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Observing the natural Resonance phenomenon…

Suppose you are using your Intent to “keep a good thought,” for you are challenged by negative thoughts and imagery that you have found in your belief assessment. As these positive thoughts are expressed within your consciousness, perhaps they also reflect positive imagery, positive emotion, and so on. This material literally seeks out within your personal consciousness and within the collective consciousness, validation. It tries to express itself. Do you see?

Now these expressions align in what we call the Pre-Manifestation Domain. This is a sort of “holding area” for Reality Constructs before they ” bloom” into our world. In arrays of potentiality, then, these etheric Gestalts of Consciousness are formed. As you continue your regimen of “keeping a good thought” – turning poison into medicine, another of our Essential Metaphors – your efforts strive to replicate themselves in the physical world. In time, improved Reality Constructs do emerge from the pre-manifestation domain into your Personal Reality Field. They Resonate into being through this process.


Additionally, I do believe that our connection to a Higher Awareness is imperative in these explorations. For in terms of states of consciousness – the various perspectives that the Practitioner Embodies in this method – would it not be of value to seek out the elevated perspectives of the non-physical beings, the Energy Personality, the Guides, the Gods and Goddesses, your own Higher Consciousness?

It makes sense, I think, to receive what we might call, a “second opinion,” here, moving forward with our studies. Yes, we are certain of what you the ego/intellect know and what you wish to find out. However, when we invoke the Higher Gestalts of Consciousness “the entire game plan changes,” to coin a phrase. All of our behaviors, all of our thoughts and emotions become understood in an entirely different way when we make these connections. It is indeed an altered state, a highly elevated and exalted state of consciousness when the student is connected to The Source.


Now I hope I have not lost you with these discussions of ancient Precepts, Telepathy, and the Etheric World. I am laying the groundwork for our exploration of manifestation through Resonance and will be a passage through the Hidden World. It is the steady path I take when presenting this information to you in my new Blog Series.

Feel free to consult the previous Blogs Series’ if you are having trouble following my narrative. And please keep an open mind and do discount, at least for the time being, the admonitions of the ego/intellect to put this Blog aside and run away.


We are now referring to my new Blog material as a Teaching, as a Path of Awakening. It is a path toward independence, generally, away from authority figures and towards a realization that the answers to all questions are to be found within the personal consciousness: your personal consciousness. As a student of your own existence, you are expected to examine your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors as a scientist would, a Scientist of Consciousness. Because you are studying yourself, objectively, Lovingly, you will observe instances of denial, intellectualization, cynicism, egoic pontifications, and so on. The negative emotions are noted, their origins identified, as plans are implemented to transform these negative states of consciousness into their opposites.

This is the crux of the matter. The student of the Personal Reality attempts to fine-tune the expression of Reality Creation for the highest good of all. Why “the highest good of all ?” When you make your Transition do you wish to die alone, or with the entirety of existence – the Universe – supporting you?

Now please observe that I am addressing you as a particular type of human. Obviously there may be Blog Readers who are not on-board with us in these arcane studies. These directions are not for this type. And this is where the concept of Resonance comes in quite profoundly. If this material does not Resonate with you on some level, if it does not pique your interest and compel you to read on, it is probably not for you. Resonance, you see. It is at the foundation of all activities in Reality Creation.

Let me remind you that we suggest continuous use of the Ritual of Sanctuary as you perfect your Practice and carry out your Regimens. The Ritual of Sanctuary is explained in previous Blogs.


Our Current Reality

Thank you for staying with us in our new Blog Project. To begin, as you very well know my friend. You create your own reality. This has been my primary refrain to humanity in my messages over several years, and I fervently hope that you remember. In this moment and in every moment of our life, we form the world that we know, even as everything else within our reality cooperates with us in this creation process.

Our world is made from Consciousness Units: awarized elements of energy that seek out the fulfillment of infinite values in the manifestation of Reality Constructs of infinite variety. This etheric substance – the stream of manifestation – literally travels outward from our body to create the world that we then experience. It is fantastic. It is unbelievable. It IS the way we create our reality, Dear Blog Reader. For in this endeavor of Reality Creation, everything that can happen does happen, all in the spacious moment of creation – the eternal moment of NOW.

Included in this construction project of the Soul is the creation of our own physical body within a context of multi-dimensional existence. We do indeed live countless lives; some are lived in our past, some are lived in our present, and some are lived in our future. We have referred to these as the Simultaneous Lives and also the Reincarnational Existences. These lives are our lives throughout time.


To simply, to distill, to bring forward out of darkness these ancient truths, we present a theory of reincarnation that will be understood by the average modern. You needn’t have an encyclopedic grasp of the information we are providing here, to read, to enjoy, and to employ the messages. A willingness, a desire, a rekindled memory is all that is needed to begin and sustain you in these Blog Studies.

