It has been broadly suggested by some of you, in a very sensational manner, that God is dead. The phrase is quite actually a powerful suggestion. In a way, it represents the triumph of materialism and of science over the human consciousness. However, in truth quite literally, if you are alive, God is not dead. You are the creator of your world.

With All That Is you individually create your Personal Reality Field and collectively do you co-create your Consensus World Reality. So perhaps God with a capital G might also be described as the ensemble of humans, animals and elements on Earth at any one time. However, since the whole is to be found within the part in this holographic model of reality, even if you were the last person alive on Earth, God would STILL not be dead.

Our philosophical discussion begs the question, “If I am the creator of my world and All That Is is within each Conscious Unit or atom in physical reality, does this mean that I am also God or All That Is?” Here again, the issue is not merely one of semantics. Let me explain. Religious conditioning serves to disempower the religion practitioner. We are speaking in broad generalities here.

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