The Personal Field of Manifestation

HYPOTHESIS: You can sense the creation of your personal reality field.

Let us attempt to help you get a feel for your own personal field of manifestation with an experiment. I would ask you to quiet your mind using any relaxation technique you may have gathered in your lifetime. Deep breathing, visualizing a restful scene and gently stretching the body are some ways to accomplish this relaxation. When you are relaxed, please look out in front of you and establish where in the distance your 55-foot limit might be.

For these purposes it would help if you were doing the experiment outside. If you are indoors, you may be able to sense it intuitively. Now sense how this boundary surrounds and supports you. Sense also how the perceptive reality within this perimeter seems to be subject to your intentions.

Now remember, you are collaborating with All That Is in this creation of physical reality. Can you sense how the creative power of the veritable Universes flows into your Reality Constructs and creates a seamless impression of “bedrock” reality for your physical senses to perceive and experience?

Can you sense the connectedness between you and everything else? Every cell, each molecule, every atom is connected to every other cell, molecule and atom. This is a literal fact. Feel it, imagine it, act on it. In this way, you Dear Blog Reader are connected to everything, everywhere in your Universe.

As you sense this power, can you see that all of your created forms in your perception have their own energy fields? Every atom has its own aura – the electromagnetic corona. Every self-created physical object has its collective aura. Again, here you are asked to put aside feelings of low self-worth, guilt and fear and experience the true nature of your being – as co-creator of your physical world.

Now this witnessing of the true nature of your Personal Reality can co-exist with your ideas and images from your religious and spiritual teachings. One need not exclude the other. Indeed, the most beneficial products or findings that may come from this experiment are the experienced moments of holding divergent views of reality. For it is these glimpses of other truths that may eventually, when you are prepared, convince you to discard beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve You-the-Soul.

FINDINGS – Write down or in some other way document your findings for future reference.

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