Daily Forecasting & Projections of Consciousness

You can prove to yourself that you create your physical reality in the dream state.

Try this experiment upon awakening from sleep in the morning. I specifically say morning, because in the early morning hours one has one foot in the etheric and one foot in the physical. This is the perfect time to witness the manifestation phenomenon.

Before sleeping give yourself a suggestion to linger in the state in between sleeping and waking the following morning or when ever you will awaken. Then as you are just coming out of sleep and your suggestion is taking hold, and you are lingering and enjoying it, make a few predictions for yourself on what is going to transpire in your “future” day. Suggest to yourself that you will remember these predictions on fully awakening.

When you awaken, write down your forecast for your day. Naturally, the next step would be to go on with your day and notice positive correlations between the items on your forecast and the events in your day. Now, do this for a period of time, as a scientist would, and keep a dairy of your experiences.

Note here that the correlations denote more than precognitions. They may confirm for you, the waking Soul, that you are experiencing the reality you have just created in the dream state.

With your experiments in forecasting on a daily basis, you will be intimately exposed to the concept of probabilities like never before. The sharpening of the intuition, indeed, is done through an appreciation for the qualities and behavior of probabilities on a personal level in your own life. Probable paths chosen or ignored are the building blocks, so to speak, of your existence.

This is a critical point, I think, and so perhaps an example is needed for clarity. Suppose you are at a crossroads of sorts. You are faced with a decision that you must make that will have a great influence on the direction your life will take afterwards. For instance: suppose your job is being moved to another state or another country. Your decision to stay or leave for the distant job site will establish a completely different trajectory of life experiences for you and your family.

Now, with appreciation of probabilities and some knowledge of the concept of Moment Points and the other ideas we have been discussing in my previous blogs, you can make far better decisions in these matters.

After conducting your Ritual of Sanctuary, you could use a projection of consciousness down the two or three possible trajectories of probability. In a relaxed state, you could visualize the outcome, further down the road, of each probable decision.

First, imagine what would occur after a decision to accept the position offered in another state or country. What would the moment-to-moment, day-to-day aftereffects of that decision manifest for you? Fill in the details with emotion and color as best you can.

Now mentally return to your current timeframe and imagine the aftereffects to stay in your current location, and perhaps find a job with another firm, or perhaps even starting your own business right where you are now. When you sense that your experiment is complete, gently return to fully-awakened consciousness

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