The Shift entails a remembering of the Ancient Wisdom that has informed the religious and spiritual practices of humankind over the generations. We are awakening individually and collectively to our innate powers of manifestation. As we awaken we will become aware of our reincarnational existences, for these lives are the essential creative works of our Soul.

May I be blunt? We have come into physical form in this particular era in our Earth’s history, within our particular body, within a particular collective of humans, on a specific point of the globe, to participate in a focused enactment of behavior, emotion, mentality, and so on, for the greater experiencing of our Soul Self.


There is no “fate” involved here, however. All realities are created at once, and expand, in a sense, “forever” within the eternal moment. Can we grasp this crucial point? We have free will within each moment of our life to select from infinite probabilities, those we wish to manifest.

Yet I do realize that these descriptions may appear as though there is no free will at all. This is how it looks from the outside looking into our reality. I sense, for example, not only me David as I write on this computer on the patio in my backyard, but the Soul Self of David as it presents itself within numerous other human life-forms on our Earth in other eras. All of these manifestations I can see if I wish.

What looks like destiny to us from within our system – the “fateful” meeting of our Soul Mate, for example – appears as infinite choice to my eyes as I observe all of us making our spontaneous free will choices within this moment in time. In other words, the end result of any reincarnational activity is determined by the Free Will choices of the participants.

In addition, we may remember that even the probable realities NOT chosen, continue on their trajectories of manifestation and development. Thus, we have these numerous probable worlds, parallel realities given birth by our varying choices moment-to-moment.


We are on our Earth for a purpose at this time: a “greater” purpose, if we accept spiritual concepts such as this. Forever as we are engaged in our normal activities – we awaken, we eat, we have experiences, and we sleep – we may find oneself looking for something more. We may be at a stage in our development when we are capable of looking beyond the surface reality to find the true meaning of our existence.

This is our greater purpose. We are not satisfied with the status quo explanations. Perhaps a Death in the family or a “failed” relationship drives us to enter on this quest. Whatever the reasons, we may now be encountering our Lessons directly and asking for the meanings of the events in our life.


Please understand that there is no blame or shame involved in these types of reincarnational dramas. The actors in this drama – parent, child, and other family members, as well as other community members who are involved in Soul Family interactions – are essentially blameless.

On a Third-Dimensional level all concerned may feel sense of shame, disappointment at the features of child-rearing. The child may feel these negative states also. Yet on a Soul level everyone involved realizes their critical role in the dramatization of these Soul Issues.

Then let us say that, on the subtle levels, in the dreamstate where all plans for future Reality Creation are conceived, the members of the Soul Family of this subject – including the subject – agree to intensify the Lesson for the sake of the subject and everyone else involved. For as the subject learns their Lesson, all others involved learn something also.

Perhaps poverty and Lack are interjected into life of the subject in a very abrupt manner, so that our subject is left reeling and disoriented from the swiftness of the change. Where one day all of this person’s needs were met, let us say that now, none of their needs are met. The family fortune has collapsed for some reason. Our subject is FORCED to go out into the marketplace and earn their bread.


Now this subject is certainly learning Lessons by default. They are not taking ownership of the life. They shirk responsibility for any of their actions. The members of the birth family, let us say, are co-conspirators in this avoidance of responsibility, in that, they shield their offspring from the harsh realities of existence.

They pay-the-way for this human to live the life of “the pampered one,” perhaps out of a sense of parental obligation, you see. They are attempting to protect their child from the pain of Lack and other negative emotional states.

However, you see I am sure where this protection becomes imprisoning for our subject. By allowing the child to grow into adulthood without any constraints, without the teaching of the virtues if humankind, the parents have “created a monster,” in a sense.


Another example of Lessons in the Soul Family: consider the particular type of human who has grown to adulthood within a family that provides every possible opportunity and physical Reality Construct for this person. The person has not had to “work” for their sustenance in any way. They are for all intents and purposes “spoiled rotten,” to use our vernacular.

Let us say that this adult has a smug attitude toward others that they feel are of a “lower” class. They spend the majority if their time enjoying their toys – the Reality Constructs of privilege, shall we say, given to them by their family – expensive cars, lavish homes, and other products.

Consequently, may we suggest that this subject of our discussion is lacking in certain desirable values we are promoting in our new Blogs? This human has, through a coincidence of privileged upbringing and perhaps a personality that avoids anything more than a cursory examination of the value of the Personal Reality in which they find themselves, created a life that does not include the human virtues we have discussed at length here.

This subject of ours is leading an “unexamined life,” to use one of our cliches again. Personal responsibility for mistakes or negative experience within this person’s existence is not taken under circumstances. Perhaps they deny quite earnestly any culpability in the matter.


Our individual awakening is an awakening to our other lives. We have suggested before that we are not always a sweet and loving people in our many lives. In some of those lives we are, quite naturally, the opposite of Sweet and Loving.

