Soul Age is not considered a hierarchy when we are talking about the age of a soul. Old souls simply have incarnated many time. When we consider an old soul, we are thinking that soul should be wiser and more experienced, however this is not always the case. An old soul can also be a soul who has failed to learn their lessons and continuously comes back for another go at it. Therefore, there is no real logic to using the term old soul with the idea of attributing more wisdom to it.

New souls are exactly that. These souls usually are first-time incarnations into the physical body of Earth. They’re somewhat like babies. We can recognize them usually by their childish and somewhat unsure behaviors. They move around like children playing in a fairyland. Life to them is not very serious and they don’t see it as a serious thing, it is more of a fun and games. This sometimes can get them into a world of trouble for they are unprepared to use the skills that others have acquired to maneuver through the physical plane


A lot of new souls, because they have not incarnated before and their needs have always been taken care of in their home dimension, come to our world and cannot understand why their needs are not automatically taken care of. They have a hard time with the negativity on our planet, for they remember far better than most, the way it is in the soul’s home dimension where love for one another is automatic.

Let’s just put it this way, after many more incarnations they will start to get the picture of what a third-dimensional reality with the influences of the forces of dark is all about. They will then have to make the decision as to how fast they wish to evolve because evolution on the planet Earth is much harder than other planets due to the negativity.

However, some of these entities will only come to the Earth plane one time and then choose to move on to somewhere else where it is easier for them. Eventually though all will have to experience the negativity associated with the third-dimensional planes whether on Earth or elsewhere if they wish to further their evolution.

It is entirely up to us as to how fast or slow we wish to progress and truly it makes no difference how long we wish to take. There is a certain level of stimulation within our soul groups that prompts us to move forward. Because we are living in a dimension that provides for all our needs when we are not incarnated, it is easy for us to forget how tough Earth can be.

Many of us will bite off more than we can chew even though we have been advised not to do so. Most of us have incarnated many times, so therefore we are living many lives simultaneously, learning from each one of them as we go.


Not being at the liberty to change or alter the destiny of mankind/womankind. I am allowed to give information that will prompt the minds of man and woman to think and respond, however it is not my purpose to guide you by the hand step-by-step and tell you what to do in any situation. The purpose of incarnating to our planet is for the soul to grow and experience within its own nature without any interference from outside sources. Otherwise why bother to experience Earth life?

The Light Beings have been interfering somewhat lately because of the disarray of the planet. The impending shift into the fourth dimension is upon us. We as a species were not ready and that is why “They” communicate with us. I am one student of many who have spoken to humans thru blogs about what needs to be done to survive the shift.

The time has come once again to alert us to our reality because time as we know it is coming to a close in this chapter of our evolution. The transition into the peaceful Fourth Dimension requires a certain level of evolution to happen successfully.

It is happening whether we are ready or not. It is my purpose and that of others to get us ready quickly for we have lingered far too long in the realms of darkness.


Most of us that consciously question our beliefs will not have a hard time digesting this blog material. There are a few things in the blog material that are futuristic which I am able to talk about without going into too much detail and I don’t believe that is anything in there that is going to hurt anyone.

It will stimulate the blog readers to look at their system of beliefs and to question once again why they have them and to understand why it is important to love one another regardless of their chosen package, for that is all it is, a package or vehicle with which we are able to experience and communicate with each other. We have all taken it to the extreme though and distorted it into a false reality of a destructive nature.

The message throughout the Universe is love and cooperation with one another. We do it freely. It is only us humans who have a problem with it. This blog is material to try to stimulate us into conquering our fears and rethinking and realigning our beliefs. Mankind/womankind has continuously put obstacles in front of his/her own enlightenment over and over again but this is not entirely of his/her own doing. Again it comes back to the dark forces and the level of manipulation that they have attained.

If we look at it from the view of Beings of Light, who are in alignment with the will and divine purpose of the Creator and All That Is, we will begin to understand. There is so much more to experience in our world that would bring us into the light. Have you ever noticed how good we feel when we’ve given love to another unselfishly.

