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To simply, to distill, to bring forward out of darkness these ancient truths, we present a theory of reincarnation that will be understood by the average modern. You needn’t have an encyclopedic grasp of the information we are providing here, to read, to enjoy, and to employ the messages. A willingness, a desire, a rekindled memory is all that is needed to begin and sustain you in these Blog Studies.

And as I said before on other Blogs, the new theory is presented in hopes that you may come together as differences at the expense of our similarities. In the new Blog material I am rectifying that by drawing attention to this Oneness of the human consciousness. We are all one great expression of the Divine – All That Is. Now let me provide supporting material for this statement….


Let me answer that for you outright: to quicken your awakening. Now the longer explanation would entail divulging my secrets that I use to inspire my students and to transmit knowledge directly to the consciousness. Let me say this, however. on a superficial level, as you are engaged in experiencing the amnesia of the human in physical reality, it may appear to you as though I am relating pleasant stories for your entertainment. Please understand, though, that these examples are for purposes of catalyzing the awakening of your ” sleeping” memories – your memories of previous lives, for example, within Third-Dimensional Reality and in other dimensions. So do not be surprised when you may experience, upon reading one of my innocent examples, a reliving of experiences from one of your own Simultaneous Lives.

That is the purpose of my new Blog messages to you, after all, and so we would expect this types of phenomenon to occur in the life of the attentive Blog Reader. When these flashes of insight occur, I suggest you take a moment to write, down the sensory information that you are receiving. This data will be of use to you as you complete the exercises in this Blog Series, and indeed, as you continue with your awakening.



Now we ARE living all our lives at once, here. We are now musing on the possibility of a better life for ourselves, dreaming. However, with a slight altering of perception we could, if properly motivated, Tune-In on our life in a probable reality in which we are experiencing a predominance of the common good, everyone “winning,” and so on.

We are an authority on our current existence. We know more about it than any other being. In just this way, we are also an authority on this other existence that is playing out in a probable “field” of experiencing of a Less-Than-Perfect reality to this probable reality, is the emotional state we describe as dreaming. We might also describe it as a pleasant longing. These are simple techniques here… dreaming, longing: you are essentially using your self-generated Positive emotional state as a homing device to Zero-In on the probable reality you desire. Your emotional tone will become quite positive when you do this properly.

When you indeed reached this Best-Case-Scenario life that you are living in a probable reality – remember, all probable realities are explored by your consciousness, in Perpetuity, you might say – imagine yourself luxuriating in the influences that create this positive reality. Soak up these Positive feelings.

The Positive manifestation ALWAYS exists for you as a probability. When you conduct this exercise, you divert your attention from your current moment of creating Less-Than-Satisfactory Reality Constructs, to the creation of positive, life-affirming, ecstasy-filled Reality Constructs. It only takes a moment to improve your reality in this way.


Let me continue with “MU“. The citizens of this extensive network of city-states were avia dreamers and visionaries. This psychic aspect of consciousness was stressed over the practical application of physical energy and planning of real life amenities in the AHMNA culture As we know, realities are created in just this way. Reality constructs are “considered” into manifestation, beginning in the dream state, and then fleshed out in detail in the waking state. It was of course the same with the people of Ahmna with a critical difference. These humans were so entirely adverse to the feeling of emotions such as pain, frustration, anger and the like, that they almost completely neglected the creation of the vision – the idealized culture – within physical reality and sought to, as a group now, simply focus on the Astral template of an idealized culture. This idealized culture exists as a holographic entity in time within our collective awareness.

Again, the real life physical reality of the Ahmna civilization was quite mundane and unremarkable. There was a strict caste system. There was no slavery, as we know it, but “human capital,” to coin one of our humorous terms, was certainly employed by the ruling class. They were quite mystic, most of them – philosopher kings and queens, you see.

Now the idealized vision of this almost feudal system, we can easily imagine. The members of the lower castes would dream of an egalitarian political and social system, perhaps something of a true democracy. So this was entered into the mix. The philosopher king/queen rulers, in their moments of positive reverie, contributed to the vision with dreams of themselves as benevolent masters, loved and cherished by their subjects.

