For your information, Dear Blog Reader, the ideas and philosophies of the great leaders of your perceived past are available to you within the milieu of your personal consciousness. Now obviously, this is the psychic mechanism for the inspiration and motivation of vast numbers of devotees to follow the great religious leaders, for example. It is a psychic network, a Telepathic Network that one participates in to make these connections. The catalyst for such a voyage of discovery or quest for understanding and knowledge, could be as simple as he reading of a book authored by one of these respected leaders.

As I related to you in in previous Blogs, the printed words within our spiritual and philosophical texts have power on the subtle levels. In a sense, these words serve to “open Doors” within the psyche of the reader to allow for the reception of Divine Knowledge. This stream of energy has its source or transmission point within the after-death consciousness or Soul Self of the deceased writer.

So the selection of inspirational texts is very important in this project. You may find that certain authors “call out” to you in some way. You are drawn to particular authors, just as you may have been drawn to my Blogs, it is a very natural thing to act upon these inspirational impulses. These mental constructs, the motivating impulses, serves as markers along the way, as you make your voyage of self discovery, the discovery of your Soul Self.

Now the questions may arise, “What is my relationship to these authors? Why do I feel compelled to seek out their books and read them? The answers are that you are connected to a virtually limitless “family” of incarnated and currently “deceased,” in our terms, human Souls. These are your Simultaneous Lives, that I described in my previous blogs. These are your etheric Guides also, your Energy Personality and other assistants, and these are the authors of inspirational texts.

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