All of us could be walking around in a state of ecstasy of we chose to do so. There is no drug in our world as powerful as the soul’s love. That feeling is euphoric. Instead of subscribing to the fear-based dogma of all our institutions that we have created for ourselves, why not create the heavenly bliss of our soul’s true nature. We can do this. It is not impossible. It is a matter of redirecting our energies inward and bringing forth our soul-light. What has been created undone as we are all co-creators of our Universe.

Everyone can create ecstasy all the time, and when we do, we will not forget. Try it out on yourself. Do things for strangers. Give them money. Buy their groceries. Simple acts of kindness to others is a way to start feeling the joy that our soul came here to feel. Most often we are going to get a positive reaction from those that we express kindness to. For one, they’re not going to be expecting it.

And number two, when they get it, it’s going to change their attitude and they may pass that along to someone else and thus starts the curve of mankind and womankind learning to trust and to appreciate his/her fellow man/woman. We have oneself in such a rut where we don’t trust each other and it’s not entirely our fault because the negative forces have been at play ensuring that we fear each other, that we fear love, that we fear closeness, that we’ll be hurt, that we’ll be destroyed, that we’ll be tramped on, and so we must withdraw into our shell and hope that no one can touch us, no one can get into the hard little shell that we’ve encased oneself in and we go through life all wrapped up in a little cocoon trying to burst out, but each time we burst out we get bombarded with our fears and then we retreat back into our cocoon again. And we think, if I can just make it through I’ll be OK.

Humans are very open and willing to accept love if it’s given freely and unconditionally. They have a problem with the conditions, for they always feel that if a person does a kindness for them that there’s going to be a condition, there’s going to be an attachment. They are going to have to provide something of themselves that they are usually unwilling to do. This does not have to be so. We can move in the direction of love without expecting anything in return except for the joy that it gives our soul-you, to have given to another. That in itself is more reward that in anything else.

We must all learn to love each other while in the physical bodies of the third dimension while being exposed to the constant bombardment of the forces of dark. This is something we are supposed to master while in incarnation. It is soul’s purpose to reflect itself through its vehicle the body. When we have accomplished this, we move out of the physical body and into the etheric. We all Do love each other. When we are not in our dense physical bodies that are weighted down by the gravitational forces of the Earth and our spirit is freely moving about in our etheric body throughout the Universe in our dreams, we love each other. It’s just when we come back into the physical reality that we put up the roadblocks.

Earth is a school of hard knocks but it does not have to be so. It is our creation and it stems from our beliefs about who we are, a creation that we have willing subscribed to because we have handed over our power to others. We have not taken charge of our lives in a way that would allow for our evolution in a peaceful and harmonious way.

We could easily recreate Earth to be a paradise, a heaven so-called on Earth. It is totally within our capability to do so, yet most of us choose to cling to the fear and the terror and the negativity. The stimulation that we crave is right there at our fingertips, it does not have to come from negative dark thoughts. Thoughts and actions of love can produce the same results.

We have become addicted to the flow of our own adrenaline. But what we are trying to do is capture the feelings that are based on our love for each other and a oneness with All That Is, the feelings we have forgotten in our cosmic slumber that are now ready to awaken if we let them.


We have our version of good and evil but in reality there is no good or evil, it is just an experience and sometimes a misguided one at that, but nonetheless it is an experience, a balancing of negative and positive for the evolution of the soul.

But when looking at our ideas of evil it all comes back to the negative forces wishing to control the minds of mankind and womankind. They are part of a balancing of the experiences of this planet but they are now out of control and have disrupted the divine plan of The Creator. Saying prayers against evil is now very important as they have enslaved us into engulfing ourselves in the trappings of materialism.

The citizens of the nations of wealth and power are all consumed by their materialistic desires and have forgotten the true purpose of their soul. Negative influences will use whatever means necessary to keep this planet from moving into the peaceful fourth dimension and that will not be tolerated by The Creator.

