The original Soul Mate conceptualization from our ancient spiritual traditions included honoring the negative aspects also: the shadow or Dark Side.

Now: every human has the repressed, hidden personality aspects. And so, in the practice of these ancient traditions, Lessons were learned regarding the negative aspects of consciousness as a way to mutually integrate the “forgotten” material. The Dark Side of the personality was honored just as the divine aspects were honored within the spiritual practice.

The modern metaphysical concept of the Soul Mate often lacks this component. Further, our religions tend to denigrate these Dark Soul Issues as the work of the Devil, or as the result of a “weak will” or Spirit. This practice quite naturally leads to further repression of the cast-off images, ideas, and emotions.

In fact, what many of us think of as the “born again” experience is simply the spontaneous release of this material into the conscious mind. The result of this influx of energized constructs is often a full-blown visionary experience: the spiritual rebirth, the transformation of the “dark” material into Light.

We are modeling our Soul Mate theory on the practices of the ancient paths. Therefore we shall include the creation of the Light from the Dark in relationship as a necessary process to observe and nurture. In the interests of integrity and power we shall work from both sides: the polar opposites of the creative principles.

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