Realigning Beliefs

The average person right now is saturated almost to the boiling point with fear. The forces of light are already fighting back with our media, vehemently protesting the onslaught of negative and hateful material that is being projected to the masses. We can see this happening.

Mankind and womankind are in such a state of fear that it is disparately seeking an end to all that it is experiencing in this realm of existence. There are many forces of light in place now and they will be instrumental in exposing the ones who have deceived us and taken advantage of us.

We will be experiencing a lot of turmoil within our perceived reality of our most solid beliefs. Beliefs that we have hung onto since birth will start to crumble before us. It is because these things must come to pass before the emergence of the unity of consciousness dimension. There will be a lot of fear.

People are going to be confused and torn between the old system of beliefs and the new reality for their world. It will be hard for some to give up the pleasures of the dark forces and turn to the light and alignment with All That Is. They will have to make decisions based on their free will as to which way they choose to go.

If we are listening to our inner self, we should be able to recognize that we are already starting to move into a new level of awareness about our reality. This is happening ever so gently but rapidly right now. Our new reality is in the process of unfolding into our awareness. Soon we will start to abandon our old ways and naturally gravitate towards the light.

Our firmest ideas and beliefs will begin to crumble away and we will see no need to hang onto them and will wonder why we ever did. It will be acutely apparent to us what we must do to evolve and we will willingly want to get involved in our world’s evolution. There will be a great unity with our brother/sister, an unending love that we have never known in our reality on Earth. It will be a most beautiful thing. As the energies from our Spiritual Hierarchy are poured into our world and begin to manifest themselves in our reality we will become fully awakened and with that we will enter into the next phase of our evolution.

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