Clearing the Emotional Body

HYPOTHESIS: Raising the focus from the emotional to the mental center clears emotional turmoil.

This experiment concerns the creation of a personal perspective through which you may create and perceive your world with greater clarity. As a human, you are most likely in the habit of creating and perceiving your Personal Reality through the Emotional Center of the heart region. For our purposes, we will raise that focus of awareness up to the Mental Center, which has its physical counterpart in the head directly between the eyes.

Sensing where the energies might be in your heart region, see what image or emotion comes from it. If you have an image of churning, as of emotions strengthening and dying out, you are on the right track. Now, using your intention or will, bring this churning energy up from the lower centers of the throat and head. As you do you may notice that the churning emotionality ceases. It may be replaced with a cool clarity and a feeling of relaxation. Keep with this feeling of clarity, purpose and un-emotionality for a few moments. Embody it, my friend.

FINDINGS – Document your findings. This may simply be your observations, personal meanings, drawings etc.

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