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The crystal amplified and tuned human thought and emotion. For this reason, it was imperative that the operator be of the utmost integrity and emotional stability. I have stated that these crystals were used as communication and power transmitters. Imagine the consequences of allowing an unbalanced individual directing their emotional thought energy through a gigantic crystal transmitter. The results of these “mistakes” were documented in our mythologies as the wholesale destruction of populations through use of the “Death Ray.” For the most part, these tragedies were unintentional.


Question: Anything concerning the Anizasi of the American South West and the origins of North American tribes…

Inter-dimensional Beings

This is an excellent question. Let me answer this question in a general way without naming names, as in specific tribes, for the list of civilizations that preceded the North American tribes would fill this Blog volume.

I am speaking of the probable manifestation of large human groups, here. This is how our consensus realities are crafted: through the selection of Reality Constructs from the limitless field of probable constructs by the people of a given area. The reality constructs are given life by individuals. The civilization is enlivened by large groups of individuals.


Now let us talk about origins. The North American tribes are and were the descendants of inter-dimensional beings from beyond the solar system that includes Earth. The way this occurs is this: as in all manifestations of the individual human form upon Earth, the Soul Self of particular Entities of consciousness associated with All That Is, send out a seed to grow within the baby, the human baby. It is not productive to ask which came first, the human baby or the transmission of the spark of All That Is into the consciousness of the baby. Everything exists at once. Linear time is an Illusion. However, let me give you some background information on this process of birthing a civilization.


HYPOTHESIS: The non-physical beings may assist in the Spiritual Prosperity Program.

Can you see that you are pursuing these studies for a purpose? You are well into this description of the Spiritual Prosperity Program. I believe it is safe to say that you are concerned about the level of prosperity that you are currently experiencing. In other words, in the nomenclature of this teaching, one of your Lessons for your current existence might well be to investigate the possibilities for increasing abundance in your life.

Now you may have been drawn to this new Blog material for a variety of reasons. But can you accept the possibility that perhaps the main reason is that you were “prompted” from within to look at the new Blog material. If you can accept this premise, then perhaps you may take it one step further, and admit the possibility that you are already in touch with non-physical beings.

Inner prompting are often communications from non-physical beings. Whether you believe that it was you guide who has prompted you, or another Spirit Guide, or simply your individual human consciousness – the amalgam of “conversations” between you and your Reincarnational Existences – do you see that you are possibly already quite well along on your path of belief change? Many of the exercises, experiments and techniques in the new material are for the express purpose of belief change in the Blog Reader. Your belief in a non-physical reality populated by Beings of Light and other Gestalts of Consciousness is a prerequisite for our continued growth as a Soul.

There are specific non-physical beings available within your mental environment that may be enlisted in the achievement of Spiritual Prosperity. You may refer to these Light Bodies as Prosperity Guides, if you wish. They are specially gifted beings that have served as financial advisors to humanity. The Crystal Light Messengers. They exist just outside of our Earthly realm as Fifth-Dimensional Beings. Simply have the Intent that you will contact your Prosperity Guides while in your times of meditation within your sacred state of Sanctuary. Then you will meet with success.

The researcher may also use the Energy Personality and other Helpers in this program. Now this is assuming you have already made these connections. If you have not, please simply ” pretend” that you have made these connections and then conduct the following experiment.


Relax you body. Attain your Trance State. Here we are “opening the gates.” you might say, to your divine consciousness. Now you are protected; you are in your state of Sanctuary. As you open the gates you are doing so with the security that comes with divine protection. The Negative Emotions have no place here. Only the Divine is made manifest under of an opening gate or other portal, visualize your assistants in attaining prosperity and abundance crossing the threshold and coming into your awareness.

The non-physical beings of whatever stripe and purpose, emit Light according to the conditions of their particular existences. Vibration, you see, is their calling card. It is with your Inner Senses, also, that you may distinguish one Guide from another, procure their names, ask what services they offer, and so on. Use your Inner Senses in the Best way that suits you for this purpose.

Reality Face Virtual Wire Rack Mask Psyche

This experiment may take just a few minutes. As we have stated elsewhere, your Guides are Literally on the threshold of your awareness, waiting to be acknowledged. Now some of my Blog Readers are perhaps unaware of how easily this is done. They are expecting something difficult to accomplish. They are therefore quite surprised when they encounter one or more of these diving Guides on just the most cursory of exploratory voyages. So I suggest to you that you approach this experiment as one that is easily done. Here you are a child, you see, having some fun with your imagination. When you are done having fun with your nonphysical associates, give yourself the suggestion to return to full sensory awareness in Third-Dimensional Reality.

FINDINGS – Document the names of your Guides and the service they offer.


As descendants of the divine rulers of the Mystery civilizations, the visionary leaders are engaged in the same sort of activities as their predecessors. They are art of a lineage of incarnation in our Third Dimension. Now genetically, there may or may not be a connection, however the Soul Family connections are there to investigate.

