Some areas of our world hold “more” of the Coordinate Points than others. These parts of our planet are much desired as places or worship and mediation. The potentialities for manifestation into physical reality are greater in these areas of high energy or accelerated vibration. Yet within our own personal environment, we may find with just a bit of exploration, just where the processes of creation work for us.

For example: have you ever found that the simple act of changing your study location within your home had the effect of greatly streamlining the creative process for you? Perhaps intuitively you understood that the dispersal of Coordinate Points in the new area was more conducive to study and learning than the previous one.

The Coordinate Points may also be conceived of as gateways into adjacent dimensions representing different timeframes and so different Reincarnational Existences I hope I am not complicating this discussion too much with these heady topics and definitions. In late blogs we shall go further into our explanations with examples and experimentation.

For now let us just say that the precept – for example “you create your own reality” – may be thought of as the general, overriding influence in the New Science theory while as I said, the percept may represent the “cutting edge” – a useful comparison – of consciousness as it creates and perceives the world.

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