Moment Point

We can share our ancestor’s Point of Power experiences as one is working with the written material, organizing it on a computer and so on. this is a literal fact. Astounding as it may be to some blog readers, this type of things goes on continuously in our own private lives.

We “leave the body,” to coin a phrase, and travel inter-dimensionally to participate in these activities. Often we can do so while carrying on a conversation with one of our fellow humans and appear quite normal. Our eyes may glaze over a bit; an indication that we are traveling and experiencing other time-frames.

Now, our scientists may characterize this as pathological, dissociation, fantasy, escape; completely missing the importance of what is occurring.

I don’t want to go off on one of my critiques here, but let me say this: until our scientists can learn to turn their empirical noses inwardly, they will not be able to sniff out one iota of truth regarding human consciousness, or the human condition or the human Soul.

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