Accepted and Rejected Fields of Reality

A critical and necessary aspect of Reality Creation is what we will call the concept of Accepted and Rejected Fields of Reality. Simply put, our beliefs determine what we accept or reject as part of our Personal Reality Field. Another way to express this idea is that each of us, as the thematic structures of our belief system. Moment-to- moment, we accept from innumerable probabilities, those that complement our ongoing Personal Reality Field. We act upon these probabilities and so bring them from the potential and probable into the realm of the possible and actual. Our Personal Reality develops staying power and permanence in this way.

This concept of Accepted and Rejected Fields can be used to explain how our belief system changes as we learn our lessons in Third-Dimensional reality. For example: let us examine a person who may be new to matters spiritual. They are a male or female who has lived a very material life. Their main activities are shopping and watching television. They have not reproduced or built a network of family or friends.

This may describe many millions of the inhabitants of our Western world. We could say that their Accepted Field of Reality, the Personal Reality they have known and can come to expect in the future, is one of robotic existence. The inner life is not examined here to any degree. This is simply the way it is for them.

But let us suppose that the Higher Self of one of these people creates an opportunity for going within, to perhaps briefly meet the Soul Self. Divine information is streamed into the consciousness of this person. Let us say this has the effect of motivating them to take a walk in the forest rather spending the day watching television. As this person walks in the forest, they participate in the exchange of energies with the vibrant, life-affirming aspects of the forest environment. This may have the effect of revitalizing and spiritualizing this person, to the degree that they would want to make this activity a regular part of their existence.

Do you see how the chosen activity of walking in the forest, merely one of an infinite number of probable activities, acts to bring new life to this person? Perhaps this is part of their lessons they have come to Earth to learn. Perhaps they are to seek out empowering activities in nature that will expand their consciousness and serve to spin them off onto a different, more life-affirming trajectory than their current life path.

Now, this is of course greatly simple, this example, for the accepting or rejecting of individual probable actions, ideas and images is infinitely more complex. To bring in the computer analogy here for a moment: the process would be similar to the function of the world’s most powerful computer. This theoretical computer would be able to make an infinite amount of choices from among an infinite array of probabilities each second. In our previous example, each choice would serve to complement and endorse and continually verify the belief system. And the activity of walking in the forest, done over time, is moving from a Rejected Field of Reality to an Accepted Field of Reality. It is being incorporated into the Personal Reality Field.

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