Hypothesis: You can superimpose positive realities over negative realities.


Please think of a time from your past when you felt that you were living life to its fullest and you were amazed at yourself for your accomplishments. Now the primary objective here is to recreate the feelings of self worth and confidence you felt during this experience or time in your life. The second-phase in this experiment is to amplify these positive feelings. Imagine for yourself a dial or a switch that enables you to strengthen these positive feelings just by turning the dial or flipping the switch.

Now dial or flip the switch and experience the strengthening of positive feelings of accomplishment and self-worth. You will experience differing levels of emotion depending on your life experiences  and personally aspects. However, all of you will in all probability experience an increase in positive feelings. Try adjusting the dial and working with the features of your switch to further increase positive feeling and emotions.

Do this experiment for a few minutes per day with the objective that you will be able to gradually increase your control over your emotional states. Once you have gained some experience in controlling you emotional states, you may experiment in superimposing your positive reality directly over the negative reality you are experiencing. When you are successful, you will notice a dramatic shift to the positive within your Personal Reality Field.

Now these experiments are vital for you as way to learn emotional control. In the Fourth Dimension, emotional control will enable you to keep your focus in the mental aspects of consciousness. You will not be dragged back into the emotional reactivity of the Third Dimension.
FINDINGS – Document your findings.

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