Creating Ritual Sanctuary

HYPOTHESIS: Enacted sanctuary ritual seals off negative energies.

Building on the exercises from previous blogs, this experiment will explore the means for creating a unique protection ritual for the reader to enact prior to psychic investigations.

Each Blog reader may for themselves list their beliefs and images of security and peace and then distill them down into a potent image or statement that virtually resonates with the energies we are discussing. Again, each individual will create a distinct image or written statement with accompanying emotional content.

This is the Ritual of Sanctuary that the reader may perform before each experiment. It is a good idea for the reader to write down and draw pictures of the images and content they are experiencing for future reference. The ritual may include body movements or gestures, the cultivation of emotional states, visualizations of various types ad so on.

The reader may wish to try out the ritual a number of times until it elicits the desired state of Sanctuary, that is, a feeling of support as if one were a beloved child in the arms of one’s adoring mother. Naturally, the reader may have different criteria for sensing ultimate protection.

One note here… the descriptive terms Emotional Body, Home Dimension etc. are simply for the convenience of the reader. Our reality obviously unfolds seamlessly for our perception. There are no distinctions between dimensions and our physical form, for example. All of our terminology is presented for our use in our Third-Dimensional reality so that we can make sense of this new information being presented. We are used to naming and so we will name in our material.

FINDINGS – Document your findings. This may mean that you will write down the results of your ongoing efforts in creating a Ritual Sanctuary that works. This is a personal matter. Only you will know when you have fine-tuned your ritual to the point that it assists you in creating the sacred space of Sanctuary.

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