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Additionally, I do believe that our connection to a Higher Awareness is imperative in these explorations. For in terms of states of consciousness – the various perspectives that the Practitioner Embodies in this method – would it not be of value to seek out the elevated perspectives of the non-physical beings, the Energy Personality, the Guides, the Gods and Goddesses, your own Higher Consciousness?

It makes sense, I think, to receive what we might call, a “second opinion,” here, moving forward with our studies. Yes, we are certain of what you the ego/intellect know and what you wish to find out. However, when we invoke the Higher Gestalts of Consciousness “the entire game plan changes,” to coin a phrase. All of our behaviors, all of our thoughts and emotions become understood in an entirely different way when we make these connections. It is indeed an altered state, a highly elevated and exalted state of consciousness when the student is connected to The Source.


The physics of this for those of you who would care to know, referring to my previous. The Percept creates the Reality Constructs from Consciousness Units AND THEN perceives it. Do not be confused by time in this discussion, therefore. The percept uses time as a structure for creative activity. In truth, outside of time in the Unknown Reality, everything happens at once. Thus, the Percept organizes, allots, schedules the creative efforts of consciousness, forming things and events from chaos


Now I hope I have not lost you with these discussions of ancient Precepts, Telepathy, and the Etheric World. I am laying the groundwork for our exploration of manifestation through Resonance and will be a passage through the Hidden World. It is the steady path I take when presenting this information to you in my new Blog Series.

Feel free to consult the previous Blogs Series’ if you are having trouble following my narrative. And please keep an open mind and do discount, at least for the time being, the admonitions of the ego/intellect to put this Blog aside and run away.


The following descriptions of consciousness activity in the Third Dimension are framed in terms of polarity, trajectories of evolution, states of consciousness, and so on. Here we hope to portray the vast field of possible visionary experience in a concise form. These are terms we use when describing phenomenon such as: remembering the Ancient Wisdom, the Awakening, and the Healing Journey.


In the telepathic network the supports all activities in the Third Dimension, you are connected to everything via the Consciousness Units. This connectivity enables the emergence into your world of your day-to-day realities with some consistency.


Now we live many lives and those with whom we are experiencing our current life also live their many lives. And just as those humans with whom we interact in our current existence – our genetic family, our adoptive family, our colleagues, our acquaintances – are learning their individual Lessons with us now, so too are each of us in what we are calling the Soul Family, learning our Lessons together in other Lives. In all of our lives, in whatever era we are experiencing our lives – Renaissance Europe, for example, or perhaps within a tribal unit in our prehistoric past – we are also interacting with Soul Family members, the same group of people with whom we always interact, for they live their lives just as we do: in different bodies, in different times in different circumstances


Our Current Reality

Thank you for staying with us in our new Blog Project. To begin, as you very well know my friend. You create your own reality. This has been my primary refrain to humanity in my messages over several years, and I fervently hope that you remember. In this moment and in every moment of our life, we form the world that we know, even as everything else within our reality cooperates with us in this creation process.

Our world is made from Consciousness Units: awarized elements of energy that seek out the fulfillment of infinite values in the manifestation of Reality Constructs of infinite variety. This etheric substance – the stream of manifestation – literally travels outward from our body to create the world that we then experience. It is fantastic. It is unbelievable. It IS the way we create our reality, Dear Blog Reader. For in this endeavor of Reality Creation, everything that can happen does happen, all in the spacious moment of creation – the eternal moment of NOW.

Included in this construction project of the Soul is the creation of our own physical body within a context of multi-dimensional existence. We do indeed live countless lives; some are lived in our past, some are lived in our present, and some are lived in our future. We have referred to these as the Simultaneous Lives and also the Reincarnational Existences. These lives are our lives throughout time.


Let me answer that for you outright: to quicken your awakening. Now the longer explanation would entail divulging my secrets that I use to inspire my students and to transmit knowledge directly to the consciousness. Let me say this, however. on a superficial level, as you are engaged in experiencing the amnesia of the human in physical reality, it may appear to you as though I am relating pleasant stories for your entertainment. Please understand, though, that these examples are for purposes of catalyzing the awakening of your ” sleeping” memories – your memories of previous lives, for example, within Third-Dimensional Reality and in other dimensions. So do not be surprised when you may experience, upon reading one of my innocent examples, a reliving of experiences from one of your own Simultaneous Lives.

That is the purpose of my new Blog messages to you, after all, and so we would expect this types of phenomenon to occur in the life of the attentive Blog Reader. When these flashes of insight occur, I suggest you take a moment to write, down the sensory information that you are receiving. This data will be of use to you as you complete the exercises in this Blog Series, and indeed, as you continue with your awakening.


HYPOTHESIS: We may explore Sumari consciousness in the Trance State.

Currently this is a highly-energized Idea construct within our collective awareness. These values of the Sumari Love, courage, compassion, altruistic public service – resonate with the overall collective of humanity at this time, for the ideals of the Sumari are quite necessary for the healing of our Earth and the peoples that live upon Her. On the subtle levels, all of us are aware of this.

Additionally, by identifying with, by allying with, by embodying the Sumari code, so to speak, we become Sumari. What we focus on within our consciousness strengthens and develops in our reality. What may have begun as a simple interest in New Age practices, for example, representing a fragment of Sumari consciousness within our mental environment, and expand as the Sumari aspect strengthens.

