Let me answer that for you outright: to quicken your awakening. Now the longer explanation would entail divulging my secrets that I use to inspire my students and to transmit knowledge directly to the consciousness. Let me say this, however. on a superficial level, as you are engaged in experiencing the amnesia of the human in physical reality, it may appear to you as though I am relating pleasant stories for your entertainment. Please understand, though, that these examples are for purposes of catalyzing the awakening of your ” sleeping” memories – your memories of previous lives, for example, within Third-Dimensional Reality and in other dimensions. So do not be surprised when you may experience, upon reading one of my innocent examples, a reliving of experiences from one of your own Simultaneous Lives.

That is the purpose of my new Blog messages to you, after all, and so we would expect this types of phenomenon to occur in the life of the attentive Blog Reader. When these flashes of insight occur, I suggest you take a moment to write, down the sensory information that you are receiving. This data will be of use to you as you complete the exercises in this Blog Series, and indeed, as you continue with your awakening.


We have a saying:”There is a reason for everything.” This statement is quite close in meaning to another of my favorites: “There are no accidents.” Indeed, there ARE reasons for everything. There are spiritual reasons for each and every behavior, emotion, and thought created by the human being. Dear Blog Reader, this series, as well as all of the other Blog Series I have written since 2014, is a Blog on spirituality.

I hope I have not frightened you away with my revelation. I am quite aware that the term may bring up uncomfortable images and emotions for some of my Blog Readers. However, because there are no accidents, we simply assume that you are reading this Blog for very good reasons. Perhaps you were prompted by “impulse” to pick this particular Blog and read it online. Perhaps you were drawn to the image of this Blog in some search engine on the Internet or elsewhere. Perhaps you are a longtime Blog Reader of the current Blog material. Whatever the case with you, I realize that it is my job, as the host here, to catch your attention in the moment, and then hopefully keep your mental awareness focused in my direction long enough to get the message I am attempting to convey to you. I take my job quite seriously. The message is, also, of a serious nature.

Now whether you are just beginning to explore the non-physical world or whether you are an old hand at these adventures, I will know I am successful when you make the Courageous and Loving gesture toward learning the Lessons of physical reality in a conscious and deliberate fashion. Spirituality is just that, you see. It is really quite simple. That is why we call it waking up. We are waking up to our true reality: a reality of the moment-to-moment learning of Lessons.


Does this or that civilization, though, exist in fact, you may ask? Does our Western civilization or our American empire exist? These are philosophical propositions. For the more we explore our Personal Reality in an attempt to find proofs, the more we find that all is composed of consciousness.

Now consciousness, as we know, and as some of our more conscious scientists also know, is limitless. Being limitless it achieves any form. In this view, do you see that the possibility exists for not only these few theorized cultures we describe in this Blog to exist, but for ALL permutations into physical form, of any and all probable social, political, and spiritual constructs to exist? All possible civilizations exist. Period. All thoughts or images entertained by humans seek our fulfillment in the form of Reality Constructs, including civilizations.

We may take this as a disclaimer, if you wish. Yet it is, you must admit, an intensely empowering disclaimer. It is empowering for YOU the individual explorer of consciousness.



Now we ARE living all our lives at once, here. We are now musing on the possibility of a better life for ourselves, dreaming. However, with a slight altering of perception we could, if properly motivated, Tune-In on our life in a probable reality in which we are experiencing a predominance of the common good, everyone “winning,” and so on.

We are an authority on our current existence. We know more about it than any other being. In just this way, we are also an authority on this other existence that is playing out in a probable “field” of experiencing of a Less-Than-Perfect reality to this probable reality, is the emotional state we describe as dreaming. We might also describe it as a pleasant longing. These are simple techniques here… dreaming, longing: you are essentially using your self-generated Positive emotional state as a homing device to Zero-In on the probable reality you desire. Your emotional tone will become quite positive when you do this properly.

When you indeed reached this Best-Case-Scenario life that you are living in a probable reality – remember, all probable realities are explored by your consciousness, in Perpetuity, you might say – imagine yourself luxuriating in the influences that create this positive reality. Soak up these Positive feelings.

The Positive manifestation ALWAYS exists for you as a probability. When you conduct this exercise, you divert your attention from your current moment of creating Less-Than-Satisfactory Reality Constructs, to the creation of positive, life-affirming, ecstasy-filled Reality Constructs. It only takes a moment to improve your reality in this way.


HYPOTHESIS: We may explore Sumari consciousness in the Trance State.

Currently this is a highly-energized Idea construct within our collective awareness. These values of the Sumari Love, courage, compassion, altruistic public service – resonate with the overall collective of humanity at this time, for the ideals of the Sumari are quite necessary for the healing of our Earth and the peoples that live upon Her. On the subtle levels, all of us are aware of this.

Additionally, by identifying with, by allying with, by embodying the Sumari code, so to speak, we become Sumari. What we focus on within our consciousness strengthens and develops in our reality. What may have begun as a simple interest in New Age practices, for example, representing a fragment of Sumari consciousness within our mental environment, and expand as the Sumari aspect strengthens.

Now the language of Sumari is the language of the post-Transition environment. As an etheric being, after our physical death, we use Sumari to communicate with others who have made the Transition and are considering their options as to what lives to explore next. Sumari is the language of the non-physical world. All of us are well-versed in this language, for we have all experienced many deaths, many Transitions, many opportunities to use this language. With this in mind…..


As in our explorations in this Blog Series, use our Intent to tune-in to that aspect of our consciousness we identify as Sumari. There is an assumption here that you are reading this Blog for a reason. It may be that you are keeping appointments that you have made in other lives. Consider what it would feel like to keep an appointment with an aspect of your greater consciousness, this Sumari. In essence, you are using your Intent to remember something here. When you feel you have experienced noteworthy Findings, come up to surface awareness. Document your experiences.



This movement in our time-frame represents a cyclical renovation of the world culture. It would not be over-simplifying too much here, to state that this movement is spurred by a bleed-through to the civilizations of our past that is being experienced by many millions of us. Again, the human race is at a very dangerous crossroads currently.

All of our structures that have previously held us together are disintegrating. The power elite that control our world’s resources are resisting any changes to their entitlement: their self-perceived ownership of our planet. As a collective, the Sumari family of consciousness is attempting to spread their influence throughout the world, allowing these potent ideas of change to energize the greater collective of humanity. It is a time of potential revolution we have before us, nationally and globally. We can sense this potential, can we not? The Ancient Wisdom is being remembered and honored. The rights of the individual are becoming paramount. The collective is becoming empowered as the inefficient social systems of the past regime fall away.

Remember here, this is how civilizations are created. It is always an inside phenomenon. Then non-physical world creates the outside physical world, always. The best practices, in a sense, that have created positive value for civilizations in our past, are being remembered. Therefore, go to our dreams and reveries and witness the Mystery Civilizations as they give birth to The New World. Help where you can, Dear Blog Reader.


However, specifically for our project here, we shall discuss the Sumari briefly. Because this group is primarily composed of the Vanguard we describe in the new Blog material – the Magicians, Shamans, Witches and Healers – I feel that we can once again speak of this group. It is germane to this discussion of the awakening of humanity, of The Shift in consciousness, of the remembering of the Ancient Wisdom, and other subjects we focus on in my new Blogs.

What has been called the New Age movement in literature, in the arts, in the social, political, and spiritual arenas, is being driven by the Sumari family of consciousness. We are always instigators of the beneficial and ENLIGHTENING movements of humankind. And so we are again gathering forces in our modern time frame to remember the Ancient Wisdom together.

Of course it is not enough to simply remember this material and reinforce it among ourselves in the Sumari collective. In order to be effective we must , as individuals and as a collective of do-gooders, see to it that our systems are transformed fo the highest good of all concerned. Simply: it is our duty to use Love with a capital in all of our behaviors to humanize all of the domains of human interaction and development. This is what we do, you see, this is our modus operandi, so to speak.

To this end, some of us will carry out our duties overtly, as in the practice of the New Agers. We will act in public under the flag, so to speak, of the Sumari: the Lovers of humanity. Others of us that are indeed the reincarnation of this Sumari family, will act covertly, undercover, without fanfare, without notice, really, yet certainly with the same precise agendas as our colleagues: to co-create a Loving world for ourselves, our families, and for all humanity.



Many of my Blog Readers have fallen in love with my theory of long ago, of families of consciousness. I did indeed separate out the various types of consciousness expression within humanity for teaching purposes. It was my wish that through describing our differences – I would point the way to deeper exploration of the self: The Soul Self of the reader.

I assume that some of the Blog Readers of my early Blog works have assessed from which of the families they have sprung, and have taken this designation to heart, identified with it, you see, in perhaps the same way that the lover of astrology identifies with the astrological sign and attributes of their birth date and time. How many though have taken the exploration further, to the discoveries that lie within the psyche, within the unknown reality?

Now this is precisely why I have returned with a simplification of my theories. We have dispensed with the families of consciousness and now propose an overarching concept of humans over time. The focus on the individual becomes a focus on the group: the Soul Family.


In our distant historical past, there did indeed exist this race of giant, in our terms, humans. They originated, not within any one specific region of Earth, but, if you can imagine this, in a generalized fashion. Again, it is difficult to explain this process of the simultaneous existence of all forms… We are suspended within the coordinates of a space/time matrix. It is difficult for us to step outside of this matrix – the illusion of linear time – and observe All That Is at it creates everything that can be created, including, you see, gigantic humans. In a sense, we could say that our scientific theories and explanations of human evolution, HOLD US BACK, Prevent us from witnessing our greater creaturehood.

The accepted trajectory of development for humans is quite limited by our myopic scientists. However, if we were to look at our theoretical researchers that have perfected the use of the Inner senses in their explorations, we would find evidence of this other reality: one inhabited by giants, indeed, as well as many other representatives of unknown that we currently refer to as the impossible, or perhaps, merely mythological beings. I hope that you notice that this is my disclaimer for the material that will follow.

Now the term “generalized”… all probabilities are explored by consciousness in the moment ” to the nth degree.” Everything exists spontaneously and eternally NOW. The races of humans, all living things, and even supposed inert substances, create themselves in the moment of eternity that exists now.

Let us anticipate your question: “If these other human forms exist now and forever, why do we not know more of them?” Answer: Perhaps it is because we are a modern human. We do not “believe” in these outlandish tales of giants, fairies, angels, and so on. We create our reality through our beliefs. Therefore, we have not participated in the creation of these beings. We have not assisted in their manifestation into our Personal Reality Field.

Now, before I lose you entirely, please remember that the various eras and epochs of time exist as dimensions. We refer to the era that witnessed the giants, therefore, as an alternate dimension, one that we may explore, if we wish, just as we may explore any dimension from within the Third Dimension. Enter into this moment of exploration, then, as I proceed.

The giants were a race of humans that existed simultaneously with all other races. Where all races and nationalities existed, the giants also existed. Thus our legends of gigantic humans who lived on the edge of the village, or in the mountains of regions around our Earth. All regions, all mythologies document the giants. Thus we have our stories of contact, that are in truth, dimensional- bleed-throughs.

I do realize that the “scientists” among us are now scoffing at these descriptions. Scoff if we must. The deniers merely exhibit their disbelief in these matters through denial and intellectualization: “scientifically impossible,” we might say. You may now be asking for proof. Let us then go directly to the exercise, where you may receive the proof you require.


HYPOTHESIS: The giants of myth may be contacted through experimentation in the trance state.


The assumption in these new Blog Series of mine is that EVERYTHING that can be entertained in the mental environment can attain varying degrees of reality, either in our system or others. We create our own Personal Reality Field that comprises a radius formed about our physical body construct to about 50 feet. Everywhere we look we create realities there and we have the most “say” in what occurs in our reality within this 50 foot radius. Everything: every atom, every insect, every rock has a reality field in which it exists, for everything is alive. This we should know by now.

Before us, in front of us, right before our eyes in our Personal Reality Field, exist all of the dimensions of our physical reality that hold all of the humans, animals, trees, and what have you that have existed for eternity. We are speaking of eternity looking forward as well as backward, here. Past, present, and future manifestations of anything that can be imagined, exist right where we are, Dear Blog Reader.

I have described these dimensions as available to us in “layers” of reality. With this metaphor we might conceive of the dimension in which the giants exist as one that lies somewhat downward in front of us, looking into the earth at a 45 degree angle. Building on this metaphor, can we get a sense of the perspective of peering into other dimensions, by using our Intent now, and focusing the consciousness, the Inner Senses we are talking about now, to bring into clarity the dimension of the theorized giants?

We know from communications with our readers, that some of you have already made contact with these beings and have developed relationships over the years. So this experiment is possible and quite easy to do. It is one that has been used by explorers throughout the ages to perceive the giants and other so-called mythological beings. We are, therefore, taking on the role of visionary in this experiment. Our imagination will come into play, in the sense that we will be open to the images of these beings. We will use our Inner Sense of sight to tune-in to the dimension in which the giants exist, and then be open to accepting what we are viewing.

Here it is important to remember that we may have preconceived notions of what a giant looks like. My advice is to try to recognize these images as barriers to understanding. The truth of these beings is not romantic at all. Please attempt to look beyond the cultural stereotypes offered by our motion pictures, books, and other media.

Again, when you feel as though you have gathered enough information in our experiment, simply direct your consciousness out of the Trance State and up to surface awareness. Document your findings immediately, while the information is fresh in your mind.

Findings _______________________________________________________________________


The question as to why the world religions grew from the same locations on our Earth can be answered in this way…

In the original inception of energy from the Arcturian system, it was realized that the Middle East and Far East contained the most positive influences for the establishment of particular religious systems. The manifestation process was and is accelerated in these regions. The portals to the etheric, as I have referred to them in the past, were and are quite open there. Thought is transformed into physical reality constructs quite easily there through these portals of energy exchange: what we have called Coordinate Points. This has to do with peculiarities of the electromagnetic influences that “charge” the environment in this area of our planet. This becomes obvious, if we think about it. For a more comprehensive explanation of this process I refer to my earlier Blogs Seires.

Now as we know, both the Divine and the not-so-divine are manifested in our reality. Thus, we have the tendency for the negative gods, to be made manifest there as well. This area is a proving ground for the perceived negative and positive are made known in the physical dimension.


There existed at that time, hundreds of years before the birth of our Christ and other seminal religious figures, an affinity of consciousness, one human for the other, such that the Telepathic Network that connects all of consciousness was acknowledged and relied upon for the truth in any circumstance. The mental environment of the average human at the time, then, contained this vital connection to the Divine. Long before the growth of Christianity into a movement, the Semitic tribes relied upon this cohesive force of nature – the communication stream of The Christ Entity.

Now the disclaimer: We refer to The Christ Entity as having established on our Earth all of the religious movements. This includes those that grew into the world religions, as well as those that remained tribal-centric, being kept within smaller collectives. We refer to this Energy Body as The Christ, however, you could just as easily and correctly identify this influence as The Buddha Entity, or The Great Spirit Entity, and so on.


Let me continue with “MU“. The citizens of this extensive network of city-states were avia dreamers and visionaries. This psychic aspect of consciousness was stressed over the practical application of physical energy and planning of real life amenities in the AHMNA culture As we know, realities are created in just this way. Reality constructs are “considered” into manifestation, beginning in the dream state, and then fleshed out in detail in the waking state. It was of course the same with the people of Ahmna with a critical difference. These humans were so entirely adverse to the feeling of emotions such as pain, frustration, anger and the like, that they almost completely neglected the creation of the vision – the idealized culture – within physical reality and sought to, as a group now, simply focus on the Astral template of an idealized culture. This idealized culture exists as a holographic entity in time within our collective awareness.

Again, the real life physical reality of the Ahmna civilization was quite mundane and unremarkable. There was a strict caste system. There was no slavery, as we know it, but “human capital,” to coin one of our humorous terms, was certainly employed by the ruling class. They were quite mystic, most of them – philosopher kings and queens, you see.

Now the idealized vision of this almost feudal system, we can easily imagine. The members of the lower castes would dream of an egalitarian political and social system, perhaps something of a true democracy. So this was entered into the mix. The philosopher king/queen rulers, in their moments of positive reverie, contributed to the vision with dreams of themselves as benevolent masters, loved and cherished by their subjects.

As for physical descriptions of these people, I may tell that they were similar in facial features to the Eskimo. The faces were quite darker, however, with flat cheeks small noses, large almond-shaped eyes. The hair was thick and black for the most part. Both men and women enjoyed adorning the hair with clay ornaments, jeweled barrettes and leather ties of various colors. They were a strikingly beautiful people. We may see the vestiges in, as I said, the Eskimo and the far northern Native American tribes


Mu is one of those lost civilizations that we as a race have created from several different civilizations. This Mystery Civilization existed as a prototypical culture within the collective of humanity’s imagination.

Now, every collective of humans, of animals, of insects and even of inanimate materials as we call them, every amalgam of Consciousness Units has a collective “vision” of itself. Of course, every conceivable vision of Mu exists within probable realities. For our purposes here in this explanation, let us think of the vision as just two fold: There is the “real time” vision, the idea on which is built the CURRENT “bedrock reality” that is experienced by the inhabitants, in this case, the humans of Mu. But it could as easily be the reality as experienced by the atoms that compose a rock upon our lawn. Anything and everything has consciousness and everything exists at once.

Now secondly, each collective, each Gestalt of Consciousness if you prefer, has a vision of the future – an idealized dream or vision of where they would like to be in a future manifestation of their present culture. This future vision or vision of the future is fed by the best case scenarios entertained within the mental environments of all participants in the collective.

Our Mu Civilization was just such an idealized society created on the mental plane of existence by the members of a civilization that existed in certainly a far less idealized manner, if I may say so.


Now let us assume for a moment that it is your fervent desire to connect with this ancient civilization. Perhaps it is a long-standing dream for you to make contact in some way. You have read stories in our history books and in our media about the civilization and the material resonates with you; perhaps it even evokes momentary bleed throughs that allow you to witness the activities within that civilization. If this is the case, we might also assume that you have lived one of several of your Simultaneous Existences within this period of history in this civilization.

You have an interest in the Mayan Civilization, then, because it is personal: you have experienced lives in that era and you wish to remember what you learned in that era. Perhaps you are responding to a call from the past life existence, therefore, to go back and relive some of your experiences. This is a common occurrence both forward and backward in perceived time. In this case, you could say that you are keeping an appointment, made perhaps in this lifetime of long ago, to meet up, and perhaps, in a sense, compare notes as to Lessons learned, or avoided, and so on.

Additionally, this civilization has effectively “seeded” our world culture with the elements necessary to experience the required sensory effects to get the message across to us, in a manner of speaking. This is The Shift that has been foreseen by our visionaries. Many books of material have been written on this civilization and the 2012 phenomenon. Our media had proclaimed the importance of 2012 to the world. The stage was set, therefore, within the world consciousness, for this reincarnational drama of humanity to unfold.

This Shift has been foretold in other practices, such as the Hopi way, and so on, such that the time is now right. The mass consciousness is tuned at this time for this particular presentation of the Ancient Wisdom to be remembered and endorsed by millions of awakening humans.

Now you may receive information on this culture and The Shift for yourself in the Trance State. This is a way to avoid the fear and sensationalism that follow these concepts in our modern media.

EXPERIMENT – Exploring the Mayan Civilization and The Shift of 2012

Hypothesis: You may experience in the Trance State what the Shift holds for you personally.


It is best to let go of any preconceived notions of the Mayan Civilization and what The Shift may mean for you. Material that may have come from harrowing accounts of catastrophes that are “destined” to occur, should be intentionally blocked from your consciousness. One way to do this is to allow the negative images to float to the t”top” of your consciousness where they can be sifted out, or in some other way, visualized away from your ritual proceedings,

As you may know, we maintain in our new books that The Shift will bring a realization to the individual human of ALL of their Simultaneous Existences. Consciousness is becoming known to itself with The Shift. As that occurs, the individual explorer will begin to experience their other lives with a growing frequency. This exercise, therefore, may be one in which you may explore your personal stake in The Shift. You will be using your Intent here, to direct your consciousness to that divine perspective in which you may see, hear, touch, and so on, the activities within your other exietences.

There is a high probability that at least one of your lives was lived within this Mayan Civilization. However, be prepared to experience bleed-throughs into multiple existences that you are living in, while you, at the same time, live within your current existence, in this current timeframe.

The process for returning to normal wakefulness is the same as in all of your experimentations. Direct your consciousness to gently let go of your sensory experiencing within the Trance State. Direct you consciousness to come fully up to surface awareness. Document your Findings.



The bleed-throughs may be anticipated through a form of meditation or Trance. Simply, the researcher “takes hold” of their current Moment Point, creating a Point of Power as I have described it elsewhere. In this moment, the Inner Senses are activated to draw-in data of a visual, auditory, tactile nature, you see, to the Personal Reality Field. This anticipation, as we call it, sets the stage for a bleed-through event to occur.

Incidentally, this is the exact mental state of the archaeological researcher who makes tremendous discoveries intuitively. They are so engrossed in their studies that they are quite naturally activating the bleed-through “mechanism” and do indeed obtain the valuable insights into the culture being studied.


Here with the Mayan civilization, we again have a society that has been studied fairly thoroughly by our scientists. More is certainly revealed as our archaeologists discover new sites where religious observances were held, and so on. Yet from my perspective, again, as we so often remind the Blog reader, YOU would be better off to use our own Inner Senses to explore this civilization.

Therefore, I would ask you, Dear Blog Reader, to consider our concept of bleed throughs in this analysis. A bleedthrough is a momentary piercing of the dimensional-veil, that allows the human in our time frame to briefly observe the going-on in another time period, most usually for us, from within Past Timeframes. Remember however, that the future is just as easily accessible through the use of our innate perceptual lenses, these Inner Senses.


And now a sideroad: If you were to think of the World Civilization as you are experiencing it now, what would come to mind for you? Many thoughts and images come to mind, I am sure. Now to get a feeling for Lemuria, simply consider the underside, the unspoken reality of our progressed modern culture. In other words, for every remarkable technological advance, let us say, in our modern world, there is a corresponding remarkable advance in this underworld with regards to the natural, non-synthesized, expressions of technological improvement.

You would have, for example, the proliferation of advanced forms of communication in this exterior world of the modern Earth, and on the interior, in the land of Lemuria, you might see the counterpart to this technological advance in form of superior expressions of telepathy, natural communications, you see, that do not require the sophisticated instruments developed by the modern human. This is a science of mind as compared to a science of machine, here. Another way we have described this is that what we see in the Third Dimension as the Underworld or non-physical reality, is in Lemuria, the ongoing physical reality: the only thing there is, you see. The outer world or 3D Reality is expressed inwardly in the non-physical world of Lemuria in every way, shape, and instance.

These are difficult concepts to express, however, I believe it would help if you would let go of the idea that the non-physical worlds or dimensions look exactly like the myths and other stories of the imagination expressed in our movies and other media. You might even have an advantage if you were to dispense completely with the name Lemuria, for this name is not the one accepted currently.



We maintain that this Mystery Civilization is one that exists as a “proving ground,” so to speak, for the mythological concepts and personalities of our world’s cultures. It does exist in the same sense that ALL, supposed, theorized, or visualized societies exist, in so far as they are given consistent thought energy by humans and other forms. This disclaimer applies to all of the theorized collectives we discuss in this Blog Series. The civilizations exist first in the imagination, and then “fleshed out” with the manifesting energies of people everywhere.

We also referred to Lemuria as the “place” where the seekers of visions and meetings with the non physical beings go in their ritual journeys. The shamans, visionaries, and other seekers throughout our perceived past, journey to these uncharted territories of consciousness. Each journey to this underground of the imagination by human visionaries, adds to the storyline and the character development, you might say, of the Lemuria Legend.


May we now return to the Hunza to complete this essay? Certainly at about the same time – two thousand years ago in the Himalayas – the residents gave out a call to All That Is requesting a different system of thought, a different essence, you see, that would assist them in guiding their people down a more progressive avenue of creation.

Another aside here… In previous Blogs, I spoke of the Tibetan Buddhism concepts as being the nearest description to the way reality is created by consciousness. The emissaries of The Christ incarnating within these collectives of the mountain peoples were successful, in that the concepts of Reality Creation were taken in as truth and embodied by the human practitioners “whole,” so to speak, without embellishments by priests and others. Because the people practiced in isolation, for the most part, from their colleagues in other parts of Asia, they were able to keep the teaching intact. You could say that the Tibetan Buddhist concepts are closer to the truth of the matter, therefore, than the practices of the mainland Buddhists. It was true then and it is true now.

Certainly the student may explore the Tibetan Buddhist path and see for themselves the obvious correlations between my theory over several decades and the concepts and practices espoused by this group, and kept without alteration over the centuries. That is as much as I will say on this matter for now.


During this time, the Earth was in upheaval in a social, religious, and political sense. The old ways were failing in all institutions, including remember, the basic structures within small tribal units. The cycle of development of humans upon the Earth was at a point in which more “information” was necessary from the Logos, you might say. A new energy, a new system of thought was required to take the place of the crumbling systems of order.

Because evolutionary consciousness – All That Is – does not seek its own annihilation, but rather a continuous development to all points of probability within all dimensions, these divine emissaries were sent into physical incarnation to “save” the planet, to save humanity. These rescue efforts of All That Is survive within our spiritual traditions in the documented mythological adventures of the rescuing gods and goddesses of the pantheons of the Greeks and Romans, for example, but also you see, within virtually ANY world religion from ANY of the thousands of collectives of humans throughout time.

As an aside, we are currently at just such a crossroad in our development, when we as a race are calling out to the Divine to be “saved;” saved from our own negative manifestations.


For the most part, these beings lived within other star systems, other dimensions of reality, before coming to the Earth plane to develop and grow. These other systems are Arcturian, the Sirius system, and the presently unknown undiscovered systems that will be identified by our astronomers in our lifetime.

Now can you imagine these separate, distinguishable repositories of spiritual essence – the Gestalts of Consciousness we are calling Light Bodies – as representing, not only the humans existing within the Asian continent, for example, but extremely well-defined “to the nth degree,” such that an emissary from the Divine was created from the collective human thought energy of members of individual small tribal units, as we have stated, and then, in a sense “summoned” to these individual territories around the globe?

If you are poetically inclined, you might say that a “call” was put out by humans everywhere around the world at that time two thousand years ago, to the specifically appropriate Light Body that held within it, again, the hopes, dreams, spiritual essence, of those particular people, to come to their aid.


We always have a choice, Dear Blog Reader. The great question for us as a physical being is this: when we awaken to our true reality, will we choose to create our life of Lessons consciously, or will we try to escape, play hooky from this dramatic enterprise of physical existence? Many of us well know what I am saying in these paragraphs, for we are well on our way to wakening fully.

Yet some of us may look on these new essays of mine with the all too critical eye of the ego. Fear, cynicism, competition rule the roost of the ego. I would ask you to pull back from this type of scrutiny and attempt to use the perspective of the “awakened one.” The heart is open as anger is transmuted into Loving Understanding. Fear is turned to Courage and faith.

The awakened or enlightened human may choose to be creative with the creation of events within their own reality. We may postpone the event of our physical death, for example, and undergo The Transition at a later date, perhaps learning more and gaining the Divine Knowledge from these additional months or years of living experience.


