Your Simultaneous Lives

Simultaneous Lives are engage in this continuous exchange of impulses and energy I am describing. As you can see, you are at the heart of this reciprocal activity. You occupy the center in your Gestalt of Consciousness: the energy network that comprises the receiving and sending of impulse energies between your current self and all of your other selves past, present and future.

This very basic activity of consciousness rests within a framework that is totally dependent on the loving and creative energies of All That Is. And the culmination of all of these energies within your individual consciousness at any one moment, can be described as “the activity of the conscious mind.”

Should you wish to consider these ideas while using the illustration as a meditation focus piece, you may perceive for yourself more intimate meanings than any of my explanations can provide.

Special Impluses

In my previous blog, I provided an illustration for you on how to send out energy – positive, loving energy – to Simultaneous Lives. In the experiment you will be “completing a circuit” by discerning with your awareness, when entering your consciousness. This is not hard to do. As I have just mentioned, in each vying for your attention. These impulses, however, the special impulses I am now discussing, are easily recognizable for what they are, by virtue of their obvious loving utility.

When one of these impulses is recognized, you have an immediate sense of rightness, as though you wonder why it took so long for the idea to come around. These ideas are also based in a truly loving aspect of consciousness that is undeniable. In essence, this loving energy is the energy of All That Is transmitted through your various Simultaneous Lives, and then captured by you as your consciousness participates in the Gestalt of Awareness that is you and your many lives past, present and future.

These impulses may be accompanied by synchronous events and a sense of wonder and divine bemusement. Everything comes together in your life drama for the benefit of your learning experience. These synchronicities and thus the life lessons may be brought into your awareness intentionally.

So you Blog Reader, when engaged in this dialogue with your Simultaneous Lives, are receiving the benefits of learning experience from the personalities who are LIVING these many lives. In fact, just as I communicate to educate and inform humanity on the very, very serious issue of the survival of the species – and for the matter the planet Earth – these communiques from your Simultaneous Lives in the form of impulses serve to educate and inform the Blog Reader, of a personal level with regards to appropriate action you can take to improve your life.

I would like to restate my point regarding these types of messages and all messages from you Higher Self: these messages are benign  and loving in their intent and that is how you can tell they are from your Higher Self. And as always, free will is operative; you can choose to act on or ignore these impulses.


Generally, it is quite easy for those of us in this land and  some of the other industrialized nations, to think of ourselves as individuals. The pioneer influence is felt by many of us in our cultures and so we fancy ourselves as independent explorers of our personal domains.

And so it follows that we feel as though our mental life is our own, and then even though privacy in the personal and business fields of endeavor is rapidly being lost, at least our thoughts are our own, if what we define as “thoughts” are “the greater elements of human mentality.”

Yet our thoughts are not truly our own, in this pioneer sense. In the great Gestalt of Consciousness I have been describing to us, the thoughts of our Simultaneous Lives past, present and future are being received by us, as well as the thoughts and suggestions of Beings of Light, the negative transmissions of Nefarious Entities and the telepathic thoughts of our fellow humans.

Our thoughts are alive. Each of our thoughts, including the thought-forms transmitted into our consciousness by Energy Bodies and our fellow humans, has a propensity for creating itself in physical reality. And because our human thoughts have distinct properties – such as a “desire” to associate with other similar thoughts, and an energetic ability to transcend space and time – our thoughts can be considered to be the most powerful Energy Constructs in our system of reality.

However, unfortunately for most of us, we begin our lives on Earth by surrendering our powers of thought-creation and manifestation to individuals and institutions. And so we are taught to create with our powerful thoughts, the Reality Constructs of the institutions – family, church, business, country – in which we participate.

Many of us abandon our loving, altruistic visions in childhood, therefore, and it may be that you the Blog Reader are only now remembering the idealism of our early manifestation activities. These activities may have included collaborations with imaginary playmates.

Now I shall discuss this further, this topic of childhood Spirit Guides, in future Blogs. For now simply note that there are a host of potential relationships with “Imaginable” beings available to us within the sphere of our personal consciousness.


