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Suggestions will allow you to awaken yourself as soon as a dream is completed. The dream will then be fresh. If your recorder is suitably situated with the microphone easily at hand, then you can speak your dream with less effort than is required to write it down. Of course records must be kept. The simplest part of this experiment will involve the use of suggestion to awaken yourself at the completion of each dream.

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The number of remembered dreams should be much higher than your present system allows. I also suggest that the first recalled dream for any given evening be compared with the first recalled dream from other evenings, and that the second recalled dream from any one evening be compared with the second dream from other evenings, and so forth.

This should prove highly interesting, and if such experiments are carried on consciously over a period of years, then the results could lead to excellent evidence for the various layers of the subconscious and inner self, of which I have spoken for so long.

Particular notice should also be taken of characters and settings and the approximate period of history in which the dream action occurs. If the dream seems to happen in no specific location and in no particular time, then these facts should also be noted.

Unknown characters within the dream action, persons unknown to you in daily life, should be given careful attention also, and the roles which they play within the dream drama. The primary colors should be checked against physical reality so that any clairvoyant elements are clearly checked and recorded.

There are many ways in which you can approach these newer dream experiments. You may, if you prefer, begin by suggesting that you will awaken after each of the first five dreams. If possible, we want to get the dreams in order here.

Now, there is something else to be considered. The very self-suggestions that will enable you to recall dreams will also change their nature to some extent. This is all right, and the effect will be minimized when the newness has worn off. Again, we want the dreams in the sequence in which they occur. If you do not want to wake up after each dream on the evening, then the suggestion should always include ‘I will recall the first three dreams, of the first five dreams, or whatever.’

You may try two different wordings for a start, and now I am speaking of precise wording. The first: ‘I will wake up after each of my first five dreams and record each one immediately.” The second alternative wording would be the same as the one I have just given, but the ‘Wake up’ would be omitted. That is, it is possible for you to record the dreams, speaking into the microphone without awakening.

This is not only possible but by far the most convenient. You should try both methods and discover which one works the best for you. If at all possible, the recorder should be in the bedroom ( not in another part of the house.) It is the immediate dream recall we are after. We want you to record the dream at the instant of awakening or at the instant that the dream is about to dissolve.

The time involved in going from one room to another could result in the loss of dream content and vividness. The very moto responses demanded on the part of the body and the extra arousal tendency would force you to lose a good deal of valid material. I would prefer that you work less, if necessary, using the recorder in the bedroom, than work more intensely leaving the recorder in another room.

It is the dream we are after, the dream experience in all the vividness that we can capture, and if you are going to get a watered-down version in any case, then you may as well continue with your present method (of writing them down in the morning) and save your sleep.

With the method I have just given you, you will be able to capture as much of the whole dream experience as any investigators manage to do (in dream-labs) when the awakening is done by a mechanical device or by another person. You will also be gaining excellent discipline and training over your own states of consciousness and this, in itself, will be an important yardstick of progress for you.

Now, mankind/womankind uses but a portion of its capabilities. When you are well along in these experiments, you will find that you handle them very well, with no training of energies. Your sleeping hours are already productive. We shall also use them to give you training in the utilization of various stages of consciousness. Added to this, the training will give you valuable insight into the nature of dreams in general, the stages of the subconscious and the inner life of the personality when it it dissociated from its physical environment to some considerable extent.

Much later, there will be other suggestions for you in which you will direct your sleeping self to perform certain activities, visit certain locations and bring back information. This is obviously still very much in the future, but it is well within the abilities of the inner self.

There are serveral kinds of time that will appear within your dream, and you must sort these out carefully. While sleeping in your present time, you may have a dream that concerns your past, with events that you know to have occurred years ago. nevertheless, you may experience these events (within the dream) as happening within the present.

The present within which you seem to experience the dream is not, however, the present in physical time – the present in which your body lies upon the bed. There is a fine distinction here and one that you will learn through experience as you go on, so I will not discuss it now.

