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The physics of this for those of you who would care to know, referring to my previous. The Percept creates the Reality Constructs from Consciousness Units AND THEN perceives it. Do not be confused by time in this discussion, therefore. The percept uses time as a structure for creative activity. In truth, outside of time in the Unknown Reality, everything happens at once. Thus, the Percept organizes, allots, schedules the creative efforts of consciousness, forming things and events from chaos


Now I hope I have not lost you with these discussions of ancient Precepts, Telepathy, and the Etheric World. I am laying the groundwork for our exploration of manifestation through Resonance and will be a passage through the Hidden World. It is the steady path I take when presenting this information to you in my new Blog Series.

Feel free to consult the previous Blogs Series’ if you are having trouble following my narrative. And please keep an open mind and do discount, at least for the time being, the admonitions of the ego/intellect to put this Blog aside and run away.


Now we live many lives and those with whom we are experiencing our current life also live their many lives. And just as those humans with whom we interact in our current existence – our genetic family, our adoptive family, our colleagues, our acquaintances – are learning their individual Lessons with us now, so too are each of us in what we are calling the Soul Family, learning our Lessons together in other Lives. In all of our lives, in whatever era we are experiencing our lives – Renaissance Europe, for example, or perhaps within a tribal unit in our prehistoric past – we are also interacting with Soul Family members, the same group of people with whom we always interact, for they live their lives just as we do: in different bodies, in different times in different circumstances


Our Current Reality

Thank you for staying with us in our new Blog Project. To begin, as you very well know my friend. You create your own reality. This has been my primary refrain to humanity in my messages over several years, and I fervently hope that you remember. In this moment and in every moment of our life, we form the world that we know, even as everything else within our reality cooperates with us in this creation process.

Our world is made from Consciousness Units: awarized elements of energy that seek out the fulfillment of infinite values in the manifestation of Reality Constructs of infinite variety. This etheric substance – the stream of manifestation – literally travels outward from our body to create the world that we then experience. It is fantastic. It is unbelievable. It IS the way we create our reality, Dear Blog Reader. For in this endeavor of Reality Creation, everything that can happen does happen, all in the spacious moment of creation – the eternal moment of NOW.

Included in this construction project of the Soul is the creation of our own physical body within a context of multi-dimensional existence. We do indeed live countless lives; some are lived in our past, some are lived in our present, and some are lived in our future. We have referred to these as the Simultaneous Lives and also the Reincarnational Existences. These lives are our lives throughout time.


Does this or that civilization, though, exist in fact, you may ask? Does our Western civilization or our American empire exist? These are philosophical propositions. For the more we explore our Personal Reality in an attempt to find proofs, the more we find that all is composed of consciousness.

Now consciousness, as we know, and as some of our more conscious scientists also know, is limitless. Being limitless it achieves any form. In this view, do you see that the possibility exists for not only these few theorized cultures we describe in this Blog to exist, but for ALL permutations into physical form, of any and all probable social, political, and spiritual constructs to exist? All possible civilizations exist. Period. All thoughts or images entertained by humans seek our fulfillment in the form of Reality Constructs, including civilizations.

We may take this as a disclaimer, if you wish. Yet it is, you must admit, an intensely empowering disclaimer. It is empowering for YOU the individual explorer of consciousness.


This movement in our time-frame represents a cyclical renovation of the world culture. It would not be over-simplifying too much here, to state that this movement is spurred by a bleed-through to the civilizations of our past that is being experienced by many millions of us. Again, the human race is at a very dangerous crossroads currently.

All of our structures that have previously held us together are disintegrating. The power elite that control our world’s resources are resisting any changes to their entitlement: their self-perceived ownership of our planet. As a collective, the Sumari family of consciousness is attempting to spread their influence throughout the world, allowing these potent ideas of change to energize the greater collective of humanity. It is a time of potential revolution we have before us, nationally and globally. We can sense this potential, can we not? The Ancient Wisdom is being remembered and honored. The rights of the individual are becoming paramount. The collective is becoming empowered as the inefficient social systems of the past regime fall away.

Remember here, this is how civilizations are created. It is always an inside phenomenon. Then non-physical world creates the outside physical world, always. The best practices, in a sense, that have created positive value for civilizations in our past, are being remembered. Therefore, go to our dreams and reveries and witness the Mystery Civilizations as they give birth to The New World. Help where you can, Dear Blog Reader.


