Contacting the Energy Personality II

HYPOTHESIS: Our spirit guide is awaiting contact.

I hope you blog reader will become proficient as you go along, practicing in sequence as much as you can.

I would like you the blog reader, just for a few moments, to relax and to close your eyes. This is easy to do. Quiet your mind. Think of a relaxing scene. Now Imagine that you have contact with that part of you that is all-knowing – for indeed you do. Ask for its name and you will receive it. It may take a few moments to achieve contact. It may take a few more minutes for the name of your Guide to come to you. Be patient.

The important thing is to have the expectation that we will achieve contact. And working from the loving aspect of consciousness always, this will keep you moving in the right direction. When you receive the name of your Energy Personality, you may sense that you are rekindling a past relationship, possibly dating back to you childhood or even beyond that into what you may term “past lives.”

This remembrance, along with the loving aspect, is a firm indication that we are indeed engaging your Spirit Guide. The excitement that comes with contact may throw you out of trance. Simply try it again after performing the Ritual of Sanctuary. This experiment can be done on a daily basis to strengthen the connection to your Energy Personality.

FINDINGS – Immediately document your findings.

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