists – visionaries – use this great store of symbolic truths to create their artistic works.

Those of us who appreciate the truth in those works – just as the aboriginal and ancient proto-humans appreciated the tribal stories – are experiencing our connection to the sacred via this collective Soul network.

When I suggest that our origins are among the stars, I am saying that within what our scientists describe as intensely hot gaseous spheres of energy – our so-called “stars” – are the “seeds” of humanity. But how, you might ask, can living cells exist in such an environment? The answer is, inter-dimensionally.

Many interesting and productive life forms – some of which we might term humanoid and others we would surely not – exist and develop in dimensions within and upon stars and planetary bodies throughout the Universe. This is a fact.

They are singularly perfectly suited to their dimensional existences. therefore, I trust the reader may understand that travel from stars and planets and other more distant systems, to Earth or any other dimension in the Universe, for that matter IS a matter of inter-dimensional travel, and inter-dimensional travel is instantaneous.

Now previously in my blog writings I spoke of the origins of humanity. I said that we were indeed of extra-terrestrial origins, and this is quite true. Our Earth was seeded with human life forms from other planetary and star systems to populate the planet and to allow these life forms to learn from their experiences.

As we absorb this revelatory material – that our race has been seeded onto Earth from other galaxies, other star systems – we may shake our head in disbelief. It is a great deal to comprehend. AS I have said, not only do we take on individual lives in material form for learning purposes, and certainly not sequentially within the same family “lineage,” but definitely within different family organizations, of different races, in different sexual roles.

Now there is a great “forgetting,” the amnesia I spoke of earlier, that masks or memories of past lives and Home Dimension experiences. This forgetting explains why we can speak quite honestly and ardently about our “heritage,” and those in or family tree who have suffered, or perhaps triumphed in their loves, thus “preparing” the future for our accomplishments of failings. Again, this is our limited perception. As our Inner Senses become more acute during our awakening, we will see that we are enacting our reincarnational dramas within the Earth experience for spiritual purposes. And as an addendum – even though we may not “believe” in matters SPIRITUAL.

Created Histories

Yes, it has certainly been a fantastic voyage from where and when humanity has “begun” until now, our current Moment Point in this time-frame. Let us focus on the history of humanity I hinted at in previous blogs. Of course, this history I am describing is merely one of literally millions of probable realities one can create by focusing on them. The consensus reality then – the reality that becomes the agreed upon mass-created reality and thus the history of consensus reality – is that most of humanity agrees to create.

Majority rules here in other words. As a collective of humans, we create in the dream state the essential frame-works for our Personal Realities that we will “cover” with our camouflage Reality Constructs upon awakening. Each of us develop from our personal reservoirs of memory and imagination, the evocative reincarnational environments and events that we experience upon awakening. It has always been thus. As I have said, beginnings and endings have relevance only in discussions of linear timelines. In truth, our lives are lived simultaneously, at once within the present moment. However, since time and space are useful theories to us.

Atlantis Bleed-throughs

Bleed-throughs can come from what we call our past or our future and also from contemporary existences – from all of our Simultaneous Lives. And our other point regarding crystals: some of my blog readers are infatuated with crystals and ascribe great powers to them.

These will be the ones who will incarnate or simply transition into the Unity of Consciousness Dimension and become the leaders in the new technology of crystals I spoke of in earlier blogs. These are truly “crystal people” who may incarnate multiple times, in similar occupations, to consolidate their experience and knowledge.

We are born into physical form to experience a life of lessons. This means that although we have free will to choose from an infinite supply of probable actions, we will choose those actions that support a particular context – a dramatic background, if you will – upon which we shall project our reicarnational dramas, comedies and the like.

Now we must pretend that we do not have such a stake in this production. We are, therefore, surprised when great blessings or tragedies occur on the stage of our life. But currently my blog readers, many of us are waking up to discover ourselves as actors on the stage, and we are acknowledging to ourselves that we are also the producers and directors of these enlighten stories.

To illustrate my point here, consider the tales of our leaders, our heroes and heroines from our historical past, as portrayed in our literature and our motion pictures. We can see the symbolism and meanings in the lives of these great leaders, can we not? Yet can we also see the meaning and lessons in our own ongoing lives?

The heroic struggles of our ancestors are often embellished in larger-than-life terms through dramatization, this is true. Yet the symbolic lessons characterized in books or on the screen are of no greater importance in terms of the Soul, than the heroic acts performed by any of us in our daily lives. We are all heroic. We are all born into Earthly existence to learn our symbolic lessons.