In our distant historical past, there did indeed exist this race of giant, in our terms, humans. They originated, not within any one specific region of Earth, but, if you can imagine this, in a generalized fashion. Again, it is difficult to explain this process of the simultaneous existence of all forms… We are suspended within the coordinates of a space/time matrix. It is difficult for us to step outside of this matrix – the illusion of linear time – and observe All That Is at it creates everything that can be created, including, you see, gigantic humans. In a sense, we could say that our scientific theories and explanations of human evolution, HOLD US BACK, Prevent us from witnessing our greater creaturehood.

The accepted trajectory of development for humans is quite limited by our myopic scientists. However, if we were to look at our theoretical researchers that have perfected the use of the Inner senses in their explorations, we would find evidence of this other reality: one inhabited by giants, indeed, as well as many other representatives of unknown that we currently refer to as the impossible, or perhaps, merely mythological beings. I hope that you notice that this is my disclaimer for the material that will follow.

Now the term “generalized”… all probabilities are explored by consciousness in the moment ” to the nth degree.” Everything exists spontaneously and eternally NOW. The races of humans, all living things, and even supposed inert substances, create themselves in the moment of eternity that exists now.

Let us anticipate your question: “If these other human forms exist now and forever, why do we not know more of them?” Answer: Perhaps it is because we are a modern human. We do not “believe” in these outlandish tales of giants, fairies, angels, and so on. We create our reality through our beliefs. Therefore, we have not participated in the creation of these beings. We have not assisted in their manifestation into our Personal Reality Field.

Now, before I lose you entirely, please remember that the various eras and epochs of time exist as dimensions. We refer to the era that witnessed the giants, therefore, as an alternate dimension, one that we may explore, if we wish, just as we may explore any dimension from within the Third Dimension. Enter into this moment of exploration, then, as I proceed.

The giants were a race of humans that existed simultaneously with all other races. Where all races and nationalities existed, the giants also existed. Thus our legends of gigantic humans who lived on the edge of the village, or in the mountains of regions around our Earth. All regions, all mythologies document the giants. Thus we have our stories of contact, that are in truth, dimensional- bleed-throughs.

I do realize that the “scientists” among us are now scoffing at these descriptions. Scoff if we must. The deniers merely exhibit their disbelief in these matters through denial and intellectualization: “scientifically impossible,” we might say. You may now be asking for proof. Let us then go directly to the exercise, where you may receive the proof you require.


HYPOTHESIS: The giants of myth may be contacted through experimentation in the trance state.


The assumption in these new Blog Series of mine is that EVERYTHING that can be entertained in the mental environment can attain varying degrees of reality, either in our system or others. We create our own Personal Reality Field that comprises a radius formed about our physical body construct to about 50 feet. Everywhere we look we create realities there and we have the most “say” in what occurs in our reality within this 50 foot radius. Everything: every atom, every insect, every rock has a reality field in which it exists, for everything is alive. This we should know by now.

Before us, in front of us, right before our eyes in our Personal Reality Field, exist all of the dimensions of our physical reality that hold all of the humans, animals, trees, and what have you that have existed for eternity. We are speaking of eternity looking forward as well as backward, here. Past, present, and future manifestations of anything that can be imagined, exist right where we are, Dear Blog Reader.

I have described these dimensions as available to us in “layers” of reality. With this metaphor we might conceive of the dimension in which the giants exist as one that lies somewhat downward in front of us, looking into the earth at a 45 degree angle. Building on this metaphor, can we get a sense of the perspective of peering into other dimensions, by using our Intent now, and focusing the consciousness, the Inner Senses we are talking about now, to bring into clarity the dimension of the theorized giants?

We know from communications with our readers, that some of you have already made contact with these beings and have developed relationships over the years. So this experiment is possible and quite easy to do. It is one that has been used by explorers throughout the ages to perceive the giants and other so-called mythological beings. We are, therefore, taking on the role of visionary in this experiment. Our imagination will come into play, in the sense that we will be open to the images of these beings. We will use our Inner Sense of sight to tune-in to the dimension in which the giants exist, and then be open to accepting what we are viewing.

Here it is important to remember that we may have preconceived notions of what a giant looks like. My advice is to try to recognize these images as barriers to understanding. The truth of these beings is not romantic at all. Please attempt to look beyond the cultural stereotypes offered by our motion pictures, books, and other media.

Again, when you feel as though you have gathered enough information in our experiment, simply direct your consciousness out of the Trance State and up to surface awareness. Document your findings immediately, while the information is fresh in your mind.