At this time in our world, they are causing small little wars in many countries around the world. They are also deeply entrenched in forcing the poorer nations to succumb to the will of political and corporate greed. It would behoove us to become more consciously aware of this and look to our leaders and demand that they help these nations as they struggle with the influx of corporate greed and terrorist infiltration. If we do not see the need of humanity as it is so obvious, then we do so by choice and we are not evolving.

It is ultimately our decision as to whether we want to let the forces of dark prevail because of our unwillingness to get involved or whether we will take a stand for the rights of humanity and help our brothers now. The Universal Law allows for interference in certain situations but even these situations are highly scrutinized by Hierarchy. Do not think that they are going to show up and save the day for it is up to mankind/womankind to do this on his/her own. They will not allow the planet to be destroyed.

The lessons will still have to be learned by man and woman one-by-one. It is not inconceivable to see as many as thirty million of us succumb in the near future. It is a probable reality of our own if it happens. And it will be a learning experience for all mankind/womankind for it may be our next wake-up call to realign our consciousness. It is a critical time in the history of the planet Earth.

Our reality as we know it now is coming to a close. All of us have the ability individually and collectively to make the transition a peaceful one. uniting our thoughts and beliefs in alignment with the true nature of “you-the-soul” and focusing on a peaceful oneness with the rest of humanity by removing the separation of oneself with others will make it happen. It is time for us in the nations of power to share the resources of our planet with other nations that have nothing or very little instead of hogging all the resource for ourselves. It is also critical that we start to clean up our environment from the toxic cyclone of chemicals and radiation that we surround ourselves with. This must be done if we are to survive as a species.

It saddens me to see what we humans have been able to do to each other. It shouldn’t have to be this way.

But the point is not to instill fear in humanity, but to stimulate their thoughts so that they will be consciously aware. Until those thoughts that they produce are in alignment with the will of The Creator they will continue to experience their current level of negativity and will not further the evolution of their souls into our next dimension of awareness.

I’m trying to avoid “the matter of life or death” by giving people a sense of their death and the acceptance of it and what it means as well as their beliefs about their reality. Thoughts are so powerful and we still do not get that message as yet. Our negative thoughts are still running rampant throughout the Universe and it is slowing down our evolution. I cannot emphasize enough how important our thoughts are and how important it is to keep them pure and loving. Our thoughts are what will determine our future and whether we as a species survive on our planet.

We humans are a very stubborn bunch. Years ago I spoke in my blogs of our thoughts and how they could change our reality and yet many of us have forgotten and have slipped back into our old ways. That was a primer then to get us moving but we have not moved much. Now our time is almost up and I am trying over again to stimulate us into realigning our thoughts and beliefs. This may be old material to some of you, but many of us have fallen back to sleep. This time if we fall asleep we may be left behind. It is up to us. For only us humans are the ones who can make that decision. We have free will. I can give all the the tools we need, however if we don’t use them, that is our choice.

Now we will discuss holographic inserts for there are many in the history of the world. In order to broaden the horizon of the minds of man and woman, or to awaken him/her with a mass lesson, holographic inserts are often used as an illusional effect. Holographic inserts can be used any time Hierarchy gives its approval to create a mass event that didn’t really happen.

Now I know some readers of this blog are going to have difficulty with this but nonetheless, this is real. I will not give any instances of their use for it is not necessary. We may also use a holographic insert between lives to go through a chosen portal to view a life we wish to enter into. It’s very simple. By entering through that portal we may go in and observe one of the many life experiences we have set up for ourselves whether or not we wish to experience this life in this time-frame.

Generally between lives we may enter three or four different lives searching for the one that we feel would be most beneficial to the evolution of our soul and we do this through the use of holographic inserts. These lives are taking place whether it is our soul entering into the body or that of another. We will determine with our free will what the experience and outcome of the choices made in the life of that body entail. Most often the body will be created whether it is inhabited by our soul or that of another.

