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The other members of the Soul Family are learning their Lessons also: some consciously, some by default. Each participant in this drama is learning something according to the requirements of their Soul Self. As I said, each of us enters into life in the Third dimension with an agenda, with a general plan for development on all levels – body, mind and Soul. As we live our life, our Higher Self definitely keeps tabs on our activities with regards to the learning of Lessons.

Incidentally, some or even all members of a particular Soul Family group may be expressions of a singular Soul Self. This happens quite frequently within our system. As such, these types of groupings often express a particular intensity of character and emotion around certain values: these values being the Lessons learned in the collective.

We might say that this tendency of some Souls to experience multiple lives within a singular genetic family, shall we say, is a repertory expression and shows itself throughout time. In these cases, we would find this repertory expressions in the home, in the workplace, in the church, and so on. A similarity of Lessons being learned by all members of the collective would be noted.


Again, all members of the Soul Family act in this benevolent conspiracy to assist the subject in learning their Lesson. Yet now there is the dawning of divine information within the mental environment of our subject, to the degree they may be considering changes in their behaviors and mentality.

Humility may be emerging within the emotional life of the subject. The value of working for one’s own room and board may become an important concept in their psyche.

This would be an example of learning the Lessons consciously rather than unconsciously by default. The subject may be now on the track of spiritual discovery. They may be spiritualized with this information from their Higher Self. They are waking up.


Now because we create our own reality. We also create all of our human relationships in cooperation with everyone and everything involved. We do this on a basic level in the dreamstate and in other altered states of consciousness. We create a strategy for development during these times, then we flesh-out our designs on awakening.

Additionally, we agree with the premise so popular within New Age circles, that everyone we meet enters our life for a reason. Does this then mean that everyone we meet is part of our Soul Family? Let us more clearly define our terms…

Soul Family members are those humans who enter our life to teach us something or for us to teach them something. We feel this connection, you see.


A simple example to illustrate: we are introduced to someone at an event or on the job and we shake hands with them. As we shake hands, let us say we look into their eyes, perhaps in an attempt to learn more about them or simply because it it required thing to do in our culture. As we maintain eye contact with this human, we have a deja vu type of experience in which we receive impressions on the mind.

In this split second of perception, images, sounds, feelings arise. We are busy shaking hands and do not have time to pursue these sensations. Yet we do note a connection of some sort with this human. We note to ourself the feeling-tone generated within this meeting. Most humans have had these experiences I am sure, not merely the seekers of wisdom we address in our blogs.


Taking ownership of the difficulty is an important first step in creating this relationship of conscious co-creation. For example: in terms of health and the cessation of symptoms, we have suggested that the practitioner first own the malady. Take responsibility for our creation. Learn the Lesson. Then begins the task of doing things differently to create an improved reality. This is made easier through the realization of culpability.

Our strategies for creating the negative reality are apprehended and understood with all of the shame and other negative emotions that entails. The denial lifts to reveal our TRUE self. The intellectualization FAILS at long last, forcing us to encounter YOU, Dear Blog Reader. When it occurs, grasp it closely to our self and do not forget what you are learning in those moments. Use this knowledge to move forward in our Soul’s evolution.


There is a great practical advantage in selecting the conscious co-creator perspective. When we take responsibility for the creation of our own reality, and we begin to learn our Lessons with Courage and Loving Understanding, our awakening does indeed quicken, so that we are given more and more information.

This may take the form of knowledge regarding other lives we are living on our Earth and perhaps in other systems of reality, probable systems for example, as we have just discussed. It could take the form of valuable information regarding a profound question we might have, or simply an insight into a mundane matter that concerns us in the moment.

Conscious co-creation entails the intentional learning of Lessons without denial or intellectualization. To illustrate: consider what occurs when the average human in the throes of learning their difficult Lessons tries to “figure things out.” Typically, the human will look for “reasons” that support their own beliefs, their own behaviors, their Personal Reality Creation.

Though intellectualization and denial, any evidence of responsibility in the creation of Negative Realities is overlooked, while information supportive to the ego/intellect is noted and confirmed.

