Opening up to one’s greater reality simply by affirming it. That is how one does it: with our thoughts, just like everything else in our reality. Have the intention that we are opening up to these Simultaneous Lives of which we are speaking, and soon enough, proof of their reality will be presented to us.

Now, without belaboring the example, it was IMPULSE that I decided to transcribe my Blog material into a more readable format. My intuitive voice spoke to me and promised that much of value and interest could be recovered if I were to do so. So where did this voice come from?

In my case it was from my ancestor personally, though this is by no means the rule in these phenomena. My ancestor reached across the time-frames into my future, to communicate with me and motivate me. Now this may sound fantastic to some of you. Indeed it will remain unbelievable and so un-witnessed by you in your own realities. The following experiments may help you prove to yourselves that you are ALREADY active participants in the non-physical reality.

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