Through the hologram we are getting a glimpse of the conditions of that reality. We will make our decision based on whether or not we are ready to enter into that mass belief system and its conditions at that time or not. Now mankind and womankind creates his/her reality, but this reality can be altered in many ways.

When interference needs to be used for the benefit of mankind/womankind, they are perfectly capable of assisting with the holographic inserts. There have been several mass events throughout our world’s history that were holographically created.

Enlightening Mankind/Womankind Earthquakes

Outer space is where we all are. Our society does not understand that, so we cannot go in that direction as much as I would like to. Many of our buildings, especially our ancient ones, comes from memories of other dimension, many of the Greek temples, pyramids etc. These were all bleed-throughs of mankind’s/womankind’s memory that were recreated on Earth. Some of these, as in the pyramids, have a specific function with relation to our evolution. I will elaborate on this further at some future blog.

Mankind/womankind is only using a small portion of his/her abilities in his/her creative process on our planet, but we are always and forever creating. I wish to stay within the framework of that belief system at present because I realize our beliefs will not change overnight. It will be a slow process, male or female it makes no difference. We are all souls and soul has no gender. The physical body is merely a vehicle for expression and communication that we have chosen to experience out lives.

In our terms, in our frame of time, in time as we know it, as these things don’t happen overnight. Now mankind/womankind is rapidly moving into his/her spiritual evolution and is becoming more and more aware every day of the true nature of his/her existence. But this is unheard of in the millions of years of our evolution. It is necessary to speed up our evolution so that all of us will be able to make it into the fourth dimension. At this time in our twenty-first century, we are able to see the results of this as mankind/womankind is more open in his/her mind to learning about himself/herself than ever was before. He/she is moving in the right direction and our efforts have not been in vain for we are seeing the results with many of us.

We are not doomed and gloomed for hellfire and damnation. Only a small percentage of the populace will not move into the unity of consciousness dimension. That cannot be helped because there are those who will not seek the light no matter what they are told. They will hang onto their materialistic old ways for dear life although it will not be much of a life when the rest of the planet has moved into the fourth dimension and they are left behind to embrace the materialistic entrapments of the third dimension along with all of its fears and negativity. Most of mankind/womankind is striving as we speak to move in that direction, whether they are consciously aware of it or not.

We are aware of thoughts coming to us. The rest of mankind/womankind are also receiving thoughts. Some are aware and some are not. The majority are just beginning their awakening. They know that something is changing their system of beliefs. They’re not sure what it is but they feel the change happening. We all participated in the creation and survival of our beautiful Earth and do not want to see it destroyed by the use of nuclear weapons. That is our greatest threat at present along with our abuse of the ecological systems that were created to keep the planet stable.

We know earthquakes are Earth’s way of shifting her skin and giving mankind/womankind subtle warnings that she will not tolerate our flagrant abuses of her.

There is a system of beliefs that after a rainy season there will be movement, and there usually is because it is anticipated. The big April 1906 Earthquake left within the minds of the citizens of that region the possibility that the spring would always bring more Earthquakes and has been a belief for sometime amongst the masses in that area. It would be hard to change that thinking since mankind/womankind creates these Earthquakes to reinforce those beliefs.

It is not hard to understand then why they happen. And of course we’ll have our oh-so-knowledgeable scientists inject their interpretation of the event and do their forecasting thus preparing mankind/womankind for the next one. If we look back at the most recent big Earthquake in California, we can easily see that it was projected long before it happened. Systematically, through the media the so-called “big one” was on its way any day. As people subscribed to those beliefs they manifested its reality.

There could be others depending on what our media decides to put into the minds of our species. Earth on her own also likes to take care of herself with messages to humanity to stop destroying the precious outer and inner layers of her being. Oftentimes Earthquakes can be one or a combination of both depending on the situation and the information being plugged into the minds of mankind/womankind.

Natural Health

People are not satisfied with modern medicine, with just taking drugs. They’re turning to natural ways of healing, alternative therapies and such. Drugs inhibit the natural healing processes of the body. They only mask the problem. They do not remove it.

