Our Reality Feedback

You see, our Personal Reality Field is literally feedback of our ongoing mental activities. We can always look at our created reality to see how we are doing. This of course assumes that you are aware of your Lessons and are not denying the spiritual, or need I say, “metaphysical” underpinnings of your so-called “physical ” life.

If you feel you haven’t enough information as to what your Lessons are, the next time you are in communication with our Energy Personality, simply ask for guidance as to what your Lessons might be in this incarnation and wait for the reply. You will get a direct reply telepathically if it is appropriate information for you to have at the time, or you may be presented with a “graphic example” by way of a reincarnational drama or comedy in your physical world.

These events present your Lessons in stark relief against the background of your mundane, robotic existence. You will recognize these as “teaching moments” or ” moments of awakening” by their surprising appropriateness and synchronous attributes. Again, as I have stated previously, you will know it when you see it for YOU HAVE CREATED IT, for purposes of Your own learning and Soul Evolution.

For example: You may have noticed a teaching moment in your own life that was not tragic in the least but amusing and profound. Perhaps you have had the experience of being the center of the cosmic joke, when everything around you was turned against you in humorous and symbolic ways. Certainly all of us have had these experiences, yet they are too easy to dismiss as coincidence.

These are your reincarnational comedies – teachings moments of the absurd and ironic. Now within these teaching moments, you also have the opportunity for creating loving understanding out of negative emotions – embarrassment and shame, anger and fear – just as you have the opportunity for transformation within the reincarnational dramas of our life.

Simply note that these episodes of dramatic and comedic teaching moments represent opportunities for IMMEDIATE TRANSFORMATION, IMMEDIATE SOUL GROWTH. I advise you Blog Reader to take advantage of these experiences, therefore, when they arise.

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