Now the language of Sumari is the language of the post-Transition environment. As an etheric being, after our physical death, we use Sumari to communicate with others who have made the Transition and are considering their options as to what lives to explore next. Sumari is the language of the non-physical world. All of us are well-versed in this language, for we have all experienced many deaths, many Transitions, many opportunities to use this language. With this in mind…..


As in our explorations in this Blog Series, use our Intent to tune-in to that aspect of our consciousness we identify as Sumari. There is an assumption here that you are reading this Blog for a reason. It may be that you are keeping appointments that you have made in other lives. Consider what it would feel like to keep an appointment with an aspect of your greater consciousness, this Sumari. In essence, you are using your Intent to remember something here. When you feel you have experienced noteworthy Findings, come up to surface awareness. Document your experiences.




Many of my Blog Readers have fallen in love with my theory of long ago, of families of consciousness. I did indeed separate out the various types of consciousness expression within humanity for teaching purposes. It was my wish that through describing our differences – I would point the way to deeper exploration of the self: The Soul Self of the reader.

I assume that some of the Blog Readers of my early Blog works have assessed from which of the families they have sprung, and have taken this designation to heart, identified with it, you see, in perhaps the same way that the lover of astrology identifies with the astrological sign and attributes of their birth date and time. How many though have taken the exploration further, to the discoveries that lie within the psyche, within the unknown reality?

Now this is precisely why I have returned with a simplification of my theories. We have dispensed with the families of consciousness and now propose an overarching concept of humans over time. The focus on the individual becomes a focus on the group: the Soul Family.


Mu is one of those lost civilizations that we as a race have created from several different civilizations. This Mystery Civilization existed as a prototypical culture within the collective of humanity’s imagination.

Now, every collective of humans, of animals, of insects and even of inanimate materials as we call them, every amalgam of Consciousness Units has a collective “vision” of itself. Of course, every conceivable vision of Mu exists within probable realities. For our purposes here in this explanation, let us think of the vision as just two fold: There is the “real time” vision, the idea on which is built the CURRENT “bedrock reality” that is experienced by the inhabitants, in this case, the humans of Mu. But it could as easily be the reality as experienced by the atoms that compose a rock upon our lawn. Anything and everything has consciousness and everything exists at once.

Now secondly, each collective, each Gestalt of Consciousness if you prefer, has a vision of the future – an idealized dream or vision of where they would like to be in a future manifestation of their present culture. This future vision or vision of the future is fed by the best case scenarios entertained within the mental environments of all participants in the collective.

Our Mu Civilization was just such an idealized society created on the mental plane of existence by the members of a civilization that existed in certainly a far less idealized manner, if I may say so.


Now in so far as the development over time of the Lemurian expression is concerned, we must go back to the formative years of our world civilizations. As, for example, the European civilization developed from distinct, small tribal collectives into larger groups of humans, what we calling the Ancient Wisdom we kept alive and transferred to succeeding generations through myths, legends, song, and other social media. Each separate tribe, then, had their own particular expression within the mythological world, for the precepts of the Ancient Wisdom.

It must be said, that in these days of long ago, the mythological realm and the activities of the gods and goddesses, Spirits, and what have you, were quite well-known to the average citizen. The spiritual world was just a gesture away for most people, and all members of the group were steeped in the traditions, rituals, and other paraphernalia of their respective religious traditions.

Now compare this with our modern experience. The Divine is quite far removed from our everyday life. Indeed, the spiritual is divorced from our mundane existence. We are only allowed to practice our spiritual traditions on Sundays, for the most part, while setting aside the majority of our waking hours for work. It is often only during the dreamstate in sleep that we are allowed our explorations of the spiritual realms.

Fortunately for us in this exploration, it is to the altered state of the dream that we will turn to explore this non-physical Mystery Civilization. For this exercise, you would best be prepared by having mastered the Trance State, as we have presented it to you in our Blog Series. For what you are doing in the deep Trance State, is in fact, bringing to you the sleeping-dreaming state of consciousness. This is the “foot in both worlds” phenomenon we speak of in the previous Blogs.

There is a peculiarity in the manifestation of this underworld for the individual. Often what you may find in your investigations is the appearance of the spiritual heritage of your lives. For example: if you are living a life within a mainstream religion currently, you may be presented with the symbols and other material of the religion’s history. If you are experiencing one of your other lives within another religion’s context, elements of the spiritual material may come to you through bleed-throughs.

The truth of manifestation in the physical world is apparent in the spiritual practices and imagery of the religious practices. The Ancient Wisdom, in other words, is there for you to observe and gain benefit from, if you can look beyond the additions and elaborations out upon it. Having said that, let us present our experiment:

EXPERIMENTLemuria is the underworld of the world civilizations

HYPOTHESIS: The repository of the mythological and religious practices of humanity may be accessed in the trance state.


Your are emulating your tribal ancestors here in this experiment. The seeker of visions travels to the underworld through contact rituals enacted time-and-time-again, With your Intent, you simply direct your consciousness to travel in what you might call the non-physical vehicle, down into the Earth. You may visualize openings in the Earth that lead you to your desired destination. Using your Intent, simply means that you keep a simple focus on your destination within your consciousness.

Now you are of good, positive, divine Intent here. We have called this perspective the Divine Will in our blogs. It is a state of consciousness that is developed over time. Your intentions are good, in that, you are exploring the underworld of world consciousness, with a reverence for the beings that inhabit that dimension. You will find your own way with practice.

When you sense that you have gained sufficient information from this experiment, direct your Intent to take you up to surface awareness. Please document your findings.