Atlantis Bleed-throughs

Bleed-throughs can come from what we call our past or our future and also from contemporary existences – from all of our Simultaneous Lives. And our other point regarding crystals: some of my blog readers are infatuated with crystals and ascribe great powers to them.

These will be the ones who will incarnate or simply transition into the Unity of Consciousness Dimension and become the leaders in the new technology of crystals I spoke of in earlier blogs. These are truly “crystal people” who may incarnate multiple times, in similar occupations, to consolidate their experience and knowledge.

We are born into physical form to experience a life of lessons. This means that although we have free will to choose from an infinite supply of probable actions, we will choose those actions that support a particular context – a dramatic background, if you will – upon which we shall project our reincarnational dramas, comedies and the like.

Now we must pretend that we do not have such a stake in this production. We are, therefore, surprised when great blessings or tragedies occur on the stage of our life. But currently my blog readers, many of us are waking up to discover ourselves as actors on the stage, and we are acknowledging to ourselves that we are also the producers and directors of these enlighten stories.

To illustrate my point here, consider the tales of our leaders, our heroes and heroines from our historical past, as portrayed in our literature and our motion pictures. We can see the symbolism and meanings in the lives of these great leaders, can we not? Yet can we also see the meaning and lessons in our own ongoing lives?

The heroic struggles of our ancestors are often embellished in larger-than-life terms through dramatization, this is true. Yet the symbolic lessons characterized in books or on the screen are of no greater importance in terms of the Soul, than the heroic acts performed by any of us in our daily lives. We are all heroic. We are all born into Earthly existence to learn our symbolic lessons.

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