The Physical World

There has always been a physical world, that is, the world of our perceptions. The Universe is and always was, period. Therefore, why speak of scientific theories that explain the beginnings of the Universe of the endings of the Universe? Our scientists are so enamored with studying and labeling their perceptions in the belief that they are acquiring knowledge. Yet the scientist using the physical senses, can only by definition SENSE the physical Universe. In s sense, this physically-oriented scientist is quite LIMITED by the physical senses, and by the crude tools used to study the Universe or any aspects of the Universe, beginning, middle or end, in our terms.

What good is it to know how many stars there are in the sky and how hot they are? This is only science’s skewed perception of what a star is. In truth, a star is more like a potent idea than a fiery object in the sky. And what is the sky; molecules of oxygen and other gases that in some way combine to create our atmosphere? We may answer, “Yes!” but I hope you are beginning to see my point here.

The truth about our Universe is that nothing is as it appears, at least to the physical senses. Our perceived reality is just that, a personal perception. It is a creation of our own making with All That Is. It is our interior Universe expressed outwardly in a divine creative panorama. Now I don’t mean to pull the rug out from under you, Dear Blog Reader, but our scientists can explain in theory. For our world – the air in front of our eyes, the ground beneath our feet, the various “inert” and living forms – is actually composed of animated spirit. In a very literal sense, me and our environment are “god stuff;” spirit made physical, the camouflage of All That IS expressing in infinitely variety.

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