Of course the reason we are not as familiar with these other Masters, is that we are a product of our Western Civilization. We take as fact what we have learned in our Western schools. We have perhaps been brought up within a mainstream religion, such as Catholicism, and have not thought of what other just-as-powerful and valid demonstrations of the Divine there have been elsewhere, in other countries. We have tunnel vision here. I will attempt to rectify that somewhat.

For your information, at about the same time two thousand years ago, Masters and Teachers related to what we are calling The Christ in these Blogs, entered into the bodies of humans within our dimension. Their stories are the stories of the magic ancestors that we have documented in this Blog. Their stories are the legends of our gods and goddesses as well as Gods and Goddesses with a capital G. All of these beings began their lives around the same time, for they were observing great cycles of incarnation and development.

Again, without lapsing into the metaphysical and etheric too much here, let me just say that these beings were/are Light Bodies, essentially. They did and do now exist as the repository, in a sense, of the spiritual, arcane practices and potentials of humans throughout our perceived past.


The Hunza are technically NOT a Mystery Civilization, for much is known of this collective within the “historical record.” However please allow me to comment on this people as representatives of what might be called the “original” teachings of the Masters. The Masters are those Teachers who come into your reality every few thousand years on Earth.

Now it is well known to us that a personality known as Christ presented himself to the people of the Middle East some two thousand years ago. Also it is well known that, around that same time, other Teachers, other masters incarnated into the societies of the Asian continent and others. Muhammad was another Teacher incarnated about the same time. The Buddha and the Buddhist teachers are quite well known as having influenced the peoples in Asia. These are all known to us, no doubt, as a spiritual practitioner and as a student of religious generally.

However, please note that during this incredibly fertile period that witnessed the propagation of these various paths within the world community, OTHER Masters, OTHER Teachers, also came into physical reality to inform the members of thousands of other collectives upon our planet. We are speaking here of small tribal units on our African continent, as well as large congregates of spiritual practitioners within our aboriginal tribes in Australia, for example.


Let me use this exercise in a different way here in our discussion of the Mystery Civilizations. Now: you look in front of you wherever you happen to be. Dorian (my wife), for example, is looking in front of her desk table on which she writes on her computer in the room looking out to the woods behind our house. Dorian sees a beautiful landscape before her: the Sheep Mountains, many fir trees and some walnut trees, the other homes in the area as well as a glimpse of the beautiful lake that lies a mile or so away. This is what Dorian sees, and you Dear Blog reader, naturally are seeing something else in front of you. Now for my point….

What you see in front of you is your view of All That Is, interpreted through your Lessons, your beliefs, your issues. So you seeing what it is possible for you to see here, according to your beliefs. If you are of a modern mindset or cosmology, I would guess that your perceptions, do not include non-physical beings emerging from the trees, or gigantic crystal transmitters sparkling in the distance. Briefly, what we are saying is this: your perception of your current existence is a focus ON your current existence, yet it could just as easily become a focus on your existence within, for example, the Mystery Civilization of Atlantis, in which we assert there does indeed exist gigantic, black crystal transmitters and receivers. Or let us say you change your focus a bit and pick up on your existence in an aboriginal culture in which you did indeed perceive the Spirits of trees and other objects. You could see the personalization of the spirit energies and you communicated with them.

Now let me be blunt. We have suggested that space and time are mere conveniences for us in Third-Dimensional Reality. They are useful for those of us creating lives within the linear time conceptualization. Yet ALL of our existences are “out there in front of us,” right where we are now. In other words, you need not travel to France to tune-in to a life you lived in Paris in the 17th Century. Because of the telepathic holographic nature of the Conscious Units that comprise your reality, everything exists at once, and so all of our lives, including those lived in the Mystery Civilizations, exist at once, all in the same “place” at the same “time.”

This is a difficult concept to embody, perhaps, and so I shall go further here. Our world, your personal Reality Field, is an illusion, Dear Blog Reader. We create it out of “whole cloth,” to coin a phrase, through the energies of our Soul Self. Yet the life we are living does seem solid and convincing, does it not? Your life seems to be more than a group of ideas. It is convincing, it is authentic, it is a realistic portrayal of your Issues in dramatic form in physical reality.

It is convincing enough to keep us focused in the current existence and not spinning off into some Simultaneous Life we are living elsewhere in another time. Yet the boundaries of space and time are loosening with these practices we are teaching. Slowly, I am sure, most of us are learning how to keep a foot in both worlds. Now for some experimentation…

Not each and every single one of you, the Blog Readers of this new Blog material, have experienced lives in the GA society. However, most of you have done just that. Before we have an experiment that we first offered in our Blog material on Soul Evolution in general attempt to contact the Mystery Civilizations, consider this: do you tend to be a lover or a hater; a mystic or a cynic; a student or soldier; a helper or a taker? Are you intuitive or do you fancy yourself an “empirical” scientific observer of the event before you? Do you see where I am taking this? If you do, let us now have pour experiment, with the specific purpose of tuning-in on probable lives lived in the Mystery Civilization we are calling GA.


HYPOTHESIS: Using your Intent in the moment-point allows you to tune-in on other time frames.

Here we are using the term “tuning-in” in specific way. This relates to our suggestion in the last Blog. that the researcher in experimentation with the non-physical reality, use the essential metaphors. Tuning-in refers to the Radio Dial metaphor that we offer as a simple, powerful visualized device that will allow you to ritually bring in the frequencies of the non-physical beings, for example, in a sense, tuning-in on their waveband. This technique works quite well also with the Simultaneous Lives. It is simply a personalized metaphor that you may use to give some context to these metaphorical pursuits. Of course, you may use your own techniques, if that serves the purpose here. Let us begin.

Then simply relax. We are assuming you have, as my student, created a Ritual of Sanctuary for yourself, so that you may safely and without anxiety or fear or any kind, explore non-physical reality.


If you have yet to create this Ritual, please envision golden, protective field around your physical body construct. Nothing harmful may enter this field. You are therefore protected, and you may even take this protective state with you in your outings in waking reality.

So relax and move your body in such a way as to elicit relaxation. You are in your state if Sanctuary. You may now surrender to the healing forces of your greater consciousness, your Soul Self. As you let go in this way, the good feelings build within you. You can feel the ecstasy below the surface that supports you in your Earthly existence. This quest is a very natural one for you. You have been doing these type of experiments for many lifetimes. You are the type of person that enjoys finding our about your unknown lives. And so you can easily use your Intent here to direct you.

Focusing on your goal, allow yourself to drift slowly and easily toward a recognition of the life you are living in GA. This is a matriarchy. The feminine principle, as you understand it, is accentuated within your personal consciousness. Tune-in that sense of affirmation for the feminine, perhaps visualizing a radio dial before you, and seeing the dial turn to making GA. As you turn the dial, images may come to mind. You may hear voices and feel a variety of emotions. Keep our Intent on traveling toward the good feelings generated in GA on your radio dial. The good feelings may now grow noticeably. This may signify that you have reached your goal. With your Intent, stop your voyage and rest within the good feelings.

If you have reached your destination: look down at your feet. What type of shoes are you wearing? Look around you. What do you see? Find a mirror or something else that will reflect your image and look at your reflection. Are you a male or female? What age are you? And what is your name? Do you remember the Sumari language?

You will have complete recall of all that you are experiencing. When you come up to surface awareness, you will easily be able to remember what you have experienced here.

You may certainly use this experiment when exploring any of the Mystery Civilization we have noted in this blog series. The techniques are the same. Simply focus with your Intent on the name of the Mystery Civilization and the feelings emanating from that Mystery Civilization. Each Mystery Civilization has a distinctive vibratory signature that you may tune-in to with your human consciousness. These energy signatures create their own distinctive emotional states. You will, of necessity, have to experiment with these states and follow your own Inner Guidance in these matters.

When you have finished your investigations for this experiment, gradually return to surface awareness. Document your Findings


The spiritual practice, the religion if you prefer, of the GA peoples was primarily what we called the Old Time Religion in our new Blog messages to humanity. It is the foundational structured religious practice that gave birth to, or you might say, served as the model for the practices of magicians, shamans, witches and healers that come with all established social orders. You do know that all cultures, all civilizations contain within the ideal manifestation of the Wonderworker, the magical ancestors, and so on.

All cultures throughout time, then, including the peoples developing in territories outside of GA during that epoch, were and ARE influenced by these magic principles, what many call in modern times “the perennial philosophy.” We have elaborated on these originating concepts in our Blog Series, Thought Reality, and I refer to that series for more information on this subject.

Now, though we have commented on the patriarchal energies in what may seem to be a critical fashion, please know, that within the original GA religious practices, the masculine energies of manifestation were given equal placement within the imagery and rituals of the GA religion.

We may see this egalitarian expression of the Divine within the practices of magicians, shamans, witches and healers in our current timeframe. These sacred concepts and images survive the ages intact, via bleed throughs, because of their truthful potencies. We sense the truth and power in these representations of the Divine with our Inner Senses. They resonate with the beholder. We are transported to the divine realms of understanding simply by observing the imagery and engaging in the ritual practices.


The Shift to the positive that is occurring in our dimension is largely a RETURN to the practices of the GA civilization. This is a cyclical manifestation that is being experienced by us as a people. Most of us have lived and living in GA thousands of years ago NOW. Most of us have consequently experienced lives of Loving Understanding and Courage: the hallmarks of the GA civilization. Most of us are conversant in Sumari, the predominant language in GA. The old ways, what we refer to as the Ancient Wisdom, are the ways of the GA civilization.

Additionally, GA was the source of many of our myths concerning the magicians, the divine kings and queens, and so on. Magic was practiced by the majority of the population and because everyone in the culture appreciated and condoned this practice, the magic “worked.” The cosmology of belief system of the average GA citizen, you see, supported magical practices and so the collective realities experienced by the citizens of GA comprised a magical reality: one in which miracles did happen; one in which healings of self and others did indeed occur; one in which Lack and other negative realities were, in a sense, “banished” from the collective experience of the people. Evidence of the GA civilization was destroyed by religious leaders. Practitioners of the patriarchal, vengeful god-centered religions were absorbed into the culture, and grew to influence the religions of GA.


The story of the decline of GA is quite similar to the accounts we read in our history books of the decline of an civilization. Forced to defend its borders from attack by less developed humans, less socialized humans, the governing body was obligated to divert resources to security matters, rather than education and the other perceived “healthier” concerns.It is an old story. Eventually, over several hundred years of matriarchal rule, the advantage was lost on the Northern borders of the territory. Though GA were fierce fighters when defending their land, once the boundaries were breached by the warring tribes, it became more common for the intruders to be taken into the culture and “forgiven.” Inter-marrying occurred quite naturally along the borders of GA. This tendency to absorb cultures from without continued until a homogenization of culture occurred.

Yes Dorian, connect the following to the previous post on untruthful histories.

Now continuing here… Without generalizing too extensively here, the tribes that infiltrated the GA borders were comprised of humans who practices a patriarchal religion. A wrathful vengeance-seeking god was favored by these warriors. The men were asked to support the patriarchal god of war as they went to war. As is usually the case, this was a system created to priests within the tribes, who sought political power to complement their perceived spiritual power. The GA forces were quite integrated. Men and women served in the country’s defense.

As GA absorbed surrounding tribes, the countries and peoples we know as present-day Europe were created. Much of what we know as Western Civilization is based upon a matriarchy, not the patriarchal concerns that predominate now.


Now GA did not exist as a pure matriarchy for the extent of its reign upon the European Continent. The country was forced to defend their extensive borders from infiltration by warring tribes of various types and nationalities. This is the way it was, in fact. However, let me take a brief side road here in my explanation. I will ask you to conceive of what we know of human history, what we have read in books, learned in school and observed in our dramatic representations, as a highly subjective and romanticized portrayal of what actually occurred.

You may know that the history of the world is the history of the victors. It is the winning tribe, country, civilization that “lives to tell the tale,” so to speak. Typically, the historian has a cultural bias. They have created their ” truthful” depictions according to their own perceptions within their individual Personal Reality Fields, you see. This is the way is has always been done. And so our written histories are lacking in truth, always.

To put it another way here: our history books and portrayals will NEVER be able to give us a comprehensive view of even one second of historical experiencing by an individual, much less a country or people. This is because, please remember, everything that has a probability of happening, does indeed happen. And so if we were to document the history of even one second of the world, to be comprehensive we would have to document the multitude of probable experiences, thoughts, imagines and emotions entertained by this single human. This is a fine point, to be sure, yet I trust I have given some perspective here in our analysis.

THE “GA” (Gematrie Arssa) LANGUAGE

They spoke Sumari, for the most part. This is the same Sumari I described in my earlier Blogs. It is a language of Love, quite literally, as we have said. There is a “lightness” to it, and a sense that you understand the emotional content, as a modern observer now, even though you do not understand a word of what is spoken. The telepathic messages are received regardless of having any knowledge of the language itself.

In my earlier work, it was thought that an understanding of Sumari was attainable; now it can be told, that All of us have the potential to speak and understand this language in our current existence. It is the language spoken and understood in the non-physical worlds, for example. All of us know this language. Again, we have felt we must create amnesia around this fact, to protect our current reality creation. Please know that times have changed. We shall have an experiment shortly, to give you the Blog Reader a chance to “remember” our facility with the Sumari Language.

G for Gematri. A for Arssa. GA., the name is not stable at this time. It evolves as everything evolves. We are changing the past through our input in the present.

Now in the Sumari language the name Gematrie ArssaLiterally, Loving Land. However, the spelling is mutable. What we have there will suffice for now.

Sumari was the primary spoken language. The written languages was diverse and quite different across the continent, the European continent, as we know it today. The intentional telepathic communication we noted, involved images and emotions primarily with the capacity to trigger memories, even neuronal growth in the brain. Healing at a distance, as we now call it, was accomplished through this medium.

I mentioned earlier that GA was FIRST a matriarchy. Indeed, this was the most powerful and extensive matriarchy our world has seen. Our myths reflect the heritage of this ancient civilization, particularly the Greek and Roman mythologies. Though GA predominated on what is presently the European continent, through bleed throughs the Greek and Roman cultures were “seeded” with the matriarchal concepts: the idea of a strong, female goddess, the concepts of democracy as extolling the highest good for all concerned, and so on.

Negative Media

Now we may may discuss affecting the Consensus World Reality from the privacy of our own Personal Reality Field. Just as our advice to “keep a good thought” – a simplistic solution to transform negatives realities – was offered to you the Blog Reader, this technique of contributing to the Positive Manifestation within the Consensus World Reality from our Personal reality if offered with just as much surety that we will find success. The simplistic becomes the profoundly effective, as in other examples we have discussed.

Now what are we saying, in so much as we are describing the Positive Manifestation? First let me state empathetically that we are NOT describing the reality presented to us in the media. You well know by now that I am quite impatient with the purveyors of madness and violence and media would be the sensationalist newspapers, the war-mongering television programs presented as “news,” the violent controlling internet websites. These media present what we might call “the accepted” worldview of our deluded leaders and their business associates, the pillagers of our worldly goods, including our natural resources, the stores of our Mother Earth.

This is why we find ourselves prisoners of a quite toxic Consensus Reality, your see. Many of us are using the “templates” offered to us by these Negative Media, to create a negative fearful reality. In a sense, many of us believe it is our “civic duty” to do so.

For example: some of us believe with all of our might that we are a good citizen if we prepare for the “imminent” terrorist attack from our “enemies.” And so we stock up on the necessities of life in preparation for a few months or years underground, in our safe room. This is ridiculous my friend. Now I am certainly not speaking to you personally here, I am referring simply to those of us who have fallen under the spell of negative conditioning perpetrated by our leaders and the business interest that “rule” our world.

But let us examine what sort of Consensus Reality we help to create from the “safety” of our safe room. Are we contributing to a world based on Love and the acceptance of our fellow human beings without judgment of fear? I think not. In all probability, we are from our safe room, merely adding to the hatred, adding to the fear, helping to do our part in the perpetuation of negative realities.


Now the normal day would depend on the occupation of the inhabitant. Let us choose a female of moderate rank in the educational establishment. As we said, healthy, Loving relationships were the ideal to strive for in all realms of activity. In the average day, then this human would – taking her responsibilities quite seriously – prepare for the following day’s lessons with these goals in mind: whatever increases Loving Understanding among the students will be accentuated. Misunderstandings of any kind will be “healed” through interventions of various types, including telepathic assistance from teacher to student while in altered states. The uncommon trance, as we have described elsewhere in my new Blog material, was practiced by everyone in the society. Group cohesion was affirmed in this way.

Lessons – academic and social/ethical – were transmitted to students ongoing. During the dreamstate the teacher would present to the student’s dreaming consciousness, what you might call “coming attractions” describing future lessons Then, when the student attended the class in physical reality, they would again enter the uncommon trance and continue the Lesson. In this way knowledge was gained quite naturally in the waking, sleeping, and Trance states.

Please note that many of us are still involved in these types of instruction during altered states. However, for purposes of maintaining our focus in Third-Dimensional Reality, we must usually create amnesia around these experiences. As you may notice, the lines between sleeping, reverie, and waking were not as clearly defined for the GA residents, as for you, Dear Reader.


Let us first present for our Blog Readers a summary of what has gone before in our descriptions of the divine matriarchy.

This collective was first a matriarchal expression within human society. What we would in modern times call the “feminine” aspects of consciousness predominated in all social structures. Women took on the dominant leadership roles, for example, within families on the small level, as well as within the political organizations on the larger on the larger level, you might say. We have stated before that there was no competition in GA, as you might conceive of this concept currently. There was no “battle of sexes,” as we moderns refer to it. Cooperation was key, here, and ALL personal aspirations were sublimated towards the success of relationships within all the spheres.

The men were predominately builders and practitioners of various trades. Women took on leaderships roles in all relationships, modeled after the mothering role of mother-to-child. For this reason, the society in a business and personal sense was suffused with tenderness and an all pervasive sense of Loving Understanding.

Now the females modeled this unconditional Loving Understanding for the others. In a sense, you could say that when others saw the power, the grace, the extreme utility of this Love in action, they felt entirely justified in sublimating their own desires for the common good, the greatest good of all.

These are primarily dark-complected humans we are describing. If you may think of the current Romanian peoples, you may get a feel for the physical appearance of the GA peoples: Black curly hair, for the most part. Dark colored eyes. Stocky builds generally for men and women. Defined musculature. Indo-European characteristics.


Do you see how, even though in our current relationship, in our current family, in our current world culture we may be experiencing the predominance of the negative, that the OPPOSITES OF THE NEGATIVE most surely exist for us and our people with just as much potential for manifestation?

The Atlanteans, to get back to the question, were diverted en masse from their collective manifestations of peace, Loving Understanding, abundance for all, and so on, by the influences of the Negative Entities, our so-called Black Magicians. In a similar way, in our current timeframe, we as a collective of humans – world humans – are being diverted from our potential trajectories of positive development to the negative by these same Negative Entities.


The Atlantean were well versed in the manifestation process. They realized that they could individually use their creative mental apparatus to manifest desired objects, including breakfast. The average human was quite capable of materializing the breakfast with very little physical effort on their part. The cooperative network of Consciousness Units that comprise breakfast were facilitated into their existence within physical reality by human consciousness. To an observer from our timeframe, this would appear as miraculous, magical and so on. Yet wait a few years and we will witness this phenomenon in our perceived future incarnations on Earth.

In our progressed future on Earth, it will be commonplace to materialize our thoughts instantaneously, just as the average Atlantean. Mass consciousness, in this instance, the collective consciousness of the Mystery Civilization of Atlantis, co-exists with the mass consciousness of our present and future timeframes and the mass consciousness manifestations that exist within these timeframes.

There are bleed throughs on all levels here. These occur in the moment, the spacious moment that connects all realities, all timeframes, you see. This is as much as I can tell about the recreation of past civilizations in our perceived present and future timeframes. There is more information on this matter to be obtained on the subtle levels using our Inner Senses. I direct you therefore to our meditations for further investigations.


Here we will speak briefly on a typical day within the Mystery Civilization.

Atlantis as a collective was in many ways further advanced than our present modern societies in the USA, Europe and elsewhere. Dorian is struggling here with her description. Let me simplify… Within the spacious moment, i.e., the eternal moment of the enlightened human, ALL civilizations exist. Simultaneous time is our baseline for experiencing all of our lives.

So for example Dorian, you are typing into your computer my messages, now, in your current existence as my collaborator. You are also, within this moment, utilizing communication technologies quite similar to our Internet and other computer services, within the life you lived and indeed I lived, within the Atlantean civilization. I repeat, there is a similarity of Reality Construction within ALL of your existences. You are typing into your computer NOW. In our Atlantean life, you are using a device we have mentioned before, that is powered by crystal technologies, to record your literal thought energies into a method for tuning-in to the subtle energies of thought, and recording this information stream. Typing into a computer was not necessary there, you see. The transcription of thought into manuscript was instantaneous with the use if these devices.

Now not only do your activities in physical reality reveal similarities on all levels of consciousness manifestation. In this Atlantean life, you Dorian are also a scribe for the non-physical beings. This is, in a sense, a “career path” for you over your many incarnations.

The correspondence are apparent to the nth degree. Anywhere you would care to look within your other life, you would notice the correspondences to your current life you are living within your current timeframe.

Now to continue, you are using your crystal device in Atlantean, even as you attend to other activities and obligations there. You Dorian currently are contemplating what to have for breakfast. You are hungry and you are visualizing possible combinations of foods to prepare, while you type into your computer. In this life, you are engaged in a similar visualization. However in this Simultaneous Life in Atlantis, the process is simplified also. The preparation of the desired foods in the preferred was is accomplished automatically, you might say.


The people of this civilization were of varied body types, of course, yet for the most part we would notice the Nordic features in these humans: fair skin, blonde and quite prominent noses. Blue eyes predominated yet there were also green and even hazel eyes here. This human form might be described as the prototype for the Nordic peoples who would come later, we are speaking now of some 20 thousand years and more before our Christ drama.

The Atlanteans existed then as fervent explorers of both the physical and non-physical worlds. They were, as a race now, quite intelligent in so far as the intellect is concerned. They also cultivated a sort of “natural” intelligence, an intuitive understanding of the way realities are created. This knowing sense was obvious in the countenance of the Atlantean citizen. The adults projected an intensity of personal power, we might say, to those around them. There was at that time, within the Atlantean culture, a mutual respect for the individual. There was not the prevalence of racial prejudice, hatred, anger, that sort of thing. These emotional complexes were to gain ascendance much later, in other civilizations on Earth.


The connections to whales and dolphins that have been dramatized in our consensus reality manifestations of the Atlantis “mythology,” were and are quite real connections. In our stories of Atlantis, particularly those told by our New Agers, the whales and dolphins are thought of as the present time-frame incarnations of the Atlantis people. In some way, the story goes, Atlantis was destroyed, but the people of Atlantis “live on” in the bodies of these sea creatures.

Let me explain how this particular relationship of man-to-animal first began and endures. In societies that predated Atlantis and most of the Mystery civilizations we are covering in these Blogs, the divisions between human and animal consciousness were not as clearly defined as those separations devised by modern man. The human consciousness was a great deal more fluid than currently. Modern man, the scientists among us, would describe this relationship of man to animal as imganial, created out of a need to hold some influence over the beasts of the Earth, so that they may better track these animals and take them for food. This symbiotic relationship between man and his prey and does exist for us in our collective awareness. In our tribal cultures it is given that the animals hunted to sustain life for the tribe are reciprocally aware of this “divine” relationshipĂ®

The Atlantean were oriented outward into the surrounding seas and oceans. They were explorers and navigators of the world around them and developed fleets of sturdy vessels that they used to carry goods to trade with others in their and even much farther away, as in many hundreds of miles out to sea. These seagoing explorers and traders of Atlantis, having a certain “instinct” we might say, for ocean travel and an ingrained appreciation for the animals that live in the sea, developed communications with the sea animals, including the whales and dolphins, but also with other species, to assist them in navigating the waters, leading them to food sources for the voyages and to take back to their cities and a host of other practical purposes. This is really the Telepathic network at work here: the network of communication used by consciousness in the creation of realities.

If you can now refer to our discussions of consciousness evolution as more resembling a holographic continuum than a linear progression, you may perhaps see what I am driving at here.

The animal and the human are connected. In this case, the human and dolphin and whale are all on the same continuum throughout time, throughout space as we know it. We could say that a “fragment” of human consciousness of the Atlantean explorers exists within the collective consciousness of the dolphin and the whale. This was true then. This is true now. This is true in our perceived future. Our modern day admirers of the dolphins and whales as “teachers” within non-physical reality are remembering these linkages from their perceived past. Currently these essential relationships exist for us and may be used as gateways to greater understanding of our world and the world of the animal.


The crystal amplified and tuned human thought and emotion. For this reason, it was imperative that the operator be of the utmost integrity and emotional stability. I have stated that these crystals were used as communication and power transmitters. Imagine the consequences of allowing an unbalanced individual directing their emotional thought energy through a gigantic crystal transmitter. The results of these “mistakes” were documented in our mythologies as the wholesale destruction of populations through use of the “Death Ray.” For the most part, these tragedies were unintentional.


Now as a tidbit of intriguing data, to comment further on some of the other aspects of Atlantean culture we hinted at in previous sessions.

The manufacture of “spun” crystalline material that had the properties of creating, storing and transmitting energy was perfected by Atlantean scientists. Common materials from Earth were subjected to electromagnetic forces to facilitate the crystallization of these minerals into implements of various sizes and intensities. The catalyst in this manufacturing process was an element as yet undiscovered by our modern researchers. It is an unknown element that exists extra-dimensionally. When the Fourth-Dimensional Shift is completed, our scientists using their Inner Senses, will discover this element within the common sand and soil of our planet.

These crystals were grown to lengths of one or two inches to great heights of 50 and one hundred feet. The large crystals were often ten or more feet in diameter. They were a dark ashen color, almost black, with the threads of the crystal composition visible within.


We have spoken in our Blog Series about the similarities in Lessons faced by the Atlantean and by the moderm developed nations. The use of Power; the manifestation of Spirit, spirituality within the culture; the ethical use of technology.

Our modern civilization and our mystery civilization of Atlantis are engaged in the learning of similar Lessons, for both collectives of humans are of the same Entity of consciousness. In this way, we and the other members of our nation, as well as others in their developed nations on our Earth at this time, have the opportunity to indeed LEARN all these valuable Lessons, to the degree that the cataclysmic effects of our negative thoughts do not result in a global thermonuclear war – as I have warned about in our new Blog writings – or a tragic FALL of the Atlantean empire through earth changes – calamities brought on by these same negative thoughts within our “past” incarnations.

It all happens at once. Each change of thought, emotion, and behavior toward the positive manifestation is reflected in ALL of our reincarnational existences, including those within the Mystery Civilizations. As you can see, I am being rather vague. I am not allowed to interfere with the learning of our primary Lessons. We will either learn our Lessons individually and as a group or we will not. We decide.


The past is just as fluid as the future. Anything can happen in the past just as anything can happen in the future, in our terms. It is easier for us to accept the future is more open to change than our past, for we are hypnotized by our consensus reality. However, if we would step out for just a moment, of our obsessively-created consensus reality, as I suggested, we would naturally begin to create independently.