I should be obvious also that within your dreams a special location that belongs to the present physical time can be experienced in the past or in the future within the dream framework, and again, there is much more here also than meets the eye; so watch out so that you can catch these developments.

I am particularly interested in these experiments, and as a preliminary for them, we will have you work with suggestion alone before you attempt to begin with your recordings. We shall have you working well in your sleep, for the dream will not be captured in a laboratory – by scientists who will not look into their own dreams.

The nature of reality can be approached only by an investigation of it as it is directly experienced in all levels of awareness: reality as it appears under dream conditions, under other conditions of dissociation and as it appears in the waking state. Even studies dealing with the conscious state are usually superficial, dealing only with ‘upper’ levels of egotistical awareness.

All layers of the personality are ‘conscious.’ They simply operate like compartments, so that often one portion of the self is not aware of other portions. As a rule, when you are awake you do not know your sleeping self; you know your neighbor far better, so your sleeping self seems mysterious indeed. When you are awake, you cannot find the dream locations that have been so familiar to you only the night before.

In your sleep, you may have greeted friends who are strangers to your waking self. But consider the other side of the coin. For whne you are asleep, you usually cannot find the street upon which you live your waking hours, and when you are asleep, you do not know your waking self. The sleeping self is your identity.

There are connections between these two conditions, and there are definite realities that exist in both states, and these are what you are looking for. Only by finding these can you discover the nature of human personality and the nature of reality within which it operates.

We have also spoken of the dream as a drama, and you must discover the various levels within which these dramas take place. You will also find that the various levels of the ‘subconscious’ will yield their own characteristics, and as your records grow, this will become apparent. It is necessary, then, that dreams are recorded in consecutive order whenever possible.


An awakening of your personal consciousness to All That Is is possible for you in any chosen moment in your waking reality. It becomes a matter of intentionally perceiving your world through the auspices, you might say, of the Divine. If you have mediated, if you have prayed, if you have experimented with your conscious Intent, you have already used your perceptions in this divine way I am describing.

Have you noticed while engaged in these common practices, that the moment of perception gains a fullness, an energized complexity? If you have noticed this pleasant “pressing in” of the energies upon your consciousness, you may also be adept at “tuning” this state to meet your requirements. The depth of your mediation may be increased or decreased, in other words. The profoundness of your trance may be increased or decreased, simply by using your Intent.

We refer to these empowered moments of Intent as Moment Points. They are essentially gateways to a broader perception of your world and your place in it. You are a researcher of your experience in your waking reality. Each moment holds the potential for revealing to you the answers to any questions you might have. It is up to you to focus on the business at hand – your awakening – and delve deeply within the moment. Briefly: it is your Moment Point if you say it is. Own your current moment therefore, and awaken to your greater reality.



This is our concept for discussion at this time. Now there exists a barrier to understanding for some of you that prevents your intellect from accepting the fantastic premise that you cooperate with All That Is in the literal creation of our physical world. This barrier is one of the last to fall as you approach your wakening. Let me set the stage, If I may…

You are in nature, in a forest, writing in your journal, and you are approached by a deer. You are motionless and quiet as the deer comes closer and closer to you, so close in fact that you could reach out and touch it. As you quietly contemplate this miracle of nature, a pair of quail walk onto the scene. They too are oblivious of you as they stroll past, again, within arm’s reach.

Then, as if to further impress you, Dear Blog Reader, the birds in the trees fly quickly past you to perch on nearby branches and to feed directly next to you. You are still here. You are quiet. You are ONE with nature. This is the perfect state for experiencing the Divine. The ego/intellect is off to the side, out of the way of your perception, as the Soul Self observers/creates your Personal Reality.

Ah, but then you make an abrupt motion with your hand to write down what you are experiencing. The ego/intellect has taken charge. The animals disperse in alarm. The fragile moment of appreciation has passed.

