Hypothesis: In trance we may identify the communication streams within our mental environment.

Now we shall investigate the many information streams that “flow” and “time” are used to hopefully facilitate our connecting to the data streams and to identifying and understanding the content. We are familiar with a flowing river. The river flows regardless of our noticing it, observing it, studying it. In a similar fashion, the many information streams that flow through our mental environment, do so regardless of our attention to them, our noticing them. However, though we may be unaware of these streams of divine information, and of course others that are most certainly not divine, we are indeed quite affected by the ideas and images carried within these many streams of communication. Here I believe It would be a good idea for the student to become more aware of the content of these information streams.

Relax and enter your Trance State, as usual. Now to begin, let us list the many providers of information that exist within the mind or psyche of the “typical” human engaged in co-creating an existence on our world.

First and foremost would be the divine source – All That Is. This data stream is quite easily recognized by the seeker of wisdom. The ecstasy felt during the encounter with the Divine, is the energy signature that marks this source.

Next on the list would be the “voices” of Soul Family members past, present and future.

Of course the negative gods and goddesses exist there also, as well as the Energy Bodies of divine beings of various types crested through the collective efforts of humanity over the ages.
Your own understanding of God with a capital G exists here as an energy form.

If you have pursued contact with the Elemental Beings, they exist within our mentality also, to the degree that we have co-created them through study, worship, observation, and so on.

Our Simultaneous Lives are there in their totality, providing information and both support and negative influence, according to what you are on our Earth to learn at this time.

Let us not forget our own ego/intellect that oversees this phenomenon and indeed censors and directs the activities therein.

Now there are certainly more examples of Light Bodies and other Energy forms that exist within our consciousness. Note these as you discover their activity in our experimentation. When we feel as though we have have received enough information from this experiment, return to full sensory awareness.

Findings – Document your findings in identifying the stream of information within your mental environment.

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