This goes much deeper than the drugs though, because as mankind/womankind changes his/her systems of belief he/she will see that drugs are no longer effective. He/she will not need drugs, he/she will not think he/she needs drugs, and he/she will not be standing in line like at the candy store waiting for the latest miracle cure because he/she will know that the cure is within his/her own power of his/her being and that drugs are not a cure.

There is no drug on our planet that is a cure. It is simply a mask of symptoms which can only be tolerated for so long before new symptoms appear, then the rotating cycle of a new drug is given and so on and so forth. As mankind/womankind moves into the fourth dimension, none of this will be necessary.

Humanity will be able to live as many as two-hundred or more years per life cycle unless we meet with accidents. But in this process humanity will also be creating less of its own species, for humanity will not see the need to prolifically populate the planet. We will be free of our guilt related to our sexuality and religious indoctrinations relating to procreation.

Earth is moving out of the third-dimensional reality and as this happens there will be no need for some of the archaic habits and beliefs that we have for so long held onto.

Fear Holographic Inserts

If we notice, the problems in our society all revolve around fear, one of those fears being fear of the unknown. If we as a species are to evolve and lose our fears then a willingness to expand our consciousness and to understand the true nature of our being would be in order, especially when it comes to our death the way we perceive it. It’s a hard cycle to break the religious dogma that has been so diligently drummed into the minds of man/woman. But without the erasure of some of those beliefs, we are not going to be able to move forward into the next dimension.

We know as I talked about the terrorizing of humanity, it comes in many forms under many guises. But when we break it down, it’s all related to man’s/woman’s fears, mainly his/her fear of death. He/she does not need to be in such fear of his/her death, for truly he/she experienced more trauma in his/her birth than he/she will every experience in his/her death. He/she needs to accept the reality of his/her soul’s existence and move forward. I cannot stress this enough, how death is not final, the way that we see it. He/she also needs to take back power that is rightfully his/her’s and stop allowing others to make decisions for him/her, for his/her life is to be experienced by him/her alone, for his/her soul’s evolution. He/she has been blindly following the ideas of others without questioning them.

The Christian manuscripts leave out reincarnation altogether. Many of us do not question this information about death because it does not correlate with our current manuscripts. However these manuscripts were written by men and altered by man many times over. Jesus, one of the Ascended Masters who mentally and physically shared his body with The Christ entity, did not write our bible/manuscript, men wrote it, with man’s/woman’s interpretations of events the way man/woman saw fit to put them on paper. This entity did not sit there and write these words for us, yet we believe that he did through the writings of others. Much of the messages that The Christ entity brought forward were never even put into our manuscripts.

Now, in getting back to fear, the negative forces are banking on mankind’s fears. The disruptions that they cause feed them a steady diet of negativity which allows them to grow. We will be able to dis-empower them by not buying into it in the first place. I know we will say this is hard to do and it is hard to do because of the biological responses associated with the physical vehicle when out in a situation of threat or peril. If we understand that we are really not in a perilous situation at all, we will be better equipped to confront situations without fear and use our innate survival instincts to survive the situation.

However, if we were unable to rise above this feeling, know that if we do shed our body, we did so because we had planned this for oneself, it was one of many probabilities for our death. When we choose to manifest one of those probabilities, this is the death that we will experience. All of us have gone through life encountering many situations where that probable death could have been manifested but we chose not to. When we are ready we will choose and when we are not we will survive our experience.

Sometimes we come so close, but then there is a lesson to be given in that experience. Sometimes the lesson will alter the way we live the rest of our life either physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. And we may say, “MY loved one wasn’t ready, my loved one was living their life, my loved one was happy.” True, this may be so. We may want to look a little further and see if that loved one experienced his death or her death for us to experience another situation in our life where we needed to grow and learn.

It will help us to understand that all of these probable realities have been worked out in the beginning when we set up our lives with all of the souls that we incarnate with. If we understand this concept it will be much easier for us to let go when we need to and to also experience our life more fully. Experience the everyday pleasures of our life that we would normally deny oneself because of our fears. For within these experiences there is a wealth of information and learning that is available to us to further the evolution of our soul.