As for physical descriptions of these people, I may tell that they were similar in facial features to the Eskimo. The faces were quite darker, however, with flat cheeks small noses, large almond-shaped eyes. The hair was thick and black for the most part. Both men and women enjoyed adorning the hair with clay ornaments, jeweled barrettes and leather ties of various colors. They were a strikingly beautiful people. We may see the vestiges in, as I said, the Eskimo and the far northern Native American tribes


Now in so far as the development over time of the Lemurian expression is concerned, we must go back to the formative years of our world civilizations. As, for example, the European civilization developed from distinct, small tribal collectives into larger groups of humans, what we calling the Ancient Wisdom we kept alive and transferred to succeeding generations through myths, legends, song, and other social media. Each separate tribe, then, had their own particular expression within the mythological world, for the precepts of the Ancient Wisdom.

It must be said, that in these days of long ago, the mythological realm and the activities of the gods and goddesses, Spirits, and what have you, were quite well-known to the average citizen. The spiritual world was just a gesture away for most people, and all members of the group were steeped in the traditions, rituals, and other paraphernalia of their respective religious traditions.

Now compare this with our modern experience. The Divine is quite far removed from our everyday life. Indeed, the spiritual is divorced from our mundane existence. We are only allowed to practice our spiritual traditions on Sundays, for the most part, while setting aside the majority of our waking hours for work. It is often only during the dreamstate in sleep that we are allowed our explorations of the spiritual realms.

Fortunately for us in this exploration, it is to the altered state of the dream that we will turn to explore this non-physical Mystery Civilization. For this exercise, you would best be prepared by having mastered the Trance State, as we have presented it to you in our Blog Series. For what you are doing in the deep Trance State, is in fact, bringing to you the sleeping-dreaming state of consciousness. This is the “foot in both worlds” phenomenon we speak of in the previous Blogs.

There is a peculiarity in the manifestation of this underworld for the individual. Often what you may find in your investigations is the appearance of the spiritual heritage of your lives. For example: if you are living a life within a mainstream religion currently, you may be presented with the symbols and other material of the religion’s history. If you are experiencing one of your other lives within another religion’s context, elements of the spiritual material may come to you through bleed-throughs.

The truth of manifestation in the physical world is apparent in the spiritual practices and imagery of the religious practices. The Ancient Wisdom, in other words, is there for you to observe and gain benefit from, if you can look beyond the additions and elaborations out upon it. Having said that, let us present our experiment:

EXPERIMENTLemuria is the underworld of the world civilizations

HYPOTHESIS: The repository of the mythological and religious practices of humanity may be accessed in the trance state.


Your are emulating your tribal ancestors here in this experiment. The seeker of visions travels to the underworld through contact rituals enacted time-and-time-again, With your Intent, you simply direct your consciousness to travel in what you might call the non-physical vehicle, down into the Earth. You may visualize openings in the Earth that lead you to your desired destination. Using your Intent, simply means that you keep a simple focus on your destination within your consciousness.

Now you are of good, positive, divine Intent here. We have called this perspective the Divine Will in our blogs. It is a state of consciousness that is developed over time. Your intentions are good, in that, you are exploring the underworld of world consciousness, with a reverence for the beings that inhabit that dimension. You will find your own way with practice.

When you sense that you have gained sufficient information from this experiment, direct your Intent to take you up to surface awareness. Please document your findings.



For the most part, these beings lived within other star systems, other dimensions of reality, before coming to the Earth plane to develop and grow. These other systems are Arcturian, the Sirius system, and the presently unknown undiscovered systems that will be identified by our astronomers in our lifetime.

Now can you imagine these separate, distinguishable repositories of spiritual essence – the Gestalts of Consciousness we are calling Light Bodies – as representing, not only the humans existing within the Asian continent, for example, but extremely well-defined “to the nth degree,” such that an emissary from the Divine was created from the collective human thought energy of members of individual small tribal units, as we have stated, and then, in a sense “summoned” to these individual territories around the globe?