Now moments later the animals have again taken their places within nature, in that timeless moment beyond ego, beyond the intellect, beyond the rational mind. However, as you take your notes in your journal you are merely a reporter commenting on the preceding events. Your ego/intellect has taken you out of the moment. Whereas the “dumb” animals as you call them, for they lack your rationality, continue their precisely focused existences in the moment – the divine moment of creation.


She is composed of Consciousness Units of the same generic type…

You are a part of everything. We continue to affirm this fact for you-the-Blog-reader, not to give you an elevated sense of your own worth, but to simply state for you the facts of existence.

What is reality? What is the truth of the matter? These are philosophical questions that drive the enquiring mind. Here we are making our case that you are both the creator and the experience of your reality.

An illustration is in order… My colleague Dorian has taken to riding the bus rather than driving her own car. She has found that it frees her up to do writing and to commune with other humans; something she both desires and needs, as in the basic human needs. As she was, moments ago as we write this, observing two large pine trees that stand at the entrance to the casino at which she was waiting for the bus, a huge beautiful hawk burst out of one tree, and effortlessly, silently, flew of to the surrounding countryside.

She did indeed marvel at this exhibition of beautiful Mother Nature, and she asked herself, as she often does now, “What does that mean?” It occurred to her that there was meaning in this event on many levels. However, there were two primary meanings or Lessons in this evocative scene:

First: She was reminded that she is a part of everything and everything is a part of her, for she briefly projected her consciousness into that of the hawk’s, and accompanied the animal for a short distance. She was able to do this for she is composed of Consciousness Units of the same generic type that the hawk is composed. So this was an endorsement from Spirit All That Is – to her, of her current trajectory of Soul Evolution.

Second: She had a deja vu experience. She seemed to remember a conversation with a local Native American, in which the subject of the sacred hawk that lives in the Sheep Mountain area arose. It seemed to Dorian at the time that the fellow was quite urgent in his telling this tale of the hawk. Perhaps, thought Dorian, the fellow was setting the stage for her “future” experiencing of this hawk, the guardian of the Sheep Mountain. It did seem to Dorian that the experience was perceived “out-of-time,” in s dream-like encounter with the natural world.


As far as fifth dimension is concerned, It is space. I will have to try to build up the image of a structure to help you understand, but then I must rip down the structure because there is none there.

Consider, then, a network of wires somewhat like, though different from ” Idea Construction” – a maze of interlocking wires endlessly constructed, so that looking through them there would seem to be no beginning or end. Your plane could likened to small position between four very spindly and thin wires, and my plane could be likened to the small position in the neighboring wires on the other side.

Not only are we on different sides of the same wires, but we are at the same time either above or below, according to your viewpoint. And if you consider the wires as forming cubes… then the cubes could also fit one within the other, without disturbing the inhabitants of either cube one iota – and these cubes are also within cubes, which are themselves within cubes, and I am speaking now only of small particle of space taken up by your plane and mine.

Again, now think in terms of your plane, bounded by its small spindly set of wires, and my plane on the other side. These, as I have said, have also boundless solidarity and depth, yet in usual terms, to one side the other is transparent. You cannot see through, but the two planes move through each other constantly.

I hope you see what I have done here. I have initiated the idea of motion, for true transparency is not the ability to see through but to move through. This is what I mean by fifth dimension. Now remove the structure of the wires and cubes. Things behave as if the wires and cubes were there, but these are only constructions necessary, even to those on my plane, in order to make this comprehensible to our faculties, the faculties of any entity.

We merely construct imaginary lines to walk upon. So real are the wall constructions of your room that you would freeze in the winter time without them, yet there is no room and no walls. So, in a like manner, the wires that we constructed are real to us in the universe, although… to me, the walls are transparent. So, are the wires that we constructed to make our point about the fifth dimension, but for all practical purposes, we must behave as if the wires were there…

Again, if you will consider our maze of wires, I will ask you to imagine them filling up everything that is, with your plane and my plane like two small birds nests in the netlike fabric of some gigantic tree…. Consider, for example, that these wires are also mobile, constantly trembling and also alive, in that they not only carry the stuff of the universe but are themselves projections of this stuff, and you will see how difficult it is to explain. Now can I blame you for growing tired when after asking you to imagine this strange structure. I then insist that you tear it apart, for it is no more actually seen or touched than is the buzzing of a million invisible bees.


