Transforming Fear and Anger

Hypothesis: You can use your intention to transform Fear and Anger into Courage and Loving Understanding.

Think of a fear or anger-creating an idea or image that you have been entertaining lately. Surely most of you can come up with an example. Now that you have it in your mental environment, enliven it with your thoughts and make it seem real. Do this for a few seconds… Now mentally say, “Stop!” and have the intention that you will now turn down the energy on the thought or image, by using your dial or other metaphorical tools, and remind yourself that you are supported on a wave of ecstasy that is indeed your Soul Self.

You may consult your Energy Personality or other Guides for help in this matter. When the positive emotions of love and compassion are felt, experience them and relish them for a few seconds. Then end the experiment with your intention to go about your activities, this time experiencing the residual feelings of Ecstasy that you will no doubt be enjoying for some time after the experiment.

FINDINGS – Make your notes or remember this use of the Inner Senses for the next potentially Fear or Anger-producing experience. Document your findings.

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