Scientists of Consciousness Methods

As we examine the physical world of The Third-Dimensional reality, we will borrow some practices from our scientific methods and alter them for our purposes. We will have experimentation, yet of a specific type.

The subject matter is our physical world perceived through our Inner Senses and our outer senses and our individual beliefs and ideas about what is and is not possible. The subtext here is concerned with our individual lessons: those experiences we were incarnated into our current existence in this time-frame to learn from and to add to the experience of All That Is.

So as we conduct our experiments, it will be as a way to throw light upon the meanings of our life currently. Why are we on the Earth now at this specific time? What are the broader meanings of our activities in this life? These are matters of Soul Evolution. The answers to these questions may come in the manner of divine information from our Higher Self.

Which brings us to a major point: as we proceed with our studies and experimentation, it would be wise for us to scrupulously document all of the outcomes of our activities. Now this may mean writing down in long-hand in a journal, or typing into our computer or speaking into a recorder. Whatever the medium, please document as soon after the activity as possible.

And as we add to the information regarding our Soul Issues – the meanings of life for us personally – we may notice changes in our beliefs about nature of our Personal Reality. And just as a scientist must alter the hypothesis when faced with findings that demand this, so too shall we, as a Scientist of Consciousness, of necessity alter our beliefs, ideas and images to the new information – divine information – we will discover as the products of our experiments.

We are on the path to our enlightenment, in other words, and we are approaching our awakening in an organized and disciplined manner

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