Impulses are indeed inspirational and creative as we recognize them and use them in the creation of our world. But as we have discussed, many in our world regard these impulses as “voices of the devil,” or at the least, untidy remnants of pathology to be surprised and ignored. To be sure, within this vast chorus of telepathic transmissions, the Negative Entities also vie for attention.

But it is a simple matter to protect oneself with our own positive affirmative thoughts when exploring these areas of consciousness. Surrounding oneself with “white light” is a very effective precaution to take before our explorations or meditations. In this way, we focus our attention on the positive and look, we find the positive creative impulses coming into view. This is all simple Metaphysics. We get what we focus one. We create our reality

Accepted and Rejected Fields of Reality

A critical and necessary aspect of Reality Creation is what we will call the concept of Accepted and Rejected Fields of Reality. Simply put, our beliefs determine what we accept or reject as part of our Personal Reality Field. Another way to express this idea is that each of us, as the thematic structures of our belief system. Moment-to- moment, we accept from innumerable probabilities, those that complement our ongoing Personal Reality Field. We act upon these probabilities and so bring them from the potential and probable into the realm of the possible and actual. Our Personal Reality develops staying power and permanence in this way.

This concept of Accepted and Rejected Fields can be used to explain how our belief system changes as we learn our lessons in Third-Dimensional reality. For example: let us examine a person who may be new to matters spiritual. They are a male or female who has lived a very material life. Their main activities are shopping and watching television. They have not reproduced or built a network of family or friends.

This may describe many millions of the inhabitants of our Western world. We could say that their Accepted Field of Reality, the Personal Reality they have known and can come to expect in the future, is one of robotic existence. The inner life is not examined here to any degree. This is simply the way it is for them.

But let us suppose that the Higher Self of one of these people creates an opportunity for going within, to perhaps briefly meet the Soul Self. Divine information is streamed into the consciousness of this person. Let us say this has the effect of motivating them to take a walk in the forest rather spending the day watching television. As this person walks in the forest, they participate in the exchange of energies with the vibrant, life-affirming aspects of the forest environment. This may have the effect of revitalizing and spiritualizing this person, to the degree that they would want to make this activity a regular part of their existence.

Do you see how the chosen activity of walking in the forest, merely one of an infinite number of probable activities, acts to bring new life to this person? Perhaps this is part of their lessons they have come to Earth to learn. Perhaps they are to seek out empowering activities in nature that will expand their consciousness and serve to spin them off onto a different, more life-affirming trajectory than their current life path.

Now, this is of course greatly simple, this example, for the accepting or rejecting of individual probable actions, ideas and images is infinitely more complex. To bring in the computer analogy here for a moment: the process would be similar to the function of the world’s most powerful computer. This theoretical computer would be able to make an infinite amount of choices from among an infinite array of probabilities each second. In our previous example, each choice would serve to complement and endorse and continually verify the belief system. And the activity of walking in the forest, done over time, is moving from a Rejected Field of Reality to an Accepted Field of Reality. It is being incorporated into the Personal Reality Field.

Our Inner World

Everyone has an “inner life,” whether they acknowledge it or not. All of us are involved in the great dramas and subliminal activities of the underworld of human consciousness. Memories of these experiences are carried out with us from sleep and we my marvel at the peculiar symbols of this material. Yet this non-physical universe is ALWAYS ON, despite our knowing or unknowing of its reality.

In our waking hours, as we go about our work-a-day world behaviors, this unknown reality of the spirit continues to unfold beyond our physical senses. Indeed, it is this etheric counterpart to our physical reality that lives life to our “normal” waking hours perceptions. The two work together, in other words – the waking and the sleeping times realities – to present to us for our edification, the life lessons we have incarnated to learn.

Now, to get a sense for this complementary non-physical reality, all we must do is present a line of inquiry to oneself, while in a relaxed and open state of mind. This non-physical reality is “waiting in the wings,” to enter into our particular life-drama that we are experiencing.

As I have hinted at in these new blogs, most of us who are reading this material are doing so for a purpose; that is, to catalyze the use of our Inner Senses. In this way, we will be receiving a preview of what is to be humanity’s next perceptual breakthrough – an exploration of the Unity of Consciousness Dimension.

