Dear Blog Reader, now in this moment of Good Humor resides your opportunity for an improved future. Perhaps a brief recap is in order here, to serve as a basis for the proclamation. You create BOTH your past and your future from your current moment. This is one of the basic tenets of my Teaching, and so it would serve you well to use this fact of life as a “given” – an essential building block upon which rests my theoretical construct of Reality Creation. So when I suggest to you that you may expand your consciousness intentionally, perhaps what I really mean is that you are capable, simply by virtue of your existence on our physical Earth at this time, of truly exploring and embodying the richness of our momentary existence.

Yes, our life is a series of moments. In this series of moments, obviously, you are reading from my Blog. Now the act of reading requires some focus “in the moment.” You muster all of your attention and direct it toward the task of reading and absorbing the Blog material. In a similar way, the student of my Teaching would do well to harness the same efforts of concentration entailed in the reading of this Blog, toward the appreciation and assessment of the current Moment Point – the spacious moment that connects all of our Simultaneous Lives.

Any moment will do here. This one… Or this one… Or this one… The study and appreciation of the spacious moment does indeed take some preparation. You are, in a sense, preparing yourself for the PROBABILITY of experiencing the moment of awakening – the moment of healing, the moment of perceiving the Abundant Universe, the moment of receiving Divine Wisdom. I am aware that in other Teachings, the student is taught that the awakening of the consciousness to its own spiritual heritage is a lifetime “undertaking,” if you will excuse my pun. Here however, we are offering the student the opportunity to awaken without first expiring.

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