As The Shift unfolds in the coming years, our system will witness many more “opportunities” for negative manifestation. Thus, we may well see an acceleration in the manifestation of Earth Changes, such as natural disasters. There also exists at this time the potential for the creation of the Positive Manifestation in our reality. It seems as though it could go either way here, with the collective manifestation on our Earth. This is precisely why it is now more important than ever to attend to our positive thought-creation in our waking reality and also in our meditation practices.

In the final experiment for The Blog Trilogy, we will take a page from the practices of the New Agers on our Internet in the Social Media collectives.

EXPERIMENT – Heal the Earth and Humanity

Hypothesis: Through ritual meditation with people around the world the positive manifestation is strengthened.

This is a very simple experiment that you may conduct as part of your regular meditation practice or as a special adjunct to your practice. You may wish to conduct this meditation at a special time of day or on a particular day of the week, to keep in synch with the millions of other humans who are observing similar practices around the Earth. Your input into the collective stream of manifestation energy in these Ritual observances helps to empower and direct this flow of energy. Your individual contribution is felt in a very specific way within the collective manifestation of the ideal, the focus of the meditation, in this case, the healing of Earth and humanity. Through these energy transfers from the individual to the collective, you are directly influencing the Entity Mother Earth and the human species.


Conduct the experiment for 10 to 15 minutes at same time of day each week, perhaps on a Sunday at Noon or on another day of relaxation.

As in our other experiments… achieve your relaxed and focused Trance State as you usually do. By now you will have discovered ways to regulate the depth of your Trance, so that you may quickly achieve the desired state of consciousness.

Your focus here is on the collective of humanity as you exist on our Earth. You have many challenges facing you as a human in this era. Our Earth is under stress from development, from abuse. Your task is to embody a state of Loving peacefulness. This is an appreciation for all that is good in your human life and in your world. You are appreciating the good and you are potentiating that good with your Intent. Feed your positive Loving images, feelings, and sensations toward the healing of yourself, humanity and your world. Imagine all of humanity rising up in peaceful Loving cooperation for the highest good for everyone. See our Mother Earth returning to her natural state of peace and Loving Light. See the cessation of the tragic Earth Changes. Feel the healing vibration of Loving Understanding as it permeates all consciousness. Direct this thought-form to your fellow human beings and into the Earth herself. Slowly return to surface awareness.

FINDINGS – Document your Findings.


To have an ongoing awareness of Death is a healthy thing…

Taking The Lead

In previous exercises we have identified tendencies to be afraid of the Other. The exercises in this Blog will heal those fears within all Simultaneous Lives. But first you may take the lead in matters of Soul Family healing, Dear Blog Reader. You see, in a sense, your mission with your Soul Family as an Awakening One, would be to encourage Lessons to be learned by all Soul Family members before the Death of the physical body. To have an ongoing awareness of Death is a healthy thing, in this context of study and experimentation.

An appreciation of Death and your ultimate demise, is also a celebration of your transcendence of Death. After Death, as you know, you transition to the Home Dimension, and then beyond into your multiple and varied Reinacanational Existences. With this in mind, to entertain Death as your companion, in a sense, in your waking existence, also motivates you to do your transformative practices, address your Issues without delay, learn your Lessons, and so on. Knowing that your time is limited in each incarnation, provides a focus and an intensification of perception and thus manifestation.


The realization, here, is that Love is all that is required in all circumstances. The fear of Death fades into the background when you realize this basic truth of our existence. Now it is easy to say this when you are experiencing it. When you are in Love, in a romantic way, let us say, it is easy to see the truth in this statement. It is easy to agree that Love makes the world go around, as they say. Yet what is required here, I believe, for the awakening student, is the recognition that Loving Understanding, for ourselves and our Earthly colleagues, is all that is required, despite whether we are in a romantic Loving relationship or not.

