HYPOTHESIS: The non-physical beings may assist in the Spiritual Prosperity Program.

Can you see that you are pursuing these studies for a purpose? You are well into this description of the Spiritual Prosperity Program. I believe it is safe to say that you are concerned about the level of prosperity that you are currently experiencing. In other words, in the nomenclature of this teaching, one of your Lessons for your current existence might well be to investigate the possibilities for increasing abundance in your life.

Now you may have been drawn to this new Blog material for a variety of reasons. But can you accept the possibility that perhaps the main reason is that you were “prompted” from within to look at the new Blog material. If you can accept this premise, then perhaps you may take it one step further, and admit the possibility that you are already in touch with non-physical beings.

Inner prompting are often communications from non-physical beings. Whether you believe that it was you guide who has prompted you, or another Spirit Guide, or simply your individual human consciousness – the amalgam of “conversations” between you and your Reincarnational Existences – do you see that you are possibly already quite well along on your path of belief change? Many of the exercises, experiments and techniques in the new material are for the express purpose of belief change in the Blog Reader. Your belief in a non-physical reality populated by Beings of Light and other Gestalts of Consciousness is a prerequisite for our continued growth as a Soul.

There are specific non-physical beings available within your mental environment that may be enlisted in the achievement of Spiritual Prosperity. You may refer to these Light Bodies as Prosperity Guides, if you wish. They are specially gifted beings that have served as financial advisors to humanity. The Crystal Light Messengers. They exist just outside of our Earthly realm as Fifth-Dimensional Beings. Simply have the Intent that you will contact your Prosperity Guides while in your times of meditation within your sacred state of Sanctuary. Then you will meet with success.

The researcher may also use the Energy Personality and other Helpers in this program. Now this is assuming you have already made these connections. If you have not, please simply ” pretend” that you have made these connections and then conduct the following experiment.


Relax you body. Attain your Trance State. Here we are “opening the gates.” you might say, to your divine consciousness. Now you are protected; you are in your state of Sanctuary. As you open the gates you are doing so with the security that comes with divine protection. The Negative Emotions have no place here. Only the Divine is made manifest under of an opening gate or other portal, visualize your assistants in attaining prosperity and abundance crossing the threshold and coming into your awareness.

The non-physical beings of whatever stripe and purpose, emit Light according to the conditions of their particular existences. Vibration, you see, is their calling card. It is with your Inner Senses, also, that you may distinguish one Guide from another, procure their names, ask what services they offer, and so on. Use your Inner Senses in the Best way that suits you for this purpose.

Reality Face Virtual Wire Rack Mask Psyche

This experiment may take just a few minutes. As we have stated elsewhere, your Guides are Literally on the threshold of your awareness, waiting to be acknowledged. Now some of my Blog Readers are perhaps unaware of how easily this is done. They are expecting something difficult to accomplish. They are therefore quite surprised when they encounter one or more of these diving Guides on just the most cursory of exploratory voyages. So I suggest to you that you approach this experiment as one that is easily done. Here you are a child, you see, having some fun with your imagination. When you are done having fun with your nonphysical associates, give yourself the suggestion to return to full sensory awareness in Third-Dimensional Reality.

FINDINGS – Document the names of your Guides and the service they offer.


Hypothesis: You may manage soul family relationships in the Trance State.

We have stated before in these new Blogs series, that each and every human being that you meet – including the delivery person and the teller at the local bank – is in your life at the moment to teach you something. Many of the more intense relationships you create with these humans are Soul Family connections. Of this broad group of humans who are within your field of experiencing to interact with you in the learning of Lessons regarding the acquisition of money and the perception of the Abundant Universe.

This statement may bring to mind events from your own life in which you were quite intrigued with the good fortune that came your way, at hands of one of these mysterious extended family members. Or perhaps you were “taken for a ride” by one of your acquaintances, and relieved of some of your hard-earned money. Either way, you were learning Lessons from Soul Family members. These interactions often have an element of Fate attached to them, as though they were “meant to be,” to coin a phrase from our New Agers. However, as you know, you and your colleagues are making it happen. You are just currently unaware of the intricacies of this cooperative effort.

