Bleed-throughs can be glimpses of probable roads not taken and so not actualized. For the most part, as I said, in these bleed-through experiences we are connecting with aspects of our Simultaneous Lives.

In the Unity of Consciousness Dimension we will be aware of all of our existences past, present and future and we will be able to remember them and hold those memories. Now, currently our consciousness – and by this I mean the consciousness of Western mankind/womankind – is just beginning to learn how to navigate these regions.

Part of this learning experience is discovering how to “hold” these perceptive bleed-throughs in our consciousness without resorting to fear, denial, etc. These experiences will be momentary, therefore, until the Inner Senses are adequately developed, and skills at creating love and confidence out of fear and anger are mastered.

We are not given more than we can deal with in any particular instance here. It is an individual learning curve with each of us as we learn to acknowledge our Energy Personalities and begin to expand our perceptions with the help of these Guides.

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