Certainly, the Soul Mate relationship is important to the developing human at this time in our evolution. However, your “embrace,” you might say, of everyone you meet with this Loving Understanding and Courage we have discussed here, is what is needed at this time to break the barrier, to tip the scale, to initiate the healing of humanity and the planet.

As you do engage in these Loving activities, Death takes a less prominent role in your Reincarnational Dramas. Fear of death is replaced by a Loving anticipation on your journey. From this perspective, Death is only difficult for the living, those who are left behind. For the Soul, however, it is the ultimate accomplishment: a celebration of the continuity of Loving consciousness


For example: as you focus on the Entity, through reading and conducting the experiments in our Blogs, you ally with this vast collection of Souls. You are nourished as the Entity is nourished, you see. What began as an affinity of ideas and feelings becomes a true collaboration. It is the same principle at work in spiritual literature of all types. You are inspired, moved, transformed by the ideas in the text. We have spoken of this before.

Now this intense identification with the famous deceased, can be quite productive and life-enriching if the time is taken to truly study and honor these lives. The information is out there in the Collective Consciousness for you to examine at any time. Anyone with the proper preparation and motivation can access and explore this material. And as I said, the more you research with respect and Love these Gestalts of Consciousness of the transitioned humans, the more your consciousness becomes a part of the greater Gestalt we call the Entity.


We are multidimensional beings in a physical body. During our waking times we are constantly peeking into our other lives. This is how we come to an agreement about what to do here in our current existence. Then, paradoxically, the moment we make our reality, we forget how we came to that place of divine creativity.

We refer to these separate time segments or time frames in which we have our individual existences as dimensions. Our current existences takes place in the Third Dimension, as we know. Our past existences had occurred and ARE occuring in what we might call the Past Dimensions. The same can be said of our future existences: they are playing out in Future Dimensions.

You might remember that in my theory we hypothesize multiple existences that are lived by the Soul Self within this current timeframe in which we live. So there is indeed another human or humans, quite related to you via the Soul Self, living out their lives as your contemporaries.

As I have stated before, there are similarities in the experiences and behavior of ALL of our Simultaneous Lives. To be sure, these similarities are not obvious at first glance. In other words, the outwards manifestation, the physical countenance, for example, is entirely different in each instance of our existence.

We ARE living our other lives within vastly differing body types, of differing temperaments, and so on. Yet within the psyches of all of these representations of our singular Soul Self, note the similarities. These are similarities in thought, imagery, emotional content, and so on.

In this section of our Blog Series, we will show you how to use these attributes that you share with your other lives, as a method for honing-in on these lives while in Trance State. Because you are learning how to take this Trance State with you into your waking reality, you will also be able to do your research into your other existences outside of your home: “in the field,” as we say.


Soul Mates are co-created, rather than “found” or “attracted.” You co-create with ALL That Is AND your potential Soul Mate, the context for experiencing one another. When the meeting occurs, it has the underpinnings of the Divine supporting it. The co-creation of your Soul Mate can be described as an awakening experience, then: collaborations with ALL That Is.

Now let me ask the obvious question that arises here:

Can I co-create the Soul Mate relationship from a current relationship, one that may have problems of one kind or another.

The answer is a resounding YES! Indeed, you may have entered into such a relationship – one with problems – for the specific purpose of working out your Issues together, and thus attaining the fulfillment of particular values. You may already be experiencing a Soul Mate relationship yet you are not fully aware of it now.

Let me digress… this idea of asking for what you want in relationship is complicated, again, by your Lessons: the subconscious materialization of your Personal Reality. This is why we suggest you adopt the conscious co-creator perspective. It allows you more leverage in the moment, in that, you may experience a form of objectivity with regards to your unconscious projections onto others.

So yes, please do the exercises with this in mind and see if you are already connected with your Soul Mate. Then should you discover that you are, you may use this material to deepen your relationship.