Created Histories

Yes, it has certainly been a fantastic voyage from where and when humanity has “begun” until now, our current Moment Point in this time-frame. Let us focus on the history of humanity I hinted at in previous blogs. Of course, this history I am describing is merely one of literally millions of probable realities one can create by focusing on them. The consensus reality then – the reality that becomes the agreed upon mass-created reality and thus the history of consensus reality – is that most of humanity agrees to create.

Majority rules here in other words. As a collective of humans, we create in the dream state the essential frame-works for our Personal Realities that we will “cover” with our camouflage Reality Constructs upon awakening. Each of us develop from our personal reservoirs of memory and imagination, the evocative reincarnational environments and events that we experience upon awakening. It has always been thus. As I have said, beginnings and endings have relevance only in discussions of linear timelines. In truth, our lives are lived simultaneously, at once within the present moment. However, since time and space are useful theories to us.

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