If you are poetically inclined, you might say that a “call” was put out by humans everywhere around the world at that time two thousand years ago, to the specifically appropriate Light Body that held within it, again, the hopes, dreams, spiritual essence, of those particular people, to come to their aid.


Let me use this exercise in a different way here in our discussion of the Mystery Civilizations. Now: you look in front of you wherever you happen to be. Dorian (my wife), for example, is looking in front of her desk table on which she writes on her computer in the room looking out to the woods behind our house. Dorian sees a beautiful landscape before her: the Sheep Mountains, many fir trees and some walnut trees, the other homes in the area as well as a glimpse of the beautiful lake that lies a mile or so away. This is what Dorian sees, and you Dear Blog reader, naturally are seeing something else in front of you. Now for my point….

What you see in front of you is your view of All That Is, interpreted through your Lessons, your beliefs, your issues. So you seeing what it is possible for you to see here, according to your beliefs. If you are of a modern mindset or cosmology, I would guess that your perceptions, do not include non-physical beings emerging from the trees, or gigantic crystal transmitters sparkling in the distance. Briefly, what we are saying is this: your perception of your current existence is a focus ON your current existence, yet it could just as easily become a focus on your existence within, for example, the Mystery Civilization of Atlantis, in which we assert there does indeed exist gigantic, black crystal transmitters and receivers. Or let us say you change your focus a bit and pick up on your existence in an aboriginal culture in which you did indeed perceive the Spirits of trees and other objects. You could see the personalization of the spirit energies and you communicated with them.

Now let me be blunt. We have suggested that space and time are mere conveniences for us in Third-Dimensional Reality. They are useful for those of us creating lives within the linear time conceptualization. Yet ALL of our existences are “out there in front of us,” right where we are now. In other words, you need not travel to France to tune-in to a life you lived in Paris in the 17th Century. Because of the telepathic holographic nature of the Conscious Units that comprise your reality, everything exists at once, and so all of our lives, including those lived in the Mystery Civilizations, exist at once, all in the same “place” at the same “time.”

This is a difficult concept to embody, perhaps, and so I shall go further here. Our world, your personal Reality Field, is an illusion, Dear Blog Reader. We create it out of “whole cloth,” to coin a phrase, through the energies of our Soul Self. Yet the life we are living does seem solid and convincing, does it not? Your life seems to be more than a group of ideas. It is convincing, it is authentic, it is a realistic portrayal of your Issues in dramatic form in physical reality.

It is convincing enough to keep us focused in the current existence and not spinning off into some Simultaneous Life we are living elsewhere in another time. Yet the boundaries of space and time are loosening with these practices we are teaching. Slowly, I am sure, most of us are learning how to keep a foot in both worlds. Now for some experimentation…

Not each and every single one of you, the Blog Readers of this new Blog material, have experienced lives in the GA society. However, most of you have done just that. Before we have an experiment that we first offered in our Blog material on Soul Evolution in general attempt to contact the Mystery Civilizations, consider this: do you tend to be a lover or a hater; a mystic or a cynic; a student or soldier; a helper or a taker? Are you intuitive or do you fancy yourself an “empirical” scientific observer of the event before you? Do you see where I am taking this? If you do, let us now have pour experiment, with the specific purpose of tuning-in on probable lives lived in the Mystery Civilization we are calling GA.


HYPOTHESIS: Using your Intent in the moment-point allows you to tune-in on other time frames.

Here we are using the term “tuning-in” in specific way. This relates to our suggestion in the last Blog. that the researcher in experimentation with the non-physical reality, use the essential metaphors. Tuning-in refers to the Radio Dial metaphor that we offer as a simple, powerful visualized device that will allow you to ritually bring in the frequencies of the non-physical beings, for example, in a sense, tuning-in on their waveband. This technique works quite well also with the Simultaneous Lives. It is simply a personalized metaphor that you may use to give some context to these metaphorical pursuits. Of course, you may use your own techniques, if that serves the purpose here. Let us begin.

Then simply relax. We are assuming you have, as my student, created a Ritual of Sanctuary for yourself, so that you may safely and without anxiety or fear or any kind, explore non-physical reality.