If we allow oneself to accept the reality of the nature of our soul we will find that the terrorists have no power, because we have effectively removed it from them by not succumbing to the fear. The dark forces have been fighting to have the planet Earth as their home base. Beings of Light will not allow this to happen for Earth was never intended to be a base for the dark forces. Earth itself is moving out of its third-dimensional reality and the forces of dark will be unable to sustain themselves in its new dimension. They are in the process of being sealed-off to their own dimension.

However at this point in our time they still have the ability to influence us. If we allow the dark forces to manipulate our thoughts and feed off of the negativity that is created and the anxiety that we physically feel, we are serving them up a sumptuous buffet of everything that they desire. For if they can kill the hope and the love within the souls of mankind/womankind, they have won.

Dis-empower them by embracing fear with love, a love for each other, and a love for our planet and all living creatures. They will stop terrorizing the world if the world no longer is in fear of them and take charge of the destiny of all souls to move forward into the fourth dimension, using many of the tools that I have written of in my blogs.

Our governments and media should be using the communication devises that they have created for the good of mankind/womankind rather than feeding the negative forces. We can change all of this so easily if we come together as one and stand up and expose the negative forces for who they are. For in doing so each of us will start to raise our vibrational hum and move into the light and all the knowledge that is available to us.

Wonders of The Fourth Dimension

Let me explain something about here about the fourth dimension. As mankind/womankind moves into the unity of consciousness dimension many of his/her abilities are enhanced. These things will come naturally as this process takes place. Man/woman will learn to understand the power of his/her own energy and how to harness his/her own energy and thought process, to alter his/her thought process, to alter his/her environment. The reason we do not have this ability now, is because in the third dimension there are those who would abuse it.

This knowledge is obtained only when one has purified their thoughts and successfully made transition. It is very simple and as the planet moves forward all will become common knowledge. Most of this is hard to comprehend in our three-dimensional reality, however many of us are going to be in that reality forever.

We are definitely moving toward the peaceful fourth dimension. Beings of Light are making great strides to awaken mankind/womankind to his/her energy field, because as we begin understand it we will be able to raise the vibrational hum of our being, thus allowing for the transition.

Crystals are highly effective in capturing energy and will be looked at seriously as a source of power, however the technology will not be given until mankind’s/womankind’s thoughts are purified. There are also other sources of free power available to our world after we have made the transition into the fourth-dimensional awareness. The Earth can no longer sustain the primitive methods that mankind/womankind uses to propel himself/herself around.

These crystals are fully capable of harnessing the energy from the sun and beings as well. We will only see them and have access to them in the fourth dimension.

It’s a more primitive way, however the concept that shaman from traditional cultures use crystals to heal and help the tribe, has some associations. In the future, the crystals will be quite large and hold massive amounts of energy that will be propelled through grids for the various needs of mankind/womankind.

Atlantean technologies, will be the reality in the future of our world. Envision the crystals, they are like giant monoliths. All energy can be harnessed within them and re-dispersed.

The crystals are used to harness the energy. They come in various sizes. The largest ones are used to harness mass amounts of energy. The smaller ones are used for devices which mankind/womankind will choose to use in his/her existence. Again they are not visible to us at this time but we will see them and use them when we cross over into the fourth dimension.

Sending Energy To Simultaneous Lives

Sending energy out to our current life in the past is not a matter of time space continuum for it exists on the physical planes. The present will be no different because we are in the Now at this moment. There is no past or future in this moment there is just Now. What we do Now creates those so called pasts and futures. Every part of our being is going to receive that message: past, present, and future. The very idea that we are focusing on those thoughts in our present point of power will automatically affect, say, the childhood. We cannot erase what we have experienced in the childhood, but the message in that time-frame is received.