Now to relate this to matters of Atlantis and its “fall.” Our civilization, the American empire shall we say, exists, grows, survives simultaneously with the “preceding” empire occupied by our Native American tribes, as well as countless physical and probable manifestations of civilizations that occurred and are to occur on our world. All manifestations of these civilizations exist at once. The past, the present, and the future civilizations exist now, in this moment.

Let me add that questions of locals and sites of ancient civilizations need not have a bearing on these discussions. For not only is time simply a convenience for us in 3D Reality, but space is also. Again, we decide as a collective of human creators, where, when, and how we will create our individual lives, in what timeframes, and in what groupings or civilizations. We decide as a collective where our civilization of Atlantis will develop and has developed as well as the particulars of every aspect of the society.


Now: it is well known by researchers that the Christian principles, imagery, and so on, were borrowed from preceding spiritual practices, including, if course, the GA religion. Obviously, the founding priests heavily elaborated on the original Christian ethics established by the Energy Body known as Christ. Before, I have reminded that the fundamental tenet of The Christ was all-important Love concept. That was it. It was a simple pronouncement; that with Love of self, of our colleagues in the world, a successful life could be experienced.

Now the priests ignored the original statements of The Christ and other founding energies, of the importance of the “multiple lives” concept. They rejected this foundational principle in favor of an “everlasting life” that the devotee was to experience upon their transition after having lived “a life without sin,” or at least a life that included atonement for sins committed.

The creative priests did not have to look far for the patriarchal elements to add to their model christian practice. The warring tribes that were inculcated into the GA culture brought with them several different pantheons based on vengeful patriarchal gods. These warring tribes were on missions from their territories to conquer the people and to obtain land. They were on the offensive, then, while GA, for the most part, merely attempted to defend herself against encroachment by the aggressive warrior tribes.


Now I would ask you Dorian, what would be the “result” of your directing an intense stream of emotional energy – of Love let us say – at this Atlantean life? Would you have an effect on the personality living this life? Let us assume for the moment that, yes you would have a subtle effect upon this life. Within the Gestalt of Consciousness that you participate in with all of your Reincarnational Existences, your thoughts may be intercepted by your Atlantean self. Then, also subtly perhaps, you might notice a change in behavior in this other life. Perhaps this other life is now musing upon the concept of Loving Understanding. Let us state here that, prior to the reception of this Loving thought complex, your Atlantean self was experiencing anger, perhaps hatred. Do you see how your etheric message from the future may assist a past existence in achieving a more positive state of consciousness?

Given this explanation, do you see how our current behaviors pave the way for altered realities within all of our Reincarnational Existences? cumulatively, you might say that our current behaviors have such an influence on the “future,” in our terms, manifestation of the Atlantean Civilization, that we could very well assist in redirecting the civilization from its catastrophic trajectory of development.

Now you change the past from the current moment. We do this naturally, subconsciously. We create BOTH past and future from within this spacious moment. Do you see how collectively, if the millions of us experiencing this current time-frame as well as the Atlantean existences, were to change our attitudes “all at once,” that the mythological outcomes of Atlantis might become positive rather than negative historically. If this were to occur, we might see a wholesale alteration in the depiction of this “myth” in our books and other media. As a collective, we would be recreating a more positive manifestation of Atlantean Civilization, just as we perhaps may be influencing our current civilization in positive ways.


Question: Regarding your explanation of Atlantis as being as much in our future as our past. Do you mean that it is largely a state of consciousness rather than , a particular place and time, in linear terms? – Dorian


Yes Marlo. We have discussed Atlantis. Let me explain. From the perspective of your greater multidimensional being. Dorian EVERYTHING is ultimately a state of consciousness. All Reality Constructs that compose our individual and collective realities are composed of Consciousness Units that are essentially thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions etc. “solidified,” in a sense, to create our world. So certainly, all of our created reality is a state of consciousness, a state of shared telepathic reality.

You cooperate with the Consciousness Units that compose not only your physical body but also do you cooperate with the Consciousness Units that compose the “stuff” that composes all that is NOT you. Do you see? The Telepathic Network is the fertile ground upon which we plant our seeds into their respective constructs.

Also let me say, that as a multidimensional being, one who lives many lives simultaneously, including some lives within the Mystery Civilizations, you are now in this moment contributing in very noticeable ways to the lives you are living everywhere. This is a delicate point I think. Let me go further.

Can you forget for just a moment here your infatuation with linear time and our camouflage reality? If you are able to do this, you will see the truth. You are Dorian, for example, a human living a life within the Mystery Civilization you know as Atlantis. You may prove this to yourself by using your Inner Senses to tune-in to this other life. Let us say that you have done so and you are now getting glimpses – bleed throughs – into this Simultaneous Life in Atlantis. You are experiencing the bleedthrough through the spacious moment – your current Moment Point.


The Annunaki may be thoughts of as the Gestalt of Consciousness that had the most influences on the Earth races with regards to the emotion of greed. This group is certainly not, strictly speaking, a Mystery Civilization, however the influence of these negative beings has been quite pronounced on all of Earth’s civilizations.

They are the inspiration for the negative gods within the religions of humanity, for example. There have been gods and goddesses representing the human virtues. These are in large part inspired by Beings of Light, Angels, and what have you. The gods and goddesses of darkness, of revenge, of hate and fear are always created from the idea constructs, images, and emotional content generated by the Annunaki energy gestalt.


As I said, this is not technically a Mystery Civilization we are describing. Yet this does demonstrate the reality of evolutionary consciousness – of All That Is. We are reminded that the path of development much more resembles a continuum than a staged series of phenomena with discrete nameable societies existing within separate time-frames.

The Negative Entities have informed humanity forever, in our terms. They exist currently, in this moment, as probable evolutionary paths for the Soul Self. We are a physical being, yet we also inhabit the non-physical world. We are in contact with Entities of all types. These Annunaki influences, then, are quite pronounced in our collective consciousness currently. The manifestation, of collective negative realities REQUIRES the direction and energetic support of this Gestalt of Consciousness. Through our free will choice, as we live our life in the modern world, we ally with different Entities. If you ally with the Negative entities through entertaining negative thoughts, images, and emotions within your psyche, you endorse and strengthen the Negative Entities.

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Specifically here: if you accept the information stream of greed, of ruthlessness, of murderous intent, into your mental sphere, you are assisting the Annunaki in their agenda of fear, anger, domination, and despair.

With regards to the claim that these Negative Entities are enslaving mankind, I must concur. I have stated before that the modern human is a slave to consumerism, to the buying of shiny objects. The activities of the Annunaki are feeding this desire to consume. Yet this group is merely another Gestalt of Consciousness that exists for us in our mental sphere.. We could just as easily CHANGE OUR PATTERN and choose to ally our Reality Creation energies with Beings of Light.


Are we enslaved by the Annunaki? There is an author who says we were enslaved from the beginning. Is the Annunaki at it again?

Negative Entities

Certainly these beings exist within their own dimension of experiencing. These are the Negative Entities we speak of in our Blog work. This particular expression within physical reality, the Annunaki, was thought of as extraterrestrial in origin – “from another planet,” as we say – and indeed this was their genesis originally. Yet we well know that ALL OF US, all of the Earth beings, have come from other systems originally.

Our Earth is quite young compared to other planets and other environments that hold upon them the living organisms. These Negative entities, the Annunaki, are quite ancient.

Now this collective was not completely embodied within physical reality as we think of it. Their consciousness did not seek out complete expression within human form. The main expression was one of concerted influence upon the mental functioning of the residents of Earth in order to control “productivity.”

Over the generations, then, we have the influence of this Negative Entity exerting control over humanity through the Negative Emotions. The negative Entities, remember, thrive on the emotional states of fear, anger, anxiety, greed, ruthlessness. These negative Idea constructs – composed of Consciousness Units, again I remind – coalesce on the subtle levels where they act as blueprints for the fabrication of negative Reality Constructs.


Our star system is hidden from view by other systems. I commented on this in my Blog Series on Soul Evolution. Our North American tribes originated from this star system. Inter-dimensional travel is instantaneous, in that one moment, the subject is existing on their home planet and in the next, they are living their life upon Earth, many light years from home, in our terms. To extend this description somewhat: the subject here would not be surprised or traumatized by this event. The subject, as an Etheric Being, would know quite well what was instore for them. They would know that they were to travel to Earth as an envoy of the sacred. All That Is, to assist in the creation of civilization.

Some of these beings traveled to the Third dimension of earth to serve as members of the Spiritual Hierarchy. This group serves humanity as the intermediaries between the physical and non-physical worlds. They are the beings that have been personalized by humanity to act as various gods, goddesses, and sacred beings.

These sacred beings, then, served as the Gestalts of Consciousness – the energy blueprints – for the creation of the spiritual world of the Native American tribes and indeed for many of the tribes of the South American continent. This simply means that the origin myths of the aboriginal tribes are not “imagined” – they are not the product of the ingestion of herbs and other potent screments, though these have certainly assisted the psychic voyagers within these tribes in identifying and cataloguing the divine spirits – they are as real as any other perceived/created Reality Construct we care to name.


Question: Anything concerning the Anizasi of the American South West and the origins of North American tribes…

Inter-dimensional Beings

This is an excellent question. Let me answer this question in a general way without naming names, as in specific tribes, for the list of civilizations that preceded the North American tribes would fill this Blog volume.

I am speaking of the probable manifestation of large human groups, here. This is how our consensus realities are crafted: through the selection of Reality Constructs from the limitless field of probable constructs by the people of a given area. The reality constructs are given life by individuals. The civilization is enlivened by large groups of individuals.


Now let us talk about origins. The North American tribes are and were the descendants of inter-dimensional beings from beyond the solar system that includes Earth. The way this occurs is this: as in all manifestations of the individual human form upon Earth, the Soul Self of particular Entities of consciousness associated with All That Is, send out a seed to grow within the baby, the human baby. It is not productive to ask which came first, the human baby or the transmission of the spark of All That Is into the consciousness of the baby. Everything exists at once. Linear time is an Illusion. However, let me give you some background information on this process of birthing a civilization.


The Anizasi are noted for their wonderworking. They are the magic ancestors. In this case, the activities of these proto-scientists have been documented and are now part of the “historical” record. Yet I am not exaggerating when I tell you that EVERY group, every civilization from our perceived past, exists simultaneously with its magic ancestors manifesting at the same time. The magic ancestors exist in an adjacent dimension. This dimension is connected to the Third Dimension through portals of communication some of us call chakras. These doorways into other dimensions may be accessed by the interested explorer of non-physical reality through techniques perfected by magicians, shamans, witches and healers over the ages.

There is a reason we are interested in the Anizasi people. We are connected to these people and we are attempting to “find our way back home.” Home for us then would be a star system that is as yet unidentified by our scientists. This planetary system is quite similar to the solar system in which our Earth resides. An assortment of planetary bodies revolves around a nurturing star. Life of many forms exists upon these planets. I have referred to these other systems as simply “dimensions” to assist the reader in finding the necessary wherewithal to “visit” these domains in their meditations. I have defined extraterrestrial as extra-dimensional, for this is a truer assessment. We will not need a spaceship to visit these other systems, only our creative consciousness.


The myths of the North America tribes are quite often literal descriptions of what took place in their inception. The Star People figure large in these descriptions of tribal origins. These narratives describe events that occurred on the inner world of the unconscious – the Underworld. Thus you have the predominance of essential symbols of great power. Now the birth of civilizations entails a mass inception of a great many sparks of Soul into bodies of human beings – babies and otherwise.

The question of what existed before this mass inception can be answered quite simply: previous civilizations existed before this mass inception. In the same way, a multitude of after-occurring civilizations simultaneously before this mass inception. To illustrate: the current residents of North America, including the Native Peoples, the Americans, the Canadians and the Latin Americans, are the current manifestation of these Mystery civilizations. All of these civilizations exist simultaneously, outside of time as we perceive it.

I sense Dorian that you require some details of confirmation and validation. I will attempt to provide these elements for you. In all of the cultures of our world, there are noted within their ancient histories, the activities of the Magic Ancestors. To the modern scientist including the anthropologist and others, these stories are conceived as myths: symbolic narratives having no REAL, basis in physical reality. In my new Blog Series I have made the statement that everything conceived by consciousness has a very real reality, including these so-called myths. Consciousness, in the form of ideas, images, emotion-powered concepts, creates itself in physical form or in dimensions other than the physical.


There is much talk in our media about getting in touch with past lives. Dear Blog Reader, we are already in touch with our past lives. They inform each and every moment of our current existence. These past lives include lives lived within what we are calling the Mystery Civilizations, as well as other of our Simultaneous Existences that are ongoing throughout our past, Our present, and our future.

Not only are we asking you to accept this data as true within our Personal Reality, we are also suggesting to you that we may, with just minimal effort on our part, explore OUR contribution to some or all of the Mystery Civilizations. For it is our contention that we have spent several lifetimes within these unknown worlds. It was there that we learned firsthand the secrets of the universe. We learned, for example, that we do indeed create our own reality: that we have the creative energies of the Logos at our disposal, in other words.

Through these other lives, we are again-and-again reacquainted with our own power, in that we are always born with the amnesia that prevents us from remembering our other lives. Then, as we live the life of a seeker of knowledge, let us say, we “remember” these Lessons learned in our Simultaneous Existences. You may be in a familiar place here and now as you read these words. You may be remembering this Ancient Wisdom once again in this timeframe. If this is so for you, I suggest you take it with a grain of slat, as we say. From my perspective, this is merely another opportunity for us to seek out the mysteries of our existence and share our findings with others: humbly, you see, with Courage and Loving Understanding.


As do all of our exercises and experiments in this new Blog material, The Healing Regimen begins with the Ritual of Sanctuary. This act of protection and Sanctuary I suggest you perform in the morning as you rise for the day and at regular intervals throughout your waking day.

In the beginning I would also suggest that you use your Intention and perseverance to cut your affiliations – your metaphysical, psychic connections – to any Gestalts of Consciousness that feed to you negative information, such as symptom- creation strategies, dire predictions, negative prognosis information etc. The “voices” of these Energy Forms are the energetic supports onto which you fasten the body of your created reality. So it is very important for you, on your Healing Quest, to heed the voices of ONLY those Energy Bodies that may assist you in bringing balance to your physical, mental and spiritual being. These benign and beneficial energies are easy to recognize. As you attempt to find these “voices,” you may notice that your emotional state is transformed as you “tune-in” to the Loving energies.


Hypothesis: By embodying the opposite of the inflated ego/intellect humility is achieved.


We have spoken in our Blogs on the value of a concept we call “the humble god or goddess.” The basis here is Love with a capital L. This Love is pervasive: for oneself, for others, also. Love predominates in all of our interactions.

Yet in this description lies an inherent dichotomy, for the humble human is also charismatic. The lover of humanity is a beacon to others. It is quite attractive this humility of spirit. To manifest both charisma and humility is the mark of the self-realized, the enlightened, the awakened ones.

No polarizing means embodying the opposite of the identified emotional state. You intentionally live the opposite of, for example, the egotistical state. The opposite might be described as a state of humility. Thus, you would visualize yourself as the humble one, and all that it might entail. Imagine how that would feel. Imagine your specific behaviors as the humble one and then embody them. Act them out in your waking reality.

During this experiment it may dawn on you that you are also polarizing your state of humility. The opposite of a state of humble awareness you might call charisma. In this way, you are holding together the poles of human emotion. Within the two extremes there exists a broad field of emotional experiencing for the awakening human.

FINDINGS: Please document your Findings.


Finally we are experiencing the visionary perspective…

We are awakening at this time. As we sharpen our Inner Senses and remember what we are calling the Ancient Wisdom, it may begin to occur that we are becoming quite powerful indeed. As we gain control over our Reality Creation energies, and we become a conscious co-creator with All That Is, the ego/intellect naturally becomes elevated at times, such that we may begin to feel superior to those around us. This emotional state we might call egotistical.

The following experiment is simply a focused application of our very basic technique of transforming the negative emotions into their divine opposites. Here we are assuming that some progress has been made in our visionary experiencing. We are getting brief glimpses of what we may call the Divine. This success may have come after many, many attempts to break through this veil that separates us from our greater consciousness expression. Naturally we would feel satisfaction. Finally we are seeing the value in these arcane practices. At last we are introduced to our guidance. Finally we are experiencing the visionary perspective, at least, perhaps, for a few moments in our waking day.

Now we have stated that after the preliminary steps are taken by the student, there is a momentum that is achieved, such that your results multiply in rapid fashion. What is occurring for you here is the natural habitual creation of the visionary state. Though your ritual practices of these techniques, you have made the visionary state habitual, so that you need only practice your techniques briefly before you encounter substantial results. You are mastering the work.

There is the accompanying element of ecstasy in these studies that keeps you moving forward. Indeed, you are induced to continue with your contact and communications with the Divine until a final enlightening episode that is charged with ecstatic emotions occurs.

Yet, what occurs when you are finished with your experiments for the day and you are at your job, or out in the field in your mundane existences? There may be a tendency to become quite “full of yourself” as the ego/intellect takes credit for these positive rewards. Within all spiritual practices the shrewd discerning student may identify those practitioners that have successfully achieved a spiritual awakening, yet have lost their gratitude and humility along the way. To avoid this pitfall on the path of awakening, we offer the following experiment.


We are centered within All That Is…

All That Is represents in physical reality, the collective mentalities and energies of all forms on Earth and including the very Earth itself. We have stated before that there is no beginning nor any ending to our Universe. There is only the present moment of creation in which All creates All That Is.

We live under a necessary assumption of linear time and cause-and-effect, and so we take it for granted that everything has a beginning and ending. This assumption, however, when brought to an attempted understanding of spiritual concerns, can lead to mis-perceptions and confusion. We encourage the Blog Reader to momentarily abandon these preconceived notions and root assumptions as we attempt to further illustrate the truth of the matter. For when we can, even for the moment, release our hold on physical reality, and experience the timeless moment of the Now, we automatically gain a more truthful perspective of our reality.

When we let go, when we go with the flow of creation in the moment, we are centered within All That Is and we are participating as a co-creator with the Loving force. As many of us at the same moment in linear time, for example, conduct this experiment, we as a collective of researchers create a subgroup from all of humanity, whose focus in those moments is the recreation of Love with a capital L.

As we, perhaps at the same time each day conduct our investigations, a tendency is created within the greater collective of which our subgroup is a part, to defer to the positive Loving manifestation, rather than the mundane or the negative manifestations. This is the resonance phenomenon in action, if we care to identify it. This process of Loving our Earth through this multitude of subgroups composed of visionaries, will be the critical factor in The Shift we are experiencing.

The “strength in numbers” phenomenon is demonstrated here as well. The Positive Manifestation is reaching the tipping point of inevitability, you see. I sense that you are receiving the messages I am attempting to convey.

Suggestions Clarifications and So On

You are spirit, my friend. You are composed of spiritual material…

This next section may contain material unsuitable for my older Blog Readers. These subjects were not discussed in earlier Blog works. We are having this discussion now, for I see that these issues have been neglected in studies of my Blog works, on our internet, in books and other media.

Now: we are Spirit, my friend; we are composed of spiritual material. Whether we wish to use our metaphor of the atomic structure of Reality Constructs, or my metaphor of the Consciousness Units, at the “beginning” of our self-created reality, including our body, is Spirit. We are an etheric being first and foremost, then.

I do realize that some of us may not wish to focus on this aspect, though we may grudgingly admit our spiritual basis. We may have a fear of being carried away on these far out theories, to a place where we may be, shall we say,coerced into taking on a particular set of beliefs, as in the missionary efforts of the world religions. I assure you that is not my intention here. In actuality, I encourage those of our Blog Readers who practice the tenets of the various religious faiths, to simply use our information that we offer as suggestions, clarifications, and so on.


We are now experiencing bleed-throughs to our other existences…

We are visionary. The vision we will perceive is wholly dependent upon our personal experiences, our thoughts, the images we have within our consciousness at any one time. It is a very personal thing, then, this vision. It is in truth an intimate portrayal of our momentary spiritual awakening.

We have said that the vision is often quite brief: a fraction of a second, usually. However, because these events exist outside of time for the most part, we may return to these visionary experiences and witness them in their full sustained glory. You do this in the Trance state or the meditative state, of course, in a ritual fashion. Using our Intent we revisit the visionary glimpse and we focus upon the various aspects of the event.

For example: suppose you are going about your business in your waking existence, and you quite suddenly have a powerful, yet brief epiphany, as we call it. Let us say that previously you were perplexed about the actions and hurtful behaviors of a loved-one. Now suppose that this loved-one “acted out of character,” and was intentionally cruel to you. You have been wondering why for many days or weeks. Then it occurs to you: because you are a researcher of your personal reality, and because you are now experiencing bleed-throughs to your other existences, you are finding correlations between the Issues and Lessons of your current existences and those Lessons you are learning in other existences, in your perceived past, let us say.

Now this will seem outrageous to those of us who are not doing the work in these Blogs of mine. Please bear with me…


The subtext of the reincarnational drama: the hidden meaning , in other words..

Suppose that, because you have found a similarity of behavior in a loved one from this past existence and the behavior of your current loved one, you are therefore receiving more information – background information, quite literally – concerning your current existence and the current problematic loved one. This we also call the subtext, as in the subtext of the reincarnational drama:the hidden meaning, in other words.

With this new information a threshold of understanding is reached subconsciously. Suppose you have a brief glimpse into your past-life and witness the counterpart to your current loved one experiencing harm at your hand. This could indeed be violent harm directed at this loved one from another life, by you in your past-life body, your Simultaneous Life.

Now in your current existence you are using an entirely different body than in the past and the human that you abused in the past-life is inhabiting the body of the loved one that has been intentionally cruel to you for no apparent reason. Yet now, after the epiphany, the moment of increased understanding, you have an apparent “cause” of the intentionally cruel behavior. This may be “pay back,” in a sense, in response to a relatively innocuous perceived slight experienced by the loved one in question. The loved one is responding to a much greater slight received AT YOUR HAND in the past-life.

The epiphany is quite productive and healing, here, if you take the time to meditate on it. It may allow you to take this behavior with a grain of salt, as we say. Yes, they are overreacting currently. However, in the past-life experience. YOU were the perpetrator of much greater abuse on this loved one. It is an opportunity, therefore, to not react with anger and fear but with Loving Understanding and Courage, having seen the bigger picture.


The personal Reality of the visionary of old may shed light on this discussion. Now the demeanor of the visionary was one of complete absorption with the forces of nature. However, this was not a pass-time activity. This immersion in the in the natural elements – to the degree that the participant would experience their existence as an integral part of the world – was their normal waking experience.

We might say that the visionary was attending to spiritual matters on a moment-to-moment basis. They were, quite literally, in constant contact with their Guides, the Energy Personality and others, as well as the many Gestalts of Consciousness that represent the energetic supports of our systems on Earth. There are indeed Nature Spirits, for example, that may be contacted and with whom relationships may be cultivated by human beings. ALL of our Earthly reality is supported by spirit in various stages of complexity.

The visionary, then, was quite often enthralled with the experiencing of visions of various types, transmitted from their “pantheon” of sacred energy bodies into their opened or awakened consciousness.


I often use the phrase in these New Blogs, “from my perspective.” Let me speak a bit about what that might mean. Now please remember, here in our discussions it is perception that causes Reality Creation. The Percepts, as we have defined it in our Blogs, is that aspect of consciousness that simultaneously and instantaneously creates and perceives the Reality Construct. Therefore, can you see that from my perspective I am witness to our greater multidimensional experiencing? This enlarged perspective of mine includes the goings-on within our probable futures.

The mind reels here in contemplation of this perspective. However, if you are with us on this voyage, and you are attending to the exercises and experimentation we present to you, I would suggest that your mind may now be in the beginning stages of a new stability with regards to witnessing the multidimensional nature of the self that is quite commonplace to Light Beings.

That is what it is all about, this shift to 4th Dimensional Awareness. From my perspective, many of us are becoming quite expert at “holding” this state of awareness for extended periods of time. We are on the same wavelength, in a very literal way. We are focused on this same compelling subject of interest. We are all of us witnessing the divine creation of realities moment-to-moment.


Conscious co-creation entails the intentional learning of Lessons. The Lessons of physical existence are not denied nor are they intellectualized. This is also what we call Enlightenment or Soul Evolution.

For each second that we are consciously co-creating a Loving reality, we are also awakening in the spiritual sense; we are awakening to our Higher Self. Now, for each second that we co-create fear and anger we are being controlled by the negative Gestalts of consciousness. Thus we have this simple dynamic that I have described for you before: Loving co-creation is godbuilding; the re-creation of anxiety, fear, anger and cynicism supports the Negative entities. These Entities are the negative gods of our religious systems.

You see, each of us reacts differently – in a personalized manner – when we encounter the negative emotions. It is true that the emotional states of the human are easily recognizable, broadly speaking, in that an observer could easily surmise what are the emotional states currently of those before them. However, the internal manifestation of the emotional state is colored by characteristics of personality and individual temperament. It is in this arena of the personality consciousness of the individual where the “decision” is made to either meet and transform the emotional state or to recreate it without thoughtful input – subconsciously, you see.

In this realm of perception is where the student gains their findings in the exploratory venture as a Scientist of Consciousness. OUR consciousness is the laboratory here, to continue our quaint little metaphor. Our unswerving crystal-clear focus on the phenomena within our “mind” represents the requisite objective critical thinking aspect of the scientist: the empirical perspective. We are referring in this section the two Blogs from our last series, in which we outlined the path for the Scientist of Consciousness and made our case for the necessity of this approach at this critical time in our history.


HYPOTHESIS: We can reclaim and integrate the cumulative castoff aspects of Soul


I trust that you are convinced now that your mission in physical reality is to transform the negative into the positive, after first of course, analyzing the negative manifestation for origins, value, etc. Now when this is done consistently – habitually – there comes a time when the architect of these negative reality constructions become quite known to you. This aspect of your consciousness we refer to as the Negative Persona.

You identify it as a subject in order to study this subject. It remains the ultimate truth of our reality that we are complete and utterly whole, un-fragmented, good, and of sacred value unto yourself. However, let us examine this theorized Negative Persona here in an effort of self-understanding and propose an exercise to identify it completely, and then accept it into the consciousness in a ritualized fashion. This will be an “owning” of the personalized negative aspects of consciousness.

Now, as you wrestle with your Lessons, the theorized Negative Persona is created. In your personal underworld it can gain great power, over time, as the uncomfortable aspects of your personality are noticed by the ego/intellect and then intentionally ignored. The perceived negative is a personal opinion, therefore, and this evolving Negative Persona bears the characteristics of human existence that are thought of as shameful, inappropriate, fearful, and so on.

Each human is different in their respective creations of this aspect of consciousness. And because it is such a personal and intimate portrayal by the individual of everything that is perceived as “wrong” about them, it gains a certain treacherous and even potentially catastrophic potential. It is as though you feel that if this information ever comes to light – revealed to family, friends, colleagues – that you would not be able to bear it. You would be destroyed. You would possibly cease to exist.

