Among The Stars

Our beginnings are among the stars. Do we not each of us look to the stars with longing as we observe our great Milky Way Galaxy? There are our origins. There in the stars are the origins of our races on our Earth. From our ancient tales of star gods seeding the Earth with human beings, to our “science fiction” tales of extra-terrestrial visitations, all of these so-called myths and so-called fictions hold elements of the truth about our TRUE beginnings.

Now the ancient tales are often literal interpretations of what our human ancestors perceived. Literal. And our science fiction interpretations originate from our collective unconscious – that store of memory that contains all of Earthly experience past, present and future. Our authors and artists – visionaries – use this great store of symbolic truths to create their artistic works.

Those of us who appreciate the truth in those works – just as the aboriginal and ancient proto-humans appreciated the tribal stories – are experiencing our connection to the sacred via this collective Soul network.

When I suggest that our origins are among the stars, I am saying that within what our scientists describe as intensely hot gaseous spheres of energy – our so-called “stars” – are the “seeds” of humanity. But how, you might ask, can living cells exist in such an environment? The answer is, interdimensionally.

Many interesting and productive life forms – some of which we might term humanoid and others we would surely not – exist and develop in dimensions within and upon stars and planetary bodies throughout the Universe. This is a fact.

They are singularly perfectly suited to their dimensional existences. therefore, I trust the reader may understand that travel from stars and planets and other more distant systems, to Earth or any other dimension in the Universe, for that matter IS a matter of inter-dimensional travel, and inter-dimensional travel is instantaneous.

Now previously in my blog writings I spoke of the origins of humanity. I said that we were indeed of extra-terrestrial origins, and this is quite true. Our Earth was seeded with human life forms from other planetary and star systems to populate the planet and to allow these life forms to learn from their experiences.

As we absorb this revelatory material – that our race has been seeded onto Earth from other galaxies, other star systems – we may shake our head in disbelief. It is a great deal to comprehend. AS I have said, not only do we take on individual lives in material form for learning purposes, and certainly not sequentially within the same family “lineage,” but definitely within different family organizations, of different races, in different sexual roles.

Now there is a great “forgetting,” the amnesia I spoke of earlier, that masks or memories of past lives and Home Dimension experiences. This forgetting explains why we can speak quite honestly and ardently about our “heritage,” and those in or family tree who have suffered, or perhaps triumphed in their loves, thus “preparing” the future for our accomplishments of failings. Again, this is our limited perception. As our Inner Senses become more acute during our awakening, we will see that we are enacting our reincarnational dramas within the Earth experience for spiritual purposes. And as an addendum – even though we may not “believe” in matters SPIRITUAL.

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