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We have a saying:”There is a reason for everything.” This statement is quite close in meaning to another of my favorites: “There are no accidents.” Indeed, there ARE reasons for everything. There are spiritual reasons for each and every behavior, emotion, and thought created by the human being. Dear Blog Reader, this series, as well as all of the other Blog Series I have written since 2014, is a Blog on spirituality.

I hope I have not frightened you away with my revelation. I am quite aware that the term may bring up uncomfortable images and emotions for some of my Blog Readers. However, because there are no accidents, we simply assume that you are reading this Blog for very good reasons. Perhaps you were prompted by “impulse” to pick this particular Blog and read it online. Perhaps you were drawn to the image of this Blog in some search engine on the Internet or elsewhere. Perhaps you are a longtime Blog Reader of the current Blog material. Whatever the case with you, I realize that it is my job, as the host here, to catch your attention in the moment, and then hopefully keep your mental awareness focused in my direction long enough to get the message I am attempting to convey to you. I take my job quite seriously. The message is, also, of a serious nature.

Now whether you are just beginning to explore the non-physical world or whether you are an old hand at these adventures, I will know I am successful when you make the Courageous and Loving gesture toward learning the Lessons of physical reality in a conscious and deliberate fashion. Spirituality is just that, you see. It is really quite simple. That is why we call it waking up. We are waking up to our true reality: a reality of the moment-to-moment learning of Lessons.


Does this or that civilization, though, exist in fact, you may ask? Does our Western civilization or our American empire exist? These are philosophical propositions. For the more we explore our Personal Reality in an attempt to find proofs, the more we find that all is composed of consciousness.

Now consciousness, as we know, and as some of our more conscious scientists also know, is limitless. Being limitless it achieves any form. In this view, do you see that the possibility exists for not only these few theorized cultures we describe in this Blog to exist, but for ALL permutations into physical form, of any and all probable social, political, and spiritual constructs to exist? All possible civilizations exist. Period. All thoughts or images entertained by humans seek our fulfillment in the form of Reality Constructs, including civilizations.

We may take this as a disclaimer, if you wish. Yet it is, you must admit, an intensely empowering disclaimer. It is empowering for YOU the individual explorer of consciousness.



Now we ARE living all our lives at once, here. We are now musing on the possibility of a better life for ourselves, dreaming. However, with a slight altering of perception we could, if properly motivated, Tune-In on our life in a probable reality in which we are experiencing a predominance of the common good, everyone “winning,” and so on.

We are an authority on our current existence. We know more about it than any other being. In just this way, we are also an authority on this other existence that is playing out in a probable “field” of experiencing of a Less-Than-Perfect reality to this probable reality, is the emotional state we describe as dreaming. We might also describe it as a pleasant longing. These are simple techniques here… dreaming, longing: you are essentially using your self-generated Positive emotional state as a homing device to Zero-In on the probable reality you desire. Your emotional tone will become quite positive when you do this properly.

When you indeed reached this Best-Case-Scenario life that you are living in a probable reality – remember, all probable realities are explored by your consciousness, in Perpetuity, you might say – imagine yourself luxuriating in the influences that create this positive reality. Soak up these Positive feelings.

The Positive manifestation ALWAYS exists for you as a probability. When you conduct this exercise, you divert your attention from your current moment of creating Less-Than-Satisfactory Reality Constructs, to the creation of positive, life-affirming, ecstasy-filled Reality Constructs. It only takes a moment to improve your reality in this way.


This movement in our time-frame represents a cyclical renovation of the world culture. It would not be over-simplifying too much here, to state that this movement is spurred by a bleed-through to the civilizations of our past that is being experienced by many millions of us. Again, the human race is at a very dangerous crossroads currently.

All of our structures that have previously held us together are disintegrating. The power elite that control our world’s resources are resisting any changes to their entitlement: their self-perceived ownership of our planet. As a collective, the Sumari family of consciousness is attempting to spread their influence throughout the world, allowing these potent ideas of change to energize the greater collective of humanity. It is a time of potential revolution we have before us, nationally and globally. We can sense this potential, can we not? The Ancient Wisdom is being remembered and honored. The rights of the individual are becoming paramount. The collective is becoming empowered as the inefficient social systems of the past regime fall away.

Remember here, this is how civilizations are created. It is always an inside phenomenon. Then non-physical world creates the outside physical world, always. The best practices, in a sense, that have created positive value for civilizations in our past, are being remembered. Therefore, go to our dreams and reveries and witness the Mystery Civilizations as they give birth to The New World. Help where you can, Dear Blog Reader.