This is that mythological “beast within” that seeks acknowledgment by the self, but seldom is granted this acknowledgment. Currently, because great numbers of us are awakening in our time frame, it is necessary for you to “take your medicine,” in a sense, with regards to acknowledging this Negative Persona. All of us are in our Issues at this time. All of us are deep within our Lessons. All of us are being called upon to accept responsibility for our negative selves, so that we will cease projecting our disavowed aspects of self onto others: mates, families, nations, collective of all types.

Your Negative Persona is best recognized in the negative remarks made to you by others concerning your personality and behavior. To be sure, some of these comments may have intrinsic value: they may be quite true, in other words. Your task is to determine the truth in these negative comments and own these comments. Take responsibility here. Then as you assess the negative comments that do not pertain to you, but were perhaps mere projections of fear and doubt from your friends and family, get a sense of this Collective Persona.

  • How does it feel to confront this aspect of your personality?
  • Is there a sense of familiarity here, as though you have been aware of this element, but were perhaps afraid to fully face it?

Now simply acknowledge this construct as a very important part of you, the other side of you, in fact. This is to be done with Courage and Loving Understanding as your primary operating perspective.

FINDINGS: Please document your Findings.


These words acted as a dramatic script for our example throughout your life…

There are Lessons of a Positive nature also for the Reality Creator. We often speak of the Positive Manifestation as it pertains to The Shift in consciousness for humanity. Our positive input fuels The Shift, quite literally. Now what of the Positive Manifestation within the Personal Reality Field of the individual? An example for our further understanding…

Consider the human engaged in creating prosperity for themselves and their family. Let us say that this group was previously “doing without,” for the most part. They were without the necessities of existence and were suffering Lack. Then it dawned upon the consciousness of our example – a woman – that she was sabotaging her financial growth subconsciously by obeying self-limiting scripts created in her youth. She was told as a child that she was incapable of creating anything of value, for she was a “”natural born loser.” She was told by her parents that she “destroyed everything she touched.”

Now these words acted as a dramatic script for our example throughout her life. Her parents knew what they were talking about, she assumed, and so she created a life of failure to corroborate her parent’s assessment of her. The script became subconscious over time, until now, as an adult, she wonders if she may be cursed. She wonders why her projects seem doomed to fail.

Then the example becomes aware of the momentary thoughts, images, and emotions within her consciousness. She identifies a common thread: “you are a born loser,” and rather than continue to accept that, she challenges it within her own experience. She proclaims to herself that she is a natural healer and has successfully facilitated the return to health with many friends over the years. She is successful in this area of her life. Perhaps she may transpose the positive states of consciousness she is experiencing when she is successful in healing to the task of creating prosperity. She discovers that she does have a circular thought that is common to her states of consciousness while being successful. The thought is a statement:”I can do this if I keep at it.” This thought fills her with motivation and positive emotion.

By noticing in her self-assessments in the moments of her waking reality, when and where she is creating through the internalized statement/belief that she is a born loser, she is able to respond to this negative assertion with her own positive statement: “I can do this if I just keep at it.” Over time, the negative belief is replaced by the positive assertion through the “habit” of ritually replacing the negative thought. Soon the example is experiencing an improved reality in the financial realm.


Yet many if us do not stop at one disappointing experience…

Disappointment, frustration, rejection… all of these states of consciousness are self-generated, in that you create your Personal Reality to reflect your inner mentality, with all of its emotions, images, circular thoughts, and so on. Again, it is momentary, in that you create moment-to-moment these enduring states.”Why, however,” you might ask yourself, “do I create these negative states?” Again I remind you, your Issues guide you in the creation of the negative realities.

Disappointment, for example, is a very common state of consciousness for many of you, and so it follows that it is a very common negative reality created by many of us. You-the-blog reader may possibly identify with this state of consciousness, for you have been “disappointed” before in your experiences in physical reality. What does this entail? Simply that your expectations were not met to your satisfaction.

I might suggest that the ego/intellect is running things here, as it often does, and may have “set you up” for disappointment. There is an old saying that applies: “the only thing that pain teaches you is to stop creating pain.” Yet many of us do not stop at one disappointing experience. We create lifetimes of disappointment.

It would seem obvious, but an objective observer might comment on this tendency to not learn from your mistakes i.e. your unreasonable expectations. Learn from your mistakes. Learn your Lessons, Dear Blog Reader. If you find that you are becoming frustrated in your attempts at creating what you desire, fine-tune your Reality Creation strategies to more realistically reflect what it is you want.

We are not suggesting you lower your expectations, but merely adjust them to reflect what is possible for you considering your current experienced reality. Work the “edge” of manifestation, here, and redefine your frustration as “Learning”: a Soulful activity.


Our ego/intellect is a function of our belief system

We are on our Earth to learn a variety of Lessons: some pleasant, some certainly not pleasant, as you perceive it. This may reference that it is the human condition that we may very well experience humiliation and ecstatic awakening in successive moments of Reality Creation. The possibilities are limitless within each moment of our existence. Thus may assertion that All of created reality is available to us within each moment of co-creating with All That Is.

Everything that can exist, does, within the Conscious Units. We could say that the Conscious Units has this limitless potential to become anything imagined. Yet we ARE experiencing our Lessons. We ARE witnessing the feedback of our mentality that is our Personal Reality, that is, remember, constructed through “instructions,” we might say, from our ego/intellect. Our ego/intellect is a function of our belief system. This aspect of our consciousness believes that it is getting a “TRUE” picture of reality as it unconsciously creates the Reincarnational Dramas and comedies of our life.


Honor these emotional constructs, AND THEN transform them…

Now: We are not here suggesting that the student repress, dismiss, or otherwise invalidate these Negative Emotions. We Are suggesting that the student NOT re-create the negative emotions unnecessarily, until a deep state of negative consciousness is achieved. Anger may become violence if accepted unchecked, unchallenged. Anger if turned inward – into the personal psyche – may fester and cause imbalances of all sorts. Fear may do as much damage, as you may already know.

And so… no, we are not advocating repression of the emotions. Feel the emotions; honor these emotional constructs; AND THEN transform them by assuming the positive perspective – that of the divine creator ALL THAT IS.


We are finding ourselves challenged, therefore, within our area of expertise…

Let me provide an example. Your Soul Self has set you up to have a life-changing encounter with a teacher of some sort, in your existence. Now this teacher challenges you, let us say, by exhibiting profound and superior information on a particular subject that you know quite well. And suppose that this human also possesses a persuading characteristic that “bothers” you. Perhaps they are charismatic.

Now for my analysis the behavior of this human bothers you because you are perceiving through the perspective of your ego/intellect. You are finding yourself challenged, therefore, within your area of expertise: art, let us say, or perhaps one of the trades. The ego is concerned with appearances, primarily, and so resists any diminishment of its power in these encounters. Indeed, the ego/intellect might often respond by entrenchment, intellectualization, denial, anger, envy, and so on. These emotional states are the common purview of the egoic perspective.

Unfortunately, the life-changing encounter will not be very profound for this subject if they remain entrenched within their limited personal reality manifestation. The continued demonstration by this challenging individual of their superiority, may have the effect of preventing the healing interaction from occurring. Our subject might, indeed, walk away in a huff of self-importance and righteous indignation.

Yet suppose that our subject, a young woman, for example, is on her quest for self-understanding as the result of a recent brush with death, or some other ominous catalyst. She is COMPELLED to look beyond her ego responses to the actions of the human before her, and assess the deeper meanings and opportunities here. Suppose that she has read one of my new Blogs and she is involved in living out her Divine Day experimentation.

She might well be successful in not succumbing to the forces of negativity, if only briefly. This brief respite from negative Reality Creation may be enough for her to gain some stability in the moment of creation, such that, she could switch her perspective from the ego/intellect to that of the Divine – the Soul Self. The ego is diminished in this moment.

The Divine is embodied, invoked, manifested. This new perspective may allow our student example to simply smile and learn from this challenging human. Indeed, she would be learning her Lessons here and contributing to the further evolution of her Soul.


The ego/intellect is heavily invested in appearances…

How do you distinguish between these two vastly different perspectives, that of the Soul Self on the one hand, and the ego/intellect on the other? The emotional tone generated is quite different; the opposite, in fact, of the other. It is the difference, as we have stated to our Internet audience, between conscious co-creation and unconscious creation. It is the difference, particularly in matters of Lessons, between resisting in the Moment Point, and letting-go in the Moment Point.

It is obvious, is it not, that when you resist, when you attempt to control, when you attempt to intellectualize, rationalize, think-things-through, you are perceiving through a particular lens of Reality Creation? This we call the ego/intellect.

Conversely, when you let go, when you go-with-the-flow of manifestation, when you take your place within nature within the elemental forces, you are creating through the perspective of the timeless Soul Self. The differences are striking; unmistakable really.

For example: If you are angrily reacting to a conversation you are hearing on your radio or television and you are stomping around the room in a huff, what perspective are you embodying? If you are hiding behind the furniture when the bill collector knocks on the door, what perspective are you embodying?

The ego/intellect is heavily invested in appearances. The ego in particular has distinct preferences for how others should perceive it. There is much of perceived value that must be protected. In this process, whole aspects of the personality and Soul are drawn under, disavowed, and denied. These unpleasant facts of the personality assemble in the creation of the disowned self, what we refer to as the Negative Persona, which we shall discuss at the end.


I am responsible for both the negative and the positive in my world...

Now, intellectualization and denial are your friends here as you attempt to avoid your Lessons. We are all powerful. We have the capacity to experience our world as the Logos, the Creator, All That Is. We could have anything we want, potentially, anything we would wish to create.

However, you are a human experiencing a lifetime of Lessons on your world. You have forgotten – the necessary amnesia – your great powers, and now you see difficulties, Lack, all sorts of negative realities before you. So intellectualization helps you to find reasons for the negative realities you are creating. Denial helps you place the blame elsewhere for your negative states and your negative realities.

But look… an inkling of the truth beginning to pierce the veil of illusion that is your perceived reality. You are beginning to see the connections between your negative thoughts and the negative outcomes. Slowly you are formulating within your consciousness a new paradigm of understanding. Perhaps it goes something like this: I am responsible for both the negative and the positive in my world. All the reasons, in truth, point to my culpability in all instances of my existence,


Challenge your own beliefs about your world…

What do You See In Front Of You? You see All That Is in front of you. Everything in created reality is in front of you for you to see. But we have lenses of perception that prevent us from seeing All that is. You must filter All That Is through these lenses – beliefs – so that you are not awestruck, dumbfounded, fascinated to the extreme, every time you look in front of you.

However, if you believe our assertion that great numbers of us are awakening at this time, you may also see what is required for you and your perception of our world. In a sense, you could say that you are being challenged to “look beyond” your limited beliefs of what is out there in front of you. You are being asked to, courageously now, challenge your own beliefs about our world.

So when I suggest that DORIAN, for example, as she observes her bird friends bathing, drinking water, and eating the seeds, is also experimenting with a perception of the larger view – The Macrocosm – I am simply noting what may of us are now experiencing.

Specifically now… as DORIAN observes the birds, she may also fairly easily observe her Personal Reality Field through a “higher” perspective. This perspective is that of the Soul Self, the Energy Personality, the god within. Both perspectives – the mundane and the exalted – coexist without interference one from the other. In fact, each perspective envorses, and in a sense, “comments” upon the other, in a quest for further understanding, a clearer perspective, Enlightenment. Multitasking we call it. You are quite comfortably maintaining your Personal Reality Field through your ego/intellect perspective, while also achieving stability observing and creating through the Soul Self.


The ego skims the topmost surface of reality and awareness. This is not the result of any inherent egotistical quality. It is true that the ego’s responsibility is with the relationship between the self and the physical environment. It must necessarily focus within the confines of physical reality. nevertheless, it is fully capable of perceiving far more than Western man/woman allows it to perceive. Fear, ignorance, and superstition limit its potentials and. therefore, limit even its effectiveness within the physical universe.

The ego itself cannot directly experience certain intuitions and psychological experiences, but it can experience them insofar as it can become aware of them on an intellectual basis. When training forces the ego to become too rigid and to limit its perceptions of other realities, then the intuitions will not be accepted by the ego because intuitional experience will not fit into the framework of reality that it accepts as valid.

The ego in that case will therefore fight against what it then considers an unknown threat to survival. Struggles are initiated then that are entirely unnecessary. We want to bring intuitional comprehension to a point where the ego will accept it. In our dream experiments, this is one of the purposes we hope to achieve. The ego is not equipped to delve directly into non physical realities, but if it is trained to be flexible, it will accept such knowledge from other wider horizons of the self.

And the ego must have its feet upon solid earth. It is maked and out of its element outside of the normal environment of physical existence. To some extent, its distrust of the dream experience is necessary for the overall balance of the personality. Physical reality is, after all, a rock to which the ego must cling: from it, the ego achieves its prestige and reason for existence. This provides necessary balance and control, and results in the sturdy anchorage of the personality in the environment in which is must presently survive. You have here one of the main reasons why you must request the subconscious to enable you to recall dreams. The ego would see no reason for such a memory and on general principles attempt to repress them.

Again, however, this excellent balance and these fine controls exist. the ego will accept knowledge derived from the dream state as a man/woman might accept a message from a distant land in which he/she does not care to dwell and whose environment would both mystify and astonish him/her.

In our dream experiments, then, we will allow you to bring such messages to the ego. We will attempt to map this exotic country in such a way that the ego can understand what is there in terms of resources that can be used for its own benefit.


Suggestions will allow you to awaken yourself as soon as a dream is completed. The dream will then be fresh. If your recorder is suitably situated with the microphone easily at hand, then you can speak your dream with less effort than is required to write it down. Of course records must be kept. The simplest part of this experiment will involve the use of suggestion to awaken yourself at the completion of each dream.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Dream-karma-1-1.jpeg

The number of remembered dreams should be much higher than your present system allows. I also suggest that the first recalled dream for any given evening be compared with the first recalled dream from other evenings, and that the second recalled dream from any one evening be compared with the second dream from other evenings, and so forth.

This should prove highly interesting, and if such experiments are carried on consciously over a period of years, then the results could lead to excellent evidence for the various layers of the subconscious and inner self, of which I have spoken for so long.

Particular notice should also be taken of characters and settings and the approximate period of history in which the dream action occurs. If the dream seems to happen in no specific location and in no particular time, then these facts should also be noted.

Unknown characters within the dream action, persons unknown to you in daily life, should be given careful attention also, and the roles which they play within the dream drama. The primary colors should be checked against physical reality so that any clairvoyant elements are clearly checked and recorded.

There are many ways in which you can approach these newer dream experiments. You may, if you prefer, begin by suggesting that you will awaken after each of the first five dreams. If possible, we want to get the dreams in order here.

Now, there is something else to be considered. The very self-suggestions that will enable you to recall dreams will also change their nature to some extent. This is all right, and the effect will be minimized when the newness has worn off. Again, we want the dreams in the sequence in which they occur. If you do not want to wake up after each dream on the evening, then the suggestion should always include ‘I will recall the first three dreams, of the first five dreams, or whatever.’

You may try two different wordings for a start, and now I am speaking of precise wording. The first: ‘I will wake up after each of my first five dreams and record each one immediately.” The second alternative wording would be the same as the one I have just given, but the ‘Wake up’ would be omitted. That is, it is possible for you to record the dreams, speaking into the microphone without awakening.

This is not only possible but by far the most convenient. You should try both methods and discover which one works the best for you. If at all possible, the recorder should be in the bedroom ( not in another part of the house.) It is the immediate dream recall we are after. We want you to record the dream at the instant of awakening or at the instant that the dream is about to dissolve.

The time involved in going from one room to another could result in the loss of dream content and vividness. The very moto responses demanded on the part of the body and the extra arousal tendency would force you to lose a good deal of valid material. I would prefer that you work less, if necessary, using the recorder in the bedroom, than work more intensely leaving the recorder in another room.

It is the dream we are after, the dream experience in all the vividness that we can capture, and if you are going to get a watered-down version in any case, then you may as well continue with your present method (of writing them down in the morning) and save your sleep.

With the method I have just given you, you will be able to capture as much of the whole dream experience as any investigators manage to do (in dream-labs) when the awakening is done by a mechanical device or by another person. You will also be gaining excellent discipline and training over your own states of consciousness and this, in itself, will be an important yardstick of progress for you.

Now, mankind/womankind uses but a portion of its capabilities. When you are well along in these experiments, you will find that you handle them very well, with no training of energies. Your sleeping hours are already productive. We shall also use them to give you training in the utilization of various stages of consciousness. Added to this, the training will give you valuable insight into the nature of dreams in general, the stages of the subconscious and the inner life of the personality when it it dissociated from its physical environment to some considerable extent.

Much later, there will be other suggestions for you in which you will direct your sleeping self to perform certain activities, visit certain locations and bring back information. This is obviously still very much in the future, but it is well within the abilities of the inner self.

There are serveral kinds of time that will appear within your dream, and you must sort these out carefully. While sleeping in your present time, you may have a dream that concerns your past, with events that you know to have occurred years ago. nevertheless, you may experience these events (within the dream) as happening within the present.

The present within which you seem to experience the dream is not, however, the present in physical time – the present in which your body lies upon the bed. There is a fine distinction here and one that you will learn through experience as you go on, so I will not discuss it now.

I should be obvious also that within your dreams a special location that belongs to the present physical time can be experienced in the past or in the future within the dream framework, and again, there is much more here also than meets the eye; so watch out so that you can catch these developments.

I am particularly interested in these experiments, and as a preliminary for them, we will have you work with suggestion alone before you attempt to begin with your recordings. We shall have you working well in your sleep, for the dream will not be captured in a laboratory – by scientists who will not look into their own dreams.

The nature of reality can be approached only by an investigation of it as it is directly experienced in all levels of awareness: reality as it appears under dream conditions, under other conditions of dissociation and as it appears in the waking state. Even studies dealing with the conscious state are usually superficial, dealing only with ‘upper’ levels of egotistical awareness.

All layers of the personality are ‘conscious.’ They simply operate like compartments, so that often one portion of the self is not aware of other portions. As a rule, when you are awake you do not know your sleeping self; you know your neighbor far better, so your sleeping self seems mysterious indeed. When you are awake, you cannot find the dream locations that have been so familiar to you only the night before.

In your sleep, you may have greeted friends who are strangers to your waking self. But consider the other side of the coin. For whne you are asleep, you usually cannot find the street upon which you live your waking hours, and when you are asleep, you do not know your waking self. The sleeping self is your identity.

There are connections between these two conditions, and there are definite realities that exist in both states, and these are what you are looking for. Only by finding these can you discover the nature of human personality and the nature of reality within which it operates.

We have also spoken of the dream as a drama, and you must discover the various levels within which these dramas take place. You will also find that the various levels of the ‘subconscious’ will yield their own characteristics, and as your records grow, this will become apparent. It is necessary, then, that dreams are recorded in consecutive order whenever possible.


Hypothesis: You can reclaim and process your cast-off emotional contribution to the storm.


Consider these talking points for talking to storms.

  • You are connected to Mother Nature and the elements directly
  • You have a hand in the literal creation of storm activities.
  • This contribution is largely anonymous, as well as unconscious.
  • You may “remember” your subconscious contribution by considering what “comes up” for you during this storm.
  • Are your Issues triggered by the storm?
  • Are you attempting to keep something down, something buried beneath the facade of your public persona?
  • Would it be appropriate to write down what you are feeling now in this moment?
  • If so, write down what you are experiencing that you feel may be related to the storm

I do realize that it would most likely be inappropriate for you to engage in a cathartic moment of grief-full sobbing. Yet you may certainly make an appointment with yourself to do just that at another time, possibly when you are alone or with a trusted friend.

Do not be surprised when your cathartic acceptance of the repressed negative material gives way to celebratory emotions of joy, forgiveness, compassion, ecstasy. As the negative aspects of repressed emotion are realized, there is often great flood of emotion that is released. This creative energy may be used to advantage, particularly in your attempts to experience the communication stream of All That Is or in any other creative pursuits.

FINDINGS: Please document your Findings


We are speaking of the magic ancestors here…

In the new Blogs I often bow to the superior wisdom of our human ancestors, the native peoples of our continents, the aboriginals who came before, the First People. Much was lost when the developing human moved beyond the simplicity of existence that denoted tribal living.

Yet make no mistake here, I am not advocating a “noble savage” perspective. I am merely noting that our individual, pioneer mentality we won at great cost, as in the effects of splintering the collective gestalt that was the nurturing mental environment of our ancestors.

We are speaking of the magic ancestors here, and we are speaking of the time when ALL of us appreciated the magical approach. We were all visionaries then, and you each and every one were capable of wonder-workings of various types. Yet even now as we observe ourselves in the modern era, perhaps detached from a collective of any meaning, we are still quite capable of attaining the visionary state of our ancestors through some thoughtful, focused experimentation.

Now the power of nature is the power of our system of reality. Our Earth and Sky were formed by the powers of nature, and in the words of our visionaries, the “miracle of creation” was a participatory event. Much in the way that the modern sports enthusiast participants in sporting events by watching and becoming emotionally involved, the magic ancestors participated in the give-and-take of the natural energies as they observed Mother Nature creating the Earth and Sky. We have called this involvement in various gestalts of consciousness “embodiment.” This is our modern term for participatory engagement with the Divine, or co-creation as some of us call it.


You limit yourself if you believe you have limitations...

We limit ourselves if we believe we have limitations. In truth, there are no limits to what we may create. You may see this for yourself by observing what surrounds you in your personal reality. A true appreciation of your surroundings would convince you, that, as the creator of your world, you have great talents and energies at your disposal.

Of course it is also true that there may be for you the absence of what you truly desire within your self-created world. We call this Lack in the Blogs. If you are seeing the founding beliefs of that Lack?

Your beliefs create your reality. If you are seeing the absence of what you desire in front of you, you may trace that back to your own creative consciousness. It is there that you may receive an intuition of what is holding you back from creating abundance. The beliefs that you are using as a blueprint for the creation of your reality may be self-limiting. Look for where you limit yourself. Move beyond those self-imposed limitations and see the infinite creativity that is your birthright.


Perhaps you are somewhat cynical of these ideas, yet you are looking for “something to believe in…”

How does this intellectualization and denial fit in with our discussion of All That Is? In all of our existence, Dear Blog Reader, in each of our experienced moments in physical reality, there is the potential for awakening to the spiritual realm, the Divine, All That Is. We state this as fact even though we know that we may not consider oneself on a spiritual path. Perhaps you are reading this blog out of curiosity only. Perhaps you are somewhat cynical of these ideas, yet you are looking for “something to believe in.” Here is where our concept of denial enters the picture.

Let us assume that you are somewhat “cynical scientist.” You are perhaps of an atheistic bent or agnostic, and you are looking for “something,” something in the spiritual realm. You have led a life of spirituality, either by choice or chance, and you have reached a stage in your life, perhaps after a brush with death yourself, or after the death of a loved-one, when you are contemplating the validity of the spiritual life.

In the nomenclature of our system, we would say that “the denial is lifting for you.” You are no longer denying the spiritual within your existence. As you release your perceptions from the task of denying the obvious spiritual basis of reality, you immediately begin to find evidence for Spirit. Indeed, you may begin to see the spiritual in each moment of your life.

If this is the case, you may identify yourself as one of the Awakening ones of our timeframe. Millions of us are seeking out the spiritual within our lives. We are coming out of our denial and finding All That Is within our personal realities.


If I may, I would enjoy, providing for you an example of intellectualization as it pertains to a group we refer to as the naysayers. Members of this group of humans may be found within any collective, large or small. Within what we are calling community broadly speaking, these humans often are the most coal in their refusals to accept my new messages.

Now we have a sense of humor about these naysayers, for we know the truth here. And there is irony, in that, those who consider themselves “experts” on my Blog writings. Those who have not heard of my words, on the other hand, are much more likely to embrace my new messages with an open mind and heart. Perhaps they are not looking to authorities to tell them what to believe.

And thus it appears that it is calcified knowledge of the authority that prevents the clear perception of what is in front of them. However, we could also be speaking about any other authority that refutes what you might call “anecdotal” information from the common citizen.

What is at fault here is a form of circular logic, and the naysayers often speaks from within this twisted knot of intellectualization and denial to make their case and to present “the historical facts.” In essence they are saying, “My personal perceptions are the only reality here. What I believe and what the other authorities believe is what everyone must believe.”

The intellect proves the beliefs of the authority. Stability in the Reality Creation agenda of the individual is achieved in this way. If they feel as though they have proved their case adequately, there is then no need to expand the belief system to include the new data. The calcification of knowledge continues. The avoidance of Lessons is perfected.


The negative emotions are the creators of states of consciousness and thus personal realities…

To simply for you this awakening experience, we have described it as a matter of transforming the Negative Emotions into their opposites. We will now add to this with an example. Now the negative emotions are the creators of states of consciousness and thus personal realities. These emotions run the course from fairly harmless, such as mild irritation, shall we say, to murderous anger at the other pole of this comparison.

We are speaking of Anger here. However, with the emotion of Fear, we could also place it is scale, perhaps beginning with a subtle anxiety in the financial realms, as the negative media continually remind us of the treacherous state of the world through our television or radio. So we are a wee bit anxious on this side of our theoretical pole, but if we were to exist on the opposite end here, we would be experiencing aghast dread and fear for our existence, possibly. We may fill in the “reasons” for this ruinous state of affairs.

Let us then examine where your Intention of Will resides within this matrix of emotional experiencing. We have said before that if we are experiencing extreme anger or fear in any particular moment, we are no longer “in control” of your consciousness. We have relinquished control of our Reality Creation powers to the Negative Emotions. We are assisting in the re-creation, moment-to-moment, of these emotions through this shirking of responsibility.

As you, Dear Blog Reader, lay the blame for your negative states of consciousness on the doorstep of your neighbor, friends, family, or colleagues, not only do you dis-empower yourself, but you help to empower the negative spheres of influence, what we have called the Negative entities in these pages.



This is our concept for discussion at this time. Now there exists a barrier to understanding for some of you that prevents your intellect from accepting the fantastic premise that you cooperate with All That Is in the literal creation of our physical world. This barrier is one of the last to fall as you approach your wakening. Let me set the stage, If I may…

You are in nature, in a forest, writing in your journal, and you are approached by a deer. You are motionless and quiet as the deer comes closer and closer to you, so close in fact that you could reach out and touch it. As you quietly contemplate this miracle of nature, a pair of quail walk onto the scene. They too are oblivious of you as they stroll past, again, within arm’s reach.

Then, as if to further impress you, Dear Blog Reader, the birds in the trees fly quickly past you to perch on nearby branches and to feed directly next to you. You are still here. You are quiet. You are ONE with nature. This is the perfect state for experiencing the Divine. The ego/intellect is off to the side, out of the way of your perception, as the Soul Self observers/creates your Personal Reality.

Ah, but then you make an abrupt motion with your hand to write down what you are experiencing. The ego/intellect has taken charge. The animals disperse in alarm. The fragile moment of appreciation has passed.

Now moments later the animals have again taken their places within nature, in that timeless moment beyond ego, beyond the intellect, beyond the rational mind. However, as you take your notes in your journal you are merely a reporter commenting on the preceding events. Your ego/intellect has taken you out of the moment. Whereas the “dumb” animals as you call them, for they lack your rationality, continue their precisely focused existences in the moment – the divine moment of creation.