So our inner world will be making itself known to the outer, in a way never before experienced by humankind. And we have the opportunity of learning about this new land beforehand, so that if we feel called upon to do so, we may assist in the awakening of others. Now let us speak of the creation of the new realities that will bridge inner to outer worlds.


I refer the blog reader to our blog series on Soul Evolution for a discussion on the value of the individual human consciousness in the collective conversation that we are calling the Telepathic Network. One person can truly make a difference here in this Consensus Reality.

It could well be our single Loving thought – expressed in the telepathic conversation – that could tip the scales to the positive manifestation. Imagine how powerful our Loving thoughts could be when joined by hundreds, thousands, millions of other Loving thoughts directed intentionally by LOVERS of our Mother Earth.

There is certainly power in numbers in these matters. And that is what it shall take… huge numbers of Lovers of the Earth using their powerful thoughts of creation on the subtle levels to creative positive realities.

So individual is important. The individual expression of Loving energy directed toward the creation of a positive reality – world peace for example – is what will save us from ourselves. All of our thoughts of Love are acknowledged, you see. Each Loving thought matters. They have a cumulative effect also, so that a momentum is built over time, such that the creation of the positive reality might well become inevitable.

Incidentally, in recent years we have used our Loving thoughts in concerted ways to make profound changes in our waking realities. Great disasters were averted. Calamities that would have claimed many hundreds of thousands of lives were “de-energized” and so were not manifested.

It is true that our world has seen recent Earth Changes that entailed great loss of life. What I am suggesting is that there was the potential for many more disasters to occur entailing many more casualties. As a consensus of reality creators, then, you and our fellow occupants of the planet agreed to manifest and then did manifest an altered reality. We saved ourselves, you see.

This phenomenon happens quite often, though we do not realize it for we are not yet awakened fully. We do not yet acknowledge our full creative powers. However, we soon shall

Connecting with the Mystery Civilizations

HYPOTHESIS: Current interests may illustrate lives in the Mystery Civilizations.

Using the methods from a previous experiment, consider which of the Mystery Civilizations you may have resided in. There have been others not mentioned in this blog that you will put on your list. Just get a sense of where your interests have been over the years of your current life. Are you an engineer type or a scientist? Are you a nurturer and yet also a leader?

With the knowledge of what type of personality you are currently, consider which of the Mystery Civilizations you may have lived within, that could serve to complement your personality and interests. In past blogs I have established for you several families of consciousness.

With this in mind – that you may be a participant in a family of consciousness and that you share traits with others in this family – yet without creating unnecessary dogma around it, as I may have done in the past – I would invite you to consider the Mystery Civilizations that most suit your temperament and personality and put them on your list.

As before, create your relaxed state and go through your list. Visualize the possibilities of life within these civilizations. For you it may be as though you are watching a motion picture, or perhaps a particular feeling tone will serve to direct you. The Sumari language is very distinctive, perhaps you will hear some dialogue from a possible existence in GA.

“You will know it when you see it or hear it.” Watch and listen. Continue this line or inquiry for as long as you wish, without of course, trying to find something that is not there. When you sense that the experiment is over for the time being, gradually come to full-waking consciousness.

FINDINGS – Document your findings.

The Inner Senses

First the word “inner” may be somewhat confusing, as there is no inner or outer in the true reality of our world, but we use the term to distinguish the Inner Senses from what we call our outer, physical senses. Perhaps “Non-Physical Senses” would be a better term.

The answer is, we are already, to a vastly greater degree than most, using our Non-Physical Senses – intuition if you prefer. When we ask a question and we “go and get”, we are using these senses. We are navigating our inner world when we do these activities and in the world we will find different environments, signs and symbols, than we will find in our exterior world.

Each person is different in how they use these Non-Physical senses and the results they get through these perceptive means are also unique to the individual. Now this is good, this creative use of perception, in that All That Is may experience the greatest articulation of emotion, memory, behavior and the like.