The perspective of experiencing Lessons from within a broad collective called the Soul Family can be learned. I suggest you conduct the following experiment with the idea that you are already embodying this perspective.


The first step here would be to identify those Soul Family members who may act as partners in the realization of abundance you require. Using your Inner Senses you may home-in on these personalities in your times of meditation. Some you may have already identified within your field of experiencing as potential allies. This is a form of communicating with the Energy Personality of another. You will be identifying specific characteristics of personality and Soul that will assist you in creating good fortune within the lives of all of you, everyone benefits, you see.

Now this group may be small in number or it may be quite Large. Either way, you will be working with these humans on the subtle levels. You might think of yourself as the business manager of this assembly, and you are working with their High Selves for mutually beneficial purposes. This is you Intent. You are grounded in your sense of Divine Will to communicate your interests to these humans via their Spirit Guides – their Energy Personalities. If EP of the Soul Family member resists, do not press further. You are not to force yourself on others in any way. This is a sacred form of communication. If you meet with resistance, move on to another potential partner. In the mundane world, there may be no signs that you are interacting with these people in any special fashion. “Business as usual,” as we say. However, do note the attainment of group goals that could have never been realized had these secret connections not been made.

FINDINGS – Document the establishment of connections with Soul Family members and the realization of Soul Family goal in matters of abundance.


Hypothesis: We may tune-in the abundant universe

Perception creates reality in the Third Dimension. When you visualize and embody The Abundant Universe, you are CREATING and SUSTAINING this Gestalt of Consciousness. You are withdrawing from this template of creation, the highly personalized elements in the form of Conscious Units that you require to create the reality of abundance within your Personal Reality Field. You can’t help yourself, you see. Your thoughts are composed of Conscious Units. All Consciousness seeks manifestation of itself. By simply thinking of something you lend your efforts towards creating it.

Now we each have our idealized view of the perfect world. You know quite well what objects, what types of people, and what behaviors would exist in this world. For your own reasons, however, you choose not to put your energies towards manifesting The Abundant Universe. As I have said to you, your “reasons” for doing something or not doing something in your life – the denials. The intellectualization – serve to aid you in encountering and experiencing your Lessons.

For example: consider a human that finds themselves within a precious financial situation. All is lost financially for whatever reasons in physical reality. Additionally, this human makes matters worse by continually blaming themselves for the financial loss. It is a personal issue. They feel as though they have failed personally as well as financially.

Now this negative assessment of the Personal Reality, as you may remember, serves to perpetuate it. The person is trying all of the domains of existence into one know. They are in effect saying, “I have failed financially because I am a failure personally. I am a bad person, an undeserving person.” The entire existence is colored with this negative assessment.

How does this person perceive and create The Abundant Universe under these drastic conditions? Remember, this is an unconscious process. If you wish to this Gestalt of Consciousness that is your personalized Abundant Universe, then you must go to the unconscious and explore. It would be wise to use the emotionally neutral state of Trance. In the Trance State the subject may gain a broader view of the life and the conditions of existence. The Agenda of negative Reality Creation is easily interrupted by the Trance. The opportunity for introducing changes into the reality creation strategies is made available.


Attain your Trance State. If you are in your quiet meditation area, relax your body, breathe deeply, rest upon the floor or do whatever behaviors assist you in creating the Trance. If you are out in the world, you may, as we have suggested in the last Blog, tie the attainment of the Trance State to a gesture such as snapping the fingers, rubbing a good-luck piece or whatever suits you.

In this experiment we will assist the researcher in withdrawing from the negative reality of lack and “waking up” in The Abundant Universe. This has a distinctly magical quality to it.