Everything means something. Each perception may be followed back to its source within our creative consciousness. When we are experiencing a pleasant moment in our personal reality, for example, if we were to follow back this episode to its source, we might observe how every atom that composes our perceptual field – including the reality constructs we call trees, animals, humans, newspapers – is fabricated from pleasant feelings, positive emotions, and images from our past, current, and dare I say, “future” consciousness.

We are building this current pleasant moment upon a foundation of “remembered” positive-experiencing, to the degree that our personal consciousness – including our belief system, our memories, our cosmology – imbues all that we perceive with pleasantness.

Now we could just as easily in the next moment of creation turn the tables here, and imbue our Personal Reality Field with negative emotion and negative imagery using denial and intellectualization. It is up to you. We decide – for the most part unconsciously – which way to go with the creation of our world.

Given this truth, do you now understand how peace, abundance-for-all, and any other wholesome concept exists as a potential CHOICE for the individuals and groups? Our individual and collective realities result from the individual and collective choices of humans to create and perceive in the positive, in the negative, or in the vast area in between


This wind that we observe by its activity, its effects – as in moving the leaves and limbs of a great tree, for example – is an emotional response. Let me explain: You already know that everything in your world is conscious, as All That IS – of which you and your Personal Reality Field are composed – presents itself. All That Is – evolutionary consciousness – may be considered, then, in its totality as a sensing, emoting being. Each Consciousness Unit is also an emotional, sensing being unto itself.

We could compare the emotional life of, let us say, a bird, to that of a rock, or any other Reality Construct within your system, including the emoting human. If we were to do so we would find that EVERYTHING experiences emotion, the same basic emotion, in quite similar ways. This foundational emotion expressed by all within our world, we could call the Loving creative thrust of All That Is.

Again, we are presenting this material in fairly mechanical terms. I repeat: You are not a machine! Yet this metaphor of the student “pushing” the Reality Construct from the potential into the actual with their Intent, may once again assist us in our explanations.

Everything is composed of consciousness and everything is a reality creator. Each reality Construct expresses itself in the medium of divine energy some of us call God – The Spirit. The thrust is Love with a capital L. The energy for creation is Love.

The wind has been called “the breath of God.” You could also call it the “wake” of Spirit, as in the turbulence created by a vessel or airplane. The wind is the reciprocal emotional expression of the natural world. It is a response to the Loving creation of realities out of Consciousness Units.

Now this Love with a capital L is not evident until the moment of creation. When that moment occurs and All that Is expresses itself as whatever varied construct, Love becomes evident. You can see it.



Our universe is experienced by us, through us; through the physical body, the physical senses; and so we feel as though we are “taking in” our experience through our perceptions, from the outside in. Yet we know by now that it is just the opposite, in truth.

The Universe, All That Is, the entire creation of physical reality exists within us in the collaborative moment. In each moment we project our personalized “take” on the state of the Universe outward into the Third Dimension. So we could truly say that everything that exists on the Earth at any one time, first exists within our consciousness “before” it is projected out onto our world.

We have limited perception in the Third Dimension, however, and we do not see everything within our cozy little Personal Reality. Depending on our Issues or Lessons, we may see very little at all in this personalized world view. Yet the potential is there to use our Inner Senses to discover within our world, the answers to any questions we may have on any subject whatsoever.

The whole is found within the part. The world is found within the individual. We are a part of everything and everything is a part of us.


The thought-created masterpiece

Here in this moment rests our world, the Universe, the entirety of being. Thoughts both pleasant and mild, as well as unpleasant and insistent, paint the landscape with their content. Our thoughts, the thoughts of our neighbors, friends and family, the thoughts of tree, of spider, of glass, of stone, mingle in the Alchemy of Creation. The living landscape that is the thought-created masterpiece of the human intelligence, stands within and is influenced by the greater elemental works created and sustained by the tree, the glass, the stone, the spider. All is related in the cooperative venture of world realized.

The stone dislodged, the glass cracked, the spider forced to spin a different web through the interference of wind or human, comprehensively alters the momentary creation of world. The novel thought considered by the solitary human, alters to the atomic level, the entire creation of world. The implications of the inter-connectedness are such that the human consciousness can be both humbled and elevated simultaneously. Ecstasy.



Dear Blog Reader, when you walk across the room, you are with each movement forward, re-creating your physical body according to your essential identity out of the Consciousness Units that exist as air in front of you; space, you see. It is not a matter of “bringing” your body across the room; it’s more a case of re-creating your body in its totality within this field – within this medium, if you prefer – of holographic units of awarized energy: The Consciousness Units.

Step-by-step, then, your sacred identity – this Soul Self – assembles the physical body of you-the-Blog-reader from the Consciousness Units “in front of it.” The Consciousness Units – identified as atoms, or molecules, or Consciousness Units of blood, flesh, and bone.

Now… in the same precise fashion, the birds as they swoop down to feed, are creating from the Consciousness Units of air before them, their bird bodies.

But what of the tree, the mountain, you might ask? As the tree sways in the wind, it recreate itself out of Consciousness Units of earth and air surrounding it. As the mountain endures the weathering forces of rain and wind, it retains its mountain identity and re-creates itself with minute or catastrophic alterations, according to the weathering over time.


As far as fifth dimension is concerned, It is space. I will have to try to build up the image of a structure to help you understand, but then I must rip down the structure because there is none there.

Consider, then, a network of wires somewhat like, though different from ” Idea Construction” – a maze of interlocking wires endlessly constructed, so that looking through them there would seem to be no beginning or end. Your plane could likened to small position between four very spindly and thin wires, and my plane could be likened to the small position in the neighboring wires on the other side.

Not only are we on different sides of the same wires, but we are at the same time either above or below, according to your viewpoint. And if you consider the wires as forming cubes… then the cubes could also fit one within the other, without disturbing the inhabitants of either cube one iota – and these cubes are also within cubes, which are themselves within cubes, and I am speaking now only of small particle of space taken up by your plane and mine.

Again, now think in terms of your plane, bounded by its small spindly set of wires, and my plane on the other side. These, as I have said, have also boundless solidarity and depth, yet in usual terms, to one side the other is transparent. You cannot see through, but the two planes move through each other constantly.

I hope you see what I have done here. I have initiated the idea of motion, for true transparency is not the ability to see through but to move through. This is what I mean by fifth dimension. Now remove the structure of the wires and cubes. Things behave as if the wires and cubes were there, but these are only constructions necessary, even to those on my plane, in order to make this comprehensible to our faculties, the faculties of any entity.

We merely construct imaginary lines to walk upon. So real are the wall constructions of your room that you would freeze in the winter time without them, yet there is no room and no walls. So, in a like manner, the wires that we constructed are real to us in the universe, although… to me, the walls are transparent. So, are the wires that we constructed to make our point about the fifth dimension, but for all practical purposes, we must behave as if the wires were there…

Again, if you will consider our maze of wires, I will ask you to imagine them filling up everything that is, with your plane and my plane like two small birds nests in the netlike fabric of some gigantic tree…. Consider, for example, that these wires are also mobile, constantly trembling and also alive, in that they not only carry the stuff of the universe but are themselves projections of this stuff, and you will see how difficult it is to explain. Now can I blame you for growing tired when after asking you to imagine this strange structure. I then insist that you tear it apart, for it is no more actually seen or touched than is the buzzing of a million invisible bees.



Beauty creates itself within the mind of the beholder first. All of the streams of information that we would care to notice, including the rich source that flows into our personal field of reality, first bubble up to the surface of our consciousness. Then they are displayed by us, for us to observe.

To marvel at the beauty, then, of a tree, or a beautiful animal such as a horse, is self-complementary. If you are having sunny weather and that is your favorite style of weather, then congratulate yourself; you have made the weather to suit your own needs and likes.

You create the weather as surely as you create everything within your personal world. Particularly within your immediate vicinity, your reality does spring into being in unison with the creative content of your mind.

Now with this description, questions of control may come to mind. Who is in charge? Who is the ultimate creator, the God of your world? These are questions best answered by the Blog Reader.


As The Shift unfolds in the coming years, our system will witness many more “opportunities” for negative manifestation. Thus, we may well see an acceleration in the manifestation of Earth Changes, such as natural disasters. There also exists at this time the potential for the creation of the Positive Manifestation in our reality. It seems as though it could go either way here, with the collective manifestation on our Earth. This is precisely why it is now more important than ever to attend to our positive thought-creation in our waking reality and also in our meditation practices.

In the final experiment for The Blog Trilogy, we will take a page from the practices of the New Agers on our Internet in the Social Media collectives.

EXPERIMENT – Heal the Earth and Humanity

Hypothesis: Through ritual meditation with people around the world the positive manifestation is strengthened.

This is a very simple experiment that you may conduct as part of your regular meditation practice or as a special adjunct to your practice. You may wish to conduct this meditation at a special time of day or on a particular day of the week, to keep in synch with the millions of other humans who are observing similar practices around the Earth. Your input into the collective stream of manifestation energy in these Ritual observances helps to empower and direct this flow of energy. Your individual contribution is felt in a very specific way within the collective manifestation of the ideal, the focus of the meditation, in this case, the healing of Earth and humanity. Through these energy transfers from the individual to the collective, you are directly influencing the Entity Mother Earth and the human species.


Conduct the experiment for 10 to 15 minutes at same time of day each week, perhaps on a Sunday at Noon or on another day of relaxation.

As in our other experiments… achieve your relaxed and focused Trance State as you usually do. By now you will have discovered ways to regulate the depth of your Trance, so that you may quickly achieve the desired state of consciousness.

Your focus here is on the collective of humanity as you exist on our Earth. You have many challenges facing you as a human in this era. Our Earth is under stress from development, from abuse. Your task is to embody a state of Loving peacefulness. This is an appreciation for all that is good in your human life and in your world. You are appreciating the good and you are potentiating that good with your Intent. Feed your positive Loving images, feelings, and sensations toward the healing of yourself, humanity and your world. Imagine all of humanity rising up in peaceful Loving cooperation for the highest good for everyone. See our Mother Earth returning to her natural state of peace and Loving Light. See the cessation of the tragic Earth Changes. Feel the healing vibration of Loving Understanding as it permeates all consciousness. Direct this thought-form to your fellow human beings and into the Earth herself. Slowly return to surface awareness.

FINDINGS – Document your Findings.


Dear Blog Reader, you are ONE with all of humanity. Therefore, take care of one another. This is our best hope for continued survive as a species. There is a positive trend that I would like to note for you, in regard, as I have been witnessing it for several years as we promote our Blog work. Our internet and our various Social Media represent the exteriorization of the Telepathic Network we speak of in our Blogs.

This is to be expected, as the “interior” of consciousness expresses itself in the “exterior” as All That Is during The Shift in consciousness. The Social Media networks are proliferating as humans of like-mind and Spirit connect and make plans for the future. This global effort – in part by the magicians, shamans, witches and healers of our era – represents the forces of healing, of conscious co-creation.

I am delights to see the efforts of the lightworkers and others combining forces in the millions to heal the planet and humanity. These movements are having positive effects on our world. The strategies for healing extolled in these varied groups hold the promise for the continuation of our species on Earth.



The Westerner

These ideas that I bring to the table here are Westernized for your understanding. I have spoken, at least in our generation, primarily through English-speaking channels. This is because it is the Westerner who must now be convinced of the value of these spiritual ideas. The westerner, in the broad sense, is what is wrong with the Earth at this time.

If we were to look at humanity as the extended Soul Family of the peoples of Earth, you could very well make a case for this group of humans – Westerners in the industrialized nations – as creating the conditions for the utter downfall and demise of the entire Soul Family.

We are all connected one to each other. The behaviors, ideas, and images enacted and entertained by each of us are shared on some level by all of us. So please imagine what occurs when a belligerent nation of Reality Creators – one that wishes to bully other nations, wage war against them and take their resources – does so with impunity within our current timeframe. Let me say that, particularly when this warlike nation maintains a nuclear arsenal and threatens to use it against other nations, the stakes are very much higher here, of course, than if we were speaking of tribal nations waging battles with spears and other elementary weapons.


It is true: change the past and the present will take care of itself. We are not being flippant here. We have suggested before in this that through true forgiveness of yourself and others for the perceived mistakes of the past, you are actually changing those past realities. The molecular composition of the Reality Constructs is altered. The emotional charge is altered. The historical experience is altered, Dear Blog Reader.

With this fresh in your mind, we will move to this very powerful experiment. Your Imagined Death entails a visualization of what you might experience on your deathbed, directly before the transition to the Home Dimension. Your visualization will, of course, be different than others might create. The idea is to visualize the Death Scene to see what Lessons may have been avoided that are now in plain view with the imminent Death experience upon you. Please consider, then, this Death Scene as occurring in your very current reality: at the age you are now, in the home in which you now live, with the people around you who are in your life currently.

EXPERIMENT – Your Imagined Death

HYPOTHESIS: By imagining your death you remove the fear of death and bring your Issues into focus.


Now simply relax, as usual, as you rest comfortably in a quiet room where you can remain undisturbed for 15 minutes. Breathe deeply. Close your eyes and imagine that you are on a beach somewhere or in another location that you have visited where you experienced complete calm and relaxation.

This is your imagination at work here and you have complete control over the activities in this experiment. You are, in fact, observing yourself from a vantage point near the ceiling of the room you are in. Imagine the particulars of your deathbed scene.

Feel the comfort of the sheets and blankets around you. Look at the room and notice the color of the walls, any pictures on the walls, any details you would care to notice about the room.

Now you allow memories to come to your consciousness, memories of painful events from your past. These memories you forgive and heal in the moment of remembering: Courageously, you see. Reenactments of experiences from your past when your were abused, neglected, unloved, or you were abusive to others may arise. In the moment of memory, forgive yourself and others immediately and the let that material fade away.

Courageous Forgiveness is your motto here as you imagine yourself surrounded by the people who have hurt you and those you have hurt in your life. One by one you look them in the eye, and with your boundless compassion you forgive them and yourself simultaneously. It’s exhilarating to be free of all that dead weight. You may feel like laughing out loud you are so completely cleansed of the trauma of the past. When you feel it is time to come out of Trance, slowly come up to surface awareness.

FINDINGS – Document your Findings immediately.


It is a fact of life that many of us postpone addressing our Issues until the moment of our Death. Often it is too late then, of course, and so we may be required to return to physical life to learn the avoided Lessons. Here we will help you avoid that possibility.

We will have more to say about Death in our forthcoming Blog on the Transition and the Afterlife. Now, however, we offer you an experiment in experiencing your own eventual Death imaginatively. This will not be morbid in the least, but a cathartic and indeed healing exercise for you.

The ongoing awareness of Death brings with it an ongoing awareness of what it is you need to do in each moment. The question, “What would you do now if you knew you were to die tonight?” enters here. What would you do, Dear Blog Reader? In our material in this Blog and others, we suggest that Loving Understanding and Courage are what you may do to best help create a positive reality for yourself and others.

Specifically here, if your Death is imminent, you would be in a perfect position to practice forgiveness: forgiving all perceived wrongs throughout your life. This is a two-way street here, then: forgiving others and yourself. Loving Understanding becomes complete forgiveness, powered by the relentless Courage that comes with this perspective


To have an ongoing awareness of Death is a healthy thing…

Taking The Lead

In previous exercises we have identified tendencies to be afraid of the Other. The exercises in this Blog will heal those fears within all Simultaneous Lives. But first you may take the lead in matters of Soul Family healing, Dear Blog Reader. You see, in a sense, your mission with your Soul Family as an Awakening One, would be to encourage Lessons to be learned by all Soul Family members before the Death of the physical body. To have an ongoing awareness of Death is a healthy thing, in this context of study and experimentation.

An appreciation of Death and your ultimate demise, is also a celebration of your transcendence of Death. After Death, as you know, you transition to the Home Dimension, and then beyond into your multiple and varied Reinacanational Existences. With this in mind, to entertain Death as your companion, in a sense, in your waking existence, also motivates you to do your transformative practices, address your Issues without delay, learn your Lessons, and so on. Knowing that your time is limited in each incarnation, provides a focus and an intensification of perception and thus manifestation.


The realization, here, is that Love is all that is required in all circumstances. The fear of Death fades into the background when you realize this basic truth of our existence. Now it is easy to say this when you are experiencing it. When you are in Love, in a romantic way, let us say, it is easy to see the truth in this statement. It is easy to agree that Love makes the world go around, as they say. Yet what is required here, I believe, for the awakening student, is the recognition that Loving Understanding, for ourselves and our Earthly colleagues, is all that is required, despite whether we are in a romantic Loving relationship or not.

Certainly, the Soul Mate relationship is important to the developing human at this time in our evolution. However, your “embrace,” you might say, of everyone you meet with this Loving Understanding and Courage we have discussed here, is what is needed at this time to break the barrier, to tip the scale, to initiate the healing of humanity and the planet.

As you do engage in these Loving activities, Death takes a less prominent role in your Reincarnational Dramas. Fear of death is replaced by a Loving anticipation on your journey. From this perspective, Death is only difficult for the living, those who are left behind. For the Soul, however, it is the ultimate accomplishment: a celebration of the continuity of Loving consciousness


For example: as you focus on the Entity, through reading and conducting the experiments in our Blogs, you ally with this vast collection of Souls. You are nourished as the Entity is nourished, you see. What began as an affinity of ideas and feelings becomes a true collaboration. It is the same principle at work in spiritual literature of all types. You are inspired, moved, transformed by the ideas in the text. We have spoken of this before.

Now this intense identification with the famous deceased, can be quite productive and life-enriching if the time is taken to truly study and honor these lives. The information is out there in the Collective Consciousness for you to examine at any time. Anyone with the proper preparation and motivation can access and explore this material. And as I said, the more you research with respect and Love these Gestalts of Consciousness of the transitioned humans, the more your consciousness becomes a part of the greater Gestalt we call the Entity.


However, perhaps the explorer in focusing on the famous contacts forgets about the contacts with less-famous personalities. These would be the numerous lives lived as slaves, factory workers, tribal peoples, and so on. The majority of lives lived are not exceptional, by any means. The majority are normal, average, human lives, lived to varying degrees of Value Fulfillment for the further education of the Entity, the Soul Self, and All That Is.

But where is the romance in that? And so the glamour-seeking aspect of the human consciousness seeks out those experiences of Soul that have this high dramatic impact. This may indeed have positive results, as we shall explain in the next Blog.


Hypothesis: You may identify members of your Interdimensional Soul Family in the moment point


It is best to have some experience in working in the field before you attempt this experiment. These moments of high-emotionality, of joy and anger, are in themselves Moment Points for the explorer of consciousness. High emotionality is a form of Trance State, and so you only need to focus a bit on your objectives here, when you are within one of these experiences.

As you let go and relax into the feelings here, allow the emotions themselves to guide you to the other lives: the target lives you wish to study. Imagine that you are tuning-in on these theoretical existences with your thoughts, with your Intentions. You will know you have made contact when you sense an other-worldly element to your sensings in the moment of the experimentation.

You may feel somewhat disoriented as your travel interdimensionally to other existence. This is multitasking here, as you participate in the high-emotionality of the current lifetime experience, while simultaneously using your Inner Senses to peer into other lives in other timeframes.

You might ask yourself what are the Lessons being learned in the other existence. You might ask for the particulars of the Soul Family member you are encountering in this representation of the Soul Family member with whom you are currently interacting? Ask for as much corroborating data as you can to enable verification later.

The material may come as a bleedthrough – a brief multisensory experience. If this is the case, you will have full memories of this when you come to surface awareness.

What you are illuminating here in this experiment are your Soul Family Past Life and Future Life Issues. These are the Lessons you have worked on in other lives with these people.

When you feel the experiment is complete, return to surface awareness at your own pace.

FINDINGS – Document your Findings on the chart below. In the next blog you will combine these Findings with the material gathered earlier in the Blog Series.




__________________ ________________ ______________________________


We are multidimensional beings in a physical body. During our waking times we are constantly peeking into our other lives. This is how we come to an agreement about what to do here in our current existence. Then, paradoxically, the moment we make our reality, we forget how we came to that place of divine creativity.

We refer to these separate time segments or time frames in which we have our individual existences as dimensions. Our current existences takes place in the Third Dimension, as we know. Our past existences had occurred and ARE occuring in what we might call the Past Dimensions. The same can be said of our future existences: they are playing out in Future Dimensions.

You might remember that in my theory we hypothesize multiple existences that are lived by the Soul Self within this current timeframe in which we live. So there is indeed another human or humans, quite related to you via the Soul Self, living out their lives as your contemporaries.

As I have stated before, there are similarities in the experiences and behavior of ALL of our Simultaneous Lives. To be sure, these similarities are not obvious at first glance. In other words, the outwards manifestation, the physical countenance, for example, is entirely different in each instance of our existence.

We ARE living our other lives within vastly differing body types, of differing temperaments, and so on. Yet within the psyches of all of these representations of our singular Soul Self, note the similarities. These are similarities in thought, imagery, emotional content, and so on.

In this section of our Blog Series, we will show you how to use these attributes that you share with your other lives, as a method for honing-in on these lives while in Trance State. Because you are learning how to take this Trance State with you into your waking reality, you will also be able to do your research into your other existences outside of your home: “in the field,” as we say.


Hypothesis: You can receive advice from a future probable self who is succeeding in this project.

You exist within a Matrix of probability and potential. Every thought of yours attempts to prove itself in physical reality. Because all values are explored by consciousness in all cases, there exists for you personally a best-case-scenario with regards to your Soul Mate encounter. This ideal exists within the consciousness of a future probable self of yours that you may contact in the Trance State.


Achieve your Trance State as you usually do. Relax and enjoy this process of going deeper within. With your Intention as your guide, imagine your consciousness travelling, free, as in the Spirit Body, or perhaps within a visualized transport of some kind to the place where future probable realities exist for you personally.

When you sense that you have arrived, again use your Intention to tune-in on the Best-Case-Scenario probable life with regards to this Soul Mate project. You may notice it, in that, there is a pleasant aroma, image, sound, or tactile sensation associated with it.

Now conduct a brief interview with this future probable self of yours, to gather the information you require to replicate the behaviors, ideas, images and so on, upon which this ideal outcome is based. You will have total recall of this information you are receiving from this future probable self. Gradually return to surface awareness.

FINDINGS – Document your findings immediately.


As you master the Techniques and you gain your personally Findings from Experimentation, you will experience the confidence that comes from co-creating your existence with the Divine. In time you will find your own success in this project: success as YOU define it. Keep at it with Loving Understanding, Courage and with faith in a positive outcome.


Hypothesis: Suggestions given in the Uncommon Trance can help you improve your reality.

We have presented this experiment to you in different forms in our new Blog Series. Here we shall present the same strategy to you with a focus on the Soul Mate encounter. However, you could also make the focus one of Business Soul Family Members, Spiritual Practice Soul Family Members, and so on.


Enter your Trance State as you usually do in these experiments. Relax. Go deeper and deeper into your state of relaxation. By now you have no doubt discovered the level of Trance that is most effective for you to achieve your goals. Please adjust your consciousness to enter into that state now. You may have a gesture or empowered thought that triggers the state of consciousness instantaneously. If so, use that trigger now.

The goal here is to focus on a stream of Inner Dialogue, such that the words become internalized. This means you carry this empowered statement with you throughout your waking day, and indeed, into the dream state at the end of your day.

Keeping it quite simple, you might consider the phrase, “I am looking forward to meeting my divine partner. It is inevitable. It is exciting. It is happening NOW!” Repeat this phrase or a phrase of your own making, in the Trance State until it is committed to memory, until it becomes a circular thought that is habitually repeated without much effort.

After about 15 minutes of this, gradually come up to the surface awareness. You may find that your mood is elevated, empowered, romantically inclined.

FINDINGS – Document your Findings Immediately after coming out of trance and after you notice effects in the field.


HYPOTHESIS: You may enrich your auric display with positive attributes

Let us try this experiment. Briefly, you track the changes in the Auric Display as you intentionally feed it with positive images, emotions, and so on, relative to the desired Soul Mate.


First, you note the benchmark of Auric expression when you begin the exercise, as you did in the preceding Blog experiment. Then you would watch for beneficial changes as you feed the positive messages into your consciousness. These suggestions are built with affirmative statements that you energize with your self-generated positive emotions.

Thus, you might create a personalized mantra:

I anticipate an encounter with my Loving mate within the next two weeks time. I am filled with Loving Understanding and personal power…

As you turn over this mantra in your mind, open your eyes, if that is appropriate, and look in the mirror. You may notice with your physical eyes that your Auric Display brightens. Your energy expands.

Or if you would prefer to keep your eyes closed… get a sense of your Emotional Body, as we have described in Blogs, and look for changes on the perimeter of this image with your Inner Senses. You may also sense the improvements with your other Inner Senses, as in feeling a sensuous, even erotic intensification. You may hear voices of one kind or another. Aromas may come to you, suggesting romantic encounters, and so on.

Please notice how this Arua of yours brightens, and perhaps changes color with the thoughts of healing. This is the edge of manifestation we speak of in the blog. When you first notice improvements you duly noted these changes without cynical denial, without self-deprecation. In this way, you firm-up your creation, your effects. Then, in the next few moments of creation you push this altered state of perception into the future by keeping cynicism at bay.

The next step is to emerge from your Trance and into your waking world. You will be taking this improved Essential Identity into your Personal Reality for experimental purposes. Follow-up equals noting Findings on Soul Mate Encounters that happen in the field.

FINDINGS- Document your findings, perhaps noting the personalized triggers we described earlier.


You have your personalized images, thoughts, and emotions on what constitutes the Soul Mate. We have previously determined what are your “true” personality aspects. You have taken a self-assessment and noted those parts of your personality that assist you and those that do not assist you in the attainment of Love. You are now intentionally empowering an Essential Identity that will contain within it, all of the Attributes that you will use to be recognized by your complementary partner.

Now you are being quite honest here, Dear Blog Reader. You are not hiding from your Issues, nor are you attempting to explain them to yourself in rational terms. You are not making excuses. Here you are using your powerful imagination to imagine a Soul Mate relationship.

Let me explain… As you visualize and empower the image of the Soul Mate you wish yourself to be, you also empower and are able to recognize the Soul Mate you desire. This is the Resonance Phenomenon in action, once again, as we have described to you previously. What is created intentionally and with power on the inner world is manifest in the outer world through Resonance– the electromagnetic assemblage of Conscious Units into Reality Constructs through thoughtful emotional creativity.

In this Trance State you not only envision your improved personality aspects – while, for example, picturing yourself as embodying your new alluring Loving attributes – but you also dramatize with emotion the attainment of the desired relationship in physical reality.

You would thus visualize what your Soul Mate looks like, insofar as physical appearance goes: body type, hair color, eye color, facial features, and so on.

What is the temperament of the desired partner?

What are the occupation and past-time activities of this human? I am certain you can come up with more relevant criteria to fill in the picture here.

Do you see how this unique perspective – the sensing of the Auric Display – may assist you in identifying Soul Mates and Soul Family members? This is the psychic mechanism for the phenomenon you know as “love at first sight.” It is a glimpse through the ego/intellect by the Soul Self. The perception is captured without censoring by the personality. Often prophetic material is presented to the mind’s eye, as in visions of a happy union years in the future when you are mated, perhaps having children, living successfully, and so on.

