We move into new areas of the self all of the time

The species is now entering such a phase, a period in which it will come more into its own. Mankind will be entering its own new house, then–but the physical changes will be the results of interior ones and alterations in main lines of probabilities.

Christian theology sees the end of the world in certain terms with a grand God coming to reward the good and to punish the wicked. That system of belief allows for no other probability. Some see the end of the world coming as a greater disaster, or envision man finally ruining the planet. Others see periods of peace and advance–and each probability will happen “somewhere.” However, many, or their offspring will be involved in a new dimension of self-hood in which consciousness is fully explored and the potentials of the soul uncovered, at least to some extent.


Human capabilities will be seen as what they are, and a great new period of development will occur, in which all concepts of self-hood and reality will be literally seen as “primitive superstition.” The species will actually move into a new kind of self-hood.

Theories of probabilities will be seen as practical, workable, psychological facts, giving leeway and freedom to the individual, who will no longer feel at the mercy of external events–but will realize instead that he or she is their initiator.


Now, we squeeze the great fruit of our self-hood into a tiny uneasy pulp, unaware of the sweetness of its juices or the variety of its seasons. We look at the outsides of ourselves, as if a peach were aware only of its skin. In the reality I foresee, people will become familiar with far greater aspects of themselves, and bring these into actualization. They will be in touch with their own decisions as they make them.

If they become ill, they will do so knowing they choose the condition in order to emphasize certain areas of development, or to minimize mothers. They will be aware of their options, consciously. The great strength and resiliency of the body will be much better understood; not because medical science makes spectacular discoveries–though it will–but because the mind’s alliance with the body will be seen more clearly.


In this probability of which I speak, the species will begin to encounter the great challenge inherent in fulfilling the vast untouched potential of the human body and mind. In that probable reality, to which each of us belong to some extent, each persona will recognize his or her inherent power of action and decision, and feel an individual sense of belonging with the physical world that springs up in response to individual desire and belief.


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