As you are resting comfortably, out in the world or in your meditation area in your home, within your Trance State, embody the perception of entering the Gestalt of Consciousness we are calling The Abundant Universe in this Blog. A playful approach here may be best. As child would, imagine yourself in your inner world, coming into a kingdom, perhaps, in which all of the desired Reality Constructs that populate your personalized Abundant Universe are displayed. You are venturing out and away from your normal world to visit this inner world where the outer world is created.

As we have suggested in our other experiments in using the Trance State, the information stream may be sensed in various ways. The Gestalt of Consciousness may present itself to you “full blown” as in an intense, multisensory visionary experience. Or you may get your “glimpse” of this idealized state as though you were receiving a Holographic Insert or other inspirational missive from the nonphysical world. You may hear sounds and voices that represent abundance and good fortune for you personally. You may also simply experience a “good feeling,” a pervasive sensation of grace, a feeling that all is well with you in your world.

As you receive you data, note the information for documenting later, then proceed to go deeper into you relaxed state and uncover more Findings. Typically, because the emotions experienced in perceiving The Abundant Universe are so positive, you will be motivated to continue your explorations. When you feel as though you have enough information from the session, return to full sensory awareness of Third Dimensional Reality, bringing with you The Abundant Universe that you have perceived/created into existence on the subtle levels. If you are out and about, on a park bench let us say, snap your fingers, rub your good-luck piece. If you are indoors in your meditation area, give yourself the suggestion that you will return to your normal awareness with the full memories of The Abundant Universe intact.

FINDINGS – Document your findings.


Of course you may use all of the Metaphorical Tools we have described in our series of new Blogs. An Important addition you might consider is the creation of The Well of Good Fortune, or some other metaphor tailored to your own sensitive. Here the object is to call your symbols of wealth, good fortune, havingness, and combine them into one powerful image, phrase, song, object or what have you.

Give the Metaphorical Tool a fitting name. Empower it with your thoughts and your limitless energies. In my example, you might empower with your energies a visualized well, perhaps somewhere in a beautiful forest. Within this well is the abundance and good fortune you desire. Going to The Well of Good Fortune, then, might be a simple matter of imagining yourself entering a forest, observing The Well, and visualizing the desired Reality Constructs coming up and out of the well, perhaps as you turn the crank. The Metaphorical Tools are easy to create. They are most effective when you can feed them your divine energy. Personalize these tools and make them your own.

The Radio Dial Metaphor may also be ably used in Spiritual Prosperity. Just as you perhaps used this tool to tune-in the healing elements and tune-out the disease-producing Gestalts of Consciousnesses in The Healing Regimen, here you may use your Radio Dial to tune-in on the impulses from your Simultaneous Lives, for example, that seek to direct your vision toward The Abundant Universe. You would then, at the same time, tune-out the impulses and influences from Negative Entities, other existences that are experiencing lack and those Negative Emotions that hamper your attainment of Spiritual Prosperity.

Now for some experimentation in Spiritual Prosperity.


The technique of suspending disbelief will assist you in creating further moments of prosperity after you are successful in creating a “glimpse” of The Abundant Universe. For example: suppose you have completed your investigative work, you have gone within to examine your personal conceptualization of The Abundant Universe. Your idea of abundance, for the time being, might involve, perhaps, receiving an unexpected windfall, a sum of money, several hundred dollars let us say, in the mail. Now you have done your work here. You have attached Love to all of your though-forms. You have magically anticipated this gift and now you are witnessing the manifestation.

At the moment of realization, when you connect the windfall to your Spiritual Prosperity behaviors and thoughts depending on your “issues” – self-image. Experiencing of Negative Emotions – you may find it difficult or quite easy TO ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY for this creative work. If you have doubts and ascribe the gift to coincidence, you diminish your power in the moment. However, if you confidently express your gratitude, Loving Understanding and Courage in that moment, you are adding to your powers of manifestation. You are suspending disbelief – the negative assessment of the act of manifestation – for just the moment. Then you would successively suspend disbelief in your growing powers, moment-to-moment in the “future.”