So for instance, we’re sending thoughts of love, of spirituality, harmonious thoughts for our psychic abilities, mental stability, all of those things are received. In that point in time, our self is unaware that the thoughts are coming through, however they are being received. Our future selves, in the same reference, are sending messages to us as we speak that we are not aware of, the same with our past. The very idea that we are visualizing our thoughts to all of our simultaneous lives is enough to effect the change and to put the message across to those lives.

They receive the information, like I said whether or not they are aware of it. In doing so, closing one’s eyes and visualizing that fan spread that I drew up and just sending our energies to all of our simultaneous lives, whether or not we understand the complexity of the process. The fact that we are sending the thought is good enough. It is beyond our comprehension in the third-dimensional reality to understand how this works. That’s why it is kept simple as possible to use a simple visualization of a thought landing somewhere in our imagination on those lives.

Many readers of this blog are not aware of those lives, so to them it will be up to their imagination to bring forth information relating to those. Oftentimes our imagination is quite aware of previous lives and will be able to direct for us without us being aware of it.

Anger, Fear and Racism

As I stated before in earlier blogs races evolved…. the colors of the skin, for instance, evolved because of the climates, the pigments were necessary. We talked about that already. The various cultural ideas with mankind’s/womankind’s expression of his/her free will and freedom of his/her consciousness set up his/her cultures and then migrated them throughout the planet each time the beliefs being changed a little bit here and there to suit the ones in power.

We’ve got mass beliefs systems of species of people that appear to be set in stone. They’ve been passed down from generation to generation as truths, never even being questioned as to why they’re there. No one has ever bothered to say, “Wait a minute, why is that?” With the awakening of mankind/womankind in our timeframe, he/she is now starting to question these beliefs. He/she is learning that his/her power is within himself/herself, not within others. If he/she will not further the evolution of his/her soul, he will simply give others what is rightfully his/her.

Emotions and Fear of Death

Refined emotions, yes you will no longer operate on the emotional level of fear. The fear is what is going to be removed from us at this time in the evolution of our soul. Fear is the emotion of the dark forces. The dark forces would love to see mankind/womankind bathed in a sea of fear. Many, many books have brought to light the evolution of the soul and have thus started to eliminate mankind’s/womankind’s fears about his/her being and about his/her so-called impending death, because death does not exist.

One of the first and biggest steps of mankind/womankind is to realize that death is just a transition of his/her energy from the physical body to another form of energy. We are no more dead now than we will be on the day that we die and “die” meaning the day that our physical body ceases to function.

The preservation of the species of mankind/womankind is predicated on the knowledge that he/she will know that he/she will continue to exist in a peaceful and harmonious environment and that with his/her very thoughts he/she will move his/her species into that peaceful realm. Most of mankind/womankind does not want to have to come back and face the negativity and fears associated with our existence right now. As we know, we have chosen to experience these lives and in doing so it would behoove us to experience then in a more peaceful manner than to constantly be fighting for our ego-survival.

The negative forces have had such a horrible impact on the physical body and the mass belief systems of the entities on our planet. They have done much to destroy the natural healing processes that the body was built with. If left alone the body is perfectly capable of taking care of itself. It does not need artificial means to stimulate it or to prevent it from doing its job. It was beautifully designed to enhance the experience of the human condition. It was meant to experience all of its parts joyously and freely for the growth and the evolution of the soul.

Anger is a natural emotion. If left unchecked to just allow itself to manifest it will dissolve itself. We need to experience anger to release the energies that caused the anger but in that release we should not be hurting others but instead question why we had the anger. What were the circumstances that caused our perceived beliefs about how and what we expected from the person or persons that we feel caused the anger?

Had we set up false perceived realities for oneself and then those realities were not manifested? Did we not get what we were expecting and therefore we lashed out in anger and hurt others because it didn’t go our perceived way? It would appear that people or persons are not conforming to our perceived reality. We set ourselves up for our own anger. If we would allow others to perceive their reality in their own way and we experience ours in our own way and leave no expectations out there we would be much happier as a species. We would take what we get and be happy and move on.