The other members of the Soul Family are learning their Lessons also: some consciously, some by default. Each participant in this drama is learning something according to the requirements of their Soul Self. As I said, each of us enters into life in the Third Dimension with an agenda, with a general plan for development on all levels – body, mind and Soul. As we live our life, our Higher Self definitely keeps tabs on our activities with regards to the learning of Lessons.

Incidentally, some or even all members of a particular Soul Family Group may be expressions of a singular Soul Self. This happens quite frequently within our system. As such, these types of groupings often express a particular intensity of character and emotion around certain values: these values being the Lessons learned in the collective.

We might say that this tendency of some Souls to experience multiple lives within a singular genetic family, shall we say, is a repertory expressions and shows itself throughout time. In these cases, we would find this repertory expressions in the home, in the workplace, in the church, and so on. A similarity of Lessons being learned by all members of the collective would be noted.

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