To illustrate my last point: imagine if you will, your current existence in this day, within this moment that you are reading these words. Can you visualize how the Blog, with its Conscious Units “holding” its shape through the Coordinate Points we have discussed, exists also as, let us say, a section of a tree in front of you in a life you may be living as a forest dweller many years before our so-called Christian Era? Likewise in this example, these exact same Conscious Units, as they flash on and off, creating different realities within different timeframes, do indeed compose different Reality Constructs of varied types within these different areas. This is why I describe the future and past timeframes as simply dimensions.

All timeframes or Reincarnational Existences exist “right before your eyes.” You may conceptualize this, if it helps you, as a layered effect, with the different existences and their constructs simultaneously created “one on top of the other.” I hope this description of the very easily accessible dimensions assists you in attempting contact with the other lives. The lives are out there in front of us. They are perceived through the fine-tuning of the Inner Senses. This process is quite doable for the student of this material. Now for some experimentation.

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