Early Humans

Now let us discuss the origins of what is currently the six-billion plus humans on our planet Earth. Where did we all come from? There have been many explanations from our religions and from our scientific community on our origins. And in the same way that our religious leaders anoint themselves as the only purveyors of spiritual knowledge – including the story of the emergence of humans from the world of spirit – scientists, in their quest for power “over” the material world, have established themselves as the tellers of the “true” story, the “scientific” explanation for humanity’s origins.

Yet what our scientists refer to as the “beginning” of humankind is simply not accurate. Humans have developed from inception onto our planet into highly technological societies countless times, over countless ages, billions and billions of years if we are speaking of linear timelines. Until our scientists can conceptualize within these broader frameworks, the debate will continue to center on theories of early man, use of primitive tools etc, etc, etc.

The “early man” that I am describing, began life on our planet Earth with a highly advanced intellect and a capacity for creating technologies that eventually far surpassed our current efforts. Now these capacities or potentialities were invoked via telepathic conversations between these “early” humans and their higher selves – Spirit Guides or Energy Personalities. In this way, the current expansion of consciousness we are experiencing in our timeframe, is a repetition of other invocations of inherent capacities our race has experienced in a cyclical fashion over the ,millennia.


HYPOTHESIS: You can learn to connect with the divine energies in a purposeful way.

Now, our form of meditation is quite simple. The goal is to connect with the stream of divine information, purposefully. You are already accessing divine information as you sleep. This experiment may assist you in creating rituals of contact and communication with the divine source through what we broadly define as meditation. First let me remind you that you will be encountering ecstatic states of consciousness. Your relaxed position in your chair, on your couch or pillow, will appear to others as though you are in an ecstatic state, and indeed you shall be.

To get a feel for this sitting posture, sit down in your comfortable chair or other structure with your feet flat on the floor. If the chair has armrests, rest your forearms upon the armrests or simply rest your arms and hands in your lap. Now the torso should be balance comfortably on the hips, pelvis and seat.

The most important aspect of this meditation position is this: the head should be resting on the neck slightly to either the left or right-side. The head should be tilted back slightly, again, as though you were experiencing ecstatic states. To others, it would appear as though you were profoundly relaxed and content though not asleep, not unconscious. You have one foot in the physical and one foot in the metaphysical domains.

Now your intent is very important here. Simultaneously, as you create the relaxed body posture for meditation, you are focusing on creating the connection to the divine. This will be unique to the individual. I have described this as “embodying” the divine in this present blog.

With your imagination you will use your powers of creativity to establish the “divine connection.” You will know it when you sense it. The loving emotions will be quite noticeable – the wave of ecstasy just below the surface. As you notice this pleasant feeling, the divine information will no doubt begin to stream into your Etheric Body through the physical channel between your eyes. By keeping free from distractions, you may continue to “drink in” these energies for as long as you wish, though fifteen minutes to an hour per session is adequate.

Now this stream may cease on its own and you will come to Third-Dimensional consciousness soon afterward. Or you may simply have the intention to come out after a specific amount of time and you shall. Simply suggest to yourself that you will come out at a specific time, before you begin the meditation.

It also a good practice to not attempt an intellectual analysis of the meditation session immediately afterward. Give yourself some time. The energies will play out within your Etheric Body over time, and you really needn’t try to investigate how you are doing. The positive changes that will occur in your life as you meditate regularly shall in all probability be enough proof that your behaviors in this matter are worth the time and effort.

This is primarily a receptive exercise or experiment, in other words. You are allowing the divine energies of All That Is to wash over you, to cleanse and to heal.

FINDINGS – Document the results of your experiments with mediation. After you have gained some proficiency, verify for future reference, what you feel and think during and after the sessions.

Creating Ritual Sanctuary

HYPOTHESIS: Enacted sanctuary ritual seals off negative energies.

Building on the exercises from previous blogs, this experiment will explore the means for creating a unique protection ritual for the reader to enact prior to psychic investigations.

Each blog reader may for themselves list their beliefs and images of security and peace and then distill them down into a potent image or statement that virtually resonates with the energies we are discussing. Agian, each individual will create a distinct image or written statement with accompanying emotional content.

This is the ritual of Sanctuary that the reader may perform before each experiment. It is a good idea for the reader to write down and draw pictures of the images and content they are experiencing for future reference. The ritual may include body movements or gestures, the cultivation of emotional states, visualizations of various types ad so on.

The reader may wish to try out the ritual a number of times until it elicits the desired state of Sanctuary, that is, a feeling of support as if one were a beloved child in the arms of one’s adoring mother. Naturally, the reader may have different criteria for sensing ultimate protection.