We suggested in our last Blog Series that there are true visionaries among us who are making themselves known. These are the advocates for our Mother Earth, the speakers, the teachers, the magicians, shamans, witches and healers of our timeframe, who are exerting considerable pressure on the current ruling regime – I am speaking in global terms here now – to “soften” and indeed spiritualize their expressions in physical reality, including their political systems. They are now coming forward to lead us in all the domains of human interaction.

Our leaders who have taken advantage of the people are now finding themselves “uncovered” and suddenly vulnerable. In their place there is becoming apparent this new class of “natural born leaders.” We have stated that these visionaries will not necessarily be elected. They lead in a very appropriate manner, for that is their natural gift, as humans in this very important era in our world.

Perhaps now we have witnessed this phenomenon, essentially a calling forth to those of goodwill for our Mother earth, to tend to THE TRUE BUSINESS AT HAND. The denial is lifting, you see, as many of us begin to see the damage done by our leaders with our tacit approval.

Or perhaps we have experienced this phenomenon in a more personal way, as we may have felt oneself called to serve our fellow humans in a more direct way than we have done in the past. Leaders come in many forms. Leading by example, to coin a phrase, is a wholly adequate and necessary service one may provide to initiate the rebuilding of our damaged societies.

You see, there are no authorities among these visionary Leaders. They do not hold power by virtue of authority, such as a power “over” others. They are powerful because they keep their own power. They do not give up their authority to others. In the broad sense, ALL of us are becoming enlightened, empowered with the natural creative energies that are our birthright. We are all becoming leaders in this way.

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