Special Impluses

In my previous blog, I provided an illustration for you on how to send out energy – positive, loving energy – to Simultaneous Lives. In the experiment you will be “completing a circuit” by discerning with your awareness, when entering your consciousness. This is not hard to do. As I have just mentioned, in each vying for your attention. These impulses, however, the special impulses I am now discussing, are easily recognizable for what they are, by virtue of their obvious loving utility.

When one of these impulses is recognized, you have an immediate sense of rightness, as though you wonder why it took so long for the idea to come around. These ideas are also based in a truly loving aspect of consciousness that is undeniable. In essence, this loving energy is the energy of All That Is transmitted through your various Simultaneous Lives, and then captured by you as your consciousness participates in the Gestalt of Awareness that Is you and your many lives past, present and future.

These impulses may be accompanied by synchronous events and a sense of wonder and divine bemusement. Everything comes together in your life drama for the benefit of your learning experience. These synchronicities and thus the life lessons may be brought into your awareness intentionally.

So you blog reader, when engaged in this dialogue with your Simultaneous Lives, are receiving the benefits of learning experience from the personalities who are LIVING these many lives. In fact, just as I communicate to educate and inform humanity on the very, very serious issue of the survival of the species – and for the matter the planet Earth – these communiques from your Simultaneous Lives in the form of impulses serve to educate and inform the blog reader, of a personal level with regards to appropriate action you can take to improve your life.

I would like to restate my point regarding these types of messages and all messages from you Higher Self: these messages are benign  and loving in their intent and that is how you can tell they are from your Higher Self. And as always, free will is operative; you can choose to act on or ignore these impulses.

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