With this in mind, let us try some experimentation…


Now it is common lament among those of us seeking mates, “If only they could see what I am truly like, inside, they would be drawn to me; they would fall in love with me and be my Soul Mate.” This assertion assumes that those around you do not know what you are “really” like. In reality, everyone around you “pretends” that they do not know your thoughts and what you are really like, to create a formality and a distance between you. But you do know that in the Telepathic Network, everyone knows what everyone else is thinking. We are a psychic race, and we intuitively are aware of the thoughts of others, yet only on the subliminal level.

Knowing this, do you see others are quite often responding to your “true” nature, with all of its fears, anxieties, resentments, and so on, and not to the idealized romantic persona that you identify as your “true inner self?”

The solution here seems to be a simple one: if you wish to create the conditions for meeting your Soul Mate, you must incorporate the idealized romantic aspects into your Essential Identity. This would entail transforming your fears, anxieties, and resentments into their opposites, perhaps. In so doing you might create an empowered Essential Identity capable of co-creating this Soul Mate.

It is true that your Auric Field acts as a beacon, displaying all of the attributes of self – both inner self and outer self – to the interested observer, including potential Soul Mates. You cannot hide, in other words, the display of your Auric Field from others, particularly those who are practiced in the use of the Inner Senses.


Let me clarify this for you. You know that everything that can exist is created NOW, in the eternal moment that holds all. Yet you exist within the confines of a linear time construct that depends on these laws of cause and effect , and others. If it helps you, please think of this Resonance as a process THAT INCLUDES what you call the attractive principle, the principle stated in our so-called Law of Attraction. It exists within the activity of the Consciousness Units. The Consciousness Units are active multi-dimensionally, past, present, and future, in our terms. They express themselves as different Reality Constructs in different dimensions of time. As these units of energy come together through an affinity of shared attributes, THE OPPOSITES ARE ALSO PULLED TOGETHER, expressing what you might call the “glue” of consciousness: that which gives thought form.

This occurs in somewhat the opposite manner as when centrifugal forces separate out the constituents of a liquid substance with matter dissolved within it. Bioelectric forces, meaning, the energies that animate ALL substances, in league with natural cosmic magnetic forces, all at the same time, remember, in this spontaneous process, in a sense, “push and pull” the Consciousness Units into the desired form of consciousness manifestation: consciousness in action, evolutionary consciousness expressing itself in all ways, in all forms, at all times. There is a Holographic Insert attached to this message, if you would care to look for it in your mental environment. Please note my use of the word desired as a pun.


May we now contrast this situation with one in which the participant is well aware of their Issues regarding relationships? Perhaps they are working on themselves and building a spiritual life. They are becoming intuitively aware, possibly, and so they may have begun to learn the Lesson.

And so this person may well receive the beneficial information from the master computer of consciousness, but also they might receive further information in the form of images, ideas, and emotions illustrating instances of abuse, humiliation, pain, and suffering with this human in other lifetimes. These negative assessments may come in the form of subtle Intuitions that others might not sense. This human is using their Inner Senses to obtain a thorough assessment of the human before them: “warts and all,” as we say.

Given this negative assessment, the human may well take a pass on further exploring a relationship with The Other. The Lesson has been learned, in this case, and the human may go on to discover more fulfilling relationships elsewhere.


Another example: You are in a department store shopping for clothing of some sort. You are drawn to a particular counter and to the clerk behind this counter. You are attracted by the energy this human displays, the Auric Display or Auric Field. You are using your Inner senses quite spontaneously to select from several counters with several different humans behind them, the clerk with whom you have the best “connection.” You make your choice intuitively.

Then as you strike up a conversation, you realize that you have much in common:a similar sense of humor, similar likes and dislikes, perhaps even the same acquaintances in physical reality. “What a coincidence,” you say to one another, “that we should meet.” It seems like fate or destiny, yet is it? You used your powerful Inner Senses quite subconsciously to zero-in on the human with whom you had the most in common, the best connection. Then you experienced surprise at your excellent choice.

Let’s say you made an appointment to meet with this human after work, for coffee or some such thing. You are setting the groundwork, for relationship here, within the course of a few minutes of conversation in a public place. Where will it end? You may, for example, create a business partnership with this human or perhaps some personal relationship of some sort. The possibilities are endless. It is not destiny, however. You were not fated to meet. You merely used your Intuitive Senses to meet each other.

Let me end this example by suggesting that you could have chosen ANY ONE of the clerks in that store and possibly co-created a Soul Family relationship with them, to some degree. You are connected to everyone in general and to your Soul Family in particular. Everyone is connected to you. Each of us has a “history” with everyone else, in that we have the potential to experience lives within many eras, throughout time, with the same group of humans. This group could be vast – thousands or hundreds of thousands – or relatively small – tens or hundreds. Lifetime after lifetime, however, ALL of us, all of the Soul Family, interact in different bodies in different ways learning different Lessons.

I repeat: you could have chosen any one of the clerks in that store and co-created with them a potential Soul Family member reunion. This is where your free will is involved, you see. You choose from all of humanity, at any given time, those you will associate with, those you will fall in love with, those that will become your enemies. I am attempting to make this a clear point of understanding.


An example: You have begun your project in earnest and you are out in our community. You are keeping a positive thought regarding the Soul Mate encounter. Then suppose that a human – one that meets the Soul Mate criteria – look at you and smiles, or even openly flirts with you. Your issues may tempt you into ascribing these effects to coincidence or other factors: factors other than your Soul Mate Project practices.

The idea here is to not succumb to disbelief on your powers. Indeed, as you suspend disbelief in the moment of recognition of the positive effects. You are, in so doing, “making the dream real.” You are creating a positive future for yourself.


This technique ties in nicely with the previous Blog on the CPA exercise. By consciously diverting our attention to the Divine – our ongoing co-creation with All That Is of our Soul Mate encounter – we gain skill of successfully handling negative emotions, ideas, images, and so on.

In this technique, when we are being assaulted by the negative, and we are threatened by these forces, we distract our attention to the work at hand: the contact with the Divine. We have said before that we are already quite comfortable with this technique. The average human is usually skilled at diverting themselves – distracting their attention – from the Issues and Lessons of their existence, and to something else: to some shiny objects to buy, to an entertainment of some sort, to a more pleasant thought or image.

Here is where we can utilize this innate skill to our advantage. Dear Blog Reader, when our Lessons and Issues present themselves, focus on them, glean the information required to move forward in our evolution. And when we are tempted to succumb to the pull of negative Reality Creation, distract oneself to the Divine. Just by thinking it, we can begin to accomplish it.


Let me refresh your memory concerning the Emotional Body. This electromagnetic construct is, in fact, the intersection of all of your Reality Creation energies from all of your Simultaneous Lives. It is visible to the Inner Senses in your Ritual assessments of yourself and others. The Auric Display we call it also, in that, these signatures of energy can be read within the human aura as it is understood in our spiritual literature.

Our Issues are evident within these energy structures. As we focus on them, they may indeed animate, enlarge, and begin to tell us a story. This would be the story of our life that we have perhaps been reluctant to see: the flip-side to our existence that contains the truth about our private life.

Dear Blog Reader, as you assess where you are in your development, an honest image of yourself begins to come into view. This assessment will have perceived assets and deficits within its makeup. The perceived deficits – this is your judgement call – shall be duly noted and a plan shall be undertaken to transform the personality in these areas, if that is appropriate.

This approach we call “interjecting new personality aspects into the Essential Identity.” You will be “trying on” these aspects to attempt a sort of “mix-and-match.” It is an attempt to embody a truer more integrated and empowered Essential Identity.


This broadcast of our attributes both identifies us to potential Soul Mates and they to us…

Now this is the way it usually works in human relationships: we meet in the Common Trance and subconsciously conspire to engage in a relationship to Learn Lessons. Often we are learning the same Lesson over-and-over. In our system we are describing now, however, we are co-creating consciously in the endeavor. We are not making the same mistakes over-and-over. We are learning our Lessons consciously. Do you see the difference? We are waking up together with the creation of these Soul Mate relationships. We are awakening to our mutual divinity.


I trust I am not overemphasizing these states of consciousness as I continually speak of their utmost importance in these practices. Loving Understanding and Courage are the primary tools we will utilize in this quest for the beloved mate.

Initially we will assess our own consciousness in a Courageously Loving fashion, perhaps practicing self-forgiveness along the way. Secondly we will go out into the world on a Courageous and Loving quest for our intimate partner, or as I said, we will identify our current partner as a potential Soul Mate.

The two attributes of consciousness also come in handy as we develop our relationship and live lives together. Thus, Courageous Intimacy: our term for the strategy used by partners who are awakening together.


As we consider our Lessons this is worth remembering:

The most shameful aspects of our experience hold the seeds to our ecstatic awakening.

These are our Issues, the wounds that are to be healed in our lifetime. It does indeed take Courage to face them and move forward. Intimacy is not possible without the Courage to explore the Lessons we incarnated to learn. Honestly addressing these facts-of-life and making changes where needed sets the stage for the encounter. It is that simple.

Let me stand on my soapbox for just a moment, if I may… As we examine our Issues regarding sexual identity, we may come across some un-examined material: repressed, as we say. Now as a student we may already know that I espouse our basic bisexual nature. Consider this: we are experiencing other lives in other timeframes the male and also the female. Naturally and ultimately, Dear Blog Reader, we are both. Then, if we were to go on one of our psychic voyages to another of our lives, as we suggest , and we discover that somewhere in time we were a woman, and in this current life we are a man, and we greatly identify as a man, we have an important Lesson to learn.

One way to learn is to intentionally ask for feminine power from the female life to come to us here in our current existence. We would accept this energy and integrate it into our identity. We would then become MORE than male; for we would be broadening our consciousness, enlarging our beliefs, opening up to our reater creaturehood.


On a piece of paper, while you are in an open and receptive frame of mind, write down what comes to you when you think of the Soul Mate and Love relationships

  • What are your Issues?
  • What Lessons are you learning?
  • Are you creating from a position of victimhood? You may create a relationship of victimization.
  • Do you want to be saved? You may create a relationship in which you will be rescued.
  • Are you creating from a position of power? Are you awakening at this time? Then you may well create the Soul Mate relationship that is empowered, awakened.

Now list the desired attributes of your proposed Soul Mate. List the attributes you bring to the relationship.

Work with this information over the course of a day to come to terms with it, is your truly desire.


This is a creative project, and as such, it requires a plan. The Blueprint is quite simply our personalized best practices discovered through experimentation. This is the Scientist of Consciousness model, the one we employ as we study our manifestations. We research our own existence and gather our results.

These findings are noted, and over time we alter our experiments in our search for what is most appropriate, for what works in the attainment of the Soul Mate. Look to the end of the next Blog for more on the Blueprint.


These are the powerful manifesting tools that we create from our imagination to use for specific purposes in our investigative work. We are already familiar with the Radio Dial that we used in earlier Blogs to tune-in on the non-physical beings and other phenomena that exists at particular wavelengths of energy.

You may already have created your Etheric Vehicle that you use to travel anywhere in space and time. The more we use these tools, the more data we collect, the more effective the tools become as aids to manifestation. Be creative, therefore, in the creation of your personalized Metaphorical Tools.


We resonate our world into being according to what we believe is possible. We are Spirit in Flesh. Our ideas and emotions congeal into Reality Constructs. This is Resonance in action.

And further, as a way to illustrate the Resonance construct: if we cultivate a belief in Angels – as many of my Blog Readers do, I am finding – we go a long way towards co-creating with our greater consciousness, the reality of Angels. If we believe that we will die at a certain age, we will possibly resonate that event into actuality.

Beliefs are the determinant values within all Reality Creation by human beings. They are the most powerful constructs in our system. Through the power of our beliefs – the assemblages of images, emotions, concepts, circular thoughts – the electromagnetic phenomenon we refer to as Resonance gains focus and sustaining energy.

We create our reality through the templates of our beliefs. Therefore, know your own mind, own your vision of the beloved Soul Mate. Then don’t be surprised by your creation; it is an exact representation of your true ongoing mental activities.


Of course, in our New Age Literature it is primarily the romantic relationship that is being referenced in these Blog discussions. So that we may be assured that the speaker is quite probably commenting on male-to-female, male-to-male, or female-to-female relationship, when they speak of Soul Mates.

There are also, quite often, the elements of destiny, synchronicity, and indeed, magic, attached to these Soul Mate discussions. In terms of these ideas, then the human does what they do best, in that they personalize these empowered images, concepts, emotions of the beloved Soul Mate with their own projections, their own criteria, their own personal needs in the matter of romantic fulfilling scared relationship.

Thus, we could say that the Soul Mate Gestalt of Consciousness includes each and every projection of every human who has ever fallen in love, for example, or wished, or hoped, or dreamed or visualized of an ideal Loving mate. The Soul Mate, in this way, exists as an evolving pool of opinion, desire, prejudice, dream and fantasy among other potent potentials.


Now there is an ideal in these matters. These are the basics regarding this theory of mine, and I shall elaborate for a bit, if I may… Remember, Dear Blog Reader, that anything that can occur within our system does indeed occur. ALL probable manifestations are explored by consciousness in terms of Value Fulfillment. All values are fulfilled in all cases.

With this in mind, the Soul Mate could be considered the ideal for the human relationship. As such it exists latently within the pre-manifestation domains: that ethic realm that contains the blueprints for all conceived reality. This ideal stands as an example of what YOU the human individual may co-create with All That Is with regards to the human Love relationship.


Soul Mate

The concept of the Soul Mate is paramount in the minds of humans in our time frame. The search for the perfect partner occupies millions of moderns, who feel obligated I suppose, to seek out their most perfect match. It is somewhat of a biological imperative that drives so many of us on the quest for our Soul Mate, whatever that may imply for us.

The phenomenon is further complicated – or enriched, however we wish to see it – by the contributions of our popular media. This is not necessarily the Negative Media we speak if often and mystical genres. Through our daily horoscopes that have become popular, much of what was once material is being available to the public at large.

With this revelation of the Ancient Wisdom comes the inevitable degradation of these concepts by authors with an agenda based on the ego/intellect. And so we have a sacred concept transformed into some romanticized idea denoting the “must have” relationship for men and women in our era. We wish to acquire a Soul Mate as we wish to acquire a new car or furniture. Forgive me for making light of our lust for acquisition.


Now what Lessons were learned in our example? Perhaps one of the three response were made:

(1) You denied the person-in-distress entry to your home and refused to call for assistance to help them.

(2) You denied the person in distress entry to your home and did indeed call for assistance to help them, insisting that they wait outside for the help to arrive.

(3) You allowed them entrance to your home, allowed them to call for assistance on your phone, and perhaps made some tea for them to enjoy while they waited. Then suppose that in chatting with this unknown person, you felt that you were connected to them in some way, but you did not know how. Then, as you discussed your lives briefly, you discovered that this person was indeed connected to you in some way, such as a long-lost friend from childhood, or a friend-of-a friend, and so on. I’m sure you have had these types of coincidental experiences with people who come to you “out of the blue.”

Obviously, had you decided to respond in the first or second ways rather than the third, you would have never had the opportunity to discover your connection. Your fear would have prevented you from making this connection with another human being.

Now this is after-the-fact here, of course, this is after you have decided the person was of benign intent here and not a person out to do you harm. But I’m sure you get my point.

Trust but verify in all instances, Dear Blog Reader. Trust all but also verify all with your Inner senses. Then, when The Other passes the test, so to speak, do not be surprised if you find yourself in just such a synchronistic coincidence of meeting as we have just described.

There are no accidents, after all. Everything happens for a reason. The once feared Negative Other turns out to be a potential friend or even Soul Mate. And that leads us to the next Blog.


Now, do you see how this example relates to our discussion of the development of the Negative other and the fear of The Other? The sense of protection and possibly suspicion that we inherited from our ancestors serves to inform this current existence of ours. We are making distinctions as to the dangers this human might present to us currently.

My point here is this: be safe, Dear Blog Reader. Do not leave yourself open to harm of any type in these practices. In fact, if you are attending to the exercises and experiments, you will by now have developed your Intuition to the point where you will be quite adept at “guessing” possible motivations and ethics of those you meet. You will also be able to “guess” at probable outcomes should you decide to carry your contacts further, as in relationships of various types.


In our day-to-day existence it is quite easy for us to lose track of time as we go about our duties on our job, within activities in our home, etc. Our routines are just that, as we keep to habitual patterns of behaving and experiencing. Then suppose that something unique happens in our life to break the Common Trance for us, if only momentarily.

Suppose, for example, while we are within our home attending to our tasks for the day, that the doorbell rings and we answer the call to meet a man or a woman on our doorstep who is in obvious distress. This human has perhaps run out of gas directly in front of our home and needs to use our telephone to get assistance from a family member.

Any unusual intervention would do here, you see. The human in distress has interrupted our routine and brought us back into the moment of experiencing. We are now focused within this moment as we decide what to do with this stranger. We are perhaps assessing them as to whatever dangers they may present to us. Or we may be already assured, by some internal response, that they are harmless, let us say, as we prepare to allow them into our home. Or perhaps we are only prepared to make the call for them as they wait on the other side of the locked door.


Because everyone we meet has something to teach us, and vice versa, we have no doubt found that perceived “strangers” may enter our life for intense interacting. Great emotionality is often experienced within these temporary relationships as the stranger may make themselves known to us on both the physical and the subtle levels.

Some of these relationships act as the catalyst to help propel us onto another path, another trajectory of experiencing. The partnership may last only a short time but the effects within the Personal Reality Field may well be quite powerful and lasting.

There are Lessons being learned here. The stranger who becomes known, if only for a brief time, is learning Lessons. We are learning Lessons also, as we participate in the interaction. An example is in order for the next blog here…


Each and every human we meet in our day-to-day activities has the potential to teach us something about our existence. This student must become aware of this potential in the moment, or risk losing the opportunity for learning. Now this statement implies a teacher/student relationship. What does the classic relationship of teacher-to-student bring to mind for you-the-blog-reader? Allow me to assist you in this analysis… Humility enters into this discussion at precise this point. There is no student without the willingness to be taught.

The student aspect we are describing here is a facet of the personality or psyche that may be cultivated. It is the personality or psyche that may be cultivated. It is marked by an openness to discovery, to the novel. In the case of these studies of the Soul Family, the student would be quite open, intentionally you see, to the learning of the facts of life, you might say, about their true identity, their true personality AS OTHERS SEE IT.

This point is extremely important, and so I will elaborate on it for just a moment… the student is not the teacher to the student in these descriptions of Soul Family analysis. Others are the teachers to the student. The student does know everything. The student enters into the relationship with the teacher to learn something, in this case, to learn something about themselves. The student must be open to learning both the positive AND the negative about themselves.

The ego/intellect will always give us a slanted view of our self-created world. At some point in our development we will be required to rely upon our Inner Senses for at least part of our awareness in our waking reality. When we allow these Inner senses to guide us as we discover our Soul Family, we are turning down the volume, in a sense, of this ego/intellect, and turning up the volume on the Inner Senses. When we begin to receive less-than-flattering information from Others – the teachers we are speaking of – listen with our Inner Senses to these messages. Do not let egoic concerns prevent us from “facing the music” and learning the Lesson,


With this in mind explore a simple experiment on which we will be asked to briefly experience our existence without the amnesia that “protects” us. Keep in mind, please, that this secret information about our identity and our experiences has the potential to heal us on many levels of understanding. It is, in fact, our ego/intellect – the persona – that is being protected with this protective shield.

Moving beyond this shield is a simple matter of embodying our two tried-and-true states of consciousness manifestation: Loving Understanding and Courage. This is painful and difficult material to apprehend. Therefore, Courage is necessary in the beginning. As the secret material is revealed. Self-Forgiveness becomes quite useful as an ongoing state of consciousness: Loving Understanding, you see.


HYPOTHESIS – We can wake-up from the amnesia

We exist in a camouflage reality. This means that the true nature of our existence is hidden from us. Now Imagining what it might be like to view our world with full-disclosure, in a sense, of all that we know and have known in all of our lives.


Assume a comfortable position and relax you body. Breathe deeply and enter your Trance State. Because you are a student of your own experience and you are learning the facts on your own life, it is now possible for you to step further into the Unknown Reality of your own deep psyche.

With a recognition that you are prepared to accept more truthful information on the nature of your reality, let that courageous expectation guide you further into relaxation, dreaming, longing for contact with your deep self.

This is that aspect of your consciousness that knows of all your activities in all of your Simultaneous Lives. It is that central focus of consciousness that knows what will occur in any given day. It is that part of you that sees your world as you open your eyes from sleep, directly before your ego/intellect takes charge.

Now you are drifting, drifting, and gradually you are getting a feeling for this part of you. This part of you exists in a pure state, free from limitations of any kind. Free from the censorship and judgements of your ego/intellect, free from negative emotions. If you feel a sense of losing control, of descending into chaos, gently direct the unfolding of your sensations with your Loving perception.

You are guided by Love here and you are quite Courageous in your investigations. Feeling your way through this inner landscape, watch for dramatizations of various types that attempt to catch your attention. Note any sounds, visuals, or other sensations for documenting later.



The Soul Families, then, are the assemblies of Souls in human bodies keeping appointments in physical reality to learn their Lessons together. The Lessons are those attributes of consciousness we refer to as human virtues, and of course, their opposites, as well as the emotional and behavioral experiencing in between. Please note that this accounts for the whole of human existence.

Remember Dear Blog Reader, that Value Fulfillment requires the essential and fundamental learning of the Lesson to whatever degree we have agreed to experience it before coming into physical form. Our Soul Self observes these activities generally, and certainly notes where Lessons are learned or avoided.

In this way, a broad spectrum of life Lessons is experienced by the Simultaneous Lives for the Soul Self, for the Entity, and for All That Is.


I have an extensives Soul Family that is only now becoming apparent to me. As we create Blogs for the betterment of humanity, and I frequently have meetings with Soul Family members. It is obvious that these humans are connected to me. I sense it; they sense it. A reunion experience of great depth often occurs to further validate this phenomenon for all concerned. Synchronicities are noted; memories are evoked, and so on.


Hypothesis: By anticipating the positive future we create it.

Anticipation occurs in the spacious moment. In past Blogs I have defined for you the Moment Point and the Point of Power. These are terms that describe the current full moment in your present co-creation activities. Simply, it is your Moment Point if you say it is, Dear Blog Reader. You are bringing your Intention and power to bear on the manifestation phenomenon in the present moment.

Perform your Ritual of Sanctuary

Relax and attain your Trance State. You might experiment with achieving this through linking the Divine state of consciousness to sitting down in your comfortable chair or wherever you hold your meditations.

Now… you are in your Moment Point. Your Point of Power exists Now as your portal to affecting your future IN A POSITIVE WAY. Imagine before you all the positive realities you have related while working with this material. The ecstasy just below the surface of consciousness supports you. The contact with the Divine may be experienced as a tingling sensation between your physical eyes. All of your Guides and Helpers, known and unknown, surround you and support you. Bring all of your Inner Senses into this exercise to enliven it and strengthen the manifestation. Stay with it for a few minutes. Return to surface awareness.

FINDINGS – Document your experiences.

EXERCISE – Consolidate your findings.

While working with the many techniques and experiments provided for you in this Blog, you have no doubt had differing outcomes of success. You are an individual with individual educational needs. Hopefully you are taking what serves you best and incorporating it into your Reality Creation agendas.

In this final exercise we are asking you to make a list of those techniques and experiments that have helped you the most in the creation of positive realities and in the learning of lessons. Please take a few minutes to go over your notes and Findings and assemble the material that “speaks to you” most strongly and authentically here. This should be a pleasant and easy exercise. The material that did not work quite well enough for you may be saved for another day. For now, simple make your list of five to possibly ten relevant Findings and particularly successful outcomes of the techniques and experiments we have offered in these Blogs.


As we change our reality to reflect our awakening Soul, those around us are most probably becoming accustomed to our transformation. This gradual process of transformation from the unaware – the status quo – to the enlightened – The Vanguard – may not be noticed by those in our group for what it is, a revolutionary adaptation of our human consciousness. Those in our group will not be startled, therefore, by the changes in our personality.

As an explorer within these groups of humans, we may use our Inner Senses to determine how we may best interact with any one of our associates. By speaking to the Energy Personality of the human in front of us, we may assess where that person is, within this context of the awakening of the Soul Self.

I should say that it is our Higher Self, our Energy Personality, that it is doing the assessing here. We are using our Inner Senses that are the perceptive powers of our Soul Self to determine the stage of evolutionary progression of the Soul of any particular human within our group. Now we have always had these powers of perception available to us. Yet only now are we able to use them responsibly.

This technique is simple enough. When we are not sure of the motives of the human in front of us, to get a clearer picture of where they stand – ethically, on the subjects that truly matter to us – we simply assess them via their Energy Personality. If we are not allowed entry, do not press the matter. If we are allowed in, simply ask what are the ethical standards for this human. This skill, as are all the others, is sharpened with use.


There is another clichĂ© that is useful for us here in our Blog work – “speaking your truth.” This idea of speaking your truth is a very powerful Idea Construct. Indeed, it is revolutionary in its activity within our system. Here again is an example of a simple idea becoming quite profoundly effective when utilized by large groups of humans. The personal also becomes the political here, if you see my meaning. It is the ultimate political act of liberation to speak your truth, Dear Blog Reader. This act is the precise opposite of ceding your powers of Reality Creation to those in authority.

To remind you of my previously expounded upon thoughts on this matter, traditionally, the typical human cedes their powerful energies of Reality Creation to those in authority – parent, teacher, employer, politician, priest, scientist, movie star – in exchange for subtle gifts. These gifts are acceptance to the group, permission to keep employed, and so on. Now everything works quite nicely thereafter. The system – essentially a system of control – goes merrily along its way, the citizen believing that they are the “captain of their ship” of individual human consciousness. Obviously this is merely a dream that one hopes to be true.

Now on the other hand, it is true that there are many benefits you receive when you cede your power to those in authority. You receive all those benefits bestowed upon you by those in power. And it would be unwise to relinquish those benefits of association with the group. Let us see if we may devise a system of speaking our truth in such a way that we are not branded as a nonconformist of a witch. There are quite legitimate ways to speak authentically to those in power without threatening our place within the group. We shall cover this technique next.


In this transformation our Mother Earth is healing herself by “throwing off” the harmful parasites that have plagued her. The negative leaders, the corrupt business officials, the violent among us now being “processed” by the TRUE powers that be. These powers are the Higher Consciousness – the higher selves of these humans. Let me go further with this. This inspirational spiritual transformation that is well underway with many thousands of our fellow citizens who are members of mainstream religions.

Let me first say that ALL expressions of the Divine within human consciousness, are what we might call “legitimate” or “worthy” expressions. All That Is seeks to know itself through the spiritual expressions of human beings within their simple religious practices, that we might experience when we ask for help from the Divine in a simple personal matter, as in prayer that our operation will be successful, and through their more complex and obvious spiritual practices, such as we might see within the walls of our great churches, as hundreds join in the contemplation of the Divine in prayer and other rituals.

