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It is not a matter of seeing and then believing, it is a case of believing AND THEN seeing. Your Personal Reality Field is a DIRECT reflection of your beliefs about what you think is possible. The task, then, is to determine what are your beliefs. Then you might attempt to condition these beliefs of yours so that they are enlarged, energized, modified to suit your awakening consciousness. In other words, you would want to change your beliefs to allow for a perception of your heart’s desire. This is entirely achievable, Dear Blog Reader.

Your beliefs are accessible to you in the form of Feeling-Tones. So rather than try to describe in detail what you believe your beliefs ARE, simply relax for a few moments and describe to yourself, in written or in another form, how you feel about the primary domains of existence. These domains might include relationships, prosperity, health, the spiritual, your sexuality.

As you express yourself honestly with regards to these aspects of your life, you may find that feelings arise for you to be noticed. You may then sense that there is imagery attached to the feelings as events from the past come to mind. There may also be other sensory information connected to this Feeling-Tone. Now as a sum of feeling, emotion, and other sensory material, you have this assessment of your beliefs. Document it in the medium of your choice.


If you are the captain of your ship act as though you are the captain of you ship…

The Quest

Why are you reading this Blog? As I stated earlier, I make an assumption that you are looking for something that is lacking in your life. So I am assuming that you are on a Quest of some sort. Perhaps you are on a Healing Voyage to correct a malady, or you are experiencing Lack in a quite profound way and wish to discover the Abundant Universe for yourself, or you may be lonely, looking for your ideal partner – Soul Mate – and wondering how to go about that. Are you a student of your own life, one who investigates the Personal Reality as a philosopher? Do you notice the mystical intrusion from the Unknown Reality, the anomalies of consciousness, and attempt to uncover their source?

These descriptions assume you are looking for your own answers to important questions in your life, as though Essential Metaphors denoting progress, learning, and adventure give a fullness of meaning to your activities in the Third Dimension?

This how it works, Dear Blog Reader…

Referring to our chart in Chapter One in this Blog Series: When you identify yourself as being on a Path of Awakening you catalyze the energies of awakening within you. When you Embody the Essential Metaphor called the Path of Awakening, you gradually see your world change to reflect this new perspective. Everything becomes a Lesson when you see you life in this way. Your Issues are revealed to you in the intimacy of daily living. You are indeed awakening to your greater reality as you Resonate your new world into being.


Perception (Percept) creates reality in the Third Dimension. Thus, when you habitually embody the essential Metaphors (Precepts) your perceived world begins to change to reflect the essences of these Precepts. Prove it to yourself.



Just for fun, please joy down where you would place yourself on some of these trajectories of development. This will give us a benchmark that we will use to chart your progress as you diligently complete the exercise in this Blog Series.

For example, referring to our chart:

Are you on a Healing Voyage in your exercise? Or are you lurching forward in the Common Trance, oblivious to your surroundings, focused only on your subconscious desire to belong to the group?

Are you somewhere in between with the vast majority of humans?

Take a few moments to work with this material….


We are in our systems to learn how to use energy to create what we want…

The New Age Canon

” I am on Earth to be happy.” “It all works out for the best.” “There are no accidents.” “Everything happens for a reason.” “Each cloud has a silver lining.” ” There is an inner world that gives birth to the outer.” “You create your own reality.” These are some of our modern sayings from the New Age, metaphysical, and spiritual genres of literature. They each have sense of magic about them, do they not? The very notion that, “You create your own reality” holds within it the presumption of power, of fertile creative energy.

Now I have some good news for you. If you subscribe to these magical Precepts you are certainly on the right track in your evolution. For you ARE on Earth to be happy, Dear Blog Reader. This is quite true. And we do create our own reality, what we now call the Personal Reality Field in my Blogs. Specifically, we are in our system to learn how to use energy to create what we want, what we desire.

I speak to you from a particular perspective, one that is outside of our much theorized space/time continuum. I see that some may doubt this statement. Some will fear that you are in your dimension to suffer and experience pain and disappointment – at least for the better part of the journey – on the way to another highly theorized locale you call “heaven.” This limited perception is a gift from our ancestors and others who have taught us through religious conditioning the “benefits” and perhaps “Spirituality” of Lack.

We could say that these New Age concepts answer the question, “Why am I on Earth?” in a very affirmative fashion. This movement, indeed, is a response to the naysayers, those who have controlled us for many hundreds of years. The New Age emphasize the Virtues of Humanity, the experiencing of Love and pleasure by everyone, healthy self-esteem with an absence of shame, guilt, and the other detrimental states of consciousness. I think that we can immediately sense how this perspective – we shall call it the Visionary Perspective – challenges the status quo espoused by our governments, our mainstream religions, our military establishments, our Negative Media, and other authorities.


Now we live many lives and those with whom we are experiencing our current life also live their many lives. And just as those humans with whom we interact in our current existence – our genetic family, our adoptive family, our colleagues, our acquaintances – are learning their individual Lessons with us now, so too are each of us in what we are calling the Soul Family, learning our Lessons together in other Lives. In all of our lives, in whatever era we are experiencing our lives – Renaissance Europe, for example, or perhaps within a tribal unit in our prehistoric past – we are also interacting with Soul Family members, the same group of people with whom we always interact, for they live their lives just as we do: in different bodies, in different times in different circumstances


Our Current Reality

Thank you for staying with us in our new Blog Project. To begin, as you very well know my friend. You create your own reality. This has been my primary refrain to humanity in my messages over several years, and I fervently hope that you remember. In this moment and in every moment of our life, we form the world that we know, even as everything else within our reality cooperates with us in this creation process.