These rationales are commonly called “excuses” by many of us. Indeed, they do deserve this negative connotation, if in so intellectualizing and denying we are shirking our responsibilities in the matter. Figuring things out becomes figuring a WAY out of our predicament: a way that does not entail personal ownership of the difficulty.


Here it is all about Spirit, Dear Blog Reader, spirituality. Our greater self, The Higher Consciousness. The god within, whatever terminology we wish to use, this energy source is composed of Spirit. Perhaps we should define our terms.


Now we are all learning our lessons However, we may be experiencing these Lessons by “default,” in that they appear to be put upon by outside forces. It may appear that we have no choice in the matter. Great tragedies may befall us for no reason, at least in our perception of these occurrences.

Contrast this perspective – we refer to this as the Victim or Martyr Perspective – with the perspective of the Awakening One. The human upon a spiritual path adopts a perspective of co-creator. The Lessons of life are not intellectualized, not are they denied; they are acknowledged as valuable and necessary to the growth of the Soul.


The original Soul Mate conceptualization from our ancient spiritual traditions included honoring the negative aspects also: the shadow or Dark Side.

Now: every human has the repressed, hidden personality aspects. And so, in the practice of these ancient traditions, Lessons were learned regarding the negative aspects of consciousness as a way to mutually integrate the “forgotten” material. The Dark Side of the personality was honored just as the divine aspects were honored within the spiritual practice.

The modern metaphysical concept of the Soul Mate often lacks this component. Further, our religions tend to denigrate these Dark Soul Issues as the work of the Devil, or as the result of a “weak will” or Spirit. This practice quite naturally leads to further repression of the cast-off images, ideas, and emotions.

In fact, what many of us think of as the “born again” experience is simply the spontaneous release of this material into the conscious mind. The result of this influx of energized constructs is often a full-blown visionary experience: the spiritual rebirth, the transformation of the “dark” material into Light.

We are modeling our Soul Mate theory on the practices of the ancient paths. Therefore we shall include the creation of the Light from the Dark in relationship as a necessary process to observe and nurture. In the interests of integrity and power we shall work from both sides: the polar opposites of the creative principles.


The Shift entails a remembering of the Ancient Wisdom that has informed the religious and spiritual practices of humankind over the generations. We are awakening individually and collectively to our innate powers of manifestation. As we awaken we will become aware of our reincarnational existences, for these lives are the essential creative works of our Soul.

May I be blunt? We have come into physical form in this particular era in our Earth’s history, within our particular body, within a particular collective of humans, on a specific point of the globe, to participate in a focused enactment of behavior, emotion, mentality, and so on, for the greater experiencing of our Soul Self.


There is no “fate” involved here, however. All realities are created at once, and expand, in a sense, “forever” within the eternal moment. Can we grasp this crucial point? We have free will within each moment of our life to select from infinite probabilities, those we wish to manifest.

Yet I do realize that these descriptions may appear as though there is no free will at all. This is how it looks from the outside looking into our reality. I sense, for example, not only me David as I write on this computer on the patio in my backyard, but the Soul Self of David as it presents itself within numerous other human life-forms on our Earth in other eras. All of these manifestations I can see if I wish.

What looks like destiny to us from within our system – the “fateful” meeting of our Soul mate, for example – appears as infinite choice to my eyes as I observe all of us making our spontaneous free will choices within this moment in time. In other words, the end result of any reincarnational activity is determined by the free will choices of the participants.

In addition, we may remember that even the probable realities NOT chosen, continue on their trajectories of manifestation and development. Thus, we have these numerous probable worlds, parallel realities given birth by our varying choices moment-to-moment.


We are on our Earth for a purpose at this time: a “greater” purpose, if we accept spiritual concepts such as this. Forever as we are engaged in our normal activities – we awaken, we eat, we have experiences, and we sleep – we may find oneself looking for something more. We may be at a stage in our development when we are capable of looking beyond the surface reality to find the true meaning of our existence.

This is our greater purpose. We are not satisfied with the status quo explanations. Perhaps a Death in the family or a “failed” relationship drives us to enter on this quest. Whatever the reasons, we may now be encountering our Lessons directly and asking for the meanings of the events in our life.