If you have yet to create this Ritual, please envision golden, protective field around your physical body construct. Nothing harmful may enter this field. You are therefore protected, and you may even take this protective state with you in your outings in waking reality.

So relax and move your body in such a way as to elicit relaxation. You are in your state if Sanctuary. You may now surrender to the healing forces of your greater consciousness, your Soul Self. As you let go in this way, the good feelings build within you. You can feel the ecstasy below the surface that supports you in your Earthly existence. This quest is a very natural one for you. You have been doing these type of experiments for many lifetimes. You are the type of person that enjoys finding our about your unknown lives. And so you can easily use your Intent here to direct you.

Focusing on your goal, allow yourself to drift slowly and easily toward a recognition of the life you are living in GA. This is a matriarchy. The feminine principle, as you understand it, is accentuated within your personal consciousness. Tune-in that sense of affirmation for the feminine, perhaps visualizing a radio dial before you, and seeing the dial turn to making GA. As you turn the dial, images may come to mind. You may hear voices and feel a variety of emotions. Keep our Intent on traveling toward the good feelings generated in GA on your radio dial. The good feelings may now grow noticeably. This may signify that you have reached your goal. With your Intent, stop your voyage and rest within the good feelings.

If you have reached your destination: look down at your feet. What type of shoes are you wearing? Look around you. What do you see? Find a mirror or something else that will reflect your image and look at your reflection. Are you a male or female? What age are you? And what is your name? Do you remember the Sumari language?

You will have complete recall of all that you are experiencing. When you come up to surface awareness, you will easily be able to remember what you have experienced here.

You may certainly use this experiment when exploring any of the Mystery Civilization we have noted in this blog series. The techniques are the same. Simply focus with your Intent on the name of the Mystery Civilization and the feelings emanating from that Mystery Civilization. Each Mystery Civilization has a distinctive vibratory signature that you may tune-in to with your human consciousness. These energy signatures create their own distinctive emotional states. You will, of necessity, have to experiment with these states and follow your own Inner Guidance in these matters.

When you have finished your investigations for this experiment, gradually return to surface awareness. Document your Findings


Now the normal day would depend on the occupation of the inhabitant. Let us choose a female of moderate rank in the educational establishment. As we said, healthy, Loving relationships were the ideal to strive for in all realms of activity. In the average day, then this human would – taking her responsibilities quite seriously – prepare for the following day’s lessons with these goals in mind: whatever increases Loving Understanding among the students will be accentuated. Misunderstandings of any kind will be “healed” through interventions of various types, including telepathic assistance from teacher to student while in altered states. The uncommon trance, as we have described elsewhere in my new Blog material, was practiced by everyone in the society. Group cohesion was affirmed in this way.

Lessons – academic and social/ethical – were transmitted to students ongoing. During the dreamstate the teacher would present to the student’s dreaming consciousness, what you might call “coming attractions” describing future lessons Then, when the student attended the class in physical reality, they would again enter the uncommon trance and continue the Lesson. In this way knowledge was gained quite naturally in the waking, sleeping, and Trance states.

Please note that many of us are still involved in these types of instruction during altered states. However, for purposes of maintaining our focus in Third-Dimensional Reality, we must usually create amnesia around these experiences. As you may notice, the lines between sleeping, reverie, and waking were not as clearly defined for the GA residents, as for you, Dear Reader.


The Anizasi are noted for their wonderworking. They are the magic ancestors. In this case, the activities of these proto-scientists have been documented and are now part of the “historical” record. Yet I am not exaggerating when I tell you that EVERY group, every civilization from our perceived past, exists simultaneously with its magic ancestors manifesting at the same time. The magic ancestors exist in an adjacent dimension. This dimension is connected to the Third Dimension through portals of communication some of us call chakras. These doorways into other dimensions may be accessed by the interested explorer of non-physical reality through techniques perfected by magicians, shamans, witches and healers over the ages.