Our world is made from Consciousness Units: awarized elements of energy that seek out the fulfillment of infinite values in the manifestation of Reality Constructs of infinite variety. This etheric substance – the stream of manifestation – literally travels outward from our body to create the world that we then experience. It is fantastic. It is unbelievable. It IS the way we create our reality, Dear Blog Reader. For in this endeavor of Reality Creation, everything that can happen does happen, all in the spacious moment of creation – the eternal moment of NOW.

Included in this construction project of the Soul is the creation of our own physical body within a context of multi-dimensional existence. We do indeed live countless lives; some are lived in our past, some are lived in our present, and some are lived in our future. We have referred to these as the Simultaneous Lives and also the Reincarnational Existences. These lives are our lives throughout time.


To simply, to distill, to bring forward out of darkness these ancient truths, we present a theory of reincarnation that will be understood by the average modern. You needn’t have an encyclopedic grasp of the information we are providing here, to read, to enjoy, and to employ the messages. A willingness, a desire, a rekindled memory is all that is needed to begin and sustain you in these Blog Studies.

And as I said before on other Blogs, the new theory is presented in hopes that you may come together as differences at the expense of our similarities. In the new Blog material I am rectifying that by drawing attention to this Oneness of the human consciousness. We are all one great expression of the Divine – All That Is. Now let me provide supporting material for this statement….


Does this or that civilization, though, exist in fact, you may ask? Does our Western civilization or our American empire exist? These are philosophical propositions. For the more we explore our Personal Reality in an attempt to find proofs, the more we find that all is composed of consciousness.

Now consciousness, as we know, and as some of our more conscious scientists also know, is limitless. Being limitless it achieves any form. In this view, do you see that the possibility exists for not only these few theorized cultures we describe in this Blog to exist, but for ALL permutations into physical form, of any and all probable social, political, and spiritual constructs to exist? All possible civilizations exist. Period. All thoughts or images entertained by humans seek our fulfillment in the form of Reality Constructs, including civilizations.

We may take this as a disclaimer, if you wish. Yet it is, you must admit, an intensely empowering disclaimer. It is empowering for YOU the individual explorer of consciousness.


HYPOTHESIS: We may explore Sumari consciousness in the Trance State.

Currently this is a highly-energized Idea construct within our collective awareness. These values of the Sumari Love, courage, compassion, altruistic public service – resonate with the overall collective of humanity at this time, for the ideals of the Sumari are quite necessary for the healing of our Earth and the peoples that live upon Her. On the subtle levels, all of us are aware of this.

Additionally, by identifying with, by allying with, by embodying the Sumari code, so to speak, we become Sumari. What we focus on within our consciousness strengthens and develops in our reality. What may have begun as a simple interest in New Age practices, for example, representing a fragment of Sumari consciousness within our mental environment, and expand as the Sumari aspect strengthens.

Now the language of Sumari is the language of the post-Transition environment. As an etheric being, after our physical death, we use Sumari to communicate with others who have made the Transition and are considering their options as to what lives to explore next. Sumari is the language of the non-physical world. All of us are well-versed in this language, for we have all experienced many deaths, many Transitions, many opportunities to use this language. With this in mind…..


As in our explorations in this Blog Series, use our Intent to tune-in to that aspect of our consciousness we identify as Sumari. There is an assumption here that you are reading this Blog for a reason. It may be that you are keeping appointments that you have made in other lives. Consider what it would feel like to keep an appointment with an aspect of your greater consciousness, this Sumari. In essence, you are using your Intent to remember something here. When you feel you have experienced noteworthy Findings, come up to surface awareness. Document your experiences.



This movement in our time-frame represents a cyclical renovation of the world culture. It would not be over-simplifying too much here, to state that this movement is spurred by a bleed-through to the civilizations of our past that is being experienced by many millions of us. Again, the human race is at a very dangerous crossroads currently.

All of our structures that have previously held us together are disintegrating. The power elite that control our world’s resources are resisting any changes to their entitlement: their self-perceived ownership of our planet. As a collective, the Sumari family of consciousness is attempting to spread their influence throughout the world, allowing these potent ideas of change to energize the greater collective of humanity. It is a time of potential revolution we have before us, nationally and globally. We can sense this potential, can we not? The Ancient Wisdom is being remembered and honored. The rights of the individual are becoming paramount. The collective is becoming empowered as the inefficient social systems of the past regime fall away.

Remember here, this is how civilizations are created. It is always an inside phenomenon. Then non-physical world creates the outside physical world, always. The best practices, in a sense, that have created positive value for civilizations in our past, are being remembered. Therefore, go to our dreams and reveries and witness the Mystery Civilizations as they give birth to The New World. Help where you can, Dear Blog Reader.



Many of my Blog Readers have fallen in love with my theory of long ago, of families of consciousness. I did indeed separate out the various types of consciousness expression within humanity for teaching purposes. It was my wish that through describing our differences – I would point the way to deeper exploration of the self: The Soul Self of the reader.

I assume that some of the Blog Readers of my early Blog works have assessed from which of the families they have sprung, and have taken this designation to heart, identified with it, you see, in perhaps the same way that the lover of astrology identifies with the astrological sign and attributes of their birth date and time. How many though have taken the exploration further, to the discoveries that lie within the psyche, within the unknown reality?

Now this is precisely why I have returned with a simplification of my theories. We have dispensed with the families of consciousness and now propose an overarching concept of humans over time. The focus on the individual becomes a focus on the group: the Soul Family.