Thus, when we are mastering this awakening exercise, we become aware of our own “baggage:” the leftover negative ideas, images, and emotions that we carry with us Lifetime-After-Lifetime. It is a distinctive residue of negativity, made up of the essence of every shameful, hurtful, hostile, envious thought or behavior of our Simultaneous Lives.

Now in this example, we are witnessing a religious zealot attempting to convince us of the value of their system. Yet something is not right here. Something is very distasteful indeed. Let us say for the benefit of this discussion, that we are being triggered by this human to re-experience our own negativity as we have expressed it in other lives.

That is why it is so personal, you see. That is why we may overreact with this human, and perhaps respond in an angry fashion. This time it IS personal, for they are our reincarnational mirror, reflecting back to us our shameful angry past. Perhaps we have even lived a life as a religious zealot, so that we are witnessing the negative lifetime in all its glory, in all of its educational power.


In learning our Lessons we enlarge our belief system. We effectively “grow” our beliefs to encompass the beliefs of everyone we meet. This is CPA in action, as we find the good, in quite literally now, EVERYTHING.

Of course, in expanding our beliefs we will often find it necessary to discard beliefs that no longer serve us as an awakening human. Self-limiting beliefs, such as a belief in the superiority of a particular race, type of personality or human, may have to be discarded. This even though we may be feeling that we do not wish to surrender our belief, even though it may have been proven to be obsolete and even counter-productive.

However, why hold fast to our belief? Please realize that others have the opposite beliefs that are also quite valid. All of our realities are valid.


We may distinguish between two separate groups of Soul family members. For purposes of study, we shall refer to the group of humans we are interacting with in our current timeframe as our Current Soul Family Gestalt. The Soul Family members we associate with over linear time, in different bodies, within different human collectives, in our perceived past and future, we shall call the Interdimensional Soul Family.

Remember: the future and past can be considered as simply different easily-accessible dimensions for the student. We currently exist within the Third Dimension, yet we may access the future and past dimensions through practices learned in my new Blogs.


With the following experiment we are assuming that you are familiar with my new Blog material. If you are familiar, you are no doubt already proficient in attaining at-will the Trance state. As such, you may be quite expert at taking this state of awareness with you, as in the sanctuary, as you go about your daily activities.

Or perhaps you have perfected this Ritual to the degree that you may initiate it within just a few seconds, at any time or place in your waking world, just by holding a particular thought of feeling. You might describe this feeling-tone as a hunch or an intuition. In this case, it would be an intuition that you and the person being assessed have a history, either a past or future history, if you can imagine such a relationship.


HYPOTHESIS: Your current empowered moment reveals to you all that you need to know


Then create this state as best you can. It is a containment Ritual that keeps your energies within your sphere and protects you from any negative influences from without.

Now simply relax. The one being assessed need not be in your immediate vicinity. You may make your assessments of anyone from wherever you happen to be. When you have perfected this technique, you will be able to carry the state with you in your waking reality, or simply create it instantly in the Field when you have need of this special assessment tool.

In a very general way, you are attempting to determine whether a particular human is a Soul Family member. There will be a basic yes or no answer to these inquiries. If you would like to take it further ask:

*What are their general objectives?

*What is the Lesson to be learned?

*What issues are being addressed?


In our Blogs we affirm for you the necessity of comprehending the moment-to-moment experience we are creating for oneself in our Personal Reality. “Waking up in the moment” is another term we use for this pursuit. So we are in a continuing exploration of our world, as we examine the momentary experiences of our life.

The doorway to our other lives is the Moment Point. It is the commonality, the Home Base, we might say, of our Soul Self as it creates our numerous lives. We have stated before that “it is our Moment Point if we say it is.”

The student, the Scientist of Consciousness, in exploring the many lives, “take ownership” of the current moment, empowers it with the Divine energies of perception – the Inner Senses – and breaks through the veil between lives with these instruments.

We have called this a form of multitasking, in that, the explorer does not forsake the current body, the current consciousness manifestation in their experiments. BOTH the current existence AND the destination life – the target existence – are supported, nourished, vivified with the creative energies of consciousness in these explorations of the Moment Point. The Soul Self the creates all of our lives has limitless energies. It is inspired by the foundational powers of All That Is, and so can be always counted on for support.

Through these practices of magicians, shamans, witches and healers of all types, modern Scientists of Consciousness are now able to individually disconnect from the mass Common Trance of freedom that enslaves, to participate in this Uncommon Trance of freedom, of release from authority, of common good, of magic, you see.

In essence, here, we are creating our OWN suggestions, we are taking our OWN advice, we are responding to the communication stream of our magic ancestors, rather that the mass media, the toxic culture, that standard of conformity offered to us by our leaders.