And as I said before on other Blogs, the new theory is presented in hopes that you may come together as differences at the expense of our similarities. In the new Blog material I am rectifying that by drawing attention to this Oneness of the human consciousness. We are all one great expression of the Divine – All That Is. Now let me provide supporting material for this statement….


Let me answer that for you outright: to quicken your awakening. Now the longer explanation would entail divulging my secrets that I use to inspire my students and to transmit knowledge directly to the consciousness. Let me say this, however. on a superficial level, as you are engaged in experiencing the amnesia of the human in physical reality, it may appear to you as though I am relating pleasant stories for your entertainment. Please understand, though, that these examples are for purposes of catalyzing the awakening of your ” sleeping” memories – your memories of previous lives, for example, within Third-Dimensional Reality and in other dimensions. So do not be surprised when you may experience, upon reading one of my innocent examples, a reliving of experiences from one of your own Simultaneous Lives.

That is the purpose of my new Blog messages to you, after all, and so we would expect this types of phenomenon to occur in the life of the attentive Blog Reader. When these flashes of insight occur, I suggest you take a moment to write, down the sensory information that you are receiving. This data will be of use to you as you complete the exercises in this Blog Series, and indeed, as you continue with your awakening.


Does this or that civilization, though, exist in fact, you may ask? Does our Western civilization or our American empire exist? These are philosophical propositions. For the more we explore our Personal Reality in an attempt to find proofs, the more we find that all is composed of consciousness.

Now consciousness, as we know, and as some of our more conscious scientists also know, is limitless. Being limitless it achieves any form. In this view, do you see that the possibility exists for not only these few theorized cultures we describe in this Blog to exist, but for ALL permutations into physical form, of any and all probable social, political, and spiritual constructs to exist? All possible civilizations exist. Period. All thoughts or images entertained by humans seek our fulfillment in the form of Reality Constructs, including civilizations.

We may take this as a disclaimer, if you wish. Yet it is, you must admit, an intensely empowering disclaimer. It is empowering for YOU the individual explorer of consciousness.



Many of my Blog Readers have fallen in love with my theory of long ago, of families of consciousness. I did indeed separate out the various types of consciousness expression within humanity for teaching purposes. It was my wish that through describing our differences – I would point the way to deeper exploration of the self: The Soul Self of the reader.

I assume that some of the Blog Readers of my early Blog works have assessed from which of the families they have sprung, and have taken this designation to heart, identified with it, you see, in perhaps the same way that the lover of astrology identifies with the astrological sign and attributes of their birth date and time. How many though have taken the exploration further, to the discoveries that lie within the psyche, within the unknown reality?

Now this is precisely why I have returned with a simplification of my theories. We have dispensed with the families of consciousness and now propose an overarching concept of humans over time. The focus on the individual becomes a focus on the group: the Soul Family.


The question as to why the world religions grew from the same locations on our Earth can be answered in this way…

In the original inception of energy from the Arcturian system, it was realized that the Middle East and Far East contained the most positive influences for the establishment of particular religious systems. The manifestation process was and is accelerated in these regions. The portals to the etheric, as I have referred to them in the past, were and are quite open there. Thought is transformed into physical reality constructs quite easily there through these portals of energy exchange: what we have called Coordinate Points. This has to do with peculiarities of the electromagnetic influences that “charge” the environment in this area of our planet. This becomes obvious, if we think about it. For a more comprehensive explanation of this process I refer to my earlier Blogs Seires.

Now as we know, both the Divine and the not-so-divine are manifested in our reality. Thus, we have the tendency for the negative gods, to be made manifest there as well. This area is a proving ground for the perceived negative and positive are made known in the physical dimension.


We always have a choice, Dear Blog Reader. The great question for us as a physical being is this: when we awaken to our true reality, will we choose to create our life of Lessons consciously, or will we try to escape, play hooky from this dramatic enterprise of physical existence? Many of us well know what I am saying in these paragraphs, for we are well on our way to wakening fully.

Yet some of us may look on these new essays of mine with the all too critical eye of the ego. Fear, cynicism, competition rule the roost of the ego. I would ask you to pull back from this type of scrutiny and attempt to use the perspective of the “awakened one.” The heart is open as anger is transmuted into Loving Understanding. Fear is turned to Courage and faith.

The awakened or enlightened human may choose to be creative with the creation of events within their own reality. We may postpone the event of our physical death, for example, and undergo The Transition at a later date, perhaps learning more and gaining the Divine Knowledge from these additional months or years of living experience.