Suspending disbelief is a form of silencing the internal censor – that aspect of your consciousness that wishes to keep you entranced in the certain of status quo realities. Over time, this voice will be replaced by the encouraging message from Beings of Light – your Guides who seek to assist you in expanding your awareness.


Let me digress on this point… it is ALL LOVE, Dear Blog Reader. Even the millionaire banker, then, is created from Love. Yet us just say for the sake of argument, that the banker is war profiteer. Through supporting armament manufacturers or the military, this banker prospers from death, hatred, war. “What good,” you might ask, “does my Loving construct do in this context? “Vote with your pocketbook,” by selecting the most appropriate, Loving and peaceful institutions with which to do business, and then doing business with these institutions .

In this way, you are supporting, on both the physical and the metaphysical levels, the fulfillment of positive values. This takes research, of course. This activity may be thought of as the assessment of the Personal Reality Field with regards to the financial or business aspects of your life. Where will you put the Loving and Courageous energies of your being? From what institutions will you withhold your creative energies? Again, this is all about allying with select Gestalts of Consciousness, Entities, Beings of Light. This is conscious co-creation.


As I suggested our practice of giving to worthy causes only when we may claim a deduction from our taxes, is not Giving in truest sense. This is not the magical act of that we are teaching in this new material. To be honest, it is a sad form of money exchange, this corporate giving that is celebrated in our world. Many of us who give in this fashion expect something in return. Whether it is a tax deduction, God’s grace or simply the good karma that is so valued by the modern human, something is expected in return for the giving. Might I state it bluntly here? We taint this process with our bargaining. In Giving there are only the communication streams of Beings of Light. There is only the transformation of Light into something else. There is no bargaining.

I believe it might help us to think of our Giving of our money, our time, our Loving Understanding to others is simply the transformation of our Light Energy into what is needed by the recipient of the Giving. From this perspective, you may envision the immediate transformation of our gift of Light into what is desired, what is required by the receiver. In this context, the recipient uses their Reality Creation energies to collaborate with us on the subtle levels in the co-creation of the necessary constructs.

Take for example here my previous description of the children in our poor undeveloped countries. I am not suggesting that we refuse the tax deduction we “deserve” for contributing to their cause – though that would indeed demonstrate our commitment to true Giving – but please try attaching your powerful Light energies to the gift when we do make our donations for the purchase of food, medical care, and so on. And remember, Dear Blog Reader, there is no pity here in this true reality of the Soul. We are equals on the subtle levels, equals who are merely learning different Lessons. Do not give because you feel sorry for the other; give because you acknowledge the opportunity to endorse the Courage of another.

It may help you to think of oneself as a Light Body in this exercise. I am a Being of Light. You are a Being of Light. On the etheric levels, within the Telepathic Network, we both have equal powers. We communicate with one another instantaneously. We observe the instantaneous manifestation of our thought-forms. We are in the Third Dimension and we have a perception of a lag-time in manifestation. However, this is merely a perception. Your reality is my reality at its base. Our holographic messages are received INSTANTLY by the recipient. On the etheric plane, the recipient IMMEDIATELY benefits from our Loving and Courageous act of imbuing our transmissions with these creative energies.

Now if you are coming from a perception of lack, it is quite true that on the physical reality level, it appears that we are giving up our resources, our money, our personal property. However, as I said, the Soul Self of each of us engaged in the interaction know quite definitely that this is not the case. As the Soul Self of the cashier at the market, for example, receive the energy from our transmission as we hand them our payment for our food products, our higher Self receives an influx of beneficial energy from them. Now on the physical plane, all that we may notice is a slight knowing smile on the face of the cashier. This is our cue, however, that our thought-form is manifesting.