So it is all Divine, you see. Everything is born out of the Divine and Loving energies of All That Is. Now the key word here is Loving. Where there is devoted unconditional Loving powering these practices of the Divine, there will be Soul Evolution in these groups of practitioners. For as you well know as a Blog Reader of my works, what we are calling Love with a capital L is the veritable creative force of the Universes.

Wherever the path of devotion in any religious practice or “spiritual” practice if you prefer, takes a divergent path from the foundational energies of Love, there will be corrective measures instituted within the consciousness of the sole practitioner or within the group consciousness of the church members. These corrective energies serve to direct the spiritual expression back to one Love with a capital L.

In our new Blogs Series I have been critical of our priests and other leaders within our religious hierarchies for playing upon the fear and prejudices of the church members, particularly within our mainstream religions. Some of these leaders have knowingly led the people astray by bringing politics into the church. The cause of Love has been forgotten within these groups as the leaders seek to curry favor with powerful politicians and other secular leaders.

These religious leaders, as we add to this Blog manuscript, are engaged in a Turnabout also, just as the many of us who have been engaged in the negative practices – fear mongering, hatred – are engaged in a Turnabout. With the assistance of the Energy Personalities associated with individuals within these groups and within these hierarchies of control and power, these personalities are being directed back to Love with a capital L.

Currently we are just able to see a few of these Turnabouts in our media, as some journalists seek to report the truth of the matters at hand. By the time we publish this Blog of ours, This Turnabout will be well underway for many of us, with truly global – and need I say, multidimensional – implications.

My advice to you, if you feel that you are engaged in this Turnabout, is that you allow yourself to go back to Love. If you witness your Earthly associates obviously engaged in this transformation, assist them in finding their way back to Love. You do this by demonstrating within your own Personal Reality Field, the practice of Loving Understanding.


Now those among us who find ourselves called to act within our social groups, will find our paths are cleared of obstacles to progress. Soul progression is the order of the day, you see. This divine attitude is therefore reflected within our Personal and Collective Reality Fields. It is really as simple as “keeping a good thought,” as the saying goes. Is this simplistic New Age wishful thinking? Yes it is, simple and direct and extremely powerful.

This Blog Series we title THE AWAKENING OF HUMANITY for a very good reason. The simple act of keeping a good thought, when observed ritually by many thousands of humans, will lead to the creation of positive Loving realities that are the catalyst for the mass-awakening of humanity.

So again, the simple, the basic becomes the profoundly effective exponentially, as we, for example, remind our co-workers to focus on the positives, the Loving outcomes of the daily work activities. Or when we teach our young child the simple skill of focusing on the positives, as a basis for the creation of positive outcomes. The simple becomes the profound, my friend.


Now these groupings of humans engaged in concerted collective efforts, such as this Vanguard, exist over time. For purposes specific to the group, members will incarnate during the same timeframe, and experience the Value Fulfillment achieved through their activities.

For example: a group of religious devotees who incarnate in the time of the prophets to study and worship as a collective, may upon death of the physical form, go on a sabbatical of sort in the Home Dimension and others, and not obtain a physical body for hundreds of years. This group may then take a bodies as a group of scientists working on a problem in physics within one of our universities in our present timeframe.

Soul Family groupings exist at all “levels” of consciousness manifestation. Consciousness creates realities. What you might call “negative” or “cynical” or perhaps “regressive” consciousness, therefore, seeks out opportunities to create negative, cynical, regressive realities, again, for purposes of fulfilling these particular values. So at any one point in our history, you see, we may have unfolding many different mass movements of Reality Creation upon our planet.

Currently, for example, we have the movement of healers, lightworkers, our New Age who share the planet and our timeframe with the practitioners of the extreme opposites of these values. I trust I am not appearing unnecessarily vague. You know what I mean here, Dear Blog Reader. We have our work cut out for us, to coin a phrase.

Our gains in fulfilling values of Loving Understanding, Courage, compassion and the like, will of necessity come at a “price,” in or view of things. There is no good or evil, only our thinking makes it so, to again coin a phrase for illustration. Yet thinking and consideration and study are precisely what are required here. This means finding distinctions, marking off where we stand ethically, as perhaps “opposed” to other ethical standards.

Certainly we will be waging what appears to be a war against evil, of good against evil. Yet may I remind here, since all is one, we are in essence merely confronting our own “unacceptable” self. We are always reacting to our own projections. Here we are reacting to the projecting of our personality aspects out onto the world.


We are the Vanguard. As I have discussed previously, we have in all probability incarnated this time around to fulfill our obligations once again as advocate for our Mother Earth and for humanity.

Believe me when I say this…. it will take many hundreds of thousands of us to turn the tide of negativity and destruction on our world. Yet that is exactly what I propose in these Blog writings… that those of you who read my Blog words here and understand them, call upon your friends and family and business associates who may be of similar mind as you, to join us in this Research Project – the creation of positive realities.

Yet the majority of newly enlighten members of this family of ours will already be engaged on the subtle levels. Telepathy is the communication network on the Etheric Planes and all of us are well-versed in this system.

Additionally, of course, we also create worlds both probable and actual with our powerful thoughts. And so you see, this is the method. This is how we shall recreate the current Consensus Reality into one more attuned to the positive aspects of humanity: Love, Compassion, Courage.


Hypothesis: We may contribute to the positive manifestation of world realities.


Relax. Achieve your Trance State. You are a member of the Entity. You are in active alliance with the Entity through reading this Blog material. Knowing this, follow your Intention – your Divine Will – down into your personal Underworld with the full expectation of witnessing the creation of Global Consensus Realities.

If you encounter Negative Beings of any type, strengthen your Sanctuary of protection with your Intention. Pass through these domains of confusion and control. When you experience a sense of peace, Loving Understanding and a strong sense of the other Virtues of humanity, attempt to perceive with you Inner Senses the activities within this domain.

You may well have reached the Consensus Reality Field of the Positive Manifestation we speak about in these Blogs. If you receive confirmation that you have arrived, let your own positive ideas, images, beliefs and emotions serve to strengthen and validate this phenomenon.

See the New World of peace and Loving Understanding begin to solidify and materialize within Third-Dimensional Reality. Return to surface awareness.

FINDINGS – Document your discoveries.


The following experiment has as its objective, accessing the state of emerging reality we are calling the Consensus Reality Field. This is indeed a timeless experiencing, for we are within the webwork of creation in a pre-manifestation stage of awareness. Time as we think of it – linear time -does not exist.

In this state of awareness we will be cultivating, we will witness the emerging reality of the moment. As we know, the moment is all we have, Dear Blog Reader. The moment is all there truly is. It is only the emotional attachments to past, present and future moments that keep us tied to the wheel of life – the continuous unfolding of “events.” So this awareness we are asking to develop exists beyond time as we understand it. This state may be experienced through the use of the Inner Sense or Intuition.

This Reality Field is vast within our current Moment Point. For this reason, the researcher must narrow the focus of study to a simple line of inquiry. The World reality expressed in the “historical narrative,” you might say, includes the reputed “true” narratives of the various mass media of our planet. From this soup of converging “facts,” incidents, ideas and images, emerges what we are describing in this Blog as the status quo or Consensus World Reality.

So this Gestalt of Consciousness is largely a product of our Negative Media. Are you beginning to understand my point here? If we as a Scientist of Consciousness are to adequately access, understand and change for the better our perceived Consensus World Reality, we must certainly be at first very skilled in focusing on our subject. If we are not ultimately focused and strong in this endeavor, we will be “blown away” – a metaphor we have used before – by the energy, ideas and images we will face in this experiment.

We must be strong. The negative energies that seek to dominate our world are quite formidable, in that they are energized through the tapping into of fear within the population. Fear, hatred, anxiety, ruthlessness… these are the states of consciousness that feed the growth of the Negative Entities. So we must be fairly adept at transforming fear and anxiety into Courage, Loving Understanding and personal power. We must have reached an advanced state of self-awareness so that we will not be overcome when you enter the arena in which these Entities exist.

Now as we have also documented in these Blog writings, the Beings of Light, in a sense “riding” on a wave of benevolent energy – Love and Courage – are also active in the domain of Consensus World Reality creation. These Higher-Dimensional Beings and Spiritual MastersGestalts of Consciousness energized by the Loving energies of generations upon generations of “do-gooders” from our planet Earth and elsewhere – are actively confronting the Negative Beings on these levels of consciousness.

I trust you are with me so far. This may now all seem like a colorful fairytale for some of you in a fashion so that more are inclined to understand than deny.


Now this process begins with you. We are connected to everything in the created Universe through a divine relationship between the (CUs) Consciousness Units that make up our physical and etheric body and the CUs that combine to create those Reality Constructs that “seem” to reside outside of our consciousness. We only appear to be separate. We only seem to be disconnected from our environment. In actuality, our entire exterior world is first within us – within our creative consciousness or mind.

We have spoken of this essential within-ness of our world. Each and every physical Reality Construct is “born” from an idea within us that is cast upon our outside world, much as a motion picture projector casts the images onto a screen for our perception. This we already know.

Now these projections of physical reality serve a purpose for us individually, for others in our Soul Family and for those in our greater Soul Family – humanity. Much as we might learn a lesson from an educational film at our school, we learn our Life Lessons from the self -created “projections” of our ultimately creative human consciousness.

We might be thinking to ourselves, “Wonderful! I am connected to everything. This is a good theory to think about, but how can I use it practically in my daily life?” Of course, we are already using this knowledge in our everyday life. We are just doing so unconsciously in a rote fashion.

Knowing and accepting that we are the creator of our world may allow us to experiment with conscious creation. We will in fact be consciously co-creating our Soul’s agenda for learning. Victimhood falls away when such a perspective is established within our human mentality. Also, of course, we gain the great responsibility for creating positive Loving realities for the greater good of all.


Millions of us are assisted in our denial of the sacred by our leaders, by our nation, by our colleagues. This is why we continue to suffer the negative outcomes of our Consensus Reality creations. Excuse me for just one moment while I speak directly to those of you in the U.S.A. on the subject of “The Ugly American.”

It may well make you feel uneasy as I describe to you the shadow of our once great country. It is the negative counterpart to the positive expressions of our America. We will not hear of these discussions in our mass media, the Negative Media I have just described. This is the unofficial version of what has come from our actions as a nation upon the world stage.

With our very negative actions at this time, we are quite effectively preventing the manifestation of the New World – the Unity of Consciousness Dimension – within our collective awareness.

Our country, through our several wars, through our Negative Media and propaganda, through the tainting of our very culture with the evil of our leaders who have no sense for what is right for the people or the country, is preventing the perceptual breakthrough into the Fourth Dimension that I have been discussing in these Blog messages.

There are many of us who believe the lies told to us by our misguided leaders. It is true, often it is much easier to believe a lie. That is why many of us believe that all is well with our leaders and our country. For to question that authority would force us to acknowledge that the reality for us is just the opposite of the propaganda. Who wants to admit that they have been swindled? Who would easily admit that they were wrong on matters of such great importance?

It is a very, very important task to find and admit the TRUTH in these matters. For when the truth is found and acknowledged, only then does the work begin. All of the years of lies and manipulation have left us with a stagnant culture. The Soul’s evolution has been cut short. It is now time to begin our individual and collective transformation.


The creation of positive realities is our responsibility. It is a personal issue. Because we are the creator in physical reality, it is a matter of how aware we become of our responsibilities.

Now the great majority of us, it is true, will remain in a sleep state, in a manner of speaking, right up until the time of the Dimensional Shift. On the surface it will appear as though we are unaware of the changes that our civilization is going through. Yet for most of us, there will be a great change already underway on the subtle levels.

We are being prepared for the transformation in the dream state. We are not aware of this, however, as we go about our waking reality. We prefer to “pretend” that life as usual continues to unfold, without any great upheavals to anticipate.

For this group of people the shift will take place over-night, quite literally. They will awaken one day and suddenly appreciate the vast changes they have undergone, as individuals and as parts of the collective. These are of the type of humans that wishes to “not think about” the future that much, for the future will “take care of itself.” This group comprises many millions of us on our Earth,

To pretend that business as usual is being experienced at this time in our history is a form of denial, a denial of the Soul Self. On the level of the Soul’s experiencing, we know full well that great changes are underway for us.

Constantly we are reminded of this by Beings of Light as they transmit their messages into our mental sphere. It is a simple matter to ascribe these messages, as we stated in the first couple Blogs of this Series, to bad memories or other forms of “negative thinking.” Then we may go on our way, blissfully unaware on an ego/intellect level, of what our Soul most surely knows. Let us present an example to make this clear for the Blog Reader.

Suppose you are a typical human of the type I am describing. That is, you are one who discounts, perhaps as spiritual bullshit, the statements of your associates that describe the hearing of the voices of dead ancestors. Or else you deny accounts of those who describe the means to avoid a calamity they faced on the highway, as in an accidents or some such thing, as coming from a nonphysical source. The intuitive voice is discounted here, you see. These humans may even ascribe the great luck of winners of various prizes or monies from the inside information given to them by their Angels or etheric advisers to mere coincidence. They deny the voice of the sacred in the lives of others, and so they must be consistent as they deny the voice of the sacred within their own lives.


Now we may discuss affecting the Consensus World Reality from the privacy of our own Personal Reality Field. Just as our advice to “keep a good thought” a simplistic solution to transform negative realities – was offered to you the blog reader, this technique of contributing to the Positive Manifestation within the Consensus World Reality from our Personal Reality if offered with just as much surety that you will find success. The simplistic becomes the profoundly effective, as in other examples we have discussed.

Now what are we saying, in so much as we are describing the Positive Manifestation? First let me state emphatically that we are NOT describing the reality presented to you in the media. You well know by now that I am quite impatient with the purveyors of madness and violence and negativity that we refer to as the Negative Media.

These media would be the sensationalist newspapers, the war-mongering television programs presented as “news,” the violent controlling internet websites. These media present what we might call “the accepted” worldview of our deluded leaders and their business associates, the pillagers of our worldly goods, including our natural resources, the stores of our Mother Earth.

This is why we find ourselves prisoners of quite toxic Consensus Reality, you see. Many of us are using the “templates” offered to us by these Negative Media, to create a negative fearful reality. In a sense, many of us believe it is our “civic duty” to do so.

For example: some of us believe with all our might that we are good citizens if we prepare for the “imminent” terrorist attack from our “enemies.” And so we stock up on the necessities of life in preparation for a few months or years underground, in our safe room. This is ridiculous my friend. Now I am certainly not speaking to you personally here, I am referring simply to those of you who have fallen under the spell of negative conditioning perpetrated by our leaders and the business interests that “rule” our world.

But let us examine what sort of Consensus Reality we help to create from the “safety” of our safe room. Are you contributing to a world based on Love and the acceptance of our fellow human beings without judgment of fear? I think not. In all probability, we are from our safe room, merely adding to the hatred, adding to the fear, helping to do our part in the perpetuation of negative realities.


The Consensus Reality Field is our term for the broader field of Reality Creation of which we are a part by virtue of our individually created world. Our Personal Reality Field serves us well within our niche in our environment. It is “tailor made” according to our specifics, both conscious and unconscious. Now the broader field of Reality Creation may be thought of as comprising, for example, our neighborhood, our city, our state, our country, our hemisphere and finally our world – the planet Earth.

I will not bore you with more descriptions of how we create the Personal Reality Field. Suffice it to say that you and the others who live in our neighborhood, achieve a consensus while sleeping on what will be created, in so far as our neighborhood goes, upon awakening. Obviously this holds true for the manifestation of our city’s Consensus Reality, our state’s and so on.


Now briefly, our world is in the middle of the Fourth-Dimensional Shift. In our U.S.A. and other countries we risk succumbing to the forces of hatred and totalitarianism. As our election will again demonstrate, the system is broken. The will of the people is subverted.

It will take action on the part of many millions of us in the West to turn the tide. We do not have the numbers yet because we are complacent and afraid. But as the media gradually begin to present truthful stories for all to read, our numbers will grow. Act now to help make it happen. Participate in our community to encourage the truthful representation of reality within our media and within our communities.


We often use the phrase in these new Blog messages, “I am not telling you to something you do not already know.” This is a statement of fact. We are merely reminding you the Blog Reader of the knowledge you have acquired in your many voyages into physical form. This information on the nature of reality and the use of energy, you first brought with you from your existence in non-physical reality, before your ” physical” birth into human body. Now this knowledge also is a part of your FUTURE heritage, if you may understand this conundrum of mine.

Perhaps a better way to describe the relearning phenomenon in which we are engaged is this… bleed throughs – the perceptual breakthrough of our current self into other Simultaneous Lives – occur throughout our waking and dreaming periods. These are learning “field trips” in which our current conscious perception tunes-in on one or more of our past, other current or future lives. This is a function of the multitasking Soul Self as we awaken to our multidimensional experiencing. This is the acquiring of the Divine Knowledge we constantly refer to in these Blog manuscripts.

On a basic level, we already know this material. That is why it seems so familiar to you. That is why it seems so true. You have perfected this system in your numerous future incarnations, again in your familiar terms, assuming the linear time illusion that is favored in our dimension. And so you see, I use the phrase “this you already know” as a device to hopefully trigger memories here.

The little bleed-throughs that we experience I hope will keep us motivated enough to continue the voyage. These are tools the non-physical beings use as we attempt to educate humanity. The phrase is a deep and empowered one, a profound suggestion. However, just accepted it playfully and see where it leads us. This phrase may help us to wake-up to our greater reality.


Let us provide another example here. To recap for the Blog Reader, it is my suggestion that the great majority of human beings realize what are the Lessons they have come to Earth to learn. They are perceived as faint memories by most of us.

These distant perceptions are glimpses of the Soul Self as it attempts to penetrate the barrier of the ego/intellect. These “memories” may indeed be “powered” by the Negative Emotions. That is precisely why we avoid thinking about these Lessons. It is a wholly natural response to the Negative Emotions: avoidance.

Now the example concerns a human in the throes of bringing up to the surface of consciousness their Wisdom Lessons. Perhaps they have avoided thinking about these issues for many years, perhaps the majority of the life lived. However, now it is time to confront this difficult material, come what may.

Specially, let us say that this human has avoided social contact with others to any degree out of fear of being criticized. Perhaps they were criticized relentless by others when they were young. This fearful approach has become a lifestyle, forcing the subject to live behind closed doors, in a sense, even though they secretly yearn for human contact.

As we have stated in The Healing Regimen Blog, the diabetic, for example, may be learning Lessons of appreciation and Love with this illness. They have not enjoyed the sweetness that life offers, such as perhaps the special contact so necessary to normal development for the human. To remedy this, it is suggested that one would intentionally LEARN how to appreciate the life being lived.

The human would do well to attempt to EMBODY appreciation, to BECOME appreciation. The next simple step would be to courageously transmit this LEARNED emotional state to others intentionally. The sweetness of life is sweet indeed, but only when we notice it and experience it and then “pass it along” to others, to use the vernacular.

I am certain that this message from The Entity is appropriate for many of us, beyond those who are “diabetic.” To embody the opposite of the Negative Emotions we are experiencing, is a very potent method of magical creation.


Now there are times for us, as researchers and learners of Lessons, when we may seem to be engaged in ardently co-creating our reality in a very responsible fashion. We are “doing everything right,” let us say, and diligently attending to the transformation of Negative Emotions into their divine opposites. We are doing so very well in this endeavor that we perhaps feel as though we should be rewarded in some way, feeling that the Powers That Be could “have mercy” on us, so that we might relax and enjoy ourselves for a period of time. Yet let us say that we still continue to experience a challenging existence with a series of quite negative events serving to “drive home” this harsh reality.

“Am I being singled out for punishment,” you might ask yourself. Now we must at times such as these, revert back to first principles. We create our own reality. If we are feeling victimized, we are ultimately the tormentor. If we are in the midst of painful, negative personal dramas, we are ultimately the director, the producer and also the cast of these dramas.

We are composed of many personality aspects within our Personal Reality ego/intellect. But our greater personality or Higher Consciousness also participates through a lending of energy to the “dramatic flow” of the events in our life. In this way, we are whole – the cosmos – and us are also the individuals living component of the whole. I believe I must elaborate further on this phenomenon for our ULTIMATE understanding.

The reason that we sense a familiarity in the scenes of our everyday life, as if all of the characters in these daily dramas of ours are our “relations,” is that everyone we meet and interact with moment-to-moment is indeed our relation. The relevant aspects of our Higher Self are reflected through these other personalities relative to the learning of our individual, Soul Family and Entity Lessons.

Naturally there would be a familiarity in this dance of synchronicity we know as physical reality. We act in concert, then, at any one time and all of the time, with our cohorts, keeping our appointments with “perfect strangers,” to enact our behaviors in the quest for Value Fulfillment. We shall have more to say on this phenomenon in our forthcoming Blog on Soul Family.


This is our life, you see. This dramatic and sometimes comedic performance in Earthly flesh is our life, for which we have PURPOSEFULLY incarnated. We are experiencing both the positive and the negative life has to offer. Yes it is true that we inevitably age and die, perhaps being subject to much pain and suffering; yet there is also joy in these sequential moments of our life.

With the proper attitude we may even experience our suffering moments in what can be described as “joyful appreciation.” This may be difficult to comprehend for some of us. Let us have an example of how this paradox of feeling and behavior might be experienced by any one of us as we go about our meaningful lives.

As we awaken to the Unity of Consciousness Dimension, we will gradually become more aware of our Simultaneous Lives. Within these lives we are living the broad spectrum of existence. Thus, as we retain memories of a life lived within a society as a tortured being who is daily subjected to painful living experiences, we may compare this life with our current existence in the modern world.

Do you see how we might experience a sense of joyful appreciation for our current life? Relative to other lives we are living in the midst of great pain and suffering, our current existence may be regarded as joyful and complete.


This is how our Third-Dimensional system was “set up.” It is an arena for the experiencing of Negative Emotions. However , eventually we must face this aspect of our personality. We each are called upon to address the negative thoughts within our mental sphere and the negative events in our existence and the Negative Emotions that “appear” to be caused by the negative in our momentary experiencing and “owning” it. The awakening human recognizes their responsibility in the creation of negative realities.

Wisdom Lessons, then, refer to this two-step activity. First the researcher, through experimentation and analysis in the laboratory that is the Personal Reality, arrives at Findings specific to their Life Lessons. These Findings may have been “hidden from view” for many years. They represent the hard truth of the developing personality over time. None of us are perfect. The human in physical incarnation may strive for perfection, but of being is reserved for other dimensional-experiences.

So the truth is made known through experimentation. What we have been denying is revealed to us in all of its harsh and intense glory. Now what does the awakening human do with this information? In our system the method is clear: with the developing skills of creating Loving Understanding and Courage out of anger, denial and fear, the researcher transforms the difficult material into its divine opposite.

Now this Loving Understanding entails acceptance of the negative Findings on all levels of creature hood. We are responsible, as I have said in earlier Blogs. We are the creator of our world and the events within our world. Accepting our responsibility for our creations is the necessary first step here.

The second step entails understanding and the gaining of wisdom or Divine Insight. This is accomplished by allowing the Soul Self to perceive our world. The ego/intellect is gently placed to the side and the Higher Consciousness is brought through the portal of creation – the ajna center directly between the eyes. This may be accomplished by meditation or visualizing the Divine as coming through our physical body construct.

We will naturally create our own imagery, thought and emotion for this exercise. Throughout the New Blog material I have given many techniques to accomplish this.


The soul sees the truth of our existence; that all is Love…

Now what occurs here in the “disappointing” moment is this… our ego? Intellect creates a sense of Lack for our having experienced less than was expected. The ego intellect is motivated through the concerns of the personality. The Soul Self, on the other hand, is motivated from an expectation of Love, that is all. The egoic concerns do not concern the Soul Self. The Soul Self does not ever hold unreasonable expectations.

The Soul sees the truth of our existence: that all is Love. It is only through the misguided perceptions of the ego/intellect that we, for example, would become disappointed – “depressed” as we say – if we were expecting a lavish birthday cake, and received only a small cookie with a candle in it.

Now seeing through the eyes of the Soul Self, what do we suppose we would see in this gift of the cookie? We would see, from this divine perspective, only Love with a capital L. The gift would be appreciated for the bestowal of Love upon the recipient that it indeed was.


The Lessons of Negativity can be faced now. We have tools to deal with these Lessons. Now this is the way that it works for us with all types of behaviors: whatever elicits the perception of satisfaction or happiness is pursued relentlessly. Whatever seems to create the Negative Emotions is most usually avoided. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule in every life.

We have noted previously in this Blog material the tendency for the “depressed” person to create Reality Constructs that perpetuate the state of depression, as though there were a certain muted satisfaction in depression. Generally, however, the negative states are avoided by most of us.

For example: this is particularly true in the developed nations as we call ourselves. We are certainly “developed” in so far as access to material wealth is concerned. However, it is the rest of the world’s peoples who have the edge in matters of spiritual understanding, spiritual wealth. In the developed countries we are easily diverted from spiritual considerations by the many objects of mass consumption made available to us through our shopping centers, for example, through our mass media, and so on.

Dear Blog reader, we are easily diverted in the moment by these requests from our creators of “shiny things.” We are easily distracted for we are “waiting for an excuse” to avoid our Lessons. As we have suggested in these Blogs, like children, many would rather not consider our Lessons in physical reality, and would rather buy something we desire to feel good for the moment. If we are feeling anxious or depressed, we buy something. If we are grieving or in physical or psychological pain, we buy something to “make ourselves feel better.”

As you know, it is the adrenaline and other substances released in our body that creates this “feeling better” state of consciousness. Over time we become dependent on this satisfied emotional state and we may find ourselves purchasing more than we need or can afford to keep “happy.” The Lessons of Negativity are thus avoided.


I wish to make a point that All That Is encompasses all those names. The readers of this Blog should understand that their versions of god, whatever they call him or her, is encompassed in All That Is. All That Is is an infinite high-energy source. It is impossible for that mass of energy to contain itself into one specific life form. Not even for a minute is it capable of doing this.

We are all, extensions of All That Is in that we use this energy source to experience our lives and as we evolve so does All That Is. Every thought, every action, every feeling, every situation, every moment in time and space is different with each individual. No two people or beings will ever experience the exact situation in the exact same way. All That Is is experiencing what it has created in every way possible, thus expanding its abilities as well as ours, for All That Is is always acquiring more and more knowledge of itself through the existence of souls throughout the Universe, not just our limited little Universe that we are aware of but there are thousands of galaxies just like ours in the infinite amount of space.


Simply visualize. Make it as a fan that comes out in front of you when you are concentrating and send those energies to those lives. And don’t be overly concerned about whether they are received. Just do it and be done with it and move on with your day. It will be done as long as you do it. We interact telepathically with other portions of our energy day and night, were just not aware of it. There’s far more there than we can possibly comprehend in the third dimension but I’ve made it as simple as possible for the reader of this Blog. This is you, as you send the energies out to other portions of yourself.

“You visualize yourself. This is your self that you are focused in right now, in this point of power and you are sending healing energies to all of your lives. You then affect all experiences since they’re all related.”