There is a reason we are interested in the Anizasi people. We are connected to these people and we are attempting to “find our way back home.” Home for us then would be a star system that is as yet unidentified by our scientists. This planetary system is quite similar to the solar system in which our Earth resides. An assortment of planetary bodies revolves around a nurturing star. Life of many forms exists upon these planets. I have referred to these other systems as simply “dimensions” to assist the reader in finding the necessary wherewithal to “visit” these domains in their meditations. I have defined extraterrestrial as extra-dimensional, for this is a truer assessment. We will not need a spaceship to visit these other systems, only our creative consciousness.


The ego skims the topmost surface of reality and awareness. This is not the result of any inherent egotistical quality. It is true that the ego’s responsibility is with the relationship between the self and the physical environment. It must necessarily focus within the confines of physical reality. nevertheless, it is fully capable of perceiving far more than Western man/woman allows it to perceive. Fear, ignorance, and superstition limit its potentials and. therefore, limit even its effectiveness within the physical universe.

The ego itself cannot directly experience certain intuitions and psychological experiences, but it can experience them insofar as it can become aware of them on an intellectual basis. When training forces the ego to become too rigid and to limit its perceptions of other realities, then the intuitions will not be accepted by the ego because intuitional experience will not fit into the framework of reality that it accepts as valid.

The ego in that case will therefore fight against what it then considers an unknown threat to survival. Struggles are initiated then that are entirely unnecessary. We want to bring intuitional comprehension to a point where the ego will accept it. In our dream experiments, this is one of the purposes we hope to achieve. The ego is not equipped to delve directly into non physical realities, but if it is trained to be flexible, it will accept such knowledge from other wider horizons of the self.

And the ego must have its feet upon solid earth. It is maked and out of its element outside of the normal environment of physical existence. To some extent, its distrust of the dream experience is necessary for the overall balance of the personality. Physical reality is, after all, a rock to which the ego must cling: from it, the ego achieves its prestige and reason for existence. This provides necessary balance and control, and results in the sturdy anchorage of the personality in the environment in which is must presently survive. You have here one of the main reasons why you must request the subconscious to enable you to recall dreams. The ego would see no reason for such a memory and on general principles attempt to repress them.

Again, however, this excellent balance and these fine controls exist. the ego will accept knowledge derived from the dream state as a man/woman might accept a message from a distant land in which he/she does not care to dwell and whose environment would both mystify and astonish him/her.

In our dream experiments, then, we will allow you to bring such messages to the ego. We will attempt to map this exotic country in such a way that the ego can understand what is there in terms of resources that can be used for its own benefit.


Suggestions will allow you to awaken yourself as soon as a dream is completed. The dream will then be fresh. If your recorder is suitably situated with the microphone easily at hand, then you can speak your dream with less effort than is required to write it down. Of course records must be kept. The simplest part of this experiment will involve the use of suggestion to awaken yourself at the completion of each dream.

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The number of remembered dreams should be much higher than your present system allows. I also suggest that the first recalled dream for any given evening be compared with the first recalled dream from other evenings, and that the second recalled dream from any one evening be compared with the second dream from other evenings, and so forth.

This should prove highly interesting, and if such experiments are carried on consciously over a period of years, then the results could lead to excellent evidence for the various layers of the subconscious and inner self, of which I have spoken for so long.

Particular notice should also be taken of characters and settings and the approximate period of history in which the dream action occurs. If the dream seems to happen in no specific location and in no particular time, then these facts should also be noted.

Unknown characters within the dream action, persons unknown to you in daily life, should be given careful attention also, and the roles which they play within the dream drama. The primary colors should be checked against physical reality so that any clairvoyant elements are clearly checked and recorded.

There are many ways in which you can approach these newer dream experiments. You may, if you prefer, begin by suggesting that you will awaken after each of the first five dreams. If possible, we want to get the dreams in order here.

Now, there is something else to be considered. The very self-suggestions that will enable you to recall dreams will also change their nature to some extent. This is all right, and the effect will be minimized when the newness has worn off. Again, we want the dreams in the sequence in which they occur. If you do not want to wake up after each dream on the evening, then the suggestion should always include ‘I will recall the first three dreams, of the first five dreams, or whatever.’

