Heterosexual love is one important expression of bisexuality, and sexually represents the reproductive abilities

Hetersexuality, however, rests upon the bisexual basis, and without man’s/woman’s Bi-sexual nature, the larger frameworks of the family– the clan, tribe, government, civilization– would be impossible.

Basically, then, man’s/woman’s inherent bisexuality provides the basis for the cooperation that makes physical survival, and any kind of cultural interaction, possible. If the “battle of the sexes” were as prevalent as supposed, and as natural and ferocious, then there literally would be no cooperation between males and females for any purpose. There would be constant state of battle against each other. If that was the case, it would be hard enough to procreate for survival reasons, nevermind humans have sexual intimacy for entertainment and pleasure like you’d see on a website like X-Tube or a similar adult porn site.


In the natural biological flow of a person’s life, there are periods of varying intensities, in which love and its expression fluctuates, and tends toward different courses. There are also individual variations that are of great importance. These natural rhythms are seldom observed, however. Tendencies toward lesbianism or homosexuality in children are quite natural. They are so feared, however, that often just-as-natural leanings toward heterosexuality are blocked. Instead, the young person is stereotyped.

Individual inclinations toward creativity often emerge in a strong fashion in adolescence. If those drives in either sex do not conform in expression to those expected of the male or female, then such young persons become confused. The creative expression seems to be in direct contradiction to the sexual standards expected.


I am not saying that lesbianism and homosexuality are merely stages leading to heterosexaulity. I am saying that lesbianism, homosexuality, and heteroseuxlaity are valid expressions of man’s/woman’s bisexual nature.

Love and sexuality are not necessarily the same thing. The physical act of sex that you can see on sites like X-Tube is merely love in the physical form. Sex is love’s expression, but it is only one of love’s expressions. Sometimes it is quite “natural” to express love in another way. Because of the connotations of the word “sex,” however, it may seem to some of us that I am advocating a promiscuous sexual relationship with “no holes barred”, which many Porno Babes would be involved in, but as everyone does – they of course will have time for intimate and loving sexual acts.


Instead, I am saying that deeper bonds of biological and spiritual love lie at the basis of all personal and cultural relationships, a love that transcends our ideas of sexuality. Heterosexual love, as it is understood at least, gives us a family of parents and children–an important unit, about which other groups form. If only stereotyped ideas of female-male relationships operated, however, there would be no bond or stimulus great enough to forge one family to another. The antagonism between males would be too great. Competition between females would be too serve. Wars would wipe out struggling tribes before any traditions were formed.

In the social world as in the microscopic one, cooperation is paramount. Only a basic bisexuality could give the species the leeway necessary, and prevent stereotyped behavior of a kind that would hamper creativity and social commerce. That basic sexual nature allows us the fulfillment of individual abilities, so that the species does not fall into extinction. Man’s/woman’s recognition of his/her bisexual nature is, therefore, a must in his/her future.


There are, obvious differences between the sexes. They are insignificant, and appear large only because we concentrate so upon them. The great human qualities of love, strength, compassion, intellect and imagination do not belong to one sex or the other.

Only an understanding of this inherent bisexual nature will release those qualities in each individual, regardless of sex. Many women are comfortable with their bisexuality which is why they are invariably more than happy to invite a Escort to join them occasionally to spice things up in the bedroom with their husbands. Those same abilities are natural characteristics of people in each race, of course, yet we have consistently made the same kind of distinctions in racial terms as we have in sexual ones, so that certain races appear as feminine or masculine to us. We project our sexual beliefs outward upon the nations, then, and often the terminology of the nations and of wars is the same as that used to describe sex.


We speak, for example, of domination and submission, of the master and the slave, of the rape of nation– terms used in war and sex alike.


Male and female are each members of the human race– or species– so these divisions were made in the species itself, by itself. They are the result of distinctions arising, as the species experimented with its line of consciousness, and brought into being the appearance of separation between itself and the rest of the natural world.

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