Law Of Noninterfernce

Not being at the liberty to change or alter the destiny of mankind/womankind. I am allowed to give information that will prompt the minds of man and woman to think and respond, however it is not my purpose to guide you by the hand step-by-step and tell you what to do in any situation. The purpose of incarnating to our planet is for the soul to grow and experience within its own nature without any interference from outside sources. Otherwise why bother to experience Earth life?

The Light Beings have been interfering somewhat lately because of the disarray of the planet. The impending shift into the fourth dimension is upon us. We as a species were not ready and that is why “They” communicate with us. I am one student of many who have spoken to humans thru blogs about what needs to be done to survive the shift.

The time has come once again to alert us to our reality because time as we know it is coming to a close in this chapter of our evolution. The transition into the peaceful fourth dimension requires a certain level of evolution to happen successfully.

It is happening whether we are ready or not. It is my purpose and that of others to get us ready quickly for we have lingered far too long in the realms of darkness.

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