Prophecies are based on the most probable outcomes if you were to follow on your current trajectory. Thus, if we are currently in a positive frame of mind, the probabilities for a positive future are greatly diminished.

Create your positive future NOW with your positive life-affirming beliefs and ideas.


Let us review the basics for purposes of creating The Healing Regimen. As we well know, you are a Soul within a physical body and with All That Is we co-create our existence in Third-Dimensional reality. In this endeavor we cooperate with each and every Consciousness Unit in our perceptive field. The “blueprints” for our creative works are the beliefs, thoughts and images that predominate in our mental environment. These blueprints exist as arrays of Coordinate Points within the pre-manifestation domains. These arrays merge to create Gestalts of Consciousness – complex affiliations of mental constructs – that are, in essence, the nonphysical representations of EVERYTHING.

Thus, ideas and images relative to a concept identified as “the common cold,” for example, assemble into Gestalts of Consciousness, representing the accumulated “wisdom,” you might say, from all human experience of the common cold. All of the “requirements” for achieving the common cold are represent. The symptoms are there within these incipient Reality Constructs. In a sense, we could say that the operating system for the cold virus is “resident” within the mental constructs. The symptoms exist in potentiality. They await the invocation of the disease state into the mental environment of the human.

Now, the “disease process,” as we call it, exists first as a mental vulnerability. This is not the accepted view, I certainly realize. However, bear with me for just a moment, the mental precedes the physical in all matters of disease process. But if course, there must be the physical “cause” of the illness. The mental and thus the emotional vulnerability creates a physical vulnerability through suggestion. “I am near those who have colds, I will get a cold,” “I am old and vulnerable to disease, I will get a cold.”

The continual presentation to the inner mental environment that we are vulnerable – either through our own internal ruminations or through the transmissions from other Energy Bodies – Creates the physical vulnerability, such as a weakened immune system, so that exposure to particular strain of virus would them “lead” to the creation of the disease state in the body and the “inevitable” progression of the illness through to its conclusion.

Perhaps I should elaborate on my statement that the suggestions “create” physical vulnerabilities within the body. These suggestions or thoughts or potent images, form whatever source, are the same as any other thoughts or images generated by consciousness, in that they seek manifestation within the physical and other dimensions.

In the case of disease process, we find that the creation of imbalance occurs on a cellular level. So that if we might envision a cell within the body as it exists within the organ or blood or perhaps muscle tissue as being subject to the messages and the many systems that feed “information” to the cells to govern theory activity, such as the immune, digestive and other systems – do you see how the mental suggestions might serve to short-circuit some of these information streams?

A simple example here for illustration, would be the difficulties that may come from a sensitive person observing distasteful images while they eat. They may incur a bad case of indigestion from these mental suggestion that ALL illness and their symptoms, are caused by these Gestalts of Consciousness, in this case by an Energy Body we might call indigestion.

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