I do not wish to repeat myself too greatly in this New Blog Material, but allow me to once again state the ultimate premise of our Third-Dimensional existence. Our world is composed of Light. Each and every Reality Construct is the “visible” manifestation of Gestalts of Consciousness of various types.

The leaf on the tree before you is the “outward” creation of the “inner” thought-form or Energy Gestalt of LEAF. The Beings of Light, therefore, exist at all levels of physical Reality Creation. And again, each and every Gestalt of Consciousness, including the Beings of Light, may be contacted through the Rituals of Contact and Communication we are presenting in these new Blog works. In this way, the researcher may communicate with the leaf in question through an attunement of the vibratory frequency of the researcher’s mental environment to the frequency of the subject i.e. LEAF.

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