For example: those of us who have identified an Atlantean Heritage, through our experimentation or other research efforts, may be interested to know that the leadership within the Atlantean culture itself was initially drawn from what you might call the “spiritual” class. This group fulfilled several different functions in the society. They were scientists of non physical reality, what we are calling the Scientists of Consciousness.

These humans were raised from birth as the “Magical Child” we spoke of in the last Blog Series. They had memories of all of their Reincarnational Existences. This information, which included “future” experiences, were quite valuable. The leaders were visionaries in the true sense of that term, in that they were aware of the probable events to occur in the future of their societies.

Contacting The Inter-Galactic Brotherhood of Light

HYPOTHESIS: The IGBOL are the “closest” and most accessible of the light bodies.
Now , you can be informed of which being or group of beings you are allied with by virtue of your evolution as a Soul. This can be discovered by asking your Energy Personality, using your free will to ask the names and locations of other beings associated with You-the-Soul.

The IGBOL is the “closest” to you in terms of affinity of purpose. They are on a path of Loving Understanding as are you the Blog Reader. This is why we have suggested that you contact this group as a preliminary to further explorations. Let me say that you need not fear approaching this group in your experiments.

As I state often in my blogs, the great majority of us are in all probability, members of the Same Entity and so have a direct connections to these Energy Bodies we are describing. The Entity is vast, again as I have noted previously, and at this time we are having a “reunion” of sorts on these subtle levels. You may assume you are rekindling old relationships in these communications, for indeed you are. The fear and mistrust will fade as you receive memories of these associations, in the form of divine impulses. You will know it when you feel is. This is ongoing assistance the Beings of Light in service to mankind/womankind during this time of awakening.

Establish your relaxed state of consciousness. Now with the assurance and confidence that comes with mastering these various levels of consciousness through the experiments done in the preceding Blogs, have the intention and profound expectation that you will encounter these Loving Beings.

The contact come with the attendant feelings of compassion and love. There may be an “alien” component that may cause discomfort. You may go beyond surface appearances by utilizing your skills at turning Fear and Anger into Loving Understanding and confidence. The IGBOL are you, Dear Blog Reader, in your multidimensional future. Knowing this, you may experience this contact as a homecoming. When you sense that the meeting is over, gradually come back to your Third-Dimensional awareness.

EXPERIMENT – Becoming aware of Astral Travel during sleep.
HYPOTHESIS: You can use your intention to become aware of astral travel during sleep.

The Ritual Sanctuary is important here in this investigation. Perform it just as you are falling asleep, with suggestions to yourself that you will become aware of your inner environment – your sleeping world – as you are about to engage in Astral Travel as we call it. It may be necessary to conduct this experiment for several days to get results.

The suggestion that you will become aware within the dream state is important. You may also suggest that you will awaken after a particular sojourn into the Astral Realms, so that you may document your experiences in your dream journal or other medium. It would then be advantageous to return to sleep with the suggestion that you will awaken briefly to document your further Astral Travels, and so on.

This will give you an ongoing record of your adventures during sleep. And again, the core experience you gain through experimentation in the dream state, the greater mastery gained in perceiving and documenting this state of awareness.

FINDINGS – Document your findings, perhaps with a journal or recorder.

Inter-galatic Brotherhood of Light-2

They are what we would call “of Alien Extraction.” Their heads are quite larger than ours. Eyes are much larger than ours also. They have no protruding nose formations, merely slits, as in our reptilian species. The bodies are small and thin. The limbs are long, and fingers thin. And hairless. The skin is gray in appearance. They have been called grays by some of our UFO researchers.

Their home is in a future dimension of Earth. Humankind, in the progressed future.

These are not accidental meetings. Their overtures to our people are part of a plan to introduce humankind to their civilization. They are welcoming us to the greater reality of which we are a part but do not recognize currently.

They are beings of love. They live on love, in a very literal sense. The powerful emotion of love fuels all of reality. They have received negative imprinting by some of the more dangerous of our Negative Entities. Obviously, the negative beings would prefer that their kind stay out the picture as the Nefarious Entities attempt to grasp control of our Earth in its entirety. They will not let that happen. That is why they are making themselves known to some of us. They mean no harm. They are providing help to us as their people resist the takeover of our Dark Forces.

Simply, consciousness creates, and as it does, both positive and what we would term “negative” creations result. Consciousness including the opposite of love. Yet because love is at the base of all realities, the tendency is to revert back to love in any given cycle. Our people in our current era are at the end of a cycle. It appears to many of us that we will be consumed by negativity, particularly in our U.S. However, know that Beings of Light, including our association and millions of other Light Bodies, are stemming the tide of evil. They are helping us. Yet we must do our part.