Perhaps I am taking the long way around this answer, but this is simply a prelude to a deeper investigation that we will embark upon as we create the new blog material.

Daily Forecasting & Projections of Consciousness

You can prove to yourself that you create your physical reality in the dream state.

Try this experiment upon awakening from sleep in the morning. I specifically say morning, because in the early morning hours one has one foot in the etheric and one foot in the physical. This is the perfect time to witness the manifestation phenomenon.

Before sleeping give yourself a suggestion to linger in the state in between sleeping and waking the following morning or when ever you will awaken. Then as you are just coming out of sleep and your suggestion is taking hold, and you are lingering and enjoying it, make a few predictions for yourself on what is going to transpire in your “future” day. Suggest to yourself that you will remember these predictions on fully awakening.

When you awaken, write down your forecast for your day. Naturally, the next step would be to go on with your day and notice positive correlations between the items on your forecast and the events in your day. Now, do this for a period of time, as a scientist would, and keep a dairy of your experiences.

Note here that the correlations denote more than precognitions. They may confirm for you, the waking Soul, that you are experiencing the reality you have just created in the dream state.

With your experiments in forecasting on a daily basis, you will be intimately exposed to the concept of probabilities like never before. The sharpening of the intuition, indeed, is done through an appreciation for the qualities and behavior of probabilities on a personal level in your own life. Probable paths chosen or ignored are the building blocks, so to speak, of your existence.

This is a critical point, I think, and so perhaps an example is needed for clarity. Suppose you are at a crossroads of sorts. You are faced with a decision that you must make that will have a great influence on the direction your life will take afterwards. For instance: suppose your job is being moved to another state or another country. Your decision to stay or leave for the distant job site will establish a completely different trajectory of life experiences for you and your family.

Now, with appreciation of probabilities and some knowledge of the concept of Moment Points and the other ideas we have been discussing in my previous blogs, you can make far better decisions in these matters.

After conducting your Ritual of Sanctuary, you could use a projection of consciousness down the two or three possible trajectories of probability. In a relaxed state, you could visualize the outcome, further down the road, of each probable decision.

First, imagine what would occur after a decision to accept the position offered in another state or country. What would the moment-to-moment, day-to-day aftereffects of that decision manifest for you? Fill in the details with emotion and color as best you can.

Now mentally return to your current timeframe and imagine the aftereffects to stay in your current location, and perhaps find a job with another firm, or perhaps even starting your own business right where you are now. When you sense that your experiment is complete, gently return to fully-awakened consciousness

Connecting with Your “Historical” Past

Current interests may illustrate lives in preceding eras.

I believe that we have set the stage adequately with our discussion of the origins of humanity as to where we have been in terms of our preceding many thousands of years. This brings so to our present. From this vantage point we can see how each of the readers of this blog has participated in these events: being spun off from All That Is and being born as babies and raised in some or all of the Mystery Civilizations of Earth. Now this leaves us still looking backwards from our present into the ages after these civilizations and leading up to our current incarnations within our modern timeframe.

A very simple way to conduct research into this intermediary phase is to consider, individually Dear Blog Reader, what eras in our Earth’s historical past we identify with or feel deeply attached to, as if we had spent sometimes or even a lifetime in these historical timeframes. This is a potent method of consciousness expansion.

Before we enact our Ritual of Sanctuary, make a list of historical eras we enjoy reading about it books or depicted in motion pictures. Do we feel a sense of nostalgia here? Do you feel a sense of longing, as though we are away from our home? If we do, these eras may merit exploration in this experiment. we may wish to scan history books for ideas, using our intuition to guide us. When we have our list of eras at hand….

Now access you state of relaxation using whatever technique you have found useful. To repeat the phrase, “I am light,” may be helpful. When we are sensing our world in a light and relaxed manner, consider our list of eras one-by-one, and visualize the possibility of your having lived a life within these timeframes. Now often it will appear quite obvious that you are going in the right direction here. You may have a sense of loving acceptance with a re-living of experiences from these possible past existences. Make a mental note to remember this information. When you have finished your list, gently return to your waking consciousness.

FINDINGS- Document your experiences.