Here then is the secret. You will receive what you transmit, for you will be a transmitter of Love. The student attaches Love and positive emotion energy to all thought-forms that are transmitted within their mental environment. In mundane matters of daily living, then, while you pay your bills, you are attaching Love to them with your thoughts. While you work at your job, you are sending out thought-forms of Love to your colleagues and to customers. While you interact with your family and friends, you are sending thought-forms of Love into their mental environments of Love to all concerned with no expectation of receiving anything in return. This is a form of giving it all away, is it not?

As you are also, as a researcher, a student of your own self-development, interpreting each of your experienced moments in positive Loving ways – as best you can, of course, perhaps you have not yet achieved perfection in this technique – you will be contributing to the experiencing of positive realities with this divine perspective.

The mental construct, the thought-energy hologram we are calling Giving It All Away, is based in Love and Courage. With every transmission – for example, donating to your causes – you attach the holographic Idea Construct. This attachment powers the thought-form on the subtle levels. As my Holographic Inserts to us in the Third Dimension serve to enlighten and inform us, in same way, your transmission of these thought-forms attached to your mundane behaviors may serve to enlighten, empower and PROSPER the recipients. It is all energy, once again. It is all Light Energy in the form of the Consciousness Units.


Troubled by the assertion that to be truly successful and to truly perceive and create The Abundant Universe, the student must, in the final analysis, “give it all away.” To be sure, at first glance, this statement seems to imply that you will lose everything that you have worked for in the Spiritual Prosperity Program. Certainly, if you give your wealth or material possessions to others, you no longer have possession of them. You are without them. How does one put food on the table or pay bills if what is received is continually given away to others – individuals and collectives. These are earnest and excellent questions to ask. In answering them, please allow me to pass on to you, Dear Blog Reader, another fact of life for you in physical existence.

Now others before me have stated this bluntly, so this is certainly not something that you do not already know.


In terms of energy – Light energy, which is, as we have stated earlier, the “Stuff” of all created realities – you get what you give. There is a popular aphorism that applies here, “What goes around come around,” The statement implies, I believe, that there is a type of karmic balancing dynamic that occurs within the lives of humans. My Blog readers know my feelings on karma and the Eastern theory of Reality Creation. I believe it is quite correct to a degree. ” Let me explain… you live your lives all at once, within the spacious moment, the eternal moment that exists NOW. Your lives are certainly not sequential, for there is no such thing as linear time in the experiencing of the Soul, your true reality.

Now as you are within this Moment Point possibly sensing your connection to your lives past, present and future, you are receiving energy to these lives. Additionally, at this moment, let us say that you are also receiving energy from and transmitting energy to COUNTLESS humans within our Consensus Reality. You are also NOW quite naturally transmitting energy to and receiving energy from the many elemental forms within your Personal Reality.

What does Light energy have to do with The Abundant Universe and giving it all away? Let us go back to my earlier discussions of conscious Units. Greatly simplified, this Light energy is the medium for the Reality Creation project. Let us say that Light holds within it the potencies and potentialities of all of our essential metaphors in our theory of Reality Creation. Now you may remember that the Conscious Units are electromagnetic. As they assemble into Gestalts of Consciousness, they do so according to energies of attraction and repulsion: like with like, yet opposites assemble within the whole as counterparts to their opposites, and so on. This is the organizing principle of life. I have already described to you how All That Is – essentially Love in action – creates realities that are not Love, that are the opposites indeed of Love. In this way Reality Creation evolves, differentiates along every conceivable avenue of development. It is just this way with Light, my friend; the Love Light of All That Is.


We have suggested that we are an expert at distracting the ego/intellect from an examination of our life Lessons. Now we shall examine how we may distract our consciousness from the recreation of lack to the Divine – to a creation and perception of The Abundant Universe.