You may try two different wordings for a start, and now I am speaking of precise wording. The first: ‘I will wake up after each of my first five dreams and record each one immediately.” The second alternative wording would be the same as the one I have just given, but the ‘Wake up’ would be omitted. That is, it is possible for you to record the dreams, speaking into the microphone without awakening.

This is not only possible but by far the most convenient. You should try both methods and discover which one works the best for you. If at all possible, the recorder should be in the bedroom ( not in another part of the house.) It is the immediate dream recall we are after. We want you to record the dream at the instant of awakening or at the instant that the dream is about to dissolve.

The time involved in going from one room to another could result in the loss of dream content and vividness. The very moto responses demanded on the part of the body and the extra arousal tendency would force you to lose a good deal of valid material. I would prefer that you work less, if necessary, using the recorder in the bedroom, than work more intensely leaving the recorder in another room.

It is the dream we are after, the dream experience in all the vividness that we can capture, and if you are going to get a watered-down version in any case, then you may as well continue with your present method (of writing them down in the morning) and save your sleep.

With the method I have just given you, you will be able to capture as much of the whole dream experience as any investigators manage to do (in dream-labs) when the awakening is done by a mechanical device or by another person. You will also be gaining excellent discipline and training over your own states of consciousness and this, in itself, will be an important yardstick of progress for you.

Now, mankind/womankind uses but a portion of its capabilities. When you are well along in these experiments, you will find that you handle them very well, with no training of energies. Your sleeping hours are already productive. We shall also use them to give you training in the utilization of various stages of consciousness. Added to this, the training will give you valuable insight into the nature of dreams in general, the stages of the subconscious and the inner life of the personality when it it dissociated from its physical environment to some considerable extent.

Much later, there will be other suggestions for you in which you will direct your sleeping self to perform certain activities, visit certain locations and bring back information. This is obviously still very much in the future, but it is well within the abilities of the inner self.

There are serveral kinds of time that will appear within your dream, and you must sort these out carefully. While sleeping in your present time, you may have a dream that concerns your past, with events that you know to have occurred years ago. nevertheless, you may experience these events (within the dream) as happening within the present.

The present within which you seem to experience the dream is not, however, the present in physical time – the present in which your body lies upon the bed. There is a fine distinction here and one that you will learn through experience as you go on, so I will not discuss it now.

I should be obvious also that within your dreams a special location that belongs to the present physical time can be experienced in the past or in the future within the dream framework, and again, there is much more here also than meets the eye; so watch out so that you can catch these developments.

I am particularly interested in these experiments, and as a preliminary for them, we will have you work with suggestion alone before you attempt to begin with your recordings. We shall have you working well in your sleep, for the dream will not be captured in a laboratory – by scientists who will not look into their own dreams.

The nature of reality can be approached only by an investigation of it as it is directly experienced in all levels of awareness: reality as it appears under dream conditions, under other conditions of dissociation and as it appears in the waking state. Even studies dealing with the conscious state are usually superficial, dealing only with ‘upper’ levels of egotistical awareness.

All layers of the personality are ‘conscious.’ They simply operate like compartments, so that often one portion of the self is not aware of other portions. As a rule, when you are awake you do not know your sleeping self; you know your neighbor far better, so your sleeping self seems mysterious indeed. When you are awake, you cannot find the dream locations that have been so familiar to you only the night before.

In your sleep, you may have greeted friends who are strangers to your waking self. But consider the other side of the coin. For whne you are asleep, you usually cannot find the street upon which you live your waking hours, and when you are asleep, you do not know your waking self. The sleeping self is your identity.

There are connections between these two conditions, and there are definite realities that exist in both states, and these are what you are looking for. Only by finding these can you discover the nature of human personality and the nature of reality within which it operates.

We have also spoken of the dream as a drama, and you must discover the various levels within which these dramas take place. You will also find that the various levels of the ‘subconscious’ will yield their own characteristics, and as your records grow, this will become apparent. It is necessary, then, that dreams are recorded in consecutive order whenever possible.