My advice is to not worry about who you are contacting, as long as you are receiving the loving aspect. The open-heart aspect of the communication denotes that you have made contact with the Energy Personality. You will know this feeling, in that it is love embodied. Love as an idea or an ideal is a mental construct.

The ecstasy I am describing is felt throughout the body. There is a sense of being pressed in by love so that you have a feeling of slight discomfort mixed in with the pleasurable emotion of love. You will know it when you feel it. It can be experienced as a wave of pleasant emotion, as I describe it, yet each of us will experience it in a different way. This is your Soul shining through. This is the experience of dropping the ego and allowing your Soul Self to perceive your world.

Now, we are on a path of development. All of us are at various stages of Soul Evolution. The difference becomes whether you acknowledge to yourself that you are ready to work with your Energy Personality and move FORWARD in development. By doing so, you catalyze the great powers within and without.

We focus our intent and with the assistance of All That Is, we take a divergent path; a path that will take us from sleep into awakening in a Soul sense. New positive probable futures arise from this intentional choice we make to co-create with All That Is a spiritually-informed existence.

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