Gentle Persistence

I would like to emphasize that in these matters of Soul exploration, you can be quite successful with a gentle, yet persistent effort. Your initial experiments in accessing your Inner Senses are an exercise in subtlety. Approach these activities with any eye on gradual results over time. The clouds, in most instances, do not part and reveal the Etheric Visions to us, after only a few attempts in your experience in the field.

I realize that this subtle route to discovery may be difficult for those of us who have expectation of immediate results. Some of us may be of mind that, like everything else in our Western world of mass-consumption, if it is not forthcoming immediately, on our schedule, because we have so much “to do,” that it might not be worth attempting.

To these blog readers I say, take the time necessary to accomplish your goals in this Soul Work. One of our sayings extols the virtues of waiting with patience for the truly beneficial aspects of our life to materialize.

And honestly, the days of instantaneous manifestation are still in our perceived future. These experiments will give us an advantage for the time when we will be experienced enough to use our Inner Senses appropriately for the instantaneous manifestation of Reality Constructs.

Now once again I would remind that all of these experiments are designed to lead to the uncovering and practical use of our Inner Senses. And these Inner Senses are what we may broadly term “Intuition.”

In past blog writings I have lectured on how the intuition can be divided into separate senses and I did indeed name them. I sense that it may have been a mistake to do so, for it is now I waiting for my blog readers to make practical use of the Inner Senses and allow each blog reader to do whatever delineation they may, as they discover the attributes of these senses for themselves – again, learning by doing, and perhaps creating their own names for their experiences.

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