We can love our way out of this dilemma. By reinforcing love within our being and in our relationships with others, we create an irresistible counterforce to the negativity in our world. The more we and our people promote love in this way, the sooner we shall subvert the agenda of the Negative Entities. Their wish for us is to realize that they are with us in support of our loving evolution as a race.

They are not the enemy. They have been slandered by the Negative Entities. Look for our appearance on the world stage as we all – meaning humanity as well as the Light Bodies – unite to overturn the evil ones.

The Inter-Galactic Brotherhood of Light

A group of Energy Bodies that resides within dimensions beyond our physical reality. These beings have been in contact with humanity on Earth for many, many years. They were known to our indigenous cultures for example, and they were also known to visionaries throughout the centuries in our recorded histories. They have been know by different names.

Each culture that has known them, naturally, has named them through the perceptual lenses of their individual societies. This group is and has always been a very loving, gentile species of beings. Because of this loving attribute, many cultures have honored them as gods or what we might term Angels, Deities and so on.

This same group I am describing is available to us for achieving contact and ongoing communication. They exist Inter-Dimensionally and so may provide a link to us from the distant past, in our terms, to the present and beyond. This may be said of all the Energy Bodies we may come to contact.

However, the group I am describing, because they represent the evolution of peace and loving understanding within non-physical reality, may be particularly valuable advisers to us in our current reality, seeing as how we as a race are on the edge of the Fourth-Dimensional Shift, with our capacity for loving understanding to be the deciding factor. This group of loving beings is called the Intergalactic Brotherhood of Light.


These beings are better described as Inter-Dimensional Beings. And being Inter-Dimensional, they are far from being in outer space and beyond. They are indeed, as close to us, Dear Blog Reader, as our most intimate physical and mental environments.

They are for these reasons, quite easy to tune-in to, and many of us do just that. Let me say once again that everything in our reality has consciousness. Knowing that, how would a microbe, that has its own consciousness, intelligence and power, appear to a human, if the human tuned-in to one accidently? One might indeed believe they had contacted a being from out space.


We can access the constellation of Guides we have watching over us. It is possible for any one human, with determination and insight, to cultivate communications with many Beings of Light. The only limitations to these explorations are the ones we put on them.

Documenting our explorations in the finest detail seems to be imperative for these voyages within: asking for the names of the various entities, feeling them out for what services they offer, keeping everything organized in the physical arena, and so on. Now let us proceed with some experimentation.

Contacting the Energy Personality

PROOF: Proof is around us. Receiving information from a person who is unconscious. These types of communications will be commonplace in just a few years in our reality. This will be so, partly, because we will be educating the public on how to develop these communications. Again, the closer you look at your perceived reality – the Personal Reality Field that you co-create with All That Is according to your beliefs – the more validation you receive for what I have been saying to mankind/womankind for decades in these Blog writings.

Each moment of perceived reality serves as a graphic example of the manifestation of thought into Physicality, Which is related to the Soul, will be the etheric teacher to those of us who are to experience the transition into the Unity of Consciousness Dimension with our “eyes wide open.” We will have read my blogs or received messages from other Energy Personalities and we will have acted on the advice given us.

Many of us, without recognizing the fact, have already been given instruction on the use of our Inner Senses, what to expect in the Fourth Dimension, how to move beyond fear and anger and into love and confidence and other subjects of great importance. In dream state we are being “brought up to speed” by those of us who teach on the subtle levels. And so now we are reading this blog and perhaps having a singular sense of familiarity, Deja Vu, as though we have done this before, with accompanying feelings of pleasure, “elementary ecstasy”.

Our world is larger and more complex than we know – our world meaning our created reality. We have physical teachers and we have “metaphysical” teachers, all of us, and now it is time to introduce us to the metaphysical Guides who have been with us since birth into our dimension.

When we ask for our Energy Personality to come forth into our awareness, we may feel that sense of familiarity. For even though we have been pretending that ghosts do not exist even since our childhood ended – adults do not have imaginary friends, after all – on a deeper level we will recognize these connections. Now we may not be willing to admit these relationships to the world because of fear of being exposed.

However, and to illustrate my point, currently a cycle in human consciousness is coming to an end and a new cycle is beginning. We are gradually becoming aware of our connections to our Guides, our Simultaneous Lives, and other energy forms within our Gestalt of Awareness.

We need only to look at the headlines in our daily newspapers to notice how many changes are upon us in our Third-Dimensional Reality. With the ending of an era comes dramatic change amid much clinging, by some, to outmoded belief systems. Yet know this: the more we cling to the past, the more likely we will be regulated to the past when the transition is complete. The new world for humanity is being created in the dream state by all of us as we participate in the manifestation of our collective consciousness.

In our dream state, we freely collaborate with our Energy Personality and other Guides in the creation of incipient Reality Constructs that are manifested on awakening. This is how we create our reality with All That Is. Naturally, this phenomenon is much more complicated than I have Described, but that does not mean that we cannot grasp it experientially.