Findings _______________________________________________________________________



The question of why did the religions grow from particular regions on our Earth. Now the Niamennon are simply one identified tribe of our early settlers of the Middle Eastern parts of the planet. As is the case with all of us, however, these peoples have their origins on other planets. The Arcturus system and the planets surrounding this body, was the originating point for all of what we would call the Middle Eastern peoples.

Remember now my comments that linear time does not exist in the Soul’s perception? Consider then a Soul, an Entity, a Gestalt of Consciousness existing within this Arcturian system, that KNOWS it will have a direct hand in seeding the Earth with the sparks of Soul, the essence of itself, for a “future,” in our terms, Reincarnational Drama enacted within the collective consciousness of an entire civilization. These types of activities are conceived outside of times as we know it. In this way the Entity is allowed to witness the future manifestation upon the Earth, of the growth of a tribal collective from their original contribution.

This entity knew, therefore, that they were to contribute to the gestation of what would become several religious movements. This is delicate and difficult information that I am attempting to transmit. In the inception of Spirit into the babies being born in the initial transmission of energies from the Arcturian system, each human grew to adulthood, they knew that they were to be involved, either in the first incarnation or later ones, in the growth of these religious movements.

These Souls choose to incarnate on our Earth at that time SPECIFICALLY to become involved in these movements. If we can think of the The Christ figure, as I have represented this Energy Gestalt in my Blog writings, as being a part of an extended family, a Soul family, if you will, simply think of these sojourners to Earth as members of The Christ Entity. They were keeping appointments with one another on the physical plane to engage in the world of establishing movements.


Mu is one of those lost civilizations that we as a race have created from several different civilizations. This Mystery Civilization existed as a prototypical culture within the collective of humanity’s imagination.

Now, every collective of humans, of animals, of insects and even of inanimate materials as we call them, every amalgam of Consciousness Units has a collective “vision” of itself. Of course, every conceivable vision of Mu exists within probable realities. For our purposes here in this explanation, let us think of the vision as just two fold: There is the “real time” vision, the idea on which is built the CURRENT “bedrock reality” that is experienced by the inhabitants, in this case, the humans of Mu. But it could as easily be the reality as experienced by the atoms that compose a rock upon our lawn. Anything and everything has consciousness and everything exists at once.

Now secondly, each collective, each Gestalt of Consciousness if you prefer, has a vision of the future – an idealized dream or vision of where they would like to be in a future manifestation of their present culture. This future vision or vision of the future is fed by the best case scenarios entertained within the mental environments of all participants in the collective.

Our Mu Civilization was just such an idealized society created on the mental plane of existence by the members of a civilization that existed in certainly a far less idealized manner, if I may say so.



We maintain that this Mystery Civilization is one that exists as a “proving ground,” so to speak, for the mythological concepts and personalities of our world’s cultures. It does exist in the same sense that ALL, supposed, theorized, or visualized societies exist, in so far as they are given consistent thought energy by humans and other forms. This disclaimer applies to all of the theorized collectives we discuss in this Blog Series. The civilizations exist first in the imagination, and then “fleshed out” with the manifesting energies of people everywhere.

We also referred to Lemuria as the “place” where the seekers of visions and meetings with the non physical beings go in their ritual journeys. The shamans, visionaries, and other seekers throughout our perceived past, journey to these uncharted territories of consciousness. Each journey to this underground of the imagination by human visionaries, adds to the storyline and the character development, you might say, of the Lemuria Legend.


The Hunza are technically NOT a Mystery Civilization, for much is known of this collective within the “historical record.” However please allow me to comment on this people as representatives of what might be called the “original” teachings of the Masters. The Masters are those Teachers who come into your reality every few thousand years on Earth.

Now it is well known to us that a personality known as Christ presented himself to the people of the Middle East some two thousand years ago. Also it is well known that, around that same time, other Teachers, other masters incarnated into the societies of the Asian continent and others. Muhammad was another Teacher incarnated about the same time. The Buddha and the Buddhist teachers are quite well known as having influenced the peoples in Asia. These are all known to us, no doubt, as a spiritual practitioner and as a student of religious generally.

However, please note that during this incredibly fertile period that witnessed the propagation of these various paths within the world community, OTHER Masters, OTHER Teachers, also came into physical reality to inform the members of thousands of other collectives upon our planet. We are speaking here of small tribal units on our African continent, as well as large congregates of spiritual practitioners within our aboriginal tribes in Australia, for example.