We have spoken before of the gratifying changes in consciousness that come with Soul evolution. What we are really talking about here is a systematic approach to belief change. The example we used pertained to a change in belief regarding radial prejudice. In our example, the person had undergone a subtle transformation in consciousness by working on themselves” to the degree that they no longer feared or hated a particular race or group of people, but they were indeed experiencing growing affection for these people, for the race as a whole.

I described this feeling as a form of ambivalence, in that the person still harbored negative feelings for the group of people, but the positive feelings for the group were beginning to overtake the negative. This person was on the cusp of positive belief change. They were comfortable with the uncertainty they were experiencing, for as I said, they were working on themselves, trying to learn their Lessons, and they were, at least for the moment, able to resist recognizing the negative inner dialogue concerning the group of people. They were able to “turn down the volume,” you see, on their self-centered positive inner dialogue. So this is what belief change entails.

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