For our example here, let us say that you are currently addressing an issue of responding to financial events with fear. You may receive in your daily mail a notice that you are behind in paying a bill of some kind. As you read the stern warning, perhaps you are reminded of instances in the past when you failed to meet your financial obligations and were punished in some way. Because these negative memories are so rich in emotional intensity, you may be swept away for a few moments as you literally travel to the moment in time to experience the negative fear-producing emotions. This is a simple example of Astral travel. You have been triggered by the receipt of the bill to go back in time for a re-experiencing of what we might term “financial worry.”

Now let us devise a response to receiving the bill that will assist in the creation of positive realities rather than the continuation of negatives. The trick here is to awaken in the moment so that you may have conscious control IN the current moment. This you would possibly open the bill, read the stern warning, and before your subconscious can take you back in time for a reliving of the negative states of financial worry, you exert awareness of your current Moment Point. When you are established in the moment, at the second of recognition of the negative, fear-producing material, you imagine a positive outcome. This is best done by remembering positive outcomes of the past. Using your Intention, you distract your ego/intellect from responding unconsciously to the fear-producing material.

The negative historical data can be quite persuasive, so you must persevere in this moment. You might remind your self that you are existing in tandem with the Divine – with All That Is – and that there is an incoming message to be received. Then you would imagine with full sensory awareness your receiving sums of money, for instance, enabling you to meet your financial obligations.

This imaginative construct exists in your current moment, therefore, and in your future also as it is manifest enabling you to pay your bill, yet it is based on a positive financial event that occurred in your past. It may be advantageous for you to “mine” your perceived past for these positive financial experiences, no matter how small or insignificant they may at first appear. The emotional tone is what is important here. The idea of the Divine, prosperity and The Abundant Universe are the most important features.

The feeling of contentment and abundance you felt when your caregiver gave you a quarter to buy some candy when you were a child becomes an important reference point for you in these experiments. You are recreating these positive feelings of hope, faith etc. IN THE CURRENT MOMENT. You will then “push” the positive moments into the future as you embody the positive state of consciousness – abundance – moment-to-moment. This is easily done. And I specifically suggest you turn to your childhood experiences for the positive states of consciousness, for it was as a child that you most probably first experienced using your powerful imagination to create those things you desired.


I may help you to think of this activity as a form of back engineering your Reality Constructs in the immediate aftermath of their creation. Let me stand upon my soapbox for just a moment… we exist in linear time in the Third Dimension. This is the appearance of a reality that unfolds one moment after another. We create our own reality, and as such we have undoubtedly created Both prosperous moment and moments of lack.

In Consecutive Positive Assessment for this Spiritual Prosperity, then, you would, upon experiencing a moment of prosperous reality creation – receiving good financial news in a phone conversation, for example – contemplate the thought reality activities YOU YOURSELF used previously to create the prosperous moment. This information may come to you as an emotional tone, a feeling. You may receive an image from childhood, perhaps, a positive picture that epitomizes for you prosperity, abundance.

Again, we create our reality from ideas, images, emotions entertained within our consciousness at any one time. Within this matrix of possibilities lie the precise energies and methods for creating this prosperous moment we are describing. All of us have the potential to recreate the conditions for the experiencing of the prosperous moment, and then “remember” how we did so for future reference.

However, there may be roadblocks here that you find that “assist” us in avoiding the prosperous , moment. These are the ideas and images and ruminations of our personal consciousness that have effectively kept us from the level of Prosperity Creation we desire or believe we deserve. To use our terms here: Consciousness Units energized by these potent thoughts of lack, create Reality Constructs in the form of events, physical objects, behaviors we witness and embody that perpetuate the level of lack we are experiencing.

What do you then do in the moment, Dear Blog Reader? I suggest you persevere, and in the following moments in the best way you can, attempt to assess your sequential moments of experiencing in positive ways, DESPITE the lapse into negative thinking. True, you may have a period of time using this technique, when you feel that it is not doing much good for you. The abundant Universe seems quite far away. Then you continue on your own program of picking up where you left off, continually taking up the challenge to again begin the creation of the prosperous moment. You will get quite good at it over time if you take the time to practice this technique.