Soul Age

Soul Age is not considered a hierarchy when we are talking about the age of a soul. Old souls simply have incarnated many time. When we consider an old soul, we are thinking that soul should be wiser and more experienced, however this is not always the case. An old soul can also be a soul who has failed to learn their lessons and continuously comes back for another go at it. Therefore, there is no real logic to using the term old soul with the idea of attributing more wisdom to it.

New souls are exactly that. These souls usually are first-time incarnations into the physical body of Earth. They’re somewhat like babies. We can recognize them usually by their childish and somewhat unsure behaviors. They move around like children playing in a fairyland. Life to them is not very serious and they don’t see it as a serious thing, it is more of a fun and games. This sometimes can get them into a world of trouble for they are unprepared to use the skills that others have acquired to maneuver through the physical plane


A lot of new souls, because they have not incarnated before and their needs have always been taken care of in their home dimension, come to our world and cannot understand why their needs are not automatically taken care of. They have a hard time with the negativity on our planet, for they remember far better than most, the way it is in the soul’s home dimension where love for one another is automatic.

Let’s just put it this way, after many more incarnations they will start to get the picture of what a third-dimensional reality with the influences of the forces of dark is all about. They will then have to make the decision as to how fast they wish to evolve because evolution on the planet Earth is much harder than other planets due to the negativity.

However, some of these entities will only come to the Earth plane one time and then choose to move on to somewhere else where it is easier for them. Eventually though all will have to experience the negativity associated with the third-dimensional planes whether on Earth or elsewhere if they wish to further their evolution.

It is entirely up to us as to how fast or slow we wish to progress and truly it makes no difference how long we wish to take. There is a certain level of stimulation within our soul groups that prompts us to move forward. Because we are living in a dimension that provides for all our needs when we are not incarnated, it is easy for us to forget how tough Earth can be.

Many of us will bite off more than we can chew even though we have been advised not to do so. Most of us have incarnated many times, so therefore we are living many lives simultaneously, learning from each one of them as we go.

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