However, specifically for our project here, we shall discuss the Sumari briefly. Because this group is primarily composed of the Vanguard we describe in the new Blog material – the Magicians, Shamans, Witches and Healers – I feel that we can once again speak of this group. It is germane to this discussion of the awakening of humanity, of The Shift in consciousness, of the remembering of the Ancient Wisdom, and other subjects we focus on in my new Blogs.

What has been called the New Age movement in literature, in the arts, in the social, political, and spiritual arenas, is being driven by the Sumari family of consciousness. We are always instigators of the beneficial and ENLIGHTENING movements of humankind. And so we are again gathering forces in our modern time frame to remember the Ancient Wisdom together.

Of course it is not enough to simply remember this material and reinforce it among ourselves in the Sumari collective. In order to be effective we must , as individuals and as a collective of do-gooders, see to it that our systems are transformed fo the highest good of all concerned. Simply: it is our duty to use Love with a capital in all of our behaviors to humanize all of the domains of human interaction and development. This is what we do, you see, this is our modus operandi, so to speak.

To this end, some of us will carry out our duties overtly, as in the practice of the New Agers. We will act in public under the flag, so to speak, of the Sumari: the Lovers of humanity. Others of us that are indeed the reincarnation of this Sumari family, will act covertly, undercover, without fanfare, without notice, really, yet certainly with the same precise agendas as our colleagues: to co-create a Loving world for ourselves, our families, and for all humanity.



Many of my Blog Readers have fallen in love with my theory of long ago, of families of consciousness. I did indeed separate out the various types of consciousness expression within humanity for teaching purposes. It was my wish that through describing our differences – I would point the way to deeper exploration of the self: The Soul Self of the reader.

I assume that some of the Blog Readers of my early Blog works have assessed from which of the families they have sprung, and have taken this designation to heart, identified with it, you see, in perhaps the same way that the lover of astrology identifies with the astrological sign and attributes of their birth date and time. How many though have taken the exploration further, to the discoveries that lie within the psyche, within the unknown reality?

Now this is precisely why I have returned with a simplification of my theories. We have dispensed with the families of consciousness and now propose an overarching concept of humans over time. The focus on the individual becomes a focus on the group: the Soul Family.


The question as to why the world religions grew from the same locations on our Earth can be answered in this way…

In the original inception of energy from the Arcturian system, it was realized that the Middle East and Far East contained the most positive influences for the establishment of particular religious systems. The manifestation process was and is accelerated in these regions. The portals to the etheric, as I have referred to them in the past, were and are quite open there. Thought is transformed into physical reality constructs quite easily there through these portals of energy exchange: what we have called Coordinate Points. This has to do with peculiarities of the electromagnetic influences that “charge” the environment in this area of our planet. This becomes obvious, if we think about it. For a more comprehensive explanation of this process I refer to my earlier Blogs Seires.

Now as we know, both the Divine and the not-so-divine are manifested in our reality. Thus, we have the tendency for the negative gods, to be made manifest there as well. This area is a proving ground for the perceived negative and positive are made known in the physical dimension.



The question of why did the religions grow from particular regions on our Earth. Now the Niamennon are simply one identified tribe of our early settlers of the Middle Eastern parts of the planet. As is the case with all of us, however, these peoples have their origins on other planets. The Arcturus system and the planets surrounding this body, was the originating point for all of what we would call the Middle Eastern peoples.

Remember now my comments that linear time does not exist in the Soul’s perception? Consider then a Soul, an Entity, a Gestalt of Consciousness existing within this Arcturian system, that KNOWS it will have a direct hand in seeding the Earth with the sparks of Soul, the essence of itself, for a “future,” in our terms, Reincarnational Drama enacted within the collective consciousness of an entire civilization. These types of activities are conceived outside of times as we know it. In this way the Entity is allowed to witness the future manifestation upon the Earth, of the growth of a tribal collective from their original contribution.

This entity knew, therefore, that they were to contribute to the gestation of what would become several religious movements. This is delicate and difficult information that I am attempting to transmit. In the inception of Spirit into the babies being born in the initial transmission of energies from the Arcturian system, each human grew to adulthood, they knew that they were to be involved, either in the first incarnation or later ones, in the growth of these religious movements.

These Souls choose to incarnate on our Earth at that time SPECIFICALLY to become involved in these movements. If we can think of the The Christ figure, as I have represented this Energy Gestalt in my Blog writings, as being a part of an extended family, a Soul family, if you will, simply think of these sojourners to Earth as members of The Christ Entity. They were keeping appointments with one another on the physical plane to engage in the world of establishing movements.