It is only a past in our terms because of our linear thinking and the logic behind the time/space continuum. We are in a timeframe so we constantly consider the past over and done with. The past is not over and done with any more than the future does not exist, for they all exist together. They are all there. There are portions of our energy in each one of these lives, living these lives. Think of it this way: we have set up a variety of different lessons and scenarios with which we want to learn. We’ve picked various different lives and timeframes that we wish to be born into. For the timeframe of the Earth plane, we need only to enter within that portal of time to begin to focus on that particular life.

We are all focusing right now as we speak on this particular timeframe, the events of this part of our world’s experiences, the perceived reality of our world I should say without getting too technical here. I want this to be absorbed by the reader of this Blog in the most simplistic of terms. Now, we have in front of us, lets say, a dozen lives and we’ve said to oneself, “Ok I’m, going to choose this one now. Many others are going into this timeframe and I wish to go into this timeframe too. This is the life where I will go to learn the lessons I have set up for myself.” Based on our own point in evolution we may enter into that life more highly-evolved than others and use that knowledge to assist in the evolution of the others. We may have chosen experiences in other timeframes prior to choosing that one that were either farther into the future as we know it or farther back.

The point is that we choose what timeframes to enter into based on our own personal evolution and what we wish to bring to that timeframe from our base of evolutionary knowledge. Now all of the lives, as I said, are being lived simultaneously. When we are done focusing on one of those lives, we will go back to our home dimension, evaluate the life we have focused on and decide what it is that we needed to learn. Did we learn and experience that and do we need to go back and do it again or can we move on with another lesson in another life in another timeframe on Earth or wherever? We make those decisions. They are there, but because we only focus the greater ball of energy on one at a time, this is where our point of power is.

Now it’s not to say that we don’t have a point of power in all those other lives, for we do, but we are not aware of them in our present life. We are not aware that we are focusing on any of those lives because our focus is here and now in this timeframe. We are getting thoughts from all of ourselves all of the time, we are just not aware of it. The thoughts that we send out now are the thoughts that we wish to affect those personalities in those other lives, to help the evolution of our soul.

Now let me add one thing here. When we are in our home dimension preparing to enter into one of our lives and we did not or were not able to learn the lessons we had chosen, as in the case of suicide, we will go back into that period of time that we have just exited from almost immediately. There is a Universal Law involving suicides, which is only circumvented in very special cases where one was already scheduled to die because of terminal illness. In the case of unjustified suicides, we will go back and be reborn from the standpoint of a baby and you will still be within that perceived reality and belief system of the individuals of that time period from which we just came and we will have to re-experience all over again a life similar to the one we opted out on, until the lessons are learned and the contract fulfilled.

Because the evolution of mankind/womankind takes on what seems to be a slow process, we might miss out on a few years at best, but we will be right back in the same lessons with pretty much the same identical perceived realities. Due to the accelerated pace of our current evolution, for reasons that I won’t go into at present, there may be some changes as to what dimensional-level we we re-enter into. Since our planet is in the midst of a massive evolutionary change, many of us will not be returning into a three-dimensional reality. This is all predicated on how swiftly our citizens realign their consciousness.

The intense energy being poured into our world at this time by the forces of light is going to dramatically affect our entire world as our planet makes this necessary shift into the unity of consciousness dimension. Many of us will re-enter into that dimension because of this evolution. Many of the souls entering into our world at present through the birth process are already evolved to that level and will be assisting the rest of the world to make the transition and will also help with the restructuring of civilization.

We are evolving into Light Beings. In the fourth dimension our bodies will be lighter and more etheric than the dense physical bodies we have now, “light” also meaning information and knowledge. We will be aware of all our simultaneous lives and their experiences for we will be able to feel them and remember them. It is not to judge them though, but to go forth and acknowledge them for what they are, learning experiences that we wished to learn.

Our spiritual knowledge has been kept from us far too long. It is the knowledge that has been always been available to us but has been taken from us within our mass systems of belief, through our religions and our governments. I have not intended to put down the religious systems as they have their place in helping mankind/womankind, but they have also been great perpetrators of darkness. As you notice with the 9/11 event. The terrorists mask their actions and beliefs behind the label of god and religion. This is true in many aspects of government as well, for they try to keep us in the dark about other beings within the Universe for fear that they will be stepping on the toes of the religious leaders.

The forces that are trying to prevent us from gaining our soul’s knowledge are busily at work trying to keep us in the dark. They go to great lengths to feed off of our negativity. We can see how they have controlled our media. Unwillingly and unwittingly many souls fall prey to this belief system thinking that they are doing the right thing, when in actuality they are being manipulated by the forces of dark. They have handed over power of their thoughts to others thus serving up mankind/womankind huge plates of fear and negativity on a daily basis.


Our point of power is the sum of energy that empasses our current life as we now experiencing it. When we engage in sending thoughts of healing to our other lives we are using the energy available to us. Now to send messages to those other life experiences. Those other lives are not consciously aware of what we are doing but telepathically they are receiving the thoughts. This healing often affects decisions that we would be making thus altering our experiences. Our hope is that those experiences would be for the better and that the lessons chosen in those timeframe would be accomplished.

We are also altering our experiences in our now by the thoughts that we are sending to ourselves from other portions of those lives. As we raise the vibrational hum of our being through awareness, we affect the outcome of our future experiences. The raising of our vibrations also affects the rest of society and helps move the planet and its beings into its next level of consciousness. We are bringing that love-light energy to the future-light because we have the energy available in this point of power to send those thoughts. It is really not about a future life anyway because all chosen lives are based on our Soul’s evolution.

If we are to fully understand this one must move away from the time-constraint thinking for it is not relevant when not in incarnation. I know that you are confused as to how we can live all of these lives simultaneously, but I mentioned earlier they have all been chosen and set up for us to experience. There is no time as we know it in the home dimension of the Soul as well as many other dimensions. There are many probable realities involved in all of these lives.

The thoughts that we think now, the behaviors that we take on now, the ideas that we assume for our own personal reality affect all of these lives and our evolution. They are not consciously aware of it, however the effect is taking place because they are all part of the same energy essence of you-the-soul. Just as we are not consciously aware of them, they are not consciously are of us. But the messages that we send back and forth to each other do enter into the subconscious mind and are received, whether or not we are aware of it.

We are beginning the process with our thoughts. As our thoughts move toward the light, the vibrational hum of the beings on the planet and the planet itself will move into the change. As the beings move towards the light – the light being knowledge and information – the DNA within the human being will evolve from the double helix to the twelve strands, each twelve strands corresponding to the twelve chakras. This DNA evolution will affect the body. AS I talked about earlier in my Blog, the thoughts of our planet the energies of all of our beings, create the entire environment of our planet, the weather and all the perceived realities within that system.

When the vibrational hum of the masses is raised to its new level of awareness and into the light, the planet is able to evolve with its beings. If we move towards the dark or stay within the dark, no knowledge will be brought forth, because darkness does not allow for information and knowledge. We will remain the same of a lesser quality than we are presently, “quality” meaning we will not physically or spiritually evolve. We will stay within the confines of the third-dimensional reality.

Earth is moving forward. It is not in the throes of the backwards momentum. It is moving forward into its next phase on its evolutionary path. If we succumb to the dark forces, we will only succeed in relinquishing our soul’s evolution to the powers of those who wish to repress and confine the very nature of our being.

As we move into the light the knowledge that has always been there for us will start to show itself within our being. We will be aware of many things we thought impossible to comprehend. That is the process of moving towards the light, the evolution of mankind’s/womankind’s physical being as well as the evolution of his/her soul. We may be asking, “How do I move towards this light?” Our thoughts are what move us towards the light. If we constantly harbor thoughts of darkness then we will be in darkness. The power is ours. It has always been ours.

When we take back our power that we have generously relinquished to other forces and use it for the further evolution of our soul we will have started the process. It is no longer necessary to subscribe to the mass beliefs of the doctrines that have been systematically placed into our being for centuries. We are all starting to wake up, some of us quicker than others. Those of us who resist by your own free will still wallow in our greed and manipulation and stay within the realms of the Third Dimension, which I might add is going to be quite uncomfortable for us until we too seek the light. Those stubborn individuals will not be allowed to manipulate the minds of humanity much longer.


Let me begin, in the transition from one form of energy to another, for each life lesson that is completed, a symbol is chosen by us. This symbol is a reminder of the life experienced and generally it relates to the lesson or contract theme as it was completed. For instance, if we came into our life to perfect the experience of humility, and that experience was perfected, then the symbol would be chosen. The symbol is chosen by the individual, for you and is personal to one’s soul development.

The Council members for example have quite an elaborate array of symbols all together on one piece, which they wear around their necks. Since these beings have had many experiences, they are quite intricate. The same applies to you. Your symbol is your reminder. Now, when meditating often you will see these symbols, you may wonder what they are. If you look further, you will see that they have to do with the lessons learned in previous, past or future lives, since all lives are simultaneous. Now let me make this clear, that the present life as you see it is your current focus, however in meditation you are fully capable of focusing on lives that you deem to be past or future. Often when reviewing one’s life before entering into another, the soul will bring forth to the meeting with The Council the symbols of the previous life or lives, as a reminder of lessons learned.

All communication being telepathic, the Council will know what the symbols mean and will be better able to advise on a new life experience based on those symbols. The Council is always available to help in these matters in choosing the next group of lessons that are for you to learn. One life is not automatically predetermined to be the life following the previous. In other words, you may choose whatever lessons you are slated to learn in any order in which you want to learn them. Some lessons being very difficult. Other lessons may come in the form of an easy existence, thus explaining why some entities feel they are overwhelmed and have too much on their plate while others seem to skate through life without hardly a bruise.

It is all a matter if when you choose to participate in these lessons and their level of difficulty for your spiritual evolution. If you have had many seemingly trying lifetimes, you may then decide the next incarnation will be more peaceful to you. Now, keep in mind, not all incarnate on a variety of other existences. Solar systems and planets, however most of us will come back to Earth for this phase of our spiritual growth as most of our chosen experiences are part of Earth’s solar system and we are part of that Creator’s plan. The lessons that you have choose to learn and the stage of your soul evolution will determine the place in which you will manifest your energy.

The Earth’s third dimension encompasses your physical type of body which is usually chosen for the experience needed to evolve at the level. That is not to say that those on other planets do not have a physical body for they do. They are just different than ours because of some of the atmosphere conditions. Regardless, the symbols are many and there are multitudes of them.

When referring to the Council for guidance as to what group of lessons you wish to learn in your next incarnation (if you choose to do so) you will refer to your symbols. The more incarnations one takes on and the more lessons completed the more complex your symbols become. It begins to take on a complex personality of its own so to speak because it contains all your life lessons. It is worn as a medallion would be worn.

It is up to the individual as to how the soul makes the correlation between the lesson that was learned and the symbol that it chooses to associate that lesson with. For instance, you may have a tree or symbol of a tree if that reminds you of something that you learned in the previous existence. This is left up to you because it will make the most sense to you.

However we are very familiar with each other’s symbols as we see them because telepathically we are able to understand the evolution of each soul based on his/her symbols. When communing with other souls in our home dimension, as we recognize each other and identify with each other, we also know what each other has learned in our evolution based on our symbols. We visually can see these as if they were draped around our neck as in a large circular medallion.


The world’s media – through television, movies and the printed word – all have some dark content to serve up to us on a daily basis. Most of the individuals presenting this information to us have no clue that they are being systematically controlled by negative energies. They merely think that they are providing a service of filling a need for the insatiable appetite of our society’s obsession with violence. The soul-you is not   this kind of stimuli when not in incarnation, where everything in our home dimension is in harmony. This kind of stimuli is shocking to the soul and in a way we are curious as to the affects of what watching violence does to our physical body as it increases our adrenaline output, a purely physical sensation that itself is a high for us. As adrenaline increases, the natural reaction afterwards is a calming effect. Our society seeks this stimuli in an effort to “experience,” for our natural impulses to experience our life have been put to a halt, so we must seek other forms of stimuli to experience. All too often this comes in the form of negative, violent media productions.

If we will stop and take notice, a heartfelt movie or an experience where we have done something kind for a stranger will produce the same effects, but we ignore it, considering it not fashionable. We have succumbed to the will of the negative influences and our ego. It is not healthy for the mind, body and spirit of mankind/womankind to indulge itself in this kind of programming. We set ourselves up to fall into the belief systems of the negative influences. Take for instance our news stations. They rarely give us any good news and if they do, it is some human-interest story as filler for their regular programming. The brunt of the programming of our minds is in the negative arena, supporting our fears and outright encouraging them. Our media have very effectively turned our societies into fear-based societies. It seems as though no news is good news unless it’s bad news. We can change this. We do not have to accept a steady diet of negativity and fear. It is most detrimental to our psyche and our being as a whole to indulge in this kind of stimulation. It robs us if the true fulfillment of our soul’s purpose and interaction with the rest of humanity. It sets us up to distrust and fear the beings that we have incarnated with to experience our planet.

Our media could be used as effective tools with the right intentions to fight our war on terrorism without having to kill anyone. Given the right kind of information, humanity could elevate its consciousness quite willingly. I am often perplexed as to why this valuable invention of ours (television) has not been used to its greatest potential for the good of humanity instead of promoting negativity and fear. It is one of our greatest sources of power, yet it is used unwisely to convey messages that do not further the evolution of the soul in any way.

Let us talk governments and man’s/woman’s god. Man’s/woman’s consciousness has always identified itself with the physical body first. Somewhere along the line, in developing the awareness of his being, the perception of time, birth and death became somewhat distorted. In the beginning of his/her evolution, he/she was less aware of a time/space constraint. His/her natural relationship with the earth and his/her original awareness of his/her creator were all he/she needed. Eventually though, that awareness was replaced with his/her newfound beliefs. He/she had created for oneself a god of man/woman that would be the prime director of his/she life. He/she had been fully aware that his/her consciousness and that of animals were working in harmony towards their own individual evolution. For both understood that their actions, whether prey or aggressor, were fulfilling the needs of each other’s species and guaranteeing their survival. Again, I am using “he” and “she” here only as a reference to encompass all humans within the framework of these Blog writings, since the soul has no gender.

Mankind/womankind has always felt within his/her greater being he/she was to have some controls put upon him/her for whatever reasons. He/she was unable to accept the idea that his/her being would and could fully experience itself under its own power. His/her limitations set him/her apart from other creatures. Instinctively in the beginning of his/her soul’s evolution he/she was more aware of oneself. As time passed though, in his/her eyes he/she became frightened of himself/herself and his/her curious impulses. He/she felt the need to control his/her nature. Mainly through superstitious beliefs and then creation of his/her versions of god, he/she became further and further ensconced in the beliefs that there was some part of his/her nature that he/she could not control. He/she felt it was best to hand over the power to other authorities that would then oversess his/her life and ensure that he/she was keeping oneself in line with his/her ideals.

The religious organizations man/woman envisioned to feed his/her need for spiritual growth were unwilling to deal with society’s legal problems. It became easy for him/her to shift the blame onto a law and thus not have to deal with the issues personally. For it is the law and the law must be followed and so on it went, never realizing that he/she was systematically cutting himself/herself off from experiencing the nature of his/her being which is basically good. With all of his/her pent-up anger and frustration, he/she was starting to experience another side of oneself that he/she did not understand and became fearful. Of course even before his/her creation of a government, he/she had always aligned oneself with a God-force. The concepts of a God have always paralleled the ideals established within the governmental structures.

Mankind’s/womankind’s ego needed to feel that it was still in control of itself, so it imagined for itself a god of man/woman, a god that took on the characteristics of man/woman and would be a god of power. This concept was most important to mankind’s/womankind’s developing ego and ideals. Many nations have formed their own idealized version of god, and oftentimes the majority of their wars were fought in the name of God. With the emergence of this human-like god who was given the power to punish man/woman for his/her perceived good and evil, came various forms of religion, many using fear as a tool to gain control of mankind’s/womankind’s soul.

Governments also seized upon the moment and in an effort to control mankind/womankind began using similar tactics that man has willingly accepted enmasses. In the Western world and some other nations a democracy was formed that aligned itself with society’s religious beliefs. This was a cooperative effort in order to maintain an accepted equilibrium in society. For some time this system has worked for mankind/womankind, however with the awakening of his/her consciousness he/she is no longer able to accept the fables and fairy tales of his/her nature. With religion and its more intuitional knowledge and government with its more intellectual knowledge, mankind/womankind was now embarking on a journey of conflicting wills.

As our conscious knowledge became more and more available to us, our ego has had to grapple with the old system of beliefs. The realities that we have been ignoring, we can no longer pretend do not exist. As our governing institutions, scientists, medical establishments and reiglions all mount their efforts to suppress this knowledge, mankind will rise up and expose them one by one. Governing bodies in today’s civilizations are of a massive nature. For every infraction that humans have been able to perpetrate, a law has been put into place to stop it. There are always those acting out of their own frustrations that will look for ways to circumvent the system in order to try to regain their power. It has been a fruitless effort at best. However all that is about to change.

Evolving as a species

Life on our planet was intended to offer to mankind/womankind an abundance of diversity. It was not intended that individuals would try to stamp out by any means available what they did not understand or did not fit into their own perceived set of ideals. This applies not only to the destruction of other humans but all species that exist on the planet Earth. The different cultures were set in place as a stimulus for creativity for mankind/womankind. It was intended from the beginning that Earth would be the planet that would have beings with free will and that there would be much diversity within its cultures. Humanity has used their free will and often destroyed it at the same time.

Because of our own perceived inadequacies we have sought out someone else to blame for our failures. Civilizations are rife with individuals playing the blame game. We alone are responsible for our actions. We have consciously made the decisions. Whether they are positive or negative, our thoughts stimulated us into action and what we have acted out upon we must claim as our own. Mankind/womankind has conveniently sidestepped accountability for his/her actions using whatever forum available to pass the buck. We should certainly be able to recognize this observing the actions of our politicians, as they are masters of this game. Every being if they truly examine their life’s motivations will find themselves guilty of blaming others for their life’s mishaps. We would benefit greatly of we would rise up and admit our failures and move on without endlessly punishing others for our distorted ideas of our reality.

Each being is here, as I have said before, to spiritually evolve. It is my sincerest desire as you read this material that all of us will put down our grievances against each other and consciously start to respect the life that was given to us and to others. We are very fortunate to have been able to incarnate on our beautiful planet Earth. There are millions and millions of beings waiting to come to Earth that have not been able to because our planet is relatively small compared to some of the others. It can only sustain so much life at one time. Humans should be using this opportunity to enjoy and share the lavish benefits of the planet and interact and experience their soul’s existence with all the others who have chosen to come here. It is not one of the more evolved planets of the multitude of Universes, however it has a vast amount of learning experience for those who choose to incarnate on it.

Behaviors of greed, violence, hate and war will only suffice to eliminate our being from ever experiencing our planet when it evolves its consciousness. Planets are being prepared to receive those that do not wish to move into the peaceful harmonics. I am told that Pluto is certainly one of those more inhospitable planets with a magnitude of fear that we have never known. Given our limited perception of what I am saying, many of us deny what we are hearing, but the fact still remains. We will find out when we experience the transition of our energy upon death of our physical body, that the thoughts we create now will affect our next reality.

No one is justified in the destruction of anyone else’s culture or nation. WE are seeing examples right now, with the fanatical ideas of rogue governments and terrorists, that if not got in check, humanity will experience the destruction of many nations. We are to experience and learn from each other, not stamp each other out like mosquitoes. When humanity follows leaders that have taken individuals on a path of self-destruction, then they are only furthering their own annihilation. There are no rewards in that for the soul, none whatsoever. Those individuals will be made to experience what they have done to others in their next incarnation, only their experience will be much harder and it may not be on Earth. We have free will. We may move forward in our evolution or we may not, the choice is always ours.

At this time on our planet there is a great war going on between beings: those that have positive intentions for peace and goodwill for mankind/womankind and those that are in pursuit of negative power for domination of mankind/womankind. The scales are weighing in evenly and that is a dangerous situation for our planet. There are many probable realities in play at this time and it is up to the individuals an masse to ensure that the survival of our planet is taken seriously. Our belief systems should be examined carefully and necessary changes made within those systems if we as a species are to survive.

Most of us still have many incarnations that we would like to experience and learn from whether it be on Earth or elsewhere. The point here is that elsewhere may not be a very nice option. Much of humanity over the last 30 years has started to raise their vibrational hum and move into alignment with the plan of our world and many of us are ready to receive divine knowledge. Knowledge can only be given to us as we evolve, due to the Laws of Non-interference. As we evolve our consciousness the knowledge is released. It is why I do not give specific solutions to problems, because we are here to learn from our experiences and the answers are not to be just handed to us. It is up to us to work out our beliefs on our own and come to terms with our soul’s purpose and evolution in our own way. Many mistakes have been made. Also much has been learned.

At this time though, our planet is in danger of experiencing some very serious events unless all of us consciously examine what we have been doing. Our thoughts and actions will greatly affect the survival of our nations and our world. Never before has there been so much conflict in so many areas of our world. Never before has humanity been so close to destroying itself with its weapons of mass destruction. The negative influences that wish to keep us from evolving will use whatever means necessary to accomplish their goals. The forces of light have been diligently pouring their energies onto our planet in an effort to seal off the negative forces in their own dimension. With those energies many situations will appear to be out of control, but rest assured that the walls of dark must crumble down before they can be rebuilt with light.

Within the many Universes, Earth is a most beautiful planet. It is teaming with all sorts of life that was specifically created to enhance its eco-system and the experiences of its inhabitants. It is a most desirable place to incarnate and experience life. It is also the only planet to incarnate and experience life. It is also the only planet where there are no boundaries as to what humans can experience. Free will is pervasive on our planet as it was intended to be. Our stories of Adam and Eve were to help mankind/womankind understand that free will was the thrust of his/her existence. Within the framework of those biblical manuscripts the ideas for humanity’s behavior were set into place, knowing that with free will here would need to be some boundaries within societies. Nowadays the boundaries are so restrictive that we have almost lost the ability to experience the very essence of our soul, and in feelings of frustration many wars have been fought.

Humanity knows through natural impulses how to experience itself, but because we have been taught to ignore those impulses, we have suppressed the natural creature-hood of our being. If we would allow those impulses their freedom, a whole world of experience would open up to us. We would joyously be able to experience everything that The Creator had intended for us. We have been fighting with others and ourselves because we have not been experiencing those impulses. We have thrown them into one of the dark recesses of our mind for fear that they are bad and only fools act impulsively experiencing their existence. Animals do not suppress their impulses. They do whatever comes naturally to them. They do not question their motives for they instinctively know what they need to do to survive. Babies and small children are always using their natural impulses to develop their experiences in life. It is only they are taught not to trust those impulses that they stop experiencing them.

If we would allow ourselves the freedom to experience our soul’s journey, much could be learned and there would be no need for wars. If we would learn to just dominate ourselves and not others, our evolution would be swiftly forthcoming. I use the word dominate here, because it seems to be a method of ours to conquer and control everything around us. Everything around us is perfectly capable of controlling itself and does not need to have the interference of another to suspend its experience on our planet. Children are a perfect example of experiencing life to its fullest, that is until the peers and parents inject their beliefs into them. If left alone to experience for themselves the wonders of our planet we would see that they are quite capable of learning for themselves and experiencing life. Certainty I am not telling  not to supervise our children and look out for them, but when our influence is so restrictive that our children cannot experience what come natural to them, then we are shutting down their creative impulses.

Humans have systematically suppressed the natural impulses of the species at a young age, thus spawning another generation of beings who are trapped into the belief systems of the generations before them. The same old indoctrination, drummed into their minds from generation to generation, eliminating any growth or wisdom obtained along the way. We have been systematically injecting our offspring with fear, our own fears, in an attempt to control.

If we are to evolve as a species, we cannot have societies in fear of their existence and afraid to experience their lives. We will end up with the negative forces claiming our planet as their home. These forces feed off of fear and negativity. They have an intrinsic way of filtering into our everyday way of life and our antiquated belief systems. They have had a hold on mankind/womankind for too long and as the fanatic, they will use whatever means available to them to subdue our consciousness and enslaves us to their negative way of thinking. The members of the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet and Beings of Light are releasing vast amounts of energy into our world at present to prevent this from happening. But it is all predicted on how we respond with our free will as to in what direction our planet will move.

These messages that I am giving are to enable us to know SELF, to be in touch with the essence of our being: you-the-soul. Because we are presently focused on this life in this time, the changes that we make in this point of power will affect all of our simultaneous lives. We are focusing a greater portion of our energies on this timeframe now, however there are portions of our soul’s energies living out those simultaneous lives as well. We are experiencing all of our lessons at once, we are just not aware of it.

When we experience the transition of our energy from this life to our home dimension, we will be given at some point another opportunity to focus a greater portion of our energy on another one or more of the many lives we have set up for experiencing our spiritual evolution. We will enter that life or lives as we have entered this one, in that point in time as we know it. We will focus a greater portion of our energy on those lives. Now, the messages that we send to those life existences from our current point of power will be received and will affect the life experiences of those lives. This is important because our planet’s survival depends on our thoughts. Moving our thoughts and beliefs into a peaceful, loving direction and carrying out those thoughts in our actions in essentially what is going to save mankind/womankind from its own self-destruction. We are in our point of power now. Now is the time to utilize it to benefit all of our existences, past, present and future. It does not do us any good to pass the buck shall we say and hope that someone else can figure things out for us. At the end of this Blog I will give you an exercise to help us in this point of power.

Since we are in the throes of a planetary evolution, what we focus on now – the ideas and beliefs that we have now – are what is going to assist us. Many of us are very familiar with the concepts about how our energies affect the planet and for those of us who are aware of this, we should be able to see that the effects of this are happening all around us. It does no good to dwell in the negative for this is not the time.

As we observe the planet Earth from our dimension, the swirl of energy around her has been quite disturbing. We have experienced many mass events both in nature and with the behavior of our citizens. Earth cannot sustain this kind of energy for much longer. If its citizens do not start to raise their vibrational hums, the planet itself will revolt against mankind/womankind with more and more natural disasters. Since our energies create the weather and all of the planetary problems, it would behoove us to start to take a serious look at what we have been doing. If the citizens of the planet surround themselves with an abundance of negativity, that negativity will and does create disturbing weather patterns around the planet. Everything in our eco-system is affected by our mind/thought energy whether we realize it or not. We can eliminate all of the disturbing weather patterns if we change our thoughts and move into a loving peaceful alignment with each other and the planet. If we could see it from another dimension we would be saddened to see the destruction of what was once a beautiful paradise where all creatures lived in harmony with each other. It is not too late to change.

As I have mentioned before in other Blogs, focusing on your own point of power will allow you to know you: your soul. Take five minutes out of your day to focus on your emotional, spiritual and psychic abilities and nothing else. This is of great benefit and will enable you to bring your physical being in alignment with you-the-soul. Focus on you, your soul and nothing else. Bring to your thoughts a desire for an awareness of your being. Listen to the hum of you, feel the vibrational hum of your being. Again, do this and then forget about it. It’s that simple. Notice how you feel after the five minutes are up. For the human vehicle it can be almost intoxicating to suddenly become aware of the soul of self and the peacefulness that surrounds it when the ego is not involved. As you do this daily, you will start to increase your own vibrational hum and move your being into alignment with the planetary evolution.