Mu is one of those lost civilizations that we as a race have created from several different civilizations. This Mystery Civilization existed as a prototypical culture within the collective of humanity’s imagination.

Now, every collective of humans, of animals, of insects and even of inanimate materials as we call them, every amalgam of Consciousness Units has a collective “vision” of itself. Of course, every conceivable vision of Mu exists within probable realities. For our purposes here in this explanation, let us think of the vision as just two fold: There is the “real time” vision, the idea on which is built the CURRENT “bedrock reality” that is experienced by the inhabitants, in this case, the humans of Mu. But it could as easily be the reality as experienced by the atoms that compose a rock upon our lawn. Anything and everything has consciousness and everything exists at once.

Now secondly, each collective, each Gestalt of Consciousness if you prefer, has a vision of the future – an idealized dream or vision of where they would like to be in a future manifestation of their present culture. This future vision or vision of the future is fed by the best case scenarios entertained within the mental environments of all participants in the collective.

Our Mu Civilization was just such an idealized society created on the mental plane of existence by the members of a civilization that existed in certainly a far less idealized manner, if I may say so.


Now let us assume for a moment that it is your fervent desire to connect with this ancient civilization. Perhaps it is a long-standing dream for you to make contact in some way. You have read stories in our history books and in our media about the civilization and the material resonates with you; perhaps it even evokes momentary bleed throughs that allow you to witness the activities within that civilization. If this is the case, we might also assume that you have lived one of several of your Simultaneous Existences within this period of history in this civilization.

You have an interest in the Mayan Civilization, then, because it is personal: you have experienced lives in that era and you wish to remember what you learned in that era. Perhaps you are responding to a call from the past life existence, therefore, to go back and relive some of your experiences. This is a common occurrence both forward and backward in perceived time. In this case, you could say that you are keeping an appointment, made perhaps in this lifetime of long ago, to meet up, and perhaps, in a sense, compare notes as to Lessons learned, or avoided, and so on.

Additionally, this civilization has effectively “seeded” our world culture with the elements necessary to experience the required sensory effects to get the message across to us, in a manner of speaking. This is The Shift that has been foreseen by our visionaries. Many books of material have been written on this civilization and the 2012 phenomenon. Our media had proclaimed the importance of 2012 to the world. The stage was set, therefore, within the world consciousness, for this reincarnational drama of humanity to unfold.

This Shift has been foretold in other practices, such as the Hopi way, and so on, such that the time is now right. The mass consciousness is tuned at this time for this particular presentation of the Ancient Wisdom to be remembered and endorsed by millions of awakening humans.

Now you may receive information on this culture and The Shift for yourself in the Trance State. This is a way to avoid the fear and sensationalism that follow these concepts in our modern media.

EXPERIMENT – Exploring the Mayan Civilization and The Shift of 2012

Hypothesis: You may experience in the Trance State what the Shift holds for you personally.


It is best to let go of any preconceived notions of the Mayan Civilization and what The Shift may mean for you. Material that may have come from harrowing accounts of catastrophes that are “destined” to occur, should be intentionally blocked from your consciousness. One way to do this is to allow the negative images to float to the t”top” of your consciousness where they can be sifted out, or in some other way, visualized away from your ritual proceedings,

As you may know, we maintain in our new books that The Shift will bring a realization to the individual human of ALL of their Simultaneous Existences. Consciousness is becoming known to itself with The Shift. As that occurs, the individual explorer will begin to experience their other lives with a growing frequency. This exercise, therefore, may be one in which you may explore your personal stake in The Shift. You will be using your Intent here, to direct your consciousness to that divine perspective in which you may see, hear, touch, and so on, the activities within your other exietences.

There is a high probability that at least one of your lives was lived within this Mayan Civilization. However, be prepared to experience bleed-throughs into multiple existences that you are living in, while you, at the same time, live within your current existence, in this current timeframe.

The process for returning to normal wakefulness is the same as in all of your experimentations. Direct your consciousness to gently let go of your sensory experiencing within the Trance State. Direct you consciousness to come fully up to surface awareness. Document your Findings.



The bleed-throughs may be anticipated through a form of meditation or Trance. Simply, the researcher “takes hold” of their current Moment Point, creating a Point of Power as I have described it elsewhere. In this moment, the Inner Senses are activated to draw-in data of a visual, auditory, tactile nature, you see, to the Personal Reality Field. This anticipation, as we call it, sets the stage for a bleed-through event to occur.

Incidentally, this is the exact mental state of the archaeological researcher who makes tremendous discoveries intuitively. They are so engrossed in their studies that they are quite naturally activating the bleed-through “mechanism” and do indeed obtain the valuable insights into the culture being studied.